Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on November 10, 1916 · Page 6
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 6

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, November 10, 1916
Page 6
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Prepare for the Cold Winter NEVER LET ».4 's I* n BY BUYING-Y017R UNDEE- VVKAR-NOW We handfe the ("clefoHited Cooper's Closed Ooleh Spring ynion and T\ •«> Piocr- Suits. 1Ins iMxk'-iAV' 1 ;;'^ ; i:u many if, 1 ! I. 1H'( l -S 11? >t t'oi ni'i !'] mi V other. Il comes in cotton, wool, silk nnd wool, Prim; 50c <o - C -UO. THOMPSON'S [j^AWY GET WAGE INCREASE ! Cfi-r,»! f>»- B ltd Co. V'oluntlfi" •' S>--.,-t^v.-< HER mm GET GRAY WISE OtO HgADS STEAOT MACK'S FAST YOUNGSTERS I Wily Manager^ of Athletic* Us** Experienced,. Player* as Backbone of i I i '•. her "locks youthful, dark and glossy with common garden Sage and Sulphur. In Team's Defense. of Pirst Avenue Rock-Fall* W. J. Sovy ijs D. G. Co. * Rock Fails TABLE LINENS FOR THANKSGIVING Heavy Salin .M;nn;is|< 7- inches wide, in nrsv. dms- nntliHimm, Mi-nr «leSis. H.-.. ,-i|su siiiin slript-, $1.50 find ^ $1.00, Napkins to iimirli. I'ixfrn quiilily of ineiv<. r ix^d, 7-,' an d Cs in,-h,.. wide. r 75c and 56c viml; in nil the nexv 'di-imtis, • Beautiful itieiveii/.t'd linen- colui'cd bonier, 7L' itirlj OH Wide, 75C. The Designer and Standard fashions for December haVe just arrived. . , REV. KREBS AT YORKTOWW No Services Hr'tl T?M,, SunrJny Hen* But At Yorfc'ov. n. • ).;. ---riv f-. ."I: '.' •!: u-.- < '..] i f i •' > n, i rn;'; < > v * •• r inrrf •>;, nf- '"'" i nt rrl?;,r-l Mmr* un.l'riiM !„• /' | fine: vf.ry "f*. n tn«Hr.-c n^n '•"* Up !!!:>! tTMitr !., rnnns;!, 'M' r vy hft- to f,,? titj<i In •'< hfns.'. jrv> n,,*}, nml f-::r:iir>r Myers" Ju,vo shown *omr> of Tfi«v mo*t pxr-c-llrnt • ••i-ii':--. ..r ,,!!:, r inj-cf,! ; , nt-, f »<virlinjr P»v»n 8nywh<-rp f his j-^r fho "\V; l '' h ^ SM :" ;i! "' ^"n-hiir, latter f. f -!ng n i!n<l of I'onnW* '„,,„ I: '! ''••: iii-.j il;ui'i|...|i ;t y.|i.>ni; r . I f (tic .K--!-.,,,i .1 I V«l I !! • .•• ! A- !). :•>< M !•••• « !!! Iir ,1 In. :•-! .",!i.! lUi-- v, >:! !,,. j.. •!,-,-,11,111 j, th" *--.-.-nj.'>i,- -n , >i'i ,. .-!.,.-•!; ,;n r.;t;'i,''! "f. i' •> V. ill I.. I.I'-M ROCK FALLS BRIEFS fur 1 ni riulx-r < V M. ;:!|i-f(. »l:iy- |M-!'I' »vit!i liiml On* ni"r .Ml" i-|- i!I( !i < \.-fimr' >ifi'r ;i "in.11 \ ( tn M-m'in... Mi- l-'i'i-.l liilllu-iti' ;»! rh-f-il licii' II,is 'i|-||i|ll. fr.ilti l< HI fn ;i!lr-t|.l !'].- iuii- :il i.I >t r-.-. ( !.il||':|(.f Htt,\i- I>l|i«. ji,;.i!j,- I ;,- .(. 'j'hi- I'niihv Hint; mi liii.'iini • .« Nllll?! j.« I -Illllltll •( '|i ,},'('. "f i «1( kill---". Mi-U in 11 ! in ii' 'i ICK FALLS DAILY GAZETTE ROOK FALLS, ILLINOIS, FRIDAY, NOV. 10, •MISSIONARY SOCIETY i SUNDAY SCHOOLS MEET Christian Churcti Held Intfrr- ) L.i&t Evenino At The M. fe. Clu«rtl»~ .\lr.«. 'I', r:' li n in rli.if !| !( .v i ( ,... l^l!!lf<\ IIS Ki-ltlll' I.I , 'l'l..-Mtl:i\. :u|i| Ml,. i'ii.l»', Int: id. ir tti|.. Tin.* ,-s ( ,i . t tn irh Kliii |.|:i in u (en ,|;n t Til" 1 X'.i-fujlcr -I'lil. M.I il |-',l:<llni||M j'.i|- | !.•(•( )ii!hT h,i>i' jiisi iiriitil ' 'Wlljl, |l, ( 111 . 'Hi, r\ nlli^llli' .(It;-. •'(•.,«> | II. l''r..i!< 1 i. i; A. l!li ,\, l t!,,- U'.i!ll.-i|i -i T»| l 'luli IliiH |.|-|.|>i)ti-il all.'il Ili'f I jnil; I ;i III (n ' f Hi'- j.!r«<j^li' tli.' li'i'liif.' ulni-li »\jis l'i> .irlhii..) I.;.--.\lr. Hi('.\i-i. fur in- tniiii'»i'.\ .i.'i.-i niii.n lilll It.<l;<\, I'.'ly Station .'it |),-||ju<.M'y I-H-ili; .SI..M.. llJinni..; .V'.u tlu'l n t'|ll^lc<<" : -\l I.rush «)ih i! ;H!<! ih.nv ti !?'r"U«?i .M.'ll ?!..!!. MM.," ,,!,'• .-,„. •'I' i:i.l i.t a (It'll--. l!\- It]f.| H;;|;: ";. !" r t ! -rlil'-.IK;,,,;„.;,, ... ;,,,«(,,.,- ;,,,,,!,.. ,. .,, ;>!)<,,-) ..(• t\v«r ^,, I , r [,,'r li.-cum l'. : .-iivlifil!l\ (l.itk. tn,i. ir-),, . ./ I,,,,) j, ix lit ':ui(. I ;r:n-. f.-tl-.i) Iriit- thn-u-ii im . ; - ; :; •-'•-'", "{ n!i! Ji,;,., .,::,) ; ,«: w , !!•• ;« >..UI!.fii! ::t»,| ;i(!r:t<'fi^». :i|»|,,.;,| ••'nt;; i.:. ! hn<-y ;i! .,!,--,. ~\nii .\V\nli Siiur- (Ui.i Huiphnrf .irii|t.iiiiitl iiml !,» •-'''•'" •* >"iitii;.!- This riM'ly-(»i,t|.. |i)<-j>:tr,ifii.ii is ;i i!f-!ii,-iitf.|j (ui!..f r , r ""l H"t JI Il)< ii;'( illl'. It (y t}, •i fur l!><- i-'.irc !'l '-V*-nttnn i)f iti^.-.'i;--.(-, (I BEAUTIFUL HAIR, THICK, WAVY FREE FROM DANDRUFF p- Miing Meeting YcscUrday ^Cjlllfl'll hflil :l v • i \ jnB jest!ni.'n MCI. i is." nf-~Mrs; '^aniiK T ~"\ViT" tlH- "<•..-II .Good Program Given. A ii)i''(li!-' iif ilu« Sunil.-iy f^i)h/>« uf | '.'!•= iilv k v.:iM • lu It) i'i--!,;il£; jii Mi :li.t-!l.«t <liii!-!i Tlii-M' V.HK ii r.ilr- -••lT--STr-.i-v.-t- r?',Ti--|ia. : i"li.".."lVlTf"rii',"t"Tlf!"f{'M.'.iJ".i ,,,,,,1.1 ).,.. ,., v; , ,-,.,,„ r, ,„„ (}:,,.,. Sn .'-•J.i-iii;:!. ....U«'.J.:ull.x tri'lil. (fit- . »«HH'>' [•_ Mother's Cook Book. DRAW A MOIST CLOTH THROUGH HAItt AND DOUBLE ITS BEAUTY AT ONCE. Gave your hair! Dandruff and hair stops cominu out. limn., •;• v,,,' CiTt.-iln'. 1 -- tii.-if.. Hi' j..y fif it. Voiir hair I,,-.,;„„„..< | JK . tl , wavy. HutTy. «l»iin<lunt and njiju-iirs ji.s xiift, liiMtt-uiisMin,! lii.(ui,iifi,| nx-'Ji >MI»MH i:IH'M afti-r nn :i|i|ilic;i(i,,n (if L*.'iriii'<Tin». A|M. try this iii,.i.,t,. n ,, ,.| ()lll UH|| H Mttli' Ulti.lcrilH' ;i!i.l rai-rfully ,lnuv It lliiuui;!i \inif liiur, tnKlni: I'llii- Mn.-iJI «ti;junl at a llni,'. TlilM will rtcniiM.. tin- liair <>r jlust, «lirt or f..\.-,.ft«ivi. nil. ;inil • n Ju-t a f..\v ino.-it.nts N ,,,, |,,, v ,, (j,,,^- !!M. Lcaiity af your Hair. A de- i;.-M,| Children's Souvenir Day Tuesday of J)cmonstrafion Wei-k '! to S p. m. 125 Majestic Aeroplanes FREE FUN FUN .FUN ' '•' ' ' " • t • : . - < f r ?• o b 4 in^S" ;He Mme ° f ^ "•"-- •--.^eVnc. K ow ", cn ,. hal H TA?ION?' "^ "*£"*"£" ""tHVrR^GEV.ftVVrPO. -V What j« your ,-»p<? . . ' 5. When is your birthrfay; 11.00 Article FREE 'n-r- !,, rl ,., i; )"•:> in »•. . .'i. Souvenir. A prize for everybody ';••-•' «•• .ii«r...,,,.,»,, f if _,.,,„ .,„. t:ij . ;_.,_. " f ttf ' ? .. _ ' "'".iM'.'.V.n," : J Maj^'c P»?i!e C.i'-d i".,? ' u m ^T.'!,! ^•'M^Vwe.^.^.'^,^.'!';;.;;,,•"''': ..'".rvv; 1 :'^ :•!•. iru- t||.-> n.-.i I ,' J ". < I (ill ; j . ; s , «V- ' '!.- r>..- !!ir ( .| .ijnu-J- ', in ndcjitfon to tho written if. >r H | ui.-ii i,, 1,.,-Hv,. ;i M>'n rnir Phelp's Hardware Co. 309 FIRST AVE. Belgian-American InventoHHas New 4 Perpetual Motion'' Machine Ktl Cl-.i^K,- (i-jul :i |sHit I .'I! l.ll.' - '!'!;•• i-.i l s «l 'I'll, ir t ".'iiikii'.-. ' ttlthh u.i^ v. ,i '.j_:; J ' SUH-.I.A -. i ii'fjiu:; "Xi i;i-ii. iiji if,'.. t< univ Mi.-, ,wnw. KH'.-ii l»y ,Mr.«. h.-tiiii u |^, tOlli'ln'I on .ill tin' J'mlilt III-; .,! l'«, lull Iniistly !!:...».• n| (hi- AVorlil'H -.Mi-Mnti tiinl NS'i.rlilV i ftllolli'-r |MI|«i'. vv.i* r<-;Ml-li\ Mi.«. j art' which hii'iwt'it W.IMI- .,'r i)-« ? ijllf!<ll(iii!< that ,ii" • **l'iiK ti»- tef (ji.srlltiNliMi uf tin' «uil; uf |l|i M, wn« jjlvcn hv .Mis. Hainui'l i Which I'i'iiv. i| vrr> uili'i-cMiin; i ..stcty. ' " .;'! Iwlojwry nt<n.v was rcail liy Men, j llftUII. Till' l((.U ( ;«.ilr< uloil u, .il.. i W. H. M day \\hti h »^| <,.iiit< I flMt Huinlay in ) ii>( .'jnTx-t. A I imiKi'ath liy'thi- lailii-s will; on this «' j I'l o!" ll.ilailu.-i-r. ««f Hit' ', > ."> nil. i i-,-(hti: 'tin! lid j I.- v Siiiiihii-r of th - i'li-,;ii !: ilms-H.-Jricii !|u It'll the bad Ihftt'a in thn twiit <if tin Mak«-a tho unlnt tin Ilk* (lio rp«l Of us! ll'a the «<n«l In the fliirkeBt-iTtmt of Ua llcdecrna uiul wivi-s lliw wurat of us! If* tli« mudillo of Rood nnd Imclnona. the tatiKlo of t«'ara iind K the iunnry linked with mtiilty and nnir Immunity. 'l;lr h.i-i li.'.-n n.-t;|..<.t<.,| ,, r | S f.Hl.'il. dry. liriille- «,r t!iln. ijtauiifyint; || (Jl J )r) i r , l>i, m ier ... -Tiilh. f.irev.r stiipjitng Iti-hlnw ami Call. •!!»' Ililil, I.Ut. What V.'iil |.|,...|, ( . j'olJ |,,,,y| Will lie affrr ,'i few Weeks' nwe. when Connie Mack. ins Duiitf othor matinjrors grocn with •nvy. ' Htifili Rfi-tiH to |j»- "cotuln tick" in (crc-tit xhiipe fhls ycnr nml Itohlni? with nil HIP ftpli-mlor thnt •ns oxpt'otwl of Mm two jvnrs nK«. Vlth stirh work rntttiuuH from Mvcrn nml Jiiish und with a f«-W more'do- poniinhio hurlcrs the Athli-tlcs will ..„ prt-tty well carod for In the box. Tho Idon. rum-jit thrutjjrh tln» .rnrly of tin- st'ason. tlmt Contilc^rfurk hud pithcn-d u hunch of talented but Krcen uiicl nwkwurd kids IM nijiMly In-- IIIB dlKt»filrd. Tlift ounfldcniv tjtid pep tht-y tin; ^H^vlnj; have stirjirlfietlttiost "f thi'lr iiplM.iii-utK. A ifn-at part of MiH.ti.lih .M.-N'i-Ji in..'.-, t i,.. m ^ ••\Vi 1 !i( i'.i'" Tlii:. W..IN \ cr.v • t mnu lirjj.iui i-inix w«'i' Tin- |inii;t,iin nit (i. \v lit<-lrs! il>:;, ;it!-i ('-Cry -i^fiit ri'i'«-|\V-i? .Hoi Soluml a |'.ii|M>r.' h<> < , v,,i?i. BIRTHDAY CLUB Of Ccrirnn Lutheran Church Entw- tained Yettcrtlay. BIRTHS Strawberry Mold. With a bit of careful ImtulHng 'of everbearing «trawherry we may b (! extend these delicious dlHlu-H over a longer period. Take wmio'«!(«'« of thin bread and butter, or stale alK'r\v of KponRo cuke. Lino a bakliiK di.-sh with these, then Illl nearly fjiill of itpa berrlew, sprlnklini; a little minar over \oaob layer. Make a nice oustjird of two eggs.'a pint of nillk and miKur to tuste; cook until Binooth, then cool at\d pour over tho berries, Serve with whipped creutn. Mlngte Soup. Time n cupful of breud rruinbsi, ono you . hair line anil d-wny ii't re/iliy now hair IIKI.V he nserlhpd to Connie's cure to •hnv«» the foncksto) !r<ii the field'well cared for by titeady \\'lth Seining bel^lnd the bat, at Ki'eond and Ktrunk In center, 'nation Is well fort tiled. The **m*+*t*-ttt-Strttnk'« nlrth BU i TTTT—rrr«—« T «r7TTpn ,~— —- . 9 . , ~ ^ ,. f ..,,,.-,. j^, *,?iniMtJnfl nielli r»l Dandfrino is tn'thn h.ilr what fri'.sh . ln *' r '" fust <'«>iupaii,v and fvi-ry fall tmvi's uf Vain und KunsltlMi. .-iff, i.. '>»>* Hlmwn u fill nvcrnvo. If hi> l« n K i,t ty ,,„, ,. )))lt . i th«-rij Jts< It <'.\hilamtir>K. titiinulatlin: ami tluchiw l'n.|iiTlh.'s f.-uif*,. tit,- hair to rrtiw |un s , Mr.nij,' nmJ. I.i«tutifn1. Vim can Ktin-ly hitvc prollj', .•hnnn- liii,'. luMtniux hair, ninl |,,is of it if v<«U will jtixt Kf , t tl "5-cf-nt ;i,,,uu.' of IKIH Klitiwtt u fat avorngo. If ho Is .not tthlo to top a g.Mtil .,'UX) Iw foiiH-.s n«ir It. From th,. vim }„. \ iaH h |,, nvn with tlu« hickory of Into It's most Ilko- ly thnt he will finish tho «eason with tho lilKhest avprago ho IIIIH shown jx-t. ..r loJh-t counter and try It " Some New Ways of Getting * Beat of That Tricky Memory. The 4\i\ method of 'tying a string 1—A KM Htnl Mr.K, Ivil ^"^^•(^^^^(••^^^^^^^^^"^PIP^^WPW^^^ otton i^? Itton is undouhlcdlv uiii- !? tlio haiulit'si ciiW'?^ y "articles over" Civ and the Jioint* with- it in a rim'U'. Mavlic, iOf Ocrn-^ Lutheran Church Ent«- \ Mlny V8oup — * ^ « °» «"««*•«' I -., ,., I ., t ,*'" ed r V T ai: ? a r,' ,< I T "V n '•"I'ful of breud rrumbJ.. ono The ^hl method of tyln« a 8trln fc . f f« »^ r ' j , „',,;;,',.,';.",•;;;;;., ^ ,^' ; nrt ; l ; ( - ( ; < . r "' r " 1 grated onion, n half cupful of • rlrn f nl »"'t «•« nn«er to m-mi- to inttul H»IIV^ f tc " " mr ' , ls ' s !;,!.!;. v'.-u il.- i-i.nie ,.f .M,.. r'!"nv nit" c f«»"'. ono table.spwmfu! of butter, a " Ulsk to '•« done at a ceruilii tinus has , , , ."^ U ,' r i ">...M tu. At..i!!in-'.ic-ncv, \r lu.oh •-,',- c.'1-i- 8 f««o»liiK of salt, pepper and poultry ' l<>t>n &*>*** ««'«>* with. The new way J " noe hlsl)t - " r j f :. .1 it- <n Km iiiiinfi \\.is MAj-u'cl." TJic tlresslng and three otipfuln of boJIIni; in to ^""sfi-'r a ring from ono linger 1°. ^ ^'" ow co1 i ••(.. n..,it v<,i>- .;,..(!! in M;wJii»f im.I In water. - Slmnier one nilnuto, then to Another. On the accustomed lln- ™ re< I UUtHJS ftt » |.i .•.,.(( v,,i\ A ..nut itv (t.i> |JH(. servo with crisp mtektrrs. «er the ring feels natural nnd does ,_ ijj_. i tLr .iiii.ii wmi Mt;i;uroi| by-U'lll . — . n«t-ii;a«so'a-nnoynnoe, but on any uth- A******.**.!^, i set s! Kit Jit tin* IHHI|»\, Mosqultoea Don't Like Yellow. People who wish to avoid the hlte^of tlu> mosquito should wear yellow. Of all colors the mosquito is most partial to ml. especially deep bjood-red, although the fact has nothing to do with Its fondness,,for blood. For yellow It shows tin; deepest aversion and shuns It on all occasions. It Is mild Unit th seeing powvr, of tho mosquito is mt keen that It Is-suKecjuible to color even rdinary darkness of • night? dresses or bed coverings color will aid In keeping respectablt? dlsmnct. motion." , . Th« mim who claims to have achleve<l the goiil for \vhleh Inventors and sci- enlists have been Ktrtvlng from time Initueniorlal, bus been working 'on this device for 2T> years. He has several other successful Inventions to his The device which Rao's • claims con- nups a "jH-rpetuar motion" nwclilne includes a spring, gear wheels and two elecirh- motors attached. A^H, initial luipulso is given to tho .machine* by band-winding -.a large spring. Qe«r wluvls comiuunlcate the power thus generated to a motor, whlc-h, In turn,* runs ft st>a»!«T motor. This sniullpr ino- tor partly rewinds the original spring, and keep* it Jii n semiwoimd stnte, wcu- plajt' 1 ', ,^f|• s , p. uiiM«r tunny 4'on- i <K>rtruih> JidiC'U hrM |II|K« ami Mr.i < '. ...IH j, t i i, J^.,1, , j,, Hie ''he |.- Ii- ilc|.;u-U"J Jo lliclr bpiite. f t .t!l Hfliii-.-Jli,il tlie-y litnl tt tnfiTj* tinu*. '!>• l.ithdiy Clah" will hn ontu^ Tueil • > \( ThiiiKii.)-, sit iini |;i.rifi<i of Grate tho rind of a lemon, odd UIP pulp, chopped, to Jr. one cupful of chopped ralslnH, n cupful of brown »ugnr, a half-cupful of IMO|IIH.SI>H, two eupfulH of water, tislnjj Home nt trie water to stir Into u half-cupful of jWi'l Be Held Aa Uaua'l Sund'ay- do\vn; iJ' -M, you liad v •»'• m' buy u M iM'w h»t. V« just got ill our jn-\v -Of Huffy, pt'rJVHIy ah 'biMil, ahsolutcly j*jt'}t.ii lion, AH .six<! Day Observed. , mi) HiimhiV. Kiiud/t.V -H Vitiek. This hoi'niy Tcm)iei J. WYLIE OruggUt Rock Fall* 1 1 1 •• f H u ''I. ill-.- H'unl >; . A i .Mil lie t-iv,-it at thjrf /tuil,il\ *i i . ii i it JM- io. Tt-;jijH'hun is M, I, w ill in. ih lixcreil. the huhjci-i h j '-'< tliMln.tte fur | lie S.ike « t f <Mh«*rfl," I fi IH|» lain t M-IIIKIH Will al«u "h 'in Hie i M'inii}: »( 7,:{o. IH']|H» I itnim .u i n/i -n'eloi-k th'- «.«ri«rtc/Iy , lelemv Will ho hf! I SlTVlcr»» w j 1 1» lit at X><Ni,n in thV uftnnuH>n. PARTY .. Few Friends Entertained Yutteojay At Covet Hemo. • *!(•'' lil-ii.iril <'iiti>), ,|| i i iitcrialuei.1 .,'u>«(enl.i> n itnv^jHemls in Ivymr uf '•.iv>rn, Hr. hirthrlay. The nflnlr In-Ill .di iluy .ui«l""ii iiijou tin .*•),!T '" ' - •" -•_---- (>, i ..._ -flour. Mix all together, hnirilvu utes and bate with two crusts. Rice Omelet. Beat a cupful of cooked rlct» and two eupfuJiMjf milk to a tunooth pustc. Adil two eg«H well he-oten and wilt and pop- pur to ta«te. Twn Into a hot pan with « tahleHpoonful . of rnelte<l hntler. " the ring feels natural and does ausn uimoyiinoo, but on any other flnjjor It jillghlly irritates. This Ir- rlfiilioa constantly will aid In recalling the task to ho done. Just try H once. Another and more novel way IK to carry a colored ribbon' In the coat pocket. ..Suppose, now, you ar« in your oflke. Your wife phones you W t Wlien brown, cover with powdered HU gur ntid si'rve. -< ', ( Mufkmelon Oeitert Cut tho nielou |a cubeH, removing the rltid, tlust with jwwdered sugar and grated nutmeg, chill and servo In sherbet nips, pouring, over -«ny of tho melon Juice that escaped whuu pro* paring It. Ihlnif. Go to your coat hanging on Hie, offlco rackT~ titke out the ribbon; • and tie It tightly ' around a tfceve. At night when you start to go homo ymirfhu will jam Itself agiilnnt the tied sleeve. "Oh, yes," you will say to J£«y_rML "Uyi«l» J!»« t :CPM!I . «t rup M* il- ly told tue to be sure and britigjift^o tonlglit," and off you will go aTonce to make 'tho purchase. "H . • /l|XCk< uttS. hot nwt(l. Big Saving on (he NACO Corset ^ . • .... '- ' ~ • ' fojrular i»ry<> jjt'j.dn, ircc hi).; HOW ...-. '.'V:$J)95" ; "- ! * , »--Ui 1 t II i i iiiM.fjliM)'^ Vv-*» «•** •i>,'t' A1..'»<), J'nil liuiVri' n'diH'in-; n<»\v . .,§1,15 ' ifl-'",', h ndiT and itu-diinn I'MMII (; ; uo\v. .75c guarauti'Q cf 30 duys tlmt they will not rust or break. If they da yuiir wcney refunded as euccr- ' fully as we took it. , The it, "oHAJTs. JOHNSON, Prop. YOUR NEWJUTOMOBItEi How to Keep Its Fine Body. Surfaces Like New Depreciation in atitomuuih! values is »i()ic a matter uf afipcarance (ban of merh.inhvif wear aiijil tear. Why people pay M) tittle atti-n'tion (u the care of the body surfaces is jiard to untU-r- staml.^ Jifost cars l.'i.k'ji ji4r o!<! alter two cir three; niontln under ordinary treatment, It is a very simple matter to keep ! Oic auto f'otly .practit-ally lil.i? m-w for i fctvrraJ st'a r <-/n«—simply by cleaning pulkliitiff }n the ri«lu way. I Tohey I'dUli, tin- (.1,1 "sccrtt ; • foinml;t of T]U : -I 'r<r|,ey l i% urn«tnti' Corn, puny (i'hicai'u ^fe Nc\v Yi-il }. i-, ;i jit-r- «|n:rrni«mC It is rm.mweii.h.j ;md cxrhniv-f fy u't-I liy toany hading drjilcr,. and nuKcn. • Jt fli-.djs i-n* aJJ dirt ami ami ; no h:ml i uWii '•"!H ; wi; m ffi <!r- ;• ' ,( ^ ''i ' P, -,J 4 i ».t"wa «.v»f t lit fin; Ji, i' •' ' • r i', i ***••••*»**•****••*•*••»•• : POULTY POINTERS : ••••••**«» t « 9f * 9At 2 of nil UtB plU stock you 'do 'fiun bnil best be Ouno ui»w, wbllo Hrlcm ur« ««6tJ uud bfforo tbo anntiiit'tnoU starts. Tliff fowling nt milk to young cblekH bus ft most fiivortihlp Influence ou the Kruwth luuloti lessening the • "mortality.. Jt tends to i>r«yom mortality ; from »u i-auses, Ml *«o« enough «uU for n Ktiliuaently long period greatly re- duees iho deatji rata euused by Ijncll. liiry while diarrhea, C 'A» open-frout iu>ultry bouse is bettor. than too niia-h glufcs, evc-u In our fold -northern climate, * Thft hut weather Is already giving « jiliinuigt' u rusty ui>pi>urumv, inul It will gros\' worse from now oi» uutH molting time. - . ,' Keep llu- cUlcUu free from";lle<-; ki-cji them growing, for every little iiltea- The Cleopatra of War. Sentiment. COM IUH ii,,,,tx,i,,i '•«-> ba.;, s (I()i Xou* ' i* iti.»ire,v to .(.,,-t t |,,,j,. "itliV -i Mother—"H«iw\ Greatness/ We can ho jjreat by helping ono n not her, We can he Imvu for very simple Waste of "Who liiiM. tho jjratefut 'mention of a brother lias 'really all tlio. liouor that he needs. \\'ecan lie famous fur oiir worka J of kindness, Fume-Is- not- iwrn—nioiio of or H It s<tmylime« CIMIICH from-deaf* ness and from To petty -jn-ttnln and faults and ' • I tovint; k'till. (oviu We can Jie rich In'Aenlle . -and Minny, . " A Jeweled M>U! i-xceedu a roy- - al crown, The richest men sometimes Imvo Illtle money, "And CroesiiH ofi'« man In town. —Hdgar' A. tiiicst In iviruit An American phoioKrnpher who has been ei:j,-ag«l in tukln K jilctureH of the t.ur.«i,.;,n iirmles in action has tutted •n Intwestlng exception to the well- known rule, that seasoned soldiers pnv Httlo attention to the sl K 'hts ' anij «ounds of battle which civilians Una so Impressive, «4iV . ' ; - i • »»<*sic fcxerywhere ono goes," he remark*, i It's .„ W «M,. ,,r n,.,,. ,„ «\. ,,., ..,„,„ ^l.«e 48 the roar of, aiftlllery. . Tl.o i Wn.lMle., Vm- ;l, - b- M f , u ' * W ^'ft-ln -Uia tmtchoa «et ii^ed t» the ir.a ....^i. A ! '" -wtng HinJ pay no attention.' i:\ni ;"" ' . '-, c ' w « r .I^J'-Jo*'..Jlio Hlr IB full ,of uero- •plum*..- ItnttlfM-in the nlr nre a dally pccureneo, but everyone still looks up to watch the flyers baitlln«." Tho time may c-onie, uf when tho rnttle of machine guns' Us th,. 5 i iv Jvia receive_jfruiuKeas4>iHu|Holdi«rsi 1 1 P>or» attfiitlon than iliev gir*>._tului' -y. : : —— ~ —••'•-" «•«» ,» |^.i;V.|?:..m. |im pro of urtliiery to which tlu-y M fe not .destructively espo-stnl. u ut that adjustment of-the nervous sy s u,.m hua Dot yet c«Hiie. , The aircraft Is still tho t'leopntra of war, from wlu»m thti.une.\tK<'ted is ex- |HH'te<l. To the most seasoned soldiers "«ge bus not .Mthered. u or custom ^Jiied, her iuthuto variety," Things You May Not Know. Canicas, caj»ital of Venezuela |s to bavo a ' ' " "•'"'» Expert Oral'Surgeon for twenty-five years tho loader on_ the PainlcsB "Eitractinij^tf —Infcrtfri teeth— ^t*t —other oral .- ~ '•Seventy millionaires -reivive their" iiuiil dally -tu the posit oill,-,- .u L,. (tl , x " * U*e of Jersey. It l» likely | bat when - Jersey, '' tli« ami brings nearer the cov- ; (I-»< iu t c si !» tf'« tiiiti eted blue I'Mihon, A xpleudid iii|s£tt',0. for IsiyiiH? hens 1« ei|iinl Piim itf criiPkea corn, wheat and oiilH, wlih'h should bu scattered lit the- litter, Ji? MH'e-Ui give plenty of \y«ter IMHJ • that the chl^Kens, Imih Un-g». and S4*niill, hav,? plrniy uf KHH-rt fuod. If -your yards do -not htive plenty of •the run>i uiiti M>\V- k and wool, at Ilk proper level It ' \vll{ appear among the tcli» ihlnjTH. A.S broad or nnrrow bai.tdliii!s. tut-ilie^foumliitbm for hats. nml as fob birs ti'iid culT.H and nnu-fK H will m-ver hu've an cijiinl, but where Aii.ieri.cau women- 'at any rate art? complied tin ij; VOKIIC will, ever ln« coiifi>rivd « material which « Tbero Is » spj.cles of poreupimv ,„ Ul«l which h.-us no ,,ulHH. Needle^ to say. be-lsu pacilist. Imports of kero*e (w into China 'tt"l year. nearly S giiliony a enterprising in'ventor ba«" lotned u patent on , f'»r removing bukwl p'otnrm's fruaTt'i.e oven, ' The J|fl/*'/ *'V^'"- THfcratod Tooth -is Fatal P-*^t.-«V* 14-4^.. I **»' »-. * V-« v *- J r r, fl/.-n 'JO.C r% Wl!j., LJit'S of 'ti Po.ioniny RosultinV . ._ t ' • f . , . . , _' ' ' •** !• bly and streh-liesJu t-very dirt'CSlcU uti «dm setts of lioumttnin Is slight!v ( IMS than that ..f New York and .M ; ,«,'. Uie time, The Changes Time Brings, IH,,V ., .The |»rlmv.i>f \V«U>j»j;eW-lvi',siui I" " \V«U>j»j;e-lvi',siui I- come of ?4.'*n,iKW » year"r«...ii his <•«„•,"; Ultll eslnics, - " The highest railroad world i.s in.Uurmu, J «I.«'V<-- .the water. HI th •• » f iv i World Wisdom Needed. ••'!• I'i'-H ft is i-s. ;,, (I,,, ivhn tiM-d hi |.;ii.l-|;U- Ut;i;:!j!..a-. a IIUHI Ci.isi.iii'i an, i-,i i.,,,),, ,!,,., .,;,,, j,,.,,.,, un ; if^ - .Hi.-. ;u •:.-;::-...!• v ,.-i'.i -••„',• !,., ti i, Rura! i; )--c ; >i .} ^-^^=£fe«fi&=4*^«SF=*fp ! i i.'-i'e- uri- tli'H? uJiU-'fi , . : ' ! ".'' : >l ta '-' VvllV ,! ../--,'i Jiajl^...;;^..}.!;- Mol.iV.~- V|<! il ' '•>, • ."-'|.-e- H •••'•i • ;" .«i.;t-i i-ium -,i f,.inK ' ' •'• - '• -' • • »'-.; -i-.iiji iu ,iii i! !c • .'-;••' ' ^ •"•- I';'. ^,>'S!-.^:- IJ, !„ i;,( « ; - . .'>:'. ' il- -\ •'•'.':'» i ';-.' , .-,..,. ",,'f ,'f..''. '''.'-' •'"''''•'"'•* •'/•'" ' ."'"'Infected icctfi. " Cvims, Mouth ^n<i Tiuor.t, rien:-.nd- i.mmeJiata ;?t*criti-;?i. K'c'gicct'of the5<3 iroo- vHt<pr< iUsO»y lu-akh by infect- <l..ii/tuU —-- D.uiiy u'.itvted yviniu take a. sj'-e.u iiC-a! la;»£,icr to tio^il atHi-su t- tnvrc-sprs'-rttci C'XtraC'- ' lien,., tt-:.:; $ . Hind „,• ' opt-n, t4->nct t:* c ..;.-•„< tvU vvhert- **l|rCMHlv ;-.ct,,v anU »oi\. - £«. ports, -(}!•. _lhe;.«. conj-tiana arc : rtea oil. Wiiy ,- un ' a i:>'- ! r f-.;U •""-W***'^*?^-^. !t.(! Udl -.;. "ii t ilVj 4r**^1 tiff^.-ftr ;-....*,„ --*JAV--^, .- ; Hour|...j}.a,.,!»amEil,^p, Device Which Inventor Claim! Constitute* "Perpetual Motion" Machine. Joseph lines, n Helgiun-Anierlcai. ,n- Vento;-, Is the latest to come forward With n device which he Tlalms w>lvi>s tho •probUfin t) f

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