Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on November 10, 1916 · Page 5
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 5

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, November 10, 1916
Page 5
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l - ' -> - - -..flS^r- - v% "-='»• -'- .-" ~-'-.r • - -f--•-—• j^jjjyyyjBfa^gttr^^ ~' aMSaUHltf^HKiBBJmKl^M^MHMiBtoiMHMIHllHHl^^ HE GROCERY tf~ MARKET PAGE Mr* HousewifeTim week voiTwill find many suggestions offered by there merchants for your benefit, which the thrifty housewife should take ad vantage of. If you can't go to nwirketv u*e your telephone. You will find these stores prepared to best fill your wants and should reeeive your patron age. A careful reading of thwe advertisements will make it easy to select your eatables. S Market Co. S -A .--510 FIRST AVENUE BOTH PHONES S Sterling's OriginalCiit-Rate Market General Offices: U. S. Yards, Chicago WHOLESALE AND RETAIL S The fact that we serve over a thousand people here every Saturday should be ample and sufficient proof that .some great bargains, bargains of real merit and real value are given away, and that the public must be pleased and satisfied with both the goods and the prices paid for them or they would not return as regular customers and always bring some new ones with them. All the advertising in the world would not build up a business and maintain it -if there was not real truth and merit and honesty behind it. We believe in giving the benefit and all the benefit that can be given direct to the customer, and find that they appreciate it and in return will give us more real and genuine advertising FREE OF CHARGE than money could get for us if spent in any other way. If you are not already one of that big crowd who do their trading here then join them tomorrow and you will never regret it. *> . I Specials for Saturday, Native Beef Roast, Ib. . .12y 2 and i3»/ac Boiling and Soup Meat, Ib Z2c Lamb Shoulder Roast, lt>. 15c Lamb for stew, Ib 12»/£c Veal Roast, pound 15c and 16c Veal for stewing, pound ..' 14c Young Pork Shoulder Roast, Ib. Fresh Pork Neck Ribs, Ib. . . ........ 7c Fresh Pork Sausage, link or bulk, Ib 15c Fresh Liver, Ib ............. ....... 5c Salt Pork, Ib ........... ..: ..... .. -15c Home Cured Corned Beqf , Ib . . 12c to 15c Good Country Style Bacon, Ib. . — 18c We him- new crop Sweet, Sour mid Dill Pickles- Sawr Kraut in, the hulk, liest Dairy Butter, fivsli Country KJTKS, finest WiseonsinVliwso, Swift's MIK! .It-Ike's tine Oleomargarine, frf*Sli home' dres.sed poultry "and Fresh Fish niui Oyslrrs. The Market of Quality, Price and Service + Behind a Pail of Wood-lawn ice: cream we stand on • main tehancc o.f ' quality a n d uni- • forrnity. We. point : ; with pride to the ; ;i success of our pro- : duct a n d friends ; -j we have made. ; :i Strictly sanitary methods used in :;j our establishment. Sterling Dairy Co. ! Both Phones. 214 E. 3rd- ; : CUT PRICES FOIl Saturday and Monday SUGAR Fine dry granulated, 13 Ibs. for $1.00 With a SI purchase We deliver $1 orders free APPLES —"We have a few barrels left of those extra fancy York Imperials, Put a barrel in your home for winter-"- $4.75 use. Per barrel ....... ^ .,,, ->.-,~;. ....* .-,.-..- OEACKERS Less than cost; fivsb, ami sal ted, 3- pounds PRUNES clean stock. ; Tor .... lip JoJJate Market HEADQUARTERS FOR FANCY HOME KILLED FRESH PORK Just received a niee lot of young spring pi^s. C(»me in and select some of the finest and sweetest Koast Pork you ever had. *.','. Some Specials at the Up-To-Date * _- _~m- . - • T% I i'l I '\ ' Fn»,sb Hams, whole, per pound • • • • • Pork Shoulder, niee and lean, per pound 19c 16c Lean Pork Steak- per pound Pork Chops, per pound 20c 22c «0|H*I«***« #•***•****•• ,,.--* . f j - ( f ^ Tlte ( Home Made Pork Sausa^'', nia<le all of pork, you ever tasted is to In- found here. c , '.Nice Fresh Side Pork and Home Made Frankfurters, Bologna and Liverworst — the only pjaee in the Twin Cities where y>u can «et these articles all home made. Fresli liendered L a rd, made every, day. (Jet .your pail or jar tilled lien 1 . The rsluiiccKt fills of Beef, Veal, Lamb and all meats always found here. Spring Chickens and Ducks, , ' THE UP-TO-DATE MARKET 308 first Ave. PROMPT AUTO DELIVERY Both Phones •••••••BiMMHHHBHHHBMBlDBBHMnEBBI The Quality Market Fop your cuts of Fresli Pork, Side'Pork, Fresh I Iain, Hoast of Pork and other "(Duality-Meats''-eome to the ( t >nalify Market. , . Fresh Home Afade Pork Sausage. • J'Yesli Spare Hi Its. . , Boiling Beef, per ll». 12»/ 2 C, \ Lamb Stew, per II). 12^0. Plenty of Home Dressed I'hickens. Phclps Bros. i, no better sold any place, boneless, per 1 pound ' ; 22c . to. of tile best Mince Meat to be bou^bt. . . lianiWd'* fancy Creamery Butter, per pound 40c "Larire full i jnnrt jar laru'c Olives for . .:. 25c Kxtia fancy Cured Baeon, per pound 24c FRUITS AND VEGETABLES Hxtra fancy .lohnathan and < i! rimes Golden Ap- pit's. Ornn.yes, Bananas, Tokay (JrajK'.s fancy lari^e (Jrapt 1 - Fruit. —-=.-- :lt» k :nl Lettuce. H re e n Onion* Htttlishes. Oyster Plant,CauliHower, Celery,. ^.-Uirrots. Tnr_ Dr On \ - i imim Real; Beien <fe.Button's Grocery Both Phones You Win When you buy your Groceries here. Fro K h Baltimore Solid * Meat Oysters, <{t... .45c Dili Pickles, per do/, .15c v PlmTMnple Syrup. Pan Cake Flqnr, Some extra nice (Jrape Fruit. '„ . f Bananas ami everylhing in Fruits and Ve.gelables. . Inchidt' ' a pound "of Chase. iS: Stuiboru's C'uJ'fee ' in your order, N. Gaolrapp v0 Jr; Our Candy !• making n»w friendi nearly every day — and you too will be a candy enthusiast if you buy your candy here. THIS WEEK Wo will h*y« freih home rn«de Hard Mo!«»*e» Taffy, the old style that you uted to like, so well- Alio Fresh Home Made Caramel*, better than ever. BRITTLES So delicate and ea»y on teeth as rich pie cru»t. You will.^not have to go to the dontut after eating this. AND HOT. DRINKS & At all time* and all k'ind*. Get 'the habit and drop in any time FARGO'S 10 WEST THIRD ST. IN OUR WINDOW you will find just the -things yon wnnt in fresh. fruits and vegetables for your Sunday dinner. Bet« ter order a caraba melon now and be sure to get one, Juit received tome russet cider in cans. It «uro it delicious. If yow order a can you will be sure to want more, We also just veceived a shipment of stowed prunoe in. cans. 'This is a choice Santa Clara prune and is all ready for the table. Try a packafle of candied fine, orange or apricot. These are California floods and just touch the .riyht spot when you eat thorn. Bring yeuf 1 order for a winter supply of canned goods and lot us o' va X° u • f'9" r 9* * ha * wl " save you money. Fresh English walnuts, the best the market affords.. Meny t Clper THE -wrr-*-™ ..... ""miBtpPIH A' ' •™w VHH ^terminator of R«t».Mlc.e and tl»e World Over » Usotl by Old Reliabl* Th«t N«v*r fa"* - /S <: . 25 <t . Ar IN THE GAZETTE Limit Reached. ; "1 iiiHh'rstuml (tie liukwr.iSjK.ol.nt; to put »ji (In- (trirc <>f bivjuK" "Why dot'sri't In- Utt-tyust* i-lit* «I/.t» «f H iuiit'i" •••lit: »•«»'(. If lit- |Vui(* HU.V lucre $ ', (nut U i't'll g*» up Hkt' ft buHuuui", Let Her Hive Somet^ng In Life. "T^'l WHAT A COMFORT To know that your broad box contains The Best of Baker's Bread Bon Ton Bread We deliver orders anywhere in Sterling and Rock Falls. 'Our wugou goes by your door in Itock Falls every day. ' Special orders solicited at any time. Bon Ton Bakery 110 West 2nd St7 Rocjc,ffii)lf. Bell Phone 342-R 3>ried Peach- ..........25c Dried Apri- .:-.'.......25c -,, , . t Cooking Figs ... ......25c atches ...25c an Hershey's AMUSEMENTS <vi> ! „ _. To_01oan_flJly.« 1 . I A<U1 ono-hitlf pouml of w\ Hpda t<» : «>lglit quarts of watPr. Whi»n tin* inlx- I ture.lx iit.n' IniUittR hMit dip tho j>iw* j of sl!vt?r in It, iln-n wnsli lmni»»Ulntuly I und wipe dry wllli «-nttoti lluniu'l. MOOSEHEART DRAMA, ' ui' thi» m«>«t tlirllUnK uml tiiOR irioviiiK plrtjirf productIOHP wlMiwn on . nny Hrrwn IH tluv "MooHoln'iirt ilrunia" to U> nhowii fr«'<-j . • How It Work*. -if.\t-Kun<lHv Hfu.rii.x.ii Hiul «vculiiBttt ( ,» A ,„„,', ,, mt muns jn ln flH ,i „ j ut ihi- VuuilHH' tlioatre. • i , fo)kB » Hnl() ju nc | e K\ wt \, "Ki-tifrnlly J,!« SMoKI^'rh.S^Tri^,"^ ^Jjjhlo. by wny «f UH> MOOHO onlfr. It Nhows tho llfo of, In- i-hlld fnnn the- tlino In 1 llr»t-~en- I tern tho woliool until ho graduates ttt j if I'tKlilcrii yt-MTH in iturh t) Fniicv large •('nuibi-rries, ' ............10c ;s. Jersey ('onillakes for . -15c .'! 10c pkgs. Pancake Flour for ...,*. 25c ! t arge i|t. bottle MapU* & Cane Syrup, bottle,'.23c" •J HV pkgs. <'orn Starch for- . , 15c, '1 I5ecans Pork, and Beans for ......22c 'j lOc cans Apjtles for .15c 2 large pkgs. Dates...25c Large full. qt. jnrs .Bis- niarclv assorted PiekU's, per jar .300 Large 10 Ib. sack Cora Meal for 35c 4 tbs ; Hice for .......25c "Fresh ()ystei-s, j)er ^jt.46c KxtrnJ'nney. win Apples, Jt« Flrit K pultiftilly in tlifi' h Ilitht, und prays ,,.^u P v 2r M.T -^r 0»^7«|» w » may ripen Into *<!»>'. l«y Hit" pr«H'i'pt well to HUH-," whU-h t|iou ' tc» AVzcio v<s Pest •nuiint*r. Unit nun*' run tun wiiivw to ( tho (ulk'bt what causes 'them to bo BO , tiui>My uwn.v from ttu-lr jnuvni». Tho purtH ure taken liy m>mv of the j Int'Ht iirtorH and iK'trcsHi'H mn ihi' • it MiMittolu'urt art' taken by thf men .\notht«f ni-cticiij of tlio iirogrum In 1,500 feot of film Hhnwliur tin- M<K(H«» .jciirt iTinvention, the chlldrou'* jm- nui«> uiul it imiioraum of Moohetivart tlu» d»'velo|tmt!iit from 1UI3 tu Weather Reform. In thin licul of \\iu-Id.s nil thlUK* nrc. OJf nnirw, ufninjji'tj for lb« vi«ry ln«M ; bu» UH w hnril-wurkuU ^ttrmwier, w«'»H'l«i| with much wiuerljig (if liinvi-rn, n 1 niurkod utu> evfiiltiKt 'HI could IHH un (k'rsHuul .why all tjje nihi Unit hatl to fttiL^MjiridL not hi- injiiie.'J«i coiiw tit night, ''It would wivw U* KunU'i»«'''s u wutid of trundle'," lit- milled jtlitluilvi'- ly, "and hu much Uhftiilli-t tu the How- er4 and things." ' ' ArethuH. The name Arellm«:t I* from HIP It Is the iiaiu«"Mi' variuuti springs In uncivil t tJuM-ic. v^iii-clully of oa« In tln> Island of Oii.vgiu in tin 1 htirhor of Xynu-uM'. With i( \viis vun- iH't-tod Iti6 h^'fitd Um! Ar«'ihusa, n ' .i'C I^ll«. vvhltf IxiihliiK in ihv ; was ftur^ut'd i»> IHT luv«'r, (!»• riV(>r-j;<Ml, and <U'd from him l<> Art}'' j;i'U, vylilthcr la- ' fnllmv.-d ui,.-t« i r»w| Puper From Grape Vines. Foil need never worry ^about results in baking if you use wrft BAKING M, POWDER, » • It has been a standby for a quarter of a century, .Guaranteed under all pure food laws. * ' t ^ Ounces for e Grow. SUSUPP'T lii» In warm «vi-ry niuiit oiuiHisiMl (if cologne, avpqd*jr nnd two drown LANDIS BROS miy^Sody Wants Fresh, Hot «^ter~Kist ? ' Pop Corn I pop corr, at last! The best you X Nothing but the big, flufly, *"^~ the best corn grown; .cWing, £lean, Ijj^a wonderful jnochme that _ ily 'removes all burnt grains ^ T baehelors,'' arid tEat butters every Kernel iiist ngHt. AH without a touch of tKe Handf Ceme-|n and see it work, , Only best quality creamery butter teed, [/ You'JHike "Butter-Kbt"—a big, generous l^fi for 5c, vim'*.

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