Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on February 1, 1898 · Page 19
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 19

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 1, 1898
Page 19
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ilENRY WEQER, The Merclunt Tailor, doeg first class work. Stylish and well fitting clothes made. Cleaning and repairing neatly cone. See Mm. 324 PEARL STREET. Krocger & Strain. UNDRRTAKRR8 Calli promptly attended 1o Day or Night, ISIS Broad-may- TKLBPHONB — Offloe. B. Kroeger, M «raln. M. SETH M-VELSEY Loanii Money a : 6 per cent. Makes Abstracts anil Wriws Flro. Tornado and Plate Glass Indirance. • W. J. Barnett, Suilce " aorto & Ll Wo11 ' Undertaker, Embalmer I aad Funeral Director. / ' 417 Market street. Calls at^nded day <£ nlpht. Tbe nneet outfli In tha U.S. Col. C, i*. wou, will remain with me. When You Heed an ABSTRACT or a LOAN -GO TO— P H. Wipperman, »«:*ourth Street Opp. Co art House Bntranoe. DR. F. M. BOXER'S DENTAL PARLORS. •Over City National Bank Comer of Fourth f .Ed Bwwdiw •Central *>l«pkone No Oflioe 3«S, residence 343 E. H. GRACE, D. D. S. DENTAL PARLOB8, S16 Market Street. New Alumlnlte Eubber Plaies. Bay and Hell Second Hand Goods. Give us a call. '20116th street D. E. DEL.ZELL, Dentist, 416 MARKET STREET 'Dpstalri over Bruggaman's Millinery Store. Private Hone) to Loan No Delay- c- o- HE;;FFLEY, -Insurance and Loans. 90S Fourth Street. OITY NRWS. Born to Mr. and Mrs. John Daley, .« son. Mrs. Joe Cabin h:;w gone to her •future home at Helena, Montana. "William Mclntosli. and mother left for Hammond, Ind., today to reside. The subject of Be*. Blederwolf's sermon next Sunday evening will be "The Modern Absalom." Isaac Hlmmelber(i;er left yesterday 'afternoon to look after his milling interests at Moorehouse, Mo. J, B. Stanley returned today from West Point, where !ae has boon conducting temporanoe meetings. Mrs. Yanwlnkle, of George street, fell yesterday and cat an ugly ga*h In •her forehead. Dr. Hatch was called. T. W. Nichols bus obtained complete control of ttie Barnett house 'bar room, having purchased the interest of John E. Hall theieln. Mlsi Emma Noel, of 319 North street, was tendered a very agreeable surprise last evening by a number of her friends. It. was the eve of her 18th birthday. The evening was •pent In a delightful manner. For rent—Store room from which boots and shoes have been sold for more than thirty yuars, next door to French Bazaar, the largest dry goods and millinery establishment- in the -city. Address, C. J. S. Kumbler, Peru, Ind. Tbe Our club mill give a dance Monday evening, February 21st. The meeting last evening was well attended, and the time was passed at duplicate whist. The Mandolin club, a part of the organization, was present and furnished music at Inter- Tals during the ovenlng. Messrs. Frank W. Parmetei 1 , A. O. Commo n, J. L. Bowers and C. E. Yarlott were instilled as members of the club. Ben T. Lenehan, the printer, plead guilty at 7/abash to the charges pra- 'erred by Mollle Bisser, of lhe| Dlace. The court levied a fine and* costs aggregating (!45 and sent Lenehan to jail for thirty days. It Is now aid that Mis;) Rlsder Is anxious to gecure Lenetian's release. She alleged chat Lenehan inveigled her into a mock marriage at Peru. Lenehan worked here for a 'time at Wilson & / Humphrey's printing establishment. LAW AND ORDER. What the Police Department Did in 1397. And What it Coat to Maintain the Metropolitan Sjs'lem. The Collections From Liqnor Licenses and Fines Aggregated $12,018.41. The annual rsporc, of tibe police department, just; submitted by Capt. Foley, shows the total number of ajrests to have been 833, 36 more tban in 1896. Each officer la credited as follows: L'apeain Foley arrested 22 aod assisted In the arrest of 35; Serpeant Morris, i& 209; Patrolmen Kleckner, 18-45; Houston 27-46; Skelton, 44-122; Burch, ;56-22; Dean. 26-38; Costello, 21 40; Liming, 40 113; Wright, 2 9; Graham, 23-15; DIXOD, 3-8; Webster, 7-16; Miller, 10-13; Hading, 28-38. Of the 833 arresl/9 539 were made by the night force. Of the total there were 816 white ana 17 negroes: 748 men and 85 women. Of those arrests 130 were minors and 97 o?er 50 years.of age. Following were the occupations given by the prlseners: Nine butchers, one baker, one contractor, one driver, ooe newsboy.onehotel keeper, one miner, one teamster, one electrician, one line rep&lrer, one cook, one moulder, one waiter, three attorneys, one teacher, three students, ;four doctors, one editor, 24 clerks, 20 farmer*, 25 gamblers, 10 painters, 13 printers, 15 railroad mea, 67 saloon keepers, 3 bar tenders;, 71 prostitutes, 5 domestics, 5 tailors, 2 agents, 8 barbers, 2 bookkeepers, 4 blacksmiths, 6 carpenters, 3 engineers, 7 machinists, 3 masons, 5 merchants, 2 peddlers, 2 plumbers, 5 tailors, 2 polishers, 2 tinners, 11 cigarmakers, 1 teamster and 17 whose occupation was uaascertaiaable. The causes of arrest were as follows: Assault 1, assault and battery 50, assault to kill 3, assault to rape 1, carrying concealed weapons 5, committing nuisance 1, cruelty to animals 7, car breaking 1, disturbing meetings 3, drawing weapons 12, drunkenness 318, disturbing the peace 4, forgery 1, fast driving 1, gambling 68, hou^ebreaking aod larceny 1, indecent exposure 3, insane 7, incest 1, kidnapping 1, keeping gambling device 2, keeping house of Illfame 12, larceny 40, murder 3, prostitution 44, puolic Indecency 44, obtaining money under false pretence 2, peddling without a license 1, profanity 5, obstructing public highway 1, robbery 9, shooting with latent to kill 1, selling liquor to minors 1, selling liquor without a license 1, surety of peace 2, trespass 10, -held for parents 1, vagrancy 30, violating liquor laws 59, violating stock laws 1, fugitives from justice 2, burglary 10, jumping on cars 4, bastardy 3, provoke 11, loitering 8, bigamy 1, held for witness 2. The police pay roll for the year was 13,963.05. The Incidental expenses of the department footed up $638,56. Collected from liquor licenses and fines, 112,018.41. There Is now a total of 54 saloons in the city. There were 633 persons given lodging in the county jail at an expense of $584.96, ADDITIONAL ITEMS- Your patronage solicited and favors appreciated at Harry Baughman's market, No. 220 Market street. The Hospital Sewing circle will meet tomorrow afternoon at the home of Mrs. Julius Wagner, 1008 Linden avenue. John W. Beck and family, ^ of I Young America, returned yesterday from an extended visit in Union county. Elokomo Tribune: Miss Dorothy Stewart, of Logansport, is visiting her brothers, Cnarlea and Verne, of thin city. Ab Medford. Oregon, on January 26th Miss Nellie Mitchell, formerly of this city, was united in marriage to Mr. Bert Whitman. Kobert Hunter, wife and daughter, of Young America, left this morning for Hamilton, O., to attend the wedding of Mr. H.'s brother. Former Hoosiers, who now reside in St. Louis, have organized the "Indiana Society" for social enjoyment- W. A. Eannells, formerly of thin city, was elected second vice president. Demurrers have been filed by J- T. Mc'Nary and wife, Mrs. Elltott, son and daughter, and the Monticello bank, in the suit filed against them by the State National bunk, and Judge Chase has taken lihe same under advisement, Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Scoll were the victims of a very pleasant surprise last evening at tbelr home on Seventeenth and North streets, perpetrated by a number of friends. Fomofl's orchestra furnished music during the evening. Luncheon was served. At Marion Saturday Pearl R. FiEiher, of this city, a deservedly popular young man, was united in marriage to Miss Hattie Hiendrlcks. The ceremony was performed by Rev. F. Rohrer, at bis home. The couple ba're gone to housekeeping in this city. The Spiering quartette airri-ved this afternoon from Unicago and are stopping at the Murdock. This evening at eight they will give a high-class musical concert in the handsome dining room at the New Murdock hotel under the auspices of the Cecii- ian musicale. George Rages, colored, who has been employed for some time at Homer Olosson's drug store:, is in the county jail receiving treatment from the county physician for acute alcoholism, Riges was locked up last summer for a similar cause. It is thought that he will dave 'to be committed to Longcliff hospital for treatment. Peru Chronicle: Mrs. M. E. Marvin and Miss Noel went to Logansport today to visit friends A Lo- transport officer was in the city Saturday night looking up one C. F. O'Donnell, a fugitive from justice foir associating, and who provoked the officers by a sort of "smartalick" combination. He was arrested and fined here for public intoxication. Peru Journal: Master Johnnie Clark, eon of Mr. and Mrs. Emanuel Clark, of No. 180 west Eighth street, who was Injured by falling on the point of a stick while at play at the home of his uncle in Logansport, was brought home last evening by his father, who went after him. The lad's condition is not serioas, but it will be some time before he will be well enough to be about. SECOND IN DJilOH. Next to Michigan, the Booster State Has tie Best Roads. With one exception, Michigan, Indiana has better roads than any state in the Union. In parts of Indiana we have excellent material for road building, and the system of toll roads, which was established In tbis state many years ago, resulted in building up and maintaining maoy excellent highways extending from one end of the state to the othor. Within tbe past few years the majority of the toll roads of Indiana nave passed into the hands of tlie counties through which they ran and are kuown as '-free Dikes." In addition to the general interest that has been manifested in road building in recent years, the wheelmen huv- Ing done much to promote the In terest in good roads, the farmer has learned to appreciate the value and Importance of Improved highways, as has also the merchant who depends largely upon country trade. Annual Gag Rates, Artificial and natural gas bills are now due and payable at the company's office. Natural gas consumers desiring to avail themselves of the annual rate, commencing February 1st, can dci so by calling at the office and arranging ,for Mime. All bills must be paid on or before the lOsh of each month. LOG.* J?SPOKT & WABASH VALJ BY Or AS COKTANT. Smoke the.CnlUMibla Two First-Class Attractions at Dolan's This Week. Hoyt's latest and greatest comedy suceess, "A stranger in New York," will be seen here at Dolan's play house tonight. On account of the great success this big musical farce has achieved In New York City, it had been supposed that it would probably not be seen here until early next season oir later. Messrs. Hoyt & MeKeen, however, have decided that the best policy is to give to the public outside of tbe metropolis an enjoyable entertainment wheo it is still a novelty to New Yorkers as well as others, it will be presented ttere in a manner that will equal, and, if possible, surpass the New York production In every detalL The company is under the personal direction of the firm, and the greatest care has been exercised in selecting the cast. Otis Harlan, the humorous Hot Scuff of Hoyt's "A Black Sheep." will be seen in the title role, while William Devere.who was one of one big hits of the same comedy, and Anna Bovd, the famous widow" 0 ' Hoyt's "A Trip to Chin- town," are also in the case. The stage setting is on a sumptuous scale, and the costumes are all new and beautiful, and to insure an admirable production one of the firm will remain constantly with the company. SHOBK ACRES. James A Herne's American home play, one of the most beautiful ever written, will be presented again at WINNERS OF PRICES In the Puzzle Contest of H. C. Wilier, the Shoe Merchant. A committee of newspaper men last evening awarded pritsis to those who had correctly traced the route on the city map recently sent out by H. C, Willey, the snoe merchant. There were 477 contestants. Following is the result: First prize, pair men's shoes, H, A. Need ham. Second, ladies' shoes, Albert Bauer. Third boy's shoes, Marie Shew- B»an. Fourth, Misses' shoes, C. D. Mooney, Fifth, child's shoes, Louie Guss. Sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth and tenth, Blanche Bridge, Etta Hurd, Dora Hankey, Sybil Stevens and F. W. Markley, the prizes being the refunding to such persons of the pur cbase price of one pair of shoes if bought during the pulzzle sale. Advertised .Letter List. List of advertised letters remaining la the postoffice at Logansport for the week ending Jan. 31, 1888. GENTS. Mr. Frank Brlce, Mr. Carl B. Davidson, Mr. Will H. Long, Mr. Ora Shilling, A. L. Smith, James H. Spencer, Mr. 7. H. Brainard. LADLES. Sarah Workman, Mr. 13. Aonls. Persons desiring to obtain any of these letters, will please say adver • Used. V. C. HANATTAIT, P. M. THE THEATRE. DEMOCRATIC PRIMARIES. UNCLE: SHORE ACRES-" Dolan's opera house next Friday night. Archie Boyd, lohe well known character actor, will play his old part. His Uncle Nathaniel is even more popular than his Josh Whitcomb in The Old Homestead." Dsnman Thompson thinks "Shore Acres" the greatest pastoral play known to the agif' and he went to see it three Mines in one week. Farmers' Institute. The ninth annual meeting of the Cass County Farmers' institute will be hold at the court house in Logans port, Ind., Friday and Saturday, Feb. 4 and 5, 1898. PROGRAM. Friday, Feb. 4th, 10 a. m.—Presi- dent's address. Reading minutes of last annual meeting. "Planting and Care of an Orchard" —C. M. Hobbs, Bridgeport, Marion county, Ind. "Which Side of the Fence or Road are You Faming?"—S. H. Todd, Wakeman, Huron county, O. ATTEKNOON SESSION. 1:00 p. m.—Experience meeting. 1:30 p. m.—"The farmer as a student of his business"—J. H. Sober Cass county. "Fruits for the farm"—C. M. Hobbs. "Ho wean we best restore our worn out land"—S. H. Todd. Saturday Feb. 5 —Morning Session, 9:00 a. m.—"The pig for profit"— S. M. Grable, Oass county. "The dairy cow and what she should be"—Prof. C. S. Plumb, Pur due University. "The farmer and the hired man"— S. H. Todd. "San Jose scales"—C. M. Hobbs. AETBR:»OON SESSION 1:00 o'clock—Experience meeting. Election of officers. "Scientific Against Haphazard Feeding"—S. H. Todd. "Sheep Feeding ^Experiments"— Pro!'. C. S. Plumb. "Spraying"—C. M. Hohbs. If the time will permit a general discussion will follow the assigned speakers' treatment of each subject. All farmers of the county and all others interested in agriculture are cordially Invitesd to attend each ses slon. of the institute. JOSEIPS GTJTHRIE, Sec'y. Bethlehem ...................................... 89 Boone ............................................ S» lay .................................................. ™ 31lnton ............................... ----- "I Ueer Creek ...... - .......................... - 2« Harrison ................ .. .......... - ..... 228 ackson ......................................... 251 efferson ....................................... 180 Miami ..... — .................................. U* N, bl« ............................................. - H9 'Iptim ........................................... - 33S Washington ............................... *K First Ward .................... „ ............... «3» iecond Ward ................................ _ 328 'bird Ward .................................. <« fourth Ward ........................... — 296 fifth Waru .................................... 875 Mrs. Kate Martin, of 100 Eighth street, has taken the agoncy fir the (Dak Balm and would tie pleased to hare the ladies call. Weak Tired. Thousandsarem They are despondent and gloomy, cannot Bleep, have no appetite, no energy, no ambition. Hood 's Sarsaparilla soon brings Jielp to snch people. It gives them pore rich blood, cures nervousness, creates an appetite, tones and strengthens the atoimach and. imparts new lile and in- creused vigor to :iil the organs of the body. i Sarsa- S parilla llsiiie One True Blood Purifier. All druggists. <11 Hood'* Pill* cure all Ltrer HI*. The Democratic voters of Cass county and all others wiio desire to co-operate with them In opposition to the perpetuation of gold mono- metallism and corporation rule In joUtics, are hereby notified to meet n primary contention, at the usual place of holding such meetings, on Saturday, February 12th, 1S9S, or the purpose of selecting members 5f the Democratic county central ommUtee and choosing delegates to he state, congressional, jolnt-sena- orlal and joint-representative conventions of the party, the time for holding which to be announced later. One member of toe county central ommlttee la to be chosen]for each r otlng precinct in the county. The basis of representation for the tate convention has been fired at ne delegate for every 200 votes cast or William Jennings Bryan at the .lection la 1896, and under such jpportlonment the wards and town- hips of the county are entitled to ihe following representation: No. No. Votes. Dele. 24 Total ......................................... 481* The ratio of representation for the ither conventions will be one dele- rate for every 150 TOtes cast for Yllllam J. Bryan, and under such ipportlcmment the several wards and iownshlps will be entitled to the 'ollowlng representation In the congressional, joint senatorial and o'at representative conventions: Adams, 1; Bethlehem, 1; Boone, 2; Clay, l; Clinton, I; Deer Creek, 2; Harrison, 2; Jefferson, 1; Miami, 1; Noble, 1; Tiptoo, 2; Washington, 1; First ward, 4; Second ward, 2; Third ward, 3; Fourth ward, 2; Fifth ward, 4. The meetings In. the townships will oe held at 2 o'clock p. m., and in the wards of the city at 7:30 p. m. PLACES OF MEETING. Adams township, Twelve Mile. Bethlehem, Metea. Boone, Royal Center. Clay, Shady Nook. Clinton, Clymers. Deer Creek, Center school house. Harrison, Lucerne. Jaccson, Galveston. Jefferson, Oalloway'a school house. Miami, New Waverly. Noble, New Court Room, city. Tlpton, Walton. Washington, Center school house, First ward, Engine house. Second ward, New Court Room. Third ward, Council Chamber. Fourth ward, North street engine house. Fifth ward, Engine house. The precinct commltteemen chosen are called to meet at the court house, in the city of Logansport, on Saturday'.February 19th, 1898, at 1 o'clock p. m., to organize and elect officers. BEKJ. F. LouTHAttr, Chairman Dem. Cen. Com. M. A. LITTLE, Sec. THR Sew Fnrmttire Store. C»r. Market, 5th and Erie Sts. A Grand Rapids Paper Says: "The Foster syndicate of furniture dealers is spending the week in the c% in attendance upon the trade sales This syndicate has large stores at Ft. Wayne, Lafayette. Terre Haute, Logansport, South Bend and Jackson, and is among the heaviest buyers that twice a year visit our exposition. By pooling their purchases they secure all the discount* that are only given to buyers of car-load lots and are thus placed on an equal footing with the greatest stores in tbe country". Our purchases tins year have beea n?ade at prices so much below what the ordinary furniture dealer pays, that we shall be able to sell many goods at what others pay for them and yet insike a nice profit upon them. Ten and fifteen per cent off in car-load lots is what we save over those compelled to purchase ia small quantities, which will enable us to make things very warm in the furniture trade tbis year. Cor. Market, 5th and Erie Sts, AMUSEMENTS. D OLAN'S OPERA HOVSK. WM. DOLAN, KGB. CHENILLE 'FANCY WORK. Dainty iiDd D ecoratlve Needlework of the Latent Patterns. Chenille, scarcely wider than a skein of silk and of featherlike delicacy, is in high favor jnst now for decorative needlework. The latest importations from Paris show cpshions, big and little, panels, cases, bags and holders embroidered in fine chenille work. In the heart of each pansy, forgetmenot or clover leaf is a glistening dewdrop. "Not a real brilliant, of conrse," ex plains the shopworn an to a representative of the New Tork Snn, "bnt a very fine cut bead, and so small that it tfikes a very fine needle and nice patience tc set it in place. " The journal referred to says: " Whether of cloth, of satis or silk, yon must have your mocboir cases and yonr cushions embroidered in chenille if you wonid be in the fashion. About the edges there mnst be a rich, thick silk gimp, imd at the corners and points drooping chenille pendants. " Cneriilla has aot been so much in vogue for years. It is wired and perked up for bows and laid layer upon layer in rosettes ar.d spirals. The work in which it shows so effectively is all done in close, small patterns, signifying no end of painstaking and industry. It is a distinct contrast to the big figured, heavy lined work that is also popular. Two sofa cushions, for instance, the one outlined with big stitched heavy crewels and the other decorated in the fine little leaves and tendrils of this latest Parisian caprice, bewilder the shopper aa to whica to choose. Each is pretty in its own way. Lavender on pale leaf green, violet on. rose color, iridescent work on an ivory or cream tinted ground, are some of the combinations of color in this chenille w ork. Tuesday, February j/ 98. M'KBB'S Comedy, Under their Fertonal iManaj[«»««t Presenting: Heyt's Latest Success A STRANGER IN NEW TORK The Music all new and tuneful Tne Dialogue Original and Witty. Sumptuouely Staged, Beautifully Costumed, Clevur Comedians, Pretty Girls, eitarcaat in- cl'idlnffOtig Harlun. Note— This Is not a sue :es of la«t year, but U the one great comeoy and musical triumph at the present season in New York City. Prices— 25c, 35c, 50c, 75c and II. Seiits OQ sale at .Tohni-ton's dru# "tore. D OLAN'S OPERA HOUSE. VTU. DOLAN, JtASAOEB. Friday Night, Feb. 4. Sixth Consecutive Season of Jas. A. Herne's Beautiful Comedy-Drama SHORE ACRES. Direction of H. C. Hint*. Presente.1 by a fine oom- tlre new gcenry ana many unique realistic noveitfe*. A superb production {ruac- U«CLE NATHAN-L anteed. IN "lIHOflC ACRCC." PRICES fl, 75c, 50c and 25c. The Logaasport Commercial High School. If you wish to oecur* a position to work for Experience Only. JDOHT attend tfc* nterelBl Hlcb If you -wish to secure a portion tb»t will Mr you from tl to S3 per week. Don't sttaad Ik* Logamport Commercial High School If you wish to attend a School where jro« can have plenty of fun. do an yon plea*e, mn> have a"HotTIme"ingoneral,I> at attend tb» mercial Riffb »«lt«*l But, if you wleh to attend an I ] n 4 n School wnere TO J will receive ^P lo the bent instruction and the begt praparatto*. for the repponsibliMea of life; woeie you witt receive a thorough mental and moral dUclolin* and traininsr that will deveiop yo r Intol'oot, arouee your ambi loo and equip you 10 that you may live worthily, that you may lead ft life of u&efulneas ana thr.t your Via may M crowned with the laurels of "uooen. *• esttiem of your fellow men and the approbation of your own conMJeaee, then. Attend The Logansport Commercial High School. Orei Wl, 325 and 325 Fourth Street. IDr. Xanien Sails for New York, Jan. 3L— Dr. FridtjoJ Nan- fen. tile arctic explorer, has sailed on the Campjuila. for REPYED Into the Block on Pearl street, formerly occupied by Harry Tucker where you are invited to call and see a nine line of Winter Woolens For Suitings and Over- coatings that eannot be beat. Merchant TiUor. Pearl St.»ert to Dr. BdT« Oflo*. W n . U.

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