Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on November 10, 1916 · Page 4
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 4

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, November 10, 1916
Page 4
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GftltfTI SfAKDAtD . - •IXTY-8ECOND YEAR, Daily £xe*pt Sunday. 0. W- 6RANDON A SONS, Editftr* 80<* Publi*h*rt. 0ft!e», 111 Vtfesf Third Str«n.t. »t Petteffice, Sterh'ng, *i Second Class Matter. ' T gRM lT 6 F"" 8 UBSC R t PT t O N , ty MtilZouttid* of Sterling and Rock |f*ll»» Anywher* in the Unit«d. 6l«t*« or Csnads. Onfc f PUT In advene" .............. I? " fl Six month* Jr« advnnf«*. , ...... • • • ' •'*' th»» *lx months, pf>r month. , .2:. jv, ,. ,i,t« 'HIV *-,- rr'arTiJ-'l. ,"« ir, hi. i. I irttr.; tf.f • llt!fnl«!t -e"!* (),, .,> ,«. ..., i,.r», 1 . n -> mf^rv"-- .»ni1 Ft-« ( -mMv I.I. 1 »t V, ,t- . i. i-< • t ! <!f i ' "?<•' N *" '*' l! i; ! " r>v ' 11 - if-, ;. ]-•••' i r '• ".'i •''•" -I- 1 "* '" *'•'' <" ! "' ,.,, . i ( .'• . - (.«.•!(••* f" •>' -I i ' " "•''• " , , , ,,' T • | , 1 , . -. i f,. t .' . W 'M' ' "IT ' •"<!>•! •"• I'li'lfi ftt ,ul.l. lir !•- >-'» ' "I-!:"!'! 'I'." hfrio!. -f 1»'« •'•<"-' «'1' . i, ,,,,.:;,- « >,,.•,!••% ,•>• :i!i.| f.n t\': !'-" l '<'r ,'.' , :->,}\.' M.I. Mi'.jt, It !«< i...«.-;!!iV> '•> f.i • !•• .. . v,-,"', .--.-.i. i* t<v!t !i '> iiii: t'ii'.r f!'-i-p "tn'-ri (ly C«rr!*r Irt ' er by Mail «t th« St«rlinfl or Rook Fall* Pontoffic*. On* *«*r In advance,.., ---- :..', -tr>.rm Sixteenth* In advanc* ......... >• 2.S<» «rhf« month* in H(H y *nCft. ......... l.2:> On« month In advkncp. .. ......... 45 By thy w£»k, r>5>' l *- Mf> f f, Utf% rwrrlrir ...-.— witsoN is RE-ELECTED. ltt»»ld««nt Worn] row \vuson isa.i NX-H f*-*Iect«><!. Tli* election Icing In fhc* balance for two or i!m>«" «Iny« with apparently rtoct^l nt mldnHtht flmt night nnd Wilson holding tho Uinr-c, Hi* Ir-nil In Orillforni*. Which proved thr> pivotnl Btntr>, was sufficient to*t night- that -tti<- inlt.'i Press and other m-ws nwm isiOon.<! n.< Wall an the leading dalllr>« oj ttii> rotin- try thin morning wlTnlUr^j/ihp Hr-ttion Of Wll«on. Therp may bf> rwiti-atji nrul recount* but thn •indications now are that Wilson will rnnllmi" lit UK•J#«d and tW'Dwwlljr dwlnrrd r!*x>t«'l fVen If tftere Rr*»|ci>nt*!itf> tt l» » matter r»f r*frn't Hint /in H«v-- tlotl I* *o> clow. 1 It would hnvo h«vn tftiof* wiUB?Sctofy"1l < inni«hy wiiys If f-fi<- -major It leu hnd bprn puillcU-ntly torn* In the cloufi ntsitrn tn I'mvp muilc »ny excuse for a wntrst out of tlj" HIM-S- •tlon, Th« H<>pnbllmn Nntloruil Coni- mtttc« at this wrtltlriK lino not conceded th« election of Wlsnn and l« un- i iry hy h(.« tn<T" ! iniUofl SACRIFiCES OF WAR. ,,j. jv- f,!u! contains vlvkl 4 i.i, tin'- cront xv."r, TX-t's ;.,jv i!M''«c (if a fr.-tl.ixy of nil T'-ft'TfinK t" '•'** •!«'>««*».« Oi'ithrim is « rity of n.<} f ><\ STOP ANY IN A FEW HOURS *Pape's Cold Compound" opens clogged nose and head and ends grippe, -: the FIT,- j ••nii.f klllod, <«rio tho hou«f> and> which nill ni,ik<- IM til** l!.'tlB**H\fcC Of - ~ n .; r- vrnntturrf *-£ tfmnT-mttr .. frf'pmm hnr. ] JYr-nrh hrr r. flfvrrnt rn- :t iitffff«-ti' : --' .-fiv*' «fttiriil?>" "H'MM-vn !--»i<it«-r «!• Thr'-nc kWMl," "I''"- I>f"iRlnJ' in liowi>vf-r. TJi'f^RT' 1 fstf-iit th.'lt ffnnt now (*H Jti (>rij'iv tfn to fi rui i Urrh rhryplor shot In thigh." "He-port frtrrW;^. 1 ?>e wllllnK j Uvri whl(» I lir .A for tho (KITH nnd ttni'- > WflH i rn- Itl ?|i!« ttiitt . i. It'nVJM »••• »gl»i*ftt'd thru Mr ti V his personality. voting for Just Received LARGE ASSORT"-'' - MENT of. Imported Japanese TeakwoodT In UUH . will ~fm\ HiMVutiftil t Hand Carved Trays Nut Bowls, —sets-of-seven Book Racks Serving Trays Bon Bon Boxes ^Puff Boxes Hair Receivers Match Holders Ash Trays Octagonal Cigar , Jars Smoking Sets And many other nifty pieces.^ 'Any one bf'theso would -make nn elogan't present. i Come in—we like to show • them any way. Gaits Book {Ui n<-<-h\>->it.'-' ..|..M fitlU-y. fa< Wilson h Thf Ri> till- 1)<T for \Vr, ( far nnd |-fjir»»''l>Uly ^t • 13 .••,,,»-.,.,- mem of vi'hicti any' Man luia a ri*Jti» tn IK* |iit)tid. Tliosi 1 vV'Ii6 aitrmnrtrrt'" iliiKhcs f«-if that Mr. .{ if WHS voty«*-^w«fc- j Ptrwflirt MrK^ongh. a major, W ' r t Irffh It rc'KrtVds the jiarty which he l». Inelined to lie 10 ;i ifrlatii Jund Intion, which wrt«i'n>1ojiir'd.ft.« tt nn-a- xiil'e of i'v:piMH«'nvy r«< li«'f Won- thlttl of f«>H (l>at "h^'tthn "wtMV'iu hie intt>nia- tloiml policies. Thi'.v; Would not KO « ficr'-'ns . tlitich fotveful a« too weak. Wilson million* of \otcrf JIH a careful, i", p;i'tn.*!t. ! iitintr, >ii'ttloMH t'of hw»dr-d.,M»<rM)p,'i, i ' ( ' 1 «pa«' who wo\tlif T'Jkvhr pVrtrtatVrnt imli i»nd wl\o would not hi> Siiciinvd to fh|ft or rh,im;o his positjon n« 'oJ'U'iV tln> hnlitt of Wit. Tlmt iho i\\y.ijn'ii rijn nerk and m-i-k In sin ituliviilion that, tli(» wnlitnent of the I'oniiJ'rV ik' vci-V (Ki'iily di\idrd. *flfith "i,ndld!U<'|i twirls h.« r.,;n.-nitii- In i ed i "iit tljeif. siiTeli-lid "filii '• wi t i'jf a lid :\ x Stilted hefoie* |(oih' 'life nien of hikh either, iiti*'»i-lmi1lt'lui'' kn«t K*'nllcmfn of iho " -d of liist v'otf ami; »uji|)orrrir Store Real Mince Pie TWICE AS GOOD AND fiALF THE COST QF.-BULK,MINCE MEAT Fruit Cftko Puddings and Cooki«» "LikrMothaVltdto Mala" ' MERREU^CNJUS CO., Sjnatt, A T. lutvr Klvfn llfp for tho rm- "Wlll nvriii;f> tin- tlftfltU t'f oro- '•I'lu'rifnl lf>tt»*r r1<»si»H«' Vi """(>n»» mcrr- killed and two d." "Mel of dwid Is Browing to his rompany." "Among .VDitndfd. tvMf Chiithitm turn llctfd." 'I'te. A. Onniblp now refwrtcd nmong lla« Kivfii liff» on hattlpflfld." \V<> Iwtiri from tho son of n protnini'tit hftrrl*t*r. thr- heir to mm h money, nnd one. of th«* city's tti'st known young men. A f>l- lotv'oflleiT xvrotp how ho dird: "\\'P had ordf-rn to attack nt IX Thli»J» w.-io tn n intiddh-d until w< h;fl » tnoKsaun from HIc«!«rt Knyini{ hi* romimny h»d ptinhrd forward iind would be In position at the rciliilrrd hour Il<» acttmlly Imd to drar our front lino of tho onnrty s W- fi»r« lu- iuToniplisliod hiH |>iiri«w, nirJI whi'ii our nitillory lire llftod ho \vnn at t) )r -nr*M>ani|>ot. His fcftrti»s»n<««« und i-(ioli»i«»«n jit that nU-adlod thr> whole lino. "Following his net ion tho enttro lltio advancod and swojH clear ov« r thn first nnd Morond (Jorman )inf«<. It WIIM hnlf way hrtwoon those tuo ||n«'« tliat I found his hody. UV IOH! hoavlly that dny. thlrtei-n of tho twftity iiillforK of tho old ISth Avon! iivi-r with tho hattnllon, t'ol. MllllRnn and I wi-r«- loft, t'nptatn Uotiltrln wns klllr.l with Stow/irt. hoih at tho hrad's of tliolr r«»in|B»nios." TlinK tin 1 llowi-r of yonllt U do.itroyod the itiHiitie lust for war. FLY to isw\i*lo. lnwycr and ittifrruMlMl. WI.VM ««vi-ry wifo ahotild ffe Kivcn hnlf her hutdMind 1 * income for !«t« of thetn only-H««t. V. M. r. A. him ht-pn dolnR won- worlc aitionw th<- American wtdd' 'tempomrlly domleilcd along tho .Mexican holder. Tlw> Y. M. C. A., it will havi! ln'«'n notlccjl'..' i»ellt>ves in deeil« III-M and wordu Inti-r or I'nclo Hum's dopartnu-nt of turo In riH-omincndittK potato hread tn district* whi-rc tlwy itro chwip. The departmt'iii doesn't Bjwelfy tlm dls- trietH, however. W«'ll cotitlnuo Vo uso Hour in thin in-lKhhorliood. That old 1U» that "tho u«jod die . tic* n-KMKlinK olergyinrn, who live loiiw'r.thiui anybody fl»o. Thi8 also IH iin ar«unu-nt for rl«ht living. 1-Voiii thlH dl»tatu'« It 'if dlfluuilt to ttHccrtain whoilK-r Vhw Wntonte Is Iwnd- iiiK <!r«'oeo u lemon or a plfklp; w« do know, however, that tho ta«to l» nUher Hour- Contrary to the beUofa of eminent f«»lltlcnl ffin'raulcrw, eicctlon« are not d<>«ldo«i hy tint oxtiwl of .ti»» crowds that turn <fut to hear polltKttl «>wchP»-. fUtca«<> Una ^dohatcd" about. the ud- v *. I t* * . I imon&tfa Great Majestic Ranges ' nfni_ r* _li! i^ii<i«*f£l. _ n<.»».4«*.j>.»il "The iUJarWtM Beputatjon FOR ONE WmK ONLY, COMMENCING i^pVEMfcER 13 This $8,00 set ol War^or ieHf Alumtnum Ware-Free a special induconit'iit jlunniT^i^Hl^lVi^tnitioii week only, \vt> will tfivc with 4,fkJ »* fc*f*»-'»r.-»»n * #* * »» »«1 ^**»»» *•* * jm *f •* • »'^ - - m. , ^-^ ^~^^, ff --»- »--..---- •*. * every Majestic sold, one liiuiUsoiuc-*V^of.yitolicii wuroas lUuHtrnlt'fl Kvery pieoo Is the finest of ' '' ^ * '" its kind und the "entire set csannot bo pur- chftsod for thtm $S, JWio priee-of -the MajeKtie remains t h e , «»mo «B al- wtty« and the qoality of tho Btove is the. Barno~, This kitchen warn is an out and «>nt . " »° l ^' ant . it at our stare. »'uiiKfc."tfht nuw ' il worth. your \ on UJ-c uluce<l under no obligation ta : buy,. K< h'-f i 'im'' .\ ,jii««v j.nlcrri f\'<r\' tw h'n:r'i iiriiii !!iii-' v (fn«f« nrr- t^Jt'-n will rnd r:n)'.jf mtf-ry -in'l hr«>:«k "up » sftvi-r" <(.!.! th'-r in th»> h(>:i.1. < !i»-«t. !>(•>•]>• or Hrn !-"•-, It |.p>mi>tly rj,/-n" ^IcK'K'-il-iip nn«, H«< nnd air pn sc «e*" s tn the head, MrijiR tmfty di»rh:»r^"f l or ' rv"*'' rnnninp, rf- throat, ."in "j^iiU'f stl^y ^ttllfod-ilp? Quit bl .inrt snnfflinp! fcftwo your thn hond! Nothing ol«tr in tho world »«ch prompt roliof nf "Pnp-o's Compound." which costft only 25 oent;*- at nny <lrus: *»toro. It nrts without , tn*tos nirf. i-nnxr-s no ln- onnv**nlonc«». Uo «uro you Kr-t the vif<nnility of impsfiigfr »ubwny linc-S for nlunit flv* ycar». In that tlmr- New York has built on» or two new oncn. "I>on'l pfty If'fs limn $r<." is the .«|D- KHn of the she** trftdo. They tliltik nil of us arC'Roin«r to win *lcrtlon twts. i A fnrmnr claims to hivvr> hnd 77 tur- kpy« killed l»y nutoWKi^llfs. H*> Khnuld kei>»> his turkey* "In Uio grasshopper tvnrd. The worst »dv«T(l.«inK a town rnn g«»t |j» to tn» advi-rtirod hy a inoh. niakins )»• O trade. f SOCIAL AFFAIRS j CELEBRATED BIRTHDAY Miss Arlcne Loux Was Hostess To 12 Girl Friends At a Pink and White Dinner. ,. Arteiic Ixmx Wrt« eighteen yearn idd yiMlerday and tht« event was cell-. hrnted in a very pleawant manner la«t evenluB with a 6 uYloek dinner given at life*' home of her parent*, Mr. und Mr«. Adolph I»inix. Twt-lv*. utrl friend* were gue.*t*, the affair %vns a very en- joynhle one. Th*' <1tnn»r wan a pink ami white one with even the *m.'i!lo«t detail carried ont lit the pretty rolot scheme. Pink ami wh««». streamers* of crepe ' |»m>«r"fftrK|*tl a canopy over the Ta1)TC~Htur~tt'|>ii» ut— eartt— pttrtf— wrrr- pink and white cafhatloiif.^ TJie^con^ ter pi«H-o was a white Atn;l«?o"d cake. Hiirroundett by eighteen i-undles*, held hy tiny ro«e ho)jilftr!i. A..ilfHcli>uB fovir- courm* dinner wa« served, the menu prettily c*rr>l»««> out th« »clicn}o. After dinner birthday giftM were showered on the lK>»t^*« |j(«I, v ttrterwurd they had. been Inspected 5 i he crowd formed a heat re party nt the (Jrand. GAVE BASKET SOCIAL Hum* Center School Entertained Patrons tact Evening. The Ilum« Center School, taught by .\mwH Handimnn. 'gave a l»a»ket racial Thursday evoninu which was largely attended, A neat mim was realised from the «ale of the. baskets.-.'' The Song, «'If 1 Were Yon and \'ou Were y»"— Sohool. plaJoguP. "City Counlna and Country CouslnB"— Eighth grade.- "•-'. Song, "When VJInllora Come llound" —Four pupils. . Dialogue, "The I>eacon'« rroposul — Klghlh grade. . Song. "Tin BoldlorK"-Hch<»ol. Hec., "An Kyv> Mill"— Milton iiinaer. Ilec,. "Bang"— Coo (Jaulrapp. DluiogUf. "Alabama Coorm"~Slx pupils. Song, "If 1 Only .Had A Home Sweet Horn*"— no'renco Kturl?.. lu.r., "A \Vorker"- r^oHoy. Petorspn. . Uec., "Bectn THInga At Night"— PO- well Klmendorf. . Hec.. "I'm Very Sleepy" — Florence Plalogue,' "Spin, Daughter, Spin' — Two pupilnf. Song, ."Noftth tho Klrna' — Hcluwl, CQLETA SCJENCE CLUB Met Pleai«ntly Wtdneiday Afternoon With Mr». tee Frederic. The Colcta HoviBcludd Hclenoe club met Wedneaday arturnwpn with ".Mrs. Itob Frederic and two n«w mfembcm were added to the aoelety. The ' pro- cram opened wlUl a pluno fluot by Mr». Hutroia Maxwell and Mm- Arch &<Hunlrrg. Nr». Colonel «u«hmnn «hv.e a goad reading, "Mother 1 * Appearance," which contained rnuny gowl thoughtii. Mf»- Kachel Reynolds gave u paper on jgcgnomr in the homo which brought fcjllh quite a, diecu»»lon. Mrs. Frederiu demonutruted chicken anil (ruit wnul- » and ancrward« , fwvt'd them coffee. On ttocount of tU« aterHng 'County Mtituttt the next meeting will be held Thurtuiay. Pec. 7. it will b« an all djty mWUng with Mm, Bert Ulrrtw»ll. giftg ,wJU , be. demonstrated V PRiTTYjcEPTION Given Yesterday Honoring Mrs. Elmer Hurfiet Haywiml ami Marion JeniiingH entertained' a com* pany- ut sixty-sis friends at an afternoon refi!ipUoft Thurwiwy at tho W. "T. Jennings home. SOS \Ve»t Fourth »t . honoring Mrs. Kltner Jvnnlngs. who leaven jsouli to-^esUlt? in Appieton, Wis, The iiiTuir was une of- (ho pr*>t.Ue»i b«- ciety events £lvvu iu local t-ircli^ llu* ' Mr. and Mr». iiarru*, of Rpck Falls. Gue*t|. '•-. ...,..,. r Kchool . '.',"> v;iu<*. 98c (HI v;|!tJ<- 70c .!!> vnliH', $1.25 OUR PRtES « THE LOWEST, DEPT. STOBEO *!n tie Basenrtcnt Select the 1 ' kiddies ' T toys now. The prices verj special. Now comes the greatest sale of our High Grade Down! Down have the prices gone—they have reached their goal —its the good bye price to every,wrap in the entire stock. Stylish warm serviceable wraps way below the Bright price" limit Then to, the entire stock of beautiful white dresses for women and children marked for immediate clearance. In order* to obtain these "snaps** early selection is advisable. Children's Warm Winter Coals Never again will such a splendid opportunity be placed in your very path—a ? chance to buy the growing girl a beautiful coat—the most approved style for the season. Every coat new! Every material serviceable! Every price cut to the .last notch! * $5.75 values, <(>O 7"K I $4.25 values.tiJO AA I $3.75 values,d>O fTK tills sale ...vO.ltl I ,|,| s s ,,|,, ...tPO.UU I j!lis snl( , (<> .fD^*f«|, Coats for growing girls, 12 to 14 years of age r$10 values, <££ QO I $7.50 values, d*P PA | $6.50 values.^/l Or • t/O I fj,;^ «,ih,. tDtf.tIV I '<!••« .«,•!« tJ)**»A.iel this sale this -stilo Serge Dresses dreaaea _ for: girls 12 to 16 year$ of age. Splendid for school' wear. $9.00 value, ' $6.75 value, ihi.s .sale . . . White couple dozen of es, every model new this season;-sizes for women. $15.00 yalue, tliis salo .'.". $7.50 value, this sale ,.. White Dresses -Never-such-a-display of clH13re1crs dainty" white dresses priced so low. See them! $3.50 value,' tliis sale .;. $2.00 value, QOW this sale '.'...VOL Middle Blouses—sale $1.50. hlowsos at 98c 75i* l)lou.sos at 79c- e Silk Blouses—sale $5.00 silk Mouses ...... .:;,. .$2.50 $1.01) black blouses Womens Suits Somewhere in Sterling there are just 18 lucky women—they are going to select suits that~show an honest, pricing from $18.00 to $25.00. Come early. .Choice .......,." „....,....... \y Buy Your Shoes Here! Look the entire Twin Cities over, look in the greatjity papers—you'll not duplicate such values in shoes. We've gone deeper into this price cutting than is really jtecessary—but we want to dispose of the entire stock in the shortest time possible. Many a shrewd buyer is selecting a couple~of"pair7=^ they" pre. diet a great jump in the price of leather. Now is your chance to safeguard your own interests. The styles are new—the leathers the best, Offerjnflr all the regular $4,50 shoes at . * .. . — .,,. .$3.60 OffeririK, all the regular $4.00 shoes at - — ...... v .$3,20 Offering all the r4B«rular $3.00 shoes at $2.80 Offering all the regular $2.50 shoes at ..:.....:.. t $2.00 J »•••'• ' .' .' .. '" ..' -'. ^-T**' liot(u< for tcil \vilti rvwt- tii'ttv*. Moiilan.'t. vv< the vvoiit. whloli vyi* •:*• a"fumii>-*Ui»in-r "t HOI.U, .Cohlt-n t-hry- santht'iiHinis, KJSCK iii>d rui 'nations dtvorutiMi tli>' KIOIUM, i''tt!> : giifntw cn- jojinl the (li'l|i'ioij« iiii'lii-y dinner ;>i noon. Many• nleo t;ifiH, inchitljnu fifty .W.C.C.T. U. MEETING ^'liu^u?";!:^^ GOOD CROVVD PRESENT j MRS/rOMPKIN$, HOSTESS'j St. Paul's Ladies' Aid Gave a V/PCyJ.^he Entertained the Nx»*oti» Clutl Successful Social. Thursday Afternoon. Tin.' Uuli'cn' Aid iMil'li-ly'i/i Ht, IMul^' Ml- 1'Ul T<il»pklll» * nti I l.lUH'd th# lii-rniHii LtulitT.ui ciiurrh {,'avo .1 \<-i> \.u-oii » liil< .tt h't IM'IIIV 1.1. a,-!.(iif tioi-ial hint evening. A i »i^f ..i(ti i noon Th«; .iiuriioon v^s .-ii' m.iilr Ui> tin- rvviellls's inj.a- •iilllt', lirluil Vk. -u.. A j;ral. l«iK wan MM. .»..• -I .11,, S TAG (COON ' SUPPER. .4;, I>t4 .,, , , lt . U unc.l a , f it I.I. h«'in. Allir d. A DeKALB PARTY ELKS' COMING PARTIES. -. * Was Held Tluirtsday Afternoon Mr$, Dailuy. ; ... ^-.,., m ™r - ,,,. . - , s Tnr'U. c. 'IV I?, jjf'l-i an «:-ii.foy;jiMi- f Mi»s' Helen 'Banner^ of Sterling Was ths . i)i.'o!ii!« TliurcdHV uftrrno"!! at thi*; ' ' Guest of Hoiior. i*«''\>l' ! «rv * t i >• » i * tf,« .• (.,*!•!.. .1 , -, -•. f _ .. ^ **'I()1!1I»'''''" *!'*»' *•••»» .,(.--,.,.,. » v« ii-'ins- u!' \h;i. Ualivy mi \\'»-.-4 l-;ii-\i-iiii; ' ,\n -; ll«-!«'ii Jii-niii-j., -.vliw i-, \i i/'~ •!• i.ll p , < t>i< 11 mini'nt- l"i N'o\otn- -!',-v( '"!'!•«• I'm Man {-viM-atli V.' -i ? -IIH.' u j!!, lu-K;t)J< r«-lat i v. .- qnd !IH!'..U v, i« ».. t i .1 I i,-« t lnt» f „ V nii' i'i'\»-rt}f j'i'.v M^AMU .^.il.l-.--.l!i." ,>va^ tin- ,,',V!-.'!»'•->'' <'fh i ,H a .I'-ll^Mtiii '1M LH!. ' . L. , n p' »>"'•' N'.-v t ll,l-« 1 ICtfe, .-.i'.ii-.-i- .t..H'utsjtv,-..-.Ki<-v-K.trn«-v>--'>"*«« t «'.« "' ' i/iVliii V i\ fi'J'l-'tiirii-fi! -; lli. J .'.|i- :i vi'-ry I i I'"' 1 ' ;' J

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