Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 22, 1968 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 22, 1968
Page 3
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Cadets Are (ought With Marijuana ANNAPOLIS, KM, (AP) The superintendent of the U.S. Naval Academy says 13 midshipmen face dismissal on charges of smoking marijuana in their rooms in Bancroft Hall, the academy dormitory, Rear Adm. Draper L. Kauffman, the superintendent, said Wednesday the dismissal recommendation would be made to Secretary of the Navy Paul R. Ignatius. Acceptance of the recommendation by the secretary is generally considered a formality. It would be the largest group dismissed from the academy in Its IBS-year history. The incident marked the second time in 10 months that midshipmen had been caught smoking marijuana in the dormitory that houses the 4,000-man brigade of midshipmen. Four were dismissed in a similar incident last June. Kauffman said the current problem came to light after an unidentified midshipman reported that he "had seen several midshipmen who appeared to be smoking marijuana in a midshipman's room in Bancroft Hall." A spokesman at the academy said the midshipman made his observation over the weekend and felt bound by the strict honor code to report to his superiors. The academy said the Naval Investigative Service in Washington investigated the incident and would continue its probe to determine the source of the drug and stop its use. Though the names of those involved were not released, the academy said they included 11 juniors, one sophomore and one freshman. Smoking marijuana is a violation of academy regulations, U.S. Navy regulations and of the Uniform Code of Military Justice. A spokesman said the midshipmen Involved would probably not face disciplinary action such as a court-martial but would simply be dismissed and become eligible for the draft. Court Dock*! erf Y DOCKET Willie Williams, Drunkenness, Plea guilty, fined $16,50, Pf&nk Smith, Verner Arm* strong, Marion Gray, Jr N No* bie Langston, Boaa toliivef, Drunkenness, Forfeited $16.50 cash bond, Billy Ray Bolaney, Kelly Reece Eakley, Wm, R* Weatherford, No driver's license, Forfeited $11,50 cash bond. J, William Childers, Driving while intoxicated, Plea guilty, fined $106,50 and 1 day in jail, Thomas A, Laorone, Speeding, Forfeited $16,50 cash bond* Mike Murphy, Ken Velvin, 1m* proper muffler on vehicle, Forfeited $16,50 cash bond* Wm. R. Weatherford, No State vehicle license, Forfeited $16,50 cash bond, Patrick Quinn, Assault with a deadly weapon, Forfeited $56.50 cash bond. Duff Happy Montnol Is Rolling By DICK COUCH Associated Press sports Writer Montreal's cannonball express is rolling non-stop again and Dick Duff, for one, is happy to be aboard. Duff, the slick-skating National Hockey League veteran who had trouble getting into the Canad lens' line-up earlier this sea* son, kept pace with his torrid teammates Wednesday night by scoring two goals in a 7-2 triumph over the New York Rangers. Claude Provost, Duff's hardworking linemate, also tallied twice as the Canadlens zipped to their seventh straight victory and 19th In their last 20 games. A capacity crowd of 17,250 in new Madison Square Garden Ora Alvls Knight, Improper saw them aVenage a 3-0 loss to passing, Forfeited $11.50 cash (he Rangers at the old Garden bond. on 25 James Edward Burton, Transporting taxed beer for purpose of sale, Plea guilty, fined $106.50. Luther Bishop, Possessing untaxed intoxicating liquor for sale, Plea guilty, fined $106.50. Harold M. Heath, Petit Larceny, Plea guilty, fined $31.50. Mike Murphy, Improper muffler on vehicle, Dismissed. STATE DOCKET Sees Little ,n>i.. 4.t ij-aii' ! ,( •.' • Value of Thant's Talks WASHINGTON (AP) _ Administration sources express little optimism that U.N. Secretary-General U Thant's talks with President Johnson on Vietnam will produce any new U.S. peace move. As Thant and Johnson prepared to talk, several Senate critics of U.S. war policy expressed doubts about the South Vietnamese government's stability following a new rupture In its program to rebuild cities shattered in repulsing Viet Cong attacks, Thant's visit to the White House today is considered, sources said, simply an extension of his recent trips to Europe and Asia in which he sounded out North Vietnamese officials about peace talks. £ Diplomatic sources at the United Nations said Tuesday Thant would tell the President that the North Vietnamese will discuss anything the Americans want if U.S. bombing of the North is halted. But observers here noted Thant was represented, following his recent meeting in Paris with a North Vietnamese spokesman, as saying the United States and North Vietnam re. main too far apart on peace talk terms to hold out hope for negotiations in the near future, The U,N, sources said North Vietnam still is insisting on an unconditional halt to U,S, bomb, ing of the North, Johnson has made elear he'll order a bombing halt only if North Vietnam agrees not to take military advantage of such a pause, LEGAL NOTICE Lloyd Minx, No driver's license, Plea guilty, fined $71.15. Dossie L. Blanchard, Lloyd Minx, Driving while intoxicated, Pica guilty, fined $136.15 and 1 day in jail. Robert A. Sharp, Hazardous driving, Forfeited $31.15 cash bond. William P. Brown, Willie L. Tale, Improper passing, Forfeited $26.15 cash bond. Suspended. Thomas M. Babbitt, Speeding, Forfeited $26.15 cash bond. Jim Wlngfield, Crossing median, Forfeited $26.15 cash bond. Pelican Trucking Co., No oversize permit, Forfeited $46.15 cash bond. Trans Cold Express, Improper loging and No lease on unit, Forfeited $121.15 cash bond. D. H. Jenkins, Inc., No identification, Forfeited $71.15 cash bond. Pearline Cheatham, Wesley A. Johnson. Failure to yield right "of way, ! Forfeited $26;iS,cash'J J %6nd. vt.UA , r , „,,,, ' Arkansas Traffic Service Inc., Overweight, Forfeited $46.15 cash bond, Payne Enterprise, No ACC . Authority, Forfeited $121.15. Gachot Bros. Produce Co., No Arkansas Decal, Forfeited $71.15 cash bond. Loy Townsend, Drunkenness, Dismissed. Feb. 4—their lone setback In starts since last Christmas night, During the red-hot streak, which has carried Montreal from last to first place In the NtiL's East Division, Duff has drilled 18 of his 22goals, including five in the last two games, The loss ended an eight-game unbeaten streak for the third- place Rangers, but they lost little ground in the East Division playoff scramble. Second-place Chicago nipped Oakland 1-0 on Bobby Hull's 41st goal to go four points up on New York and remain six behind the Canadiens. But fourth-place Boston and fifth-place Toronto each bowed to an expansion club. Minnesota trimmed Boston 53, ex-Bruin Wayne Connelly scoring two goals, and St. Louis pounded slumping Toronto 5-1. Philadelphia battled Pittsburgh to a 1-1 tie in the other games CIVIL DOCKET Hope Hardware Company vs. James McClure, Action In re- plevin for possession of shotgun, Judgment for Plaintiff as per precedent. THANT TALKS (from page one) tlons." The panel's news conference came several hours after Thant wound up a brief Washington visit in which he reported to Johnson on his recent peace- probe journey to India, the Soviet Union, Britain and France. Thant had talked with leaders of the four countries and with North Vietnamese diplomats in New Delhi and Paris, His findings reportedly were not encouraging, Home-Calling Apparently Brainstorm By FRANK CORMIER Associated Press Writer WASHINGTON (AP) - Sometimes it seems the White House must have a special staff in charge of dreaming up names for federal programs: Head art, Upward Bound, Operation Eunstr'eam ,'and ..'all.;the others. But no such staff exists. The whole name-calling procedure is a very informal ona, though it sometimes resembles an organized exercise in "group think" or "brainstormlng." Take the christening of the National Alliance of Businessmen, the group President Johnson created to give private enterprise a role in training and finding jobs for the hard-core unemployed. When White House aides were preparing Johnson's recent message to Congress on jobs, they kicked around all kinds of ideas for naming the business organization. Their final choice was determined by the fact that National Alliance of Businessmen can be alphabetized as NAB-an apt description, they thought, for a program to actively seek out job-training candidates and propel them Into the labor force. "We try to find something uplifting that gives the essence of the program," explains Larry Levlnson, a White House assistant who has participated In many a bureaucratic Occasionally a program name i«h, mn ™« ^ * Is suggested by the department Johnson gave raj-carpet principally responsible for its treatment to his U.N, visitor, who said their one-hour talk had been useful, Afterwards, Thant lunched with Secretary Dean Rusk and other high U.S. officials at the State Department before flying back to New York, A White House statement said Johnson had reaffirmed to Thant "our continuing desire to achieve a peaceful settlement and the continued validity of the San Antonio formula." The basic U.S. peace talks offer voiced by the President in a San Antonio, Tex,, speech last September is to stop bombing North Vietnam provided Hanoi ing The annual school ejection will be held by the qualified electors promptly enters into productive of the Saratoga School District negotiations and does not take Nos, 9 ai*J U of Hempstead and military advantage of the bomb Howardi Counties on Tuesday, M^rch 12, 1968, between the hours of 8;OQ a.m. and 7.30 p.m. The electors will vote a school tax pf 40 mills to be levied for debt service and general fund for the operation of schools of said district. The polling places in the district will be tne same as here* tofpre designated. Mrs. Mary S. Goodman Secretary of School- 15, §3, 29, 1968 has continued to call for an unconditional ej$ to the U.S. a|r attacks. Hardy a Virginia Democrat, said his subcommittee feels that the United States must cut off the enemy's supply routes into South Vietnam and: "if necessary to achieve this end, all routes, whether by land, sea or air, should be closed or destroyed." Saying the subcommittee's military conclusions representa summation of testimony given it evolution, More often, members of the White House staff sit around In a small group and start thinking out loud. Eventually someone produces an idea that wins acceptance, Thus Now Careers, Stay in School and Operation Msto' stream. Acronyms are ever popular, Last year when a presidential commission on the draft sug. gested a Selective Service Jot* tery, a conscious effort was made to come up with a nametag that would play down the gambling connotation and help sell the idea. Result; The Fair system, for Fair and Impartial Random System. But even that wasn't enough to persuade a reluctant Con? gress. Some other examples: Job Opportunities in the Business Sector, JOBS and Cooperative Area Manpower Kenning System, CAMPS. In these cases, the abbreviations seem almost essential in view of the m.'Uthful of words required to recite the formal titles. by military leaders, Hardy said ians in the Defense Department to pay more attention to the advice from the military." (ARK) STAR, on the schedule, ,' ,1 buff seofed oft a febotifri elft ly in the sefeofirf Defied inri ifaffi skived a long, soft Shot through goalie Ed Slac&ffiin's bads lalef 1ft the middle session. Provtsst broke a M lie Ifi the obefilfigpe* Hod arri scored again irt the ftanadlens 1 three-goal third peH» od. fed Haffls, Bobby Rousseau and John Ferguson were the ether Montreal scorers, Mull cracked a scoreless dead* lock with just 2s60 remaining at Oakland and Chicago goalie Dave Dryden ended the Seals' three-game winning string with a 17-save shutout. Connelly fired his 24th and 25th goals-tops In the West Division—as the North Stars up* ended Boston and moved Within three points of first place Phila* delphia, Mike McMahon, Andre Boudrias and Parker lvfae* Donald also tallied for Minnesota, helping goalie Carl Wetzel prevail in his first NHL start. Jerry Melnyk and Gary Sa« bourin each scored twice, leading St. Louis past the Maple Leafs, who have dropped seven straight games and are winless In their last nine. Andre Lacroix, making his NHL debut for Philadelphia, scored the tying goal In the second period after Paul Andrea's power play tally had given the Penguins a 1-0 first period edge. Goalies Les Binkley of Pittsburgh and Doug Favell of the Flyers held firm the rest of the way. Grid Owners to Recognize Union By JACK HAND Associated Press Sports Writer NEW YORK (APKthe National Football League and the NFL Players' Association have taken the first formal step to* ward recognition of the independent union as a bargaining agent for collective bargaining in mid-March. After a meeting between labor counsels for the two groups, two NFL owners and three player representatives, it was announced Wednesday that the association would be recognized pending a check of its membership by the independent American Arbitration Association. Both Ted Kneel, legal consultant to the owners, and Dan Shulm.in, labor counsel for the players, were optimistic about the possibility of an agreement once the bargaining starts. Kheel emphasized that the owners did not doubt the authenticity of the membership but merely wanted a formal check. Shulman said his group could have tried different means of gaining recognition but chose a formal check because "we have the cards from the players. We know we have a majority." Shulman said the assoccclaln has 685 members who pay $100 a year In Wiembershlp fees, fitfte after time he 1 f^iterated that the association did not e*» peel to negotiate Individual salaries. this is not the classSe union situation/' said ShufWafi, a $4* year-old Chicago labor lawyer. "We are talking about things common to everyone—pension plan, shares of postseason games and, of course, minimum salary." Although the association said in Miami in January it wanted $15,000 minimum salary, $500 a game for exhibitions and a $5 million annual contribution to the pension fund, Shulman would not be specific at this time. "We do not want to try our case in the newspapers," said Shulman. "Our first step Is to get recognition, Then we will get down to hard bargaining. 1 do not want to be specific at this time." When a reporter asked Shul* man what would happen If no agreement was reached, he said, "We intend to utilize every means available under the law. However, we anticipate we will be able to reach an agreement." "I have no doubt that reasonable people can work out their problems," said Kheel. John Gordy of the Detroit Lions, association president was not present but sent a statement backing up Shulman's announcement. Dave Robinson of Green Bay, Gary Wood of New Orleans and Carl Kammerer of Washington were the only players present at the news conference. The owners were represented by Art Msdell of Cleveland, league president, and Wellington Mara, president of the New Vork Giants. Shulman said a vast majority of the players polled favored making the association the bargaining agent, However, there were a few exceptions. "One playef said he wanted no part of any union," said Shutman, "Another asked what we meant by collective bargain- Ing. 1 Shulman called the agreement "an historic step" as the first such agreement between owners and players in organized sports. The football players are the first to seek status as an independent union, The A me r i c a n Football League put teeth into its rule against use of video tape or electronic equipment during a game by scouts or coaching staffs. Future violations can bring a five-year suspension for the guilty person and perhaps a $50,000 fine for the team. There was a rhubarb about use of videotape last season when the New York Jets charged the Houston Oilers with such a violation during a late season game with San Diego. Houston denied the charge and Mild Woodard, AFL president, cleared the club after an investigation. The NFL has a similar rule without any specific penalties Fe&njsnr 1% Arnold Shoots "Monster' With a 9 Under TUCSON, AHz. (API — the 13th hole of the Tucson National Golf Club has added whirrs this year, but as Arnold fcai- mer's nlne-oVer-par 13 6ft the hole Wednesday can attest, it's still a monster. Officials of the $100,000 Tucson Open, in an attempt to keep errant tee shots from the water on either side of the narrow hump-backed fairway, have let the grass rough grow to several inches. But it doesn't helprnucrh; Defending champion Arnold Palmer put four tee shots Into the right lake, hit his approach shot into a trap guarding the green, pitched and then needed two putts to hole out. "I can't remember when I had a worse score on a single hole," said Palmer. except "conduct detrimental to the best interestsof football." Many pro teams use the tape in practice sessions but it cannot be used in regular season or exhibition games. Only a polar- old camera or a telephone can be used during games. The AFL announced its 1969 All-Star game will be played in Jacksonville, Fla., on Jan. 19. vjS&fe?; «* » &•• •{. 't?&s.i | &-. r "\i?^€''•'• V- '-^^•*>iU%^M3?.ra'«.V'*iW^^ ll1 V-"*\.«. iti'fi-Js:a: J 1 1 K 1. /is, ,. «A .sAii. ..v$&\ .*?..,. I waaavi, Jbt. .&•. ert-Sv^'ii?! ."•« y a £ *h iSfr i' * ,-i B a a si?i" Two great road cars. Quiet, strong, beautiful. Only cars in their class with die cast grille and disappearing headlights standard. See the man with better ideas-your Ford Dealer! Pikes bjs«<( en imnuljctuiei's suj^ested li»t price 55 equipped. S«t your Ipcfl Ford Ptiler It' his best s«IUn{ prU< with options you prefer. Hope Auto Company, Inc 220 West Second St. Hope, Arkansas

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