Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 22, 1968 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 22, 1968
Page 2
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Ttorsty, ftfertary 22,t§88 SOCIETY Pf*3fie 74431 ftefween 8 a.m. ord 4 p.m. : €alendaf of Events •f MtlfSSDAY, FEB. 2fc of the first Baptist Chureh will meet Tluirs., Feb. § , at ? p.m. tn the church. e Misstan Study Bobk/'frum' l« Ifi Dixie" by W, C, Pelkl will be taught by Mrs. Dannie Hamilton. All women ot the efiurch are Invited. t* FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 23 A program In observance of the Parade of American Music will be" presented by Mrs. Guy Downing at the Friday Music Club, Friday, February 23 at 3^5 p.m. in the home of Mrs. talbot Felld, Jr. with Mrs. Roy Stephenson and Mary Anita Use- ter co-hostesses, "} TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 27 f.The Jett B. Graves Sunday Sthool will have a Potluck Supper in the recreation room of the 1st Methodist Church, Tuesday Peb. 27, at 7:00 p.m. k ''Hostesses are; Mrs. VlcCobb, Mrs. Hugh Gilbert, Mrs. William Stephenson, Mrs. Leliand War* mack, and Mrs. Erwin Madlock. "*.' .-TBIRTHDAY PARTY ","'0n Saturday afternoon, Febru- a'ty 17, MSB Cecilia Arm Bear- eten was honored onher7thbirth- day by her parents, Mr. and Mrs. G|endon Bearden, with a party, at the Catholic Church Parish riall. ^'The refreshment table in the center of the room was laid with aZ cloth decorated with red Valentines. Cups and plates were also in the Valentine motif. The birthday cake was chocolate with white icing topped with a big i*ed heart, rosettes, and 7 red candles. Served with the cake wjbre ice cream, red fruit punch, and little candy Valentines. "Above the table hung red and white paper streamers with red balloons attached. A few games were played, and little red Valentine hats, whistles and balloons were distributed as favors to the 15 guests. Mrs. Aubrey Campbell and son, Stevie, assisted Mrs, Bearden in serving. ROCKY MOUND HD onquls made attractive decoration in the home of Mrs. Clifford Messer Thursday, Feb. 15, when the Rocky Mound Homemakers Club met. Mrs. Floyd Pharris, President, read the thought of the month, "It is easier to do a thing when it should be done than two or three days later when it must be done." Mrs. Messer gave the devotional, Psalms 23. The Lord's Prayer was then repeated in unison. The group sang "In The Garden". The club was honored by their County Extension Homsmakers* President, Mhs, withon Multtns, who brought the lesson on spot and stain removal, the roil call was answered by "the mosl difficult stain f have tried to remove." the pamphlets thai were distributed gave much helpful information. Mrs. John Barbara gave the report from the office of the secretary and treasurer, the White Elephant Sale was a sue* cess and was enjoyed by ail. Mrs. Crawford showed the eye* opener, which she had made, tt was a hose holder, very pretty and useful. The club project for the year of 1968 Is to beautify the Rocky Mound Road sides. Club guests were Mrs. Nora Pickard, Mrs, Leo Hartsfieid, Mrs. Mutlins, Miss Beryl Pickard, and one new member, Mrs. Alfred Bearden. The visitors and 13 members were served cookies, nuts, sandwiches, and coffee or cold drinks for refreshments. The March meeting will be with Mrs. Higgison. BRIDGE CLUB MEETS Japonica and the blossoms from spring bulbs decorated the home of Mrs. Syd McMathon February 20, when she entertained her Tuesday Bridge Club. The two tables of players included two club guests, Mrs. Bill Wray and Mrs. Comer Boyett. When scores were tallied, Mrs. R. L. Broach was high, and Mrs. E. J. Whitman was second. Pie and coffee were served. PAISLEY PTA MEETS The Paisley Founders Day Program was opened with a devotional presented by Mrs. Lee Tollett. Mrs. Jud Martlndale, President, introduced those taking parts in the program. Mrs. Joe Hampton reviewed the objectives of the PTA and Mrs. Jud Martindale gave the objectives of the Founders Day. The history of the National Founders Day was given by Mrs. B. J. Wllhite followed by Mrs. Bill Brown's history of the Paisley PTA. Mrs. Syble Barton brought information on the happenings of the school year for 1967-68. Mrs. Galen May gave a full report on the gift and how it was used. The highlight of the program was the presentation of life membership to Mrs. Estelle Caldwell. Presentation was made by Mrs. Denver Dtckson. A pot of tulips were sent to Mrs. George Green and Mrs. Mamie Holt and Mrs. Denver Dickson for their contribution to the Paisley PTA. A pot plant was also sent to Mrs. 0. A. Graves for her past work in PTA. Door prizes were won by Mrs. Cooper, Mrs. Johnnie Bryant, and Mrs. Galen May. Refreshments were served by Mrs. Earlene Hollls. HOP! (MR) SfA! Printed ty Ofktf HELEN HELP US I by Helen Botui UNIVERSAL PBOBLSMf STILL A LEADER, Coco Chanel, one of the greatest names in the fashion world, turned out in Paris for the showing of her spring collection. BERYL HENRY PTA MEETS The Beryl Henry Elementary School PTA met Tuesday, Feb. 20 at 3sl5 p.m. for their Founders Day Program. Mrs. Doris Milllcan gave the devotional, "Polishing Young Souls." The President, Mr. J. W. Rowe, presided over the business and reports were heard at this time. Mrs. Bennett Wood had charge of the program, "Past, Present, and Future." She tokl of the five members who organized the Beryl Henry PTA. They are Mrs. Johnny Cox, Mrs. Wayne Abbott, Mrs. Tim Duckett, Mrs. Don Tunstall and Mrs. Don Parker. During this year flags have been purchased for each room by the PTA. They also sponsor cub scouts. The PTA also helped with the Art Mobil when it was in Hope. Plans are now underway for the PTA to get playground equipment for the school. Projects for the year will be a cookbook and a tasting luncheon in April. Things brought up for the future was a piano, drapes, rainy day helps for the teachers, sign for school, and 100 per cent membership. The group voted to have the nfixt meeting on the third Tuesday at 3:30 p.m. The second grade won the room counl. In a drawing at the end of the program, Mrs. David Peters won a birthday cake, Moonshiner Rode a Bike CHATTANOOGA, Tenn, (AP) — The 48-year-old man police charged with transporting unstamped whisky when they confiscated three gallons of illicit liquor from him, didn't fit into the picture of the traditional moonshine runner in his high* powered car. He was riding a bicycle. Deaf Helen: I'm nearly 15. My pawnts think t should lift tft« way th«y did when they wert young, which Is one pftlr of shoes a year; in the house before dark} bed every night at StOOj no lipstick, no mascara tot another year? phone calls only fooffi girls, ind not more than 10 mln* utes a night; no interest In boys- even as friends- until I'm W* I'm ft good student, and sensi* bie. When I have company, my ft- ther barges In ftnd starts talk* ing about the olden days, t could die of embarrassment. Ho girl ever had parents like minel f feel better now that I hftve written to you, »s t think you're in favor of me«- T.Y.UJ.O.A, Coming, Going Mrs. Graydon Anthony, Jr. and Mrs. Kendall Yocom, both of Bay City, Tex., have been at the bedside of their mother, Mrs, John Wester, who underwent sur* gery at Memorial Hospital recently. Mr. and Mrs. J. A, Davis returned home Saturday from Albuquerque, N. M., after the funeral for his brother, Henry, last Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Flippo and family, Stamps, visited Mr, and Mrs. James Wheeler over the weekend. Mrs. A. L. Park and Mrs. Tom Kinser went to Hutto, Tex., this weekend, and Mrs, Bennie Downing and sons, Scott and Bryant, came home with them for a few days. Television and etc,, etc* (A composite of dozen similar letters received by trie this weekg) Deaf fVUOA: Ye*, I'm U1 fftvof of you, and I hope your parents will soon jump off that age»l2 plateau where so many elders seem to tog down. At IS, a sensible, mature girl needs these omstrld rules like she needs training wheels. She's ready for tasteful make-up, less sleep (eight or nine hours a night Is plenty!) and a bit of male attention.- H. Dear Helens I am 23, and en* gaged to a very sweet and attractive girl, For six years Pvebeen tied down with college and law school. With things casing up, ! haftt as» urge to date another girl who attracts m*. to Ml ttie train, fm \l the point where I don't think t love my fiancee. Htfwtver, I'm afraid that if I break off, f nny discover 1 was wrong. Should I fceep the engagement and exp«el lov« to return after ror warmer for a carl 1 ! want to flMk* on« tor my bojrfrteftf* -SIS ftear Sis; I've fv«ard of tt* cosy's, but a "mirror warmer'* has m$ stuffifiiKJ, iVfaybs sotne of you hep kWs out there ean tell me why a mirror n<?es warming, and how it's don*.-tt Radio Classic Simplicity,,, At An Unbelievable Low Price! CLOUD NINE'S classic, pure white styling comple* merits any decor, yet is priced so low it's a big sale value! Strong authentic earthenware — completely safe in your oven and dishwasher. Detergents never dim its color and lustre. Select from many accessory pieces, which you can add at any time. f aoicsc&r 45 pc. service far 8~ only open stock value $52.60 THE DANIELS' m mn NNE ST. m-m By CYNTHIA LOWRY AP Television-Radio Writer NEW YORK (AP) - It's not easy to turn out a new show each week—different host, different guest stars, different theme, but that's the format of NBC's Wednesday night " Music Hall." Under the circumstances, it is not surprising that it is a show with ups and downs. "Music Hall," too, is one of- those middle-of-the-road programs, designed to appeal to all ages, and offend and shock none. Thus this week's edition, called "The Classof'68," really didn't do much more than present some attractive people singing songs and make a rather feeble stab at some comedy. The show was billed as "a salute" to this year's college graduates, but just about all the collegiate atmosphere was a bunch of extras dressed like students who sat around and applauded on cue. John Davidson, an attractive singer who is, however, several years beyond college, was the host of the show. Then there were singers Mlchele Lee, Buffy Sainte Marie, Tom Jones and the Fifth Dimension, a rock group, and comedian Flip Wilson without much material to work with. "The Jonathan Winters Show" followed on CBS. Winters had a pretty funny opening Wednesday night, playing a gun-happy soldier of fortune submitting to an interview. But the show slid down hill after that. Paula Prentiss and Dick Benjamin turned up in a satiric musical salute to New York-noting its bad air, crime rate and garbage problems-* in a fashion that may bring complaints from the city fathers, Then there was a spoof of films about decadent Southern families—about the 10th of its kind this season and hopefully the last, The show seemed perfunctory and, even at this early stage of its life, a bit tired. If the three networks stick with present plans, there will be 13 weekly prime time hours of variety next season, plus all sorts of specials, Since most of them stjck to the same recipe of music and sketches, the competition for guest stars will be even hotter titan it has been this season. Don Rlckles, whose style of insult comedy is In high demand, counted! up recently and found that tie had appeared in spot shots 60 times this season. That is a lot of television exposure. NBC's "Pwiel Boone" Is going to lose hjs Oxford-aiucat- ed Indian side-kick next season. &} Ames bis already discarded his brajds £fld war paint, and Is turning to other acting aol concert cboreg. U is currently not kmwn whether Daniel will find himself a mew p$l, but It may be significant that Jimmy Dean recently appeared jji a couple of episodes. ttear h Why not discuss this with your fiance*? Perhaps you each need ft temporary break from the othef , fcfy fOAf ('Tm Guessing Apin Perception") tells me she too has doubts, and might welcome a fhrw « months moratorium, Wfcen an engaged fellow gets a roving eye l»'$ quite of. ten because his girl has already cooled off but is afraid to tell him,— H Dear Helens Does anyone have tnstructionii for knitting a mlr« Dear Iteteni this it tt word fo teenagers an) their parents. t'H start with my goneratftffl firsts 1 can'I say t realty uflttef* slant! my parents. First I tried playing the sweet little innocent. No dice. Then t went the other way, arguing, slumming doors, the whole bit, Believe me, It's a mlsdrabl* way lo live. Then t decW«l I'd hit the happy medium n«l trwit Shem almost on my own level. Man, that's gr<s»tl No more problems, Even though I haven't been exact* iy an agneU my pureneswt ffnrsi m«~«tf my ffiefttff tMftfc fttEt «fe fealty t»ss, fite ttey: treat adult J lilt humans, Kdw te ym parent*! BflftM tfy to understand your kkls -they like yo«r b«««f than y&tfff a UUI* bflffld by tftefti.Goft'tptrtfy anrf don't argue, lay (fowls the law, teat rtort'i Iwtaie ifeont II W« lilt* rules, b«f nof *»r nwtw, Get involved with theft fun —but only wh«n you're wanfwf **anrf your i*en,<s will Hi! the generation gap for you, Just love 'em f-> AGE 14 i This column Is dedicated tot family living, so tf you're hiving kid trouble or just plain {rouble, Iff Helen Nip YOU. Sh**iU also wilcom* youf own amusing «IM perfences, Address He lea Bottet IneareofThe Copyright, 1968, lures Syndicate, tee. 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