Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on November 10, 1916 · Page 2
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 2

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, November 10, 1916
Page 2
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i -* y- - Sfefsi *AOB TWO. Jk^J;:. V. 10, J916. ion People Try "Ortsiilr Method Of Treating Colds lifttt Winter, When Vick'e Vap-O-Rub Was * Being: Introduced In Illinois, Mattoon Drug- P iet* Presented Complimentary Jars to a tflr of-Their Customers, on Condition That They Give This Preparation a Thorough Trial, and Report the Results. | A SURPRISE SHOWER Wit* Given M'r-a^c! Mf*. Harry Bsl- *• *•" ^ i * / 'TV f ?*^ - 7 ' •, i i I [.u r ' i MILLEOGEViLLE NEWS WILLIAM CALKINS DEAD. t - ' < Itft. ir I 11 Y! ( 1 ti ' ; ' f i i t» ' • ' > \ i " ' n ", f » \ > « ! 1 I ) v r I ! f i I'i I h iff M COMMUNITY CLUB. r i I I Yott Jait Rnb Vftp-0-Rnb On Over fhroat and Chest. The Body 8«ftt R*lea*es the Ingredients in the Torm of Vapors, thai are Inhaled, With Each Breath, All KIND PERMISSION, WE THESE REPORTS. Mrs, Vf. T. Button, n, F, D, No; 0, &IH>rt»: "I have given Vlek'a Vap-O FfUib ft fair trial, and 'It can't be brat.' II lu^e catarrh »nd co!d« In the fcpad winter, and It nfioms to help and the pain more than anything I tried, 1 havo also used It -'or l-l6re throat nnd tonsilltlii. My baby r<w only four months old, nnd I flhd i Vlck'a Just as BOW* fof •• tables as it is for adult*." ' •«• MM. John Hunt reports: "I havo Shod your Viii*n»Ikfib I*r4vo very eat(factory for now Itfmlt'and rolda in Se bead. I like It better thnn In- t*rnat medicines." .""MM. 12, M. Luclr. 1104 ChanijmlKn rA*«.. WrHeu: "Vour Vai»-0-Kub Salve be«n a hounehoM remedy for my F fiUtntly ft>r the lant four yenrfl, nnd my r 'Ott«b«nd, who IB an engineer on (lie Wllroad, always earrlen a jnr with }Wtn. I can gladly recommend It for i family use." Mr«. Haltlo Perry, 2300 Moult Ho Avc., reports: "f hnvo used Vnp-O- [Rttb BueeeBfifully for aoro throat and ,COl<J« «n the lungs, and it workH like HBMu?tc. My little Rlrl nlway* caljn for [Vlck'a wbon an> thins gets .the matter w.ith her, t hafp, and" ftlwftyi recommend Tick's to. everyone, for I RO much -hotter th&w internal rn«?dlcln«?ft,".. _ .."".: . Mrs. Thomas Morrow, 60&-V8. 22nd St.. writes: "Vap-O Rah Ic'jkat floe— the best thln# f have e*«fr uied for 9 uevrre cold. I tiR&rl It for toy llttfti (drl when she had a heavy icold, and two treatment* relieved her. My daughter uses It for hef HttleHoy, who Is subject to croup, and It glyes ftuch Rood results that now flha keeps It In the house all the time." >-. Mr«. Laura Wise, 2513 Marshall St., writes: "I havp, tried V&f»-0iRub on my ba>y boy, two years %ld,'and found It tha^ost thing I have ever tried to tin a cold on tho lunga." Mr. A. n. Campbell reports- "We have fonndTap-O-Hub- to be just as represented.^ It gate me read r relief from a pRfn In my back, canned by lifting while working at the shop. We have also usod It for colds, apralns and sore throat, and it Rave entire satisfaction. I believe H is far «upe- rior to nny internal medicines for theso troubles." Vlck'p cornea In solve fdrtrt, find la BO made that, when -applied ttt thrt .body, the body warmth releases tho Ingredi. ent« in the form of -raf»6l% Thbso vapors, inhaled with oaeh ftroath, loosen the phlegm and open the air pasaafrm In addition, Vnp-O-Rub n Absorbed through and stimulates the rfkln, tak* out the tightness and soreness. Three sizes, 25c, 60c, or |J.OO. OCIWtM ) riff. I i P tit' 11 I I ' r hit f I i ' .f ' n ini i> • * i!' h M, \V,,M. f.f rr ! I of ,\f ii Hit-: liiur r Mr sir;.I Ar- ENTERTAIN FRIENDS Mr. and Mr». Jeg»o Hau*ew»n Entef- tained Wednesday Evening. M i ! l ft\ I I' < ! (It rn id" Tin'- •hurcli i i ( m> »! •k if I! ii PHOTO SOCIAL.. ;t ! :>t tin. 1 Mr. tilntf. sj>»'Ml lfii:i«srni.*tit hi Mt. '''tic ( ;|M,int \\'fd iniii!< u:!«; ill uliv w (ill t!»irni'« atiil «'l v »•<!. .\)l«.«i-« flr-llc'tnii" Mtift&lSON DAILY GAZETTE —' '•— • ' rr~: MORRISON, ILLINOIS, FRIDAY, NOV. 3,Q, 3,916. FULL MEMBERSHIP Been Procured For Morrieon Cow Ti»*t!ng Association. The director* of tin 1 MorriMon fo- their lint ol 1 recently i-oni|il«'l»-d -and huvir_jur,v O|»eti to nil the. pocl^iotr, itt tin 1 There, •w'ere-'-'biit-t<Vo contest- Miss Kowallo Bfdnl^ nf. thin city winnlnK tirxt til.'ii-c ntwtjn't;rli?r» 0T throe diillnr*, the Kiibjert of IKT "oration be- s<-hoo| Hoys*. 1 *••• TtijL_HECond—>pr4a«»^-nr >^rls_Eiilisi;r.lptfnn"''to'thr > r''hrtHtl!in KM Wiirlil, \\-ftn Awarded to H«tual w ii< • for the complete nrKi>»il*i»tliui. total p'f foun. .' • ._ >A rnoetlng will lie held within the ten «Ui-y« to Muni>li»U» the plans anil for tlio l?e«lnnlnj; of th«» worker, T^ie work will be <ar- the wipert ihlon of the nnd tin f sport dtMt "by the I>iiHry Ha- l'nlver«ity, will bo will nlve u <lay c-rtch tierd, This Oatry ex- Vti will. bo welt vci.sed on feeding and and will KIV»- advice ami us- for the luilldltil,' ll|> and In l- of the hfitN. uu,«l oillcei-M of tin- u«- »lvi|f»ity mi", tester, ri'M epartnu-nt of ed who flth to I'lirh clation wlih-b [JWitlng u'lmiit u were v nioiitti , P, Hoover? 1't evident. i W. Hump, Vico IVt-n 'A. J& llamiUon. Hecietar.. Joe Pu«li~Trt-aH. Vf. I-'. of ,\.-..-> *. MIIIIKon. meinbcrM OH followH: UJ Ifnnillton. ro«',.K(t n, Kuddtm & Nett«oii, I* M, KIIOK, Hiinon Uieh. \V. A. at •TtflHlca H. !•'. Hoover, Joi< \v. R Jt. F. Herinnn jtnn'Ko- tucb, 1C. A. I'. «i'lioinfi«, 10. W, £ittrl ; 'Mrl>i<nfini>n, JJ. K. Uooil* A, li. (ioudeiioiiKh, A lima F. lcup, 10. M. -l-^iddcn, K. W. Younu, «4>d VOHM, KiU>M M, UiumlK, Hurt- «n4 rHitrlUwt.' it, H. Curlton, MARRIEOTHURSDAY Bridge In Wedn««d»y.' Kt»|»t. V, N.' TaKKi'H Wf'tH to (leneHee VVf'dneiidtjy where, -together with tile- Joint County III ids.• . Committi-e ''ommiKHiotK'c .llui-liinun, of < I).- iiT£i>* % <"(<'<l and I'lH-c-wptRdrttic Orubb i-iilvert niid l^avld <'lk'U bridge, recently route! riined in i bat iu\vnxbi|i. The 1 work wji« dune l>y < 'onirnelor AVullliiK* fold.-, of T'u!'t!;uul, and IIUM been eoni» Meted fur M-veral U'i'okH. but Huj't, 'raKKcii IUIM not liven tilth* ty arrange u meeting for tho ins'H'ftion of It until UVilni'sdiiy, ,- STERLINGJ30UPLE Theodora Bahr' and Mil* Hinrichton W»n» Mjirrled In Morrison. Thcodoi'i' Hub r timl M!HH Mill-win*! HiurLcheun, . uf.. HU'rlins. wert* unHi-d in niiinlasi* in thin city "U'vdrifHduy by Jnntlqi W. It Hall. .MiirrluKw"'lli i «iiwH wero ixlko IHHIKU) to ChttrloM N. Hurrlnou und SllwM I.titio Mao liwm, of KUllon, nnd I-Yed D. r^initn»rt SVnd Mln» Lydin A. Pringlc, of town |i!H*fftf«. CHURCH SERVICES PRESBYTERIAN. \V. |j, < 'iTin*'*in«. ttilnlAtrr. Sitnd.'iv Srl^iiiil iit 10:twn, n)., Slr*«. M. U". I > iiyn«-, Siij.t. Tln> ilr-|i;irtmcnjH whlrli inert in the- *linri-h nrr Itiily Kriidcd nnd hnvc l>iiu'<"« fot nil TTfr»*«, The »rmit)!^'*d ,M«*n'« Jtlhtf (!;».««« tnt'i'tfi In the Krnd- ln»r I'tiuni of ihi> .M'tiif-'t'lwm ..f.'luli nt tho snmc lunir. The ln!('!:hntli>n;il Hiind;iy Si liuol lesson l«« truitslit tiy thn |in>«tor and tlic riH'ii of tin 1 (tunmunllv ju»> In- vlli'il, Alornih*; wuraldii nt 11 no a. nir, siitijci't of si-ituun. "('hrl*»t iinil .Mf'tijuf Varlcil Ability; ihf I'nmldo of the Tat- ''nt*4 und ltn M'-nniiiK fur the M«-n iind U'orneji or T«dav." »'brlKtlun I' vor Hoelety |ir.-iyer tneetiiiR '»t t" nt. i-'venhiK wornlil|> nt 7:"" i>. in Jer-t of Hcrtnon, "\\'by I Atn a 1'a <'liil«tt - M iHK'iiine of Xoi Kxi'lnmed niid '.Applletl To Model n I,Ifr." All Jiff \\eleoine tu the.ic ser- \'lc«'*H. BAPTIST. T, H. Marll'i'.. pnMor. llltthi s« hoi.l nt 10;Oil n. rn. Alorniiiff woi-j>lnp nt Il:0iiti. in. Kvaimellut I-'.'M, n\itik will tirr-iich, Hiibjeri. "TN> (rVentcMt TbliiK In the. World." H. V, 1'. V. al iy.M o'clyok. KvrnltiK worship nt ".'MI p, in. Kvan- Kellwt K, AJ. Ijiink will preach tmain in tin- evcMiitiKr. Hi** Kiiliject will lie, "Tbr* Power or the. (lojtpel. or Tinif the («ospi-l F^>«( TI'M PoHer." Rpivliil sliiKlnii~Un"-. «ler lilw le.nli'1 ship, i'mill'' anil hcsir him »|IIK, vim will c(.nii> iiKdln. 2Jp«H-- niei-tinR« every <"n-nlnir next week, Sicinl* !ih;il! -|n,ij n jolly (irfficstra fil A rif.Tt «itrn tn the «'vrnf, »f <\ tlim-. il dur- in«in« > CHARLE8 8CHELL HURT. l n !l tllf tl'|> (>f ilH tlf'ilfl mi ;iiljti«(in»'lit of thf rorn 'VHfor Tursiisiy. At this wrMlnir li»- dnini; nlrrlj aiitl will won be iiblc to III' WELCOME CLASS MEETING. Tlir Wrli-orne rlnKN nf "ip Krf ihri-ii clniri-li will jriwl wll 1 *. David (rlrtiu Tuesday aflprnooe v'ov. 14th. nrwlf«e \veli nin t ed, All \\\l\ rnmle H,. IS. ICrlekmin, «*f Itorlu-lle, « .yet- Hui-Rf-on. will tocnt<>--ln Mill- after Nov. 15 with office ut •Inino* IVuint'tly'n feed Hhed, MILLEDGEyiLLE BRIEFS. Mr«. Alvln linehler nnd pon. l»e<i, nf Clinton. *»pf»nt B^vfrnl <tnyt« thr» pnM week at the f. K. Jjerr home. Mr. anil Airs'. John lllotner spent Hnnday at tin* John Iteloter home. .MlrtK I.iM-llii Strtincb, of Chndwirk, Is n KUe*t of tier Hlfter, Mrs. t^lmer Alil- Inr. —, Mesurx.. H. C 1 . Knnx, ,1, I', (!r<*ii:i- walt, l>uk Yohimi, Derrlrk Fryer ami M, U, Uernhelf-el motored to Hterllni: Tu»'N(J,'iy to attend the funeral «if-Mr><. Lucy A, \Vnotl. William \Volbor inirclmwd a new niitoniobilo, Mont HuwkliiM returned to her home at Whenton. Alinn., Monday. Mr«, Uwrttv Hbllling, of WelllnKton, Kan.. cnmi> for «n oxtontlecl' vlxlt'with her winter, Mr*. J-'rwi [Uixtoii. Mrn. Anna Udfftnnn of I'axaderia, t'iil., in a Kiwi-lit the (lotirKO Weatlier- wax iioine. Karl Ka.tinbrook. of ArliriKtoti, H. !»/, «l>ent the pnst week here with rela- tlyon. MEAT MARKET WILL RE-OPEN. The meat market 111 the Itoyd •huild- IIIK,' xvbl<.'li was formerly operat<-il hy l!lnt:iii'.!i ii ano Jenkenx, will reopen iii-xt. week tiii(l< r a known )»y the name ('o. llrm which will he of Arthur Kimv \MORRISON BRIEFS Jroff »r*j« Plaree And M!M Cocillo Whoa•ton Married In Morrison. -" Ooorgo Alk'ii l'l»»rt-<* nnd Ml«» <'»?•• Clllo OHvu Wheatirn, both of Kterllntr, ^rer* nj»vh>^,(iiJ6|ilfi <|tfr'Cfihurjuiuy «i'» ti by nhv; "\\*rft. ('rciniMiiifi IMIH- |tor,of tho I'rowbyteiian churrh. The f young couj.lo witft unattended,nnd re- v • to HloHlWflf'liiniiedlutfly after njei'omony. .WON FIRST PRIZE Mi»» RoMlft Bsdtll Wins In Christian End»«vor Oratorical Contostr '. Tho ainiMiil County Convention of •^litf Wirlirtlttn Khdwiv«ir Hiwleilew WIIM l^liflJI'Wt tha Kuiton I'leHltyterUui I'burch J|f«t ftaUU'day und Hnnduy. On Butur- an cunUiriral coiitetit >vaa DRAINAGE COMMISSIONERS Go To Fulton To Arr»nfl« With Cattail District For Outlet. A number vf tin- fomnilMsloners of tho Ruminllt Drainujw Diatrlvt went to Fulton Thurmlny to moot the roin- ntlKHionert* of ihu Cattail District nnd HMiKe arraujsjiMiicnls with tbcin for ,»n outlet for thi>ir~dllch«|. TJjfy were A, J, Hartley, Herbert i'Voat and C'|au« toriu»y U T.| Btpeklng, RAISI^HPUSE Charles Fletcher Will Make Fine Resi> . dence. Of Rood Place. in ImvliiK tlu- IIOHHI* on 'tho l$ood pliu'e, Corner of Mt>rri» ntnl- fienenoo wtn-eiM, which he iwently priri-hn>»ed, remodeled Ihi h«^« removed tho <'.»at \viiiK iif the honxo and tnuved it to tho reur of tiie lot when; ho will IUUT hn,vt< it built Into u guruK*'- Ho InteiidH to linprovo tlut pl«it'(' und make u line tnodeni ri-sddeneo of it. C,C, FOSTER DIES main* Arwve Her* From, Omaha— Interment T«h«f Pla**. •eintdnn of tV t'/l^nter, u former readout of »hi^j^|}[W!«'^.l>roiut,lit liiiTiKoirtodii^-JiwS^wlJBaWtttt win*re laki-ii to tin Mtu. Ida f]:i\etf<\ <if Ornnd Junction, i 'olo,, \\ lio IUIM heen vIxitniK ber. xls- leif, Mrs, Orlnilii It'iiiiids ami M|)-H Mary Tninfifr, left Tliuri«duy for ;i \l«lt Mltb relnllv<»>< In t'hlc;it:o. Alt l-'lctcher WilB il lilislr.ess visltcr In ''Union Tluirmiuy. .Mrn. Hnttle lialen returneil ty her Iiotii(!< itt (.'llnton. TbnrMday'Aftcr ;i vlMit iit tin' iiotnc of ber parentK, Mr. nn«l .Mrx, II. CulhiwUiT. Mrn., Joliu l?rnnd r<Hnrne(f- to der home In l-Viltoii TlmrHdiiv after ;i 'vl«tt iit tho cv J. Witklnn home. Alru, Jueob SnuUtx went' to Ajincw Thiirmbi,\u4wiii>re^tih(!-fi|ieiit the <lay with frlews. • MIHH HfWrlri; fiuyronielaveii. III., who ban beFn.'vlHlUnjj Min« Viola Ureen went to ICrie 'rtinrsday for :» \'is!t willi I'olallVeH. ('iittrlen f! reef i Went to OilctiKo on • btiNlnexH Thnrmtnv. Alr«, .Holnirt .Watt Went to 'Oalt Thiirnday .for a vlnit >it the home of her mother, .Mis. Catherine '.Inrkciix. MI-H. Cba'rh'H- liiddli'Moii visited in t'Jltiton Tliurwiay. • Air. and MIH, 1C R WUkiiiHon, of Klmijundy, III., are vixlting ul flic t'iiarlctt \\'lnj;et home. Mr». J>avli| Motdton and ,Mr«. William Miiulton visited frit'iidx in <ialt T<iur»dtiy. Mr«. l^-o WhlHtJcr ia vlHitltiif" friends In c'tiicfigf). • -Mr. und ajrw, UUM I'eteru and fttmlly went to Clinton Thurnday h»r u vlHlt at tiuv lionte of .Mrn. I'eie.i'a pareat». itobert Htilelt IH luodKfliiK H<>« and X«iw»<ndyk« in their implement »toiv u few dayH. l«'red I'olentun an<l t>. n. Hngurt. of Noutot), vtvrv> in .Morrlmiii on Ttiuniilay. . Junnitn, npent the Week end at !'ol<i. Mr. nnd Mrs, Jacob ClmmWrNj Jr., wpent the fore prut of tho wpfk In Chicago. mft—fSfrrinrr-nmt fnnilir~oT "near Chudivivk iiavp moved Into the lioiine vac-ntvd hy I'liireric*' Ilannn, 1'rof. \V;ml Heard, of Ml. Carroll, tt'a^ a wei»k end «Uent of ldn mother, Mr«. Ida Heard. Dr. Hnyder, of Kwport, c«lle<l at the Charlex Dlehl home Mon<l»v afternoon. Tln> .{Jleaner.-*': eliWH of the M ]•', '•htitvh will m.^t Tm-Mday evoninjt a( Hi* home of MI-N, Herbert Khnl. Mr», Kathorino HHIK «'ntjnrtnint'd on -nndHy, .Mr. Uwrup BPIIB. dtiuithterw, rn and non. Hoy. Venter and M|HM ln^.-. Hanna, Mli-M Fann.v Walker Hp««nt the i i;.-k in i'olo vi-!-!':••; fricndM. Iho eoneert at tin .M, K, chtiroh 1 tip.Hday oveniriK. being !.:,<• of u,e | W ., tore eotiixe numherx wan excellent and tin- nipmhern of entire <>i<-lu*Mni were on th.'tr iitHtrunieniK und all . pleased with ii lt > proKnim Mr. and Airs; John K.VUIIK. of Hlonn Uike, Ia., fcpont Hin-ernl diiyn (lit- paM week at the 1. N. JCvttiw liorue. Mixs lri« KviitiM In Hpcndlns two weeks in Hock ford. Mr. and Mrw, Hay ,Ion,«ton. of Kter- llntf. fltent Tuemlay at the Millou Olm- nt«*U home. - . . Mr. ond .Mr«.' Howard Jlawkins and dauKhter. Lydla, have moved to the Uernle llawkliw home in thn oountry Atinw Vlohi Allli-oy hUK been ill tile past Week With .ipl'elHlh'ltlw. •Dr. Ktta M. jS)x, who has bpini ub sent several weeks will return w>on, -Mr. and MIH. A. ». l J utcrbuuKh and Hnth, Mpviit the Wft-k end in Like a "boost".from the boss when you're anxious—they satisfy/ When things arc going hard and along comes the boss with n good, cheering word.—say, doesn't that satisfy? That's the very thing Chesterfields do for your smoking— fatiy satisfy ! ^ And yet Chesterfields iarc MILD! No cigarette maker can copy the Chesterfield blend, They're the ONLY mild cigarette that satisfies. This blend -is an entirely new combination of tobaccos—the biggest hew thing in cigarette making in 20 years. . t - - . ' . , v "Give me a package of those cigarettes that SA TISFY." on CIGARETTES > ..'ili i yet they're MIXJD ••'.:•// 20 for 1 Oc to hi* M1 ,,, lU "Bets-lt" Never Failsjpr Corns 1 There'i Nothln-f oa Btuth like It . For Conw and OftlluMi. *Wh«ncvoF you |r«t eatm and «al- H. F. Hunter went to, Freeporl Wed- to Consult Dr. Htaley in re- liand that hu* «ivvn him trouble. Mr. .-ami Mm (it'orge j.'| P ming und Mr. Hiiii Miu C.rant Fleming Tu«nday at tho ^aruh" IJJrdBuli near Alorrinon. Mrw, H, K. t'ut<?rbat|Kh t*r Hiul Mrs, t?. Ack<«ni)ui AlorriKoii Toej-day. KoMier' FJke .und fnmily and Mr«. Sday ,n1own >U ' ° f « lerl "'«- "^ Di^nerx'n,^' »«»«" r «I "WiplPB. Of i'»»iH'r» urovc were guewta thu limit wt-ek ut^ t|i0 W. U Miller-homo. AJr. and Airs, ilarrlmni t'njip and if Krct'iturt, und motored to to Ju»t a Laugh- A yotiiik niiirrli-il (.'h'vcluiM.t \viiinn» wus di|lti,*rliig from 11 W>VITI,' Jic:ulncbi In Uiu inuraltig whrn. her hu.sbaiul left for his work. During .thw iijflen he call cil u(> uml liiforinc-d lu>r (but ho wotthL ruiiiulii duwntowa for dlnnei ao that sho need not hothor, "No, i«tlt%l, dt'iirt I imt'd you licrtt li» 1110 igt'f inlnv," »hf rcplli-d, tjiul he went home. He. had been noted UK u old. bachelor bcforo hlH "ii)i|rrlni;c ho has out grown it. but Rend the ,War News, A tp.nchwr In *» largo whunl ticnr Ktockton hoiU'cncd in bo taUliiK tho story of Adaiu for tiic Soi'lptiiNt lesson. -During the ICNHOII «lw n«kcdj "\VllO W«8 U tllUt ClilUtJ t'1'tfPJilllg ' IHUl crawling into Ui«« Kurdi'ii?" Shu WUH rather umuHcd, but nm Kiiriirl^ed, to henr in reply from one llttlo fellow, "Wwisc, iijI«M, It vvns n where ir ^"%Ar T^'*'* j>fm^m9^m. mis test? ; ' Thc : brl||ht Hjjhtii of an evening t Bothering fchow up mcreilegily the dpttitn of;« (tfiur complexion. But tlkc regular n»o uf sinolSoap -^iw" 11 • t 'iienoy i, iii.i'U> in the: f w*t and — -jusl a Shoe* Th*t ou now to two Tonight Will Held mit This E Society K9 it a» easy 1.1'have a niitut- beautiful til.ii> .is t'i cover u|i .1 jKKjrnnc withco.iiTU'tu *. It Ifsxi'm Tim \Voin<ti Die rre.slt.\t(»rJb tli.uiU '"1 t'L' 1 ! 1 !! evy Vt^T veil ~to~l lTeT al »-K o'l-Jiicii, ani<dng at thli intf. A buutiiiet "~ cluiivlt will l"> wbicb ,-u,d .Hu wilt Mont I »bt. with their J. «iul Mr». BMfl wlvo M . .Hwig, of JJ«.» * juid Bumltty Prpvo Theory. Someone once «,M thitt "H'w hot NO much u tjUcKlIon of tint mifvivnl of tho iittoHt UK of lilting tin iiiiiuy UH pon- nlblo tu sui'vivf," tiiid irU«*r words woro never upokeii. ICver^tS*d,v \vlui hus u <,'(irilca .iitiij ciu'cfulty' M'itd« it kiitiwti tlmt fhe only ihiii«« Wlilch wil- ly KM'iu flt to niji'Vivit llarbur or^a,! 1 ; 'IV"'^ 1 ' 11 /""'** » l«l««w <•«««! W««u Iu ihe sxeuhen tjchowl and futmiy, BEIIER W CALOMEL *; W. Mr. AIHIU <luy. Tim 1 ut tlu-ii iiml Mr*. Will Meyera ani i OU-leru. motomt to Dix, , Iudi *>» over $l*j COAL MENGOO"PRISON am! - Sttd r<«Uj;tiiK".,, <\\\\\ in .t vcr\ *.!i. 1 tkuc the jL''«tii|J».AJIin h fit ••!r" 1 ii(i7-»i l»tt).' .. ,. r < nils" iioi'Vm wt" l ' 1 ' At u tin i»v U i , / ,) .. 1 ond*---"OKTH-lT" «Joi.-< the << > I"' Tito did way is to Luudlu ui> your tut a ia thllt Illtiko tUi'M J'Utt , i VII'ill UIU'.i inakoyour eornti jiyp.«>yotl, kno >'¥ EUU ttB<Tl<'"iV# irn* r«rn itt f«'u wtiinfrr tfirv muki'-JOU llcip^ntd wjjoe.> Kori't t n'i d»rii f lilt-tit— in tho wujMisi, «;»*«M »t !•> us», nt'wr /u4U cwr ntU'tn, tuiiiii* 11 -!'. Your *1£O jMjwtjif.. you .jrift tt ti|T. \ o>j or uriil UH r#''"iut of pri. «-, ' the ur nviciea ' it ill til. »»• S*«ve*. — ouhl never Urt* Hlthlu |D|. 3 Thousanda Havo Discovered Dr; Edwards' Olive I'ubleja arc a Harness Substitute Or, Edwards' Olive Talilcts-jtliu sub- •tltme'foi' calomel"—ate- A mild'hit sure iaxaiivc, and th"cir cflcct o« Hit jivcr is almost instantaneous, They arc tin- tc- sutt of Dr. Edwards' determination tiat to treat IJvcr ami bowel c-miplaint^ with calomel. His efforts to banish it bnnight' out thc$e little olivc-niUirrd t;i!ilil,->. j ., These pleasant li'tle tablet, du the- good that calomel (Iocs,, Imi havi'.iin bad, after effects. Thcv doa t injuf* the : Why Not a Half Nickel New Coin Might Help Keep The Cost of Living Down The hnra sandwich," which was once iflvo cents, now frequently costs o dime. Tho same'disturbing ..truth tip- piles to other things In common life, I fri'ijiH-ntly," both Inside and Vutsldo of VuiiCliroouiH. There is no ntncd ot Httttistlcs ' : ~$\ '.econoinlKfiTCo Infornii us~tl«Vf~Ui(B~coiit of living tons ndvunced. Rvrty sjH-nd er of mon'py knows H. Hwtnlloru tiro more reluctant to put prices ti$> than IB generally reallawl. They know tlmt consumption docreases 08 prices advance. That moansi leas buWness and profits depend partly on largo bus!? ness. When wore than tntfllc will bear la charged tho Ircfllc falfs off, Change making la one of the Item* In op-to-duto retailing. It must bo done quickly if expenses are to be kept down. Tito young Avotnan at the lunchroom desk has riot tlmo to count pen« ofes. She ntuMt deal In nlckolH, dluiea and quurtera If sho la to nmlntnln her astonishing "opowl and accurticy. We newl another coin. Three-cent pieces were confused with illme8-tind were hard to u*iv because they were i»»t'fractions of other currency. No 0110 nit o, Ktutlstlrinn thinks in dcciinalu, The rest of us do our SUIUH in f rue- Ions. Four' three-cent plecen. tiinko 18- cents, but there IH no .'.such coin. CIght of thei'n make. 24 cents, but tho colS almost corresponding IB .worth ono cent more, ir^thrwKvwi-jrfwsca-witfu- •orgalu Issued "they would not fill thu hill. With a half nlfkel It would be dlf* ferent. Ilalf a nickel Is a fraction of «»very coin from the mint, Werw there such « coltj, five-cent raises would.not have tnuni w> conmiotte If there should •bo-tilt eh a i'oin^jiiany i»rlm» would j e<ijat- down.—Jiostun CHube.. A Poasiblllty, > In thi* i-lly neeil ;-,ave but lltlli* trotiblo in in-ttlni; iibont on Iho mreet citr*,"' wo det-liircd. "Tltey run nnd " "Kl'i-yuh J" re- 'r»ter, "Hut pcrhapA rs do not L'oino to iiriioM* of i old FcMns I .of 1he Kinmp town, for (In- hole i Wealth. t W<uiltli is HOI hN (but htiH It, but his that enjoy* it. Franklin. « No E«>y Job. !t B Keeps .'-oinc people moving to fH •pnouglrmoney to pay rent! rOUNG WOMEN MAY AVOID PAIN Only Trual to, Lydia & Pinkham'b Vegetable Compound, tay a Mrs. Kurtz weg. ' Buffalo, N-V.-" My daughter, whoso picture ia herowith, was mmc* tfoubM - " witlj pftliMi in Itt'je back and sides iwcry month wuwld und thoy ba l tlmt it woulti lik« ooutf In- your udvcrtiacment in tltt> ncwaj^wrsi ami tried l.yditt K., t'inkhma'/i Viiff««, tub IK (,'onipuumK . prttlsws it highly UH «ha htm U»t«n Thw take hold uf ihc Jft«iii'dc • and quickly correct it, \Vliy CUM- the liu-r at the expense of the ten!*.-' i aioniel Mtnicfiuu'ii' [thus • liaviic witlf t'ic j'.uin-. So d<> stronu liiiiiid,-.. it is ln-t n t iu take caUata-l, . tuit i« !vi •]))-» !',•{«» -«fjl»' Olive Tablet t juke it 1 - (<l;n • • A Must ltfad;.flic,s "tlulliu ss" :u-,d _tl,.it laVy fcrhng UHIR- froni o>iM!j>.iU' n ,»s 1 a dtMirdered liver. Talrc Ur. l-'.'x^.r.i-.' ! x °" e to a runvi•rsntlnii .sulsji-i'i; of sharks \nU" NCI- 'i!ijL''ii_ ^yjj_ s 'of her j'ldi-r.H on tin i. *'V»!ll l/illl hlllf; i.illt l>.-alii-r.-. : .l.ii;; 'Vitj!, ulcrV" relieved of fill thcso puin.4 by ita UBU, All niotla-rH ahuuld Know uf this remedy, and ull young tfirb who euffcr should , fcry it,"— Mrs. M.vni.OA Kuitr^vvjiu, 623 High Ht., Uutralu. N. >'. • 'iiUii, {>ii i n f u I JiULJigagiihtS- j.'t* riodH^intck acho. f«i'utinjf ' tu T. indigoation, «h«uld i'ii,'.i!iila hnve bt-vii io« !•> ibid root ttn-1 Jterb it. Is n "heavy." N.'U- lu-vv brain -and Jio'vv they is-. !U< .in'! J5t a. of- Game." \~ : ."rt~i i F;'flIi''~ ,11' .vou Jinow -of any yoimy W<H. man who is >icl> IUH( m-fd.s h«»l|ir f ul ml vi<-4', u.sK IU'T <*» write t«t Hm . , thr- n>t't- | <(V ,,,, f -sh,vs. Only uuiiU'U w r^ci'-lvw JUT J«-tluv, <md It will belli lu !striclc«.t

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