Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on July 1, 1963 · Page 17
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 17

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, July 1, 1963
Page 17
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Yourself By MR, FIX, hi* Wiftfting tr WiiMtffy detergent and hot water, dther* prefer special car wash solutions, wh while some are loyal to kerosene and water. Whichever method you use, certain procedures arc basic. Washing is only half the job. To protect that finish, you should give it a coat of wax. That paint job may look absolutely smooth, but it is filled with microscopic pores that are subject to damage from dirt, moisture and heat unless sealed. Waxing also saves work. Your car will ne*d a thorough scrubbing before waxing, but after waxing you can clean off road dirt V/ASHING Hit CAR P 3 BE SURE TO LET IT STAND IN THE SHADE FOR AN HOUR BEFORE STARTING with an occasional cofd water wash, When a car needs rewaxing, remove what's left of the old coat* ing with a good wash job. Soft Stream Keep your car parked in the shade for at least an hour before you start washing. The surface should be cool. Cold water on a hot surface can damage the paint. Hose down your car to remove much of the loose dust and dirt. But don't use a high pressure stream of water. 8ct the brakes before you start* The shoes pressed against the drums will keep the brake linings from getting wet, and also prevent any freak accident. From Bottom Up Always wet the car and wash it from the bottom up, NOT from the top down. Water running down over a dirty surface will cause streaks impossible to remove. • Don't allow the Water to dry in patches. Wipe off with a chamois or soft cloth. Now that it's washed, is the car clean enough to wax? Not likely. There's a layer of dead lacquer that should be removed with a beforc-waxing cleaner. Some products combine a wax and cleaner. If you are using one of these, and you are satisfied with the result, you can stop after INNER-TUBE BOAT £VM*LOCKS WITH of i* a CUT ma» 0LU£ AND BRASS 1"SQUARES SCREW HEAW- DUTV LUGQA3E STRAP TO BOTTOM W EXT, PLVWOOD FINISH WITH SPAR VARNISH H JA &2L L AND that one application, off. But if your car is in the rain Dull Day and the water just spreads out, Wax in the shade or on a dull chances are it needs a new wax day. The car body should be cool, job. Wax a small area at a time. Use a water-dampened cloth pad to apply, then spread evenly with a dry cloth. Give wax a few moments to dry, then polish. Be sure to read manufacturer's instructions. Don't forget bumpers, hub caps and wheel rims. They need washing and waxing, too. Use chrome polish wherever needed, and protect the surface with a wax coating. Apply extra wax around the gas r A wax finish in good condition) cap. Spilled gas will dull this area will cause water to bead and roll quickly. Here's How HubbyLendsHan d With Dec By VIVIAN BROWN AP Newsfeatures Writer Brides and brides-to-be should let their husbands help them in furnishing their homes, suggests Dede Draper, president of the National Society of Interior Designers. ra ti ng more active interest in sational item and has a story their homes. Men have a about,it intrigues them, such as a new appreciation for work- wood from a far-off place or even manship, now that they've been from an ancient barn," she says, active in workshops, building and < Men enjoy shopping for furnish- repairing. A few years ago a man ings too, once they get interest"Homemakers have found that men are taking a | would glance at a chair his wife ed. And that's a big change from proposed buying. Now he will turn the past, Miss Draper points out. it upside down to see how it is "They used to think decorating put together, study the dowling, a home was the woman's busi and everything else about it," she You know "Luolto" Wmtt Pmtnt ness. They didn't want to get involved. But sometimes now we / says. Once they are put to the test, must hold up a job until the hus- youwiil find men have definite band gets back from a business likes and dislikes, and it's good trip. Once they get interested, they don't want anything bought when they aren't around," she Most i, mm KG V//. 52 A m nij PONT U9CIT* pain* You can now have the spectacular benefits of "Lucite" for the exterior of your home, too. New Du Pont "Lucite" House Paint is incredibly durable, amazingly easy to use. Dries in minutes to a rich, flat finish that resists chalking, cracking, dirt and fading; No messy solvents needed. Clean brushes, hands, spots with soap and water! IT PAYS TO SHOP AT WALLPAPER PAINT 43 S. Prairie 342-5517 to find it out right away, she advises. Favor Blue men like blue, earthy tones and reds that aren't too red. They like saddle leather brown, wood and old beams. They like an old feeling in the background, even though they may like the extreme of modern furnishings. Anything that is a conver- Your Convenience NEW OFFICE HOURS 8:30 A.M. to 5 P.M. CITYWIDE RUBBISH REMOVAL 343-8665 343-4136 IMPROVE your HOME INTERIOR *« KIRKS House Doctor GIVES YOU THE SERVICES OF A says. Many men are prejudiced about antiques until they realize an an tique is not a thing that is falling apart — a general misconception — Miss Draper says. Once you explain that a piece of furniture that has stood up 200 years must be pretty good, they begin to have respect for it. One man -who wanted modern furnishings became so impressed with a mahogany Pembroke table that it changed his entire outlook on his home. "It had that look of faded mahogany, an aged look that can't be duplicated, and he was so fascinated with the look of the w- that he wanted to learn more about old furniture," she says. One mistake made by women who furnish their homes without the assistance of an interior designer is that they misspend funds, Miss Draper explains. A woman is likely to fall in love with a lush sofa, something she has always wanted, spending $1,200, or half her entire home furnishings budget for it. "Some women run out and buy wall-to-wall carpet in a brilliant color such as violent violet, then find too late that it won't go with anything else, It is too late to do anything about it. When you take up wall-to-wall carpet, strip it and redye it, the size will change. 1 ' It is mistakes UKe these that QUALIFIED General Contractor AT THE REASONABLE PRICE YOU JOHNS-MANVIILE INSULATION Your Neighbor Sayt Call WHITE'S - 342*0185 EXTERIOR WANT TO PAY. Free Estimates of Materials and Labor whether you're adding a room, building a patio, remodeling a basement, kitchen, bath or just general repairing. You'll like having the professional services ©f a QUALIFIED GENERAL CONTRACTOR and you can help on th« jab toe. CALL 343-2128 Add charm and beauty to your borne. Free Estimates Without Obligation LUMBER COMPANY 1006 Monmouth Blvd. 1000 Monmouth llvd. Gilisbvrcj, III. 342-2813 Golesbufi stef Galesbupi Mend v L k -AH - * F # W d £*3 i>>;::£; r Exolai j - d * • + ,-> ,s .' v: * -+ T t 1 / w d GARDEN (FORMAL) GARAGE - - • 4 ^ &3 ft « I** BREE2EWA DROOM ATI BATH BEDROOM 10-0 > DINING u ROOM KITCHEN,, !0-8"x'l3-O OVlLAUNO. ^AR0£ N FIREPLACE RECEPTION HALL BEDROOM 2 I 3 '.8" X I 3-2 - LIVING ROOM 22-0 x 14-9 FIREPLACE e k ,T OV FAMILY ROOM I#0"xl2'.6" OOKS HA 117 M i FIRST FLOOR PLAN BEDROOM 4 15-0 x 16-6 BEDROOM 5 n'-itf'xis'-o" During midsumniiSf i tree seemingly perfect health may las almost all of its leaves within § 24-hour period. Don f t be too alarmed if this happens with one of your prized shade trees. It is probabla that the tree will recover, for seldom is any disease involved. General* ly, weather conditions are responsible. Usually this abnormal leaf drop occurs during hot, humid weather following a heavy rainfall. It has been suggested that the combi* nation of heat, high humidity and sudden abundance of soil moisture may induce premature growth of the absciss layer and consequent leaf drop; this layer is a group of thin-walled cells at the base of the leaf petiole which ordinarily develop late in the season and cause normal leaf fall in the autumn. An affected tree generally develops new leaf growth within a few weeks, but often these leaves are sparse and smaller than usual* The weakening effects of defoliation may be quite noticeable the following year; often the leaves are less abundant than normal and pale in color, and there is an unusual amout of dead or dying twigs and small branches. When summer leaf drop occurs it is generally wise to give the tree a light application of fertilizer immediately, the National Arborist Association advises, and a second application the following spring. The tree should be thoroughly watered during drought periods. Judicious pruning to remove dead wood and thin out the branch growth may hasten the tree's recovery. 1 * DRESSING ROOM STORAGE ETC. DRESSING ROOM STORAGE ETC. h - i i * 4 c. c. c. c. c. STORAGE as ViV i » * • m OET THE GENUINE COLONIAL EXTERIOR has grace, quiet charm room. The kitchen is large but efficient and and pleasing proportions. Inside, a vast reception laundry is 10-fect long with a larder at the end. The large living room is in balance, with tire- place and windows flanked by built-in bookcases. Baths and nil bedrooms are large. Rudolpb A. Matern, 90-04 161 Et., Jamaica, 32, N. Y., is architect for Plan HA297M. The plan contains 2,189 square feet on the first floor and 1,020 square feet in the second floor expansion. foyer, typical of the period, extends to the din* ing room. A curved stairway adds a nice ioucb to this area. The powder room is well located near the front entrance yet removed from direct view of foyer or family room. Family room has cooking-type fireplace with barbecue at ^ side. A stone hearth runs across the entire MR mm I America'* Imrm** Min^. TOILET TANK BALL The efficient Wat«r Matter fnitanfly ifopi the flow of water after each flushing. 75c AT HARDWARE STORES have contributed to the rise of interior designers, Miss Draper says. Though many men in the past thought it was a waste of money to hire someone to help do a home, they now see it has advantages. Besides money-saving techniques in choosing first-things-first furnishings, designers can pass on their knowledge of trends, she says. There are changes and trends that are always imminent. TERMITES? FOR FREE INSPECTION -CALL — ALEXANDER LUMBER CO. 215 EAST SOUTH STREET 343-2171 Agents for COPPES TERMITE CONTROL SERVICE. INC. over 10 yrs. dependable service SKELG msssm im mmmm 1! m mm THIS IN* mm YOU EXCITING WAYS TO. space Add Mil i anyplac •with 0 guaranteed fiberglass panels BULK TANK INSTALLATION .V-V * • _+_ V * For • * * * m * * * * Domestic Mill lerclal -.-•»:.y.:.j • •hi F w m i 44 Industrial Bulb Tank Sales and Rentals 9 ?A F 1 • I +_*_+ P * _w i zoo :•:*>: >J_ F _ hit" w4_*_w_4_ + • • H • " i * + + + m -m i T hh .4 >- b I • F r i • • • * • h T i + -F • • A I 4 ' + h • J F + + 4 I - F 4 i h r ri ri F mm _ 4 W 6? •Flu •HZ*. h • 4 I > • * I ri • ¥ h h 1 ¥ F F + W 1 1 F h - n h b 4 1 I h HI life. hit _# ¥ ^ 1 P ' 45 S. Prairie St. I TI: * • iViV. W + 41 t + + *. AS:**" m - MT 'I READ THE WANT ADS! You can add beauty inside or outside your home with easy to handle F JLOM and ordinary patios, carports, awnings, fences, shoji fcreens and doors, room dividers. Super* smooth F ILON lasts longer. Greater strength...only F ILON is reinforced by Nylon and new Super-Fi Fiberglas. F REE FIT ON BOOKLET shows 20 exciting decorator colors; various corrugations, also flat or shiplap, easy installation. Prices as Low as 45c per Sq. Ft. FREE BOOKLET "How to build with F ILON." Stop in at your neighborhood dealer, or call or write today to.«t Good Guaranteed Houitki FILON Regional Distributor Reddy Does Your Rewiring Job Qualify for This Seal? This seal is awarded to older homes which have had the wiring todernized to meet the "19Q-A" standards. 100 Amp. Service Entrance. 2 Separate Circuits to serve Kitchen Plug-in Appliances- 240-Volt Circuit in use or available In the panel. At least 2 Spare Circuits in Panel Modern Living Demands Modern Wiring CALL US FOR FREE WIRING ADVICE ILLINOIS POWER COMPANY Distributor: Nichols Wife k ® Aluminm Co., 1725 Rockingham Road. Davenport, \%. Phone 324. 2121. Insist oa the F ILOK label 04 every panel with the EXCLU$IV2^ FILON QUARAN fKe • Superior Bibertlist- and^yjto reinforced strength, • Uniform thicitntM for easier installation, better diffusion of Uaht k colon e Shatterproof for absoluto safety. e Weatherproof for inaw* mum durability. « Exceeds standards published by U.S. Bureau of Standards, BMUTf Adequate Wiring Bureau 342-1141 HANSEN LUMBER CO. -Oalesburg ANDERSON IUMSER CO Ktithiburg FARMERS' GRAIN & SUPPLY CO. _ Viol§ NELSON LUMBER CO. -New Windtor OLSEN LUMBER & SUPPLIES —_ Aled« WARFIELD LUMBER CO. Monmouth •> L \

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