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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 1

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, November 10, 1916
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f re«t tf»*y arc »nd putt them they eoeM to fc#. T TIVT^*^ "T\ A 1 f~ "\T JL1 IN AJT Jtl/VlJL/jL'-- YEAR—MO. 112, AND DAILY STANDARD STERLING, ILLINOIS, FRIDAY. NOV. 10, 1916. tak*t thlnst fnm 'where they er« and puM them where they ought to fee. PRICE TWO CBltS. WILSON WINS WITH THREE STATES DOUBTFUL IAS BOUND OVER HOW PRESIDENTIAL ELECTORS STAND UNO POPULAR VOTE FOR CANDIDATES [Walter Manner*, Real Estate | Dialer, Awaits Action Of the Grand SAIL WAS FIXED AT $2,500; [He Is ^rged With Working a j a Confidence Game On a | Sterling Resident. ' ' Walter Mannen wn« bound over • laltout 4 o'clock Thursday afternoon • [by Judge I. U. Weaver to await the! •lion «f the CSraiid jui-.v on a chaw j lof working a confident-*; Name on |jamen Stanley Nance,-and b;«H «'»-•« | fixed at IZ.SOfl. The charge grew out of n renl e«- [tatedeal last'.March. Itmh Mr. Nance A Mr, Mannen tfxUtlt'd they [operating more_ ; or I"*" toR iking deal* In real* estate for Ipfeftt two yearn, Mr. Mantmi t* >\ re«'l I estate dealer. doing little else, while [Mrs N*ne* I* «• retired farmer. llfttior ffcrtned a, great many, year* lOeneaee township, coming to tft la few yearn ago. ; He hn* since [operating a mHk/wute for Tit" American people b'avp <-ho«en "Wood row Wilson- president and Thomn,« II. Jda*-«1i!ilt vice president. r»n' t'h'f- "ffrf _of the returns available nt -£:<w rt» rn thi* mornitttr. There w.'is the barest i:«.'Rslbilitlei« that recounts and court iSihiests, predlned hy the unyielding Republicans, would change* the cl!ua- The roitnt at T f'O n, Tn. this morning gn.vp Wilson 2*">9 electoral votes and Hugh'-* 1'4,1, with' Minnesota. New Mexico nnd Nt w Hampshire, totaling If" r-h-Hnrnl %"<»•<»«„ still in doubt. California if not cont-eded to Wilson but latest return* show he will <-nrry that state by ft good rn;i.iorlty. n.*> he liad a lead of r.,'"'J>. v ith only <"• small precincts ml**lng. The chir.'ico' Tritnine, ptrongly Republican, tn an extra edition this mnrn- inK. dcclnfr.* Wilson elected with 263 "leHoral vnten and concedes California to Wilson. Indira H»t!« l.imo.ono. iitr>_ftint IVrshUht |<(i('ii!,ir >'lm,l!Hy will tip cl(!«e to \Vilson .Arkansas* <*oloratt.t ivlewnre In Th« dP«I In qui'atiiw waa on « fnrn> I In J*ffiB»on county, Illinola. which bad (once to**n ownetl by Mr. Nnnc*. t\ur- tmnnactkin« with Mr. Mnniipn, I AcoordlnK to th» Mnrliw of both. Mr. |Mnnnf*i had nn option on th^ i«rrn last |M»rch, and » chanc* to trade "it on farm i» K«nk»fc««« wmuty, ibc between Hie two f.'irra* tie- i.5eor»!la idrtlio .. Illinolt town Kahnaa . Kentucky. 12 i :« i l 4 .IS K) «<*,'»"•' «.*!). M4 ..__ paid to th«« owners of «h«« knnkukei' Mr. Nanee wayw h<» wju«, told by Mr.. Mannen that If he would «o In and put up $1,700, pach would thp profit « when the farm w«» «» he connirtercd It ». K««H! Maine ... Maryland MaaaaehuwMs Mlehlitan 11.' o.oiw -ft. 700 attit I __ • f ft<\nrMfmnnt uf | name on Mr. Kunoe claim* he wan told the Ideal 'fell through,- Mr. Mahiien *wying [ll» could do nothing, ^ -Mr. Nance ways tuikcd for hi* rnofipy neveral time.i. he wa« axked to Invent the name I Uttount' of money In either Canada or 1 JWinneaota tnnrtft n« Mannen waa «»ll- both. Mr. Nance objected to this M wanjU'd hl« money. Hy has not elv*d It and hence the nuit stated [IWK the charge of obtaining money from him by a coniledence game. It Waa contended by the attorney* ftfr Mr. Mannen. He»sie >i"d Van Kant. Mannen admitted owing him thi' [amount specified and all that w<ia Mid nlxntl trytriK to make a deal be| but he in tended to pay bark hb« money, and contended- «l«o that it WBK merely a c«ae of civil law .for the 11,700 and that thewe wan nothing Criminal About the trunxaction. The Judge thought otherwise und bound I' Idr. ManneM over. The cane waft-started Thursday fore, sn Unit wan not concluded until late afternoon. The cu*e wa« prose- :««t6d by Judge Ward for N. Nance HtaU-'n Attorney J. J. l-udiien, it ping a criminal action.- Mr, Mnnneii l K r»al estate dealer- coming here ^Irom the aouth two 1 Mivaouri Montana. Xebraaka X«nv Ilanipxhln-. ...... . . Now* J<>r»wy= .... ...... 14 New" 'Movi'co 7-".', • ..... New York ...... ..... . 45 North I'arollna ........ . North I>!ik«m . ........ , Ohl(» ......... . ..... '. . -,. Oklahoma .,..,,...„. . , in 4 4;;, 105.400 I.' 5. nun SOV.tns :u7.7r.r, 1S3..14S lilt, 000 165.6S5 56.000 .tn.oon 40. '.'07 53,000 f, 14. 339 97,1*00 THE UNITED PRESS !<> call nt!< niton trrfhr s^r\-icf r«n- ilf-rf-fj its readers fhrtiucti !i t t« l"Tii(f(l rrr*--« A« slatefl (,*.f, ir ^ •the window? of TlK" f5.iy.rHf offir^ ciiulf) hrtvV* trf-f-ri fS4f*«tl with nil kind* of runiorw which w«'rr> flash- fd over the wire* from jfrespun- «ihl»" ^-^nlr^»^s, , It fim!«l hnvc b;»d Wilson e1«vf*"d fni«* hntir .T n d Htiphf-a t!«t»'<l (hi- next, if 'it had pfven'crederw-e (o nil .the rum<>rs that were floating around. The <JntHfP r<?!k-d on Jta t'nitetl 1'rfft* leaped-wire service and hour by hoiir the bulletins disrlowd thut Wilson was in the leail .and-wrtin-_ talnetl the twid until thii.flml n<i- mtfi«lnn thnt he had won out. bast niKht »»y a little after nine o'clock The <Sas:ette thrnjish fhe l"nltr><! PreMjt by bulletins nn- nouwed the r-le<-(inn of AVlIjuin and' this ni(triiin« the (>!« pnpers <>f tlu< country confirmed the new*. Th" people of this city were never no thoroughly and <.»tn'plete)y «erved. with th«> r«-iil fsi'tn Imfore and many citizen;* have e.\pres*i'il their .itiprerlfition of the fiervir*-, Much of tii«- tiewrt iippeatitiK in The (Jaaette daily is Klmi t| 1P public (n the Chicago morninK papers t*ii to fifteen houm Inter. Why not subscribe for .The On- *ette nnd jjet the news first? CONGRESS CLOSE SLASH | NG OF HUGHES IN Balance Of Power in the House Will Rest With Five Independents. SF^AKERSHIP : IN DOUBT Indications Are That the First Woman In History Will Sit In Congress. _ {"<> n n ay I v a n ^i 3.000 Bnuth Dakota TPXOJI Utah Vermont Virginia \Veat VlrKlnla Wisconsin , . , WjomliiK , Totals ., •Wilson . .'43 .'1,131' "Hn.OOO r..?fiO,44.'» 140,000 * I0,0(to 2I.SSS 6W.IO" SS.rtOO 7». 44 it AHASTY1RETREAT Germans Left a Million Cartridges, Rations, Serums and Valuable Drugs. ONE OCCUPANT OF FT. VAUX That Was Merely a Nondescript Dog Now Treated IIII Sffisoner D (By I'nlteil l're«H, ) Xf-w York. N. V.. Nov. I<>,--The bal-j f power in Ihe next oonBrr-w* t»"ill j actually rest with five reprexentatlven f with Independent offitintiotm »o far as! the DemoeratM and Kepubticatui ar«».' roncertie-d «»n th» v far* 1 of returns avail- ; iibie 1}ii«« nfternoon. • "j The He,puhlleaits made siicti fiains in ' TuesiiftX'^ election tU.-it ih* 1 Itemocrntie inajopuy in coiiKiresw Is rut to thf^ point Where even the ' i«penker*hi|» : thlitbt In- a ft re ted. The Itepuldlcan* j fipparelttly !\i»v»> elected two more! menilx-rf t«i th" hou^e thnn ttic IVm<»- i crats. Ttn- .tiH'cexji or failure uf the It'Sisliitlon pn'|M>«e^l therefore will bs ; K<»vernor«Ml t»y the result of the votes j of a HociuliKt nnd I'rohtbltloniiil with) Detnoorntir' leiUtiUKs, « l'rolectionij*t, an j Independent sunt, ii Pronressive. i Woman Wins a Seat. j In addition a woman will nit in con- ; i«tre«M fur the flrxt. time (n history. She; [» j*"unetti' Itankin. of Montana, who [ on the latest return* Inis apparently! been elected. j The following IH the next house lin<>- j «I> on' returns roimpi!«-<1 lad» today: I VtepublK-nn ........". ...... 2!«i j l>emocntt ... , ............ ,214 ' GIVES - PRESIDENTTHAT STATE Progressives Threw Their Strength to Wilson as Shown by the Fact That Johnson Ran 800,000 Ahead. The prewent house i* <v,mpo«tpd of i 'fil DEATH OF MRS. BROWN Well Mrs. Hrown wa» a gmit home woman, and her thought wim ever of her i family. Her long yearn In buslm-ns in thla city made her acquainted with alt, and everyone hn« a Rood word for her. Many people In Sterling will mourn thin Kind hearted and loving woman. GOES'lNTO BANKRUPTCY ABE GOOD MARKSMEN Company E Team Awarded Medals For Oood Work In Eocent Competition. Ar the recent aboot of the i tlvn memui»r« of the matt, nilliuu tit -ibe United Ht»t*»i tange at Camp I>ig«n, near Fort Kbefidan, the <tv« Rioii from C'onjmyiy K.. Ht«*rllnjBx. did creditable work. The content coiiwba- ed of firing »lowly 10 ahota at Sou yardv, 500 y«rds. and (00 yard*, and ' ten Khota in one jitlnute' at 300 yard*. linel »l 100 yanl.8 one minute and ten *iecond«, and 6ffd ywrda In one .minute and twenty. wBcondw", A cont*«»tiint 1 |nu«t mtike 2D3 out of u possible 300 ot awcure eA|H-rt murkliiK The following ure the acoree of tlw> from HtcrHng nnd Hock l'\tlls from ('oinpuny K- . H«-l'«eni)t |). Ueyo*«, at>~ pollil*. iieliiK ni'dutu of «tie following dc- •»kl»ert, «|j«rpMhoot)'r and nat», und incrj'rtfco of fi |U>i lr, cttllcil t.o wur. ii-oiid j.leiitenaut HIWM CullniH. jii>jn(M with niafkKiimn ini'dal Hlld of * I.'W p»-r inonlji if tiiilvd scar. Hi'im'«iii l(e<M'e i IS piitntK, with luster'* medal. v»ith mi in- r.r«4«K.* «f 13w |M-r tuontb if *.iitt'-d t«> th*- r«. A. K. Myitard..of Amboy, III., If, ' U M^tiaid. <»f H«rvt«y, I'll., aid one ler, Ms ««. Major 15, I'. Walker, of Washington, D. t.'. ' Aetignmente Of Hie Aetete. Cbrlfitlan Klackburn. of went" into voluntary bankruptcy a few day» «KO. the matter being referred to lleferoe II. Known Sterling Woman Patted Away L«tt Night. SliM. K. H. -Hrown pattned awftylaat about 11:3« o'clo<'K nt her home 4tn Went Third Ktieel lifter an illncuji ! estendlng over a long period, • \ The bo»ly ivJII !i«< in stute at tlm real- j denoe Huturday afternoon from 1»3<» to-!• ( . ' -—^— '.,,-.' 5:<m «•« lock, wben'HlIfier friends will jChnetien Blackburn Makee VolynUry luivo an opimrtunity of nceinK her. \ Thero will be private weryicea at the luiine Sunday afternoon at 1;30 o'chn'k. Dr. Joiu'» being In charge. Regular funenU wervlcea wilt b«« held at the Cotigregntjonal chil'rch at 2:00 The nervle'e* will lie conducted by pawtor. J>r, W. M. Jonwi The pull fiejir- er» will be former bu*Mne«tn a.sw>ciiiie«. n» foliow«: lYed H. Kberley, A, U. Hendricks, pfio." I*, l*i>rr>*,~^. M. Bickford. W. K Hailett. land if. \V. Oeywr. f : Kiilherine It. Hrown <nee Hyimrd) was born In AUMterlitu,- Columbia. Co, N V., Ji»n. 12. JS45. Married Dr. A. A. Hrown. of Ainboy, III., May 16. 1SBT. Shortly jj.ftenvartl» they moved to Ki{e, 111,, where their mm, Kred E. was lx>rn, later moyipfr to Kterllng, Dr. Hmiwn died April 3rt, 1»«6.- Afler being aittuK'iated In tho drug for thirty-eight yearn, Mr*. vrrieUrftl m 130?, »liice then she jnwde her home with her noil. Mi«. Hrown w*»* «^ member of the Congregational church, alao uf the Auxiliary of the IT. H, W. V.. in* Woman's Club, and the W. It c. son, »«he leavca two bro> IMxon. of Ulxo'n. ., The about f 4,000, while hix aro practically nothing, Mr. formerly worked for the railroad company. A year' UKO- bo out a ta*J Hnw in pixon and hut* mnnltiK behind ever Hince. He ha» not madfl the .bu«lm»«i* u Hy Henry Wood. ^orrr-KpoiHTPnt of t'tltted Pro^N.) With the Fn'nch Army at Verdun, Nov. lo.^ — The only <5t?rtnan inxuiutnt of the se«m*d and balterett but ntlll flrm Fort Vaux. wt«>n the French triumphantly e'nt<»rfd-lt. was a nondescript d«K and be IH now beinn treated with all of the honui>, of v.,r —but out of German lojppllos. ' „ SSucli w,%s their haM>»- -in- abandoning the fort .that the Cierinait.s left behind H million curlriditex, S.uOt) meat rution». 3,000' bottles of water und large qunntitii'^ of m-rum* nnd otln-r drugK. now unubtuiiiahltr oinsidi* of (Jernia'ny, •The tirst intiQxu.tion to the French that Viiu.v had been abiindoaeil, came when the Paris wireless picked up a the The I .Independent and 1 Socialist. A majority In the bonne Ii IMS. It Uikes Hint ninny votea therefore t«> ebM7t a speaker 4>r enact' legiKlatiofi. Kither party imi>lKvt thc_i:«w»d will'of o inisin«-s.s m tlirtrj ,. ^_.. ii-jiiti-Jtoa.^oaiaiiimLSQft 1 - •'• By P«rry Arnold. * * f '(Staff Correspondent of United New York, N. Y., Nov. 10.— Woodr ow. Wil»on h« ed president «i the United States without the vote of the heretofore eup- potedly ind!*p4ntfbh» *tat*« of New York. Indiana and Illinoie. Ha hat teem* ingly won without tfw »id from thr» » Democratic leaden, whose nomination in th»«» et«t«* i* popularly eccre dited to them with the title of "boss," They are Charles W. Murphy, of Tarn many Hall, Thomas Taajjari, ef Indiana, »nH Roger' Sullivan, «f Illinois. Only lone otjjer president— e Republi* can— hat ever been elected Without N-ew York's vote. He wan Rutherford B. Hayes, whose elect ion over Samue) J. Tilden by one vote in 1876 Is the cloett parallel in tht history of American politics to the election of 1916. Lean Years For Three .States. Politicians ill over the country «w« it with interest statements from the Democratic toaoW* in New York, Ind iana and Illinois. It i* the concensee of opinion th»t lean years eee ahead for all three eo far. as federal patron* ago and reeofinitton by ihe administration is concerned. It is generally be- Ueved that the hardest blow will fall on Tammany Hull, for since the dawn of election day it had been reported that Tsmmany would knife Wilson. The) tromendoue majorities promised by Tammany failed to materialire. ' Hughee Slashed In California. Scarcely of less interest among tho politician* than the discussion ef Hughes' apparent defeat though he carried New York, Illinoie and Indiana, was what happened in California. It it agreed that Hughes must have suffered very heavy cutting in California since Hiram Johnson, senatorial candidate on the same ticket, ran nearly 300,000 votes ahead of him. Apparently the progressives in th<it state threw most of their strength to Wi(son, •II of which recalls to Republicans the direful predictions made at the time Gov. Hughes made hie campaign inCalifornia, due to the Kidnapping of t h» Republican rwmfnte by « Republi-can faction which sought to freeze ou t the Progressivie. ' / '* elected to eoiigr« % »M won n U«'publti';ut ticket yet the DentocniiH point out that *lio is u wonifin nevertheleHM. .J3 Several New Faces. There will be neverat nnw••fw«K~in the Benate. -IVomhient among them will be* lllrasn Johnson, ProKreswive leader from (Viliimnia. wbo»e NUite fe<niK to have been , the deciding weight in ttfe Knink H. K. IT, ban hevn i take up the j: March 4th, . Konu' of tin i from t he _ret urua_ ^llrat—announced. balance. ;g. famed trust bu.Ht- •r»"d by .Minnesota to uf Senator Ciapp on Pi Cf^TflllAr V/HTCC ! Where tn'e vote IH aa cToMe aa tnat re- CUCUIUnHU. VUI Co |mr((M j tn -severnl Htatew. material By, Perry Anunld. 'chunses may result from tho offcial (Staff C.-rrntponiJentVof United Press.) count, York. N. Y.. Nov. 10.- Woodtivw Wilson AnH>rica New h.-.*i and Thi>mar'K*?1iatt>n«tl'**rtc** president for four year* . more on the fucv of return.s available* at an WM'ly hour thiti Therv -that was only On* and ]<otwlb|p the un- i th» a I mi bo contests, predicted by Ufpubiii'iitix, would result, Wilson Has California, California':; entire vote had not been wan def«>«t«-<j. best known faces will Senator Clark, of, , who ranked, along- with counted up to 10 o'clock today but Wtlr and the vetvmn <.;alllnger ofiwon's Jeail wa« HO commanding..that it ill teilt;tb of dervlee. (appeared' |>,> matter WllHt the result the few reniuininiT precinrtH, he German Hr-ini-offi.fial Ktory to American press, out of tho air. and tm« riuit tlin btiHinei«» and returned Jo II!H old h«.»me in Hterllng. Attorney P. H. Ward t« his attorney. T.herc will be a meet ink" of "the credttors-in the office of J«dm M. Kta«t»r AVedmw- diiy. Nov. -2, Mr. Hbickburn baa «K- eurtHl work HI hix old job on tln< rail* _\ ______ __ FRIDAY IS FISH DAY FOR CAT, TOO Ht. r»ul. Mum., Nov. !A.-~€'nlt<niun Kl»U»«rty'a cut won.'l t<ut meat on Friday, KlalM'ity in u KOOI| C'utiiollc. The cat haw be«*n in the family ««v*>rnl yearn All cut*) would rullu>r eat iUh thiin meat. Klittierty'H cat KOI into, the lml>- it of. having tlslt. left from the Klaherty table, feline m'erj seventh duy. Now the * It, und "will liave 'iiutb- French ndvn'ncc bad nlmoMt" Miirround- «'d the fort and they were aliening' it with 400 niilimeter KUHH with a pr«>- ci«lslon Unit would have mad* it continued occupation by tho CJermiuisi. int- port«lble. With this news a c'ompany ImniufUulely entered thf fort. At noon Wednesday the gardson heard that Charles RvaiiM H«nheN hud been elected prt?.«il ( |e/il of tin, t'nlted state. Tlu* vvowl t'ariif by wireless to Ot>u. NaiiRiu who sprend it tt'lephon- iciilly to «1I stutloiiM alotiK tho iiiu*. Hut the dojf. J left . it wtui iu Uui-JuauU ^if t wo had probably iiot'htfen fe4 In wecio* and hi* tail was waRKinir. In another <biy or two ho ,)N expected to 0n1i«r under Senator K.-rn. once u vice president- jwutijd have a clear plurality over ial candidate, wjmt down to defeat in illti.cbe.s. There remains, however, a the .Indiana'landslide.' Kern is itt pres-;p»*Hihifity of n divinkm of the utatc's* cut Dt-mocnitic floor.leader. With K?>rn. iflecttVal vote of 13. ) Thomas T»KKnrt, l)cmoc/«tic warj i.\itintlni,* the entire vote for Wilnun. horn^ in Indiana, was alxo defeut.Hl.r*iiH total in the electoral college.- .liM- Senator TaK«art'n curwr, was tthortf;regarding ihe.MateM that mill remain for he ba« uervcd .uuly~it-^w-ni«wtiw,Vdoiibtf<il-«H- to their outcome, "We owe It to the country'to taka all neceamiry utepn to nee that an exact und honcMt count Is made. "When the current aeemwl to be running agaitiKt Wilson on Wednesday tfee Democratic manngem announcc4 their Intention of ti«klng a recount In every close utate. AH we de«lre IH to make niliv that the votes are counted a« CHl«t." ,.:- ° A confereiice of Republican chiefs wna Htill in (ceanion at 1:30 thin afternoon, preHumably mapping out th« i Jn. which the party Intends to proceeding^ for a recount or cfiur.t proceedtngt*. A formal Htaiwne.ntv iMtiu'ed by them with the FIGHTING NEAR CERNAVOOA. ivtrogrwd, Hiishia. NMV, 10,-~Kussian m«)untt>d HIH) nn f,M»t, an* vn- with the enemy two mile* w*>st of (Vrnuvoibi. the war offiiv tuiiunuic. eil today. Tin. victor will Kttiii IMM. «,f the brtdKehead whirh IB of » vv 8ipi»«'iiv, $w bhu»p»hootei w nn'i4 ii. with o{ |3 «» p«-t nioulh if i.illtil w«r. w ti»"i.t»i if ilu- wniK »-f MI-I Uj-yo" on UM. v.»rH'ijs i.nui^-* i"j_ f ro!oiu-i IMU> i.>«, iht r i* niai.e^ »in'«i, 4 i iiiftiiion In ill tltf thf '"ttw Ik of tra* 'la ail 1 U NOTHING SAVED BY WAITING s K.uU lus-t xptiiiK bcfoie The (;a.j5<-U»i and Slandnid wi«ie d>nw>li- il.iied, ifcoKnlaiiiK the rapidly 4tl\Tt«a*«'d roxt of pti>d,uctiun. the ii'uti* <«ciu>tiofi pi ice <»f b'cith |»apei'H wt-4 *« iMi«<*d to $".'>" l»s tnuil on the linat lotitCN tiiitMi<le of Stt'rlniH and Hock K*UK aud^Ci'in for I'ity ile- iivci > b> caiTh-i HI' at the ufdr<» or ut tin- «iftice of publication in t»oth Sti'iltOK and H*<*k FalU. tf the jiubllHhrrK then klio^ii thi' rust of pun! pupoi wimlfl iiu'u-rt>»«- 3«i» per c«'ht tbi' pun- would Imvc be» u laiM-a nairli hij,-l)ti J'nr city nod for c<iuiiti)~ dt>li%ei> witlumt u iim-e-dnu of ft ilotibi The tl.-izette IIMN fkot y<>| t» II.TM-.U bleu wtnit pricf it |> ran not (it tbl*> limy au nldv t«,» K**< *» vuuua.i'1 fu» papcl' anil wilt 'have to pa> next >«'ar .»n«l c«ms<equent- whut tfn» Mibt-ciipllou "pi u i will 1«> uft«>i Ci>iuM'«|Ui'ntl> it i*. une!<-s« for i..| hi-ir Will Ii'* li'i jy/*'« IH! oHt^lM .No i «<ts wilf b>' pot on Tbt- price I'»HI not b ns) «'f Junuury H» tit*- pr»'i»rnt f.ttt-r Tin 1 inamiKViiU'iit of The (;«<s»'t«t' IM «M'iib»'i n lo |>fcliHillllh Csui be foi l<>wi'i«>-5 -M No' roll CC ll>an ilu- ',t,»inli.iiK » (!;»«*• of tin itfi !$..>-" I'll >(>«•< I. ill nlfrt 1 !.!!.•- X^iil In- ii,-t!> - Krent Ktratt-Kio importanc.'. After shiirp lit; hi ing the cujiifd Diiiurduy. two miles from t,*rr- nuvodn nnd tiwik a number of puaon- r». GOES tblTEW^OR r K CJTY W. T. Jennino* Will Attend Foreign Mission Board Next Week. W. T. JwiiuiiKtt will leave this evening f«»r New York ray, where ht» will ;tUei,ni the jintuml me.'tniK of in.- s-'or«'|KU Ito.u.l of AHf.j,i<mK to bt- hclsl .Mon- diiy. Tues,da> ,iml Wednr-mlny »,f nt~\t week. - Mr J.'nmnKH UD^S as. R dele- g,»U' fol Hot I bet n | M I'I ot' I bit ttiaU' of llllnoih ami thih incliniiw not only tbt. Hock HlVti (•«uifi>M'ii< having been named to Kiu-eeed the bite f^d u>J reach 269, which is three more Senator Hhlvely. jihW/necesKary. »ughe» appeared to The DemocratK will Iwve li.majoriily jhave gained 243 votes. Three states of 12 in the uenale. | Hr ,> ,m\\ | n doubt. Minhcaotn. New JMe.xico and New HampHhire, but their ! total electoral vote of 19 will QQI be |sufficient to elect Hughex iiiih"s.M .the Receiver Of Rock Ul.nd A»k« If Eight IK^I'"""*^" nominee gained more I bun Hour Uv»-Should Be Obeyed. ' I'lT "' »••»'»«•«>«•«. wlw on a split-in — T --: ._ _^ :r: ...-.• .™-.^::_r.---*-_-.::r~|tl»ai::jrtat«»..--..:.Mor«>ver-th*-voie'-fr*>in' afl (Hy liUKHi Press > fproxlmately one-half- of the Chicago, III.,- Nov. TO. ASKS COURTS ADVICE Dickinson, n-cejvw for tho ftock Ihliuid railmuil, .pctitioiu-d Mtate of M- jXew Mexico gave Wilson a lead of 'Chicago,, i more'-than 6,(M>0 in that mate, if he approval ofTiovernor Hughea said that the election could, not be conHldered final until -tb« otllclal count IH oom<« WILSON HAS. A LEAD OF •;,— 3,92a_H\rCALIFORNIA (Hy United Prens.) Kan FninclBCo. Calif.. Nov. lO.r-Wittt only 23 precinctH in California to ba heard from. Wilao.n waa leadlnff Hughes by 3.9.'3 \ ote«, according to th» late*t tabulation- 1n fi,843 precincts loial VV-UH 465,964 atfaiiiKt 462.- * wins tin- thrw electoral v«tp» In that O<*brir« U. Parpen tor in federal rourt 'state his total would today, iiskiiig tlu« court's advirt. H » to' Republicane Concede Nothing. vv limber thn Adanihon eigjit hour law Republican hfadquartotM still bold Hhoiild be obeyed, . , iout today without coiict-dtHK the «>lec- In petnioii Otrklns<m xtated thatiUon to Wilson. Chairman Wilcox an~ h«> had l«-en a<iM~N*sl b that jnounci-d hi« determination lo prww for tb« AdimiM-ri law is unconijtitutioiuU, ju recount in four of the doubtful »lat«» ant ntid other railroads of the right liberty to n.ntnict \\ttlioiit due of law und thut the Adamxon law l» inerely an es|H>rlm«iit. the which i* to enable i-outrem* and the and thai the iuw deprived the defend- | - California, ,\ew Hamp.Mliiiv, and North.Dakota, .Minnesota be addinl to thta list later. It win* Wilc-«»s'« contention that the of American p«H>pK> were entttled u> know of president to o!wr\*> al the of beyond nui'-stiun »» to their ih not of | until th,, bin p.irt national executive and Umt. they « defendiint and other callroails the'would not deaire to have a man i'n the p<'f of the expiimeni." ' j White on whose title there wan MAY CALL CARSTRIKE '" ^^ M The Democrats Control Congress. inromplete returns whieh indlenapelii Street Car Men Will Tako - A Vote At Midnight, <Hy vote will ue lM. In I, taken o Indi- leated today Hint Ptevident WiUon will , have w t-ufe majority in the M-jiute but Nov. !»i A strtke-.*" 1 exceedingly etoj»e on« in the hou»t, HO «iue«ittoii that' the ba Dc^nucratic by a ma- , tin*! «tttn 'There stnei iar wurk»'ih at a iu.»»a inectu.K |t"'naie t!mtel> will be midnight ordcivd it 1* H v-)i» o. Th believed «je- HIGH SCHOOL EXTENSION Structure in Morrison Will Ready For U«« Very Soon. Ba t» Jl.'ldc |..,.u.. t . nl <U.,rriMin is, it.-al- OK <ompl«-ti..i.. uMd K !». O»«'tUTUt ^} Fi.iitk \V.IM! i-t Hii» rii\, w ami «»|N-nt>ti-!i,i«nt ..f u- u will .Hi t.,. ,,.mpbt«,j ten il.u- Twu ,,f t(, H ,e«mi<.iii\ tloi>«- n»i i t-i-o>.-iiu«' Hu> union DROWNED Steamer Frontenec *" U Reported To Havo Gone Down In Superior. iBj I'utted J Viilurneiit. ,&Ii( Ii . .Xi' llonty of 12 but in the houw Jh« mar- i;ui of Uvnu'icruUc conjrol wasj MI IIMT- n>\v thttt ther«« was a possibility thut ; Uu- tivt« or stx «'pi - t4»tfiHtttivmi mf tin- ,tuiiior [..iriii's might have the h;iluiu<t< • •f power. The muriu* M* far U <,• «-!»-4.-iiou »>f one iiub of the (uUo«,ttij; partita; I.' A l,«ki to > !-i!.; t -ilid Illiit )U [ilk l,t REPUBLICANS HAVi NOT YET ABANDONED HOPE These ttttttlH contained a correction in the .frihuKta county returnti where a mtntake WB»umdo In adding 1,000 votea t« each HugheH and Wilson. Johneon Sweeps State, Hiram ,J4(litiKon. Progressive leader, but who ran on the Republican ticket for I'nited Htates uenator, ran nearly 300,000 ahead uf Hughea for president. Incomplete and unoltlcial returno from all '-ection* of tlm atat* nhowed, (oday. While HxighoB waj* punning a few behind, Wilson, Johnson watt t 1 . 8. Putton, hU Democrat la opponent, tinder u vertlnble ava4ancha of votea. John'M plurality la eatimated at between 275,000 IMH! 290,000. In dixi-iiKHing thla difference in the vote between Johnson and Hughes, it w>ut pointed oiii Hiat liughea lout the s.|ate licfuuso hn ignored JnhiiHOii when, he inndu Ilia fainoiiM cantiiaigii toilr of California- At thitt time tho utate prl- roarlew had, not been; hold and Johnson ' v<a» tiKliuntr fur the Itepubllcmi nom- inittkm for I'nlted Htati'M-«enatfir anil the PtoKrcKKivex became tjore when tli« Keptibluan faction, that was HUpport- iiig- Johnson's opiiottent in the., primary*- Willis Hootli, received the atteiit'lott «&..„,„ tho Republican candidate foi dent. . '/ REPUBLICANS 'TALKING ; RECOUNT IN N. DAKOTA » thy I tinted Prestf * oVlttt'K lluK filternooii l.WA p out of !>7H in 7 North.Dakota gave Wil- .son lead of "l.ti>!j. Many HepubltcaiiM aro talking of do* ' recount. CAUFORNAWl BE IN THE WIT COIUMN < Hy ( "titled l'rcx-4 ) York. X Y. Nuv 10. DEATH OF MRS. the-Oepuy Home. ll-i<il>! «)iHlT'UV \i AT DINN'ER . CONGREGATiONAL SOCIAL. -f i- -Si=» I • .' t! .en si < liut< <'i J" fc .» • Ii ^ f"t I*.,- . l.i I ~ ,.( !! Ti.'jf. , ; ; i, : I }•* ,> .1 -. *, : ,»\ i ft. <'alif, Nov. 10,~-t*aU vMli'u'lii.ili) in i lie" wet column. tig^tuat tji« prolublHon tadiiaud" r in todity'H tabula•• litjirnrtmenta were" 411.0110 re«pec«

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