Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on November 9, 1916 · Page 8
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 8

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 9, 1916
Page 8
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VAUDEVILLE—THEE 1 BIO ACTS -Don't miss Camiile's Miniature Bog.-Qircufi; the prettiest dog *ct in vaudeville. Also two <>trb*f\gwd acts, SpfHa! fr.TfliJT, f'r.-'.fi" Wm-'K' »:•• • Th- !-M>;!>- Hi^Muul." ;n:'l «'.tn- Pdy. • Ph"*'* "i rm«1 ». V<i',l;»l 5>!;.'f-<. TOMORROW, hew vrttf-U-vllif HI!, 1 fln«- .ift»/, ^tf»'> lhr.t *'I picture, "Th« Y*How Menne*.'; t^!" 8 ^ 1 "* 0 ^ ? * n tlie " Mr. And Mr* Han-y SiirzH and .Mr* . r«<1 '.'• Ti'hiJwn to.lny Tour friends can buy fcnythiriff >"*•> Alfred Jr»hrt"ttn r*> turned hornf TUP* •A-tv f*i',r-r «t'*>r>4:ftg n few days in 1>* ,>-:,.. i.,? i« i,- :,•>•,-.,..:• . .;•: * n s» f,.,r XI.<< K ;!!<•!-, A- lV(i-r« ' . M'«* K!!*.i?"-'h r*r*>r-?»,r went to f'po U."« ?-"1'iv d< .Tttr-nsl ,(';" anntml stat U found in (h Hoa*e of F**taf*» GRAND-TO Frank Kennan lit "The €oward Also Fatty Arbuckie in "The Oth*f FKIDAY May Murray in "Sweet Kitty Also Bray Cartoons 'Afternoon* 2:00-3:30-NighU 7:00'§s30 t* itv -ir«« nt * ;<'rdr«, * Ni!"= \Vtil H"nv. r ard, her goes ,( r <7 }N- : UF- IVisr^.sn n:v,S ?'m, <;( Toted* •i ai*- ii'f-n-.lifiii «s'-vfr.*<l dnv* in ' S"!-?-;rd^ .nt nreMIni:'* .... IX-V.-IH Kliison. K. G. Qla»sbtirn, J IV K>lly. .!. M Conrm- nnd H. K Kan*, of Tflmi'i'f. spent LYMC'l r'lllEHUvC^.^^'P ROCK FALLS TONIGHT •trong utory of the mounlntns and ^Wountein^Tragedy" "TM^^OI L°8M I LLE R" DANCING SCHOOL H MV»TIC WORKER HALL iv»ry Monday Evtning Fr«m 8 to 10 P. M. FN>r prlvntc Ipanonsi call M. KELLEY, B.ll phon. 430R NEWS IN BRIEF .SOCIETY EDITOR RESIGNS. L. W, HwntH, for ihc past jjonth^r-«7innwt^il -wHit Thr ,t«% haw r«wi'KniHl lior puMltlon nnd thin mornlHK f«»r l)«?tntii, Mich., Mr. JterntB luid proceeded ..h.rr wopkn 'a;jo nnd where th««y will their homi». Mrs. Up^nts injiharge of the Kock Kalis t of The llnasotl** nnd ago took tltp jilitcp of FulU. Klttf hnt) h« fatth- ernployeo I i-nds of tin* impor her oo-worfcfrfrnrTht* (;nz<>tt<> will ill- wivhinic h*r hitp,MJn«»»« in her Hcnfle. Mri, It K. Kn;l<l«'r will Rlnce f'ir neven*! weeks until UNCLE TOM'S CABIN, event looted forward to with than ordlrmry lntcrV«i it»witu-al- Uie corning ^f Wm. H. Klbblo 1 .-. • sreatcat revival of Harriet" 8town's lovoblp story «ff "Un- Cabln." Klbblo's repuiation promoter of big jiroducUons 4« known by ibeatreKoern, but few Mwure thiit"the coming event l» •Of tht* moHt Rlganttc and t'lulmnitc him evert been attempted In. Amer- Kot only does Sir. Kibble proto bring » comi»ny of over lifty . If, but n c«rload of m-enery, pon- home« and hloodhoimdn • in tht* "Uncle Torn'*-1'ithln" will h«»!d board n at thn Acudemy of Mti«U', Jay, Nov. H. 'ROBABLV FATALLY SHOT. Frltx, of Lanark Monday «tiit- her brother. Waller Madcr, Moltu-K, Iowa, hud been «hot, i.that it «ho wanted to «ee him Hli've I ehould com« wt once. Mn*.'Friu p ill herself und niinblt* to go, but . plater. Mm. Lehn HI(SKH of l^yons. ha« gone. There are no piir-' M 4 a« to the «h«M)tinK, whether an ai-oldfnt while hunting, or it. Walter ban many friend**-In thin "M» who will be sorry to It-arn >( Hugs, stoves nnjl-r* 11 * 5 *^ * l Wooda.* Heed, of Chtenrtn, te . Veiling at tlie Wllllnm Stewart home. J,M> Hfiniine'r, nf f'llnttni: Iknvn. i* !• pending B f<»w day* hertf 'With friends T. .f. Wyne. bit. M/ioutnl^ Js a few days hure on ^JiUiIJteH* C, J. «tahl I? transact 'ing In Ohlcngo. '- •. . . :-. , • J. H. Pi I Ion, "nt H*mth i t»»Kot», - is .Tending n fe'ir fl»i% lifrffc.'vith frlendn. : ' ' .'V." . i-vj f ^K ran M-H^M'B? : ''t h^^F : on >i *» fnrm at Dlxon fl( _ M , , Wanted— MOB to'.,i»pris!in.'' a Pt or >*. In' *. -* r«Hf!« tiniK inc -x-hrtol from 7;3ft tf> nnrj a his? #r*rinl dnjnre from 8 to 12 f*tiMir itnttfri <'<>chrr»n> nrchr>tr». .v?r: and .Mrs. John (luthrle antl don \>rnr»r;. of f'nrU'r, Mont,, nrp of their uri( if and a-mt, Air. nnd .Mrs .! fl < m '«Ht'''f. j^, Twilietn danrr- at fTondnm.n hfl Hrkiay nicht Mn*tc furnlshrd I J T !jf»!ir "invited.* , t*lr.f-<* in wnnr'n'if 8h»ie« on v:ilf for 11.9* «t KHIen Mr"". <>tto l't|'-.*tln, of Mf Aubtirh (a,. !.« iiere for a visit at the J, K. Itut homf. t*hf will ttlfo vl^it'In-Mehdnta :iisd f*aw Iltw before T<» p;ive the (lisreoiinf. ^>ay K*?tir nnd ele<-trle MIN on ortheforc tho 10th our offire will l»e «i[>«-ta nritltl 9 p. m «.n the 10th. Illinoisi NiJlrthernl Utllltinr Ct« 124 \V. 3n! wtret't' Ell»er! Hill, Mn1or>' Hip. ftns^oe Math!*, Hoy <*rriofe; S«ro SloHr!de\Cha« t-'adden. H. Srhrneld, nils of t»iwn. »«i>ent Tuesday evening here In ordrr' to bear the return* of the election, " odtce . ' William "Ctlftartrwf Dtxon. called on frienitit here last evening. William Bracken, of Qlxon, apent with Florence typhoid fever at i¥«y. .mlak hospital. WM. KBUoDe IN CAF.E. , KrU», 39 years of «Re, nagerof the Mmiluanui cafe in Di\- led-yenterUay iiltnr bt-hiK strloken apoplexy at about 6.-10 oVlork. Krug'H dettth wu» numt Hiiddi'ii. Hi* doing hln work in' (In- ifHiaiirani 'wan in hU imuul health up until Instant of the stroke. _, /8. OIXON. rhe Utxon Town fonttmll team. COIH- id <tf former playnra from the col- , ttiul high wchool team*, will meet , BtorlliiB Town team Sunday at 3 JR, at Athletlu |wrk_at, Dlxon. All i playerx in both teamH'ure old ajinj Wfiepctfd player* and a great natiu> ly be expected. ,. PRAYeR^SERVlCE. . ^Weekly praypr ^terv ic<» will be held evening at thw Trinity church at .m The teachor training. rl»M will lit at 7 o'clock and immediately aft' l prayer aervlce tho Munday aehool will meet to plan for thw Christ- program. Tuesday here.",,- --i „ Jujtl received W',c«p*'or> «»hio!« nt Oerde».'* .Mrs, Mc«ra»l «nd Mrf< Went, of Morrison, .w«-ro f«jl»r». hern .today- Congo, rdiumag* «a|o |<>|0iit)r .ind Brelrtlng'ii at»r».» ,Mr««. Ida. Anderson, of l*olo»np«nt tlip day in this city. "20 fre«h ltot'§ river*«it»J!*Un&>r 1-VI- day. I'ljipt-rt Bros.* .Mr*. 'I* ''..Hodges IR home from a bujilnew* trip to Chicago, , • We are nli(>vi'l«ig'ih» r>*m»af BtJ'leM in ,Mr«. Kllen O*Brtrn' arrrt daughter*. Mary and Nellie, are, home from a summer's May In Cttnadu.;••••'-•••< , Hnth, diiu^hv*r,iOf ^rv i\n4 Mr». S. IAMiKabaugh.^'itt ft*>tAllii«djil4'il}pr: home hy. an attack' of the mWafles. Twilight dance at ^Voodmaji hnll Friday night. Mualfc "tarnished. b> Ctwhnin. I»n»IW lnviWrt;»^!U' t; Mr«. J- O. TraceV h««*^<!tUWi*d home from a short. visit yfith friends In Aurora. . • ;!_••»;:;< ja;u , . • l->rmer» waiting, i\t 4»H>'. potatoc* l»y ihe load, get them '4t',,'pJfnle,*.' Juat received another c*{Lr.* " ..i l-Utward tWrine and* ^'dltwr Wogan, nf Dlxon, called* on • frlente her* houap The Hoy l-\>r rent — f room* -all «t llu'K 8Uth - Hvunue. _ Call tJ. Woods. Store,.* *•'•.--.••« "' YF8 -CONORESSlSPLIT----- f**onttnued from p«g« l-l MOM Lo»«* In Indiana. In Imlinnn, Heprewntatlve Monx, one of the co-author* of th« rural credit* law. went down to defeat before his H»H»v»'»Hr«n opponent. In Michigan. O»ngre««man iJoremun in thf Firwt di»tri<'t. wn» finally shown th«» winner. l*nte returns indicate -the defeat of Congressman Uwaken, the other Democrat in the dinlrict. The 1tep\ibUcan« lo»t four *ent* In «>hk». but more than made up in ln- diana, where they gained neven. They gained four in Illinois, defeating Con* at l^arge William* and fon- Htone. TaVenner, -and Buchanan. In Pennsylvania the Hepublicans de- fatcil Warren Worth Hailey, the Bry- ;j/n anti -preparedness leader. • Bay StaU O. O. P. LOM$. In MaKWichusetts, however. on« of the lending Hepublican congremimen R; K. Roberta. WHS defeatfld by A. W Fuller, running as an Independent, Hepprta from the went Indicate that wn!i« 'Hug.t}e.g_ran-P<»orly_.ihe Kepub- licann made galnn. They won four die- tricts In Kansas and- on«* In- Montana, In Montana they elected M!HM Jeanettn Uankin. She will have the honor of being the/ rirnt _ woman j to alt in «lther luiUBe of 'the 'national corigreHiT. "" In California the HepubllcnnB gained three iieats. They held their own In 'Washington, Oregon, Wyoming, Nova ifejind_J<fiBlJtfejd^_JCiicy^ in Utah, however. --. While . the »^enubllcan« gained .Meat In the aouth; .the Flrat Okla ihey lost one in North Carolina, th* Tenth. The official . count may aave the latter for them. •* . Senator Lippltt Lo««t. The most aurprlaing result of tho el t»ctton. JK> far a» the Republicans wer concerned, waa the defeat of Senator Mfipitt in Rhode Island by Peter Uoclet GeiTy. The .laboring men of the Mate apparently cast their votes for Gert'y. Another *urprl»»" wa» the dsfeat of the Democratic candidate, D. J, Lewi*. In Maryland tfy Dr. J. Sv. France, Republican. Congressman Sutherland of West Virginia ha* held httT-Jead over Senator Chilton Iti tho race for the senate in that state. J. 8. Frellnghuysen in New Jersey has boosted his lead to more than 60,000 over Senator Martlne, Democrat, one REPORT. Cl?U'«KO weather hurenu forecast la AM follow*: Fair tonight and » eoldw in er ni» matter how" loiiir~5r*liow""t>ttd—go nt you i' 'IranliMMHnMin^ ta 50 of"IWHBipiaBBBlB It will K'ivc <|Uk'K rcllt-f, and a tiiix urti'ii cut««.', A trial package umiU'd frt'v in jilnin ^Tuttper if you «.«'tui u« COUIMMI below. FBEB t>VKAMI» DRUG COMPANY. 530 I'yramM MW«., Mar«h<tll. MU h. Pyramid PUa Trofjtatcnt, in pUiin Kindly ueniT^nirwrYec tmmpta o( Name Street Citv, . Ktate VULCAN C - «*THE PERFECT F Eggt Range, Nut sizes Does the same work Does* it better Costs less, iJ CARONTEACK Talk with us about Soft Coal— HEIR TO THRONE ILL Only Child of Qut*n Wilh«|min«, Hail Symptom* of Fevar. London, JS'ov, 9.—A Reuter dispatch frtim The HaKue.imy.i» Prlncesa Juliana, th* only child of Queen Wllhelmlna, Is confined to her bed with Hj'mptomH of fever. She in 7 ynara old. .-...Verdun Watchman Would Have Busy Time at His Post Today Before the present great war the city of Verdun wna an old-fanhloned place wltn wme w*ll-pre»erp«l ancient r UBtonw among wnlch was the official night watchman. Red Crajfts nurse hits refoouted, In Le, CrTtie Pada, her 1m- prwwlooB of the- flrrt borabardmwit of Verdun « year ago. She arrived nt ntftht and wan very tired after a tMiguIng Journey. Some time later »be waa awakened by the bursting of a •hell and the ringing of a bl«* hell In a dock tower. Thin wan followed by a lugubrious silence which was broken bj the alow and monotonous voice of the night watchman, who called out ffrom the high tower: •The flre is in the fauborg Pate, Inhabitant* of Verdun, get upF* Then came another sbell ejcploalon and the cUng of the bell. •> Tho voice of the guardian of the night waa again heard: "T,be fire is at tbfc Btat|on. Inhabitants of Verdun, let op!" , Then cam* more bombs, more bell* clanging and to the Intervals of alienee came the voice of the bell ringer in'the fame drawlfag, lmp«s«lve voice: "The ftwla at the.«iURre of Armet—the flre I* a.t the fauborg—get up I" - The watchman of today would have a buay time notifying the Verdunltes— if any remain—of the thousands of ahella showered opou that city devoted to destruction. Helps O-loeatlo.i. .work, worrits, basln«M dtres iuul r<Anu)oure« whllw eitlog. ch«H*r promote* good dlfestlon. YOUR OPPORTUNITY 33^% Off Any Suit In Our Stock WERE is the opportunity you have been Waiting for. This does not mean 33 1-3'; on a first few models, but on every suit in the house. Al] must go, none are held back. The suits are all smart Fall and "Winter styles, of the very best materials and have the distinctive cut that speaks of expert tailoring—but they must go! This is clean-up time at Chester's and it is our policy never to carry stock from one season to the next. In spite of the enormous suit business we h^ve done, you'll find many to select from. WOMEN'S COATS Practical and Stylish Wotwn of tusto \vill like tin* youthful rliarwl'-r, s , — * smartness'mid imdiMiiablo origimiiiiy of tliese coat*. WP have n Inr#<» tissortnwnt of both plush, vHonr and cloth coats that combine character, extremity and quality without undue cost. If yon desire a good serviceable coat very reasonably priced, pomp to Chester's. Coats priced at $12.75, $15.00, $25.00 and up to $65.00 NEW DRESS SKIRTS Each dress skirt in this showing sets forth Isojne style innovations •of its own. It may be a novel shaped pocket or n now anttrmrrrsiuid crrmt--' very strik Sng DRESSES That Will Please the Most Fastidious. They are of poplin, serge, eh i (Ton, broadcloth,, etc., in a fine variety of styles and'coloring?*. You'll find a dress for every,occasion, for formal, semi formal,'or street wear. -All are here. You'll be surprised at the value of the dresses shown when you see them yourself—their exquisite beauty and ('me quality materials will appeal to you, Prices range from $7.50 to $35.00. tern. Whatever it is, it lends a touch of individuality to the skirt. Prices range from $5 to $12 Munsingwear The Knit Underwear of Warmth, Style & %rvice _. Women, like yourself who ex I>ty4_ UK? jH'stof underwear satisfac- CHESTER'S For the Best and Prettiest SiUc Hosiery .. i • •• , Wayne Knit, Ka'yser, Onyx and Phoenix silk hose UTO represtmta- tiyo of the ntandardnes^ .of C'hos- te^'s .hosiery., And, women who . know r teJJ-iis that howhore is mu'li wonderful variety of the fanciful novelties; that nowhere can one find such varieties of shades to uiatuh gowns' and dresses. Prices ran^e from 50c to $2 A WAISTS In Pretty Styles Waists of .(delicate lingerie and rich crepe do clfines und g e o r g e t to. crepes in ake themselves conspicuous in our showings by their-diversity of style and color and elaborate use. ; of trimmiugii.,. These prices ought to iur terest- you.. Waists at $1.50, $1.95, $2.50 and up to $12.00, tion in retuni for their money have only to c.ome to this store and ask for Munsing Wear to have every re- ({uirement full y met. Women't Union Suit* priced from BOc to $3. Women'* Separate Garments priced from 2Sc to Children'* Union Suit* priced from We to >l.66. . Children** Separate Garment* priced from 25c to 60c. Chester's.Week-End Bargains, Friday and Saturday Only . x (iiH' lot Austrullan Cotton' Blankets, tan and gray, »txe 72x90; regular |2, BO value, 1-YIday and Saturday only, at one lot Crochet Bwl Hprf>ada, extra quullty, regular «lze; regular .$3.00 quality, Friday and friiuur- day only, nt. One lot Figured iwtettes. light and, d*rk pattorit«, 27 ' present value 2Sc.' day and Btitur- -i O — day only, at .... Jt<5C l*)ne lot Light/anrt I>ark Kimono Crepe*, all RrtiKl patterns; regular 20t"*ijuality, Friday iind Saturday only, One lot Zephyr Germantown Varn. all tsood roll, r », .-auitahlo. for Kmde, frhUy uiid K«t, urdtty o.uly. lot Women'N Um- brellnH, neat handleti; regular $1.00 grade, hYlduy and ^ ttl 'QO/» urday only, at., 05/C rine lot HtampecJ Linen lire a v k t a » t Ht-ia and Hquarea, regular, $t.5U valuea. Friday and Saturday only. 98c Blanket Robes and Materials New shipment .of ' blanket robes and materials in tine variety of 'patterns. " Blanket robes, priced at.$2.95 Blanket materials, at ^... .35c Percales ,'}() inch percale, blues, grays and light colors, fast colors, extra values, at / CHILDREN'S COATS Age 2 to 14 Years Attractive full ripple" models and smart belted styles with flaring skirts, -in mixtures, elieviots and velours. Now is the best, time to make selections.- Prices range from $2.50 to $10.00, 29c \ ulutv», Friday • and Baturduy only, One lot Fancy Hilk Rtbboiih, up to T inches wide, vHlues up to 65<-'. Friday and Sat- ly, at.. One lot Fancy 'Silk Hlb- linns. up to 8Vit IncheM wide, -values up to 11.60, Friday *uid Sat urday only, at,. 12 l / 2 c Outing Flannels at.THc a One lot (HitinK OaiUK'l.s, :JT iiH-liPH "wido, hliio and pink stfiiws and c'hwkH on. crenin ground,, ..«liort U'li^thH; rogulur \2 l -'»» qwUily. while i\wy lu>i, at The Art Heedlework Section is Now at its Best Right, now, w ' u ' n devotees of needlework are busiest making OlmntmaH gifts and with the long winter days and ' nights to pass away, the Art Needle- - wiirk Section is at its best. Wliatever is newest and prettiest and most pmc- tioal is most certain to be found at (fester's. Do not overlook this sect ion when in the hture, next time. ,; s H1AB! llv Vi'hu . A A'-St »m<>ky hall u.i) in tt> hta cji«h gi-t t!u>' «-ar 4ll til UlWII USE THE CLASSIFIED AQS.| Willing to th quoted the Parlor t'hiloaophi-r. can httvw iuiut»," *ulil tlu» Merc Man. "I don't rare for sweets," Town remark* ,a» cxchaug* 1 , Mayso, but the farmer*8 doesn't so much as the vuoatUmist'n. OR. F. W. : i»ractic* , Ward ATTORNEY AT '••••' ""*"" 8!dg. Qu«ntitive Ah«iy»i¥. .Mtbouch « hulMuuf eui»t»n»«4 vrtf jot» lot," Ktn'U, "atn" u«i «ytniw~foh uot J uo Urt'ttd. om» it. tnidltUmully ' ' hunt (In* i» gtt de n»«!rt««gw oflTU It." ' to imytnuTt wtwde ,iij[iu -y »'"r'it J *. „ -, -I.~- •!« — t.- -^ - T- - ~ — " - J ^^ Udura: 9 to la a. m.; I to 4:10 p Fifth Floor i*wr«nca Bld«. III. »»»h * ,'**» - -t,i. -i, i,J«3J-*»»- —-1

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