Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 21, 1968 · Page 7
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 7

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 21, 1968
Page 7
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Hand Naggers Never Quit- By SsfoaW amf James Jaeeby sontii 4k* ¥ 21 A876 west AQIO ¥75 SOCtll (fl) 4 A 93 ¥ A fi 3 2 *KQ4 A A02 Both vulnerable West North Easl Pass Pass Pnss Pass 2 V Pass 4 V Pass 6 V Pass Pnss Pass South 1N.T. 3 N. T. 4 N.t, ON, T. Opening lead—4 K Today's hand has appeared in our column before. Oswald Jacoby Was North and one of the greatest hand hogs of all time sal South. This hand was played in the early days of contract when any suit response to one no- trump was a one round force. South also hated to have his partners jump so Jacoby contented himself with a two heart response although he knew that he wanted to be in game at least. South's jump rebid to three no-trump showed at least 17 points. He played indefinite but strong no-trumps. Jacoby visualized a heart slam at this point but was afraid that a jump to the heart slam would merely lead to a six no-trump contract. So he made" a second underbid of four hearts. Sure enough, the hand hog came righl back With four no< trump. He had 4-34-3 distribution and even though his four card suit was the one his partner had been bidding, South wanted to play the hand. At this point Jacoby finally decided to bid his values and jumped to six hearts. South bid six no-trump! South made a valiant effort to make his no-trump sfam. He ducked the first club in order to "Set up a possible squeeze. He won the second club and ran hearts. East chucked a club as soon as possible to give West a count of that suit. Then East hung onto his diamonds while West just held whichever black cards South did. Of course, six hearts Would have been a cinch because one of Soulh's hearts could have been used to ruff that fourth diamond. Jacoby was mad then. He is still mad 3S years later, but blames himself for trying to get the hog to let him play a hand. INtwipapst Ehletptist Ann.) Q— -The bidding has been: West North East South 14 Pass Pass 1 • 24 Pass 3 4 Pass ? You, South, hold: (frem page en§) What, do you do now? A — Bid four clubs. You want lo be In pa me If your partner holds five little clubs and nothing else, TODAY'S QUESTION Instead of bidding three clubs your partner jumps to four spades over your two spades, What do you do now? Answer Tomorrow to the future of the world, yet being unable to mike the people at Urge understand this," Gaud refused to Swept specu* latlon that his foreign aid pro< gram will be torn apart by Con* gress because of AlD's troubles. "We're going to have a tough time getting the $15 billion we asked for," he acknowledged. "But that would have been true In any casej It always Is. "Maybe I'm a sucker for feeling this way, but I think most of them (congressmen) recognize that we're trying to run this agency well, constantly improv* ing ourselves. Those who like to make a career of kicking us, of course, Will certainly have a new pretext for doing so." Gaud enthusiastically claimed AID accomplishments in the agricultural and economic devel* opment of the world's emerging nations; of the gradual accept' ance of birth control in the heavily populated ones. A neat, tweedy dresser, he sat in a straight'back chair in his well-appointed State Department suite. His slightly-cultured accent made it doubly surprising when he larded his phrases with seatrmnllke expletives. "The problem is that there's been a great change in foreign aid since it really got going in the 50s," Gaud said. "At the time of the Marshall Plan, we were aiding Europe— the French, the Dutch, the Belgians, with whom we had blood ties. "The Cold War was hotter then; people were really worried about communism. They had a real stake in foreign aid. Today it's going to a lot of people they've never heard of be- TO SAVE YOU MORE $ S THAN EVER I HOPPED! IS THAN EVER I /^" ^^ W ANTACID GEL LIQUID 24oz. 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Mis hofne town now is Greenwich, During World War tt he , China and Burma, He left his law practice in New York to Join A ID in 1961 as an assistant administrator, He became depu* ty administrator In 1964 and was his present job in OOCTORIB MAILOAO Unstable Blood Pressure Possible in Some Coses fiy WAYNE Q. IRANBSTADT, M.D. , Fi&niiry?f* eves is usually caused by a dout>! * & fim ev * f y chcbflic ififlsiffifHfiUoft bf the Q-^What fi the cefijtmcUva, not by hfgh blood me blotki Measure pressure. Hypettefisioft dan. around 190/ifJS? *> however, cause blfmfftess. A-tt* complications rtji Q-li It imt thai if a a loses part of Tits vision from artefiel Ih^at have liefnoffhages ffl the eys due u. a pefsftit't blood pres s^lbKeS laT of"more'and whe^he treatmeht that will restore to* lo normal ih one week lalted ll & & 6[n a few Wi«t« siphf? that be lowering it too f atef ll ls . oftf y 12 °- K would A-4f the retlnaf disease is be rare,^however, to.find an in its earliest slag£ (inHam* The .,-, L . . . „ fc- en W ^ rafjofls bjr baffling a tefinls ball on weekends and Chesapeake Bay from fhe deck of a sfoop during the Would he consider resigning under the recent barrage? "Anything but/' said William steen Gaud. "When the going gets tough, the tough get going," /\—This wouW depend on several factors. In general, a 1?lft ,„ ettf>h a more gradual lowering over »,, V ® ... , , three of four weeks would be R J » *ty .P? ssibl< L l ° f J1 ve ^referable a high systolic (upper) and a pe low dfastollc (lower) reading CM» ft possible to have a with a leak y aofUc valve high and low bload pressure at the same time? A—ft is possible to havfe a the «M have high blood ,..„, sure and am taking Salute^ sift. What are its side effects? very unstable blood pressure so that, when the doctor first Q—Could high blood pressure eause a film over the A*-A film of mucus over the subside, the blood clots win be absorbed and some improvement in vision can be expected, fn most cases, however, a part of the retina is destroyed and cannot be replaced. effective blood pressure ft* ducer but it should be used cautiously by persons with, disease. >: . gelatin desserts cause high blood pressure? A*.iVo, nof even if you ate a Ww» M/»rf yaw tdmmentt it Wojnt G. -M.fi., i» tan 6l Ihtt pdptr. tMuat Ittttn, tit will om*tt it gtfittel ifitttttf In (ututt WMt LEGAL NOTICE In The Probate Court Of Hempstead County, Arkansas, in The Matter Of The Estate Of Eunice Gilbert Martin, NCM.No. 1581. NOTICE Notice Is hereby given that Monroe Roberts, guardian of the person and estate of Eunice Gilbert Martin, has filed his petition In this Court seeking authority to sell the lands hereinafter described at public salei All of the East Half of the Northwest Quarter (EV 2 NW'/i) of Section Ten (10), Township Thirteen (13) South, Range Twentysix (26) West, containing 80 acres, more or less, Hempstead County, Ark. By order of said Court such petition will be heard by the Judge thereof at 9:00 o'clock A.M. on the 6th day of March, 1968 in the Courtroom of the Hempstead County Courthouse in the City of Hope, Arkansas. All persons interested in this matter are hereby notified and warned to be present at such time and place if they desire to be heard either for or against the said petition. In Testimony Whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal as Clerk of said Court on this the 12th day of February , 1968. Mrs. Pat McCain Probate Clerk Feb. 14, 21, 28, 1968 CANNOT LEGAL NOTICE In the Chancery Court of Hempstead County, Arkansas. : '"' Joe M. Smith vs. Viola-Smith, plaintiff no. 9287 defendant. WARNING ORDER Viola Smith and all whom It may concern: Take notice that on the 27th day of January, 1968, a petition was filed by Joe M. Smith in the Chancery Court of Hempstead County, Arkansas, for divorce from Viola Smith. NOW, unless you appear within 30 days after the date of this Notice and show cause against such application, the petition shall be taken as confessed and a decree of divorce entered. Jim Cole Chancery Clerk of Hempstead County. Feb. 7, 14, 2i, 28, 1968 LEGAL NOTICE VIUAGE Rexall PHARMACY i! %Vi COURTESY, QUALITY, SERVICE flops YiUagi Stopping Peptep Phone pp 7,5533 j! The annual school election will be held by the qualified electors of the Blevins School District No. 2 of Hempstead County on Tuesday, March 12, 1968, between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. The electors will vote a school tax of 40 mills to be levied for debt service and general fund for the operation of schools of said district. The polling places in the district will be the same as here* tofore designated. J, D. Samuels Secretary of School Board Feb. H, 31. 28, 1968 LEGAL NOTICE Tlie annual school election will be held by the qualified ejectors; of the Washington School District No. 12 of Hempstead County on Tuesday, March 12, 1968, between the hours of 8;00 a.m. ai>4 7;30 p.m. The electors will vote a school tax of 40 mills to be levied for debt service and getjN eraj fund for the operation of schools of said district, The polling places in the district will be the same as here* tofore designated. James T, Boyette Secretary of School Bo;jrd Feb. 14, ?1, 28, 1968 * President James A- Gar/ield was once president of Hiram College neai Cleveland. Ohio. He was 26 at UK- time. Village Shopping Center Free Parking Charge It! PRICES are SETTIIf the MI. PRICES IN THIS AD EFFECTIVE AT 9:00 Thursday February 22nd. $ (Sorry! no lay-a-ways due To The Extremely Low Prices on this special sale) • ^—1 „. - __ ^.fc —.—.—.—. — ^ ^^^ — ^ — — — .•._.•..•..•. ^. ^ ^. .^^.^^ ^^^s. •- Ladies PURSES 38 TO SELL AT THIS PRICE Girls SHOES 35 PR. 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