Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on November 9, 1916 · Page 7
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 7

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 9, 1916
Page 7
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'»'•"" « Carload of Alfalfa Hay ON TRACK Special price from the car Friday and Saturday. This is choice Pea Green Alfalfa* third cutting, Other cars to follow. 'Carload of Bran on Track Bran : )s advancing every day., Lay jn your winter supply at once. \ W. F. FLOCK Here for Grinding The Hour, Feed, and Seed Man W )«fii"»K!f-n, f > ' '., ' f>r<"1'K-Tii>fi f<>( !h<- .-t)t fi.y !hf- !'nt!>-5 S»a*--y til'' 1 tllT'-.-lU <r\ I 'I - ! n un- Trii' *t-fl thrf'.iKb ! ' ; i... -| i. !' s I "i•(•;•. ftni<'-n j,. i .- ...U.-HV.-' A v •• \ IT) - : TV.. i ! Mother's Cook Book. •) i ! !.|!. •'. S':'J i IH--N.1! li'isf.i i I J '. t h r I i *• t * A^-**.-fc t j i- - :1 hi!'. !il- !•;-.'!!!!;. . ,.,-,,!•!. ' ;: i'.'.i..*.:.' '.' Wheat. • r <•<-' :l!l.'i tirnatf-t. ri.".. i ."..".. l'li!t'-d St. -if'-* year tlinril Oat*. • ,'j'tiiTfttc. IT;:.;:!' 1 .!' 1 '' 1 " ion IT-! >f-ar <final r«- MI'I i.'ijihi H. . i >( tober i->t itn.itr. 1.- ii'! 1 !: pr;»hi''tlon la-t i'«tiin,'it<-1. l.M't.ii'.i.'H"! Barley. ANXIOUS FOR BOUT ib.ill men left from the "nood old days?" of the Hultimore Oriole*. Huuh .l>'»i- sind John AlclSraw are two oth- Eagcr To Sec Lcc wi.\ In ny hark In ISH*.. In thnt clly hi> \v«f has hail a IntiK In Darcy and Jack Dillon Moot In Battle. t hi- lialtery tnnt«» of John K. Tener. (then n InnhlinK pltchliift ?<tar anil now of the National leaf?"e. Hiih- limnfe). 1.S3B.IMHI I'niteil yr-nr itllial i i('tn!n r «tini;i'e. pr<idin-ti"ti bn«>h- Hf'r** or unfypfsify y<^a yrnifun'te .from. «r h"* rnnny dlpiotnAA you may have, f>r h«>w witny lotfr* Atlft yftiir ttarn^. It »*kg: "WlfAT «'AN YOP 1J07" Onto said: *'t *o«!'i ratfior tb* world r««w,ri! «-hy r.o f=tn! ! sr« v.'frv Tnrtc4 to my ni'-mory, than whv th«-y were." ' Hot Welthcr Dishet, As little people fee*! tlift fj«yU ns much n» (grownups nrnl are not ax capnblf 1 of curing for tb^rfiselvrs^ !t hehoovirs the ni'tihiir to fv« thnt hfr ehihl Is fed properly. Pirnplo inr-als wlvli frr«!i v'»'jrr-tnb!c-s nnd fnsits nre, tlic lM>st for l«»(h old and yonug dnr- InR the hottest went her. Tf-KetnJilrs-. arc ref resiling thiy n re, .*>rved <-ol<l nnd because of the nrlii.1 nnd minerals that th«y con- tftin. A few slices of ftp**-, juicy to- 0mtoes with a Rood saiad dressing, srn-eil with a sandwich of nut hrenrl ami n Pimple drink, cither hot or cold afl^ap«n*'hpRt. Is a luncheon of sum*- clont to«iwislitiietit to satisfy any np- prtlto wisely, during hot weather. Tlil* is the time to eliminate rich pastries and. pndillngs. serving Cleat BOARD OF TRACE Open f'.rtr?! (•< Trn.te ''hi' ,-.«'•. til.. N<High Low ' '") f «i ! <• T '••"n M Cprn Oat» ! '. M:it Pork Lard M.-iv 1 vi'! '•:'' 'M U .-• :\ tii*nrT' OHE OENT ifBLP T'» MKN- (>r(: HY.-'TKM OK TI'XrH A XT ).; i V-A XTKt* f.-r tii.ifi <;;<t< Mr-. i! 1' M ! 1'! M , K • Ai; *-' f,». \v i i >1 A V W-!" h \\ t t>» "if, < '." CM!'.1 ! 11 -) l •; • ifi \ \"V r • ,!•- |. \Vri- I '.hit :i;.-'n. \VAXTI-;I'I ..Hii; p;iyi ins: FOR RENT 14 i;. i, i'. i: H .;" 14 "7 ,* . Potatoes. Htaf* ...... Kvtinuttf thi-» yc;»r, 7. 370, (ton bushels; prmhir-tion |-i«it year. (limit »-!«ttmat<'>. I;?, stiii, nun bu«hi'ln. I'liited Htate« ' • K«»t Imate tfll« year. ;«i!t.oofi.<mo(i hiishelw. (»rodueiion last year. < final estimate). nr,:>,l».1,'>ii'i hu,«fh» el.«. Sweet Potntoei. Hl;ite-~l->tlniatr> !hi«i year. 7J<VMMI hn*<h«>ls; prodiietlon Ia«t year (llnal efl- timnfel, lni«hel«. Htati!« K«iini!iti> Ihl.t venr. f(7,"00.iioli produetjofi yr«r |l«l«> went to the AtlilHICK, then anil hecmnc 1'iefH Hii'fr kti<"Niim him in n of Wio ficloli-H n! ISfiO when Ih*- a«iiiwl«Uon club Hi I'hllaili-l- 'il lo i>xl«l. In l!«m ){t.iiih|i» nnd McfJraw went to 'fCBtOtf UeorKe ( Hip. KOoeKinu »»j st . j,,,,,^. (,„, ,,, pl ,. JM , j , lun , t | lt . r ,. Id ill the ninth round, il,- A istral Inn,, f ,.. „ ^ M||K \, WV w( ., )t it. «•»..— > l.n« l.i.i.ti ti i I <l 11' f'l'ttit. _ . _ . ._* Puck Hpht, for public h;<« br-i'ii wildly i bout ii'- llit' Aim l»;ircy Mini i ! to Iltiltltnore, Ilnile.l ilecllltiM ill a i«-,ns IU:ht AiiKlraltnn Uh»v baeh with ,ln»» Kf>lh*y, own« l i'« of the Urfole reei |v- J < his'', whlrti H|ll»fei|il»'ntl.V paxweil to New York and now IN the property of the Itiipperl-linxton duo, Tlirtrlu for- j f« itt d the fninehife In in'il! and llobhli; . tit —r-i * ' ' * * ' til* i i ii 11' 111. i- ti| I .T'« w *l ill i | ^t 7| 11 m/ . todny that Many lm« irotn».l.M.-ly j,,„.,,„„, ma ,, BB ,, r ,,r th e DaUlmun- rluli M out of opponent,, w..rll > of |,H I; , „ ,,,,,,,,.,„ , 1I1VV „„. mternalional tortii in bin home (onntiy and he ; . .-HIM u«ain»t tho bent | £ I,", intn to »rj tierlcH can. H«.MIO. . Th*' name me»»itt;e biiiiKf th< Uiirt'y ban »;oni^_lnto a ' " c«tFip~'TiT"iirep»r« '•' !of ,, 04 ,, oll| , P ,,, .,,,,,,,,, ,„. wntt tlrw , HO he "Itetlml" for JUKI to the H nmi> In hark bv i.ra.-t - — J— — nt the front, 'but HUiten that tbe iuthorltitM nllow him to take part in -.-*>iiB«!,'eni*nt» of LPr*vloui« (final estimate), 7<.»r«,V l| i»(r ; hii'<l«'l!<. Hny. ..... Slate -September eKlimate. n.6."i4,'in» oiifi; production hist J'ear. (tinal enti- mate), .Vi'iiU'tin tor.x. I'nitr-d States— September ,pwtlmrtte, S*"i,irir..iifi(J tons: production : In^t year (final e.itimntei. S.'., .':'".. ooo ton?. Applet. State- 1-Ximate this year. l.i;jo,<Kii> - prmlui tion last >ear (llnal «•.•>•• but once a dny at the most. ,-. Peas on Toast ' * Cook RtPfn pons until t«?ni1er, th«m season wpll 'with rich crenm, salt nnr? popper, j»our ovor nlceiy browned toast thnt hnB been llgtitly butt«?n;d. Sprvc hot'; This l» n dluft that will take tht' place of rni-nt. Some, time, for a change, take a little peanut but* tr-r, thin with wafer to make a saute, and nerve ®n vegetables, / tbmilei. barrels. . fulled HtateH ...... Kxllrniite thl« year, "Production la.«t ye;ir, 7no.4iiiii . (final rntlnuittO, 7li.U7u,ii"0 barreln. Price*. The nt."! price th averat-'e on No\ember I thi.t y<ar, and the, nerond the on November hint year. Mtale- \Vh<:it. }>'•>'• and \»'2 «enlH Corn. Si and ^7 i-ent». WOllrill tip by ft rolitnifl to .tiHtraUHiiH, with very few f iirc»ven i|ul(e unprolitiibb' for tin* trnilinn.'i, but lht« hardly wonhl be CltJM*~ In I lie" t'Venl oT Rare _ jto country a v!*lt. t°Atfnw«l the mime iliius has Wh»>tl the lient of tilt' Amerieiin* j e traveled u«Tof* the HPaK to meet i ift AuntrnllanM, l-Mdle McOoorty ami!' play with them, in IS»OC John McOriiw K<it K<il»!'le> John Haiu-oek to a Clntit oontruc't. lie stayed in' New York coachiitK Ciant pitchefx until 1!U4. 'n ht» v wfnt to Brooklyn tO'J«»ad ADMIT WEAKNESS 48 and 3,'! rcnlM. Potatiiew. I."M and f»4 wilt*. lliiy_*ll,<i't and $l'V:ni per ton. Llutii«l^^,^ej^^^ ,11 tllld ^'fi rents per dozen. M- \VHeai, r.« and n.1.1 ccnj.i per bushel. «'orn. .S."i.«i and til. crntH. Out*. <si anil .H,!» cents. I'ota- to«"M, 1.11! nnd fiO.s eeni.M jllay. IPMiH and f in, S3 per ton. i'otton. IS'i and Il.fl c-en|j( per i«iund, Nut Qravy for/To(i»t. Arid a Inrge tnblespnonful of nut butter, rubbed smooth, with a llttlo %Vatcr, to a pint of hot tnlik, thicken with flour rubbed funootJb It) a little of the cold milk, season well aud serve either osi toust or potatoes. s ~~* f Vegetable Stcfw. Cook together a few green peaa, ftotno smalt even air.wl unions and nmnll earrotH, until teniler, letting tho liquor remnln for additional flavor. Add rich milk sniHonlnxs of nolt and CHICAGO STOCK MARKET, -:lf : ,M"R" .,,. ,?>- Tri-('lty l:;trh?r j \V.\\TI:I» i'!' H H. U )l i III. N. t.' ft over I' 1 ' !'»<• higher than owe. UKht . . «'»(tle. M. Oittlc . . K*t (mated CHICAGO GRAIN MARKET. <'hiciiKo, 'ID.. Nov. !» WhfNil .V.i. ^ r««J, »!>.* l-i'.r 1.S9; N<>. .1 r«1,, l-."<i J.H51-^'; N... 4 'tl 3 -4 «).;».•»; .\*<i. 3 hard \Unt«>r. IJ.S4 7-x«/ l>7 J-2; S;mi|.|i> Rrntlr, rt-«l. H.<5,">. Nf"W <'<irn —No, il y«'llow. ll.ic*/ i.itr. . ' u ANTIC!) «!>••>. ir f-n)clif:i»u \V.\NTKO i 'nil !,<•>• X- lijtn's < 'icnr WANflD ixr *ife. IM;HK Uuth in «:("•• N. 1 H ! TO uk.vr A I!, 11 mians titxi tim nit •'• No. 4 yt l!«>w. !»!' . 4 yH- r!»4; S'n, No. 3 yellow, flri'-tHf f 'i 'M ; .N<». f> yellow, 4 white, !M''i 92; . No. R No. f,>', !Kfi; N'o. 3 mixed, t'.Ki !'4 1-2; No. 4 mixed, !IM/<i.r, No. T, mixed. S8/,i»ft; Sample torndr. fcii. , '•Id i'urn- No. 2 yellow, $1 f>."i«i I '17 $l.i»':J; N'o. i white, ti.oii, Nn. 4 white. 11.01 1-:'; Nn. 2 mixed, $l.(t;,; No. •» rnlx«*d. fii>. —No, 2 mixed, &8.1.-.2'; No. i r.r, 3-4: No. .-! mixed, .*.:» :t'-4; N'o white. Tit-ii"..". 1 -1; No. I white, f.:! ",-\ 11.4:1. nishf'tl ri«»tri«: fur M-idffti r<»if!j>t-Tt J. II. AirCofijtj, at l'ui;i; rru r" Iri'iulrr tie off;•-.-. St. \VANTEi)— ItuoMKIIH AJ<JD f!OA»t>- f«fH in jirivati- fumlly. Cfrilrnlly I.«pll jthoh Kf'i: IM'N'T U">iM* CM hiiii«f-H<...[nt!.» HI m.'itt-rn hi h|f" It." ft "Tit !<•«!>. l':i!i it\t f-r-'' 3", S Wt-tt K-'r'h St. '01! UK N'T i >Fr!cK SCtT "I'UNISHKJ* nofiM .Mi-d'in « ui)\ cnj.'ni '' FOR nr;\*T . IlfJl phoni ' o|i HK.N'T Third St. foft Inquire A. L. \VKHT man. KKlf \VA.NT»-:H — AM/ KINDS op 4 RCAV eiiKcr work-in Koclt'F^IM or Ftprljnir Call Bell phone 326-2L tK. Hi Dftbson 95-123' pepper and two tablespoonfnlB of bitH of salt pork diced and browned, adding tho hot fat also, to give a rich* tivafflolfie st«w. Ufru, have proved unable to mop ! .,, ''",»,' — , _. to the «>p by tiu* tiithum; jPrcsidcnt Toner Confesses That r**y ttttd American!* realize the WIIIH;' he AiiHtnUllaiiH. tha|_Jn Mralln ban' produced ^i 1 «l m»li." oiiv who t«t W0||- to take£ fall out of I or cibbonH If KJV-. ir,th<» opportunity. snowy linker, the Australian tluhl !i, IH .trying bard to brim? it u tioxliiK meet where liaivy atnl lion i or (JibboiiM. and wverai other en. It he will cet to their- lh<« winner of 10 bout undoubtedly would have the lilt to call hlm-elf the* wurld'H cham- ln cnjoyhui (treat p* IK IIOW I" Australia, in .spiUr of tin nnnd of military *ervice. Kverj pnday nielli. Hnowy linker declares 'Martial Night" til tho Sydney »tad \, nt the luvltatlon of linker, am UMIUUlH of fthldiei'H present tlieitlMel- Itt the hoiilM. The war* would havf (little effect oh n vvorid'M L'bampiunuhl latch. «-j .' • • •.;. . A NATIONALTCHOOt Be Opened On Noveinbci 13th in Baltimore fo.r > Suffragists. (By United 1'jt-xw.) York, Nov; f». . A mil hum! Snappiest. Ily'll. r, Hamilton, (Htuff rojTT^itoudeiii of United Pro**.) New York, N. Y., Nov. 8.— The weak- of the National Ix'tiMiii* brani.l of will ol-eued (it) Hal- November''ISth lirhder the direi- of thn Nntioiuil Amerit'an Woman Iflfragft AHKOiMalion .for oiu* wetK'K in- live trulniiiK. l>urliiK that week. from far and iieiir wilt Itlier for tniiiiitik 1 in Htiffrane ry. urguineni, purHmiientary lw\v, »|K>aUbiM, organisation;mul pub- Ity. under mu»h expert i\itorsi an Mr«. OUt,f prw«iUe|Jt of tin- tlonul A»»iiefnt|or^ StrH." Arthur vermore und ,Mrn. M, W, \V)l»on of t> New York Htato Woman HufTrugc ,rty, and Mru, Jtcwo Uejer of Iowa, «xjn'rii'Ueed Hiiffrasjt' workers put tho pUpilM IhrotiKh ihi>if II.OVH tho IHOHI j4iie(*!-NMlul rain- g» iwmthodw, unij will not only ieaeb .am) ttlvo riilen. but will ul ilUttriiUi their ta<li<-» uith model street jnei'tifjRH and other con- ffc fprtmt of MiltTnigu activity. The mooting will ho coniiuctiul from dworfttc«d iiiJtoim>hU» and \\lih. Us iurroufid|n« erowtl and. ht-cklcru will * tjrwu to ,thi' form of, tin- nvonigr ineetinjt in thn mn-et. Mrn. "i^wrrtB t'haptmiu «'.nt. who' in. bi» tin 1 eamiialKlii-r In the I'nited will ahow; thn mifiYagltttH how Ior(tl»lilKe and a local politi» I riimpnlKii. Mrx. Aitlnir Mverinore itivti tin. 1 imm-iii-iion in puldie , ta.kil!K l)}> Volre, eniiiu'iallon. irl»li "ttiul Uirt paychohiM.'? uf vttil- klndM of crowds. MIH WilKon vtill thn rluMi«*i( in Hiillraue hibioj-y _UH>i'iit, *uHl MIM. Ut-yi'r will "S (by.i'luwseu in PI em work und liflty. f-^itllllur MllffutK' x HI lino!.-, vs ill be open* ^J by tlu» Niitinnal AmcritMit \\oinan »ge AB»oeiatlj>n c-.»ilv m-\t Jim- Ill all of the thuU-xix xtate.H if« VKi*tn«'ii iij»\i» not >«-t M-riiii<,l th«> . bane hall DM compared with the nmippy brand illshed out by tin* , American pointed out by Jne I'nlti'd In tin- hiHt worldxerh*!*. wan «d- .milled today by Governor John K. Teni r. president of, the National I^^HTUO, It isn't Wllbert liobliiKon who \n *<o mueh to blnim? for the Uw.of-thc* world nerlen, ai'cordlmr to tjifv. Ti-nfr, .but III diii* -to the -fuel that the players who made up the National I>-UKUC» cluh wiw wholly uniihlo lo do the* things which "Little Orphant Annie" Says "Jim" Riley.Was ------- -the Meanest ot Many will be surprised to'li^arn that "Orphnnt Annie" Is now Mr«. Ortiy. AlthotiRh not n gnmt muny mllt'8 from the po»'t'H birthplace, , Ind., Mr*. (Jr»y'« farm IH Kltuated in the real, old-fnHhlonvd back country, . •-'•.-••• •-. -; ............ • ...... ' ..... - ..... It Was a raw, bleak day wlu-n llttlo '•Orphant Annlo" was brought to the home. Sho canio from a prluil- Make small cone-nhaped potato ero«iuetten, putting a spoonful of cooked gr«>eu peaa In each nn It IH l>o- Ing molded. The potato should bo mashed and Keasoneil, nnd the peas I in r ley—No. •„•; ' JI.47, N* No, 4. $1.3?. STERLING CITY MARKETS Nevy N yellow coin New No. 4 \cllow corn White out* '....., No. 3 mixed oats ...... Whcnt. No. .'1 1 Jatc — ,, - T ---- -„....-. , ,.».. .:. Wni Iry ........... WANTKD — felSCQ^UrlJASD ATJTO- moldlfw. will pay Ulp^liiKhept priw. Also well nlliklndn wr ft-palr*, HlBh- (<><t pflro« j>hitl tot nil.Mind" of fin and hides, Mike, th* J15 Tttllof, Hoth \VANTKI1 __M. Powers. tOTH. JOHN "•:"•" "ifts-ni* UKNT T-KOOM AI>I/ Mo|.»- ern ' hrttw nt 1108 Hlsth A\c, Call The Hoy f! Wood" Hf<ir», 1'Mitf FOR HI:NT — .MO/IKIOJ HI:VI:V- roum hotisf., J(01 Third Av<\ Se« lletiiy HrfhliiiK, furnt?r-<Uh and Ixi- cnat St. fl9ff S'OR SAtE--MISCELLANEOUS -^>-^f^.r'..i-- ••^•'' .- - -- . ,-. .... ... ....... .. -..;.„ .. KOH ..HAM-) HOI.STK1N COW.' .1 M. Ada MIX, Titniph-o. 111:. Fariner't |ih<>tu>. ' I'l lit HA .lerm-.y male Mitchell. .M Call or pjiolie I'M Jjuth iiinaies. - ilutf SAI>K—<JA« KTOVU, $4.00. 507 7t.h Ave. '' ... ,»r.c seasoned. Then fry aft unual In deep fat. Telemeter, "Eye of the Gun" Is Instrument Tlio telemeter, used by all artlllcr in some Kluipe or other, IH aUo tlvo country Ht'ttletnont In a rough wajjon, riding on a heavy board 'laid acrosB It for a neat . Bho mi(ihl have \voii ball It would have been Wi Toner. rontfiidR, for in follow lactlcH other rhiin the onen he did follow,, The Hi'ldliiK. Uoveriuir Tenor unreeis, wan MomeihiiifT awful and the Brooklyn (-lull never had u i-haueo aualnat MUi-h a Kiaiul orpinliuitton us the Keil ,S(»x. Tener. however, in 'extremely op* nnd he hellevf's* that before tlie comes for H not her world m»rl«<K IllH le;i«UC) will bo ^trenK tllPIH'll to KUC'h an exit-lit that U will «lve ltn rival op- of thf sterMPKt'K^rt. Work IK now being domv ht* diH?lar«'«, which will Hive the National Ixutguw undoubted utrciiKth. ' ' * ' ' The* Natinnal I^'UKUO pn*Ky nunH'd Ihftt .(here were nev.eral i-hlbx in the Niitioiial League at Ihe clone of the playing Hrawon which would buy jttvt-n thw world werU-8 . funs n bettor run for their tiintu*}' than d)d tb<» Uwl- gees; "He didn't lumu* t hPKft'ctfilis, irtit: If wan cvldpnt hi» rtoes not bcllevo'tho bt«»t club 'lu the -National iU-ag'iK' won the pennnnt, . - - ' . • TWO AVIATORS KlbtEP Explosiorv of Bomb Fatal to Former Illinois Man. Washington, l», f., Nov. It.-- l.leut 'laielne K, UloliMill, who WUN bolll III 111., WHH killed .\enterday at called tho happenings fit tho Illtey homo with amusement and delight. • *'Jiin itlloy." she deciared, "was thft biggoat teaso and the meanest boy I over iteen. I used to wonder how he learnt it 0*11; how In the. world a boy only twelve years old could be so full of mtadilef, and such an awful tcaae. •*He would draw ugly pictures of us and write, mean things beneath 'cm, and I tell you, he Just nachurly worried tho life put of us.' Then he would make his eyes red by rubbing them, and pretend he was sticking gun caps In them. Then he'd pull the gun cups out Of W« noa«, You can't guepa how ho scared us. "Then he bad a hateful way of do- IhK a trick that a circus man taught him. .with H button and a . by folding' {he hnndkerchief around the button, and Own undoing it, and the button wasn't there. That made us awful curlouH. nt»l w« made hlw do H again and again, until m\6 tlnu* he dropped It 'out of his wleeve."— l^a(Hen 1 Ilonift Joiirtml. U»o The _Ad«, fo . belli wnnled. eli-. ntlian iiea'ii. Mil,, by the exploHion of in aeroplane bomb. - lie wax Hlot for laeiH. L|lther Weltdi of till »avy, who W«M nui.ductiiiK experiment! vith » new type ul uerophuu*. bomb. klllwj, iMvVb- -at« I.OOH' feet In W«|M|I also While the ntfi . h»i air the boiplip>«»inature|y 'he force ^uf tlif explosion waH HO •lilt* that oiil>' partH of the ai-roplam ind of lhi« bodU'M of the nu-n were rt-- vva* appointeil to the K'avw' trutlemy from New York iif lOoti. HI wan niadnated In o tli ' und Ji«xlnnt' In 1UI4 be wan IIM- nuvul aviullon tteiTiotv Vi.'lih wu» horn in Kant.a» I'ity, MM,. nd appointed tu the naval nciiili-inj rom tin-re, lie WUM tlie Mlt-MK iied to (ne Mirth niiin und the prize HludeiU of hi^ Iat»t. lii 18ml E OF THE OLD TIMERS l!y 11 ('I! million l'ie»H Httltl' I'ol letipolulellt.J tu tJtu winiU'o :,iinH llii who m-vt'i prtiine for his flui« of tly «i«iK t ¥^(*ll Ul»< litJ-l N.lfinn.ll h-.l^lli' pent tgr IJroohlyn Mlnee 'i'hc AUK MI-.-MI got into lite i>iU it'.lKlle !H I.I. I ijwui IH bin iiiinir, liiui. •mpgf"f.t't/-iiit-o. be ti i"t rd. y.-ri-r-r-*- S-rt» — even ^iu M.inh.Ht.tii. «,lu-iv tbt-v 5TOP CATARRH! ( OPEN NOSTRILS AND HEAP Saya Cream Applied In Nonlrilg ' Kclleve» Il6»d»Col(|s at Once. HAVE ROSY CHEEKS AND FEEL FRESH AS A DAISY-TRY.THIS! 8*y» 8'««* «' bot w*t»p with phofpbtte Before br*ii$fait _ wft|he» out Tt* tho of heullhy " known UB the eye of the gun. It Is really n tube with two telescopic lenBes. one on each end. The "objectives" of the two leiisou nre placed Inside the In'Mtrument und towards the end of the tube. I'rtams with five fnces act as reflectors, HO that the person looking In has inechaninilly Rprend bin eyes to the two ends at the tube, with a trcnuiidiMiH raiiKo of vision. Of course, the ends nro so arranged that they may be dlrtK'ted at a single object nt the same Him*, thus making it possible for tho'observer-to «eft what would otherwise bo beyond the power of the human eye «nd to know, by the angle nt which It is viewed, the distance awny.-; , It requires a-little, practice, to use this wonderful Instrument, but in a -few days the s operator ascertains how easily he can determine the precise ills- tance ha IB from tho object he IB look,lug at and by a quick calculation ho di< ;rect8 the pointing of the gun eo that It j cannot fail to strike »t toe desired 'tpot, .' ,-•- - - LIVE STOCK. (I'lppert Hroa. & t'oe.1 FiU uteers ....... . ......... I'M Off l«r. t 'own ................ .. *« .<'•'»«» t.OO .......... ....... . . .JR.O Sneep ....'... ... . . ..... ____ $r> fahen In- FOlt HAM': -IN 8 H<WK en -room hoii u e. Kb-etllt' 'Ilittttn. usis city water, $otnl rl«t(«rn, "KOIU! eellni Kood barn aii'l TI«II h»iu»»>, "i aere of land, III|M of frtilr. ^m««nt -ttalKs and eernent floor In barn, Well loi'Ated, K 1". Taylor. r ' . ""tin-in I KXPKCT A CAHLOAU OK AI'l'I.KS between tb<» l.'ith nntl i'Wth. • \Vatcb —for- my iwl»-»Wlll Hlioro, Kmc-rwon. " , ' ' • IT"- ill* K<I» HAI.X: nA.M ;tlH"i ehiilce lut ll.itn|i-<h!l<• and Jer«ey nhojits. M'oolaun I'arttt. 110-115 Ko|{ SAM-:-1 (Mi S1IMIJT Tl.tlK oNI.Y. him."*- and lot. r-orrv-r fniirth Ht, and 'I !-:«.«I l-'ouith HI, i if'-nr,» I''»N A I'To .MA- Ilo"-'ll2» HAl.i: SHOW <'ASI-: l'A:iH,X4 -' xhiivi«. Iii K m,'\ eomtition. r<»K tic '«Hi ft . LOCAL RETAIL MARKET. (8u«rlliuj I Til Tr V TViiittPr~"rr:~.vr~rrr:~.-rr, llnnaiord eteamery butter .. Dairy— Wholflt lie. l),-Ury butter • . ._._ ---- j_- • : • • T'iv»lH»KH*~"-"~~. VT7VV . T. 7 : . ; . New V»-jotable*. ll«?ad Iftture, |»pr hwid ... Celery, e«eh ...... .. . H, ' ettt'h ........... ; 3?>r • • SO|- 732o I'nrxley NHW potatoes, pk l.«'!if lottiiee, bunch ..... H<t'tH, bune'l ...... ."..., Oreen IK-PPCIH, dD/.en Xt-w cabhajjc, Ib. ....... F'uit. OrunneH. Calif,, dozen U IH AU. <:UMIU.KTI: and wo lire In pmltlon to hsuulle nil klnilw of lihN-M and fur. Will pay the snarkej prl» % «t. n Al*<* w«nl wl) hinds of Junk. Dott'tJHiirtKitway vuur, i«nl^ for nuthiii),'. fnH J>, Mail field on Uoi-iist street, Sterllntr. befor»* you Bell, You Ket full vnlipf for 'your K"i'df. Moth phoilen. j •'. ,i •! .it r ..'110- ! .VoTH'K OK l)l^K«JhU'ruN--'rins I Jo srlve noticr that Kirby *L- Kurd r<hip. The a«'in»iimM tvf)' b^Jeft with John M. titicktw,for,(*>U>H:t(on<,lKirl>y A Ford. . ' • 100-111* I'AULKY'M pita), bas Kourlh.Ht«. 1JOS- cunwr Loi'ust nnd ' 95-121, . . &(><• ...'"' .f><- . 10e . . . Oc LOST *r*' LOST CHIMI-.S I'hone .MI-B. JoliW Her H.A-VV, J'tothfiiK O». 11! Jur«ey potatonn. B Ibs. Objected to Her Word. Mario, Hvi- yi'iirs of IIKIS hud been visiting us for ' i!riil ' Ki'i'i'nil wiM'j£«. On «t;v- »ho wmihl Buy nither saury tiling, «n«i In rHiuklng hor 1 would iidniuiilKh her not to gi4 Wearing of Wedding Rlnot. Gcrmpu wom»u when engaged wear .« woddiug ring oa the third-flager o! the right hand., Swiss wives wear the ; wedding Ting on Uio^ left band, but Widows oa the right; When eogagm) Swi»H women wear ibe wtKlciinu rlu* with ft jeweled ring under It; when married the wedding ring Is under- nefttb. The married roan, by the \rny, hus to show his "condition" by wearing R wedding ling. "cliwrty." Sho UKUullji^wiis BlU-ijt after thin, hut one day Hhu.nxkiHl lue wiint I ini'iint. Tnkrii'liy tuirprlMfl 1 HtnrorocnHl, "Why, I nu>iui. dun't g«t frosh." As ijuU'k os thought fhi* Haid : '1'hen why «.*on't you- «ty fri'«h nml I will know whut you uro tnlliliig ahotjt." O,ST— A CUh'S.T.VL •ear rlnjj. Heward. Went Sixth. Kt, IWO1' Heturn- tm Itiil 111- 112 T l!Hf ItAKUAINM IX HLHMITI.V u«e,| piiin.i- IneludiiiK two line play. er piiiiKi». Th«i>ti> platioH nnixt bo tnoM-,1 (luit-kly to rnuke room for our holiday «to,-|<. Write |)i,-hl> I'lano Kxrhdhu,., .Mllleulievllle, |||. TIleTH- <^ilv 1'lnno l)iiu«e, I'olo, Alilh-d«evilln. nnd Mot rinon. JUii»44tj« i-'<iu HALK .sAciai'K'r-: sAiTi; OK ~a motor bo:«tn, I ..twin eyllndr-r. f, ||. p. Marino eiurJne. _Cal| 1>|| S^4H.'t, , _ ____ ___ 1 'III. 110 FI » 1 1 MA !.!•: i •( n, A xn rii I^TA i if rirt J, both Hex, .lohrj Klurk. Hi, Hoek Kallu. l'*.'irtner'?* phono..,- intuito* 1*0 H SALi: • -\Vl\Tl-:« Ituli-U -l-i". lindi-r car Cull T'.ia. Kir.-l Av«-., Hock |--j,l|y 7i)i|{ rev <;iant UaldiitH. We«ley Moiri«iii!. ill. ' Uiii-lto* and i F«»H sAU'r-iT:Tv White male |i|i;s. Henrv K. Ohlx. HI. Itork J'allx, |UK. j 11* !**( )li *«i\ii'* i*iii r u 1*1 * i i Poland China IIUKW, J, U. \i»>\\mr and y, K. IJoy.'r, I'mirievllle. MI* FOR SALE—FARM LANDS HAIIUV j-:. OKDS. tionei-r. SatiHfaclion Hook l-'allM, |Uiuti> 1. AVC- r'tt phone K. O. Ht'MLItW l.lVh! HUT»«'Jv AN ' jr real 'enluto auetUmeer. more Mab-n limn any auctioneer and y | ( >ng U.Ht of nati«-" lied patronsi art'miu*l«;leiit n«fereiH-«> 'Co anywheri', Aluko dutt>» vurly. Hfl. phone. UoHideju-u 4006 ,W«.'*t .Sixtl St.. 6tw It Coming. . A Jltllo girl of thrtH' wii» told that her birthday WBB coming uoou. She did nut qtiltw undorntnnd what a birth day was. so she wild: "Oh, inuitle! HOUIC <1uy I will go to the window tuiti «»»fi my birthduy coming down tin- street," " Well to Rert Bometlmea. Yoa mny be « frtw horse fur work. but don't drive yoyra-lf tlil you are r«udy to drop. Slop awhile uud look around. LEQAL NOTICE in yuur faro to •*»•»< your "shin If jour no.'.tiils (ii't< and your lii'.td^.iM nlutrt-d and you can't hreathu freely |u>vtiueie of a. cold, or Ciilurrli, Ju*«t t;vl u. Miuill bottle of Kly'*< <-' H.tijfi jtt any 4lriiK f-toie. Apply u little olf (his fragianl, antinvptiu tuam into >uur nohlrll« and lei v it itir li-iacaui uf yum' £1 . und heallnK tin- inllutncd,; unit you f:«'l relief. Ah! tf<iw rrood it («-T|K. Your niwi triN ale open, your h*-a«l \* j'lear,-no Hint*- IP ;u1.ii-he, ilr> lit .>.N 01 a t'.leiirc-r and olitirer, to wake up wllh- ulil 'a • iu'iiduehe, bai'kaehe, c>Mled tonyiii' or u naiity lireulli. iu fact to fei-l your be«t, du> 1 ill iilltl d-l.V out. JUKI try iiiMide-baihltiK vvery murniiiji for line Het-k. . • iiefuie breaUfast e,i< h day. drink «, ^Ijiht* of real hoi . water with 'a tea- Kpoonfii! of limehtoiie pho.-<phai<! ill It aj* u harmb'Mj* means of \vu»liiiiK from the •»toi|iaji > h / lUer, K)due>,-. and bowel*' (he previous tl.tjV ind»se«l.tblo \yaKti-, Hour liile and IIIXIIIH; tliiin cleansing, Mweeleninij ami purifyimi Uu; eiillie ,itiiin-aiar.s canai before pulllriK ntoie food into tin 1 MoniUflt. J'litj iM'ti"ii oi an empty .-ti-mai-u is wondeifull> lull I'lvaiu, mil all tin- f-om •>. H,IM--. ami ai'i'lilv- and ,'e)< tuie a tipti-itdui ui»pi-liie tin \ «|ti.»lti.'i' puiiiiil uf linientone phoM- at>> will »'<>M \t-rj HUle at the diUK S ^litt^^!^'llt tn di'lui'UnllTili* tbtt lii*il .I- Mi.ip .illii hut \\atei hut tt llel <illd lllii»'*4oue pi •• --• •'• • |.|,7od' •• ' ' America'* Flr»t Canal. America's first canal was dug .at •South HuUk-y, MUBS.. when Wnsblntf- too was president. Jt was completed J20 -yoara ago. .That little waterway gavo Do Witt Clinton his idea for tbt cauul acrosf Kew Tori " f i the greatest single impetus ever contributed to .the upbuilding of a Jurgt) city. It wiiw tUe Krio canal that gave New York the-needed speed to pass Phlludelphlu as the tuctropolU of tfats * -. To K»«p Plant* Fr««h. Thoro Is a simple way to water ferns ao<l Sowers which will be of Interest to ono who must leave them (of a time without care, Tuk« a washing tub and place three or four bricks in U and put about two Inches of water In the tub. i'lace the flowers on these bricks and place Hut tub vUieru the} oun'gyt tim tourulni; sunshine, The Codicil. "A penny Kavt % d Is u penny earned," the inorullzer. ^ rejoined, the dejahraljrer, "ilie pocket piree you carry for tei* ycaiM dravK uo lu LEGAL NOTICE. state of llllnotu, I . - >HS.' Whitfwhle C'ounty, / In the Circuit Court, October term A. 1). lUlti. Alice A. itttmlull VM, t;wilKO W. Koy or, tjffli' V. Hoyer JJrandt und 10 A. Hoyer. In Ohuncory Partition, Public notice.IM hertby given that •A. 1,. fOK. A^' J^nils. linvo had, ^xprsrlenc.i? In al SMAU, MlH.SOfHl FARM, flO and'tfi-rnonthly: no Interest or taxe«7 hlKhly productive land; clowi; to 3• |»|K markets. Write for pholoBi-apliM and .full Infonuatioii. Munner A-172 N. Y. Life BldK., Kun^iiH City, Mo, _ 106-130* WILT, TRAMS .MY IBfr.Af.MU?" "ucTj county farm for a fnrm of 200 acres or 2«« acreH, ,M,jKt be n wood farm nnd mav put difference in cash. Wrlto "X. Y. '/,." care CJay.etto. S7-112" AUCTION SALE. 7 kiiulit of nal«t». : , und «>vr«rywhorv,, . ajjy when reftir, yint to n loir liKt of H,iti»tli!d ciiHtortt«r«. . for dntex. lluth A \.'( "fid N • J. r. cito.M AND I ecru, Coletfi or :'• ^filledpeyitU>. W- make a-•jipi'i.'^i.Hy M^, WliciJi.!!) Hale.i Cthiduct many. t^ilRK, »nxry; yfjir ami can refer you to iimny waUsfii'd i?uw- Wfc gUHranit^ ahHolute .sat- l.sfaction. !Write *6r' plioiiiF us foi dnt«>iv i .,- s - .,,,:.,,',.'.,.,-' C3K01U-K <!.;, J>lxot)l JJI. 'jla vn Hold pun bred ftlock In, PU..HI refer eiu'«'. All catte' pronj'p'f If ft 1 1 end p<l. I'lu-ntt or vffftfa for . on- the 28th, day of Oetybtn A. 1). I'JtO, iu the above entitled caiifc the underHijtned Muwl«r-ln-chancer\ will well at public v»ndu« to the •.M| bldiier, on the 25tli day of November, A. i>. 1916. at two o'clock- in ihi ifternoon. at the Kouth^Uior of thf Cit> Hall |u tht» City of SterlliiK, in County, the followiiiii di'«cribed uid preinlbfH, to- wit: Ix>t tine (t) Iti Blut-k Tiilrty (30) We«t uf Ilroudwuj in th« city of Htertlnsf, Autnty of \Vhliehide and Ktate of UUnoix, . ,TtTiiu> uf aale: Ten per cent of tlu KWVAKIl h, MKHT, ' 1 Chadwhik, III. Hnlc* Kurni ami xtuck saleM i! in} - '"j«ppi t iaU> Kxperience , lulu ' been' "nt"? "teuchci - Speak both KHiilirtu a'ud " Oennati •Both jihonew, ''Cul}. tt'jlte or Wire a; my expense^ " . . ; " *I* M. KABWNWV, --A-f^flONKKU Pixon, III. •Willi y«»ar* of »-KJH»I ienc« In th* unction IniMriieHK will gunrun i*'e natlHfacflton: 'VOr' ! rcfciVtHH» sin peoptM for whmh 1 hav<> hHd sales Dixon HoniL* phone. T«»l»M»heV. 1T>2. SATURDAY, OCT. 11, 1919 ,"ut 2 jr/ir. 1C J'roadway, ,S!ecliilK. I iuiviu iohl my reaideiic,'*- nnd will hell my pc>r»omjl property at public wale, Impk'im-ntw Wajson, niirrey, harrow, Aumo , pulveriser, corn f heller, i-|iainn, fnrltH, <hovrl* (mil Ktlici- tirtich-s. t'orn fodder, . chickomi. weed potfltoen, ••. t-ntifd fruit. HoiiHchoIit (JoodH — Wood , hard i'oal haH«- burner, bi-d Htoadx, onn hahy bed with hrddliiK, kllchi-n rup. hoardH, rtRvJiliiK «'hairH, dlninK rhairs, lu»nchi'«, (•owt'h, wawhMtandK, office chair. hookn, earpHu, diwhes, pi< tureu. A. Jj, Cue, Auctioneer: he win Hell /.el, Chtrls. ABRAM L, BRUBAKER. O. l'\l)K Prophet Mown, 111. Will cry *aU-n any where. Conduot 10«.|d >(U *i»lu»i year 1>. Id-fcrpiint^i — Hunk of in-opln-if town. ClttiU'iiH lw«k< rFavmtn-'H Nst priue due and payable on if wale Ulld bulu.nre Mi|li'n MUid K>tb> i.- by the -Court, when dt*ect ithul) be Th* Why 01 It. "' rtills oil 1 .-.ibbngi' lt«uvi % s Wate cause tlu 1 }' nr»' iov<Teil ulih u minute No mu't !•- .-^o ','!»ini to hi- own faults Ii- if itiiHi Vrii'T'liTs liTi- luibir f«r i1>'*tprt-~ II. Wiiodluihi. r- in- Chancery. 26, N r ov. a. y. n; SALf. I.-* hereby «iven. (Itat on Sit- th" Hth ilaS of .N'oVflUlier HeM 'lekwfcn the'lMuir** of 10 o'clock in On forenoon and I n'rlm-k IK the aflern<i»ii ••f Hftui da>, io-nit. n't '.' o'c hn-K |) in it tile I. lie ie>ldf-nce of Albert 1-J Mfech- "i, -di-c« iifcd, .it i'Uii K.i>.t Second Kti<-<'t in th" l'lt> of J-Ueiluu,-, in I he «'nunt> nf \Vhl'cj.|ih l .Hnd rflale of lUti|oi«. Ua _ nt, oiiM»tinii of Hjviiloi, t'Jiubsi, (llnltiK fill • book bt'U.. . fctoycs;; be_d li»_jim carpets, Harden mid o'tiu i ,titicb-N. will be Ytdd is lic »aH- in ,»ci'u|il:iisrc \Vlfh .Hi i-f the hank. residence qnd office. phone, boil H, U UA1UUNUTO.K, } car*> Mucct«»Bful wellius 1 . Hut isiliirantcpd. >OifiM^' with M K. Wilder. .Iii4li phiinen, H I). W. AHHOTT. 111. Stock a'ud fiunt «al«-.-« -<r 'All culls promptly altiMiiH',1 \uur date M N. tir^'Tlli-y, AL'CTlBRi;i;i; Amboy.'ill. l^iiu SifeK.^fk >,i!,.1 specialt y. ^pftrim-r«TlFli ! Tnirti>>. uf ihv ft v\ wl New Blndci for Old Onea. f pr 9eat Service and t'd in 0 |vw desk knlfi-. « now one thu-t htu Forster&Sons Fuoeral Directors Bell No. 9 9 B.lTNo. 620 Special offfce consultant, o \i,"ni i. i' ti.nin, AUutiH QUABDIAN'S State of' IllinulK, 1 } aa. County nf Whltotiido, j lly virtuo of a decretal order of the County Court of walil County, entered «t tlu» August term of wild Court, A. I>. I Hie, on the application of Krank W. Wheiier, (Uiardian of Caul W, Murray iiul VlrKll o. Murray, minor*, to m-ll tho ollowlni; di'M-ribed real eMtale. helonK- 'n« to mild niliuirK. Mituufi* in tho Conn•y of \Vhltfj*idiV Hlat«"ljr IIUnulH, tu- iV H. , An undivided two'thlrdw uf J^ot Kive 'n N'lne. in tin- City uf Jtuck Hill*. »iuh]prt to the dower lutcrc«t therein of Nellh- K, Murray/ . I *hul'. on the wixiewith day of No- vomber, A. 1>, line, at the hour of two "»e!oc."c I 1 . M.. -Hdl Hahl . mlnora real 'Matt-, at the west door of thn po«t- •iTiei* in ('ity of h-torlliiK. In said t-uun- *'} TeruiM of Mile aw ftd'owx; Caul) on day of miU>. IVanlc W. Wheeler-, - ,<juiinlian for i'uul W. Murray mid *.ir«iJ O. Murray. Mi num. I.' Oi'l, 25. Nov. 1, R. W, K. DUNMORE Eye and Hoalth • Sp«ci»li*t Hr$. 9.12—2-9 Chiropractic and onlcopiwhiu treat-' QI.AS8E8 menta CORRECTLY STERLING. ILL. ' 9 g«. Third 84.

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