Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on March 11, 1964 · Page 14
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 14

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 11, 1964
Page 14
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BEN CASEY ir «STOUnt»VE! AND PONT EVER By NEAL ADAMS THIS IS > CAUSEVOO PftNTHiTMT fKWKEMD STOK/! ilii SHORT BIBS By FRANK O'NEAL DAN FLAGG By DON SHERWOOD BIORTY MEEKLE By DICK CAVALLI ANVTHINO SKEET AROJND THIS FLAGS. ALLEY OOP By V. T. HAIMLIN PRISCILLA'S POP By AL \TRMEER CAPTAIN EASY By LESLIE TURNER m-wsmH, Yoitm TP NEVER HAVE KECOSNIZEP HOW po sou ( uTTiE 'souw pmcea MW SURE REMEMBER WK\S!0\iK U5TA TAKg N ROOMERS MO. I-IW AFRAIP XWOrlVOUBEANI 'mESE'5 BEEN 50MB )5ENT Aa TH&fA , HUSnXfi! WE NEVER J OitdSiTMS ZfXOSi TOA^TRAHeW? '2 -m Hi OLTJ BOARDING HOUSE with JL^JOR HOOPLE OUT OUR WAY J. B. ^VILLIABIS HIS NAM£ IS WE SLICKEST col , IwiTHARECORO AS UOMG AS AOULt- LECTURE/NMB FINAU-VTRACEO 14-W «L, March 11,1!M RecHandsOarly Facts TELEVISION IN REVIEW By BICS DO BBOW HOLLYWOOD (UPI) - Early Tuesday evening in the East, with only a smidgen of the ballots counted, the television computers informed us tliat Ambassador Henry Cabot Lodge had won tlie New Hamp shire primary. Shortly after this declaration —it wasn't a prediction, but a declaration — we received a phone call from several malev olent Hollywood writers and wits who had seen their evening of enjoyable sweating thus wiped out before it had a chance to start. They had their, own predictions for the remainder of the election year, to wit: —In April, ABC-TV computers will choose the serious pres idential and vice presidential candidates, thus doing away with e'aiic'uses, party structures and promises. —In May, NBC-TV computers will decide on the two running mates for each party, thus doing away wth such e.xtrava- gances as national conventions, boore and related fun-makins. —In August, CBS-TV comput ers will choose the President, thus doing away with the both er of a formal election, and im mediately eliminating such New study on transplanting kidneys DENVER (UPI)-Surgeons at Colorado General and Veterans Administration Hospitals were trying to learn today why six baboon-to-human kidney trans plants performed here failed. The doctors said Jfonday one of the patients died Friday, raising the death toU among the .";ix transplant recipients to four. The baboon kidneys in the two survivors have since been removed and replaced by human kidneys donated by inmates at Colorado State Penitentiary. The surgeons said the recipi ent's body, in each case, rejected the animal organ as for eign tissue. The baboon kidneys did not (unction permanently in any of the six cases. The latest recipient to die was a 31-ycar-oId man who was never identified. A spokesman for the team of surgeons from the two hospitals said that no more aoimal-to- humau transplants were planned. "We're gomg to resludy the whole matter now." he said. problems as voter qualifica' Hons. Tuesday evening's declaration was, of course, correct. And there went some more romance of a heated political race. One could be impressed by the cal culation, but the excitement n-as equal to that of the ninth martini. A thought that struck was that the networks certainly must have as much faith in their own mechanical system as in the ratings people they depend on, and that with a little effort they might well eliminate the raters in favor of their own. calculations. Every cloud has a silver lining. Th« Channel Swim: Mae \7est's appearance on CBS-TV's 'Mr. Ed" series is postponed from this Sunday to March 22 because the three-network in terview with President Johnson will pre-empt the program... That's show biz. NBCTV says "That Was The Week That Was," foUowing a summer layoff, will return in prime time in the fall, and not as a late afternoon Sunday entry, as rumored.. .The satirical show thus will not be on the air during the periods of the Democratic and Republican national conventions.. .But it is scheduled to return Sept, 22, leaving plenty of time to fire salvos at the campaigning. "Wh«n you gonn» invent the jack? IN HOLLYWOOD Staggering cost, staggering cast By Enkine Johnson Loses fight, suit wrestling washer RICHMOND, Va. (UPI)-The Virginia Supreme Court Monday ordered a new trial for a Chesapeake housewife who said she suffered injuries when she grabbed hold of a washing ma chine that acted like "a robot gone crazy." Mrs. Anna Bamettc lost her damages suit agamst an appli ance firm. She sued on grounds her newly installed washing- machine began to vibrate with unusual force and when she "grabbed hold of it" to stop it, she became hysterical and her breathing became heavy. SERVICE DETROIT (UPI) — As a pro motional device, a department store here is offering its cus tomers a low-priced income tax filing service. The cost is $3 for taxpayers taking the standard deduction. SWEETIE PIE By Nadine Seltzer "Why the finger bowls? You people eat with your HANDS?" ACAPULCO — (NEA) - The luxurious 65-foot private yacht, the "Blue Heron," out of San Diego, rides at anchor in Acapulco Bay. Seamen are string- mg lights in her riggmg and tonight .her teak decks will be the scene of a big party for a new movie on location here. Th talk in the hotel's open air cocktail lounge is about other movies filmed aboard yachts and ships and someone remembers the time director Lewis Milestone took a film company to sea aboard a freighter. He was scheduled for a week's work but the captain was generous with his store of beverages and everyone was having such a gay time that three weeks slipped by. A cable finally arrived from the head of the studio. Please explain," it read, "why you are still at sea. Cost is staggering." Milestone's cable reply was a classic: "So is the cast." "It just isn't my medium," explains Lana Turner about her "No thank you" to all kinds of fabulous television • offers. She's one of the few veteran film queens who can afford the! words. She works for little salary but with a big percentage of the movies she makes. Her independent ElTee Productions — her L. T. initials — is as sociated with Columbia and producer Jerry Bresler's com pany in the filming here of "Love Has Many Faces." Fifty per cent of the profits is reportedly her percentage of the film. Hugh C'Brian is still talking in wonderment about his hosting of a big television show in Holly\vood recently with Ginger Rogers as one of his guests. During World War II Gmger .NOTICE TO CREDITOBS No. 33339 Superior Court ot the Slate of Cali- /ornia. for the County of San Bernardino. Estate of NICHOI-AS STEPHANI, also know-n as NICHOLAS W. SrrpHA.M. Deceased. Notice is hereby given to the creiSi' tors of the above named decedent that all persons having claims against the said decedent are required to file them, with the necessary vouch* ers. in the office of the clerk of the above entitled court, or to present them, with the necessary vouchers, to the undersigned at the law office of Paul B. Wilson and Guay P. Wilson, 308 E. State Street. Hcd- lands, Calif., which is the place ofi business of the undersigned in all matters pertaining; to the estate of said decedent, within six months after the first puhUcation of this notice. Dated Feb. 26. 1964. lABRY PARRISH. Executor of the Will of the above named decedent PAUL B. WILSON and GUAY P. WILSON, 306 E. State St. Bedlands. Calif., TEL: 792-3373, Attorneys for Executor. (First publication Feb. 2S, 196*) entertamed at a Marine base where the then unknown O'Brian was a new recruit. "If someone then had told me Fd be introducing Ginger Rogers on a television show in 1964 I would have told them they were crazy." What Gmger Rogers would have said heaven only knows. Carpenters and electricians in movie crews working in subtropical climates always give onlookers a momentary look of disbelief. They wear only shorts, on the belts of which hang an incredible number and assortment of pliers, hammers, saws, screw drivers, gloves, nail bags and rolls of tape. At first glance they appear to be wearing only the tools of their trade — and that's all. Stanana land and the jet age coUide head-on here. Every lane flight to Mexico City is oversold because of the high rate of no-shows, and things get real complicated. At the airline office we overheard a young couple checking on their standby status for a Saturday afternoon flight. "Yes," said the girl behind the desk, "you are still on standby." "In, what place?" asked the husband. "Ninth," said the airline girl. With that the wife screamed, "But YESTERDAY we were SECOm on the MsV The coimter girl's answer was a weary shrug. NOTICE OF SALE OF REAL PROPEBTT AT FKIVATE SAVE No. 33233 In the Matter of the Estate of ANNE FRANCES ALLGAIER. Deceased. NOTICE IS HEREBY GtVEN that the undersigned Administratrix of the Estate of the above named ANNE FRANCES ALLGAIEB. Deceased. wUl sell at private sale, to the highest and best bidder, or bidders, for Cash or on credit, or on such other terms as may be agreed upon by the undersigned, subject to confirmation of the Superior Court of the State of California, in and for Ihc County of San Bernardino, on or after 10:00 o'clock a.m. on the 20th day of March, 10M, at the Offices of F, A. LEONARD, Suite 6, Investment Building. Redlands. California, ail of the right, title and interest of said Anne Frances Allgaier at the time ot her death, and thereafter acquired by the Estate of said decedent, in and to that certain parcel of real property, described as follows: Lot 13 of REDLANDS UNIVERSITY TRACT .WMBEB ONE, in the Cit.v of Redlands, County of San Bernardino. State of California, as per plat recorded in Book 17 of Maps, pages 47 and 43. Records of said County. (Improved residence, numbered 834 College Avenue, Redlands, Cali- fomia.» Bids or offers must be iti vrritinjj and may be delivered to said Ad­ ministratrix at the place above specified as the place for the sale of said property, or may be filed in the Office of the Clerk of said County at any time after the first pubUcation. The undersigned reserves th* right to reject any and all bids. Dated: March 3. 1964. JANE A. PARKiat. As Administratrix of th« lEsiAte of Anne Frances Aljgaier, Deceased. F. A. LEONARD. Attorney for Administratrix. SIDE GLANCES By Gill Fox » »M w im. ite Tx fc, M "I thought it was sometiiins Tike Bingol" Dickensian Answer to Previous PUK!« "Ms ACROSS 3 Tiny A Sairef 8 "OU^^Curiasity 12 Fuss 13 Jewish mooth I4KeliJ3quisij J5 Creek 155oather, Coleridge, Wordsworth (2 words) la "Christmas Carol" cfaaracler 20 Bird 21 Acts of mimiftnng 23 Arab repute 28Prepositioa 27 Personal pronoun 30 Tendons sarisher SaEoropean £acb 3S Mistakes 37 Compass point 33 Southern stata (ah,) 39AUeviate iOEuropeaii coimlry 44Tantalusr daughter 47 Flag material Sllntematioiut traders 53 Drone bee 54 Prevaricated 55 Otherwise 56 Jfountaia (comb, form) 57 Narrow way SSlrtanor court 53 Loiter DOWN ISezmea 2BeierriDg to e£0 3 Heath 4 Lively dance 5 Old sasr 6 Creator 7 Before (prefix) 8 Plods 9 Digger 10Bone (comb. form) 11 Nuisance 17 Hammerer 19 Wooden 22 Feminine appellation 23 Small island 24Daaisb- 29 Gaelic 31 Sam 32 Pierce 34 Negotiate Americao i>Titer 40 Dwelling 23 Miss Baxter 27 Portico SSFosseoive pronoun 41 White poplar 42 Betsy Prig 43 inflow 44titae 45 South African iris 46 Give access 43 False god 49 Miss Eayes 50 Rum liriDlc £2 Distant (comb. lonn)

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