Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 21, 1968 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 21, 1968
Page 4
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Me§t!ir, fibruiry 21,1968 HOPt (*(HT) STAR, NiMd »r Offset ^^MsV^^^^B^B^B^a^a^B^B^B^B^B^B^B^BV I G I B V I%M U I I %jT V I I T/ U H I V* 6 1 3ft AS H8W*i?m «$as ftxAWtt 5 MS r*iw etossf * e 6136 *-c KAR 8. 35 ft 3d ftMLUAIt 6: 30(Ceiet) 7:30(Colof) 8:00(Colot) f8I AVWGttS StCOtfi) YtA*S WttUWtSWW HlCHt HOVtt "Vtng* of ftr* M PU»h*tt«, Lloyd Holin 6:00 6:30 8:00 9:00 10 tOO 10:15 10:30 12:00 Wednesday, February 21 News and Weather Raport (C) The Virginian NBC (C) Kraft Music Hall NBC! (C) Run For Your Life NBC (C) News and Weather (C) Lonntc Gibbons Sports Show the Tonight Show NBC (C) Sign Off §t is §t36 16t 60 lOt 36 11 i 6$ lit 00 fee At SRC* * c fOdXt IN S«»fvtPORf-<! f66AY SHOW - C fttAP JUOOfttftf * C ma trfitfs - c eesetOTftAtios - c PfifiSOttALlft - C ttOLLtWOOb SOOAR88 * C ^tOPAftfiY - C «Yfi QUtSS - d fV PARfYLlHR - C A f jgte jKtfi es«ft«Wle* (flofu thf« fhur.) * Sttftfll* StiKltlif (ffl*) ArtifSlM A*Kt with loeAl * 3 tat* S«w§ (C) CS8 Horftlrf Sawt ArttiniM A*K* (C) Captiin Rtngftfod CBS (C) fiiftdld C««ra CB3 (0) Tfci S«f«fly HlllbllllKs 685 Af*4f of fttybtfw C89 fhi Dick Van Byk» Show CBS t«s*« of Lif« 685 (C) (C) Confident Diplomacy Will Work WASHINGTON (AP) - President Johnson is depicted by White House visitors as quietly confident that diplomacy eventually will win release of the '.captured intelligence ship Pueb- .lo's crew. In the face of a new North Korean threat to try the 82 surviving crew members, Johnson was said to believe a way will be found to reach a settlement after the other side has had its day of blustering. In Moscow Tuesday, Zang le Zoon, counselor of the North Korean Embassy, told a news conference the Pueblo's crew will be punished and any American reprisals would bring t imrnedlate ^r. •'•< " ' The'United States already had warned that any punishment would be a "deliberate aggravation" of the crisis. The North Korean diplomat said the ship's personnel, "having committed crimes in one country, will get the punishment provided, by that country." "If the American imperialists dare to make reprisals, then war will break out immediately," he said. These threats seem to be regarded at the White House as a part of the game when dealing •with the Communists. More important, it was said, was that after early shouting sessions at , Panmunjom some real negotiating now is going on. The State Department confirmed the eighth meeting on the Pueblo case was held at Panmunjom, but declined to give details of the session. PENTAGON (from page one) the speedy shipment to Vietnam of about 10,500 Army paratroopers and Marines specifically asked for by Westmoreland as insurance against an expected Communist assault on the Khe Sanh stronghold in northwestern South Vietnam. This development highlighted the manpower squeeze because It drew from the United States a brigade of the 82nd Airborne Division, the last division-size Army outfit capable of quick reaction to meet new crises which may develop In the Caribbean, Mediterranean or else» where,The necessity to draw also on an already thin Marine contingent in the United States also . tended to underscore the over* "all manpower problem. The Army and Marines have tried to allow a man at least 24 months away from Vietnam be* fore he is sent back. Bgt authorities said an excep* . tion had to be made in the case "of the new reinforcement of . 10^500 paratroopers and Ma? rines, About 40 per cent of the paratroop brigade had been back from Vietnam less than (wo years, and many less than one year. The Marine regiment was in somewhat the same shape, Faced with strong protests from congressmen and relatives of men being returned to Vietnam, the Army is developing a plan to permit what is called a '*phase return" of men who had recently returned frum their first war tour. Officials said the plan has not yet been approved* — Henry Haynes photo with Star camera MRS. BEATRICE CRAWFORD Mrs. Beatrice Crawford, chief matron of the Arkansas Women's Prison, discussed some of the changes made recently in the state prison Tor women at the regular Tuesday meeting of the Hope Kiwanis Club. Mrs. Crawford is also dieti- tion for both Cummlngs and Tucker prisons. There are about 1,350 persons In prison at the present time. Mrs. Crawford was accompanied to Hope by Tay Porter, chief security officer. Dr. F. C, Crow Introduced the guest speaker. Rights Bill Backers to Try Again By JOHN CHAD WICK Associated .Press Writer WASHINGTON (AP) - Some Senate backers^, of.-. President Johnson's civtl r .rights bill, already dealt one serious setback, plan jettisoning an open-housing provision in an effort to salvage the original measure. Senate Democratic Leader Mike Mansfield said he will propose tabling the controversial open-housing section— an amendment to the administration bill—when debate resumes today. Tabling would kill the amendment. But other supporters of open housing talked of a bid to modify the amendment in hopes it might be made more acceptable to opponents. Both strategies aim at saving the civil rights bill itself, which would imke it a federal crime to Interfere with Negroes and civil rights workers pursuing' equal fights,. The Senate voted 55 to 37 TuesdaySforrcutting off the debate, seven short, of the two- thirds vote nejgljjd.'fqr cloture. The debate haMfoeen-.going on since CongressBgbiwehed Jan. i w* A second cloture vote set for Monday also seem- hoaded for failure unless there is a shift of Republican ranks. COP senators split 18 to 18 on Tuesday's vote after Senate Republican Leader Everett M. Dirksen urged the Senate not to gag Itself by approving cloture. The Democratic tally was 37 for and 19 against. Except for three senators from snu-.ll Western states, Southern opponents of the civil rights measure accounted for all the Domucratic votes against cutting off debate. Mansfield has indicated he will move to lay the legislation aside if the second attempt to cut off debate does not succeed. Mansfield has emphasized that without Dirksen's support, he sees no chance of getting the two-thirds majority necessary to choke off debate. Built a Better Mouse Trap DALLAS, Ore. (AP) *. The Dallas, Ore,, chapter of the Fu* ture Farmers of America has built a better mouse trap, Here's how it works; You take a coffee can with a plastic top and fill it with water. Then you cut several slits in the plastic top, making its surface very weak, Next you put peanut butter on the underside of the top. Then you bury the can in a field that has a mouse problem. The mice smell the peanut butter, step on the siit plastic, fpll ino the coffee ca'i ail drown— the future farmers hope. iv; vuvv,oiaiv iw VI Uim.ll. UCTJKT 10i30(Cei<>f) THE fctC HOVtt "Mot Radl to Hill" Dtnt Ahdttwi, J«*ttn* Ct«ln 12: 30 AM StHK QtT THURSDATj FEBfiUAKT 22 6:/,5 AM TEST PATTERN 7:00 (COLOR) BOZO'S Blu TOP SHOW 8:30 DIALING POK DOLURS THEATRE "The B«9t Things In Life »r« Free" Gordon KacRea, Sher«« North 10i 30 HOW'S YOUR MOTHEFUW-LAW 11:00 BEWITCHED lit 30 (COLOR) TREASURE ISLE 12! CO N THE FUGITIVE 1:00 (COLOR) NEWLTWED GAME 1:30 (COLOR) THE BAST GAME 1:55 (COLOR) THE CHILDREN'S DOCTOR 2:00 (COLOR) GENERAL HOSPITAL 2:30 (COLOR) DARK SHADOWS 3:oo (COLOR) DATING GAME 3:30 DIALING FOR DOLLARS rHEATRE "Love Me Tender" Elvis Presley 5:00 (COLOR) ABC NEWS 5:30 (COLOR) 5:3° REPORT 6:00 RIFLEMAN 6:30 (COLOR) BATMAN 7:00 (COLOR) THE FLYING NUN 7:30 (COLOR) BEWITCHED 8:00 (COLOR) THAT GIRL 8:30 (COLOR) PEYTON PLACE " 9:' 00 (COLOR) ' ""COWBOY .IN AFRICA 10:00 (COLOR) THE 10 O'CLOCK REPORT 10:30 (COLOR) JOEY BISHOP 12:00 M SINE OFF Thursday, February 22 6:45 RFD with Bob Bulce (C) 6:55 Morning Devotions (C) 7:00 The Today Show NBC (C) 7s 25 Arkansas News nnd Weathar 7:30 The Today Show NBC (C) 8:00 The Today Show NBC (C) 8:25 Arkansas News and Weather 8:30 The Today Show NBC (C) 9:00 Snap Judgement NBC (C) 9:30 Concentration NBC (C) 10:00 Personality NBC (C) 10:30 The Hollywood Squares NBC 11:00 Jeopardy NBC (C) 11:30 Eye Guess NBC (C) 11:55 Edwin Newman with the News 12:00 Little Rock Today (C) 12:30 Let's Make A Deal NBC 1:00 Days of Our Lives NBC 1:30 The Doctors NBC (C) 2:00 Another World NBC (C) 2:30 You Don't Say NBC (C) 3:06 The Mike Douglas Show 4:30 1 Love Lucy "Ricks Life Story 5:00 F Troop "Is this Fort Really Necessary" 5:30 Huntley Brinkley Report NBC (C) 6:00 News and Weather Report (C) 6:30 Daniel Boone NBC (C) 7:30 Ironside NBC (C) 8:30 Dragnet NBC (C) 9:00 The Dean Martin Show NBC (C) 10:00 News •and Weather (G) 10:15 Lonnie Gibbons Sports Show (C) 10:30 The Tonight Show NBC (C) 12:00 Sign Off /^ i * »»J,|Jy i^V Rml*Ti-f i>el W CT • WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 21. X M 6»3o PM THE VIRGINIAN - c , 8»00 i KRAFT' MUSIC 'HALL <--C • 9100.,, RON FOR YOUR LIFE - C 10:00 NEWSCOPE - DAVE MCCLELLAND VERN STIERMAN - C 10:15 AL GORDON ON SPORTS - C 10i30 THE TONIGHT SHOW - C 12j 00 EVENING DEVOTIONAL Hi36 PS tlf'fl MAKS A OSAL - C ltfl(3 DAYS Of OtW LIVES * C 1»30 HIS DOCTORS * C Jtftfj AJtO'fWER wftRLO * C Si 30 YOU DON'T SAY - C 3rOO THS HATCH <JAMK - C 3i25 tfWC MKWS - C 4i3ft HANT15D DEAD OW ALtVt * BiW Si(50 MARSHAL DILLON - BtW St36 HUNTUSY-BRtNKLiY - C StOO NEWSCOPE - DAVE MCCUSLLAMO VERN STtERMAN - C 6i26 At fiORDON ON SPORTS - C 6i30 PM DANIEL fiOOHK - C 7i30 IRONSIDE - C 8»30 DRAGNET 1968 - C 9iOO DEAN MARTIN SHOW - C 10i00 NEWSCOPE - DAVE MCCLELLAND lOilS AL CORDON ON SPORTS - C 10t30 WE TONIGHT SHOW * C 12tOO EVENING D8VOTIOHAL 5/x Amateurs Leave for Horth Pole MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. (AP) — Six amateur adventurers leave today for their overland attempt to reach the North Pole. Led by Ralph Plaisted, a St. Paul Insurance man, the expedition of five Americans and one Canadian hopes to become the first to reach the Pole by surface since Adm. Robert Peary made It In 1909. Peary made the trip by dogsled. Platsted and his crew will use snowmobiles. Plaisted failed to complete the trip last year when his expedition was forced to turn back in The Negro Community By Ester Hicks Phone PR7-4678 or <M7-1 THOUGHT FOR THE DAY The poorest of all men Is not the one without a cent. It's the man without a dream. - The Christian Athlete. CALENDAR OF EVENTS The annual Prescott District Tea will be held at Ward Chapel A.ME. Church, Pres*»* *»« .»„.< » r*. ^tfff"**' P *™' At 3 p.m., a business session will be held, at which timo, Rev. R. N. Thorn is, Presiding Elder re- U.S. PLANES (from page one) sprayed them with tear gas. This touched off a heavy flre- fipht that echoed all ovjr the coastal city 400 miles northeast of Saigon. Lt. Gen. Robert Cushman Jr., commander of the U.S. Marines In Vietnam, sid the battle in Hue could go on for several more weeks because the enemy still was able to send in fresh supplies and troops.. Cushman told newsmen in Da Nang one Marine battalion had suffered serious casualties in the placed. He estimated that the Communists had put an entire division into the Hue battle and said they are committed to fight to the last man. The enemy is be Tickets for the tea may be May after 38 days, 370 miles Ueved to be .novta,; to fresh ^ from ^ ^-^ from the Pole. His reason for attempting the difficult and dangerous polar trek a second time is simple: "It's there and the challange Is ours. Even If we fall, we have more satisfaction than those who remain in the gray area— the warm house, the television set— of those who never try and can never know success or fall* ure," Accompanying Platsted are a pathologist, a geography Instructor and three engineers. They are amateur explorers, but they are not inexperienced, In addition to the experience they gained on last year's at. tempt| they have been training on weekends since December in the frozen muskeg and timber of northern M'nne.>oU, With Plaisted on the trip will men and supplies through gates they control In the northwest and southwest coriwri ;f members of the churches over the district. Citadel and through tunnels and BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION sewers beneath the east wall. Mrs. Effle Tatum was honored Cushman said soldiers of the on her 76th birthday with a lin- U.S. 1st Air Cavalry Division ner at the home of Mr. and Mrs. were attacking a fortified vil- Earnest Turner where Mrs. lage on the ourskirts of Hue Tatum also resides. Among the along the Communists' supply out of town guests were Mr. and route and, once it falls, the sol* Mrs. Hayward Willis of Los An- dlers would move to seal off the geles, Calif, last enemy approach to Hue. The Communists still hold all of the Citadel's south wall, mych of the west wall, and con* trol sections south, east and west of the Citadel, despite the efforts of 4,000 allied troops to by G eorge Fraction, wlio has re- dislodge them, turn-*} to New York U.S. Marines and South Viet» namese troops have retried killing 3,000 enemy soldiers COMING AND GOING Mrs. Maxlne Winlee of Mt. Vernon, New York Is vlsltin 0 ' her parents Mr, and Mrs, Dan Ha.nilton ai>1 family. She was accompanied to since the Communists seized be Donald E. Powellek, 40 of most of Hue Jan, 31 {n the lunar St. Paul; Arthur C, Aufder. new year's offensive against 35 heide, 43, of Duluth; Gerald R. cities and towns. Pitzl, 34, of St, Paul; Jean Luc About 103 Marines have bten Bombardier, 29, of Montreal killed and many more wo .in-led. and Walter H. Pederson, 40, of St, Cloud, Minn, Plaisted said the first exp^adi- tion was defeated by blizzards and the spring ice breakup, Since then Plaisted has trimmed the size of his party froi.) -nght to six,, lightened the load, reduced the nM!n':-.'v • .* sn 'Winobiles from eight to four and increased the machine's horsepower from 10 to lo, The crew tnpes to start ovvr the ice cap by March 1- U, Gen, Hoang Xuan Larn, commander of tfce 1st Corps """ -—area, said 400 of his troops had es Tuesday they killed 32 Corn» been killed and 700 winded In munist troops just outside and around '.hi Citadel, Citadel, while U.S, Marines edg- Lam claimed 85 per cent of ing along the northeast wall the l l ,3?mlle»square Citadel was said they killed another 33 3ner in allied hinds and said the r^si could be taken tn three or four days once the weather cleared my troops, Spoi-iii: ghting contiri'jed in Saigon's western and northeast- enough tor allied planes to 05 er- fern suburbs, and U.S. and South a»°, Vietnam 5s« forces reverted kill- Souir- Vietnamf-se ADrw^s re« ing 173 Viet Cong there Tues- ported that in three sharp clash- duy .'u-t KATV 6i30 Tht Avengur* - ABC (C) 7(30 Second Hundred Y**r§ - AJ)C (C) 8:00 W«dn«»d«y NUht Movlt - ABC (C) "HOT RODS TO HELL" Dan* Andrtwn, J««nn« Cr«ln 10s00 Ark«n««« N«v« «nd Weather (C) 10:13 World ttau* (c) 10t20 Bud Campbell Sport* (C) 10:30 J"«y Bishop Show - ABC (C) THURSDAY. FEBRUARY 22 7(30 Bo*o'» Big Top Cowled (C) 8(30 Th« Tuijittv* - ABC 9i30 Donna Reed - ABC 10:00 Temptation - ABC iC) 10:25 ABC Now* - ABC (C) 10:30 Ilow'd Your Mother-in-law - ABC 11:00 Bewitched - ABC Ilt30 Treiuure tele - ABC (C) 12:00 The Noon Show - Live (C) 1:00 Newlywed Came - ABC (C) It30 The Baby Cam* - ABC (C) l:5j Children 1 * Doctor - ABC (C) 2:00 General Ho«pU*l - ABC (C) 2:30 Dark Shadowe - ABC (C) 3:00 Dating Game - ABC (C) 3130 Bozo'a Big Top Cornice - Live (C) 5:00 Bob Young Evening News - ABC (C) 5:30 Truth or Conaequencee (C) 6:00 Arkaneaa Newe and Weather (C) 6:15 World New* (C) 6:20 Bud Campbell Sport* (C) 6:30 Batman - ABC (C) 7:00 The Flying Nun - ABC (C) 7:30 Bewitched - ABC (C) 8:00 That Girl - ABC (C).' < , i 8:30 Peyton Place - ABC (C) 9:00 Rat Patrol - ABC (C) 9;30 Felony Squad - ABC (C) 10:00 Arkanaa* Newa and Weather (C) 10:15 World Newa (C) 10:20 Bud Campbell Sporle (C) 10:30 Arkan«ae Sportcnan (C) 11:00 Joey Biehop Show - ABC (C) Mrs. Dalle Colbert left the city TuesJay enroqie to Fresno, Call/., 10 aUen-l the funeral of her grandson Thurman Dixon, Jr., son of Mrs Mary Ethel Dixon ani Thurrnan Dtxo.i, Sr. Messages ITU/ be sent to Mrs. Miry Ethel Dixon, IJ33 Street, Fresaj, Calif. 11 too III JO Sitmh fw fcBujr ww lea id) illUS ffc« Quldlftg Light CB1 (6) 12tOO Syt oft Affc*n«M (6) 12UO Ai fcht World Turn* CBS (C) 1100 txmi Id t M«hy SplandeiNid Thin* ess (cy IfJO Aft Llnkl»tt«r*« tiou<i« Party 2100 Te Tall th* Truth c&j (c) 2125 CBS Alt«radon II«v* 2130 Tn« Bdgft Of Might CBL (C) 3100 Th« Sscrafc atom CBS (C) 3lJO PM*wo*»d (C) - ; Carol Buittttt A Pat*? Law ford U«00 Parry M*«on "Pruudulunt Photo" • SlOO MclUle't N*yy W*Hy for Congrtsf 5«30 CBS Evpnlnn H*w« (C) r 6100 AWCLA Nevi-Qflorgo Moor« (C) 6il5 S*f*way W«ftth«r-BUl Mitoh»ll(Cj 6«20 Sport* GunepA-Jim Landers (C) 6i25 LAt« Haws Roundup (C) 6«30 Clnd«r«ll» CB3 (C) 8«00 CBS Thursdny frtght Movl»(C)-P*rt l»"Tri« Qr«*t E«c»pfl n -St«v« McQueen, J«n«fl Oarnsr 10tOO Pf3«tL H*wi-4«>orft9 Mooro (0) lOllO APA;L V«*th*r-Bill Mltchedl (C) 10«15 Sport* Er««Jlm Lundsr* (C) : 10130 Churmul 11 Acudstny Theatre "Th« Eternal S«a"-Al«xU Smith, Starling Haydan, Daan Ja|jg«r 12105 Lata N«w« Roundup 12J10 Sign Off KSLA-TV3.I2 WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 21 6i30 Lost In Space 7«30 Bev«rly KlUbiLUa* 8i00 Green Acrea 8i30 Perry Maaon 9»30 Family ACfntr lOiOO Nowa/Erwln I0i25 Weather/Griffin 10i30 Jonathan Winters Show Ili30 Sea Hunt 12i00 Wonthor/Vaapcr* THURSDAY FEBRUARY 22 6,25 6>25 6*55 7i05 7 1 30 8,00 9«00 9»30 lOtOO 10 1 30 lltOO Ui25 lit 30 A CM AtfUXH LITTLE ROCK WEDNESDAY. FEB. 21 6100 AKK.LA *«wa-0eorg« Moore (C) 6|15 Safeway Weather-Bill Mitchell 6t20 Sports Camera-Jim Landera (C) 6t25 Late News Roundup (C) 6i30 Loit In Space CBS (C) 7OO Beverly HtllbilUeB CBS (C) oi00 Oreen Acres CBS (C) 8130 He tt She CBS (C) 9iOO Jonathan Winters Show CBS (C) 10i00 Neva - Oeorge Moore (C) 10i10 APkL Weather-Bill Mitchell (C) 10:15 Sports Eye-Jim Landers (C) 10«30 Info '68 10i35 Channel 11 Academy Theatre "Right into Mornlng"Ray Milland John Hod laic, Nancy Darls 12t10 Late Newa Roundup 12»15 Sign Off 12)00 12.30 It 00 1,30 1«30 2iOO 2«25 2 1 30 3iOO 3 1 30 6 1 00 5.00 5«30 6 1 00 6,25 6i30 8,00 lOjOO 10«25 10i30 12:00 Economic* (Mott-Thur) AcroBB Th« Fence (Frl) Your Pastor CBS News/BentL Bob & His Buddies Captain Kangaroo Candid Camern Beverly Hillbillies Andy Of Maybarry Dick Van Dyk« Love Of Life CBS News/Benti Search For Tomorrow Guiding Light Newa/Owen As Thu World Turn* Lova la A Many Splandored Thing House Party 2/20 Only - PUUbury Bake-Off To Tell The Truth CBS News/Kdvards Edge Of Night Secret Storm Cllllgan's Island Rawhide McHale'a Navy CBS N«ws/CronkU« News/Owen Ueather/Bolton Cinderella CBS Thursday Night Movl« "The Great Escape," Part I Steve McQueen, James Garner News/Erwin Weathcr/CrlffIn The Late Movie "The Naked And The Dead," Aldo Ray, Cliff Robertson Weather/Vespers TONIGHT •IFIIMAN 6; 00 TNI A VINOUS 6t30 THREE TOP SCIENTISTS ARE KIDNAPPED | BY A ROBOT. IN COLOR SICONP HUNDKID VIAMS LUKE CARPENTER GETS A ./OB ON A DUDE RANCH IN COLOR WIPNCSOAY MOVII 'WINGS or FIRE' •tOO STARRING SUZANNE PLE3HETTE RALPH BELLAMY IN COLOR WIN A CASH JACKPOT) MM FORTUNE GIVES AWAY MONEY WEEKDAYS DURING THE DIALING FOR DOI.LARS THEATRE. 8 30 AM AND 3 30 PM HE MAKES ANOTHER CALL BETWEEN 5 30 AND b 00 PM 10 O'CLOCK KIPOIIT NEWS, WEATHER, SPORTS. IN COLOR TNI BIG MOVii 1 10;3Q HOT RODS TO HELL' STARRING IMN-V AMJRS'AS FlhST SHRsAEPOHT iJJOWt.N KItti ItliViSiOft THMtt

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