Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on May 7, 1974 · Page 10
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 10

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 7, 1974
Page 10
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Money for Lakes to Pay Off By William P. Winkelman Representative Hap Miller will certainly be missed by his many friends. We are shocked and saddened by his death Tuesday evening. Hap was conscientious and hardworking in representing the district, and it was a pleasure to have worked with him. The conservation capital improvements appropriation is $7,900,000, with the biggest share going for land acquisition. The bill states "not less than five hundred thousand ($500,000) dollars shall be set aside for use for dredging and an additional one hundred thousand ($100,000) dollars shall be used to contract for an independent study of the feasibility and economics of dredging all lakes especially including Black Hawk Lake, Blue Lake, Silver Lake, and Five Island Lake". Our work on conservation appropriations is always time consuming and often frustrating, but it is satisfying to work for naturally unique lakes as Black Hawk, the southern-most blue water glacial lake in the U.S. Appropriating to preserve our natural lakes is a good investment. Hap was extra helpful and personally pleased with this program. Also, special thanks to Bob Deur. Black Hawk Lake consultant from Lake View for his helpful technical advice. We tried hard to get more for dredging but we are better off than at the beginning of the session. The final bill was a Times Herald, Carroll, la. > ^ Tuesday, May 7, 1974 I U conference report that couldn't be amended. By the way. North Twin is the only lake in Iowa to ever have its dredging completed. My experience with that satisfying project helps motivate me. The General Assembly passed a new tax relief package in the form of an exemption of food and drugs from the 3 per cent sales tax, an increase of the state income tax deduction from $250 to $500 and increasing the state inheritance tax exemption for a spouse from $40,000 to $80,000. Tax relief is very welcome, but I am opposed to the deficit general fund balance that this package projects for three years from now, and a probable tax increase of a greater amount. It is fiscally irresponsible. Each part of the package should have been handled individually, especially this late in the session. I think it is bad policy to put ourselves in a position whereby we are risking the raising of taxes at a time when the people and the state are having a rough time economically. Among bills receiving final legislative approval this week was the obscenity bill, an act to make it unlawful to exhibit obscenity to minors or to admit minors to premises where obscenity is exhibited; and the witness immunity bill, an act permitting prosecutors to give witnesses immunity for testifying in criminal cases. I tried hard to get our land use policy bill passed, but it was sent back to committee, thereby delaying it at least another year. It was considered too complex and too hot to handle. Land use Actors' Strike Starts Industry Nail-Biting Coming to U.S. . . Under lull sail, a life-sized replica of Sir 'Francis brake's "Golden Hinde" passes beneath the familiar Tower Bndee bv London harbor during a test run. The authentic reproduction is preparing fora transatlantic voyage to San Francisco in October. TEEN LINE An additional private line ends frayed tempers, missed calls. Order from ,your telephone business office or ask any telephone employee. I Northwestern Bell planning is inevitable. The longer we wait, the harder it is going to be for us to live with the policy. There is a tendency in this country to put off doing something until we have a crisis, and then it's too late. For our sake, let's save the land. We are in the closing hours of the session, but slowed up by the complexity of the Uniform Consumer Credit Code bill. Since we'll be adjourned by the time you receive this weekly report, it will be my last until next session. I have enjoyed reporting to you this way. I will be happy to report on the actions of the General Assembly at any meeting or class you would like to have me attend during the interim. Please feel free to write, call, or visit me anytime I may be of help or you have some advice for me. I will be at my home on the west edge of Lohrville until the convening of the new General Assembly in January. By Dick Kleiner HOLLYWOOD (NEA)Hollywood is scared to death about the possibility of an actors' strike June 1. If it happens, it could ruin next fall's TV schedule and put an end to feature film production fora while. To guard against that second possibility, the studios have decided not to start any new movie any more unless the union (Screen Actors Guild) gives them a written guarantee that they'll let the actors finish what they've started, even if the strikeis called. Four pictures, scheduled to begin production, have been delayed because SAG would not give such assurance. At a party publicist Dale Olson hosted, to honor Jean Stapleton for her appearance on stage here in "Time of the Cuckoo," I eavesdropped on a delightful conversation French Ready for Business Uy NKA-Umdnn Kiiinnmisl Newsservice PARIS - (LENS) -One outcome of the French presidential election could be the lifting of the embargo on sales of arms to the belligerent parts of the Middle East. Jacques Chaban-Delmas has already made noises to this effect and Francois Mitterrand is reputedly pro-Israel anyway. With America already supplying one side and apparently on the point of supplying the other, the French are beginning to wonder whether their embargo has any point. The Middle East is now full of money; Israel, Egypt and Syria are all anxious to make good the losses they suffered in October, and rich pickings are there to be had. It was only after the fighting last autumn that French arms salesmen really got the bit between their teeth, helped partly by France's neutral or between two Hollywood old-timers, silent star Carmel Myers and comic great Jack Oakie. They were talking about parties in the old days of Hollywood. They laughed about one given by Vilma Banky and Rod LaRocque. There was a lavish looking buffet — turkeys, hams, roast beefs — but when people began to dig in they found that all the food was papier mache. Vincent Gardenia, an Oscar nominee for "Bang the Drum Slowly," was at the party, too, and said how all it takes is one good part to turn an actor's career around. He says he's the same actor he's always been, no better, no worse, but since that part and that nomination he's flooded with offers. He's going into the big movie, "The Front Page," starring Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau. Another guest was Phyllis Kirk — remember her as Peter Lawford's leading lady in the TV series, The Thin Man? — who hobbled in with a cane. She's been having chronic back problems and says she's been helped a great deal lately by acupuncture. I saw a reel of footage from "Doc Savage," which will probably be released in August. It stars Ron Ely and it is played in campy, Batman style. It remains to be seen whether this kind of thing will go with today's movie audiences. Producer George Pal says that a second "Doc Savage" script has been written but filming will wait on whether or not the first one is a hit. Everybody was shocked by the appearance of a streaker at the Oscars, But, when you think about it, he wasn't the first — Oscar, himself, isn't exactly overdressed. pro- Arab position and the desire of many governments to reduce their dependence on British and American arms. The Arabs are now buying weaponry that is very advanced stuff. Kuwait, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia and Iraq are after 8,000 ground-to- ground missiles. Iraq and Libya will be buying mortars. Iraq will be equipping French helicopters with French 20mm guns and now wants laser equipment to be used with light Panhard machine guns. Lebanon will be buying antitank equipment, and even Qatar wants Brazilian Cascavel tanks equipped with French gun turrets. The French are offering several Arab states infra-red equipment for use by tanks in night operations. Kuwait and Saudi Arabia have both placed new orders for Mirages, Abu Dhabi has firmed up an order made tentatively before the fighting, and Libya is after French patrol boats. This will mean France will be selling $175 million worth of armaments to the Middle East this year, probably a more important outlet than all those industrial projects the Arabs talk about but do not. on the whole, order from France. ic i The Kconomisi of London MAKE MOTHER'S DAY 1974 THE BEST EVER! ^^••^^ * 503 N 523 N. Main 792-4361 SWIVEL ROCKER Careful tailoring with Stylefoam cushioning. Salem maple finish. REG. $109.95 *78 ROCKING LOVE SEAT REG. $159.95 Matching patchwork loveseat seats two people comfortably ^ | r\t.w. + \ *j r . i j *128 Swivel Rocker FoaTape 3 Speed Girls' Bike Reg. $69.95 $57 00 Electric Cook Pot Crockery Avocado or Flame Reg. $19.88 $ 16 88 Waring Blenders 7 Speeds Reg. $21.95 $14 99 Solid State Digital Clock Radio Reg. $27.95 $24 99 Microwave Oven Reg. $269.95 $249 95 Magic Chef 2-CYCLE PORTABLE DISHWASHER $229.95 Features full cycle plus pots and pans cycle, bottom spray arm, 2 roll-out racks, silverware basket, steel blades to grind waste and laminated worktop. White only. 6 CYCLE PORTABLE IN AVOCADO, GOLD, COPPERTONE OR WHITE $249.95 Vincent Gardenia Traffics Deaths DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — The Iowa highway death count through midnight Tuesday as prepared by the Iowa Department of Public Safety: This year to date—168. Last year to date—226. IIMliil ,'tl Mil '1(1(1 Business <5r Professional Directory INTERNATIONAL Handling all phases of Travel NO CHARGE FOB OUB SERVICE 108 W 8»h, Carroll 792-9742 BUY - SELL • TRADE USE THE DAILY TIMES HERALD CLASSIFIED ADS PH.: 792-3573 BOOKKEEPING FARM MANAGEMENT HAROLD WM. SCHMIDT H&R BLOCK TAX CONSULTANT Carroll Manning 792-2770 Horn* 105 #. 6th St 653-1616 R. M WINJUM O D Optometrist Complete Vision Care including Contact Lenses Dial 792-3318 1 Block West of Sernett's COMPLETE INSURANCE SERVICE Life — Accident and Health — Fire — Auto All Commercial Line! Robert L. Krous, Ray P. Lent Carrcll 792-2580 — drtdo 673-4422 KRAUS & LENZ Insurance I'rofesslonal Center 61: North West Street tuna lor U.S. Government Securities, Inc. Are you a cautious investor looking for more income? Tho Fiinil seeks current Income by Investing in securities which are guaranteed by the U.S. Govi'rnment or Its Instrumentalities botli as to the payment of principal and interest. Daily Interest accrued by th» Fund on the portfolio securities. Minimum Investment: S2.M). for Kund Prospectus write: American Giowth Fund Sponsors, Inc. 811 North West St. (Professional Wide.) Carroll, Iowa 51401 Phone: 792-2866 Attention: Wayne Halbur, Mgr. FARM MANAGEMENT Hail Insurance Investments Contact HARRY D. FRANK Stocks and Bonds 2002 Crcttview Drive 792-4400 Carroll lervice TYPEWRITER & ADDING MACHINE SALES and SERVICE Cecil H. Cobble Owner 223 E. 5th, Carroll, Iowa 5*401 Phone (712) 792-3248 No Charge For Estimate* DR. JOHN E. MARTIN OPTOMETRIST EYES EXAMINED - GLASSES FITTED Contact Lenses — Children's Visual Problems New Ground Floor Locotion — 524 N. Adomi St. i Between Honnoich Beauty Shop and Sherwin-Wllliami) (Cloied Sat. Afternoon) Phone 792-9709 Carroll, lovo DR. H. K. RICHARDSON, Optometrist Dial 792-9687 805 North Main St. EYES EXAMINED GLASSES FITTED CONTACT LENSES Ralph M. Crone ATTORNIY-AT-LAW Did 792-9277 516 Vi N. AdemiSt. R.;. FERLIC, M.D. 715 M. Adomi—Carroll, low* Office Hours: 9 to 12—1 f* 5 General Practice—Obitetrlct Fracturet—X-Rayi Office Dial 792-4120 Homo Dial 792-3401 BILL COMITO BOOKKEEPING TAX SERVICE Over Wetter 1 ! Appliance Cento Ph. 792-3805 R. B. MORRISON, M.D. 117 East 6th St. - Carroll, Iowa General Practice — Medicine Office Phent 792-3543 — Home 792-3630

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