Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on November 9, 1916 · Page 5
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 5

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 9, 1916
Page 5
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i V. Iw Arrivals in Footwear S. Snarpf", Sir* Jnfirff- Mm Old""*' win Kfr'.f CHUiSTIAN CHURCH TEA „ _^_^^ -'~ • ' , . . ; -.-^rs W«T« Errttrtsin**! at the Hr»m« We have just received a large ^ shipment of ladies' dark Havana brown boots, SVz inches in height, in button and lace patterns. Also a growing-girls' high top. lace boot in dull calfskin with white neolih sole and heel. Gold and silver cloth party slippers in all sizes at the lowest prices in the city, "!"!>»• . E,-, the fa fi-fc rvhrru-nt* wer< i Mr« ;»ff •!", '-d Mrs. WILL ENTERTAIN FRIDAY D*partmfrnt Will Entertain Surt- day Schoel Friday. Ei'iM;;H i-ntrtl •titity thf :S< fif"' l-'r nl:u ,-i« «'!TU ; (en.!, «. htu>l will t-ntt-r- f ttif Sunday evening. A Phort, jm>- iifn-fi prepared r»ml n Rf-n- finu- if* proml^fd fill who ,'U- Grebner's Shoe Mart Sterling's Style Leaders in Fashionable Footwear f SOCIAL AFFAIRS *^ llt i<( .-._ • fBETTY OilER PARTY Irtformnlly. with firm -Mr. ill It ittr was solid «* Hall will become (•'rank VVhlppermnn, next \Ve(1rie.«wlny. 11 tmml- Was Given Laat Evening Miss Frances Hall, a Bride-To-Bc. For f will tw a ncH)ri time wedding 'at the) made home of the bride's parents. Mr. and Mr* tieorpe K. Hall, of 4th avenue, atid Hev. J. W. Itobbins. pastor-- of the i'hrl*tian rhurt.'b of- tl'N city, will ofTl- rend by Mr». Canh (i^er rtnd-n i>rayer WHH often-d by Mr.«, Herrhr,. A vocnl 'duet WIIK nlven by Mrst, Leu and the bride of'Iilaneh Hendrlrkn. of Tl«ktlwii.! KrdlowltiK the progrnin it l&th. i sf'KKlon »v«^ ht'li) ,'wlten pbins were fur live Chrtntntait work arid for HUIIIIH) tliitnk offering wervleo whleh wlll-be «lven by. the society during the latter pint of the month. A SURPRISE SHOWER ! SUCCESSFUL BAZAAR Epr*cop«l Ladies' Cleared Nearly $200 From Thair Baiaar. Tfie J-Vnnc«>K Hall. :r luifli i'i)inti)|t wrr-k, WIIK Klvrti nnt'ltu'f pr*»"i)<Hitlnl iittciitli>n when Mii>« Krnntti n cottipnny of »l* o'eloch. Uliu 1 mid •>r th«?. Oiven Last Evening For Knox At the Gish Home. Misa .lniitiii('."o ny "t thi> n very laid tin 1 mi-m .prcwnff th«' • enle'rtalned., friend* at « '• I. the bride'p j nnd the per-j MiNH xeva Knox wa* tiven a di>- , (I « b.'iiidNome i (|y|i(f,,| Hiirprlne iaKt evenlnfj at the, "Inner the eve-i| llim( . ,,f t | ( ,, ,%!!««,,«' Bertha and Kan- ,j __ ij! iib» UlHh by tnrtnliern of the Young. """ |l>iidleM' Ml««ionary uoclety of'Ht, Jolin'H hiitbi'iun church. The affair wan a! •_juul..waa iu.. honor (if her-up-1 t«i bo «Jrnt e < iHin-l H'oo from It of the which closed |mrl!«h houm 1 , proved Micrewwful >v«»ni. iitid (Jnild trallJtPd licnrly The followlnR were In vnrlini* Mm. A Good Bot Water Bottle offe¥ prevents arlony apell of sickness and saves a big doctor bill, iJ"Buckskin" Bottles are* guaranteed for two years. See them in our window. The Sterling Pharmacy Co. f " 308 Fir»t Avenu* Sterling, Illinois jproachlriK marrlHRf to W. Turner which j Mr». Geoi tte will occur noon. Merit to tho <tl«h home \vheeler, Mrs Klower -booth ~ Mrn. K. V. Mrs <M(4in A. Clark. - I'.iiH-y work Mrn. H. R Uray. Hurry Hill. Mm. N, Oaulrnpp. „ ,la|mneHf booth Mrs. .1. A. KilRoiir, Mr*. John Slaiter, Mr». William Htead- miin, Mrn Kllzubelh Fowler, Apron booth- Mrs, Oreeriongh, Mrs. Tnylor. Mrs. (,'a«x. Jiiptinr»e tea booth-Mrs. W. F. I.lpp, ST. PAULAS LADIES AID JWill Sponsor Social Irt Church Thi« Evening. The I,i!<|!f!n - Aid society of Si. Paul's [church will bold ft soc.lal this evening ;nt the church, A program will be lilveti. I her" will be Rjinies and n Ren'- etiil pn'id time for all. EASTERN. STAR DANCE. Hl»rlinR Chapter, O, K. H.. will Rive a danclnjj pnrty Monday evening. Nov. 1.1th, at the SterllnK-J'luh. All Eastern Htrirn and all Masons nnd their families are Invited. < ,'ochrnn'H"T>rrnTstrft xv III fuiiiKh the mtifie. Refreshments, HIM Tat'.' ENTERTAINED AT "BUNKO." Mr. and Mr«>. T. K I'lllitre t>nteH«lneil n number of ft fends at n projjrewilve "bunko" paH,v last -evenlnK at- their home. After n .couple hmirs of excit- I»IR fun at this 1 fascinating KIIIW re- rreisbments were served. SPEUWciiNTSET. SIZ95 - .1..-__..... .°*. -' -: First Quarterly Report Of Starling Union Schools Made Today. the an improvised <t completely errand AJ1"" Knoxi Candy booth iirhave about j Mm. siteppiirtl. Orandon, Mr«. A. -H. CoolliiK, Arthur .Mr»«. .1. M. C'onnorn, twenty of,her friends waiting. The evening wan jfpent lit a j>leu*ant jnnnnor with K-'imeH find muMc wlille thf of honor found her fdiower 'ravellriK the "Rocky Itoad in Matrimony." A dainty lunch wa« nerved durlnK the ey.tulnK. - - '.JMIn* Kiivx l« the daughter of Mr. and MrM.'Nf. \V. Knox of the Woodlawn rtiad and both nhe anil Mr. Turner have jmany friends to'congratulate them in •idvnnce. '' • "* Snppfi' t''*< Mr«. ' KoM-rt \Vnhl,<>o ,Mr«, Krnji Hill. Mr«. , MET WITHJMR_S. PALMER Fourth 8tr»«t Ladie* Enjoyed Pleas • nt Day Yeeiterday. Fifty Indies of the Fourth Stre.-t M K. clKiri-h enjo>'«^«l Ibj* reyulnr montii- t iy~mrvtttlji("~nniM. ForeTsn MTsBlonary i Society held yenterdny afternoon at J »f Ml'd, U'rn. PnliniT ri*>»- Held * Pleasant All D«y Mtating Yea tcrday ai th» Millar Home, An nil day meetliin of th«, vllie Koclul Circk ^9 "t\(n\A -TiVi dn>' at I he home of Mrs. Oseftr There wa« a n""d attendiincw nrtd the day Wan cpent In tyln« « cxmiforter. A picnic dinner wa« enjoyed «t i)f»n. The next meeting of tho Boclety will be held in two weeks at the,church. MET AT DEUTSCHE HOME Ml.". Hurry I'n Trinity .Mlaoloriary Sociaty Metiirto at th* Parsonapa, Twonty memt?crK of the Mtnnlonnry Hocloty enjoyed n meetlni? W«*dnw«day u-ttcrtioun ttt the homo of MrH Deutuchc. ThP meetlnK w»n In the nature 'of n praiHe itarvicft and- an 4nt«r«<HtJng pro- Krnm wax Riven. M!«M Mary Hey, had tjie lesHon «o.plc. "Tho InterRratlnK Fort 1 *." and the lenson leaflet^ wa» read by MfM. Salmon. Bcrtpturg \\*H1. Mlr«. It. \V. H<-H«I«. inrt Alr«. Wnlll.rk nnaisted entertittnlng and nerved dainty re- fre^hmentc at the clone of tho afternoon 'iiroRratn, •-, Dnrln»t the btiolnt'tiH tfi^BtlrtBiMrH. W. H. MatthtswK M«. HcovWl. Mrs. DonU'h*y - nntl M.ra UtldlK Kav<» reiKtrlH of the riwnnt cunvrntibiv atvKfHtrth Ht reel and four new ineni" hwwero taken Into tho iioeicty, Mr«. 'Collln wan in charge of -the leaaon hour. 'The nruirrnm wan in t-harne of Mm. Samuel W.euell and connlBted of a solo by Mrs. Pormentfr. .of. Morriapn, two Kolo* by littlff Ml«s Hrulah HeV and a piano mdo by Miss Verna Hoavcr. KING'S HERALDS MEET Social Tim* Will b« Enjoyad After Regular Meeting Saturday.,,,.. The KlnifB hemlda of Fourth Htre«t fhuri-h will meet Saturday afternoon at ".' o'clock In the Sunday schoolroom, After tho regular Itemilts of f>i»eIllnK loiiVest, Nov. n, 19 hi. T«»lni uumber pupils belonjjlnfi: ,<>n- iral, 37, f .: Lincoln. IfiS; Totnl. 643. Total nnmlver pupils taKInK pim: fcntral. 364: Lincoln. l«3; Total. M7. Number of misspelled words: Central; .IB5: Llwoln. 721; Total. 10S9. Number of NpellltiK^: f"*»*ntfttTriT,Kini; l,inro(n k 8.U.O; Totnl. 25.S50. Per cent of errors: Central, "; Lincoln. 5.9; .Total, 3.9, IVr cent, of excellence: Centrnl, !>7.P; .Mncoln. 92.5; Total, 95.1'. Numbe.1" Of puplli* rnakliiK.tHs errors: Ci»ntnt». 35; fancolif, **; Total. ^Tl*; T Ity Kiwdcn makitiK no errors: Thlnl, Jti; Fourth, 48; nfth, <7; Hlxth. .'iS; Si-venth, 44; Bights. ."7: Total. -'7j. Per cent of excellence by toonm: Room 7, 9X.4; Room 8/99.2; Idaim !>, HS.7; Iloom 10. 97.8; linom 11. 09.1; Itoom • 12, ...90.81; Ili>«m 13, »9.7«, Room l.L'-as.lL-Iiaain H. 9ii^^— -,- r*«'r cent of excellence by rooms: Lincoln—IUKIHI 3, "6.6; Room 4, 88; Itoom 5. UV.I; %>om 6, 95;—Ilootn ,7. »».!;' Hoom 7, ft .•Thov who wia-e jx»i-fect In the contest: .:/,.- V , C««traJ , School. WlAckhurn, . |PJ^III» MOON, Dorothy Peem, CaroHft^i Hall,, Irene Hnrtmnn, .MArJorlo Kld^fl,- Vern Ix'^vre, l^o I.und, Klorenci-Maynanl. Ilobert Htod- (lartl, Nova Hchlck, Kthcl Heldel. Mona Hlex Konjictlit-', Thompson, M.nrray 1 -- • Hoyora, Kenneth Kllzabcth Cutintrymnn, Mtt*e1 Margaret Dleterle, Uimsell C.reene. Ileb*ci-« denwteil, • Dorothy !Iau«; Clarence Jacobs, Chewier D'Hnre, Mndelyn Waijley. |to«tm 14.—-*iaj»«I Bailey. Haynumd >?toddard. Oeraldlne TAngford, .luunlta Sh«w, Cora- Harwhinan, Krma Hixik, Murgareit Hoover. I»e8tcr Newell, Mar- Kuret «>ti», Marguerite Peterson. Ralph n, Edna Wlgum. !<«« Lat- Mathews. -Helen Thorpe, Morey Wtlkins, Gertrude Cochran, Cronk, John IkMiner, flattie C.lHfka, J'>a Kllhefner. (Jeruldlne War- All this year's $25 valued p.a^oJMinnipfc LA*-- 1 This seasori-s models, all Jg the newe$C mitefials and plush; fiig values at $7.95 up to $35 A few food hat bar gains left > , few of those $1.00 bargains left CASH VALUES,ACCREDIT PRICES Company, Sterling, HI. Acadamy Block, l.terjie, l^rernont Htirrh. ! flootn 13.—1-Van.k Keefer, Ixiwrence i Smith. Marlella Perry. .Ctracla Huntley, Haymond «'linite, Jfelon l!«i«-htn. i Albert <v>o|l!(K. Lollta Haer, .Mda-Hold-' rtdge, Helen Knimtr. Kll«jibi«th Do- Murray, Olenne Jacob, (irrln KMliflmttn,' Krtrta .«.'ronk. t'laude DnvH, Helen Al-j 'en. Kluretice Kerry, MriheT^.Mofkfte, Lu- | •lit* Kliiian. risiudo Newell, i * PUNS BUDGET SYSTEM '' ' Col. Lowden; W*M Prepare Reorganization Scliome For civil lop com* mid 13,000* Room 12. EHrrn Allen. Vivian linker, GeofKP Murns, lx>Ia Carpenter, HH- illn t!cntnel, \'i rna Harshman, Helen Hartshorn. Mubel Maynard, Slarjorli- Katherine Htoec.kle, Fran•, Helen WjHIamH. Moyd Maji-olm Ahrehu, Adelaide •lark, 'CHI-I l>otneyer, Pearl Wank '\athleen ilitrrlH, Katherlno Keller, Uiura Kidd. John KyRcr, Ixim Miller. '•'Im-enee ShtinU, Theodore Wenttlnj?, U'llbur Wolf. Room II.—Chiir Haitder. Joyce Henner, Hylvester Howtnnn, Lucille Hreas- tlon of the plate on » IIU.SJIICHM the flr«i tnstr-ttmirrtfikof 1 . haul* by will t tioii of plaim - far - *hp K, p!/»l<i liourdN , M.OOO for cltnlrmnt\nnd 13,000 for oth«>ri«. Thr*'e memherx nilHHlon. M.oou for for ollierx. l-'lre ninrKhiil, |3,(i()0. < 'hit-f fnftnry Innpector, $.1,000. Thr«-e nifntlKTH each i>f Jollct knd Chcstrr peiittcnliary boards, $1,500 < h. ^ y\'nnTeirof .loHei penllif-htlary. Warden t'hester penitentiary.' l-'ho meniliern I'ontlttc reformatary, board, II/.'OO em-h. Superlntendt'iit Ponflui 1 reformatory*' .$4,000. Chief Rritln limpfctoi'. $7,000. M' 'er. Vlvleriim T'lirpeiiter, Kllcn Dan- i utiRiiral ~ ,'i Ixul hy two tnonthn. TIt> definite rcoomnu-ndntloiiH and of worked out IK the next to submit, in hifi in- I Tohe Wile 1)1 One Who Drinks ay, Ulen Kim ore, Ruth Kngle, Robert \VIUV»> Hbn«*Hloj»n il("«ltdniiiri' which Lloyd Hurting. Irene HHUR. ,i» certain to be friendly to Uie exi»i-u-, «.„_.,-_,,•, _„,„ i a .,, nD( _«HnK Jlt'iinannr-Helen Hook. Violet' live indU-attonn nfe >.lvtt In uplte O f [ wonaorfui, safe, mating, rellati "Mwige../or you. It will como In a pi envelope. How to conquer th* llque habit in 3 dayii and mako horn* nappy,, meeting thena will be a noclal hour ner. Crawford Thomaa. AUjna Ayf.rii, Wync-Dcavcr Dry Goods Co. Sterling's Greatest Store Fall Coats here in a wonderful array of styles and colorings. Scientific alterations free of charge. <>iir,rerfdy to wear department is the largest and most complete in Sterling. •' i Attractive Suits in all wanted materials and colorings. Our sales oh suits this y e a; r demonstrate the fact that we are Sterling's h e a dq uarters for wearing apparel. Suits $14i7S to $65. itff~ r., Friday and Saturday will be unusually busy days all over the store. Special offerings in every department ' - . Visit Our Great • - where you will find every piece of merchandise always at special prices. Special Sale «« Usual-Main Floor Heatrico Nuellin. Armory! ReynoIdH, Waller Ki-hoeneman, F\ire»t suter, Harold Thurm. rten«ie Water- hury..P«!ina ,Wfbb, IXirmld A'llllams, I'ttul WIlMon. Hoom 10.'— K«rl I>«H*ker. Kara Peterson, Raymond Cramer, Ruth Ij>ndl«. John Winter. ljenter Prcwtln. Maxim* Lmv. (lliidyx Purkaplte, Carl Dnvl*, Hornli'e CHnite, Mildred Hauger, Kvn- lyn Ltnd*lcy. . lUiymond U'lta. Velma Slex, Kyprett Thurm. Walter CulllKiin. .-Room' 9.— Dorothy Whlffen. Myra HaKfrman, I'>H|«> MullPt, Iweonnrd Kru- me'r, Mae Klmore, Alden Shaw,- Dono- >aii HnnnlK, Helen 1-Vye, Llcyd Km- mitt, Dorotliy l^Fevr^, Marjorie 8cl- tipl, * \'«ntii Wallorn. Alice Khultz, Jo«~ .>ph Huntley, Utibort Mayberry. Irene Henner, Raymond WpNtphttl, I'^-erett Uurk. Ruth Ilecd, Kenneth Kroff. Or- vnl ahnil«. Mildred Wallick. Uoom 8,«rM nbcl Hoehm. Robert Cnr- oluB, Orla Cook, Jumra Clark. Lcona Jrebner, Helen Kwrlgert, l^iurence \V.i»«iu'i. Wallet Hartim. Ka.therine .•9navi>|y, ^Van^, % e(l Auchntettcr, Mar- .;are.t Keller. Jtmeph HiirrlHon. Thomaii i uxlo, Riiljy (irlllln, Inda Pfiindsteln, i'"lar»«|ic« Bender. Robert I'onnell, Ina- Joro Manfleld, Murrie Lindrfley. Mll- •Ircd Coonradt, Dorothy Newell. Thol* n» Nnwull, Alerrlctt ('lark. l-Vanklln Smith. Room 7. — KIlHwoith Bwkey. Inn* II, Olive Dpi weller, Alta Eshleman. nlma Holly, Kzra Keefer, Michael Ijizio. Morton Ix>n, (Jleiln Malhews. Lylp Prowlin. Lfxllo Thurm. Dorothy Pttitcl, Kuhy Ci'ojik, <Jlenn Detweiler. Hart-let <!reene. Carl ton. tlrcenawalt, '•vlanrlce John, Kvelyn Mi«nk«viu, Harriet Schick, KHxaboth Davis. X, Room B.— Robert Bryant, Florence Kidd, May Wt»w»r. l'*rne»t Hoover, Virginia Weaver, Israel OenBt'.'!, How- 'U'd Srhutnueher, KHert Cronlnt«r, La* v"ern« Wllllamn, Harry BreldliiR. fi.~ Klele Oook, Alverdie An- J>iinlel ";Krlt», \'erii Jailvrln, Walter Reed, Dorothy Ludens. Arthur Ocutuche, I'lmrli's Hewitt Lincoln School. Room 7. — (Jeruld Coonradt, Mary .loiike. llaymond Hluni, Irving liartho- 'omew. MariA Mc-imch. KUxabeth Clark, U-o Jllalr, Kthei Itlulr, JUlph Mill.«r, Brown. Htloit Howard, Robert tftu*old Bcovjl, Bethel Whultr,, f ^i» Cox, Hevllla Pinch, Moai-s Dtilon, lladya Jlyer*ioii. Julia, LnmUtrom. Alice William*. Kvvlyn Martin. Helen Hvlnu,: Sdna Wplker. l\n\\u Wudnworth, LaHue Malvr, LaWn-iu-e Kucklngham. Koom 8, — l^wi'i-nce Haer. (ilpnn Coatu, iHka Owhorn, Vloli't \Vood«orth, Little, Ruby Kowland, law Miller. . Room 5.-r-Ler»»y Ir«y, <' 1 he»tiTv'\Vadn- wiirtb, UUidy« Buc-kiitKham, \>rna ,V«pp, Mildred KI»uH«;er. Mudi'lein* Wat- f'r», Prank Apple, John Hall. Alice Jt<.s«lt« U.ill tlon -w . ,, Uu; adrnlniMtrn- I Ije' noncted Into- law. ilay at S!iuiWaifU>1 f To . I'Hic'AMC jrolH» ,,w B,«fu's«s to Tjilk Patronage Coltmel lx)W«J«'n ricmfthnnl fHrm. nrar Ort'gwi. who liilktHl with him »>vcr"ttn> tonir-'dlBtnnoi* tpk»- lihonc hi* •Vt«t!lur4H ttiftt he .would- mu illni'iisii imtroniiRi- mnttcrK until nfti*r Do;- l.'' 1 '^'"! iii.nt .,•-», ..i i The -RO^»rnor« eli«ct -plnim to- B« a way fur u real tho, latter part of the ' - Room 4.--l''»rn funit Dillon. I'Yuiik HONOR THE OEUTSCHLAND To Qold Watch «nd Seal Presented Captain Koinig. ' Now Loiulun, <^uin.. .*S'i'V, 8. - L<Mu1i>it'a I'lUiSi'iiM I life! night nave u !«•• •«•(}( IIHI und. tiiiii'iucl to Cnplain 1'nul Hint \l\t< nvw of tlu* Uwmitn nuhniailui' OfUlfcl)|.»inl A WiiicU. ^iptirins tlit* tit»ul of the rlty, wuw |ir<>xcntt'i1 I" Iho cuptulu unit nn-ii rvufivtul i-itvi-r match cast"* fi'Uiitalu |i«n«, »-' Thf (llnioB-ruon) in u lidi-I wuh ilcc- orutcd with ii'itn and Ci'iinai! i uf tin- KuMi'rn For »<»rii- urn! (hi 1 crow of (ht< t>i>j- "uthcr nhlp" W\]} t l1 t 'irilll'. __ uib*> VS'^'t'^ IMH'M The mihmHriiic wilt t»c> loaded t«»<jiiy Hint it iw- uiult-(-Nt«HHt rtlit- rnny niiikc her ; iiush hunii'witrd Fi'Uluy ufterntmn. week, DwlnK 111" ' from the , ,,, .wr. thu rear- gnniiuttion of «tat<> affulrn, C'olonol I<n\v<loiv hn»- .ilechiffd ft*.- jioatedly that ho made no promlnfM during his *iui.iifrii»vdnb'i JionitTH are «>x- |)pi-ie<l to b«»Bl«K* his pfflt-ed when he ret n rna tf»> CJUwKi) ; »f !?r Pec. I . 8om*;Q)wig*,Wums. Some, ol the chokiest plum* whh-h will l*o_ttt™thfi^Jiil8«08lU. «f the ROV- «-rnor-t»lei % t and the Halnrlew are the expenaive method, guaranteed. ~WfiU to Edw. J. Wood*. 1287 K.. Station New York. N. V. Khow thlH to othc READ THE GAZETTE-WAfll . Htatr"«l 1 rchUe«',"|fr.<MM< m-.' 1 ' i-ri'miltilttrtwn. , 13,500' fit?-' «lon, $3500 ' n»on. I o n, printing. feeH. $&,<Hio, and lakes Top 11 chairman and »iin<t« l.akes of j»ard»n«. cominiu- 14*000. , Thr*e . and ft»h com- A. L. Marks The Farmer'e and Workingman'i Friend Store SPECIAL FOR ALL THIS WEEK 75 pair Ladies' Button Shoe*, patent leather and gun metal, in cloth top, broken eiz«», pr..$1.60 One lot of Boya' Shoes, 9 to per pair ............. . ..... Boys- pair • Shoes, from 1 to fc, par . .$1.50 Boys' pair •..-.,. High Tep Shota, p«r One lot per pair of Men's Dre.*s Shoes, ..$1.85 Men'* •per Heavy Fleece Underwear, ....... . -39o Men's Blue Overalls, all sizes. 78« Husking Mitts, per do*....00o up One lot of Men's Blue. Work Shirts, all nixes ...... ' ....... 29o Open Evenings 121 E. Third St. Quality __. • > - . i I • 1 .!__'< • -• I. ' - \ . •' Every.Day Model . Last of IOWA ELECTS BLIND MAt*~~, cokjik, lt»wu, N»»v. a. — Kraitli Ovricl TurrrPTT"ur tu-i iiil— Llil'.'-Jj.'t '" Ton or Ruwl. C«If*kin. and is slylt* a vf Ibe A'ettMo.n it ami kui$ tH^Jtuotuy , "In iho ahovn l/ iy|iic«l of U»f Ihut i*. '<i| through «'»tru" Chocolates "The Pink Package" An ultra assortment of delicious fruit and nut creams. The daintiness of the package -will appeal to you, it's contents wtjl. delight you. We consider this line of, chocolates the superior, of most grades. Qur special price The Pink Package" (i on is ' 50<j per pound H?n«JrIcRsDrug«Co, Store

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