Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on November 9, 1916 · Page 4
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 4

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 9, 1916
Page 4
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Editors and Pufe!l»h«r«. OlFles, 111 W«*t Third 8tre«*, jittered St Po*tbffic», St«r!in0, IHrnOiS, •• Second Cl**t M«U«r, TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION. fty IHsff, Ou*ttd« ef Stirling and Palls, Aftywhsr* in th* Urtit*d, , 8tst«* er C»n«da. Ope y«Mf In 'advance 12.SO tKx months in advnnep 1.2ft ZitM tbrnn *lx months. p*r month.. .25 ~$y Cart-isr In iierltng W Reek Falls, •r by Mill at Ihs Sterling » r Reek Palis Pettoffict. se ft** in advsrte*. ts.oo month* fe advance 2.50 »«»»nth» In advunee 1.25 lie IMMith-in »dva«c« 46 the w*«*, payabt* to th* carrier .10 i*'"" MI*nun "^ n "r"r^;'?..7r^r* i -^r*-^ J "-'"-^~:rr.T"^^™"-__ - — tbnt not. ATrtfT"-"* ',-'' in International rn»r- It will trt-t us it. frtfint deal vain sHf-«H»ffH»rn ntrt »riV«iH'i«t, A Rf-ntlf- mnn «mn)TSr "Tianorw &r jftM ftfl worthy a* n. sr'nUemrn in ft crowd. ,Hits tbnn "AMI Throughout $rigfa.n&, ^.t th* r»!«c» whir* 4 tovifTsfn forPRrsthfr to the-Rrltfsh fopr with American l*r treatMr." th«s. have tm* tmd« •-WML WAVERING. The election return* this morning show the situation otlll doubtful One •Bt of returns puts Wlhwn In the lead In California and keep* him there for « white. Thpn another section reports .tind-Hughe* m^ke* gains »ho»ln«r th« L alate to b« very clow. The same alt- <\Mtion prevails In Minnesota And several other »tat«*. The election Is v*ry ttlosw. President Wilson has tnom *1#ctoral voten by Actual count thnn Sir. HughM. He ha* had «» far R little the b*«t of the count in most of "tbi doubtful utatPB. btit in thosn doiiht- ' flit ttateo vote has b*en rr- Th« labor element In largely in thf" cltl*»« and I* waa from worklnirmen that tho Wllnon man- a|r«r» hoped to Ret their large«t gain*. $*h* rural district* a.ri» more mildly He- publican an a r«l«. Thpy ar« th« l«tt to re'port and Ui«»y urn not no likely to ehang« frtim tholr old moorlmrs. con- tho 'Republicans have rrn- MMiabto reason to hope, that them* dlrt- tfitfta will nffant ilif iirniocrntlc lead to both California nnd Minnesota n* Well as som« of tbr ottu-r doubtful • Mates. At thlft writing no man can , really t*ll who will twprcttldpnl of the JUnlted States and both aides have more If «r less reanonablp grounds fur claim* "tog victory hnn perched upon their .banners. The whole country, However, is to ^fee congratulated on the general clenri- "*MM of the campaign, on the com- M«ndabl« and gentlemanly campaign ttade by both Wllmin and Hughes. • 0ome of the supportcrm of both men stepped tho grounds of common and civility, hut ns .a whole jMMjrn hn« been conducted prob- ifcbly as honortibly MR any comp'aiBn " history, which IH nn'Indication that i country IB growing better year by It'ls unfortunate that the con- is 00 close. A clone contest .gives for charged of fraud even there is no real foundation for Insinuations. It would have been better for cither Hugh™ or Wilson to secured the election' by a strong • plurality.' " *Th* situation In regard to congress Is also morn or term dlnroncerting. The Itcatloritt am .that. Urn Republican!! antrol thf luumn and the Pem- form ti« thnt _ ^,.* Rlovenly They nre in error. Ing an American lanjrimj?e, ent frf>rttlf|]Kn4|l*^n4^l^y the Sro^tlsh "tongue," or th*» accent, s J«rl*f»dB«ffl«|5<'^ rlt " '* ' >ro ' noHnred^'cnfH****! «*r<rtHually call It right! HUSBAND WINS IN ELECTIOft RACE >?ov. 9 - Mrs.' (*har!f<> htfctbatid wa^ *"-1«»< t- «t hc«tri»*. 7!» Cedar Mr J* THE CLASS IN THE CORNER Met Ls»t Evening With Mii* L«uf» Graehling, , Tfif ''la«<« In ihf ("drix-r of <4t. John's I.titlK-ran Hiurrh h«»!d n ctnsi* I««t «-ventnp at the hnnif of I>nnrn (SrnPhHriK. A i»hort spss'lon wa« held, nftpr which the wan uppnt socl.iHy awl refreshment!* were served. ' LIMITED TRAIN DITCHED Several P*opi* W»r» Injured But No ' On* Wat land they for UK, we'll tte the e ever sro to Bn !»lRnfcJ«nKiiat?r' If EUROPE. The miggextion has b«Mm seriously made thet jwiygamy will be necewiRry In KtirofflS af»^dhfTffSnr\var. It l« Htated positively! tl at tM>, will come otft will be four or > able-bodied man. Topf-ka. Kai*.. Nov. 9. — Th« Oolden State Ifmitod rtf the ChiffUro, rtnrh Inland wnd Pacific railroad, went into the flitch near Newman, Kan., late ywiter- day, injuring a number of jwrdons. p<> far no fntAlltlPd havp been reported to railroad officials here. *»*»«««»«» » « * m about bet*tt«<?i five womeji; t d\ y *f er r)B wl af4n Thus theff'ofJM wfil bg^nhoved back to where""Tr wa»TTi tKIs respect in the (inyn wh»f>((i»«aye ma»-«4olo bin cral mat** f/oni ifolg€Hdl-inM triben and had no conscience and less morality, nlc.wars polyk- Itted In Rev- After ft trlnl rtftrmal birth a my w erWl l«» htAting i of boyn ity l»etn nlon to voked. And at that time It waa It would never happen again. former dl»par- d the permlB- gamy waa re- EX-HAWAIIAN QUEEN ILL Reports Say 8h« May f*»«i Away at Any Tim«. San Franrlprti, fjal., Nov. f»,—LlHuo- knlnnl, fofmrr gurcn «f Hawaii, l« ill at .Honolulu and may PHCM away at nny tlrno. according to information- celved AROUE WEBB-KENYON LAW. Washington. Nov. 9.—Arutiment of Virginia cam«n teatlnmr constttu- tlotMtllty. of tho federal Webb-Ken yon and Went VlrRlnia liquor Jaw« con- tlntnul In thn Hutir»>me Court yestefday, with <:oiinnel for the AnU-Huloon I/ea* RUP of America pol.ntlng to prohibition vIctorlfH In four ntntes ypstevday, and HrglriK the need of th»> \Vehb-Kenyon IIIW'H provlslonn t« mak<> dry ntAtcn effectua!. This busings is guarded W prih- ciplcs as 'vigilant, as watchful as any soldier who ever did duty on the sentry line. Day in and day out, w*e are on guard against the entrance 'of merchandise of unworthy origin or untrustworthy character. • V : " J^- ,• —against any exaggeration or misrepresentation, setting foot within the border of our advertisements. Only goods of the character of Kirschbaum Clothes at $15, $20, $25 or up have the password to this store. natlnnnl wRere "qulel i-elgnn niipremo IB "along the. Potomac." The thing Htarted in tho civil war and In BUM with unfl|ecfffrt# iH«}*Jv/rfJthc people down there. fcfin't ,\ptc. Ab'out. ain ',»« < trie disc-on ruge dently failed are being before. '•- to nfart «n agltiitlon. to The reform cvi- rncire microbe* tWfv'. than ever . There ha-to'ibwtn «»> AerJntiH fM'n«on- alitlcu betrweenHhe.'t«in-llne. onndldatea In (he cartiprtlifMi Kellhor' \Vllnon nor IIuKhe« HA 4 vhyr ! tnto M fhe other th« neiinie. (Thld will make it ible for either Mr. Hughea or WjlBon to acpuro hearty and unlt- •Upport for their rnc(i«urcn. The »-"wlll act- with- Afr. Hughe« If he s&i: ^ Policy. 1 - probably Tho *enat« will act Mr. WlUon If ho IB elected and will Quite naturally oppose pollcle*. . 'i, would mean that the country b* at a etaiulMtlll In the matter After all, worao thlngn lllfl happen. Tho national govern- at, tho various atate KovernmcntB the hundreds of citlea In the Unlt- r f Domestic Diplomacy Mrs* Brown Never Did Like That Big Stove, but It Required Some Skffl to Get Rid of It Thoiiiiands of men are not worrying over the .liicrqiMieil^ij^^^of, bread, hut If beer were to ff»i ttpuo. ^itnnts a they'd howt-UhdrHNtettdij «ff. Tho trouble -with trying -to be »ar- M"that hody ia l\1ifl%,tA-t$n1t)/y$ t iuro trying to tell th,e r truth. r . T ,,. ,.;, ,j , Atates are all HUfferlng from too Jch legislation. I'on-lbly a let' up uld , be an advantage to all con- have long maintained that half laws should bo repealed arid half •offices abolished. If the new ad- tration, whether Republican or itic, is unable to make any laws or create any.more new of- positlons the clone contest may ve in the end a bleating in disguise. m»lOTI»M--THE WRONQ KINO, le wrong kind of patriotism is the ,that twichea thai othw nations potential foes, it is our duty, of not to lag behind In the forces Civilisation, or the forcea that may time 'he needed to defend our ion; but nevertheless, when we the state of mind* that other i00 are our natural enemies we art to be, guided accordingly and The d and an or mer ' politician t the for- Every time a man think failure IB peeping election We Mra. John Brown, a friend of Henri* •tta'a, 0ay0 that when iha i married, John allowed her to select everything fot the new home with iho exception of the kitchen *tove. .' . — •— "A roan know»^M»ttor how-to wlect that than a woman," «aid he. .Manlike, he bought tKe .biggeat range and the highest priced one on the mar.. ...... ..... . . The wife waa fery proud of the jtore, bat did hare •pella of wiablng that the kitchen wn» larger or .thei stttve amaller, BO that each would not bo ao conjBcloua of the other'* 'proa- hc'a a born • round the corner. . Some orators**. K*t don't At any.!rato;;ilh(7/iAlta4c'ttfl Hlonetii <>nJoyed"Nvwtt11ingiith4i election. •The cttitdldate -who usually c!u78e¥'njPl<l« ' ''' trusts to luck ___ m mm — m ^ „_ ^^^^^^-TTi-riiKf).! (»*.!.» ^ •' "V I ( FROM OUB HEADERS I V ....... - ' -it-i.v.. -i > J ftt.,if -Sterling t|ij. Of late I ty and did , election of nearly tw*nty-eigl have be»j»; t i, not know of the A l arK -.,_,.._,, . ;n; |,__,^ 14 ^,.,,._.„ „. such n move. No one need toll me of the high taxfc*.,,JSa,,oi)e..knows thlH better than i. But where Irnve you city'-'thAiY^M^t^^X^^^-'Jl^f felt the Home here tba Dependable Classes correctness of your eyeglaHHOH IH of equal im- portun(;o, btfyou offieef'or (uvilian. ' > „ Our eyeglnsH nervit«o in .if positive, gimrant»o of dependable gluHKoa-au ox- perienoed Optometrist for -exSuMinattoii, export' work!»pen for floiitttnuitiou of .lenses, »nd a Bkjlt'ul Opti-' I- Mm for t'rauio adjuHtmowt «H| coiwbinetf service* of from merllng, plahnlnir for loo years trouble wW*,mw$Ul«!l*r,we.4o not plan for the future. Just for, jtpday. Our t-lty lib>aiy l*.4a,.^»d,,,»ajrnple. For $1,000 nier0f4-iWiMfi><toM;l^ the contractor we could havn had fkidHii two>«tory bulldlngi, bwtroujpi At^M^i,.thought we Tbp flrat few jean tbejr moved Rbont considerably, as la the way with newly weds, and-the bugbear of moving was alwaya the atove. Finally, wife coaxed round a bit and suggest* ed that they sell it and get a smaller pue, and hubby acquiesced. In a week or two, wife bad found K purchaser in a woman who lived In the second-story apartment next door. -When the wagon came to tale the atove away, they had se awful time to got It out of tbe kitchen, and tbe wife breathed a bl« sigh of relief when abe saw it well out of tbe yard and oo its way up tbe stairs of the next-door apartment. A few minutes later abe looked out, and to her horror they were bringing it back down tbe •tairc. * Wb»?i tbe matter r }ahe called. "We can't get it in tbe door," said the man, "it will have to be. taken up through the window." Wife decided pot to abow herself again until tbe atove was wall inside the apartment. Tbe next time abe peeped out, they were operating a pulley device, by which the horse went round and the stove went up;, it. was. already five feet in the air, "Good, 0 thought Mra, Brown. In , ;DMALLE nniniiiiDiiiiiiiii! iiuiiiiiiuuiiniiiiii itmuiiiiniiiiiiiiini raiiniiyininiiniii initiiiiiiiiiiiniii!!!! EVIDENCE OF FRAUDS F«d«r«l Official Though 8««kt th« M»n "HigHw Chicago. 111.. Nov. 9.—Evidence of fraud commuted *&t Tueaduy is Ivi O. Clfilmugh, rlecttqn on of Hlnton the bureau of thip department of justice. According to Mr. 'Chihaugh. many frauda w»re committed ' by reiieAtera Hnd flotttera, but discovery, of wholesale tH*n«nlruclca. ho »ay«, hu« not yet been made. of a number of precinct "cap- ,unt. tn|iiH and "heelers" have been obtained, O wa* awierted, but no evidence J« at hand an to. the Identity of "higher up*." ' That probable prafteoutlon of the fifty TO TEST THETADAMSON LAW 'Union Pacific Hold* the Act i» Uncon •titutional. ., Nov. 9. — Tho Union Pa Railroad company filed nuit in the /federal court here ytwterday to te«t the cuniititutionallty of the olght hour law recently paakwl by congrea'H and known HH th.iV'Adammm act. . '..•- Thoiuati K. Allen. United din trk't attorney, and four Union Pacific itrulnrnon, repre«oiitlng tho different brotherhood*, are made purlieu defend- w> -f» >'oa.r«i| the n Society to w. w, how he h and nf y mi <*"«• many one of a minute or two ahe again peeped «ut^ and they were .urbperaUng the ^ .. ..... ........ -,-..,ley dewce, bat the borae waa going |*ibie," h.e »«id. "My m»n are contin- men taken Into <r«*tody election dity will not bo Mtartfd was the aiinouiiof- tiu'iit of'Mr. ClabauKb. "We have them where .we cun get them, but the laws in Illtii<>!n ur« »uch that we ore not encouraged to go after fellowx unless we dUcovvr the ble ones lire ret»|Hiir- a^ajcojJHBSSP Historical TlathgV 7Hdw much w» QW» we have, start and how flumped for room are we now, A KH.fc'.wat'.Hves just for the present, uh'individual who liven for solf'nmUes a rutlure of lite.; I do not cqre how much nuij}oy you huve, it will not go with yom.1 We • tatme into thlti world rM.wn-*uaof It the minus will Our glasseH are noUl afe f -'|8 or wore. it thi* office. poor w»y, follow Hy nil ment. • GBRMAN8 UTOE TO U. 8. New Vork, Nov. fl.—-A v«rdlct of I50.0WJ lii fttvorpf the United Wtttt«« goVi^ a jury in f»HtwrHnAfirtianeWl00fcrdtty in a Hull liiHBtltdVia a«uinwr KarpluM & liens* bvrgvr Mf.d-jfQlill ^.£L m £f<M. exportern. They wefi»\ihai-gcl\(V»HlJ3\iiHUTvalii- Ing a' BhliitnCnt of $480,000 worth of glov« leath*r BWH Jo. their ugontK at «lov«rrfvUI«N. < 'lR lf -FtrtdrtlW the ttrm hero «r« «tM«Hd AttVcttBHbM by the itov< < ffl.m8nt to apply on*tho judgment. up and the stove down. "Me for ac- tioDj" aald Mra, Brown to herself, and hastily throwing A few clothes into a suitcase, abe made for the home of her mother, where abe and John remained for aeveral dayn* , ^ What the woman In the oextlipatt- meat aaid to Mra.. Brown when ahe got back home would make another Jng. story, but -Mr*. Brown only uing the JnveatIgaUon and wo may get wn the track of softie regular conoplru- The bill-of complaint alleges that the law it* uncoiiHtitutionul lie-cause It la >not a proper regulation- of intfretate commprcf, because it vtolateM tho KJiur- nn"t«>c»H of the rtfth amendment to the ft>de>rftl conHtitution and because It in lunworkable HH nppllod to exiHting conditions uijilt'r which tho trainmen are operating. Th» complaint IM « printed document i>< conHiderable xU<> and contuinn copteH of all the ttehedulpa under which the trainmen work. I DROPPED FOUR STORIES Two P«r^M Wtr« Killtd 1H Elevator Accidtnt. Chicago. III., Nov. 9. — Two perHonn were killed and aevenjlnjurcd when a paHuenger elevator in the plant of the Vlorohlem Shoe Company. Adamu and Clinton HI reel, fell four Hoor« yesterday. The dead 9SO Louis Harmon. 40 yeurs old, South Lecluire Mvenue. S. Newbuuer, 'J5 years old, «<i unknown. t • ^ Seven persona were al«o injured: ""- acchU-nt twik place when many » were entering the building. It wus Hald tho elevntor W«N «l>out to stop ut the fourth floor when the cable itruke, » Milton K, J''lor*ht>lm, prcBident of the •omi)any. snid he understood tlie "»«f«- ty doj{»" fulled to work, although there had been an olflcittl examiniatlon and a >nvate one Just a few days ago. It became npces.tury /to. call firemen .o aid In taking out the wounded, M he counter bal&nco weight fell from op of .the shaft and crabbed through h« top of the cuye. The wounded were «ent to variotiH w««t Hide % CIGARS GO CELINGWARD. St. Paul. Minn., Nov. 9,—Six cent cigar* are almont a certainty in the vt»ry near future, the St. Paul retail cigar doalera aiiHociatlon today predicated. High pricl'H of nil other com- moilltlcH wan a8Blgnnd. S&SMARKETCO.S&S SPECIAL FOR FRIDAY . Oat Fish, Halibut Steak, Salmon Steak, Pickerel, Sun Fish, Buffalo; freah select and standard Oysters, Boneless Codfish, canned Salmon. . UHBEfR GIRL'S PARENTS QUITtAKE FOREST HOME e tears away with her apron, that it was just nearly m wl and breaking her heart to do without that tttove; that ^bere never wan nn oven that could bake such good pie, cake, ate.—Cleveland Plain Dealer. 111., Kov. 9.— Marioti bert'u parents l«kV* left l<ake forever. They have gonu tt> Cwllfornlu, in order to b« away from thp MCI^IU of Ihp tragedy which robbed them of thflr daughter and to avoid curloaky of "not wullty" Will orpet wu» was Dr, Gouldlng Opliciaii |s* Avs. and 3rd St., SUHing, lit. PH ON E 101 - W — '- 1 BMS Take Care Hi * * i Royal Stamp Celleotort, Among the world's celebrater4 collectors are King Alfonso of Spain and pen Maaue!, one time ruler of Pprtu- fal. When the latter ascended; his throne be ordered the directors of the mint to locate ail of the old plates from which stamps had beoo printed^ and had struck off all of the Portuguese stamps .not in his collection. But one sheet each, of the missing stumps was printed, and he baa tlieto all. Kn- Hco Carueo, the, singer, also has atino collection, lad; it is s«13 tlwt bl» friends often show th*lr appreftatioo pi bis gpnlus by gifts of rare u<e • the- verdict returned wbt>n fitr the Blrl's murder, Mra. hu« bcon' Buffering from n liruHkiiovm, but silo expects her health in the west.' "1 du,4iot think we Bhttll ever return t*i l^tko Jr'orwt," said Frank l4tmbi-rt. thf girl's futher, "The dcuth of our daughter has taken ull the Impi'liU'tia uui af tHiji llvt's. I know w«s will not return--«nli'Vt« it is to vi»lt her gru\c." nervous to " human That umn «ii «t one time' tin Nature, livn wbo ho a I he hiui nil tin- t>Uv WOMAN WAS_POI5PNEO Cvsntton Wpman Near Death in Cin**• cinnatt Ho»pital. (i t,'lty Nov, ».— Mr*. Kctolla old. w«ia tuk^i to.t hv, hottpitat •yesterday,-. Stu- polnnn. __ 1'JliJJli. ;; Mother-Made, Quick ; < • Acting Cough Syrup ; ^ * ' ' HUM-—, --U 1 $ Hfcould b« K«ft Haa«r 1st Kr*ry * E»U]r f««9w Costs I4MI«t Mothers, you'll never know what you fete mi8»iii>{ uptil you make up this in* expensive, quiek-actiujj couch syrup and try -it. Children ^love jts ... andinothing else, will chest cold -and heal ,, ,,,- a cwujfh or the inflamed or swollen throat membranes with sum ease and promptness. It's equally as good for prown-upa as lor children. Syrup n Syr Vi de by cents the "1 Ctllt'l- cvuUi not live. In lu a rel<ttlv4> «he wrt»t»';' h^aM l» brwk«au Kt' - Kl«'«p%idid - , K, , pouring SVj qunqes of Vinox worth), into a pint bottle and _ „ ,.._ battb with plain granulated • sugar tyrup. Thin Kivim you a full pint—» (smilv supply—of much letter' oouuh remray than vou could buv rcady-maoa for $i.5()~» clear aavinj; of $$. The aiomt'in it touubft* -tlio inllamod, :old i-omri-Btwi muuihrauutt that Hue ike throat and air PUH*U«L'B, tho tealinjj be- tat! pblemu looutma, soreness . . cough »puBtn* Joawu • and • soon ii»ai>pt>ar ttltonettuT, thus ending a ,'QUjjh quicker than you over thought poauiblcv Hottrm-ncws and ordinary .souijha are couquertni by H in «4 hours )r lc»a- Kxct'lU-nt for bronchitis, whoop- iethnia or winter coughs. I'iiu-x is a highly coac<'&tf»ie4 »«». fw^kitlii . tif <fAntttnc« "^y/ivu'av p|lHl fiXtT&Ct of I w'tll bj» w»Ul»g In my «r»v« f«>r >*>»-" | x»wbioed with KUBiat'cJi" io'd is faiuous Another cara.-Jiddretf.8cd |y_ her hu«-,;ihr world, over (or its *iu'?k hesliug hniut. Jiu.) ( H'»i Olhtit'Id, 10(>7 I)4ivis str«'i't. j ^ffet't on ib<f luriuhrunen. K run stun' £H-« trom whom «l}i' wiu* t»*p. j Bi»wsr« uf substitutes. Ask your ttrtttexC read: , '*•"'*'•[« ' lr u ^BJ*t for "'J*i otnuv» of Pirieit'* with tUi H- vi.iMti,"-"--lirwtiuH* »t*il J •-•"• -' •---'<"-"I .uii Y<ni - Real Slide Values \. At The Right Price Big Reductions oil all Two-Tone Boots SPECIALS THIS WEEK ,* "* " t LadioV High Cut Lace, Shoos ai $3.50 . ' Men's Dark Drown and \ Hlaoj* at $4,00 V School *Sho8 to 11, $1.75; I to iiu J I 'IW'W .iii-iiui'-jit Duality. /at $5,50 $2.25; l! 1 1- toU $2.50 ) ^lu^ud-Jiid ,ur -ilull ii.i'4 TEnTiwi

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