Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 21, 1968 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 21, 1968
Page 2
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, February 21,1968 SOCIETY 7 > 3431 Beiween 8 <J.m. ond 4 jxm. talendar of Events ^WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 21 Jthe First Presbyterian qhurch will have a Polloek Sup* per Wednesday, February 21 at 6;30 p.m. After the supper a special program will be presented under (he leadership of Mrs. John B. Lowe. This will be the first of a series which will be continued under Mrs. Lowe's direction. Circle No. 5 met with Mrs. Lester Sites with 13 members and two visitors. Mrs. Hugh Jones gave the devotional. Delicious refreshments of angel food cake and coffee were served. .--'•THURSDAY, FEB. 22 '-'• Women of the First Baptist Church will meet Thurs., Feb. •22, at 7 p.m. in the church, the Mission Study Book, "Trumpets in Dixie" by W. C. Feild will be taught by Mrs. Dannie Hamilton. All women of the ohurch are Invited. ;..FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 23 ""A program in observance of the Parade of American Music Will be presented by Mrs. Guy Downing at the Friday Music '•Club, Friday, February 23 at 3:45 p.m. in the home of Mrs. Talbot Feild, Jr. with Mrs. Roy Stephenson and Mary Anita Laseter co-hostesses. DUPLICATE CLUB PLAY There were 6 tables of players at the Hope Duplicate Bridge Club meeting on Monday, February 19 at the Diamond. Winning couples were: first, Mrs. R. L. Broach and Mrs. Paul Lewis; second, Mrs. Harry Hawthorne and Mike Kelly; third, Mrs. Syd McMath and Mrs. Comer Boyett. No Duplicate games will be played Monday, February 26, but a Winners Gam.? will be played on Wednesday, February 28 at the Diamond and all Duplicate players are invited. TWINS OBSERVE Saturday, Febttiaty 11 was the 88th birthday of fefry Feild of Little Rock and faltot Feild of Te*arkan«« the twins eelebra* ted their special day In Hope In the home of Mr. and Mrs, Tal* bot Feild, Jf, with A dinner. Besides Mr, and Mf-s* Pettd of Little Rock and Mf< and Mrs, Feild of fexarkana, others attending from out of town weres Mr. and Mrs. Roy Booth, Miss Anna Florence Edwards, Mrs* torn Webber, Miss Missy Web* ber, all of Texarkana; Mrs, Hattie Ann Byrd and Carl Tal« bol Byrd, Hot Springs; and Dr. Marian Severance, Durant, Okia. Coming. Going Mr. and Mrs* Lindol Ellis and family, Mlnden, La« t and Loys Moody, Texarkana, were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ellis and other rela» lives. Mrs. Ree Bass and son, Lloyd, Chester, Tex., are visiting Mrs. Foy Hammons. Mrs. L. M. Llle, Huntsvtlle, Tex,, Is visiting in Hope with Mrs. Kendall Lemley and in Texarkana with daughter, Alice, and son, Henry, and family. Bob Thomas at the Movies By BOB THOMAS AP Movie-Television Writer HOLLYWOOD (AP) - Item 1: "Support Our Boys In Canada." The reference Is to Americans who cross the border to dodge the raft. Where does the placard appear? Not In a peace march, but on a network television show, "Laugh-In." It is flashed on the screen so rapidly that most viewers couldn't read It. Item 2.« on the smothers Brothers Show, fom ifld Otcfc AM dls* eusslng the offering of London Bridge for sale, torn says he would like te Guy It, and Sick asks what hi would do with the bridge* torn Pd five It to President Johnson. Dicks What toft torn! To bridge his credibility gap* Item 3j pat Paulsen, avowed nonean* dldate for president on the Smothers Brothers show, com* ments: "As a comedian, I think ! could be just as effective as President Johnson/' Cut by the CBS censors was his following line; "But f don't think I could run the country as funny." Item 4f Tommy smothers, by a curious pattern of cross«polltna tion, appears on the Rowan and Martin "Laugh'ln" and delivers the one*Hne blackout: "Let's all get behind President Johnson— and pushl" These items offer evidence of the New Dissent that has appeared in the entertainment medium during the past year. Dictionary definition: DlssenU-to differ In sentiment or opinion from the majority, Political satire has been a part of the American intertaln- ment scene from Will Rogers to Bob Hope. Comedy makers from the time of Aristophanes have used those In authority as the butt of their jokes, usually to the glee of those who are governed. But in recent times the tone of the satire has become more strident, the attacks more bitter. They range from the antlestab- llshment humor of The Smothers Brothers Show and "Laugh- In" to the sledge-hammer blows of the off-Broadway play, "MacBlrd." The remarkable aspect of the New Dissent is the availability of mass media. When Harry Belafonte took over the "Tonight" show In place of Johnny Carson tills month, he not only sang calypso songs; he also used the NBC program as a fo- Engogemer.f Announced CHECK THE CLOCK - LESS THAN 24 HOURS AFTER THE FIRE! Shown above Is George FrazJer, President of the Anderson-Frazier Insurance Agency delivering his check to Mr. Edwin Stewart, owner of Stewart's Jewelry Store in Hope in payment of Mr. Stewart's personal articles loss in the Hope Country Club Fire of Monday afternoon. The check was delivered to Mr. Stewart at 2:30 p.m., Tuesday, February 20, less than 24 hours after the disaster struck the Hope Club. INSURE TO BE SURE ANDERSON-FRAZIER Insurance Agency, Inc. Second & Main • Phone 7-3481 « Hope, Ark. HELEN HELP US! by MISS SARAH BROWN Archbishop Homed For St. Louis VATICAN CITY (AP) - Pope Paul VI has appointed Bishop John J. Carberry of Columbus, Ohio, to succeed the late Joseph Cardinal Rltter as archbishop of St. Louis, the Vatican announced today. The 63-year-old native of Brooklyn lias been bishop of Columbus since Jan. 16, 1965. Car- dlnal Rltter died last June 10. The archbishop of St. Louis Is traditionally a cardinal, and Bishop Carberry Is expected to be elevated at the Pope's next consistory to create new princes of the church. Nine cardinals have died since the last consistory last; June, and there is speculation ; that the Pope will call another one before Easter, April 14. 'fits*- expected at'the Vatican that by then he will have named a new archbishop of New York to succeed the late Francis Cardinal Spellman and that this prelate also will get his red hat. rum tor his views on Vietnam. In interviewing Dr. Martin Luther King, Belafbnte declared: "All of us here feel very strongly on the war, and we oppose it." The singer added his support of the protest vote for Sen« Eugene McCarthy. No demand for equal time to register opposing views has been reported. Recently Tommy Smothers, who opposes President Johnson both on and off the television screen, was asked about the is« sue of equal time for Democratic loyalists. "We feel the administration's views on Vietnam get plenty oi airing on tele/islon," the comedian replied. "The Bob Hope Show, for example." His argument is that Hope, with his Christmas special based on his entertainment tour of Vietnam, gives wide circulation to the hawkish side of the war. Hope and John Wayne are the most vocal of the show-business hawks; Wayne recently directed and starred in the first major film about the Vietnam war, "The Green Berets." Trinidad is the southernmost of the West Indies islands. Mr. and Mrs. Jessie J. Brown announce the engagement and approaching marriage of their daughter, Sarah to Gorald Wayne Sisson, son of Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Sisson, all of Hope. Sarah Is presently attending Red River Vocational Technical School. Gerald is now at the Air Force Station at Hamilton AFB, Calif. The wedding will be an event March 10 at 4 p.m. In the Sprlnghlll Methodist Church. No cards will be sent. All friends and relatives are Invited. Arkcmscm Is War Victim WASHINGTON (AP) - The Defense Department listed Marine Pfc. James E. Honeycutt of Haynes (Lee County) as having been killed in action In Vietnam, WfAK OR WILLING? Dear Helens What do you think of a woman who leaves her child* ren every other night 10 enter- fain a man, and 1 do mean entertain? this friend of mln# says she is okay for a good time, but he wouldn't have hor as a wlfaj she's not his lyf*. He Is Ural of her and wants to drop her, but she hangs on. He tells me he can't hurt her fellings by throwing her out. Whal should he do?-MISS CONCERNED Dear Miss Ci HE should either put starch In his backbone or truth on his tongue. And YOU should stay clear of this witling weakling. How do you know he Isn't feed- Ing you both the same line?— H. Dear Helen: As a "newsletter at Christmas'" writer myself, I must take umbrage with the tenants of "Mrs. Inadequate," This is a onee-a- year get-together for our friends all over the world, and at what more joyous season? Granted the letter shouldn't be an ecomlum of "Our Fabulous Family"; but, though wo Include the unhappy events with the good, we bear in mind that this is the season to count our blessings, not recount our mean, grow- ly moments. If Pop takes a garden show award and Junior makes Eagle Scout and Junior Miss is making all her own clothes, these ARE the highlights of our year. Can you imagine writing or receiving: "Merry ChristmasI Jack was picked up In an LSD raid. Big Jack Is in the cooler for taking pot shots at the gendarmes. Sally left for Halght Ashbury last month, and I've got theD. T.'s"? What's wrong with Mrs. Inadequate? Serving on a PTA membership committee Is not nothing- news as she Implies. Offspring always come up with something wild and wonderful even If it Isn't "A" averages; and, as to writing in July, (which she suggests to avoid the Christmas rush), It takes all year to put THIS one together!-UP WITH Bott«l CHRISTMAS LETtERS! Dear tff« I IOU 'em too* especially when they «r« written with the kind of flair you show In your fetter,- tt him o« tmf tffflft* lion. After «n, ftey fiat* ft far* age or tajftfneflt sort It won't fflto his psyelst to fee left alone tore« or font hoars. ft certainly win* m? Uieft t hewew, to clean up hair ««i whutftot fa* neat rfay, naf to speak of Ifrugtnt ettr ttwr airfriwt while rm dinner.-UNttAPW P. 9. Tell 'em, Helen, bear Urn flef tew* easily "tatt," tort yen CAfferMg Dear Helens Why does a wife tfi§m *" JW to»ttatt«itlaf.-H* Mil fie, needle or attempt!* bent This column Is dedicated to down h«r husband in front of her femlly Hvtag, to t/ jwu'rtMvtnJt relatives or mutual ff tends, this happens often, not only to me, but to other men.-* SIR. Dear Mr. L: Perhaps needs an audience for her sharp wit, but more likely she's even- Ing (ho score for past slights. If you needle In front of company, It cuts deeper—and It's also safer.,.A gentleman hardly ever slugs his wife when relatives or friends are around, and by the lime he gets her home, he's lost the urge. (But the re* sentment lingers on. .and starts a new round of slights and slurs.) NOTE TO WIVES! Ftght fftfrl You'll have less fights in the long runl-H, Dear Helen: When I Invite friends for dinner and the evening, why Is it some Insist on bringing their pet dogs with them? If t wanted the dog, I trouble or Just plain trouble. lit H«l«n help YOU, She fill also B»L. welcome your own *mti4lj!| > ci* she Faiences. Address Helen Dottet to care of The Hopaswr. THi TOP TIN at ts» W "Lot* N gfo*," "Judy In fHiftriM," fV "I WWi It W<wU lUta," MfoMI H*4 M«.« fftHIMH "fend M*. Slu* Me," American Brttrf "Co4«' On* <rf My ||«d, M U«. icrnmi "Bally Now itwl l'v« famf Yew," F<MNl6UkMM "My Brty Mm B* • Mngi- d**," LET'S TALK ABOUT MOVIES By VELOA SUMANS Tonight is the last showing of "Eye of the Devil" with Deborah Korr and David Nlven. WHAT a Gruesome Twosome-111 One makes 'cm.thootherbreaks em till "FRANKENSTEIN CREATED A WOMAN" and "THE MUMMY'S SHROUD," both In color, showing Thurs.-Frl.-Sftt. at the Saenger. The angry jungle, the cocky millionaire, the rogue elephant who had killed before —all in the action • adventure film, "THE LAST SAFARI." From the adventure continent —one of tho most exciting stories of one man's courageous fight to pre- starring Stewart Granger, Ka* Garas and Gabriella LJcudi, showing Late Show Sal. Sunday- Monday, At the Dixie Drive In this week-end will be "Love Italian Way" and "Matchless." The Most thrilling act of espionage you've ever scon, staffing Patrick O'Neal, Henry Silva ai*l the lovely Irn Furstenberg. Next Tuesday - Wednesday Thursday will be the movie "BLOW.UP", It is Michelangelo Antonlon's ft rat English language film, one of the Year's ten best films, and It's for adults only. A fascinating study of a serve the wild life of Africa photographer and the women a- against the unconcern of tho white round htm, and a murder his Hunters, "THE LAST SAFARI," camera caught 111 I've never used a Citizens National Bank Checking Account, You could sure save a lot of headaches. m?: i • ^ 7j 4\A ,> F.Q.I.Cj/ THE PAN& MQRE PEQPUE MWti*t***i4i*tiitt*4i*tt**t*«*M1***<************t**1W^ ANDERSON-FRAZIER INSURANCE AGENCY, Inc. limirunce Corner- Second Si M«ln Telephone I'M 7-34A1 HOPE, ARKANSAS 71801 Date - Anytime Dear Parent: We would like to offer a word of .comfort to you both, as your own youngster begins his driving career. The first thing to understand is that driving is a skill, and that like all skills - it requires much practice. The heads of many Driver Education programs at schools advise newly-licensed drivers to log hundreds of driving miles under certain controlled conditions. Their recommendations, which parallel the recommendations of safety experts are these: 1. The youngster should be driving a car that's mechanically sound. 2, He should be solo-driving, or driving with his parents, not with a carfullof churns. 3. He should be driving on little traveled roads, 4, He should be driving in daylight, only in fair weather at first. Gradually, as handling a car begins to feel natural to him - and remember, each car handles differently - you'll want him to drive in a variety of situations under your supervision. In .your talks with your children, one point you should try to emphasize most is this; "The car you are driving is our legal and moral responsibility," Even if your youngster has saved enough to pay for a roadworthy car of his own, that car is still your responsibility, This gives you, as parents, indisputable authority to take away driving privileges temporarily when you believe they've been forfeited. You will find that such an understanding with your youngsters should probably work out pretty well, It just seems to take a little patience, the courage and self-discipline to use your parental authority justly,,, and a sturdy sense of humor} Yours sincerely, 2 eorge T, President and General Manager GTF/tah

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