Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on November 9, 1916 · Page 3
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 3

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 9, 1916
Page 3
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OVERHALFDH Tuesday's Election Added Six i States To Dry Column Making 25 Now. ALASKA JOINS THE RANKS Michigan, Nebraska, South.Oa- \ kota, Montana, Uf^h and Florida Now Dry. frftTfwrt! ;im i.. J f i pin***** as » w*t «tntn« oft t*»<* tflp«,hi LOSE. -••A ti'-'-w •fn uYj'"< ' j T', «t ••:! . I 11 r i i:; • I it- SAN FRANCISCO ?;in I-'r.infl •>••••', <"n!;. N»v 1' ?,,u«! vet i- iii Sin l-'r-'inf i l>":im «'?»,rU l-i^f nirttt 'H! '•r..'3mi f:f N" '..'. irjit'i^lni,' irti,,;-.; ,,). (!>«' ^|(. fl n •! •tt .ti; .ct!' f i)<l man l»r»Hr»t.i, Mon"it Tiif^ilny whaf I ask fc 'liktKrtl what it would rt t> home without Mother wot**! take - *hc'» »ur* nf JllBfiet — line of light, I*, ta^ly bak- I-.- of positive, uni- rALUMETi, ;| Powder If »»!<Je your itite brand once I jriSu'II never go '"k to it. Calu- U the world'* t Baking I'ow- • in {'lire." Awtrdi i Nf* CM* fl..» r-i t< < •»•»( th*ir Vffiliel*" swifnst UH» . < '.ilifurni.i i'-i in itunt't hut. if Is r!?mti«»<! !»\ tlif ilry*. Ai-.i^k.'f nl«<» went dry two '!,» r>n" If l» «.•»!<! '; Missouri l« n«!mtt- ittiHv siilt w< ? vfrv w»'t. • ,\l«-:f;nrfi s'lmMlIt-il tiv !!ir> W't« to \lXTmM flic <iH;i!ifir'i} I«;I|P <if Uitnor in iMAttv* .•uif'uiy dry <«-<>(»• def«it*-(| in !<Vf»Tm1i< and Ark:in-«nfl. In, I'Snh rind 'l-'K»ri<l« tli*' Or.t vlftnry njiwI'Mf-)! in effftinif tlry U-uMntitres and «lry stn.t* n<lmlril*tr;Ulon««. OVER HALF NOW DRY. rhK-iurt, til .N.iv. •>. Mor,- th.-tn, half «,f td»- r-illv -I'luht s!;it»'* of the union him- IK-I-II j-til ititu the dry »"lntnn, Those Whit M Wfl-o fnl(i*>il t<> thf list by tho elei-tlon Tu^ntlrty, making th*» fnUi! nf dry *t:ite«i wenty-flve, are Mlehluno, Ni'lirrtPkn. #.,mth Dakota, IVfontrtmi, t'tnh, nn<l Tint i<l:i, The tc-r- ritory of Aln^kn hn« nl,«*» liffn ndilfd tn the dry ji<»»j<f'!«.«ion« nf the t r nUeil St.'ltf*. ' Tlif si(nt<'« wltlrli vtflOil fin Uir' liquor f|U«"Sfloii hi \vliidi tin 1 diA" fniVfa sofm |» li.'iyi 1 lii'r'M di'fi'.'itfd,, Slthmnrh tttr> r«'t)irn« «r«.> mtt all in. nrc ('.•il DRYS l-sr.i.'i, '. h JfiV'ii f J'f fTi WINNING IN \\' DIXIE. / any other [wheat food, Krymbles gratl* fies the palate, satisfies the ap~ p et ite, a ifcT iio u r- Ishes the.booy. % 1Oc \\ f) t h " Jn Hd;i S rind .'V 2 ,ti;,iin«! il, in i.'' \\'. \', Kn> ( of- 1li,. •;'t! <>|>t|i'ii >t:lf.tli<.>>. •nil- ,f..r (!t!i< Leek fof Krumbles A«WV*t II! 2 Pair of Pants t $20 MISSOURI St. I.-IMI-. .M«i. Jv'ic.'rnin.n "n;ii " v Imrrmly rU f-.ii«-.! bililtion jifojinSitii DRYS LOSE. Ni.y, !>.- TI... i'lf (if St. l.f'ili ;-ial«>" w i.!f ,1).- \Vith 111, U}f> tcl.-il Mf! ''its r*-|'orl« f -St. and f< w r >!l fur Mother's Cook Book, t!n McBride Statement K. Hcott *ni of ftf "A mimlMT of • vli'tm •icf wro dry IccNlatlim 111 tl»> d«-ffat |ir«>iKif«M!<»iis put forward liy tlif» Wftx which Ihje w;«-tii Intended Hhould not n« check** «n: the «lt7':in'«ir?nh k nu. in Colorado >in uUernpt xr&tt tn&Ati tri »prtir«* un South UIM» In This c-lty vntrd i:?.; 1 Mtttoii and M*t.!i')ii .-it ' 1 lif'illt; Tllt'M- III. HI <-a.«l on tlic |!rojm t>»-n- :; fm- tit.'sin--!. fh'- lltllf of til'- tutftl «fd .'illHTsiltm nt. PROHIBITION FOR Juncatl. Alaskit. N'ay. voipt* rnut in tw i-nt> -(Kc .'t.f-12 " wc.rp f«r i»io(ili>ltlo ALASKA, !•", (if :"i,5U* Alnska !n«n« n «nd i' '>37 SOUTH DAKOTA SAFE. l^ioa* Kails, S. IV. Ncy. i'. .Th hiltltlon futifiidinrnt c»riifd hy jority «''*Uinnt«-d .'it from ITi.iifM* ti non )n Uif I'lr-rliun. ma- 3", • YOftS PAPER FEARS THEFT OF PRESIDENCY BW .York. Nov. !».-Tho K\ laitt night pnltlixhfd tin- tn I U« frvnt paKe, under lln- » J "Guard the Itullot linxt-K": |a 1H76 -the Kepulilltrin mil utoie u presidential *,»)) 1he "Ttf|nilili(;in' national tried to Meal it pH-nldeil- |,el«?tlon. lake »ur*» thai UK Republican mlttee doc* mu «t<>ul u Udentlftl election in 1ft US. e Itcpubllran ot'Kiinizution baa tlpiin the tirute power of money i flection. The. «reul (If* major!! lex* In* <« Iteen won in It* it) which tin.* licpulilican em |mured their \ast i-orruptioti 8—Olid nowhere j-Ue. fe believe Hint I'fcMldeiit WilMcm m thta fleet Inn, if there In an count. 'I'lie supreme duty of |4Pt*RU>frntfl In every cl«me and Ibtful Hinte IH tn nniko Hum thut tn an honest count,Juard t.h» ballot boxeij. fho ii'rt'iildency nniBt not bo stolen." ;T60AY'*B ODDEST STORY. Hy t.'nited 1'rennl , Tex.,. Noy;, U, - Little Ida t u K"M chain uml laval- rtvor war hef Jjiome HVV- KU,--'liwr fttthur, »UU't«4 i Ilk the, family e«»w recently and fed tn« ornament ~ twisted the I'OW'H let',. The eow had, thf plnnR of' tlip "wots «!'•Two L*ol«I«tur«t Dry. . "Th»> victory In Utnh nn«1 in Florldn \vrt«t In olfTtinu n Ififinlnturf favnrnlilp to dryvlt'Kislntion. Th«» Ir-Kl«lrttnrf> i« i-xi»i'i't«>d te> (tniinptlv (inns Ktatutnry |irnlill)|(|on, hi— Utah tho last l*>KiMla- tiirt- tknicMi»t) micli N-RiMliition liy nn R to t yoli-, Init lhi< riH'MMiitf w;i« volcd liy tlm uoycrtmr. .The IruHrnti^il Hi'<-t!nn of <i dry Kovt-rnor Hil* tlmo riwikox lli«« iintt-li)|ii<ir I'-uMntlon riTtnln. — "in thi- t»tli**r fottr- *tt;itf*t Avlilcii votneJ dry Mil' |ifH>j)!c vnt«-<l rtlrrplly on Hif dry " "Tin- inlrinn wfn> H (rnttou of ti 4lu- varle>u« lfttirl*^ nualnut thrtuifih th AiiU-Sitlooii It-.-miit and Kivf Kroat aid nf the thf lonnleM* nation by 1920.. Vot« Returns Slow. At the Vmhlldllon (Utrty head>|tmrt- erH ii wax xald the return* w»*re >«o »low in'.eomiiiK in ,that a Hlntoment of tin- total party vote in the nation WIIM hardly poKHlblK. "From the fr»Ktnent»ry return* we have received." it wan wild, "we be- the Prohibition party ntiout dnu- Ided Itp'vdte of four ywirw au«. We think the vot<> will r-ra'ch 500.000. -We <'hartcn H. Handall to con- ure.HH from the Ninth conKremdnnal dl«» irirt «»f California. We ulfco. think we •d a» eoriKreHNtrnin Mr. At wood from the Klevepth clUtrtet of rnllfo.r- nlrt iinrt State Heniitor K. 1*J, Ixibeck. f 'Minnenota. ' "AH nn llhiKtrotion of our knlim, V«r- mllllon eYninty in HHnoiw K «ve n vote >f l.fioo HIJH your, n *;ain of 600 over 'our years nun. One town Jn Pennsylvania Jumped from 150 four years i«ro to BW.thtii ywir." Gain In IggUlature. A forecast «f the. plan* of the Illinois •\tttl-Snloon U-rtKiie wn« also mode by i»upt., McBridu. » .' ....... "The Mtate Hennte will be dry by a i-Htt majority." he'iuUd. "Oirt of Jlfty- me Ncnattim Uiwo will be not low* than hirty who *r* dry. nnd there rnny b« hU'ty-four. In the bniiHe our ch'tincex ire Kond majority, ultlnniKh we ire, not ye» certnin ot It, We elected :». of Jtockford. one of threis indo- leiHleotM who ntn. Our program for he year includes Htatewble «Ututory •ndilliltlon secured by meanN of the >i . , .... C0llllt >" «PH<m .,,residence iiwtriut hillH,. and law enforuvmunt." MICHIOAhTEASILY DRY. Detroit, .Mleh., Nov. D,--MU!iil«aii Jnu» one dry by a majority thut will au- J-'iirureH lant FEAR COAL SHORTAGE. OH' 1'lilti'd rri'ss. > I.hiltith. Minn.. Nov. !> <'nal nu>n \i»-ro •day ah'and»nrd fill hnpf (lutt tin- |ui's<- i-nt ri"«i'r»i> of < wonht Hitpply (he Xor I Invest'." demand fur'' t lii- < ulilint? wintfr. l'nti« licif ;irnl Superior fur- fii ncarl) all thf Norihwt*st'.« roa 1 , Thf ir adinisxion of thfir intihitliy t<» gt?t «uflifi»-nt *t i>al while navigation "jii'ii IB fair eyldeni-f that thero .'i niril Khortaut- thl« winter wht-n the-r* oini-tei's ii-«i?<ter around «<> liehm' MARGARET IS CHARMED BY QUAINT OLD VIGO My fw- tin* t?nit«d l'r*>»i» > U'hen.wc fn in Vigo ' •-. To (MirchtuM' we're fain in ontoiuj and m«ck-rc'l And cfeniiea in H|»aln. ;;.Shotiid..MUr go and hfl BD .'. .Anil yon -go it'w plain )V . - You'll ravo ovi>r Vlgo Ku qnulni on the Afatno. Vljfo, Hpitin, Nov. 3. — IVrhap* labor "under tin- dclnnlon tluit'tlu* 1 U>«1 viwatioti •••**»*••**•*§******•*••** *" Spanish'Rice. Tnko n nu>fn! '"f boiled rleo, four tiible<*p«>»»nfuls of sifldl tomnto, lf'5t*:poonfnl ^>f onion, two tab fills of btitf^r. one tt-uspiM.inl'iil varb of chutney, mu^tnr<l ntiil rurrjp im*jlf*, !«aH nnd a dash of t^'I'l'^r. Melt tho btilter In a pnttceptin, put jn the onion »nd curry nnd rm»k for- rt fpw minutes. Add the rtoe, Hieese, toiiuilii.pijlp, mus« tftttl nnd chopped «-bntney; mix nnd tx>nt well togelhor. Hen«on nnd turn Into n bnklnc'UMi. Sprlnkl«» with brownedjrrtttubs find fult Into tho oven to bent. Serve very hot with browa broad nnd butter. / j Ra«pberriet In Snow. Font- a cup/fill of cold wnter nnd a rtlpful of stigur over n«rc i»f gel- ntlne. stir nntSl the sngiir l« dissolvinl, nnd let stnnd ttntll »tiff. Add n cupful of boiling wnter nml Ibo Jutce of two lemons. Beat tbw whiten uf-four eggs milJl frothy, mltl to tho p'lntlno otJ«l continue to bent until white, when ItVls ready to set; fold in n pint of rlpo herrleii, pour Into u mold mid nwny to harden. .Serve cold whipped crenm. /, / ^ J Froxen DalntUi. Even n cupful of fruit jtilco may bo combined with » little watijw or: teiti* on-Jnlrc, foim* ereuin nnd sugar, nud when frozen mnke ti most dellclon» dessert for a hot dny. (!r»ipo jtilcc, ono cupful, « tnblanpoonful of lemon Julc»to r mttki!thtt color luurcbrllllnut,. lunl *ugnr to tasto, with n pint of crotttn frozen. .In tho most ilell^hlful bit of color sprvixl in sherbet c«ps, and, tastes every bit us good us it looks. Wl* are showing an ekwant line of th(?se fine business suits in all the Twp pair of* trousers make twij^e as long, at no-additional cosT^^ . v We give the Extra Pair FREE Thl supply of these suits is linttt^d advise .you to investigate at oncaSlf ^ A W. J. BELL &IONS CO. Fifty yearsof ill FAVO|ITE OF FILMDOM nrvf r a hrnrt. howo'en dreary nn4 lon», Diit hnth minio inotnury /if, Uio To love and cull lt| own. Not, to knon- pontfntra^nt Is on<| to) the ^oddest i)llKbt8 a woman can bo "' t-hltf of u hjniijk«-i- dlncrppt In 1116 IH to nttoiid to Vii|>., "th? now 'when that feuturc IndnlKM In a. little Not no .in Vlgti. Indeed «m the r»ir«> of niH>f>»(Mi«rv Marntliiui. I.have r«'i»(«on to doubt whether handkerchli-lH and .noceii have ever «T- le«ied a two ir«i|uent mee|lmf. Yet ar*> much mofo In evl- in thi» tinalnt hi>ani»h seaport than In our miNal Yankee, midst, B<?rr, boH-pver, they are rab<et) to an PXiUt«'d poHitlon far ahead of their plain uwi.«e of the Western World. In they cover tho head of every uouian and even the InfuntK Sn arms. What matter If the child if even H scanty «Jip i« it'* effect? 'Alwi»y« It'x head 1» carefully inniTIed from «ny advimeeH of the HUH F>y° a Ibriifht lined handkerchief carefully Knotted under MH ten* <lt-r infantile chin. A Paisley «hu»| and a pair.of i-la- lKi>rttte illigee g<dd earrltiK** .are the other nece,m*arv adjniu-ts of a typical i«iue toilette. In the ,««ttiTink fashion, an well an tho. hnndkerfhtef one,, tho infanlM of Vlgo invariably »lmr"e. The toddler** not only hnve big eur» bin they are H!HO grotd trimmod. Kven p«n|>e,r women jti HHhy rajr» beKKttiK by the runtl side have i-arp ornate \v.ith Koldi-n baubles iluunted m tln« face of poverty, •••••.• 'Th» r j.ait«!r«..ijf thi'H« few bitSKurM are H»i» nuriirlNhiKly fe.w evidencsx »,f dirt you detect In thin piclniiMMiiie little village, with lt« Kteep firaKKl- cobblo HtfeetH climbing up char . from inuro-tiitui-half- uf the 2.860 pr«. in th«« «t«»o Khow thn prohibition lendinjr by iibout 6(1,000 majority. . in tiu» r «»turn» nru more than is prolmbly tlio most ftihn, iu whh'li huuost \yhulu wlwat is utiliwd UH food. a (<i wlmlc wheat is «<l<le<I (rmju'-Niits, nnd - kt'iis nt on< % (» wlu«u spoonful of Uu 1 rmul is i»nt«»n with c Kor'tlit! Jiarld'V has n-ridt, iiuJividiiai ..wliidiv; bli'iult'd wjth the swin-tiu'ss of whtHit. fn'ati'is n rare llavor rt«M)gnizt?d hy, the* jinlatt 1 as unusually IH-W and vaHu* as thut lias it Qrapo-Nut§ ha^ a flavor a Fuvoritt* m'vi'y \vht-iv. "There's a'Reason" the Jug HCturlKllo Spanlwh »ic|m to the tup of 1t*H foitrt-HK topped mount it »eoni« ala spotliMS town after the un- and nnic)!H of Itohiu. lt"» market e.sjH-cJi»ily is "a feast for tile IJvci j»eiiH«»«—-lit'avy with th«» ttt-enl ojf. lovoly ink*. holloiroiM5 and rones, colorful with thotn.ylvia hues and The hificloim HiHinbih nielomi, *oVani?«»tt nnd purple nnipt'». mvunicat \\ith .. of birds a«d the hum of ijuln volcett bargaining for jibe (Van!, *4'he kivver tloor of the muiKni lw slven over «-«tirt;lv t« the jtn.iiny vurlelicH of liab, the catching of Which U the chief industry of Vljfu jNev(,-r hav<» I ut'en llsh BO funHcinating The iMippnire ami silver of real ' ish mackeral mlniilea \vlili the n-ru ;pf Hhrlmi"* and -the »ear)et »if », Flounder*,' nole .ami raytlfth _. weird littlo Infant ovtipi I ha naiif to be dt'lH'iotis but I'd hs»V«? Ho eat mini) with my eyes* «hut. llugt llahy mijnjitjtriv a» WK v«*. *.('" pj<4, child ovt 7 rshttdow Imiikela , n^rtiitje»k iTwte y. visit to th» via" . tho fdiUlo denUoiM? or 4h« deep. But thl» Js^o ti»h stois-S i>uriu|r *he. mornuiK Uiw, Hvuly u:|(h tJiu wrowOJmr- of the »plen4ar« «,'f their h«»iu ' round o»|»n--l»ajikct whloh tbty to (HI >vHh HuMr lihoico n|. U fowl, %t^ffUil>lt<tii<<uui , fruit-, H*W»IV the ti*n%, v«ry »U» Msk«w^jntU J metal, «f«w Uwt*,eiW»er (IHw with Ut*t i«»r*r«iw fif, with ;tliwti, aiwl'Uiey oj iii julttxt "iity anil UFJvatet w sou. urv , lWPW 4*»«wi-J»«p»iiJ^|c the i You canu be.»«» lu'iwrci-iu^uj of tin- meanH,vhowevpi\: no rattUfi- li«^ mean, when . U«\.*nii, U a iwuiNMinH u( low atuct'o tlta^M-'M r-tsi itltil dflU lo-us . gan!«i« wttbin tow nDl'ud \vitlt tiiapi i"Ml. PUtpKi l*H*t U'miulnwJ> wiUun |)lc ll(uiUil(liHH with Hlltl <u thv the Uu- «>r il«h(iiK hulls! ot mil. HII buur UH-, u Mout •>ll.i(}l<^ of .» bltMV w«y. \VjiHi h t,l3j,i ' . _ f ! rrsrg •i i iii h iii;ilt>rlat"h.«d, >.i|r!i j.iiti'f, tu lu.ul tM it i l JL JL l*J' u nTrrT^- ::: i-TT j > \iot»- yell It js JIHJK Women .Could Find Coritenttitent b Helping Others tAURA JEAN LTOBEV - dood ThinflTfor Rico lends itnelf In many ways to give «« attractive.4ll«cs.JT Tht of these in^rl uw aooey «vwy t ^-Islt may bolgrnt- ' < , f u Ib I tn Two or threo tubleHpoonfulH of rlco ndded with the *niin» ntnotint of nnd n little wilt to oni» or two quarts of milk, with or without 1 rniulnH, nnd linked In a nl«w oven &>; .tbrvv or four hours, tnnkes «i wont ttamtylnm pud- 01 ng, good for little their eiaers. 8"8Tinr Organdies in High Favor, ••', . ' > Some of the lovelloxt frock* of the summer tfrts of orgundlo. OrgnndlP lends itself well to tho' billowy'offoctH iu fushlon and ynrdu nnd yurtls of the crisp, "riioor fubno go into rutlk's, llounceH, ptilUiHis* and • jdilrrings ftjir the iu*w>; orRuiiUii; dre.sscs. Au orguwtli) fiWfc* for ti Young girl bus u _ Kklrt eijilit yurdu nrouiul, tucked from hem .to belt by'luind; the bodlco Is «I*o tucked to match tind tho sleeves are littlo puffs with hrmU-hemmed "ruffles. The com- pleti) effect is deU^'htfully giVK iKli -and clianuing. .Therw ts youtlifulnesa also . Iu u socoud orgaiulle froi'tc, u nnxjol with rows of • shirring urotind tho lUps. Only u sU'hdt'r.'Klrllsh, Jl«« tiro could atund thin very bouffant frock, with its full, gathered waist drawn down Into a •tiny ribbon snsli. The NI*!I la i- violet lu color, *0 ft |) Q c10 g 0 00 ft 0 ^ 0 POO $ Q..P 0,flJUU! Any 8h«p«. fiut( : !nn > -'~"WHI you lmvt> u r iiitt'njn?" Sirs. YomiKbrUU* [don't niro \\ hut xhiipo It Is, so -"I It'a •Tn« Heartl«M Poor* Itle poor huve MI llifh; n>;mpntliy for ! Tln»y have never whut they R«b and A headache remedy withuut ttu- ilan'lieaduchi: itiwhcuiu," ft m clean, d it act^ at white imt*iai<i j btl <>i;H , arj ! in »> Jn-ait, a> \\as I »r tliV"at, I'io:u5, woman, of ot know what a hap- o in e life !»e;'nijUorU'y of rich women spend their ttme tin they Uko''i 1 da ihhbo no complaint If their husbands do Jlko- «iy'irii^.t9.«at '"* 'to spd'nfl threo. or four ev<- ulngH n week nt his dtjfferefit;clubf.; pn- tcrtulnitii; his coteTO^^f Ironjfen'lal Star of Uio silent drainu, who had j fHeada on his yacht or motoring trips won wn «4tabll»h«'t! rcpuhitloii on iln? | for weeks nt. u time, oho uinko» uo stage bef|r*j solne l«l« Uio iiiovics. j demur, Tlit-y ure Innh Ja thejuad pur- Ntiit of pli'iiMirt, If It takes them by foary Miles Winter. nrial Pfltnft bociai i-ame different routes. Whot(e fnult , s ur Bv4(ll . cl , ndwa ^ . To -Spain's Beautiful Queen ; do nol hln( i t n ,, m to tho four wa»« of Should ^Spain's efforts tn bring about tho*holding lit Mttdrhl of. tho l»eue« coB^carenco which must foll(>\¥ the cessation of hOHtilltles bo wiceetfs- ful, Qtjw^ Victoria • Kmt, ono-of tho younKn^t'irnd most "beautiful of Kit- "moist" Wihous hoste»» In .tho world, .Many-iyf-thc* world's most brijiinnt iwn ydV fj*'* 11 '"'"!*' "t U u * conference, «nd <Hc* 'ijttWn's duty will bo to pntPrtnln thepo guests of £p«ln nnd Jbelr wives on an txtenslvo nnd royal scale, It' N snld thtit thf young nuJ-en, who 18 .yet in her twenties, wcvnld Kreutly wel- (omti the will fur wich hrllliniit fetes nt tho stately nnd somowhnt formal tfcgtlllnti ctMirt, which In sptto of Klna Alpheiiso's deintjcrutlc ways, utlll re- jualtia tin* most. ceremonious In Ku« r<»p«. Tha queen Is "fond of dress wnd one of the moat' lavftih citjitoinem of the grPat Paris drcatuniikera, her dress i bills running up to more than $15,000 .yearly. homo. The boys jire sent at an early ngo to prcparat4M'a$Ht3$$4^J* n d,,*,yien to colk'KO, find gu*lB !Jko>vUa. Even their vttcntions they, cloct -lo with their girl or boy^chuma, In«: "Why should-urn-go hotno—ftt' ther or mother l,s" nisVer- there. • Otic Is in the I'nouiitiilim for tho suinincr, ^V^^S^V^^^W>A^^N>»>W«>'^>y*>S><X<VS^-l^«-«. tho other, who cnnnot endure moan-, tain scenery, la at Mte awmhorc." Few of tho rrstlesH rich women net -Oft;, tasks - for tlunniwlvcs. Ow?« in a, while one hears of nn Anno Morgan who 1* nn exception to tho rule, who; sees to It that many n tdruggUng wnrk-j lag girl, too'poor to nfford u, vacation, I gets a few woeks' outline nt her ex«j pehso before p''i"nl"K wbero she will* go herself. It waa xho who Htartod the cult among tho rich of making the itf thn working cbiHH hhppler, more worth the living. Homo few fol- lowed'In--Anno MoVgitn'H fflofstcpH. Tho majority, soon whirled of making personal efforts to brmif Joy Into lonely lives, contenting thomsrlvc* „ by, sending a check when it wn* lnipox«l-' bio to evado It, to be used or.aot used for tho purpose designated, it did npt matter much to them. It was therefore left with tho faw to carry on tho good work. There would be lean restlessness among rich women and more contented heurtH If each one would net an allotted task for hww.f of bringing Joy to at lea«l one poor, «;fservlng household, finding employment for u brave lad who could not Ibid employment he- eauso of lack* of Influence, or keeping a nick mother whoso Htarvlng brood, dung to her aklrtH, to tldo over tlto cruel wopkH of HluoHS in her own. home without ImviiiK to break it up, ler children placed lu institutions to >e gathered together a gain about her knee; perhaps, ntn er, ltoatlCB«ne«H would noon vanish If women would but make UicranelveH HB useful 08 ornamental in this great busy ivorkadny world. To eiu'h one la given ' an allotted tnn'c, Tliose who shirk vlll be hold ju'cfUiituhJn Inter on. AH Speech She— -"What did paiuu»uy,.wJ»«fl yptt told him of mir you can leave <ju.t > J| y Jr¥ tt \ >u ,r i wo^ds." He— "Then »hero*i«>jara« — Uoston Ti*»>ns,crlpt. » ,.,. Cur« of Knbwjetfge. ' , - "Knniche," wn»Us Unrry iu hla phy.s'lnlofjy e.V«u4i»uUoni ."couioi, from IdlK of Information yottlns itiwldu tiio fur tubes." To Darn « Rent* • .To darn that rent in your skirt, btmt«j 0r iw-sto on the bade of tho goods u plot'o of matcriui of the eiuno shade as the skirt. Drnw tho edges iif the War together ovenly. If poa- »l)jlo to gvt n ftnv »trniul» of raveling from tho tuuno muti'ritil of tho ttklrt, well and good? If not, UH« flno wool and make tint) Mld'ho*. (,'uioh a fow ruimiUK stitohi'w to tho piece of material pasted on ihe back, nfU'J' which , It yon \vl«h tn live, up to. tho motto, "Know thyself I'*.. Uiu Imal. \vjiy J^ to tho ucquuInUiUi't' worth "I suppose It -.'• education out i«.'. so," 'replied Sen..t -- bo u campaign <?f \ \,y't" "I'm afr.o'i- ; tiorghutu. "Boiuu of my coHHtitHi-nti. wty this is U«e they nr«. going to tewdi w> u Peculiarity of A mwn'« whtuki'jP nhvnyii warn jto gr«iw fostor v.-hilc ho 1» rttllwg on a train, Pid you ever «t«p off a train without the feeling that yoo nu«\. •.<! « K4«p Goof. When rugry word» Pft«» people, tint one who -keeps >' >ol control himself jt» the t-ne wi.o th«.' advantage. * two and lm» place u over the darn and Tl a warm irm. Practical Education. • fi!<*t lints' tiiiipk' ;<ui;ar prodnc- ill Ifc nye oC i.ipiifl piil> I- «hu- , t'.in- to i 1 *-' to jt. A U(.i.t Aft Auction Costs Nothing ... 9 intends,(>< holtl" mi aui'iioi) H«JOJJ lh«' lUll i« IK' - het'u KH-. Huppt^e Mupptme you deeblii you Will do -in 14 p.ipvr or two,. Will you Not on >-oiir life, (rletid. Vou ii't « »mull >int arv \\llh it> l«>w bill a UU: <-rov\ have a lilt I troin Uind it il that -II ttie «'o>i « Who otlai K from ,ma ju»-t oj>e j <-r.-"»n from *« fi-jv sale* t'»<Ht tlttit iiMH'hr«nd lio\y many people h.»vv yon not huttdied peopleV N No- ^ l'"llty .No. \Vh«l tlu-n? .lo-t i»m» PI-I • : yn u |HIIM««.OJ; a , ovv or any That t» .'ill. atii." t-'-l to an mmv I-,.- ii:i« |MI«| HAS ACTUAL- Un LIIUMT UtUi , U.' — I'M,' il,ijl .Tin j"'il f\'\ U potplc H •*'! (\<> nut K" (uii £ s; .ill tl.mK Ui*.\ w.u'lt. nfferi' Mil r«»r(v i ,VU!I|H advet tihtiitt 1 u Mini"- •> id f ,<f tins »|H. i iii t-s (Kill »• t hi Tin' im-n Tin 1 llli'.x tlu« t'i;«t ot uu< Itiui -' iii l ( n I'he ( iic\vi !irai«l ief tbo i< H h,,iiiH-ihinj? «d- ij.i/.i t(< i.»l.i'-j. iii an ti.C !I»|V« 'i in- u i, i ii.

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