Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on July 15, 1944 · Page 7
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 7

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 15, 1944
Page 7
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SATURDAY, JULY 15, 1944 NAUGATUCK DAILY'NEWS Seven WANT ADS-- - AD BUY a WAR BONE Employment Help Wnntnl—Mulu "S(IiT.K \VMAt-. MINK flKLPKh'S TOOL MAKERS DAY SHIFT .qTARiuzATtON PLAN APPLY 4»)MASTON' WG. CO. TFIOMASTON. CONN. For Sale Announcements Siile HKW 3-IIOOM eottiiK.., vacant; »l«o 0-ROOM -bungalow with three iimLi-tci-a acre, land; now 10-ROOM 2,tn.tnlly house on West sklc. A Shcploy, Telephone 2133. pf)V or KldfHy iiinu lolorr-*ti>«l In working In garden. Part 01- full time. \Vnysiilo Fiu'in niul Nlira- fry. Nnugntuck-'VVftterbi.iry hlgh- wny. P.M.?']' TJM-JO ' -Flnisfting tlcpt. Good ninp". experience unnecessary, .KISPOX ,M.FG. CO. SO. MAIN ST. vV'ATERBURY Hdp Wnntrd — N— to Uo clounlnjf nnd dtist- Inf; u * cw hour* a week. Good' >ny. Apply Naupiluck Dally TEACHERS *F STUDENTS HOUSEWIVES! ! FULL OR PART-TIME WORK AVAILABLE , Making Footwear During Summer Months Experience Unnecessary APPLY AT United States Employment Service 323 Bunk St. "U'.-ilerlniry, Conn. StnbMlKnclon Conditions UNITED STATES RUBBER-CO:"" iVnn.irntucIc Footwear Plani J-'AUGATUCK CONN. *'Oll SAl.K—Two fiimlly IIOIIHO, 11 ri'Orr,:-.. 2 car guruge nnd barn. AH iniprovcnienlji. Lot 84 x 105. At n.-uicrlflce.. Tol.. 3-5403, Bridgeport. 11 And 'Found LOST—Monday iiflcrrnoon, In Murphy's store, wallet, containing • „ sum .of money in. bills. Reward. Mrs. Frank' Ruela, ,162. Maple street, or col) 3255. . Automotive 14 AutOH For Side HUNCH of keys, all uutomoliilo keys.. Near New "t)am . Sunday, lie ward. Telephone .3(184. OMi-FAJHILY, H room hotiNO, 2- car srai-npe, J1000.00. Two-family house, Highland avenue; two- /nmlly .house, Hoiullcy street; one-family house, Spring street. John Hcaly, MIS Church .street. Tol. 5031. TWO-I'-umlly hnUN<>, all Improvtv menu, extra large lot. Apply 17 Highland, aveuuc.. Tel. 3028. Wnntcd To Buv K10Y CASK Ln .zipper /older, lout , Monday . nijrht , between, Fuller and Hill stj-oe'ta,.jMnrkcr GJD-417 on tug-. Finder, please- call 2746. 12 AnnouncohiuhlN MONUMENTS Special pi-ices on All Memorial* IV. RICHARDS 260 Bo. Mnln St 1H40 8tii<lobnl<or Sedan, Tiullo, licit er, good tires, good conditlo -Price *SOO. , Call or wri : lo SU ley tuck. : Contractors .22 1'APEB HANGING anil I'ulntln '" 1 •''"- W. Tel, 5-lSb. ^Ceda'r 1 -S.tree sSi Merchandise? ^ : r Housclidlii Articles Automotive. HVK or (i room with urn Improvements. .Fairly new. . Cox, N-O, care,of News. Lund For Sulo UnlldliiK lot, U'O hy ltX» feet on Shirley street, two mile* front Naugntuck o(T New Hnven road. Price SI.10. Cull Wnterbury -1-1D51, '\VO for iiiilc. In JTospect Phone Nnug, 502-1, !» Help \Vtintr-a_Mn1o or Fenuilt; HKM' WANTKIJ—HIGH SCHOOL C,rHL.S AND BOYS DURING VACATION; ALSO PART TIMK .MAN' AND WOMAN. COOJD PAY.. V K R Y PL, 12 A S A N T WO/IK. EXr-^RIKNCJ-; NOT NKCESSARY. APPLY PETER PAUL. .INC. Jv'JiW HAVISN RD. PI-fONE 22M, For Sale llotmos Kor Salt! KOtt SAI.K—Hurry! Hurry: Vacant (J room one family housn, nil imnrovcmenta, 2 cfir garagp. nlco lot, rea.ionnhle price. Located it Z2 /fntchkisii xtroot. PaUiy Ijibriola. rofiltor. 172 High street. 3-ir>8 or d,?3-l. For Rent, A lit OK For Sulo DODGK — PLYMOUTH AUTHORIZED . Sales 'Service -Parte, Acc'easorics Malcolm ~\V. Stiirr Corp. •IS.S Watcrtown Ave. Dial 5-1M6 SPECIAL Brinfr In your" raoa B '• ' • ui'omenta and ,\vb,,wll cover your • floor;o.wlth;:yilnoloun within t.wo days.' / •'" -~."•''.-.ivr. Boston' 'F.^wii •tqj.'-e •*&$;* •13S So. Main St.'Wtby. .-T^"••1-0137 USED ,CA'KS nt new ccllinp prices or less. PACKAiSD-WATKRBUBY,- ING. •ISO Walertown Avc. Dial -IT Wiintrd To llcnt rOf;'J{ or five rooniM \vnn(<il to roui by two adult»; Address Box "J" in care of ZS'cws. N liooiii* To Kent Convert, unwanted household effects into ready cash. Sell' them to someone who needs them through a. News Want Ad, FOR ABC WaBher'..;' Easy Wnsher '.•;!•'•'* Hamilton Beacon' -Vacuum"Cleaner l£lcctrlc Iroh' Francis Fnmiture Co.•149 NORTH' MAIN STRKET .Telephone 3000 BABY—Cur »e»t», rlj>y polls, biitlil-. ncttM, cribs, high chairs, Kuntwot jnnttrcsKes. toys. THE RADIO'SHOP 180 .Grand St Woterbury Merchandise 2!) ' \Vuiiled To Buy Merchandise BANK Hiifo.. ilopuHlt* wanted. Highest- cash ,-prjccs. paid. i\virc .• collect,; wiia.t 'you . have to offer. J. IS. Mui-phcy,.Re- . public liOS-J...S10, Ye;Umun Avc., Webster Groves 10, Mo, CAT..!.. aglO^l'i;'-you have' :inytlilug to' sell. Singer sewing machines, bicycles,,, Old •..'furniture, rags or junk. Rig-lit prices- paid; ". CAS H 1 ' 01 ' Youl " MUSICAL . :-."• ,. • '.'INSTRUMENTS. Mecca Music Co! 203 'Bank -i-1-122 LATK MOJMKL llobiirl grocery ul.ore acalc' a.nd, coffee machine.- Like now.' Reasonable. . Tc).. 58G1. 130 CliM St. • . OXI2 S'1'OJtK KefrlKorator, .sllccr and scales. T! J. MonUi-mbault, 032 .Norl.h Maiu street, Union City. Tel. 2683, Animals Services 1'ouHry Aa<t JZKK* BARRED KOCK CJ-UCKJSNS More Than Hjilf Grown First Come First Served l'J3 Elm Street Phone S151 Services — CiirrlageK, May Pens, Large selection of toys. Lowest prices, in town, BEACON KIDDIE CENTRE 73 GRAND ST. Wtby. Professional Services Miscellaneous AmtQXJMATELY .3-TO/4.ACRES OF -•-STANDING-EY13 . ' for sjiln'— in 'Prospect • , For. f.ui'thcr details ,.T,EL."3-8G8G— 9 A. M.-G P. M. ..;' .:• '.-.'-WEEKDAYS v».ri-|iowcrcii. Iclc- scopc, new with Icathci' case. Not .-i .toy. Tel. -1SOO 9 a. m. to 6 p.'m. To hire cti.pH.bic.workers dCMuribc ic pppcj'tunitie.s-you have to oll'ci- ully.'-iri -ii NcSva'Wunt Acl. I'OKCII SCHKKNS—7 feet lonp. Excellent condition. Only used. Tel. 3S2!3. HOI. Musical JOHN'S MUSIC SHOP Wo liny, sell, nxvhniiKc, and repair all kinds of instruments. Lowest prices in the city. 380-332 So. Main St., Watby, -Conn.- Solve Your COAL PROBLEM Now .Install an Automatic Coul Stoker using non-rcsti-ictcd low cost stoker coal. Do not delay, ask for heating survey. We li.-ivc new stok- cra on hand ready to install, ulso one used stoker. WATERBURY >VUTOMATIC COA7. EUTiNER CO. 880 .S. Main S':..Wtby. Phone -J-G770 KXCKI.LKNT RB-UI'IIOI.STERV —Allen's UpiiolH[erin«---Studio; I Grand Street, Waterbury. Dial •(-OC-13. -..-..- W WuDlcd To Rentier ELECTRICAL itcpnlrioir Servlca Appliances a specialty. . Ray Decker, 402 N. Main .St. TeI..-lOOO. A1TKNTION iSIoctrorux Owner* —KcpaiJra. Kcnui&c parU and Rci-vicc. By bonded Cicctrolux Mao. I. .Minscn, 3 T»rcs« Av». Telephone 4822. . WAR BONDS GRABONKI'S Radio Repair Shop. Radio's expertly repaired, moderate prices.; 'Phone 5617. Arid KIKVMAN'S '.: j'aug.'Uuck's Grc-it Dry Cleaning; Firm, otters its first class <iry cleaning Jiot only Jn. lamily garments, but blankets, rugs and ; other specialties in this field.'. - KJ.EVMAM'3 70 Church Street,,, • UZ -SAWYER' By ROY CBA2TO KIDIME Hoop Crib— Double electric plnte, McKco Ever Cold ice box.Largo size, Call 33S-J; TWO room.s, one double, one single. Apply 17 Ccdtir street. Tel. TWO pic. KOOMiS. Apply £9 Johnson for con- street. Til It 1Cl>; JIOOMS tin ii|.iirtiii<>nt or Individuals. Steam hca-L. Single per»on* preferred, Hotchldss Si Cull S33S. Ilia For Runt GAHAGK. JXl MwHloiv St., rrair. Inquire Ralph S. Pusho, care of Gem TlicAtcr or WaHcr A. Ncr- wiish. care of Not-wash Shoo Store. RATES ARE SMALL; RESULTS ARE LARGE Ad Ilutci Words Lines J Day. Prepaid Chfirgo 3 Days Prepaid Charge C Days Prepaid Charge 1 to 15 3 I .38 .03 .90 1.08 1.47 16 to 20 •1 I .36 .•IS 1.20 1.92 21 to 20 .•15 .00 1.05 1.50 1;SO 2.'10 2G to 30 6 I ,72 1.26 1.80 2.1G 2.SS Announcements Notices I have been Riven the rate book 'or a 27 mill tax on grand list of October 1, 10-13. One,-half o'f this tax Is due July lO'l'l and one-half is duo Janu- iry 1, IP-IS. Both bills may be ikl at once. If the bill due July 1, IP-M in not paid on or bo (ore .August 1, I'M, ntercBt will bo charged on both bills at 5-10 of 1 per cent month until paid. If bill <Juc July l, I9.M. is paid n or before August i. iCM.f, interest pea he ridded on bill due January , 19-1,'i tifter February 1, 19-15, I shall bo in the town hall from to S p. m. on ttre folJowinp dates: July 7, 194-1 July M. 10-f-l July 21. 19-1.1 July 23. 10'M July 31. 19-M RALPH W, TUCKKH, Tax Collector Falls. Connecticut. 31 to 35 36 to '10 •11 to -15 •1C to 50 51 to 55 • 56 to CO 7 1 8 1 •o .1 10 J 11 1 12 | .63 .72 £1 ..30 ,99 1.08 .84 | .9G | 1.08 | 1.20 | •1.32 | 1.4-1 I . 1...I7 1,GS 1,89 2.30 2.31 . 2.52 2.10 J 2. -10 | 2,70 .| .3.00 | 3,30 | 3.60 .| 2,52 2.S6 3.24 3.60 3.96 .4.32 3.3G 3.S-1 •l;32 4,80 S.2S 5.76 If paid >vlthin one week after inacrtion, advertisement will bu considered as prepaid. GREATEST LOVE STORY OF ALL TIME IS NOW AT LOEWS Now at the Loew-Poli theater is the greatest loyc story of all time, the Alice Du'er Miller best seller which has been made into But Betty counted-nttacks. Johnnie Johnston, ' n "-two-point" -character who finally urns into idol of the campus The second" lead is -"Klondikn Kate". . , U l.o.xt And Found COCKKR S V A N 1 E L — "LUCKY" — CALL 5SOS. REWARD. PRIVATE BUCK one of the greatest, if not the very best of all romantic films, "The White Cliffs of Dover." This Him has been show/I in New York at the J/Joxy theater for the past eight weeks and has broken all of the house attendance records, and has set up figures that will last for a long time to come. it boasts of an Impressive cast headed by Irene Dunne and boast- Ing of such stars as, Alan Marshall, Roddy McDowall, Frank Morgan, Van Johnson, C. Aubrey Smith, Darne May Dhitty and Gladys Cooper among its many stars. Every once in a wjiilc there como.s n. tender, beautiful, heartwarming story that' we are privileged to sec and this is 'it. It js ' otic of the most poignant films ever to emanate from'Hollywood. "The White Cliffs of Dover" are ' to an Englishman, just what the Statue of Liberty is to an Amerl- Illtn, and Irene Dunne in the lead• feminine role has the greatest •t ever written for the screen n this film. In keeping with the caliber of the feature attraction the management of the Locw-Poli theater have selected, not a co-feature, but a program of carefully selected shorts that will make for the pc.r- fcct entertainment, ' ' The''entries are coming jn now for the "Bathing Beauty" contest to hn held on the- utage of the Locw-Poli theater on the evening ot"July 28,'.when, the "Bathing Beauty" of the year will ,be select-' ed. There:, are valuable prizes' to all contestants. . '-' ' I TIMELY FILM IS THE CURRENT LEAD AT STRAND THEATER FINE DOUBLE BILL NEXT 2 DAYS AT'THE; ;GEM : "How »•• what you have in that othvr Docket!" KEEP BUYING WAR BONDS Recent newspaper 'Rtorles related how co-eds at' a' certain' college tried rationing their dates' during the .war-time 'shortage of male •students. The .reports inspired the picture "You Can't Ration Love," Par-amount's -lively collcg-latc musical which comes Sunday and Monday to thn Gem theater. v This merry .comedy doesn't set out to give n true depletion af .college life, but is slanted strictly for laughs; .and"judging' fiom audN cnco reaction, It ttcco'mplishcg its purpose. The story revolves around' Adams College, .where the girl students set up a .rationing .system, evaluate thr boys by their kisses, arid lapel tags, ranging up to. thirty points arc distributed. There's " fun galore when Marjorie Weaver, ,\vho is Htispbctod .of st'ai-ting the plan, schemes ways and jne.ips 'of dating Bill Edwards, Betty Rhodes' <be*C beaux. He's a -handsome foot- ballhero, the idol of the campus. A now screen approach to thp problem of juvccilc delinquency js presented in thp new feature picture now at the Strand, Waterbury, "Are These Our Parents?" Thn picture places the'blame for much of the present wave of youthful waywardness squarely at the door of the older generation. Helen Vinson is starred in this dramatic film, heading a casl. which includes Lyle Tjilbot, Ivan Lebedcff, Niel Ncili 'Richard Byron, Emma Dunn, Addlson Richards nnd Anthony Warde. The story follows the adventures, amorous and otherwise, - .of young girl who rebels at.the cold Atmosphere .of boarding schools, .to which for years she has boon sent by u self-centered mother, -too \vrop~ud ,up in her own pleasures give any attention to her daughter, The girl falla in love with a boy who is similarly situated through his father's neglect of business and association with a flashy woman, and' her growing- way wardncss.culminuatcs in.a dan- KC.rous situation. Eventually the youthful pail- ar.e suspected of a murder, and U -is when they come to the attention of juvenile auhori-i tics that he picure • reaches a! dramatic : .clirtmx. The" companion' 'feaurc of the; Strand .bill' is '.'Cowboy Canteen" which stars Charles .Slarrett and' features ;Jahc Frazcc," Tex Rittcr. | Vcra yiiguc and the Millsvbi-ot-he_r3.- ,This renowned clunky guartet HiiVgs the number, they made , famous, "Paper Doll." ' ' - -, NO '. CARS ; Dc'lVolt, ." July^ 15— (U PJ— Prpa- pects 'for ih'6 'm'p.nufac.t'ui'o.'of new. autom'o.bilos 'have 'hided' 'Into the' distant 'future. The nutombbilc .industry has turned dow.n. a war production board proposal to speed preparations. .for .peacetime manu-. facturc. Automotive apbhcsmcn point ,out that' the industry --.'is swamped .\vlth ", military orders,' They say that the 'designing _''of, new car models .is .Impossible now because technical experts' arc cn- grosse.d In war' production. '"' SON Vi'.ltL- TUKN TM,!;; TRICK ' ' '' l •' - '*•''" ^ Springfield, '.Mo'.— CUPJ-^-A nctivc,' hcajthy '.Sprinfrffeltfinan fiiis been -complaining bltterfy ...because ^70 was just: too young to get in;tb the first -Wo.i'ia war," arid. "in snjte of everything he/, could, ,,do, jtjst' rarely top. c.ltl to' po.t'.ii^to ,'this Jtie: So his 17-year-old son imdevtook'.ftto console him, "Never mind," -ihp said, -"-in -just a -few -weeks now you'll be eligible for.,, .the . ..."V^ar THE FIRST.CRACK Of DAWN,SMITH. OUGHT TO BE NEABING HAl^AHERA. I'M COMING IN LOW, MOPING TO AVOID THE JAPS' RADAR. TORPEDO ftOMBEK •DON'* OOMUCT OUR LANDMARK IN ABOUT TURK Hy. PAUL UOBINSON NOW-JUMP OVEESCAED TM-AT'LL LIGHTEN THE BOAT-AND WELL R.CAT !1--SHE'S UP."ONCE MOI2E. G.UYS.'i HOP INTO THOSE BATHING-SUITS* LOCKS LIKE U ":.« WE FELL FOR SKCKKT AC.EN1 By KOBliKT STORW E«PI.OVINS TRAINED TACTICS,.TME F.B.I, AlAf4 <?UICKLV OVEKPO'WE(?5 eo UCGAN is LOOKED IN THS SOUTHWEST CORNirR CP THE' HCU5E? STILETTO'S...H= V.'AS T'CC«£ FOR -V0'f?£ COUPONS, TONIOH'T BA11NKY GOOGLE AND SNUFFY SMITJI VAJUCVT TW DING-DONG STiNGV TRILFE006RS Trt 1 P1LLEC2. LEETL6 NICE AN' COOAFDR' BL£ WILL DISAPPEAR ' By-'WltMASl RlTT'and CLARENCE GRAC ..WHERE'S YOUR-MAIslNERS-? WHEN .you GEiPA'PRESENT' .DON'T;YOU- EVBN^fiAV; "THANK- YOU By WALLY BISHOP WAL;AH. HAD TO PITCH THAT,M«S A '.GAME.^iOU AGAINST .EVERY TIME H = -i CAME 'TO BAT. WHAT MORE COJLD SHUX.' TWARH'T. NiOTHIN''

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