Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on November 9, 1916 · Page 2
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November 9, 1916

Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 2

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 9, 1916
Page 2
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B*sai ' More !•• MORRISON BRIEFS ^!»» H K ! • -r < i i . !'i>n<'«l ..!!,' f '(>! I ft •' ') 1% 1' f < , i M 1 1 t ! I ,-•' 1 ', 1 ' < !1 I J I ! -i»' " f ''T'-'i *\ i' n \I"r- i-tn< "< T \ r 1>1<-%0 i\ Gives Quick Relief n K -AJl'M •• voif't? ;»•)•,• K. }' w '.« a ; . ., r •'•• -"5 for t f lieu in i . lit. (' 'ff, 1- * <i»mpl Unt« cn-i 1 "''* h '-' »""' 1 f!i«V K-.5-» fTi/lM! ; thp firt 10 got t*" on (••t.. JU4W I ai* wot* wtt fi- l *»y pain." ••Th-iurhth*fcdri''n ff a fi btiUt» ittVO'ir Rtif ;m«"<R't'^'! i'lrJ s.T *'. ,t ft bn>>.?!.t Pti 1 ' 1 . f-rtaR-ifr ••dnm fmm;h«» pa.n >"<1 di a trt«m!i"f<*f rnv f imilv hi.I <-.:'!•»--.I for frfi'il R!!<M!!naf in a" t t.'.' «• n "^ r < t l.adif* n taken,', VThltikof H-nKonT ff>rsrnnr«~rMiff (rorn .. uu , r ,,,, That'-sth'-tfotimnnvif Mr. W. H. Turner, 864S Edwards Rd..Cincinnati. Ohio, .-•rbfteuredl fl Kemedy"bo.,inc., Loufsvine.jKr. • ML- I hi'- « ill nn- or ;i •«m;iH Minn, \Vr'iUi"«'t,'iv <1rrt'i>, rt tiiiii"! '>) \ I h "*i ' !s'' 1»':i Mr«. Will Cic't i'.ircl «. tsitfl Mrs-. W:i!»fr in <u-rHiiS K. R. E. fiFxpld and recommended^ W THE HEtoRKIKS DRUG OO.M -#• eowier Third St, and First Ave., Sterling, III [ORRISON DAILY MORBISON, ILLINOIS, THURSDAY, NOV. ,9, 1016. FORR 1L DUNK Y. P. U. Hold* Recaption in Hi* Honor Wednesday Evening. U. V- i'. I'- of thn t'Jrat }tai>tlHt at tli in elty held a reception efitireh on Wednesday ^•bonor of itev. Dunk, who 1» to Hty. AJar-jw rnimlM-r.«it«-n<l- ttffalr ;iii«1 a HJK,- |>r«)Kram wa.«. ored n« fojiown: «» ^»f-' V,vi<*- — Dr, ,J. M. al Koto"" Mh»» JuatUia Hnv-dor. aim oblljjatrt by- cm.' HELD Reception For, Naw.J M. E. "' * ~ * homlrvd at nf tli«» hold nt th^'Ml'K. I'hiirt'h on y ««v*»nlnjf in honor of ftev m niid liW ttuntli*. . Hymn. I'niyer- Hev, T.' H, Martin; Hymn, "tinwnnl < 4 ttri*ti!tn f?o|<U<»rH.' AthlretiH nf Wefi "me • K»"V. T, H Marlhi. • i*Vf J ,*.,.....Vocal...solo Mr. Wheeler. ' Short aiidre**--It, 'Ij, Prtt'e. J'iano Holo ,Mis*s ( Gertrude Hartlett. Vocal solo . Miss, KjJitjh ."Norrltih. Talk-—11. A- .VJliVTCr. " "' "' ,»I A'ldreKH—IJe'fi'l-lrannKnrt. "*' *> '•—Homer M«'aklnn. .J— Mm- Ida CUiVc-tU'. duct—Mhwes Jlulh flroen and . l nolo—ltev. -Dunk, Mltw liutb Healer. tb« DEAD -Man f«M«* Away at County v • Farm on Monday. Hall puwwd nwtiy nt the Him'Mt elffht o'clock ,on the of November (SUi. the death reault of old ««••. He won of Ihe county farm f<>r the of the county farm for thf „. year*, .haviitff «ome thnre trtland townnblo. wlu-io lu- lii<'l for mUny yearH. II»» Is'nur- tt»y two sonn , who reshle in iport. and dm» dautchtcr In Uock ""» remain* wore Hi»n»- they were buried In Town __ \vaS~ enJuyt'tl and iiuht wi-re ("i-rv^d. A U'lfidionp bad Installed in thf'^htrfrfif'rtfUl^lhe tioii returim wwc ' t-<*t««U.'<!<l!'Buj| nn- nounced on a blackboard. 3. M. McCalmont and Htnry H«milton ' Collide on H. >t.' McCalniont wns acivlne west .on Ma In HI ree-t'-WiWdiiy'."afternoon In 'his car when Henry. Hamilton, not i havlntt WPII Mr. MeCaltnoHU'drave out (of one of_jji« n^fty, U.iLCui,.^.MX.' Me.» : I'aliiiont. not lirfrfftg w/'n "tno frig In tim<\' WHM uniible to fstojt the car noon cnoiiKh to avoid a. coilldlou :uotl tlio IHIUK.V wa*» ' '—•••••--- — *•--• ti\li M** v*»^ • »» *»f .^I^J*** " '** '"*l » lm< » *-»••» w.-is don*' V < 'Uip*'iU; : 'i ! ide»rit. TEACttER'S .CLUB WEIROA8T7 by Member* of Mr*. , «^»rvd«y School Cl»«t. bTr¥"bT Mrs. WaTtc-r Wat- school elasu «»f the J'rea- enjoyed a "wl«nl« nupiftor at' tbu 1,'nlon- _,»„ on Tuesday evenlnwr. There ft«n members present and tht> Dycro pleattantly twcnt with feglected Gelds )k out! 4 iUININE rr*uger Wa» Entcrtaihe'd ' *y Tuesday Evening. Minn VenotUii ^'frfliUtt^r"*«<tttertnined .ilu' Ti-aclu-rs' vlMkV''»*'h«r''hftnn- *>n IJiu"|n \vn,v west Tiiewluy t'\,t'ijiiiK. Tho Ijnurs vvoru i»leai<«ntly np^n.t"with iu>«»dleworl> und ii "il.iinty lumh wati served. . - :': WITH MR|£ACKER«/iAN Homo Mi**ionary 6oci«ty of -M. E. Church'Me*teThurcday.r The Wotnan'ji r Home Mismkuiary society of the ^U.i-l,.ftbureh"VdUl.ntttrt on Tliuu«<lay,' Nov. 'J, at the. home of Mr», Acki-nntin. l-'or roH'c»Tf Ki<v t hi* mum* «»f somu bomu or Scbopl in t'i« south/ CHKMKASS--A "baby datftrhtor waa h.»m Tu«Hday -ttftcrnown •»*»•' Kt»i% and .MI-H. W. U. CrfincrtW of tWs.Kity. PROBAT^ COURT .RECORDS Kutate of Jacolt Frank, Will i»vKi<litt'd and petition to »r«- iHite «lfd. }lt'aring.^*{.,,U!c,;^oy. 27. , , . , , of NViinUiu^I 1 *. t-ttwrte; de, Honrt flknll wt f IBBO-frrFtT and aplitoved. JnvoiHOry -fUM «»4 ttP- of Onthfc'rliitt Callvghan, de- iea»ed. ' Final rvi-ort lUad, »«t for NOV. n. of Cl? . of tiwbliabliiri and Attl davit t r^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H^^^^^^^^^^^^a^jje' -•"•f" Aatoingfe Ssiiling Burial Vault 4 .tr- ' - Mor« 0tnutifwl than Sten* w 8t«ol. 5' ' Made of reliiforfed t-oncrt-te, with u mineral «!««« that makes ii M <ji*Viout* to iiurlstui'o us jjflut*;*. r i he Aututuutlc iH*i4l .citunoti fiiu, W(ttir can never »-nU«r ui»4«ir a»*y ionditlons. The only vault that i»rol«ct ctiBkcl ucrfectly forever. - "'''*" ja« tbt» i«yrl8bub|v woo«le u »K»X whU Ii Bouir*'i-ruahe» under y. or joiutf-d' vuuits, ASK. yut'U UNUKHTAKWU at'tmt U^ Automatic «e4Uti|f rt and Jet him awnojuttrato tin- automatic i>«ai \\>th loodvl which tew. You'll bo ple«aed with tb« i»»-n«:ction of thw vuuit and «.ur- at the low. wwt, Should tu* nm-d for -t'Very t.uri!»>. by » HODGES, . iUtitr for pcv< i':U tlayH at the hyflK" A! IK. Hftjt;«-r T'-tlns»». Marry !' Wffiv«T, »<f Mil* hfh Mil, Wh>i fm!« Ifviv vl«ltln« N-IrUl . -i'y f"> fiine tirnr, "has K !•;)<• \. i. \VI.H, fur n (Itrfe wi' hff x is»- ol . William T.-i>lor w>nt t< \Vi-i|n»---il;iy f»r si s Ixlt with ' M,r». Krtuik ..-.. , W*-M vl.«it*>fl frt*>n<f» In Str-Htncr I-*likki'ni:i went to fllnhm on Itallpy, «>f Htprllnir. was a Sl r(,«nn visitor Wwln'frwlo)'. .1 \V. HtctnPr, 1»<>P HtPlncr nnrt u II, I>a\i!« motorwl t<» Ottawa Wr-dn dny on hitxlnf!»«. — , «lrt.v In tills vlty on <•(»!• . A. W. \\t\\r\\ l«'ft Tttondfiy f f«x, In, wlur^ IIP Will rect*lvi ini'iit for rhciinintism. .Mlns \'. Mnri« KRkri<1«<« ^ffl ,| (l y r««r MiintlnKton. >Vont aftVr n|»i<n(llni{ HIP pact frw wi-«?ks in . .loliti Urlstlo Btitl Mr*. I'uu \\ upon SIH nt Wednesday with frlprul! in StfilliiK. >»!•«.• K. J. (^rnnstoii, of C'orhrfttHnn r.i , vfhd tin* lu'vn vlsfting nt the home nf \\fi mother. Mm. John Hjx»rr.v, went tu KlKln, III,, Wednipwtay wh«"n». thpjr i-xiicit to make, their fttture homt-. * HOPKINS^NEWS -• RUCCE9SFUL BASKET SOCIAL.. A |nrK« crowd wan In nttrndnnr« al the l>.tt<Ki't- f*'K'iiil which watt hrld at ih<* (Vrit«T school hottxe Kriday PVO- (iliiu, Th«» tmuitlfui dccoratwl ImnkeUi .Mnhl for -high. i»rice» and a nrnt.4uni ' lilifury Mtul t'lny-Kround work. HOPKINS BRIEFS. Albi'rt Allen hnii rented a fnrm near _4- - t»ir. will tdt^'l'o^wHion the HTM »>f Murch. Air. and Mrn, Ini Johnson motorN «o «i:(ril<-utiUiit\ Sunday where they s|" nt ih<- dfiy iiml took- dinm-r ot the of At Inn AdiimK. ..,..,.„ from » trip to Iowa. Mr.i. iiirl Mel'*earmon'Mnd' two «ona, \V«rr*«n and J.;»>vrencf. were vhtitora Muiiday nfirrnoim at the-home of Mr. nnrt Mr«. WIHnrd Htimpblry.In Mar* riMon. • «inum VVhlntler and dati.Khter, Huby, tlio vv«'i>k end with rebttlvwi and !^imH in «.'hicj»«(i>. • , . Atr. and Mrs. Kdvwrd Ward, of Sioux City, bnvii. &lr»..KIIa i'owan, «f l^lltun, ami*-Mr. and Mra. John • Htok«w, of UoeUford. \verf amongr <h«,.iiun'.be.r of out of town n>la.tlv«N vho.-attendod th.» funemt of .Mm C. W. MitcholU which was hnld Sunday afternoon. Arthur Ha\v»o ban.returned to hh» liomc lu Okhihom»~nftcr u two week* vi>iit with r«'hitlve«- and friends In Kound Urovo umi vicinity. MJMM Hurmi, ti-arlmr of the r.iilt school, spent tbi» w««el< end at the brti- sld«« of w »ick ulw« in Kentoh. Mr. and air«. Orant; Meminjf and ,Mr. and Mr*. CeorRp KJeminK. of A1H1- ftlK»-vill««, tiiotort'd down Sunday and nt'i-nt' the afternoon at the home of .Mr*. S. J. Hlrdwill. Mr, ami Mni. it. J. UyerHou and vti-lniiy In tin* -near .future. Walter Htorn has had « rtne new work «'bo|» on bin-farm, iind some ex- rfii«lv0 ro|»wirH made. • . Mints Pearl Green, of MprrlM>n, re- >*l«'nt H few.idayji at th« home of Mi**'Item-ru MAtlhew. ., Mr. and Mmr Tony Folkern, of Oen- vr,i i « towiiKhl|». w*r« Sunday vitdtom at tl»' hoini.- of Air. and Mr». Uvrhard 1'hn'HH. • ' • Mrn. ICarl Mcl"H»rmon 'tuul Mr. and Mrs. Janma Cru^ip and family attended tho turn-mi o'f Mm. Joseph <:rumi>, vihlch was held In Morrison Monday iiftcruooii. Mr. and Mm. t'harlea Johnston, of om» rtjiy tin; |m»t at the home of Air. and Mr». Mr. and Mr». WHJard Humphrey, or MitrrlHon, motored to th« bom«. of Ufa. Bmti»n» Knox Monday forenoun, wherw thuy upent a fe* bourH, Mr. untl-MTH. Floyd Ward and »ou». I'lark ami Jtty, fi iirid M. l-'. Humj» attended tho funeral of Mra. <'. W. Mil* ehell. which wa» held in Morrison Hun- day afternoon- . _ .. _, , Tho nest meeting of the U. O, Thlm- bio Club wlU l»e held at tho home of Mitt, iteorgo Matthew on Tburadu) afternoon, -Kuv.£«ib«r 1«5. . ' '\ Mr. und Mr*. In, Jobiw»o» »|went the. wt-eU end ut' the bom* of her sinter. Mr. and A!r«. Fred Hrald. In Clinton. ttrittinod at their home Sunday Mf- i, MI»H l<enft Wallace,' of Mill >, and Allhses JOlnm and C Afr, und Mru. Kjiuon Matthew will noon leave the* (arm which he r ' ly sold and mov to' Hterflnu to lie, (ininhliig louclii-s are bcUiic on the K. A. Van < >»dol hou»,n w will «<»on he ready tor tho Jwl Olson family "to occupy. J»mc» Rheign KiHtd -Nf«r Mond«y Whllt Racing. Jame'M J', farmer, was killed In an 'uiiioinoblle jurideut jiontli of.AJSb-? t«j« Monday" when be wit her jiiinjied *r wan thrown from'bis mutumobile in whleh it l« wiiitl he waH'rrtelnjs wil)i a •ur driven lij. tb'it' i«a.stor ul .thw IJcy. •u>UU. chin cli. I'al Urjjlaitj t)f Ihe accident are meu- ir;-, Ic.t .KCurtliUK to the advices of l<<"v co'ouiy uilii t,U»> tlu» vit'tun nt tliv no Hk-nt nail the |.,ioU>i-. wiu'Se, usUiu? MI the' highway feivvcfn Atibton and u»-i- -«'vmv-.r - u-heu . the accident or* •uhi-,1 It is |.-'i'"it»'(l tliul-tht- »iast,ir"H. car, .vluct l W.IH Hi th*' leail/turiH''! o'vef in lie r«••/>I iJ;;i:iiULlt | l.vli-l.iUiti^lUtJla-.JUaiU. it ruling his ."if". 'rrr^rsTTparr.'-ttnTrEanrriTrTir: rTTTrmTi^nrr.-i TL-i'^i-T-Tc^rmTTjrnTt .\±u- '^~~j^"^LS^-^^^^smss^,£f,m.- -1:4: J^Sffifll^JilL^^^. t<MS&fr#«il • 1 ** ^ ^^.p T HE very things the custom tailors strive for ar^ fully reaped in the superb suits and overcoats thai makt up our Fall and. Winter stocks. " What are these primer^- qutsttcs? ' you say—why ^)rhey are Style Character and Individuality No man, whether young 1 or old, can try on these splendid styles without becoming just a wee bit enthusiastic about the beauty of the cloth and the perfect hang- of the garments. Another always dominant note is" the value we give. Our live store buying power keeps the quality up and the prices dowk Suits and Overcoats of tfte better sort priced from $12.50 to $35. Especially deserving of Mothers will make easy the choosing: of their Boys' Suits anu n -^rcof ts by coming direct to our boys' department. All style^to choose from, $2.95 to $12.50. Strong showing at •s ' _.' W* . . "• ".' t ,'-.--' $5, $6.50, $7.50 ,#: lashk MAKING 'SOIL SURVEY Engimi*™ Of Agricultural D«p«rttn«nt In Lea County, Boil engltu-ers from th« u«rleultural t-xJH'rimont Mtutioti b»vo ttliirted the work- of malslng w soil *urvoy of county, »wco«!lnt( to-a communlcutton to"'the |ire»ii by U H. Urittlth, county ujn-icuituial agenj. » A twrtv of four meu will go over iVn Hvctioii uf land ttyatPiiuitloully and study Uw *»il tyjH-a und i!hara«teri«' ti^ai. ICach tyui- of muyi't-d out en u plat iMirriwl by wich man, The l-arty will work tih and (town tl|« ao«- tlqn und qimrtpr. nuetion lines and working »u»ck and forth, Kvery (Arm In to he Kone over In-a aystemutk- man- m«r. and th«- diinwht »oo« deti>rmim-d to tr^cta of tftt urrea und »vw» \vhen thi' work ^ \ eomob-ted, nmirn wUI be modi- of tin; .wuolt county completed for* a, year or moji«, * Tli (i nature of thn woll in determined by horiux with H uyil «ug«»r m»d inlng K, fc , ' " . : HAS SIX AUTO TRAILS 8\»rlinj) WUI Bt Shown ^. V*r!ou£ Trull*. showliiH the varloiJB tyj'e« of er on tlicw rnajm and H book ing the work of the mirvey -toitetber with a tr«'tui^« 4 one the kinds ot land found will bit printed .by tho tiejitirtv inent of u«rieu|tiitfi ' in Washington, The owncii. of farinh nui.v th n M-«-III ; idem un«t learn Hie eboiiiieul titHlteun of their ».md. Hub Qf „ l>ua Mix wvll mttrUed auto trulls JcmlliiK through II. two hftinif new oneN. Koon Hl<'rliu« will b*» f' on uumcroiiH touii«t m«)>s iind in ing information boofca, ua tho eunter, or hub, of trails lending In m«fiy d|' ret-tioiiH. There IH the Wncoln Mlfh- way. I'XUiiutlug from eoatit to euast; the i'litt l u«o. Knn»u« <JHy «nd Clulf, ciimliiK hnre fiium t'hlwttjo vltt the JUin* coin Hl«H\Miv, ami hmnchliiit off b«re for Kansua City vui Itucfc Jiuantl.JMUl IHivuniKirt; the Wumuud TrwU ijoes tlirounrh herw from l'*r««jMirl ,te.*<}ftl«*» IHIIK: -then ilu-rft l« tlw faijt tfroWlnK Indian Head Trail, now rn^rkod from (iiilciui through licro to I'rivwcton, but which will »oou b« flu*• nouth.' It I* i-sitnuited owing to tlw titct ihiit ttu- 'custruHTS vvjil 4 ntniijpi Ahnoat every ten ayro tract th»» Ji4i*i'^j' Jlli»X ibii werj^ |»uy wot WwiPiiwtiism " i It *r«r from »»x •*a4 ll.i, Pfi »1»6<1, I 4» BOi » lv« .>.'••}••!'^L .0 -jrhrrfa-ii J;ti hffnu, X<i. :>t!' CTFTTPT' A'ut-v. N, V, • ! prominent tr»il i« kjtoeltinK al our door jand if given encouragement will jflve , IIH u lot.more notoriety. Soon iM<oi»l» wlirbe KUiitg througti I by the liuiulrcdu \iver the HOW trailu "•the same us they do over tbe Unculn Hlghwiiy ami i'lilcugo. KBII duif route, . ttue argument i>rime for more 'utjm»;tive ii»rjt f«e|ll- Ue«i is that *bat would Uc an additional utirHi'tton for luurtBU and caua*i thvin to Mtuy longer ami «|it»t>d more money. tiS.ctii RICraoLO OI8COVERY. , tjiy Uniu-d i'rt«s«.) , . IUo UK Janeiro, ltni»il, Nov. ». JJclhUtf accounts «rw <*lill lucktiiK COIHWULUJK tbe cxtfiit ot 1 tiie Bold iuiveric« r»-|«>rtcd on thf I'urai-'atu er.'In the muuioiiwlity uf.Hniiw rttiili.- of MlmtM <lera»-H, The news from iJi-llo lloriM-nto, ealdtal of AHa«t» Jj^a!&-JBaoiJjtJLbiL^^ cr wat> diwovered by uccidvnt lo b« WUHllilu; JtUt gold. U W<IH U that U'Ufb K-d Mud btBil lound under the titivum. who know, tp||» tin* htory of the vWi nf H(|ii"ra \Vmititiuiio t'arrniii'.u to thc iUnitQd Htuti'» two weeks UKO. Hhv cunu- tu buy m>u.shfiui. ' Wh<*n «ho vJwiti-d in San Antonio wlif ( wiiH with Henoru Alvuro"(>l>r«-»:on, wili> |>f <*arrui»y,it'H war .minister. Tb«» ljuir (won 1 curi'frci- and mov^>l Jboiit aijici-- •fect »'B»i0. yenora Curranza, found the movit- Mhinv.s n ebnrm Init Hurii uf h«r tlmo buying, buying. , Hlir ctinfc.sst'd too. Unit it wasn't alt for her niccv for Hcuora Currantut HkcM and Hkew hi-r dauKbtcr» to thnm. t^enoru Carnutaa'M vhdl to United Ktatt»« \vi'iH tlm elevation for ' Mtiread of many nunom ^« ih«, chief vvas to fle*» .Mexico. Hl»' lnnd tht-iu all Hutfy. ' STIMULATES INTEREST, (By ITitlied I'TOHM.) , Mont,. Nov, 9.-~lnt-ro;»H|iu; ifHcrcht in Soutli Americn, brought about partly hy tbe l.'nitott J'remj opon- HIK rcKulur m-«a channel* with tho xmjtlifiii republics, resulted Jicro In an un'icci-iiitciiit',! number of miidnntB for udmiariion to thwi»|)a»l»lt- ciajiMKH. Tho piirotlment wua u record-breaker, and U ja slcudly Cm'«f Carriirt*ji if t» bt Mar t'lltlVl) "JTiTu c fit I'lifl PITief t.'itl i i", il livK' tvUj\. uud National Bank Stop the Little Leaks Leaks aro nearly (it\vay.s small, Uieix'foro \vt* imv iittli' atU-niuw tt>' tltt-ui. Kiimlly, * *• —t , T tht»y hocuinc hu'M<' anil wi«- art' surj>ristm tnjurril l»y tnir ^ival U»>s.- ' Dur Do urs' U'ct'Kly Savings t'lub will t^k^ t• niv" "Of"fliT'rT^Tt 7 ;tl;".T"for~vmF, '~\~ft*\v nn> * * *. \\iil IH> *Miuugh to explain I lie method to \ou, ' ' ^ Steyliog /,;i I-, lu (.«•! v. t-'uy Suilv»s Illinois

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