Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 20, 1968 · Page 13
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 13

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 20, 1968
Page 13
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, 1968 \m StAI fcm »? 8fti«t Television Schedule 6:00 7t30(Cclot) 8:30(Cotor) 4 . -^ f*' «: •, • x l:,**^?.^' IN.TIIE.-PltlLP.I»fNES-|hc gathering of rice U more important than It secim at first glance at the International Rice Reseafdh Institute at Los Hanos. The work of the Utflliilr U ripvlcnnrt (n hnln flnrf n u<«.> ( 0 f._J «L_ i » TV MOTEBOOK 10:00(Coior) 10,-MKColor) 12:OOH VgPKfcStUY. OAWUSOK'S tr tAtts A ruin KT, ft ?. t>, THE WVABttS 10 O'CLOCK HEHBt JOtt BISHOP StHt OIT 21 By JOAN CROSBY NEA UnteHainiflent Editor NEW YORK—(NEA)-Producer Chet Hagan, sitting in jhis aerie at NBC, was pour- ling. •But what he was pouring [was definitely not being Ipoured in aeries, bars or [homes around town. He was [jetting people sample Puma, Ian eggnog-flavored soft drink Ihiade from soy beans which [Monsanto is producing and [marketing in Latin America. [it's a low-cost, all-protein [Brink which supplies most of [the body's protein require- Iments and it is an effort to ke people in underprivi- ed areas get the essential l : nutrients. Where the under"privileged, and consequently hungry, often reject and re- s'eht America's efforts to teach tfliem know-how, there is one [thing they can't resist and f-that is an American soft tdrink. Hagan had the bottle of • Puma in his office because it twas a prop on a forthcoming ["television show, set for NBC- pTV on Feb. 23, Tomorrow's |World: Feeding the Billions. * Puma is an adaptation of •['something called Vitasoy. things (some of which seem much less important than hungry people). The public is also apathetic to the needs of agencies like A.t.D. India is always a prime example, both of a country's reluctance to accept what Hagan calls "the technological - • lts teem '"g In Visakhapatnam, India. American companies have plant that gh chemical annually. ™ now India ne f, d8 15 , mo [ e of ^ese plants! Hagan s show examines the sensible things that can be J°" c to solve food shortages: bctt " "f of . thc 'f nd » nd * hc Posslbilltv of making the des?S,, fe ^L ie ' n Vf ea !? ng i the J un g' c > "1C great food potent|a ,* of ||)c £ a a . nd .. aq ^ cu ,. *"* . ,„ ,_ One th '"g that will have to go, .Hagan feels, is a taboo against a certain food. For either religious or superstitious reasons, fish, eggs, bananas, beef, pork and milk are rejected by some peoples. .SSaci^tptbaounced. "saucyl'J |?and it is^being tested in Bra- •; Hagan, who was concerned [•but not overly knowledgeable ton the subject of the world's >:hungry, is now expert. :• "Between now and the year : 200(1," he said, "the popula- • tion of the world will double. J:Right now, two-thirds of the •world's people are poorly fed • : or malnourished. Millions are : hungry from the day they are rborn until they die. If we rcan't feed them today, how •will we manage in 33 years when the population has dou- tbled?" • Like everything else in the •world, it takes money to feed J'tfie' hungry. But those con- ?ne<jted with government agen- Jcies say it is difficult to get Jthe* money because it is con- earmarked for other high protein content, and possible use as foodstuffs. anyone bananas. V (Htwtpoptr fntetpriit Atsn.) Bob Thomas at the Movies By BOB THOMAS AP Movle-Televlslon Writer HOLLYWOOD (AP) - Bar- rlng unforeseen difficulties, the carol Channing special will appear on ^ ABC netwo rk on leap year day, Feb. 29. mss Channin e w111 believe it when she actually sees her own f ace beaming on the tube. Her snoWi "Carol Channing and 101 Men," has been to the starting ga t e before. ^ e spec i a i was i n preparation last summer, and Miss Cnannjng underwent six weeks 6:45 AM «st PATmtf 7:00(Color) BOZO'S BIG-TOP SHOW 8:30 D1ALWC FC* DOLLAHS TKEAtRS "thti Abov« All" Tyronnt Power, Jo«n Font*ln« 10:30(Color) HOW'S YOUR HOTMBI-tH-UW 11:00 JUEVrrCHED ll:30(Color) TREASURE ISLE 12:OON THE FOCIT1VB l:00(Color) NEVLYWtD CAME l:30(Color) THE BABY GAME l:55(Color) THE CHILDIIEN'S DOCTOR 2;00(Color) GENERAL HOSPITAL 2; 30(Color) DAftK SHADOWS 3:00(Color) DATING CAME 3:30 DIALING FA DOLLARS THEATRE "The Magnetic Moniter" Richard Car lion 5:00(Color) ABC NEWS 5:30(Color) 5:30 RE PORT 6:00, ; RIFLEMAN 6:30(Color) THE AVENGERS 7:30(Color) SECOND HUMORED YEARS 8:00(Color) WEDNESDAY NIGHT MOVIE "Wtngi of Ftr«" Sucanne Plethctte, Lloyd Nolan 10:00(Color) 10 O'CLOCK REPORT 10:30(Color) THE BIG MOVIE , "Hot Rod* to H«H" '•till*, »i»n»«*i»iE ~ v **(».»*•. *> v «**••>* •%*<•»• •*»>,.•** " ' •• t Dana Andrews, Jeanne Grain 12:30 AM SINE OFF t,mt Tuesday, February 20 6tOO N*w* iftd Weather Report (C) 6:30 t Bream of Je«wtl« NBC (C) 7(60 Th* J«ty Lewl§ Show tf&fj (C) 8', 00 tuefidiy Night at the Movies 'Sunday In fte« tfetk" with Jane Fonda ««d Cliff Robertiofl lOiOO Niwa arid Weathet (C) lOilS LdrtftU Gibbons Sports S'.>ev 10s30 The Tonight Show NBC (C) 12*00 Sign Off. Wednesday» February 21 6s45 RPD "fcith Bob Bulce (C) 6:55 Morning Devotions (C) 7{00 The Totlfty Show NBC (C) 7:25 Arkansas News and Weather (C) 7'.30 The Today Show NBC (C) 8:00 The Today Show NBC (C) 8:25 Arkansas Newa and Weather (C) 8:30 The Today Show NBC (C) 9:00 Snap Judgement NBC (C) 9:25 Nancy Dlckeraon with the News 9:30 Concentration NBC (C) 10:00 Personality K8C (C) 10:30 ThY'Hollywood Squares NBC (C) 11:00 Jeopardy N'BC (C) 11:30 Eye Guess NBC (C) 11:55 Edwin Nowman with the News NBC 12:00 Little Rock Today (C) 12:30 Lot's Make A Deal NBC (C) 1:00 Days of Our Lives NBC (C) 1:30 The Doctors NBC (C) 2:00 Another World NBC (C) 2:30 You Don't Say NBC (C) 3:00 Mike Douglas Show £0207 4:30 1 Love Lucy tfBaby Pictures" 5:00 F Troop "Our Brave In F-Troop 5:30 Huntlcy BrlnkUy Report NBC (C) 6:00 News and Weather Report (C) 6:30 The Virginian NBC (C) 8:00 Kraft Music Hnll NBC (C) 9:00 Run For Your Life KBC (C) 10:00 News and Weather (C) 10:15 Lonnle Gibbons Sports Show (C) 10:30 The Tonight Show NBC (C) 12:00 Sign Off Ktalfv MONDAY, FEBRUARY 19 6130 Pra 1 DREAM OP JEAKNIE - C 7»00 JERRY LEWIS SHOW - C 8tOO TUESDAY NIGHT AT THE MOVIES "PRESCRIPTION MURDER" - C PETER FALK, GENE BARRY, NINA FOCH 10»00 NElfS(?OPE - DAVE MCCLELLAND 10«15 AL GORDON ON SPROTS - C 10t30 THE TONIGHT SHOW - C 12»00 EVENING DEVOTIONAL of rehearsals with guest stars Walter Matthau, George Burns, Jimmy Dean and the Association. Also scheduled to appear for the Oct. 1 taping was the Air Force Academy Cadet Chorale. The Cadets flew down from Colorado Springs the day before. Then it happened. The broadcasting union, NABET, went on strike against ABC. The taping remained on the schedule, since it was to be done in the color studios of NBC, which wasn't on strike. Miss Channing continues the story from there in her own breathless style: "Oh, we had everything ready, all my makeup and wigs, and the Cadets had arrived, and four-star generals and every- one. So I went to NBC the day of the taping and to my utter surprise it was surrounded by pickets. Welll that wouldn't do at all. "Then this lovely man who is the head of NBC here— what is his name? Oh, yes, Tom Sarnoff. A lovely man, and he's married to a girl who wont to Bennington College, as I did. He came out of the building and asked me not to go on with the show. He said If I did, he feared there would be a strike against NBC, too. "My goodness, it was a problem 1 I mean, we had all those Cadets here, and we had to feed them every two hours. Those boys just eat like crazy, and i/ HQW ARK YOU POW.\ ON THK t Buckiolhain Falape. -No. ia U<mmng Sfrefl. [he Toner o CSfiu swllbe w» P«5l OWw Toww with tto revolv- Us proved |u br much more wiling, than W-year-old Cathv kvnu UraviU vra&rvl a depart meet sture's college board- won WfaSTS is i perfume contest. Her reward was a whirl of aS sigbt-seeiog in ibe UritUb capital. aa4 wl w as a foggv da* dampi-wd her «HI>ww». C atb> toured the boutiques and (ypper left) found many enameled jewelry at Piba's. 4 feather boa (lower left) was the big purchase and (middle) she feeds the pigeons in Trafalgar Square- A Ufegwgrd, outside the Palace of Whitehall (extreme right) welcomes t'atb.v to London- Cathy na« enchanted with the '30s look ifl beauty now popular in London, it's the Lombard, Pavis and Harlov* hair, a bit less rigid, less marcelled and it can be fluffed out. She flipped when she saw the vivid, kiss-me-quick moutb oa tbe widje-eyed dollies- Their completions overwhelmed her- as did the tptal femininity bij. they went without a meal for more than two hours, they became dispirited. Also, we had our guest stars to think of. If we had to postpone, Walter Mat- thau might be making a picture someplace far away. "But heavens—we couldn't close down all of NBC for one little television show. I couldn't do that to such a nice man, especially since he was married to a Bennington girl." The Cadets were sent back to the academy, and the show was cancelled. ABC managed to reschedule the taping for Oct. 15 after an agreement with NABET that the special would not be broadcast until after the strike was settled. Miss Channing managed to retain her entire cast except for Dean, who suggested Eddy Arnold as a substitute. The special was scheduled to appear Nov. 16, anrJ Carol ap. peared on the Joey Bishop Show to plug It, But the strike wasn't settled, and she went on with Joey again to announce that the show would air Nov. 30. But even though the strike ended Nov. 21, ABC didn't have enough time to promote the spe* cial, and U was postponed until Feb. 29. He Stopped Wrong Cor CHICAGO (AP) - Detective John ManJey was driving an un* marked police car Sunday when an auto with flashing red lights and blaring siren pulled up be* bind Urn and signaled him to the curb. Manley said the driver of the car, Edward J. Cooper of Chicago, got out and approached him flashing a gold Tennessee sheriff's badge. "He toki me he was a police officer," Manley said. "So I told him 'that's a coincidence, so am i, 1 " Cooper, 35, was charged with impersonating an officer, simulating the legal process, driving i vehicle equipped with a siren artf driving without Illinois license plates or a city sticker. He was released on $1,000 bond. HYU DM;-UM n \\INSTON SMf M. N 1 I API Sir-. Odc>'»4 H,ift Bru'^n *ho Uthcd during her Lfcii-'nc jN«> clsd >t>m Jsrjih She Icl'i a icnih M!' her lir^ 1 . B-ip' s! ' rur^r hcr«. Is 6 1 25 « til ft 3d COLLtC.t. rum MOM* •• e SHOW »..C 8«<3»f SHOW * C SSAf JUOSMENf * C sse sivs - e - c c lit 66 ii»3rt IZiOfl I2f3o 2t3rt 3tOO 3*2S 5 1 00 St30 6ifiO 6 i 20 6i30 8»00 9 1 00 lOiOO lOilS ioi3o 12iOO tit GUfSS - C fj fV PARfftlfil - C PH L8f *8 «Mt A BliAt * 6 of oos tiv«d •- e oefoM - c 6R16 - C ¥00 BON 'f SAY - G fttB HATCH QAM • C M«C MKWS - C LAI-FALOT CLOB - C ^AMtgO OKAb OR MARSHAL DILLON fJONtySY'-BRlNKLty - C WKMSCOP8 - DAVE VgRH SflgftMAN - C AL QORDOM ON SPORTS - C PM fMt VlJWfHlAM - C RftAPf M08IC HALL - C RON FOR YOUIl LJF« - C MEWSCOP8 • DAVS MCCLlLLAMt) VfiRtl STtgRMAS - C AL CORDON ON SPORtS * C T«B roNimrt SHOW • c 8V8N1NO OSVOtlOWAJL KATV tVESPAY. FEBRUARY 20. 6:30 7:30 8(30 9iOO lOtOO 10(15 10:20 10s30 C/irrUon Gortllaf - ABC (C) tt Takes A Thief - ABC (C) N.t.P.D. - ABC (C) The. Invader* - ABC (C) Arkannsi N«w» and Weather (C) World N«wt (C) Bud Campbell Sport* (C) Joey BUhop Show -ABC (C) fgBRUARY. 7i30 Bo*o'» Big Top Comlca (C) 8i30 The Fugitive - ABC 9t30 Donna Reed - ABC 10)00 Teaptatlon - ABC (C) 10(25 A.BC Neva - ABC (C) 10(30 How 1 a Your Mother-in-law - ABC 11(00 Bewitched - ABC 11(30 Treaaure Tale - ABC (C) 12)00 The Noon Show - Live (C) liOO Newlywad Game - ABC (C) 1(30 The Baby Game - ABC (C) 1:53 Chlldren'a Doctor - ABC (C) 2tOO General Hoapital - ABC (C) 2)30 Dark Shadow* - ABC (C) 3:00 Dating Cane - ABC (C) 3(30 80*0 'a Big Top Cornice - Live (C) 5(00 Bob Young Evening Newi - ABC (C) 5(30 Truth or Conaequencea (C) 6(00 Arkanaaa Newa and Weather (C) 6tlS World Newa (C) 6(20 Bud Campbell Sporta (C) fe. 30 The Avenger* - ABC (C) 7:30 Second Hundred Yeara - ABC (C) 8,00 Wedneaday Night Movie - ABC (C) "H&T RODS TO HELL" ..... Dana Andrewe, Jeanne Grain ' *" 10(00 Arkanaaa New* and Weather (C) 10:15 Uorld Neue (C) 10(20 Bud Campbell Sporta (C) 10:30 Joey Biahop Show - ABC (C) LITTLE A CM AHUM* ROCK 6:00 6:15 6i20 6i25 6:30 7:30 6«30 10:15 10:25 10:30 10iU5 12:20 12i25 TUESDAY. FEB. 20. ARKLA Hows- Oeorga Moore (C) SaTeway W«ather-Blll Mltchall Sports Camera-Jin Landera (C) Late Newa Roundup (C) National Geographic Special "The Amazon" CBS (C) The Red Skelton Hour CBS (C) Tuesday Night MoTle (C) "Siege at Red Rlver*- Rlohard Boone, Joanne Dru Newa - Oeorge Moore (C) AP&L Weather-Bill Mitchell Sporta Eye-Jlw Landera (C) Channel 11 Aoadeny Theatre "J Love MelTln"- Debble Reynolds, Una Merlce] Late Newa Roundup Off SaeftofUe* (Kofi, thim - Sttttf lie 3«ft«it*t» (ft it] ft 3t*t§ J»«w# (C) C8S FToitllftg NffV* Aftaftti* A.M. (C) Xi 00 1130 £100 2125 2(30 3100 3i30 UlOO 5 100 Oindld C««ft CB3 (0 fh« B«?*Ply Hlllblli AfidEf <tf Ktfbuffy 0^ Thu elate Van Dykd Show CBS L07« of Mf* CPS (3) (563 Hid*0*y tffvi S*tf«Qh fen* fmtsttev 163 (0) ft* Quidi04 LiRht c*n (C) Sy« on Afk*n«*A (0) Ai tn« World Turn* fliffl (0) Ld*« li * M*ny Spl#ndor«d Thtn* CBS (C) To fall th« truth OB3 (C) CBS AfUmoon ff<wi fh* gdga of Kiftlit CBt (C) The 3«or»t 9tom OB3 (C) PMiword (C) Carol BVUTTMU A P«t«f 100 6il5 6t20 6i25 6f30 7 1 30 6tOO 8130 9lOO 10 i 00 lOilO 10tl5 10130 10135 12(10 12i IS Perw Mnon "Pootlooa* Ooli" KoMals'i Jfary "Myaonfehnaklppa CSS fining K«wi (C) AAXU Ntw«->0«orge Moor* (fl) Safeway Weather-Bill Mltohall Sporti Oajwiri-J'ta Land«r» (0) Late Neva Roundup (C) Lo.t In Spao* C83 (C) Beverly KiUbllUo CBS (C) Oreen Aor«i CB3 (C) K* & She OB3 (C) Jonathan Winters Show CBS (C) Revs - 0»orge Moore (0) AJM& Weather-Bill NitoiMll (C) Sporti 8y«-Jtm Lander* (C) Info '68 Channel 11 Aaadamy Th«atre "Night Into Mornlng^Rfcy Mllland John Mediate, Nan«y Davis Late News Roundup Sign Off KSLA-TVQI2 TUESDAY FEBRUARY 3!P _ 6i30 National Geographic Special i "The Amazon" 7i30 Red Sktltoti 8«30 Good Morning World 9tOO Channel. 12 Reports 9 i 30 CBS News Special 10 t 00 News/Erwin 10«25 Weather/Crlffln 10i30 He & She 11 i 00 The Lieutenant 12 i 00 Weather/Vespers WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 21 6.25 6,25 6i55 7»05 7t30 8tOO 9«00 9«30 10«00 10.30 liiOO lit 25 Ut30 12 1 00 12 1 30 liOO It 30 1 1 30 2iOO 2 1 25 2s 30 3«00 3 » 30 4 1 00 5iOO 5 1 30 6.00 6,25 6 1 30 7t30 8 1 00 8.30 9:30 iOjOO I0t25 10.30 ll$30 12 1 00 Economic* (Mon-Thur) Acro«s The Fence (Ftl) Your Pastor CBS News/Benti Bob & His Buddies Captain Kangaroo Candid Camera Beverly Hillbillies Andy Of Mayberry Dick Van Dyke Love Of LUe CBS- New«/Bentl , Search For Tomorrow Guiding Light News/Owen As The World Turn* Love Is A Many Splendored Thing House Party * 2/20 Only - PilUbury B«ke~0ff To Tell The Truth CBS News/Edwmrds Edge Of Night Secret Storm Gllllgan's Island Rawhide MctUle'a N*vy CBS News/Cronkite News/Owen Weather/Bolton Lost In SpAce Beverly Hillbillies Creen Acres Perry Mason Family Affair Nowa/Erwin Weather/Griffin Jonathan Winters Show Sea Hunt Weathar/Vftapem TONIGHT ftlfLIMAN 6:00 GARRISON'S GORILLAS 6:30 RICHARD K1LEV Guest Stars • IN COLOR IT TAKIS A THIIF 7:3 ° TINA LOUISE Guest Stars • IN COLOR •«30 TNI INVADIRS 9iOO A Negro Investigator is torn between loyalty to his office ami his race when he learns that another ^egro investigator Is an Alien fating. IN COLOR WIN A CASH JACKPOT' MM FORTUNE GIVES AWAY MONEY WfctKDAYS DURING THL DIALING FOR DOLLARS THEATRE. « 30 AM AND J 30 HM HE MAKES ANOTHER CALL UE fWEEN 6 30 AND 6 00 HM 10 O CLOCK LAURENCE WEST affl CHUCK MOORE report the facts of the news hfeadlints Thirty m'nutes of NEWS, WEATHER arri SPORTS. IN COLOR 10.30 I4ve arri IN COLOR from Hollywood Guest Stars A3BE LANE, SERGIO MENDES, BIDDY GRECO anil former world heavyweight charnp ROCKY MARCIANO.

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