Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on November 9, 1916 · Page 1
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 1

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 9, 1916
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take* "Infof* from tfity ar* and putt them «#h*r* thty eught t« b*. SIXTY-THIRD YEAR—NO, 111. AND DAILY WANDAED STERLING, ILLINOIS, THURSDAY, MOV, 9, 1916. tafcut things from thty »r* afrf £itts-th*Mfo where " PRICE TWO CENTS. PRESIDENTIAL RAGE STILL UNDECIDED . DROPPED DEAD Mrs, Emma Gallesath Died In Gerries' Fruit Store Yesterday* IPJEST HELD LAST NIGHT Was Hurrying To/Take Train For Rock Island—Former Sterling Resident. Mm, Emma fJnllenadi, formerly of 8t«»rllnjt. but of • Intu living with ber daughter, Mr«. Fred Hlllborn of northern' lown, dropped .dead while at tltf and retail store of Andrew Wednesday afternoon about 8:25 o'clock; Mr*. daHe»ath came to Hterilnt- <>n 'FuWMJuy to fee about the los.q of her barn burned last week, which bad been rented to Mr. Hlllery. Hbe attended to the ntecemmry limnlne** nnd wan on her Way to the station of the Hurllneton to tftkfe th* afternoon train for Hock Inland when i»he mopped In the Oerdcs' .utore In a hurry nnd said she wished norde grapes to tnko along with her. The clerk went to wait on her. nnd while outnlde to «et come K rapes be heard a, fall, and hastening Inside found she bad fallen to tin' floor and wa* uncomiclous. A doctor wan called ftrtd she wn* pronounced dead in a very Bhort time. She wa* taken at once to tbe undertaking |»arlor» of Melvln fir Knelsen on Third ntreat, whore the body was cnr- REPUBUCANlAli iREAL LANDSLIDE \ GAZETTE RETURNS jClGRESS^PLIT|p|{£5|p|[jj INCREASES < rat« !', (Hrrhi.lwr, Ilfpitl-llcnn »l)s- (-orrmiil tft-nuin. ttilw fift<-r- hod » nic«? ! as;» i rr»m Kfptil>- hr'jifltniii-rtfrw slalftiK Ih;>! the Miriin* i nn< f-'l*' N'.-vv Hnrnjt- to U'ilfnn nni\ ttic Dcnto- hjivc i oiift'diMl MlirncHdta tn This irlvr.v i a< -h f-aiiflldatf ionil vot?>: )!if" Wilson . . ... . , .260 Hughes .... . .255 This Ifnvpn CaH'fornla and Mfxlru douMftil, thf first with 13 Kint tli»> hipt .with 3 elf-ctonil vutf.«. IK in nil. W. P. UTLEY VERY ILL Brought Home From New Mexico Suffering Intense Pain. W.- I 1 I 'I Icy was brought homf from N<"W Mrxlco, last iilRtH In a vpry crM-iciit ronilltlmi, imifforinK from offprt« of ptoinamn poison- It will )»»» Ing, or trton utiprndlcltln. It wil )»»» known hiti\ In thf <1»y If iippciiillHtlo dfvclopu. ^n t.'tioy nod HOII Kr«>>l hnvf twrn In NPW Mexico and other l»nrl» of thf Houth for th«> pant n-w wpckn, vtjiitliiK si<!Vi«rol r«MatIVf'it other »tr»rlinK frlpnd» living In »««ctlon of tn«» country. About tny« about whllp out In the • roimtry on'p hu ml rod mlle« from Kowwrll <ed for ancf her friends and relatives sent for. * County Coroner Or, C. M. Kniy held an InquPHt over the body In the even* JPS. _*!. T.-30 o'clock. The following "cbniBowHl TFie"jury;" TlaTi>n Rensiow, l*rank Koth, R. W. K. Mitchell. H. M, Fryft And Jeime. Johnson. A number of Witnesses testified and the jury broujrht In a v«rdl«l that the deceased came to her death from unknown <*U«e«. tt IH thooRht-'thnt—i«hc died from heart failure. Mm. CSalleHiitb wax'marrlml IIrut to * mah by the natno of Hoffman, he .dying twenty yearn n«o and Hen burled In Mendota, their former home. Hhe later "married ber present husband, '.n were—born to her nnd ho nt« i*>mp canned wiuim»?<' mid about twrlvc hour* lifter ratios It wiui taken it«rifiunly III. Ho WRB plitcwl -In an nuto mill taken to Ilofirtrll;" whifrr thrro won; bettor doctor*. He did not rcl.lrf and the trip to Sterling wnir Mr. Ittlcy «otd out hlH In t trout In his many poultry IIOUHPM hen? m-v wpekn HKO, «i»fl lit'lns rollovod of Krcnt amount of work, started to trips for real. so "Ifoffnnm,"" Hvlnit flvr-mlle* we«t of Sterling, Mm. Fred Itlllhorn, of Iowa, and another dnuKhter living In C'ali- fornla. After renting her hoii*e in fltofUnt a f>w monthiraKor-ttiey-rnov-- «d to. Rock Inland, where they have Uvlns; except for a time when H!U« HtaylnK with her Iowa dauwh- -|Bff-r She wa« born about flfty-*«ven y«*r« *K«». Darinit her *t«y In Htor- HrtV-***'made mnny friend* and a larue numt>«r Of them vlwltud the undertak- |nf tmrlorti today to pay their lant re- •pocrto their ncljthbor nnd friend.; Her hUBbund In 'expected to arrive In i .BterUnK thin afte.rnoon on the four o'clock train with other relative*. Ar- ranK*mentn for the funeral will be made upon their arrival. A full obituary will bo publtahed Inter, DARR Husband Former Sterling Girl Passed Away In St" Louis. MI-H. Krama Bylcr, of this city, him received JBtord'.ofl..lhc deailLof her brother- In 'AUK ills death occurred last Hatur- diiy night, and the funeral a,nd burial took* place Tuesday. Mr*. Bylor wa* unable to- be present at th«- funeral. M rs — JDuo-Js-tt'eU -kuoii'Jt- to - StcTllag l»e<>pl«, a* *he wa* formerly Mtna Ella B. Spencer, and lived in Entire Republican State Ticket | Elected Easily In Illinois ; Tuesday. I . _ ...,... ,.„.... , PLURALITY is IMMENSE Hughes Has a Lead Of About 200,000 While Lowden Is '. j Ahead Over 150,000. ritiijiKo, III. Nov.. ?.- H'-turns for ovt'tnoi"! from -,'','( pre* Incis out of ,!i73 in Illinois ouinide of <*<>ok county Klve: Online. iK-m L'Sl.flRfl Th.e Republican jduiallty In Illinois lor H'iKli''* and l-'airb.'uikH is better i than liia.aiiii ami nmy Ret u|» to 200.000.1 Cr»l. Frank <'. Louden"* plnniilty ov-j er <}i»v. Dunne I* it le,-»M ifi.l.onf*. j At tho ttrpubllcan state head'itmr- j ter.«, v. here a preHnet tabulation Is be- ; !HK made, the claim Is offered that > Jfuithrs and lowtlcn will earli bnv«r u i plurality of nboiit 2i'H,inin. , Whole State Ticket In. AH the returns from downstate came ; In, It became evident that the. Hepub- lii-an state ticket had Iwn elected In, Its rntfrfty, Tttrmtny nifrht nornn doubt ? pxlxtcrl il.« to the secretary "f «UltP. It | Is now certain Ixnim -I* , Kmerson hits f defeated Secretary Lewis i!. Stevenson: I)} more thilll !ii',(ilKI j Mt-dlll McConnlck nnd William K.) Mutton me elected con^feuHmon tttj. targe; till of the slulnif Republican con*, greasmen a're returned, includltiK-Ijoren K. Wheelnr In the HprlnKflMd district, whow seal wan in doubt until Initt rilKlit, and Cdngremiman Htonis in the IVorla iliHtrlct and Tavrnner in the I lock Island district, both Democrats, have been icplaecd b'y Clifford Ireland and William J. (truhain respectively. Niels Jlliil Sum defeated Confiresuman Frank lluclmmin. Democrat, in the Heveni.h. district In Chlcaito. Hoth bninciu'H of theIllinois general assembly are utronwly Uepitbttcan and certain to bo tifffanlBed by tbe Republican*, determined to back up Governor-elect -txiwden to the-.limit on the platform, of elllclenry, economy, an reform. " . ' Tbe air W.-IM full of oil klrirlo of rnrnnr.-* ye»i«Tfl;iy. Some of them fiiiiff from the i»Ji> J»rok< r I'muMe-" in tb/« citle*. mitfle came by wire t«> private parties anrl ?cr>me were me«i«aires dim-? from Republican, and D p m o c r a f 1 r bf-artr|um tern Horn** of the rumor-* were KO wild that md, ev»'.n a ,«hadow of them r'-niafnfi thi* morning. Tfie <»a»,. ett(> i-tmM hiive filled Ha windows Wild th<m but declined to do so, Tbis office relied fully on Hi 1'nitwl l s r«»»* leatPtl wire servlre, TJiifi «thnwed that Wfl>on *,i« leading, birth *ide« clnimlriK the victory, with the-renult still doubtful. <, That wan the kind of new* Tbe (Sn/ettr- • banded out. Thl* morning the correctnesrt of that service I* absohitety verified In every particular. Hoth s!de« were- *(ill olaimlriK the ele<-tlfiri. W||«-«»n wa* .still 4n the le:u|, and the return* were xo Incomplete (bat either »ide wa* ju*tifled In hoping for the final victory. After years of experience, the mnnngement rvf The OnKette IHIH found tbnt all news a«KorlaUon« make mistake* but day by day they aim to give the runvn as it i», care*. fully ami correctly, and tbe t'nited 1'reH.H ha* never yet failed to kerp Its patron* thoroughly p<i?<ir<t on tbe new* of the day. hi addition to tbe wire porvlr" The (lasjette handled hundred* and hundred* nf tf>|».ph«>ne rall»*v-k«>*p- 1»K the office open until t<Mi o'clock bint niKht t«i »n«wer phone call*, nnd thl* morning the Inquiries were Mtarted before H«»veai o'clock and have been coming all day. Jr. j j Republicans Wil! Control the I House and the Democrats j t the Senate. i i . ' ., j CHOUSE STANDS 222 TO 2Q8J The Democrats Will Have.Only) a Small Advantage In the | Upper House. Ni-w rJi.v I'nlted rr* York. N. Y.. Nov. NOT WORRYING Neither Hughes Nor President Are Losing Any Sleep Over Election. BOTH STILL CONFIDENT HERE FROM THE NORTH Mm. Henry Brown Makes Visitr/To Former Neighbors. Mrs, Henry grown, of Turtle River. Minn., In making a short vi*it to her old time neighbor* In the two citle*. Mr. Brown was formerly pres«man for The Gazette, but I* now running a general utar* In a northern Mintipmtta 'town, .Ohorle* WHJe-U and 1* U I0m- nions and olherHTroin IliT* Secflonlwive land In that vicinity. .£he reports the crop« a* not being us good the punt year an laat, but potntoe* were a fair Crop, and farmer* «r« receiving tl.oo fc buuhel cash. One man n .whort dlx- tancft -from her town raised oat* which Went ntnitty-Cwo and one- half liiiahel* to th« aero. A few day* ago H young 'man by th» namn of Walter*, living an the farm adjoining L. 1^, Kmmon'H, : ^i(SraTra'1fl«^"a = %^fy^ftTgi*^mr."^hi^ J*B«r Itttd <iome to --the homo of tlm dheep |Milt« from the *ld<» of. a shed, young man'* father and torn off some and he luy In wnlt for him the, next most of hfer Jlfe up to the time of her marriage and was very popular among »UI pooplc. Mr. Darr was a very wciilthy man, and be and hi* wife had sj'eiil the past «everal .year* In travel- In K. They -were vitfiting In Ht, J»uls at 1he time, he wa* taken 111. which proved of Bhort dura ttlon. llo.waa well known In Sterling- where •he'bad often visited. Mr*. Darr wn« In Sterling about ten day* ago visiting her «l»ter, Mr*. Byler. The caunu of his df;ath IH unknown. HII«|ICM Kt'ln a HlruoK iihinillly of'the , women'* Vute both In Cook county and j ilowiiHtatp. Tho Huglicn pluraJily In j <*ook county, men mid women, in . nil jlt Looks Like ajlorse Race But ~ : - IW Democrats the Rail. By an indicated plurality dowmnato over M*mrr Corn>«ponrtenf.of (r the pre»id«»nl of H2.7(M. bringing bin- New York, N. Y., Not-. ultimate lead to ttbout ISU.OOO, ?>.— Charles |Kvtttw Hughes IK not toning any Col, Ixiwden lout th«" city of Chicago|nor KHtliiK thin worrying over the out- .y a Ktnall margin to Oov, Dunne, but.i crime of the election, had a bit?, margin in the country towim, nbout the mo«t c«im !».--• A divided j was forecasted by Incomplete returns received by the 1'nltcd I' up (n noon today. They tended to • support Hi" Republli-an <-lwlm« that the) house of represJt-'tHative* would be |{e- j I ublican though Democratic lendertf in- .-<Ij«ted that tbe complete rrliirnx would j .show them In control, That tbe pre.x-| «nt Democratic majority of %'\ would j be deeply cut IH a certainty, j Hetiinif from the seiiiite fl^lit wre | nearer complete. The Democrat* will! probably have H majority of la compared to their present majority of IH. • The entire membership of the bouse wan voted on at the election. FlKtjres com|>lleil by both purlieu show niTit • ihe Democrats will have anywhere from J210 to "aiii and tlie Repiibliriihii nny"- .whei't 1 ft'oru 210 ui sis, Woman It Elected. ' { One of the features of the c«i|iKrct«- j slonnl election was tbe jieeminw election of a woman to congress for the tlrst time In bin-lory. Mis-i Jcannette»" Hankin, who ran >IH an Independent He- publican aHiiliiKt Harry \~- Mitchell, Itppultllcan, appearw to have been accorded the. honor by Montana voters. All chanceH of the soctnllstx havliiK reprem^itfittveH In the lower bouse ew>- tern on HIP official count of the returns for Meyer l>ondon from the New Vtirk east #ldP. One l'r«Br»'»»f«IV4>i- out' Democratic proTei : ltooi*t. froru the jtoulh and one I'xohlbitltfn coriKr.!*»nman' appear to have won. * Of Urn 35 I', 8. senator« elected 17 j were Democrat)* and l'» Hepubllc/inn i wliieb wltb the 37 Democrat* and 24 j Republican holdovers »jivc the Dfino- crutH a majority of 12 to the next senate. In the prewejH senate there are It'pmilicaniT HIS LEAD IN CALIFORNIA BUT LOSES MINNESOTA Both Sides Claim Latter StAte and Are Preparing for Legral Contest and Same is True in New Hampshire. " ' AN PARUER REPORT. I.), f,, Nov. !'. -Vlrlmilly (By United Press.) New York, N, Y., Nov. 9.—Republican htudquarter* expect poiitlvely and finally to announc* the election of Hughe* to the preeidency peesibly within an hour, ch«frm«n WlleoV stated just before two o'clock this afternoon, "This *nneurtcem«nt, Way come within the hour," said Wilcox. "Mowevtr, it is entirely possible it may be delayed until around midnight. The situation looks more and more favorable for Hughes; ( fe*l certain both California «nd Minnesota will be added to the Hughes column." BOTH CLAIMING MINNESOTA, . (By United Press.) St. Paul, Minn., Nov. 9—Democratic National Co/nmitteeman Lynch positively claim* Minnsftota for Wilson by 1,000. Republican State Chairman Thornton eJaVmi th* state for Hughes by 3,000. He says he hae heard from all but 200"preelnte. The St. Paul Daily News, independent, on telephone and teleejraphie return* from many missing precincts, tabulates the Minnesota vote at follows: Wilson, 169310; Hughe*, 168,481; a load of 1,329 for Wilson in Minnesota. These figure* ere not all official but are from official source*. With 288 preoinats missing official reports give Hughes a (cad of 8ft. The Democrat* are preparing to meet a contest which the Republioans e*em to be-getting into, •hap* in case the count is agafntt them. Federal Investigators arc here watching every move. Both aides are preparing t» b«*— gin a fight on the Minnesota results through an official canvass and probable contest, ' • " ! - WILSON GAINS IN CALIFORNIA. (By United Press.) ' San Francisco, Calif..- Nov. 9.—United Press tabulation of return* from 5,692 precinfcte flut #-5£«^ m California at 1(30 this afternoon gave Wilson 456,328 and XU)J««* '451,247, a lead for Wilson of 5,055. There are 175 precincts to be heard from. "Fart of thY'oaTn for WiTson was due to an error In the tablulatlon from Fresno, which credited Hughes with more than 1,000 vote* which should have gone tot Wilson, • ' Uarl I) 'Vjr< '» -'_ ___ 1 ___ (complete return* on thr> conitrriudnnal ! ' l% of the national bourn- of ,r< , and the Democrat** control of the wn- by a umall margin to <}ov. Dunne, but.)crime of the election, in fact ho in person In the, Republican camp. As evidence of this Till' HttllHllflK til hOUMC Will hi» JIM , and »t> carried Cook. county by 11,54!'. On the of 2.034 preclnM* out of SELLS RRST NEW CORN William Stanley Sheila and Brings to Town Thie 8e»son'« Crop. William Btunley ban sold wonio of fall* n«w t'orn. be b«lnff ttin Hrst to Bhell and haul to- market this year'* cr t) |». He rals«d It on hlu farm jimt north AUSTRIANS FINED Rock Falls Men Implicated In Cutting "" Scrape Had Hearing T*oday. Joseph RonineQ nnd John Sauleau, of Hock I-'all*. tho two AunirinnB who cut up one of their friend* ten day* ago while l» a drunkun bdtit and at .A, frame of card*, had n •' hearing- thin forenoon nt 11 o'clock before JiiBtico Clifton In Rock fr'ullu, »»»auU— "lo murtlw,-- -They— w«ce_ both found jfullty and Ronlmm Vi-a* given u line, with tho costs, amounting to $2«,- S5 cent*. Being unable to pay ho wa* remanded to the city Jull whore he will board H out at fifty c^int* jwr day, unle** Hojmr'of.his friend* come to hi» The. other mon's Jlne and cost* 2,973 downHtate, bis plurality outnide of (!ook.county IH estimated at 154,596, milking him u total pulrallty In th<' state of Itifi.Hf. with the available returns from- which to figure. In Chicago the Republican wards went Republican and I ho Democratic iimounted to 134.10,- which ho paid and w«« freed. Thn man who wan *o badly- cut up by them wa» able to leave Htcrling hoBpltai and .JtcgUC CONFIDENCEGAME ~~ mnrTn of Sterling. Ho void two thousand buahela but U wan not a« heavy an tie expected nnd It weighed le«n than sixteen nundred btiahel», It wax sold to the Hofftebowtir elevator, H w»i* ex. pected It 5«ou]ld grade' number throe, but, it hardly made tlutt Krude. U - cuine t?»'om land wlilvh w'aa,.t1iouKht Would yield titty bushels per at-re, but It weighed out much IP»H. than.that. MANN LEAVES FOR SOUTH H«» Accepted Excellent Position As. . M«n*eer Of Dry Good* Company, - Qunrtie Mann, Hr,, left tlvi« niorBi.u? on the early Uurlinicton trridi for the (South, where lie Mill l«-«ide. Mr. Mann 'baa accepted tin; IKIMUJOII 'of, «. very lui'Hc dry KO<*J .Tin inent IH known ti« tln> l|eim.inuiuui 'Dry cioods (?om.paiiy, and !« the .lurgest 4.on.c«rn of the kiml in tbut .part of tlie . MrJ Maun will bt- an cxcellwut for the. plac(> .-for -he \\u» batl .41 deal tif experience- in manuwHig big stores of UiU kind, and will be ot great twrvUv In <*vt«ry way t<r HUM ffuuthein Hrrn- He has been «it— i\u> bea4 of the Hterliug lU'i'ai^ueiit K.t./r« for tbo pant four jearw a ml hu.s li|n!c many liiuwdb in Walter'Maniien, real of frlltiK, WH« nrroisted lust night about ', o'clock by Officer Hnglock on a, war-ant nworn out by Jam«m Naiu'e on a ibarge, (if ubtHlnlng money by » con- ildnnce game. March 23, 1»16. Woro ••iptdfleally that he did fclonloiiuly'and anlaWftilly obtained from, Jatnoii Nance money and property by m«ttnn of n ••ontldenrc Kiirno,-to the amount of -m'o'v- •mtoon' hundred dollarB by a uhock S'iveti'n to be paid clown to obtain an brtulty On a farm in Jefferwoiv County. IlllnoiH. Hn wax brougbt before Judge Weaver at once amd the continued until this forenootPat o'clock, under a bond of '$5,000. ward* went Democrat It*, ami for tho women a* well ;\» for tho men. Bvery'wurd that Wilson carried by the men'* vote ho carried by the women'* vote, except^ the Right, which wiw clout*. Wvery ward that "went to HiighcH by the men'* vole went to the Republican* by the women, except the Mlfteonth, Twenty-wecond, and Twenty-eighth, and In Till threi> th<» difference* were xmull. Sterlino'* View Of It .Ktate t'hairniai) te-r a wui'vey of , lite . flRiiren that hut lieen rejiorted d'lrectly to the , «tat< headijuarter* from -precinct committeemen, IHHIIOI! this Mtatoinent: "ReturnK from precinct committee men do\vn*tato show Hughes run far ahead of WH*on wiUi . the women's vote, II only women hud voted Hu«hejj would luivn carried the 101 down«tatc •ountle* by approximately 75,00fi plurality and yet they (wild the women were he went to bed at 12:10 a. tn., refcpond- 't-d to an etiKtiKement at 8 o'clock and .then turned In for another hour's *deep. Confident of tbe ultimate outcome of ,the election, he planned another'quiet .day with an auto ride and no politic* except poRHthly «' talk with Chairman Wllcox. My Robert J. Bender. "'• tStan* Corresopndt-nt of l'nlti-d Pr«»«w,) New York. N. Y., Nov. ».—When I'rettldent \Vilnon arose about 7 o'cjot'k this mornlriK he found the surnc doubt over the election result that Republicans '.., 222 ' DemocrstB , 2QS ProgresBivea - , ,. 2 I'rohlbltionlst 1 MoclatlHt ...... (.1 Independent 1 The standing in the senate probably will be fifty to forty-six In favor of the D«'mocrat». C'omplete.jretunm front the far west may Ihcream* or decrease tbo Democratic majority. There i« only the bare«t poMslblllty that they will overturn It entirely. Democr»U Hopeful. While the Democrats do ,.uot concede their defeat in the caiiipaiKii for the control of the houxt*. at midnight they were claiming thus even In the •ill to voto for nilndH of administration offielalH. The View Of It. i president and Secretary Tumulty, how- I'Ved K. Mterllnir, af- ever, feel that the Democrats have th« rail ami may-be able to no*je u out a vlc- 'tory. This |H tfie way It looked (o thein .early today. The 'preMidont lias 251 .electors mire. He hud a wmafl lead In North Dakota and California and WUH sliKhtly behind In MirmoHotit and only a Mtronir awing back would save that tulate for him. / No one was maklriK any forecast (IH to the outcome but Secretary Tumulty rclteroated bis nttnertion: "That it Is <;l»«e but nil- risrht.". They are looking which, are Klownews, "We have return* from commlttee- Tto\vn*tate prccluctH, which «lv« Wilson 124,fllfi and -Hughes 178,-- lifih. (»n this hawls.of Tl pliii'illty to the precinct',HuBhen would'cortm to ('hi:URO with phintllty. T»il**iwlll rediiceil perlmpM; butjio undoubtedly will IIHVO 160,000 ituwiiHtatc, which will mako bla plurality about 200,000 (liH CHBO was Hturliwl. Mr- bad for tjqun»»l- Attorneys and Van.Sknt, while the defejid-. Unt, .the wtute, waa represented "by. ihe state's attorney, J, J. LudenH and Judge H, c. Ward. At the time of goiinj to prcsfl the cu»«e IIIIH not 'been couc,lud,tHl! MILLEDGEV^llsiDENT W, II, Ciilklnn, an old •: 4'v«|ilent of BISHOP MULDOON COMING Will Admini»tor Confirmation Cla§» Tuesday. I lib, .n- Mts .tins Next Tut'sda). Koyember Jtlghl lUtverrnd ('. -I Muld of Itockfurtl, will">»d«ulnl»fejr t Ion' to a large claws* of chilii.rt'ii . .,«mi pi-«»Mlvi' . tis?o'» thirty o'chirk ,will. liik Tut-Mlny <it . rrj=-«r the iH'tKiiUoiinK the at 2;3(1 o'clock ut tlits" l''j'e.t!t. port Gtiiirral Howidtar, ,fullowiug • uu operation. Tti« funeral will be lield Krlduy afteniooit ut 2 o'clock at churcli in the -t»n tiro Ktate. after In my ante-election receiving report 8 from committeemen, 1 etttlmatcd bi.s plurality at IfiO.ono. "Ixiwden for governor received 10l»,- atit to (id,H'J for Dunne in 732 down- itate itrccinctH, IndlcatlonH are that IKI will maintain MM aveniKO and conu* to «'o«»k county with 140,000, His plurality in tho titate as u whole would therefore be ,1511,000 HM predicted. "Our reports ail indicate the election of the entire mate ticket by pluralities ranging from lOO.OOO to 175,000. • If other tstatca had don'o as well a« (hi; mi'n and women of IllinoJM (here would be no doubt us to the reault." • -' lieutenant «overnor John O. le«by will flnUh with a plumlity over Henry W, Uuttniun of more than 200,-. (joii. I,OU|H I,. Kiniiu'iKOii'H plurality over 'Irf-wlH U. Htevi-iison lor aeerelary of utute will be about U.'UMIO, IH-II Small l» t-lectcJl ulute IrtuiHiirer over Arthur W. t'lmrle« by 110,000 or more; Edward J Hrumiage will lmv«- a plurality ovep t'utvick J. l.ucey lor attorney general of" Itt'M'iat approktmately,. antl Andrew HuaM«<rH cMttmutcd plurality for auttitor uver Jami?» J. Hrudy la " . for definiu. retuniH today 4n,-with , 1'onKlbly the preHldent will not know the remilt when IIP. hoard** tbe Mayflower to go to WIIUam«town, Maun.. fur the rhrlMtenliiK of hl« ter tonight. Thin i« moving day utt Sbad<»w und' Anbury Pnrk. OwltiR to the un- i'«|-talnty of tiie election antl the need of tbe.,clerkH Jbeing kept bu«y at the ?veout!ve offi»/eH U will bp iilmout Im- for thf«e officeti to bo entire- to orKiini/e u by. combinlnK with the •1'rogrc.SHlves, I'rohlbitloniHts. and So- clalfNts «>l«cted Tuemlay^ They asNurl the RepublicaiiH will nut Ret IMS votes, whiclr are needed for » majority. if a Situation nliould result in which the balance of power would be thrown to the group of other party men. the control would depend wholly upon tliu number of Demo«'jrat« elected. Where They See Aid. If the Republicans come within onr> of i.i majority they will depend upon Martin of 1/oiilstiniii, a Progressive. 10 RACE 16 CL08E IN NEW HAMPSHIRE. ' . w • ' (By. United Pr«*«,) Concord, N, Mv^Nov. 9^-At 1)30 this afternoon WHeon'e lead over Candidate Hujjhee- tn" New Hampthire WM announoet! •• 81 with all reported, R^»6hW l "j»r»''«»nit«ntly bjpiriB r*ceiv«d it S«cr»tliry Bcan'e office't an'd"tn winy ln§t*nce» iiow oonelderable.change from thl report*. . , ' "We have requested tho clerke In all election lection* to eend In the oH- ginal ballot* fet «n8e,". laid a *tatem«nt from the secretary of etate'* •hortly before noon. "A recount will be commenced «* *oon at they arrilf and further change* are quite poieible, '• With all but 48 of the 294 'lection district* heard from Hughes hafl 3? and Wilton S<5,733, a plurality for Hughe* of 279. Thi* announcement given out by Secretary of State Bean. ' ''-•;' WILSON GAINS NORTH DAKOTA. (By I'nitod Pre*Mt.) New York. N. Y., Nov. 9.—Pre«ldent WilHon advanced five ,vote« in hln rat-e for a majority in the electoral college i UN aualiiKt the 161 originally attributed to Hughes. ' •>', help them out. Democruttt they On th« other hand, Jf are within four of It will in all likelihood «el a«nlKt- Hitridull. tin- Cali/ornla 1'ro ly cleared out and moved to Washington before the end of the week. Both .Shadow l^awn and lite executive office. . will he practUwlly deserted by tomorrow night and tbe white house vacation will be at an end. in SUFFRAGE BEAUTY ILL Mr*. Inez Milholland Boeievern Grave Condition, I/»B AiiKelt's, Nov. 9.- -Inez Mllliol- and ' Holnsmain, capricious* wlfp of Wuginu* Hoinsevain, lawyer und noted •N'tnv York jjuffrugjat, who' lMt||pvt>H should be a matter of con- icf and that luiKbaudit tibould tlii'lr anlurleu "50 - fitt," la In u condition here. Mr, lio(M)pVAln (!uv« «omv of his lood foii 4jl» wif«> and split . IllbtHonist; h'taller, ibr independent; .Si-hall, a Mlmu'Mota 1'ro- and Ijoiulou of New York, the SociallHt to be elfH'ted. mll, Hniidiill and 1^'iHlon arc ntem- of the present cougrctm, and on pnrty mattt*rH..UNUHlly have voted with tho |)eioocrat« on,ly Hie ItepubllcaiiH, Maim, of CblcuKo, WEST VIRGINIA FOR NUQHE& <Hy United Frews.) today when at 9;30 a. m, returno from j New York, N.> Y., Nov. *.—At t:JO ;; North Dakota woie so far nompleted i o'clock thlH mornlnK the Jlepublleafi, us to establish definitely that he- had) natloniil committee Iwued 'it foetQiH: carried that state. U hud previously. elalm that Hughes has carried" bt-en one of UH- Hliittinn stutes, Hrst Virginia by a plurality of 1,700 vote* inclining to- Wilson - an<t~ then—to»— •'- * !i '^-'- Wllh North Dakota In liiw column, j the president according to • United I l're*t« returns has 256 elei'toral vo,tf?H und needs ju«t 10 more to Insure MB election. Hughes baa 243 electoral vot»«t« and reiniirev.S3.moro votes. Tbe {2 electoral ' vote* remaining in the tlione of -Calif or- Nciv Mexico 3' doubtful <x>luinn are nta 13, >!*otH and New Hunipstiire t. Thtf "drift" in ttienf .states may be suinmtiriKed a,s ftillows: VHlif«,rflia- G,399 prectncta out of 5,- niz prei'ui'et* give Wilson a lead of (541. Now Mexico— -3<i out of 839' precinct tt give Hughe* a loud of £68. .Minnesota -2,506 out of 3.U24 pre- cinctH give Hughe* a lead of 800. N»>w MtlltO I!amp«hlre~*-The secretary of ^announces that the tonKreHHnmn Mann, of (blcuKo, will | j,,,,,,, ortlcially ^annourtces tbftt the hi. the next speaker if, bo final return* ».-„„,'„ Vl ,t e ls for Huenes, but owing Kive the bouse to the Republlcann. If |o ,, ul fttmirfi j ( ey^ 9 ^^ cN , rk 5 not, Hpeakar C'lttrk will be re-elected. , o H en.|.wrUttwrtM the exact nhirali* After Ht-v EJECTION RESULT WAV NOT ie KNOWN FOR ('By I'nilCHl Fresh.i -, Ht Paul. Minn., Nov. y. Wltb 2,131! , ^lit.noHota- mllltlam*!it'«i votfM r4Kti on the border, not to be .'.'counted until nexi Tm>Mlay. the world mwy have to wnlt »"other wi't-k bcfort! it .known«.< ha.^ b*** 1 !) ^Iw-it^l pr*i«,idt'iit, if Mlniipwota hi,is tin* privilege: nf ilrs'UHji){. tbe i.ssne. Tlifsiv com-. iidssltmeis vvlio t,iHik (b«,' billlolji •to ttu> b(ipd.i''*:.-io"b«<! niui'ko.<t...ure iiovv on tlH*lr way boiui».> the Hi:p.ublkuiii and 1 " With 'Hu*;b.e»* about Hf..inio. The. tbr<'<- Itepublicah for triiMU'c. of tbe atiitc un|v«r«iiy, Wliliam I, Abbott, Mi>. Mary H HiiHuey, and «' W. Ho|t' t iff I'lfcicd. For • mail Jit lillKC Medill McCormlck JiJ-etiy c|(i,«i(< lii Ctil, IrtiVV'dcu HIII! Ml'- Manon i» not very lur behind. CALLS W. VA, POUBTFUL. Uly I'liiteri Pres« J I 'a., Nov. 9. UH fhe dnWillK VVilHOII ll-!,s tllUII In Went Virginia, the l»t' ' •i » behind tttscond jdi'iod t,c«n«jfy»ji(>ii .operation, »'WM timu twenty-four hours afti'r tlu» !frat. was performed. Anulu her hu»- bunil offered IjiM healthy b|oud; und lh»« Huriieoim took oiu> und one- fifth pint* from him und bis aister-m-liiw, Vid« I'tijsiclmits have not jjl\'en up hopt) of Mrs. Hoi«tit>vuin'« out hay the outcome i* In doubt, i , N*ol«d for beauty and p<>alUu'ije«« oJT cbara'ter, iiu-2 MiHuillaiid took tbe lead in- womun'« «uffra«»j In tbe east toured the country many . pluci'd Went iillloliK lilt. 1 dollbl- !> The T. A. CONBOY SAYS in< 11 nil/.ma u. who operates a , - a niT Tin ilufnttl T» V* building un i-xu-iii<loi) to bit) hla .stock. JIu. ytut'tci.1 th«r* in a fuwt* yeaw dry gixui^, nxftiuuK and G. 0. P. Uom in 8o»ate. While tbe Hepuiilh'un wern talriitiK the lead which they took in the early ho'une returns, they were losing K'rouud in (bo wfiiute race, Henator PoinVreno In (JlilO'iippearM lo have defeated former Anma«tuuior ilerrlck. The n-Kiilt tfiere i« close, however, .and the final return* may make Derrick tho winner. Herrlck'w election'WHB be« ....„ certain early yesterday, In N'ebraMka Henatur Hitchcock over» came ih«> early lead of John h. Kennedy, the Republican candidate, und i« now running u little nhead of him. In Missouri, however, Waller Dickey, the Republican candidate/ is preKMini Henutor Herd, «h« Dcmoci;i»lii» iiiuuni bertl, clo^ely % C'o'ntlrmutlon came of the defeat of Senator ButberlHiui, Hcpublli-an. «if UtHli by Will H. KiiiB. Tbe indication':* are also that Ken- Htor <'lark bas been defwiled In Wy- oinlnv by J. D. Kt'iidlck, lb« D««mo- cratio candidate. Th«»e Result* In Doubt. The iv.sultw ill At'Uoiiti. New Mexico, und Nevada are still in doubt, with the Deiiiocnttlr caiuHduic abend In Arizona anil Nevada and jhe Republican -candidate «!i#htly in the. lead in New The r*HUlt in Montana will not In- known in all likelihood until flu- linul return*) ari« ii*. Senator 'Myer», Dem., i» tsllghtly belilnd foinn-r Coo^ros«mun l*ray. <lu< Republican ivindlrbite, now, —ThiiH far none of the not<>d national IfjubTfi in tbe lloUM^ bun t>een defeated. , There .were f)»'Vei(4l -upiel 1 .. however The they bud hmt dlHtrlctb to tin- Su teturns yesterday <"t>Mrt tlllTi*. DM* low,-) illlii :ti^«t Hf rtf»p*M>- (VVu "MllWilIikee Is but tin air,| tlj,H ty i» withhold. The Demoorfith claim the mate and bectuiite of the mlxup tb«re may hs court prooeedtnfCR bcfor* the exact utatus of the four elect oral votf« are determined. . '< HUGHES LEADS IN MINNESOTA. (By . at, Paul. Nov. 3.S34 out of 3,*)24 precincts reported at tw» o'clock today, HuRhea wan leaJHng DEMANDREC01 i Democratic Leader'Says" publicans Counted Wilson, Oirt WN.H.__-. f G. U. P. IS SUSPICIOUjS; Department Of _ gators Are nesota <By Unltftd NT Y,. Ifev; ». —Chaise N«w tnat H«publlcan ellectlon offlclalB (it W«r« unfair In counllnijr'whlcb gave Hughen the utate by }81, were made today by Henry Morganthau, chairmw of tlio Democratic r, nance commute*. •'W» will demand .and get a recount Uter*,"'Un» ' d«!lar«d. -"It will tw very Mln»««ota by ovt'r 8«0 vof?a. The yote| aue « r jf w « can't gain from 160 to 200 showed the following totals: Hughes, votes by nuch » count- • IlnpubUcana l(i4,7«4; Wllhon, lb3,858. I controlled the maehinery and tbe.el«e» son - le» Wit bum WILSON AHEAD IN CALIFORNIA. (By United Preuiu .SUM I'Yttnclwo, t'aUf., Nov. !».— .The iutcd I*rcs« t»bulutioji *>( '6,41^ |>re- uu'ts OIM of 6,87n in California, in- i luding corrtH-tloti* and revision of f HI Her lounis'ui so tno cuuntle«/ aho-vved hudiuijr by 1.3UC. The total* wetc: An. voti«< 4-xt P error in i-eporting aw II.IVIIIK cast nearly )5,(iiiO IH »uirrectrd. 't'Uis leavett.atKtut The iiiott, to be lii'Jtrd from. pwcinci* are largely in oi.nia uhere HuglieM (9 HUOIIB and there is u i<(it<wil>ility tlmt when the leturntf from theee «re iiyi Wilsori'i? will elfher' b«> grr-atly reduced or firt'atly oltsei. NORTH DAKOTA FQR WILSON. tlon officiulH have given uti no votes WP wprt/not entitled to and have t*k« «n a^'lHrge n«rop«r of votes w« were entitled to," • Morgantbau'» clmrgeH wpre mude In .inwwer to a »ttt1?ment by (ii-orge W. I'crkina. Don't Tru»t Oemocmt*. "W«- don't tru«t tbn IJeinouraUi-any further tiwn they are wild to truut u»." iutd J'erkinH when ankud to comment MM the Htatt'iimnt of Morgantbau hint- in« ul Hepubllrun officlatM oouutlnff jut Detuficriitic votca, ,"Wo ttr» taking juat'aa many pwcautlonH «» ttie -fk, Nfiitb P^kolu, Nov. !• Dakot.i nia>' In 1 placed dctinitely l M't-uu l> mil of mm! j>U* and Hughes HUC- on i,tiny dn>« MX well IUH mcu j tu"iv room und U» -ti*ttt «Mul ba» iua«k< <l.iv*. JIM he hold' two pliiuiw and o»»»j trwd'- lie hu« long feit the JUHK! of \'ii ttY'l.t, oo«< h..»«iiu: (o.icbiue Hiul on< | an . ud«luu i n fourteen ftwt wid« ami cafuiti-r hvKiTtr-t • retards- attMii-tte--4>!*»ii.ti« J •- ,- * '"* - - i'«-t music )» T M!' ClMllli Kt.llu) H precinct* are «* np« «pa),«');- «• fiUVO WilM.II :-' TIK* eiHtlt'd nnd lium tliut thi- entire ill net -overcome tho FRAUDS IN (By United 1'resa.). fehingtim. P. C., Nov. S,-^A large force of tbe department of Justice In- ;atoi.s have been xetit to Mlnne- to invcKtigatu ullpgu'l election h Iliuton C. Clabaugb, of- tha 'lur.i^i! department, left for Mlnne- ,s.ita yestenliiy with Keverul others. Pe- IIHI lint-til otflcialu refused to coiumeut -Ui illU jHllliUl Uikt'll. 6« 9 6CIAl. INVESTIGATOR. HI.. Nov.' 9,—Frttuk Dati«y, I', ss. district attorney as- HUOH'ES HAS LEAD IN W. VA. IH\ riiii-'.t Pie>.-s V nun% ilnv HU0J it ' ' up. two Harks hijfl». id hi.t d rviuna In thv ' DEMOCRATS CLAIMING N. H. <i Hv I'mttM frauds, went to tht 1 tt!H<'«' of Hio-' (.'. CJuliaiiKh, fudcrui ltivt»afii;ator' l'.- byi **L i «-b«iuKli wa« in Wt. I'aul. ' " ~ conn* of the New Hii'mp-- -\\ia-a piurulity yf al tuj- jfraudt*. "- • / 1 • , .

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