Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 20, 1968 · Page 12
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 12

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 20, 1968
Page 12
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r Iff TfWfW WIN AT BRIDGE Mirror Rebid Bod Taetics §y Oswald and James Jacoby NORftf (t») 20 10 5 A Q , wfcst 49043 * A J 8 3 2 AQ lo 8 8 4 fcASt 4 A 1075 ¥7(14 • 1094 SOUTH A K ,! 6 of the lime but he will lose a gfeat deal of partnership sat' isfaetion. As an example il didn't cost Noflh anything al all to re- bid his five card diamond still, Al least It didn't cost him anything this lime, the reason Was lhat South simply rebid lo three no-trump, and Noflh was smart enough to pass. Maying at three no^fump South won the heart lead with his nine and led a spade to dummy's queen. East took his ace snd led back a heart whereupon South made five diamonds and two tricks In each other suit. If South had bid four diamonds instead of three no- trump, Nforth would have gone on to five diamonds. He might have made that contract, although good defense would hold him to to tricks, but in any event he would have been struggling as declarer instead of relaxing as dummy. Why did we say lhat it didn't cost him anything this time? The reason Is lhat when you open with one club or one diamond and your partner responds two no • trump you should simply bid throe no- trump unless your hand Is so unbalanced that you think a suit contract is bettor or unless you want to Invite n slam. North certainly didn't want to invite a slam, Me had 13 high card points of his own and his partner's two no- By "BILL" trump call had shown 13-15 so ., ... . that the opposition was If you are like everyone else marked with at least 12 high we know, you are trying your card points, best to lose weight and yet have North clidn . t ,, avo fl sing]c . something good to eat. Some ton am i llis partner's two no- friends of ours have made pro- trump bid had indicated a gress, I haven't. really balanced hand. Al- But while we are on the sub- though it didn't hurt this time, ject of dimming down, we have suppose North really is inter- another suggestion. A Marja estcd in a slam some other long-leg panty girdle will take you time? In a good two Inches and maybe South will remember this more. Day In and day out we hand and make no effort to • K32 4K8B5 frorth-Soulh vulnerable West North Kasl South 1 • Pass 2 N. T. Pnss 3 • Pass 3 N. T. Pass PUSH Pass Opening lend— V 3 Some forms of hand hogging are almost congenital. Take the man who feels that he must rebid any five card suit. He won't be wrong too much actually see this done. A customer will try on a dress that Is a bit close, especially a knit, we get out the Marja girdle and what a difference. It Is almost unbelievable. Sometimes she gets so carried away with the girdle, she does not buy the dress . , . says she will try It with some of her old ones at home first. This Is a blow, but she usually comes back. The Marja girdles come In several styles. One Is made of Lycrar with satin panels down the side to take care of the hip problem. Others are all Lycrar mesh with a reinforced midsection that really flattens r vthe middle. Removable supporters, dries over-night and gives you that "feel" of slimness. You can't beat It and to think the price Is only $9.00 - $11.00 or $13.00. Get your Marja today! Ask to see Marja Bra's too. And while you are here take a look at the new Spring dresses, It will do your soul and body good . . . we will be looking .for you at there. (Newipapsr Cntcrprhe Asm.) 20 Q — The bidding hns been: West North East South K 9 5 I Pnss Pass 1 • You, South, hold: *A Q 8 6 5 VA 2 * A What do you do now? A — Bid two spades. This shows a strong two suiter, just what you ho!d. TODAY'S QUESTION Your partner bids three clubs. What do you do now? /• v , Answer Tomorrow^.. .,,„.,. Wft (AW) ST AMf iftf rt Mffut fold About New Plant U.S. Luring More Foreign Traveler* By JOSEPH H, COYtife Associated Press Writer WASHINGTON (AP) - The federal government will attempt to lure more foreign tourists to the United States through cut* rate prices on travel and atlfac* (tons Including free admission to national parks* A White House task force, in a report emphasizing tourist pro* motion and cost cutting, said Monday it has enlisted coopera* lion from the travel Industry in seeking lower rates for foreign visitors in hotels and motels and in traveling around the country by air, train, bus and car, A 25 per cent discount on round-trip air tickets purchased In Europe for the United States — along with a 50 per cent dis« count on domestic aJr travel by foreigners—also were recom* mended by the lndustry*Govern« ment Special Task Force on Travel, The proposals are part of the Johnson administration's program to slice the international dollar drain this year by $3 billion. American travelers spent about $2 billion more in other countries last year than foreigners spent in the United States. The administration program envisions a cut of $500 million in this aspect of the balance of payments. Robert M. McKlnney, publisher of the Santa Fe New Mexican and task force chairman, said the program recommended by his group could cut the balance- of-payments deficit by about related items this means about $150 million. $15 to $20 per cord extra bus- The remaining cut in the trav- iness for these areas. The com- el sector would come from the pany plans to counsel with and encourage tree farmers to put their land to the best use and to recommend which trees to save for saw logs, utility poles and which to sell for pulpwood. Plans were completed -/fir some 50 Lions and theirwlvesfto go by charter bus to Little Rock next Monday to attend a special program at the Arkansas Enter -Frank King photo with Star camera GLEN SERMON Oswald Jacoby shares his bridge tips and techniques in his booklet, "Win At Bridge," You'll be a winner, too, if you send lor four personal copy, Ayailabte to readers of (Nome Paper) by sending your name, address with z/'p corfo and SO cents to: (Name Paper, Address, City, State) or (Name Paper, Box 489, Dcpt. A, Radio City Station, New York, N,Y. J0019). Hope Lions, meeting Monday at Town & Country, heard a progress report of the Necoosa-Ed- wards Paper Company's new plant being constructed at Ashdown. W. H. Gunter presented Glen Sermon, pulpwood procurement official for the firm who discussed the magnitude of keeping a paper mill of this size supplied with raw material. He siad that estimated needs of the mill would amount to about 183,000 cords of pine pulpwood and 78,000 cords of hard wood per year. This Is not all the mill would use. Altogether he estimated 30,000 cords of roundwood weekly and 400 cords of chips weekly. •.•I' Mii.s-Sot'mon >is primarily interested in procuring roundwood that could be hauled on truck within a 40 mile radious of Ash- clown. Preliminary estimates are that COO cords per week will be trucked to the mill; 450 cords weekly from around De- Queen and 300 per week from the Hope area. In addition to the truck haul travel tax proposed oft AfiWl* cans going to destinations out* side the Western Hemisphere, The task fofce also fecom» mended an increased budget fof the U& travel gefviea to prom* ote tourism overseas, dfeatlon of a national tourist office to coordinate proftidtlofi efforts and a faster and simpler system of visa and customs regulations. It would be up to Congress to carry out this part of the report which calls for A U,§, waiver of the visa requirement on a redo* focal basis with other countries. Here Is the package of dls* count rates the task force pro* poses offering foreigners for travel and accommodations in* side the United States! h A 50 per cent cut In airline fares, effective April 28, for res* idents of countries outside the Western Hemisphere, The per« son must visit at least three other cities apart from his arrival and departure city and spend two weeks in this country, 2. A 25 per cent discount on rail fares effective Apr 1129, 3. A 10 per cent discount on charter bus rates for trips of 400 miles dally, effective May 1. 4. A 10 per cend discount by the three largest car rental companies, effective Immediate- 'ty 5, Up to 40 per cent discount in rates by seven major hotel- motel chains effective Immedl* ately. The discounts on air, rail and bus tickets are subject to approval by either the Civil Aeronautics Board or the Interstate Commerce Commission. Each foreigner would be Issued a hospitality card to show he Is eligible for the discounts and for free admission on subways and local bus lines and to such government operated attractions as parks, beaches and campgrounds. Says Court Mint "of Vtry Cltar ROCK (AP)- <3ov» Wtnlhrop ftoekefeller expressed mixed feelings Monday about the state supreme Court's opinion that former state Police Dl* rector Lynn A. Davis was not guilty of contempt charges for falling to reveal the Identify of a confidential Informant, Kockefeller said he was pleased the court had ruled in Davis' favor but Indicated he had hoped the opinion would set guidelines concerning the protection of Informants, "It did not, 1 feel, fully clarify the problem that confronts law enforcement people or you members of the press," he said. He said the court's decision took the "wind out of the sails" of those who wanted to use Dav» is' contempt of court citation against him. "They can't make a production out of this," he said. "I am glad tor Lynn Davis that he was not found guilty," Rockefeller said any of the three bills pending in the legislature concerning the qualifications of State Police director would make Davis eligible for r e4pi»tn!rtHSnf If the emergency clause was enacted. Rockefeller said his admlnls* tfatlon could not live with the »ott«e»appfoved bill f^lflflg the director be ft qualified else* fof» the governor also said ffiefe was (jutte a bit of dlfrefipe between the rapidity of thewn* colfi county Grand 1\aft%to' vestigatlon Into the discoveif-of three human skeleton* st C fflltts Prison F&ifrn Jan* Sd the relative lack of afiflof charges filed against fo Asst, Prison Supt, «?lm Rockefeller said It had almost 15 months since who goes on trial next moWh In Pine Bluff, had been ehafpd with administering excessfte punishment to Inmates at Tucker Prison Par nil ;; BEAVERS BUSY , s AURORA, III. (AP)-Bcavefs along Pox River afe chewing 'tree trunks and Telling trees like woodsmen, but no woodsman can discover where the beavers are taking the tree branches. Virgil L. Oilman, director of parks and recreation for the '-ffox River Park District, said more tjjan 25 trees were felled by beavers in one three-week period. '-' ! ' J| Ash trees more than a footer) diameter were cut down by -tHi animals. They leave the tree truijks after stripping off the branches.!,.,, . •_,. 1 > *s, WANTED TRAINEES Qualify for Opportunity in Automation Men and Women Are Urgently Needed TRAIN ON IBM EQUIPMENT selected will be trained In a program which Interfere with present job. Write today Attn: Mr. Queen. Please Include home phone number and age. ; All replies acknowledged and confidential. AUTOMATION MACHINE TRAINING CENTER, Inc. ; Box A In care of Hope Star • . ..- ^ Persons need not prises for the Blind Center. This program Is sponsored nationwide by (he Lions. Four new members and three former LlonsWill be Inducted Into the club next week. ! . ,'M.:, John Shaw and Claude','puSp,, engineers., with, the ;ArkafiMk v Highway Department w.era.guest 1 of Lion Bob Kellam. -". < :( , f " - 2nd there are plans to ship pulp- LKAD, DON'T BOSS wood from points on the Kansas Pt-MBROKE. N.C, (AP) The C ^V Southern Railway as far Rev. Lonnic W. Jacobs, completing north as Mena and the eastern 50 years of service as pastor of the edge of Oklahoma. Mi-. Sermon said the mill construction is on schedule, about 75 to 80 per cent complete and that they plan to stockpile pulpwood as early as May 1. Counting timber, gasofine and By PHIL PASTORET ' The office lush can stay off the sauce only so long—Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thirsty. ... Ml. Airy Baptist Church. olTered this answer on how to slay pastor of the same church for so long: "Just try to be faithful in the Lord's work . . . lead the people, ami not boss them." People who say they believe in free love have never had to pay the bills for a family. dV'rfVWV**"^*! Ladies -Close Out- Ladies Sweaters Misses Sneakers 1 22 Pair Material ladies Permanent Press Dresses 22 Floral Print Panties Oklahoma, OUR 50™ ANNIVERSARY 4 DAYS ONLY GOLDEN- 'ANNIVERSARY^ - SAVE-SAVE -SAVE J2K*:*r* IRONING BOARD COVCK REG. 69' BC DOABLE CODPOORyaram^^ COUPON )fl SPARK with coup«n Silicone cover, Flannel back. Standard size. J0.2M.-.V limit 1 VALUABLE COUPON K 1.07 VALUE .<.!.-,ff?: r } -.1, -H <>.', •'. .-^»t;^|i<»^>i J< hns •och with coupon REG. 2.66 «IK ?,<.'•( Dratirl nc»\, ijriiiiiiir I'llT- Kiuuv I )t'|)cnil- al)lf pel Tin ni,IIH i 1 Limit 1 i»>«. LOOK ess Sturdy plastic. Assorted colors. SO.U6.7 Li m jt 1 *«t. CUP THIS COUPON t* it CUPTHHCOPPON ja STP OIL TREATMENT 1.35 Value lnr \\iili Hlll-yds. Limit 2. Quirls iKii.iy life In MIDI r Limit 3 nifidirv .VIc iminr. M-M». i JAVE'UVS'IAVt OS " SAVl 21< Wool Skirts 022 SHOP OMNTPNTOf "LITTLE HAGUE BASfBAU ft* U Wilson official "Ljulc Uague." 4J-29S.S limit J TRANSMISSION now REG, 49< swts REG, 524 Hca\ \ iluiv limit 3 I j-n/ u IM v I COlfpc/1 limit ? all S \1 VUUABUCOPPONlSC* Steltd Item V'"> «we«" $""i(t lgn»e* ill till IVMIl »•••" (,im,l 4 1.19 .-..NI - - CLQTHCS iASKC T\/Ct CV8i 1RAY 9&* y**v REO 9 MF* fis&o™ J $9* «iv Ir \\ nil I :««*:««'i^^T;ff»at»>s;iK^T«K»-:r»^«| 110 East Second St,

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