Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on November 8, 1916 · Page 8
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 8

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 8, 1916
Page 8
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MGHT STERLING DAILY GAZETTE AMUSEMENTS, GRAND-TODAY BESSIE BARRISCALE IN ' "THE PAYMENT" „.,. Also Keystone Comedy Frank Kennan in "The Coward'* Return enflesemefft by r«qot*t of our p»tron*. One of the most wonderful picture* #v»r •fiovwn in Sterling. '-*" •-*"' Ueu»i Prie** VAUDETTE TONIGHT-VAUDEVILLE Thre6 Big Acts .FREE'NOTICES FORGET THE WAR Miniatim- I* Sunday At Imperial Russian Army Headquarters Is Busy Market Day. SCENE IS ORIENTAL . • Wonie n Widmmn ove About Like Rainbows. Like the Gypsies In a Musical Comedy. Knm» >Ii>n liny ROCK FALLS TONIGHT King Bopgot in » **rong ce*t, ''The Bigamist," •nd Lee Morgun in "IN MODEL ( NEWS IN BRIEF J HOME PROM THE BORDER. Joa«ph McCortnli-k haw arrived fftwn the border whfri« be hn«< bc«>n In K^rvlce for fun-i-ntl nn>tith«. H«> bns many thrilling Ntorim fo tell of ttn> lift* «f the border. ! -Prof. Arnold IJwkmnn spent j day in Clinton-on husinecs. F<»r rf-ni -7 room nil modern r nt ll«fc Klxth iivemie. ,.t"a|| The Woods Btore.* ' Miss Anne Annlngs went (o Chi Monitsiy for a few days' visit. Your friends can buy anything ('niBlus Sitidio for Christmas photos.* Mrs ChfiHes Slppie nnd Miss Heth Hippie, of Tnmplco. spent Sunday hen- wit h friends. %, Mm. Ann- Walker, of Tamploo, upeni I Tuesday In Sterling. I Fred Hchmof»Ker returned hurn<m Monday evening- from » business tripT In Chicago. J Ml»« Margaret Finch lias returned! * home nftei spending, eijtht rn^ntim lnj v " te KXT-ftA 1 — The Crip ..f Kvil". ff.-tlur- }TIR Mies Jafki^ Ss»ttnder.« ;:iHi? Kolntid B*>t?orr>5*»y. Ha*-h of** 1 «'t«mpli«ie. Ai.^u f».rn«lif>«t. Three bie «'•<!». 4 hie recli*. 2 «how» •? .*»n«J 9, I'snill prices. Tomorrow, xpei-wt. Crane \Vllhnr in "Tile Hpite Hllst'iUtti," AlMo ^audf- vllle. ; fj. »' < i <• I-, •IT.!' l :'»-!'• !•« !!,.I.. d'.I infll vidtiiitx for the THE MEN t(> In other Women Who Voted For First Time Yesterday Picked Same Candidates. The- »-;.c/«-tt. Mich esiferi.'t fn.rn ?3 r.:irds ni m«-nti«. « post <•!,••. letters. lions use !lic< public ! o U c b •• ' fr> .-ti \\ iiinif'nt. |f h«' <;:i/«'i(t- \viH x-.\\A $r,J;0 c,f|. n hi JH..<( fmni^ <if adv>'i'tivt-> window hitiii;er> r -fit' biHs or \\ pi<writt>-n of thes«- Mrg:i !ii7,:t - thrtt method of reaching they pay evir\bo<)y who the advertNing. " \Vliy " riil f't!;;e; tlscn- « :is e\» tiling :i?» .\v:ir e.vrti if lie li.-nf ix I fiire-xU- in Hiim .jui. (t «! an i-;ii I'f'iil of tou n« .S-in'lfi>- nnr Siitifliiy--. is <! .l ru I he WEATHER Chicago weathet; for today in n« follows And probably Thursday: • nd «>xtrem«» north * iKirtion tonight Much ciMder Thursday. REPORT. ",«;•»» rorecniM lUiln tonight | n PinttHVllle cooler in west! Mr 0 , u , LITTLE LOCALS Hug«. Btove* nnd ramie*. A* Woodii.* MorrlR Lou II?,. of ('hli-.iK«i, flpent Tuesday here on buslncKM, Frank Whppl^r uppnt Monday in l«* l-Vlilny «tr«'ft.» M'ondny rv and tw\r> »nd Krlflny «>t.» I.Jru.dley_.arc Congo, rummage Hn. mi-day, 312 John K*pf«« In Dlxon, Congo, rummage Saturday. 312 UK •pending a few dny.n In Wanted—Men to work In factory. Inquire office National Mfg. Co.* Mr*.'Paul Dillon and Mm. John Ull- -km-*p*nt Monday -In Chicago. Used 88 noto pluyer planti "at a bargain." Up-To-I>ati« Mu»lc Houm«.* Mr. and Mrn. A. .1. Hankors<m. of Lyndon, spent Tui-mlay here on bu«f- hrrlvwl .home yes- a four w«"««K< viKuitlon In fnynthji uin nnd l<fwa. social, Friday. Nov. "t. Pra- irle\llle school. (k>od program. I Allies bring bankets. Everybody come.* ,Frank Wahl relumed home .Monday after u two months' business trip In Boston and New York. Mips .Mae L*»Fev<»n* returned home to thin city Tuesday after finishing the millinery season with t\n entabll»hmi>nl Win. If. J*. nntflp. wilf leavt llhlti (ifternoon for Waterloo for a whorl visit cnroiitj- to Hampton. Nebraska, to spend the winter. CHI-load alfulfti hay on track, s'jioi'inl price from car. W. F, Mock.* Mr*. |{. A. Forquer returned to lier home lihM'htlllcothp Monday after n two Nvej'ks'vtait. with her won, Clyde and family. She was accompanied BH far as 1'eorln by Mrs. Clyde. Forqiier. LATESTlETURNSlsTVE WILSON 256, HUGHES 236 WITH 37 STUL IN DOUBT ; (Continued from pagw 1.) News maintain* tluit Wilson will curry the Ktate by 12.500. Wilson got a plurality of H.587 In HI. Paul, Mlnneu- (Hy t'nlte.1 cngo, 111., Nov. *,— Canting n huife that may reach 800,000. Illinois In their first presidentl:iI campaign appfiired to lwv«» followed the 'malp voters very closely In canting their ballots. The women voted In surprisingly large number* and II Is estimated that 9f. per cent of their vote wan polled. In Cook county the wo- Itfen cunt 302.000 votes nnd down Htate clone to 6(H»,onii. In Cook county 1.575 precincts out of 2.400 give Hughes I62.29H men ninl «)7.f>83 women flVul Wilson 153,341 men and »3,»80 women. I)<>wnMiite 751 product* out of 2,973 give Hughe* 104.3»7 men and 71,402 \\otnen and Wilson 74,835 men and 52.6!'0 wotnin Mary fitiney, of I'rlinnti. Republican. wan Ejected trustee of tho l-niv^rnlty | of lllliiolH, whl|e Mrs. llannuh U. Holo- j rnon, ofChhiago, 'was defeiiteil i Thw cojnpletf vote In chlciijjo for I governor" 1»: Dunne, 2»o,"i7'.'. l.ow«len, i l'17,»81. I .. |pol!f« and iMiluth. " ^ Dr. Jan0 t«rday from Eat Heartily ! WISCONSIN FOR HUGHES. ! illy United !>r«i<*.} « Milwaukee; Wi8.. Nov. 8.—Huglicn IH leading WII.Hifn by u plurality of 21,000 Votes In WixcoiiMln with jteven out of !vl countli-M yet unheard from at one joolock ihtH morning. There are 138 Hw^rlnfi»-«»ijt!thtjrTrnt}—these »rp H«1d to coninin a Wllwin trvnd. The count 'on' I.6S5 prwlnctn «(» ir. .:i ..;. THE GOVERNORS ELECTED Incomplete returns on governors Indicate the following reHults: ArUonn-^J. W. P. HUNT ........ Dem. "In-nhl Th» ( n^ki-il to ,),, !)ii-< nr.iK for nothing'' Thy iluy..- '•!.!<• h;i» Jiothii'sr !» ««-ll but ((..: edverti-jnj; cnluinn.i ainl .iiili'-c! ip- tinns and there is no r»n*on why n i^-w-paper stiotild bf e.\peeled ii> give awuy its goodx any more ihiur ;in\ other line of business, I'rre service i* 7i«it n«((( (t of oilier biixi- The Caxette d«inate« to tin- imblic. The expeiiv-<» of givini; the elecllon returns litst nighi wl 1 ! be /inywlieii' from $3o;oi) to $4000. j-;verV time (he biKird 'of cummerce or miy other i>rKanii>.ntion want* to wo'rk n|i ttentiment in the interest of the public The <;»•/(.|ti> don.-i'lcs bnn- ' ilredx iitni even th»iiMunds uf .!,«i- Iftfs in it yi-tu- for I In* public. That IM aw much HM xhouhl l>" expert,;,) of the li'Uly tnnv.«)i;i|ic r. l! t:iv«'•«. notices fr.'.- (u every!hint; (h;it i« free In the public, Inn where :m i>rKanl/.;iiion propoueM to enicitaln its own ini-mtier.s ninl nut the pub. " lie. :iiiit ilesirex notici-.x of sticb ineetiiu:N In the p,-l|le|, iliev .ihoillii "pay for iju-ir imlii'-4<H whether the- eniertjiHiKi-nt is free 1,1 ihe int-in- l»<r# ur not. AH a Miniple of what The i;^.' Kette does for the public, mo*! .if the time ;i doxen people ir.^i night :ttn) f\\ to citf)lt people t W»H <lcvoted to Klvini; nut elm lieit^ nri'l market day. ' »nr S.tiunJ.iy !« ,-f|...ji- Simdciy. All Saturd.'iy you .! hilVe tie;U''l ib«. r:ipid IK-Jll of" h'e||*t , < •bitnltri' In nr-vernl kej.« Mom crtii I- milieil InAelH tlr< kr-d With resting j i rows, mi'! IKIVH attended th*« nms! t be.'inlirii] rcllgloii.o serviri- In Iho world - v\heii bny~r|Milrs t^n oiiiHismg f'ltiefi ; oi Hie liiKh nltar riuiiitet! the gprgeoui! , ' <•!' nuniles, ! Ho t(.i).' ( s bus-lnesMje ti.iini;.full blast : jinil tite uiiinlerfni ,ij,er» mr rnurki-t i ii'sir Ihe wjiier tower in pm keif with | it* |>eor>1r* ns rurloiiHly mixed «« the i «:iren one liliils for Kftie, The tone is i i'lilply Oriental, with Hie strunge ,ba- ) y;i;i.,« and turhiiried. bitrefooied women, | and not even tile ele-clrlc Hlretis of i Anifiii'ftn .'iiitornobileN, wbow tmlfy- i fn>r ncreeches penetrate here, citn i « rench from one'H mind all of thin cf• i feet. j Here Is thl>! morkVt are poupu> wlio i Kearcel)- renli/e ,-i v\ur i,« being fought j or thitt IJiisma l.i playing n trading j piirt. The crowd is mmle up of peii.s- n!s. mostly, and the poor of the town Imse niiirt this csricntlnlly IH Th j pe;isnn(>4 liavo driven Into to«n i thlngH In nell or t>\chnngp. Tho ; of tin. (own have colne to lay j supply of tbo.-se IbiiiKK of which I "laiiil In iK-.'d. i H'niliirnie'j |ti cohxii.) 1'ialile number ke«»p oi.ler mid Ihesti ' in their khuul unlformH. lend what lit ; lie uf the Occident there may be In th« Worth Careful Thought Do you read the label to know whether your baking powder is made from cream of tartar or, _on the other hand, from alum or phosphate ? Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder is made from cream of tartar, derived from grapes, and adds tu the food only wholesome qualities. Some baking powders contain alum or phosphate, both of mineral origin, and used as substitutes for cream of tartar because of their cheapness. Never sacrifice quality and healthfulness for low price. DR. PRICE'S CREAM BAKINd POWDER j MADE FROM CREAM OF TARTAR ^X DERIVED FROM GRAPES it. sr;; r» j -with poor in ii they * Idly on, played with their strange dulls. file hint k bread or drunk kvriRH a*' suited them. |hr> b(iy;i <lodg-lng In ntn! out Playing Kames.j4.ndUMi-.iriK the little girls its buys do the world over. It woule! seem, almost, sat |f t| tf . world hnd gnlt'-n lifted lo its war nnd then forgotten it entirely. YALE AND PRINCETON SHOW IMPROVEMENT 'having their products tied up in Ameri'/in p'nt-tN. were not nhlpplng thrlr' ^ Unltfd 1 Th i m,i.!e i>l i fn,i!eri;il. s i ul like !ti>:it.«. ot ! chill ail. men und WilHon 142,041. UM> ttuart'a Ry»p«pfia Tablets I ana You Each Mt«i C<in €** "i Af Ur up.™ Much M You Want of', What You Want. • JlVriU for FREE Trial Package. you were a child you ate of anything that pleaMcd .taste. NO dyKiK'piUu or other ch trouble"- resulted. Why? _ your atomach juicea were l. Make up for the preient y -with Htuart'n Dynpepnla while your tiupply "catches It will P«y you well, < down-to your next meal with tht conrtdence born of the knowledge that you have a couple of Htuart'n »y«p«p«la Tablets ready to take , afterward. Eat heartily. Enjoy your food In peace. Let your appetite have fall play. " When all through, take a coiiple of Stuart 1 * Dy*pep8la Tablet* •no fwir no conaequence*. ThounandH l»« taken thin advice and been glad . they .di* , : . . Oltt « 60c box of Htuart'n Dy«pep«la TabletB from your aruguUt, or mull th« below coupon today. OHIO. l're««.) •Colorado— OKO. A. CAKl^StW Vonn.--MAHcrn H. HAU't>M« Uehiware—JAMKS H. Hl'CHKH. Iielaware- JOHN (!. TOWXiSKNI' Florida- W. V. KN'UTT ......... Oeorglu— HUOH M, IHUISKV Idaho'-MOHlCS ALKXANDIOIt. . Idaho— D. w. HAVIK _____ .,,-.;..". Illlnoin— PKANK <), I.OWDKN tmilana— JAMKH P. iJOontUCH Iowa— W. L, HAHDINO. KunitaM -AHTHUH CAI'PKH Maw. _,._ . MIchlKan—ALHICUT K. 8KKKPI5R Hep. AtlnnA*Ota~-J, A, A. HUHNQt-IKT Hop. Mlnmiurl UKSlt V lU=p, Hep. I»em. , Hep. . l)«»m'.- Hern. l>em. .Hep. ] Hep.) Hep.- Uep. Dem. BREWER RE-ELECTED Returns Prom District Show- Brewer* Devine and Oarpen- •tcr Arc Winners. , limn;; .!!.'.' .'.!.!; J l,f<-i'" o«i l,\ ft. ib ally wear clotlief> ,i coarse w'hlti>. 1'iiKKillK-llke Hoint-tini) :» wenritiK "u coal the i.l,| f.-ishiotied box-over- f-imply a tunl.' n'Membliiiff a ail.l belted III .at the \Vttifit. On feet ;ue MutidalM tfiaile of tiark- \-<-ry . -rudely woven, while about ''^. s ._l!lil-. i!l «^ - "f ine Biuiu' ma.-.. "as their- K-'irm»'h!H,. bound MtiiiiK» which erixft-rroHHi up LA Mat Montnna—FUANK J..KDWAUOS Hep-, i NpUraitka—-A. L, JWTTpN Hep.. NfW/Hftmp.-»HKN'HY W. KKVIWHeii.! Now .T»r»«y—WAT.TF.H K. Finn: u. i-- Tht» : aid.- i . fr<nn \yr.jt. Taiii|ilco. j-j, ,. .j',,. I urp,-ut.-r l.'iinl. i the f-aiiilalw, which, in reality, tie<l to the feet. < iccanlomilly ' man II.IH a com made »f whljp I«K.. tlj (ti «.i.iif.^, p}jiil>le fell li^ed ininuH .Tlati of tblK material ar«» •but eapj! ate tlje principal form i",uU;i-,i|- for muteH. e •.tuineii move about liko rnin- :. Th-'ir orc,H> ; e:. ,iie of all tile •-•» ami sh.nleM imaylnrible. liko gyp- in-n nniMial coineiiy. N«» mich ,iiei>-. in I|K< niitikei ^>umc wear ! . ilin—ill,,, of ^ j,!,.^—H4fta—ITT^- UHOII mrrted Ohio in a landslide ap- cording tu predictions early today baaed wi 7.400 preclnctH from 8« cnuntitm, giving him the state by 60,000. MASSACHUSETTTVoR HUQHE8. -. («y United Pre«n.) Honton, Ma**., Nov. 8.— Hughes par- rled MaMtaomiNettH by «||ghtly more than 20.000 votwt from 1. 145 prfldnctn «mt of 1,168 In the state, return*, indicated «t 10 o'clock thin morning. The Republican nominee ran behind hia ticket. HUGHES LEADS <Uy United IN INDIANA. Tree Trial Coupon . ., me ut once a free, trial packuge of Stuurt'a Dys- pepula Tablet*. i Name ..... ....... .. ............ .. . Street ....... ..,,... ..... . ......... Ctty. . . ............. State ......... i g.— HugheH continued to maintain hi» lead of about 9.000 in Indiana early today with 2.039 out of 3142 preclnct« heard from. Hughen had 237,486 and WlUon 228.788. CONCEDE WYOMING TO WILSON. (Hy United Prens.) theyenne, Wyo., Nov. «.— The He- publican state committee today con- Wyoming to PreHldent Wllnon Democratic Candidate KAiidrlc.k'H election n* governor, THE VOTIMN INDIANA. (By United Preim.j Indianaiwlla, Ink, Nov. 6,— Tabulation of report* fr^> 2.14B of the 3,143 praclnpta in Tndlan* today showed th« N»W Mexico—\V. C. MdM),\'AI,,t>[)O<'ni, I countv nave Hi,. f.,||o\vini' NPW York--CIIAK. S, WHITMAN «ep- i"Uli: Hi.-wer IM7 Cupeni-!' N.Carollnii—TIIORW. HICKKTT IJem.illevinn .VITI, Cartrr if,o N. I>akiMn~~M'NN J. KHAKlKlt, .Hep f Fifteen n-n r.f thiru -iwo pre.-hi, i 5 Ohio—JAMKH M. COX.."..........Hem. i of UeKaib romiiv "glvv Hie foiiowmir Hhodi- iHlaiul—H. L. HKKCHMAN Kep. j Vole: 3CO"5." Cari.eiiter 'M-i fl. Curolina—R-I. MANNlXCi UPIII. jltevlne f.474. Carter 1341. .Ni-\v YiiK, Ita.s xeen many. ;<i.||ii- M i .1 r'l:ait'lkel rilii 1(4 ot* Vivlll pillr '"•( <i v bile ,"1111 otbers xveitr a nor! of lui l>an mail" of a Hpt'Cial ahuw^ or I-IIH-I. unit Fkilitully bound Hy H. C. llamfltbn U'nited I'reHH .stun* CorreMpon.lenO New Vork. Xov v Vale, Harvard .vml I'rltK-eton an-'not Ibe only <-ol|» KCH in the eitKt which have football teams, eveir If ttu« innjorlly of expi-rts tlio country ovi-r do apparently huve that opinion. Cornell, Hrown, Colgate, ami Heveral other coIleKen are forever bnt- tlrig into the triumvirate and thing* up. Hut Vale, Hurvard nnd Princeton j conwlHtontly have good, utroug foot-1 ball teaniK and they constitute the par' excellence of the sport around th<?*e; f;jirSK,—_tr4jn - annuul I-IJIH|I«» — »»f— Jhe^ (t>amn are red letter dayn on Urn aports i calendar and from the time the games ring the curtain down football funs are .'on the trail of then "The step -taken by Ihe l*re«is in establishing- a* real of news between North and Houth Aineric.i i* one- that should earn th«* c'-'UgnitulMtlon of thlnkiiw? people in every country in this beml«ph<»r«. W* ' net'i| to know about Houth America : as badly ttx South American* nt>e<l to I know about us. Th« average Am«»r- j Icrui b:i-t KOI lilw vlowg of Houth Atnpr- i l< a from novels, the movie* and tale* i of coinir <>peni revolution. "He knows lltilii of her vaHt com-" f menial ut;d ngrlculluritl pfisslblllfleB, I II- kmius nothing «>f the people thejn- ! Helve.H. . - •-•' i "All tlii? luimran j down by 'Koiid IH'WH- ; Hie life of e.o'll tuition ;dooi>tep vjn-h day. li: '* w « - broken -hrlngllig n I tin other'* * ' WEDS ITALIAN PRINCE n. Nov. s. — Cupid another trans-Atlnntlc buII'M-ey« her* today when M(«« Margatet ,J?raitoii__ •' ""'••.'"• " tii(> '•'''"•»»» girl In Maawachu- final"' . 5'" i ' lltlt '« Andrfia Boncom- ' 1 "',* 1 '" " f ' {0 ' ll< '. Italy, were married. . s "," in ^ <"«' ''ourtship Prince An- ren s brother nlno ran, the two royal Harvard has h«ld the upper hiind ' *'"" hK '!" vl »K ..Hnpwn and lpv»d MJn», for nevi-rul yearn, (urge I y through the i ,' lr »-' !lr ' <! at -nrhool while her father, expert advice of one Peroy ifnughtnn. I "' lau% tleimral William FVanklln who has put more life arid flre and pepi l '"* l "' t \ " ai< X'»»«fMult>r to Rom« un- intf. tho Crlm.xon elpven than it ever i '"' . lieved H- could possenn. r '"' Hom'ompagnl family in tiald trt Hut ihiH year neernx to l>p the ntart ' , ""', k '" ""* eleventh «'entury. It of an aHcendatu of the stars ut 1'rince. i' lm , s ril ' >l >'»n«:'l two I'opes, Gregory XIU, '" ............ ' ..... ' Ta u mighty good «i:trt Tu«l trf of Prin 'Kt-tting oTT to { under the liitel.'ure) So. iJili...- I...!. ntioiil (In Si nit' i othersj wear Ha similar to tboMe Tin- 'itrslls are siibmnl!v,M but (ho Ktre'et, ilown tlil- Uolllfll Vermont—HORACK K. O UAH A.M .Hep. Washington—HKNHY. McBHIUK. ,Hep, W. Virginia—J. J. COHN'WKUV—Dem. WiHcomdn—• B. I* I'lULHM' Hep. , , 170,716. Watapn. 1S2.- INDIAN 18 VANISHING. (By United I'r?»K,) JMfct>mr.N«v. 7, the Indian birth THII- IH increuHlng und the Indian death r«t<* IM decreaiUng in thlH country, the Indian will be extinct through. - x intermarrluK« - with whiten, Dr. L. C. Hall for 49 year* n mlHdlon- ui'x at Ft. Berthitld Indian roHervulion in North Dakota told the American Missionary a«»oclmlon here. ailopied by lh»» m^n. lined up against the 'achiK the- middle, of »^ . .,._... ..„....., ... . i .... ^ '•'• • T... i ,..-.• n,,,. v , ,,,..11, which thu crowd nur- Dakotn-PKTKH KOHHKCK.. tep. The ftiliowlng ure the totals of the Ufa and .nil» K l««. Then iliore ara P*r- TonneMC*—JOHN \.p\EHALL.,Uep. three countle»* u» far an the rt-tiirmi umbulliilrib- merchunt*. with bankets ToXtti—J. B. h KKtUTaON.-.. I>«-tn. have been given: Hn-wt-r 17.0-J3, Cur- ' on their arm*, or iruyn supfHiMed, i'ld- Utah—NBl'HI L. MOltlUH,..... .lU«p. j pentt-r iG.i^ii, Devlne 15.200. Carter It twpniK «|iilte wtfe At " miy that Hrewer, CurjH'iitt'r und * Uevine are fleeted, an Carter made'no HhowltiK at all, even in hln own cV>unty,-Ot>Kulu, wlwre h6 t'XptH-ted his henvicMt vote. The volt' for-him In !««• county-WUH <liHli flight."", in ftimt of them. . One can buy iilmoMt anything here. As I Htrolled down the ; center 'of the thoroughfarf I noted bread, white anS black: dried niu«hroomn mrung like dried npplen on a Hiring; , cucumbers, wnternirlotiH, btfiB, nnloim. HiiunHhea, sunflower weed, tnmatoc'H, can- -Jr>in'H. add .Princeton, in Speedy Hush's loud wiills nt an- ! IH giving a good account uf it-self, , . - - ; Vale lias a fine luickjlol.l i» T » — lUngham I h< —f j npal the Qragory Tim Hecorid XV. whu I London, Nov. T,~ Beeaune he luUd he wua employed In ennraving th« I.ord'» J'rftyer on vmall p !«£<•» of metal. John Parker, a coifirnereial artiut, wu* exempted for army aervlco, Liiverpool, Nov. 7. — The (1 reek communities here hav« uakod the author- It leu of their church to «trlke out of the liturgy all reference to King Con- Btantluc) und his family. . -.— „-,-. ,„.,,, «,..almost nothing, a« fur UM th« r»nuiiM' liilow«>r«, IMMII-K. npple«, pret/.eln, «Wf«H- nhow In the iirccliu'tn heard from. ' SUNDAY MILKING STJARTS ROW. (Hy Unltod Press) Minneapolis, Minn., Nov. 8. — Tliero ha» been a terrible awful row at Minnesota univemlty'a agricultural school over milking Prof. T. L, Haeckler's ten thoroughbred jersey cowa on Sunday. Desk farmers returning to the land via the Hheepakin, balked on doing it. One of them said he came to the college to- learn to be a better ChrUtlun. Hut the cow» must be milked and the authorities have been asked to decide Tlpr wrangle once and for all by making a Hat rule covering the point. caken, candy, nocla water, eggH. chicken«, live Hut'ofiM, (uuiNageH," th« poorer cutK of iin-utK, .hum bffnen from whicl. tin* meat has been cirt uwuy, tlio re- mainlnjj dry an mummleii; Hiring; bwiiid and other thlngH for the table. ' • Then one could buy any and all worn of- cheap garments, apron B mother liubbanlK, handkerchlefH and head 'drennca, iHMirno t»ockn ujjd atooklngn. h-K-clothes and nandalii: ulbo wooden dolls, j*ud lockH. whlpH, leather HtrapH, peaked while felt hatn of thn same material an the coatu, tiatlvw toy« made Of wood'; bead necklaegw and other trlnkt-iB too numerouM to mention further. ' ' , '.. .There were many ohildren around. They sat with their mothers looking and Jaciiuen, ami a line tit-Id general to help ihiH trio along in Traver Smith. ,. Princeton h«« n'good liaektleld trio, with a fair quarterback in .lack Kddy to help thorn 'along. A remarkably good second string quarter l» fouilil In Ames. Tlbbott IM OK good a kicker an the east has turned up so far this year. ' * Harvard, on the other hand, doea not »eem BO strong an In recent previous yearsT when »he was wont *o walk roughuhod over,- Vale'a cohorta. There are no Muhans nor Brickleyn. But Haughton has a penchant for rifling to emergencies and by the time Kiln big guinea are due he probably will have a much stronger team In the Held than he i« now credited with. and third iew of the xeventftenth century. lion?*,, re.eived the rank of prln- ! of the Holy Human Kmplre from 1 l-.rni>eror HAMPSHIRE. e 8.— With only 5.00 RECOUNT IN NEW (By United Concord, N. H., Nov. *? •* "^^ ntuto committee -admitted that >n w ?f 4le » dln * by between 300 400. It J» »tated a recount will be demanded and In accordance with Inntructionii from -Chairman Mct'or- Ktiurdld ** W * • . Now ,, WE9T V|RQ|f*jA. (Wy Untied Pre«*.> York. N. Y., Nov. |.>-8nortiy after noon Chairman Morfanthau of the Democrfatlfl finance committee an"""n^ «J'wt the Democrata havw rled We«t Virginia, by COUNT. S,-,Th<» 10.0 l5,00 mm $30.00 $25.00 $35.00 MAY TAKE OFFICIAL (Hy United Prew. Albuiiuernue; N. ifex,, Nov. contest for thin at«t«'« thr«» '" **' cl08 * tlmt Jt «n»y take the count to decide the winner. Th» Democrat* claim .they have carried the «tiat« by from 1,000 to 3.000. CUA1M8 |NDIANA~FOR WIUiON. (By United Pre«».) Indianapolis, Ind.. Nov. 8.—At 10:00 o'clock Dan -Daly, chairman of the DwiKtcratU Btate executive commltlw. claimed Wilson hu.d carried the ntat» by more than 20,0yu. r Roiling CrioHfd Eggt, Cracked eggb cuu bo |KJ|I«M] by pJudug u li.ttlu viuegor lj Kattir., »»jiL»»»»fi» SURB THING lie was a clerk Html luck wan iiis Till one want «.a I'm him in biz, He did at flrat A humble turn, Thi-n got a Ju thu Hi- 1 i>_ of v.-duy tu tnttvt ...., r»n Tn~Iov«\' ^ old yarn, yuii k« And now ht'e hcatl of all Hit* »}u>w. BOYS FROM VENEZUELA (By United- Press) Washlnston, Nov. 4. — Many- Amer- amcltizeiiB in Venezuela Home months Ago received the shock of their liven. They read the news that the late Booker T. WunhiiiKton wa* leading a negrro rebellion aKalnnt the U, s. government—that he wa« even then panning through Kichmond, Va., enroute to Wanhlngton, at the head of an army of 80,000 men. Americans, after the first shock, recollected the quality of the U, .8. "newH" received In Venezuela and dismissed the story with a smile. In the wune manner they iliaponed of the report, , . - toduy wan performed in the noted tuptmtrifd ball room of the DrutH-r renld(»nc^, on Farrsgut' Siiunre. Cardinal Globon* officiated. The wedding was the culmination of n I'hildhiHHl, r«tmanc«. beg-un In Kn»- -land, where the" Umicumpugnl boyg vver« aitending oxford. Later, when Ml«u» Druper'n father occupied the po«H In Home, the friendship .wa« r«tn*wod, Three «uh««Hiucnt vldltn of the Prince to^the United 8tut«» wprw followed «'urly lam month by the announce rnent of th« engagement. I WANTKI>--<1IHL FOK GENERAL hotiHfwork. Mrw. naack*». 412V4 8*v-~ J^HL A Jl t l__,._____. UO-1H ' KOlt SALI3—H01U8TJSIN COW. JTSl. Ailiini8, Tamtiico. III., Karmer'H phone. 1IO-U1* FIRST FARM GAGE MORT. . , Amount $1,200. 8«purity, 204 aerw, v«lu«i 14.300. lnt»r«»t 6%, at JOHN M. STAdZR Law office SUgtr 4 that both had nominated a man named J, M. MoGurk for president. Preston McOoodwIn. United Hiutew mlnlater to Venezuela, returning to hln pout after a vacation here related the incidents in di*(<u«Blng step« net-eB- «ary to better tho understanding bo- iween thia' country und the Latin- AuuTlcun nations. . • "New« fftcllltisui must b> improved", he said. "News ia the big thing that ta going to bring the twij- continent* j together for proper political and com- i mercml relations. } "NewB of the passage of the -Adamson 8-hour law .and the prevention of the t great railway strike had not reached Venezuela Hept. 4, when I left there, and exporters fearful of JOHN Attorn* MONEY _ On Raal Batata . MORTOAOiK8 FO 411 Lawrence 8ld8<i Urttjr SALE Bterllng, III, T, ' : mou0oir 810 Uwrenc. Bldfl. SteHinfl, III, .1 thoir ON TRACK

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