Ventura County Star from Ventura, California on January 11, 1929 · 7
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Ventura County Star from Ventura, California · 7

Ventura, California
Issue Date:
Friday, January 11, 1929
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LINCOLN said: God must love the common people, because he made so many of them, Venturans must find Star want ads valuable, because they use so many of them. SECTION TWO And The Ventura Daily Post , Established 1883 Vol. 4. No. 173 (The Star); Vol. 4 5, No. 181 (The post.) VKNTL'RA CALIFORNIA, FRIDAY, JANUARY, 11. 1929 TRICE FROM NEWSBOYS THREE CENTS 0 Eat Daleys Daily Dread Get the Ilabil CRISCO i ib. Re. 26c 23c CRISCO 3 !b. Ri. 75e 68c Larchmont No. 2 Tomatoes 10c Larchmont No. t'k Cling Peaches Rood, atk for Larchmont forSOC Dei Monte Fruit for Salad ' 35c Always a Good Buy at This Price -j Del Monte T omato Sauce, 5 for 25c Lux Toilet Scan The Clear Soap For a Clear Skin 3 for 23c MEAT SPECIALS Friday and Saturday, January 11-12. FORK LOIN ROAST, Loin end 26c, Shoulder End 24c Lb. POT ROAST OF PRIME IIEEF 24c Lb. SWIFTS PREMIUM HAM, Half or Whole 31c Lb. CUDAHYS PURITAN SLICED BACON, 2 lb. Pkg. 23c Each HEINZ DILL PICKLES 3 for 10c j LIBBYS SAUER KRAUT 10c Lb. 5 CONVENIENT DALEY STORES Oak & Main St, Phone 3391 1721 E. Main St, Phone 3029 196 E. Main St, Phone 3336 j 407 Ventura Ave, Fh. 3731 1312 Yenlura Ave. Phone 2SG2 During this store-wiue sale, specially low prices will mean added savings on every purchase made now. 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Yea May Also Bay On EASY PAYMENTS A small Carrying Charge added to Our Low Cash Price Then $5 Down and $6 Monthly MONTGOMERY WARD S 00 Young Tells Ilis 6 Principles In So Doing IBs I', f. !.( Wlr to T8 SUr SACRAMENTO, Jan. II. Governor Young Thursday submitted to the California state legislature hia message reporting on acta of executive clemency during the lat two year. Nine person have been granted clemency in this period, he said. These Included a reprieve granted to a prisoner who died during tiie period of reprieve, throe commutations of sentence from death to life impri.vorment. three pardons to restore citizenship, one pardon where innocence was conclusively proved and one pardon to a woman about to he imprisoned. By far the outstanding act of clemency during the governor's term was the pardon of Charlotta Anita Whitnev June 20, 1927. Mis Whitney was convicted in Alameda county of violating the war-tin. e criminal syndicalism act, and sentenced to serve 1 to 14 year at San Quentin. The other acts of clemency lusted were: George Watters, Sacramento negro, sentenced to be hanged at San Quentin for murdering his wife. Commuted February 28 to life imprisonment without parole. Lonnie Johnson, wife murderer, granted a 90-day reprieve because the prisoner was dying of pernicious anemia. Johnson died July 5, 1928. Scott C. Stone, convicted in Los Angeles of murderirg May and Nina Martin, aged 12 and 8. Sentence commuted March 9 to life imprisonment. Joseph Sandoval, convicted in Ventura county of slayirg his common-law wife, and sentenced to hang. Commuted September 22, 1927. James S. Wills. Sacramento rob-her, pardoned August 18, 1927. Sentenced to consecutive terms of 5 year to life and 1 to 14 yea: . Lucien Ducuirg. Sonoma county, pardoned April 20, 192C, as restoration to oitizensh.p. Petre Derich, Contra Costa county, pardoned May 21, restored to citizenship. John Caron:, San Francisco, pardoned June 2 , restored to citizenship. Twelve murderers Lave been executed by hanging during the ; twr years, according to the re-I port I 1 he api eal of Thomas J. Mooncv. I serving life sentence for partici-jation in the Preparedness Day parade bombing in San FranriJco, Hands Down Ruling In Wine Tonic Case Br IT. P. I.fawJ W'lr. Is Ths Stir) LOS ANGELES, Jan. 11. Sale of wine tonic and bitter with an alcoholic content of from 20 to 40 percent is legal if manufactured or imported under governmental sanction, Municipal Judge Charles D. Ballard has ruled. The opinion was banded down in the case of C. D. Hemmingir, druggist, accused of violating the Gandier ordinance by selling a quantity of imported bitters to a policeman. The ordinance wag adopted prior to passage of the Volstead act and never was repealed. for pardon, was described by the governor as having been bequeathed me by my predecessor. Certainly, I have no de.sire to avoid responsibility in this or any other case, Governor Young aid, "and I shall proceed to a thorough study of the voluminous record a3 soon as I am relieved of -the duties incident to the present ' legislative session. In closing the governor set frth iix principle! underlying cxecut've clemency that have guided him in his actions, as follow.: 1. In consideration of any case, it is necessary to keep in mind rot only the individual, but also society as a whole. 2. In the absence of new fact not brought to life at the trial, I rhould be extremely loath to overturn the verdicts of our ju is and I the judgment of our courts. 3. When doubt exists in a governor's mind after a study of the tritl transcript, court decisions nd all papers and documents relating to the crime and its perpetrator, the benefit of that doubt should ho given to the condemned man to j the extent of saving him from the gallows. 4. It is absolutely necessary that no undue influence of any kind in behalf of a prisoner 'to allowed to creep into any case. 5. Under the liberal parole laws of California, the first clemency to be shown a p soner should normally be through action i f the parole board. fi. During the period of parols the former prisoner is bound t conduct himself properly, for 'o do so is a condition of the necessarily rather rigid parole regulations. Rar Land Owners From Courtroom (Continued from Page 1, Sec. 1) in the black garb of an Episcopalian clergyman, and he walked simply and trustingly to the witness stand with the short, quick Mop so often noticeable with men of a reflective temperament. As he stood before the brusque, strong voiced attorney for cross-examination to the testimony he had given to Charles Blackstock, he smiled confidingly at the men around him. Pastor Holds His Own Like a lamb to the slaughter, thought The Star reporter as the little man identified himself as Rev. Robert Gooden, an Episcopal clergyman and head master at the Harvard academy. He softened his rs and spoke in a gentle tone, as to a friend across the luncheon table. For ahout two minutes the reporter held to his delusion as Rev. Gooden not only answered the question put to him hut elaborated smi'Jagly with reminiscences of the cow that couldn't get out of the pasture and the times he had hail to carry firewood from the eucalyptus trees into the Foster home when he lived there from 1895 to 1898. But it soon became apparent that the ministers testimony, bland in form, was impregnate to Malloys thrusts. The Rev. Mr. Gooden couldnt say exactly how far Mr. Fosters property had extended in those days, he had just assumed that it went on out into ihe river. No, he didnt remember how far back the fence went except that when he drove out there yesterday it seemed "fearfully short. But of course, I am remembering back over 30 years, you know. Yes, I know, said Malloy, drily. In ahout 10 minutes the minister was dismissed from further cross-examination. Witnesses who took the stand this morning were E. P. Foster, Earl Percy, Steve Percy, and Muk-tar Willett, besides Charles Petit and R. G. Percy, who wore returned for brief cross-examination. Ry a deed which Mr. Foster exhibited from Ramon Lorcnzana to his present property, it became apparent that it will be necessary for the plaintiffs to argue adverse possession to win their case. As Mr. Foster Pointed it out on the map the ground covered by the deed did not come to the grant line PLANE MYSTERY PARTLY SOLVED The mystery aurrounding the forced landing of an airplane near Somis, supposed to have been used for smuggling in Chinese from Mexico, was partially solved yesterday with the arrest of Bud Merrill, who the customs official claim was the pilot of the machin. No details of the arrest or if the investigation have been given the local sheriff's office. Deputy Sheriff Bill Suytar went to Romis yesterday for the customs official to investigate a mysterious phone call placed from that town shortly after the plane is supposed to have crashed. under dispute. . Malloy immediately placed the map in evidence, to the apparent concern of the plaintiff attorneys. Answering a question which has been asked by a number of persons interested in the case, Malloy told The Star this noon that he ia successor to the Carpentier-Stem-bach interests by a purchase of 20 years ago. Earthquakes average about 30 a year. QUESTION MARK HEADING SOUTH (Br V. P. Dwl Wirt la Tha Burl LOS ANGELES, Jan. 11. The army endurance plane Question Mark took off from Los Angeles Metropolitan Airport at 11:09 a. m. today for Rockwell Field, San Diego. Lieutenants Halverson and Que sada, who flew the giant Fokker plane on its record-breaking cruise over Southern California, did not return with the Question Mark but were passengers aboard another army plane which accompanied it south. ) The refueling ship used during the sustained Tight attempt accompanied the Question Mark as did several other army and civilian craft. o Rites For Ev-mayor WHITTIER, Califs Jan. 1L Funeral services for Dan Reid, 83, former mayor of this city, were conducted today at Whittier Me' moria Heights Memorial cemetery 0 ' The latest wonder of agriculture is a cabbage plant which produced six heads of cabbage in turn, one above the other. Lobero Theater Jan. 1314 Santa Barbara Box Office Open Now Two Great International Successes Sunday Night 200th anniversary of the Worlds First and Best Direct From London THE BEGGARS OPERA By JOHN GAY Monday Night American Premiere POLLY Sequal to Beggars Opera Ran 400 nights in London, Englands greatest slngin? Co. Phone 6139 or 3772 Frices $2, $3, $1 No longer is it Necessary for humans to suffer the pain of failing teeth. Science has opened the way to dental comfort. If you MUST loose your teeth, on account of disease, I will extract them painlessly and replace them with new ones, at a very VTprlr-ofrt COt. A Full Upper or Lower Set of Teeth $15.00 Prices on other work in propor-ton. Consultation and Examination ALWAYS FREE The Office of High Class Dentistry All Work Painless and Guaranteed Dr. F. S. Barber DENTIST 482 II Main St., Ventura. Calif. OFFICE HOURS: 9:00 a. m. to 8:00 p. m. rhnne 3731 Phone 3754 The Change of Name and Management The L. T. Moraga Grocery 363 No. Ventura Avenue IS NOW To the Public: I wish to announce to the public that I have taken over the management of what has been operated as the L. T. Mor-agas Grocery at 3C3 No. Ventura Ave. where I will be glad to see my many old customers as well as new. A full stock of high grade, fresh staple and fancy groceries will always be on hand, in addition to fresh vegetables and fruits. Meat market in connection. Remember, same old Crandall live-and-let-livc prices. Rex I). Crandall . i 50-52 So. Fir St, Phone 2561 Ventara, Calif. iVr rT- tfj-

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