Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on November 8, 1916 · Page 7
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 7

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 8, 1916
Page 7
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* „ _ _,**3Si., vK. JF'lx . Z-Z.ZJ STEEI TWO. JiM M ff .^ FEARLESS MOVIE STAR SPECIAL FOR— Thursday and Friday RINE Im: ' • !--••-• 1-1 • s; '" ' ' f ;i!'i>' ;•>?' . h.-,-,,ni-s ;.i-f .1 V.-M f.--;.t nn.,;. ,, j>t»V«t |:j» <.•<,!) t" !"-'(. «-!J!>M'.tlliir.: >•••,'• • r<>\".'! iMi.:~ : with hs« "<*'n hntuN. Jtjfji.v huii fhrt" utti"" i.'.oi'il niiii't. ...•t'.ii'-r ' !•> ' U ;;.i.;i !!;•• !i|>" Thr- "riff* rtt"Ti !•••!«••••!! thi«-c !v-<< • rc'iiiir k.-tbh 1 . ftritjit.ii'ilv Ittifn-ii'il |i • ist-' "i" lilt!.- "f fh«-ir fhihlr.-r:. < II- ! rvrn|>< liir :i(i.t hi" hi-tf fir'-. I" th' 1 tr.'iiv. (ITS* p.'tt'at'l''. Tii'-v fir" <'horn« Manila' li»«*iiif«. !<»« father and ini- I c :? • |'i.Mclit'-..25c i'fHH'V I'lllIM'^. . .25C Sallt'tl Ki<'-li ('rai-i for .... 25c qilcj^M. (JrahnmzL'rax ,-fi.r'j,;".' .' 25c i! H)c pkir-- So«la I'or..l5c 3 He slicks Salt, for 1Q.C J()«- pl(.«s. Paiii-akc Floin for I.!...... 25c L'O Syrup. pi>r fral.. .6Qc ( ( 4)n» Meal. Id Ik Miu-k.36o ; ' ll.'nform j nrmv. ic tb«' !;id if it I i if hi." ,.. tn-i-s.- 1 . 1 of th.- dl vision '•rl'il ---in'. rl !''-ri th:i! ' ^ r;; 1 f ! ! p i ! *< ' I ^. IU - * J • ? f • \ < ' f» I - \ f u h«.J.. !.-,!. Il h< -; i\ -= Smith , hirts: !. 1.1 i, i~. li,,!f, !f:-n i! !«• '• • I'.iM.'.- Sid t !'<•:! ',> iiisii 1 . with the I of ! he ! ,,nll£f. l.H !!,,.- I i l!i"jr hfjtrt 1 -'*' 1 '-;! in 'hat >di!'-r-' |.r.i.-. oh if K >lt»e. rii'i* '-M I nutlet 1 jar T for .... !»('!! nut Hiillcr for 25c FRUITS AND VEGETABLES Fancy Kn(i]i<r Applcn, (Irap" 1 ^. Oran.!J;i k s, Unipc Fi'iiil. I'anntins, iVnr*, II c a tl Lt'ttiici', (Vlcry, (in'i'ii Onions, l?atlislics, Oyster I'lanl, Parsnips, CtiiTols, Turnips. RESTA WILL KEEP OUT OF SOME RACES TO GIVE OTHER BOYS A CHANCE f t' E1 ORDINARY KID Maitre i«|>relully to tt»t- l;v II. c H.imilt.>n --il I'M--"! S!;if! Cort"S|iondcnt i th" • f«'f'M t"'iH. di-vit-tuny iJirc ?!illi;H! tltiver who It i« hut-iri'.l AtniTii :in ant.i tr.'i'l-; rf-'iid. 1 * MIII! "(HI I; hi" I|III;M'S ifi- l<i l)n- iifiti' lf)"ii'-v ' ! f I'vi'j-v ••mint i" wTifl'*' t!i»-v H%tr at'iiHti'l tf:i» : kM irt ht'.ih now<'l'«-d mMmuiihih'H. l^'Junt (:iUIni: ;«, liIf.'tHtihf '-li''!! l!i-««ta '-:IVM hi' if i'HIitur a<«hrim"d to tnki' the moin-v uutl h if |ij'Mmi>--i'd not to iMitcr i-v«-i'v .-\t-iit In Hi.' fji- tllfi'. H«••'.« liuiiu; tc H|,!|I ;i fVW to i.-in> t|i.> oOifr IPOVM a ehanrf. hurth'd Into the llnudiirht IMI K In IMS", w lii-n he hit tin' hleli «|i"l-i in New York. I'i for to t)»it !)«' hiol dojii- n f«>w f.'iti' v trli-kK f»r the nitlvi-« in |l l-' '', Italy and Knitland,'and wtn-n In- hnvf In s ii-« >.f tln« Statin* uf hid i-liv h<> w/i'i well fiii'tlllfd with n Icink lull l'\>-ll If III' hadn't l*i ritti-li'-l !••!' uitl«. on iht'i *i|i|e. I'l-uio Malv llr'ita NiioitJ-d hi<< In- tttpld wav Into IstiKland sind In- iin- COMING AUCTIONS • .li.l.ti Hi< li.'tnt-'i't! ;iin1 Alt- 1 lUanti !iv- •inu IM.II Mill«< \ !!!<• rtill hold ;i ffo-• tin: ("it |» ilfTI' ! Hhi|< M:I!<- nn )ll»' .I'dili l;i><l«i!fi .faifn XVi'ilm-.-iday, Nov. «i.' Tli. M. s;< ntli'tii'K .•!!<• !i>-ini: The «;.-i>-.• i-il. i-Mhi-iv<!\ lot 1 th<'ir -s.-ili- liill.'i .us.I aii\ *'f l'*-ilsu. 't'li'-v h,'i\' f vow* 1 thx Mni'ii !.. i.ff' 1 ! f'»t '-hi' 1 -IIS*! <-N|ii : !-l ;i !n»i:«- ciouii iif f;.rm'-r!« to iiti.iiil tin ir f'.il«-. -- .• CLASSIFIED RATES ONE CENT A WORD MALE HELP WANTED ' ""'~. . .' ''.' . i. V .. WANTED FEMALE !'", »:-•??•" Vr Iff FOR BENT \! l ,!•* "I'!.' A i U'VVTi':!» l.KAUN HAIiHKH TKAI'K I Mir nn:?:;; trul". I'/i'-y !n Ic-irj) I'M ,,!!• ~\..f<-m. \Vi-iff fur < :tfnl«>i:, ""I !''.Pi S! , Motlne, 111. Tri-C)ty Wirier • ',.!!...•» S7-t-2 WANTED :I:KKN T'f'Xt: ccrm !•'' '!; !.!• < t \T l;'»>\',-: I/.): l!i i'.— .|r ?!i II--M- ftiTIl (i.-W! 1 . < '.ill • \ . n i. X We..-1 Hvrb ;-;t. A Few Smiles. Helen Holme*. Film nctress, whose fonts of dnrinjj portrayed on the screen have made her jxipulnr inming rnovles funs throughout the country. XV A \TI-".t> Un-.f li" iii -.'.".id i! i _£2i u ' L \VAXTKH TnT;KK <ui i>t-h, ,j ]....!n-; f.>! lh:!il i -M. •.)%;> t.>..m-t df-Mr.-d. ..I. !l .\l.-c,ini!.. at Huwl YVAvrr.i) (;i:\Ti,t-;MAN* i liniiiti - -I <'.I West Sixtli St. \vA,vri;i> i>Mo.\if-;its ,\xr> MOAHD .•!« in iifiv:it-> f.'im.liv, (Yntniily lo- i ;il.,1 I!. 11 |.hnnf''17MU, !<>-">! f i ; : >tf K"l: UF r ;NT MODKI-V (tnt-.s fo.irri* rui'l. !r<!h, !iff run! r.,!d *.:•!•!!. to ,(. i-; rh-Hii,* 7,r<'vS!T • •. Th" <•• n;:-< nff- Hi7-i i:«» FFX Hi:.NT Iitoek JOHN r- 77B-t. Sl.Vm* O;NT~ jih'.ri" sr.rf in. anil tin-it ?niiltl[>IIcalli>ti and i^ t« hi- iiafit his way to \ (< 411)11 I I f » ' 11 inifi«fl"»* "*•••'• ...... - ' j.' ' i'«~N I fi * i 1 dHHIon have u. he mastered, Oeo- lory in Hire.- of Kmfh.nd « I.U:h.-MI ti™K:x. rl ,!:~s%K?*z •hri.-Bii.r5f-i7o ami.. *KtW^^ on Htn.'ifhmiJ records rind • won Tli<- finnid I'rK' 'ut AmteiiH. Jnxt before the Getting Monotonous. "I POP \v« iir*' facing n now crisis this morning," wiM tlio lirst rvatnurunt pntrun, scantling his m'\VM|tQ|ii<r. "Yes?" the HPI.I»HU rcMtnurnnt Subjects In Russia. Is Just a Regular Boy. I the Cnlted Siates, And lllxlory! H«M>i|Hi«e a hoy in his jioxltlon Mhotild net ! Nitpoleon nnd WfllltiKlOtl mixed or Ad- imirnl I Vary :uisl 1'ortor Cook. S«> he i tins' to study lifee eve'rythinir ami Joy [United ^HlnS'"-"^";:;.^,.! r J^V:' -otne ,„,„- the *«<'ilt*oi K**t.*|t**. tfom :OV. n.- l»«'M|.|t-' til . , , f;ot that onr day! !,iv«i.iis are over at 12.-3U ocloek in to rule ovi-t I7'» million Miojei-tri j thi.nnh and the lad IUIM Inneli with the HlLin Kr",<it ut.-ite ni'">' 'I'" thfoin-j l-tinperor an.I th«; l^iji-rlul hoiiMe)sold 'nil th*- K»f>inn«. tin" IT-Te.n-ot<t"snHJfinitKtiiT!t>«r- After-t'Ht- war l>roke out. hecait to drcant of |ir»'nent Ktiro In VMI.'I he American K"ld rind hleil hlnifi'lf hack to ..Hits .Mhtiftiit of the la mi ..of pH-my. peace and i;olil, lie \v:it in New Voili (u>it it w«-ek and (hen hi" )»cat II for 1'fitri'ii, tiilldly, >.* h" continued to dig Into his ftitttithni|io. "You don't Hci'iii oxpltnl." "Why tthouhl I IM-? I"y Jnvn. -ulrl Purlhu (ho |»n>Jt 12 month* we've fnccil KI» tunny crises Unit when the nOst ono Imlm mi F Mhalt IK* tempted to-turti tny Imrk on It!" "Wnr In a torrl« "No doubt nhout San l-'rani \vl;i'i»> he |>rt>i ct-ded t |«r.hi-'.i.|f Jilci-'ied and hlw fsvihi fattir rirtn Inl" the eountry. - Joy, ___ . with HIM < Cimnd Itnlie. Ale-xlK Nik-i yi'IpliiK hi* wttiKfai-Uon, In now Inchid- Ittievleh, i IMI we very moinlm: with hl«S<d a* are u rinl futher,, tdtorlly. :ifi-r It nVIoek.}-!' Hie (iniiul (\rtft If't I* In «i|iell_ tlie door to Iheii'l I WO Uuke'M own anil •nt-'a MI i» dtiJ^V-'jJlJigAT..._of. :i At Hume attr.-i.etlve poin't Tilling ttve Ili'ulouw, Htnlthy lull and looking u|>j road, the eoT jflh en«er exuertnney, , !«« flndx aial iTTT r out for hlx daily walk. Tile IIO.VH Sty, coa rue-tin I red mongrel fottndtltit!: {and Joy out their own imrtienlar «-a-" |M Joy. tln> hnv'x own I)OK. i IIITK. Soinetiini'.s they Jihty H<i!dielt< R^HI,.old fellow, hi!" ''lien the fiitiireiand htiilil forts to take or di fend, Thi» ii-ror. " Ami at* he unapt hlx h(t»' liAmlK HH- do imrfleiihirly tine fun if they hl.s hal|i:inn out . . u Inriie wr-t nffn, .iml ' umler the <Vt»r'i dcwk .then. to the other side and oil. round rou ml the nimiiH ruiitn, « iniitini,- lKnl'liHl but unmlHtakntilv Joyful 1W-W«»W«. Thux do hoy and I!OK he-. Llltrlr disy. • come prepared '.with i jiod. ntojj» . . in-ar thf river bank where theri' in Hita of- line wet xnnd. The uJar not toy hut f<-K 'li one IK a Cratnl Duke and I after nits or with lilii, \vldf IdiidcM niut hnndlcN fil- (tii IN t ua hum- as thi'imti'lvi'M. The Hand jjftmeH t»re ewpfcijilly line Hpnrl fof Joy. \VllO NtlckH Illw * IIOMK into the which 4ie I" be u «.'*ar. one IIHH iin-t»t' H hlniKi'lf playing lie In He snnrlM nw«y rate .nnd «eernH to. like t« dutleH even thouuh one he «et hlH whiskers full of wand. boy. For instance there IH hreak- j on,-,, in j, while there IM Ktill anoth- Bt to he eaten in nxnpiuiy with the.<. r niemher added to thew <«j r Hint mffiilK'j'M of hl« eourt and|into tlu- country, it.iw Deo !>> Iff, 80 Joy him to lie jmt anlde for a the hlj: tar. who hit* heen In :-e on the hoy ninre the ufter lnenkfiiHt ihere are'M-Thls emit wiiltir HUH tlm heart of n h«»y There IH nn Hmdl"!) Maxler 'iiiilanU ulinost wvi>hii)H the yriuiiK I'rlnce. win two evcntw rluht In p .-«ne«'(>nMloii., the Vandethlit cup and • the j:niltd P, ftonvpt hi mniTihrrv rxi-tif-tttt-t"-Hta+- niol'lle riK.c.H I'\IT vim and forced I»e I'almii. another Italian, to the very limit to win. At fhii'aiuo he wa-* tlu> I'efol'd. <«»vetil- HHiJ Then at Chli into and KeHa Birds That Talk In Knglnnrl more than in this ronn- try dn we flnil Mnls that nre tmight to talk. The rnven, the jiirkdiiw, the tuiij; J»l<! htiil the Juy may nil lie triilned tn Jtnltnte sounds niid to niter words nml even f.-etiti nees distinctly; hut more fiimlHnr to most jn«o|»lf> nr« the tulk- Itij,' birds of the Jinrrot tribe, which w the Klft of speech In fur p perfection than jtny oilier <if their -H. The voice of tlie parrot Is much more htimnn In HM tone; the raven IH too hoarse, the Jjiy nnd th< ni:iL r iiif nre too' stiriH; but there nre modulations In the paHfbrit notes when that nre fmmetlnteH nlmoliife WA.NTKn \V.\XTi:i) - SKt .tit»hi!» *, will (my the AI.I, KINDS OF PCAV In Ilin'k I-*;|||M or SterliiiK lone.31'4-L'. |l", II. Doliion !•"•-!-'3* AUTO- |iri''< Third St. MOf.K.UX I'l.AT, li)'|iiii(. A, [,. |f ( .-K Vrtlf f r«-|iairs, Ilitrh- i'st jn.ii 1 '"> itaid.fur nil kind'M nf fur"> Mik<* tin- »I"i Tailor. l'."Mi M, •VACANT I/iTH. lux-111* LOST I.i)ST -c'ULLWTf.N'C I'ttoK. f.'oi; Itl-rs'T T HOI.M \IJ, .Mt»t>. «i!i honve M! I!"** Hlvth Ave. Call Th- liny «',, \VI./'.|M. Htore. H'filf i'"it I-:I;.\T - — MI >!»i:t:\' SKVKN- ro».m hrni<e SiiJ T'lltd Ave. Sen Henry Iti eidiistr, eoiner «(h and !^>- fust St. • ;i;iif !!.U:X (.'fill MI-:.\T AT r."",- SKc'iiNH A \ e Auto |it : er>-I re,|. ] ]ii <»H in;.\T :t IT ' ),i i f. 11 l-'il-l Ave. I!' !l S! H|(:I, f.iij His. i in FOR SALE--MISCELLANEOUS t'ollil'N til till" Mt.'liNl fir'Ht, yi'iir luiM jtmi iict-li tint' v i. turv tlli'lihtlnu.the !>iu e\«-nts ilixl llfli-t' nl C liT'u t'linm|)loiiMhi*» at C/ihlenitit l»t« l'alm:i Van nvory i<\"«'ni l»y (lie of ni<-i»)> In ttallnii. PICKS DODGER FAULTS friends front." <irn gfiltig. Hufa {ill* t o t h vit at the True. "A .tnnn who owns nn nntonmliUo If not nlwnys onvk-tl by I'v-H •" ly ujic«nny In their wiJrd res to the "human volcp ill vine." This su- pefjorlfy Is duo to ttm construction of its br-aV, Its tongue ami he«»L Tlio parrot, too, has n wonderful memory, arid rarely forKetf.what it has onci» thor- learned. STERLING BOARD OF MISCELLANEOUS < >H SAhi: -KKW t'H.nli'K l>fl .l«'ts«'V iitah- plk;^. fall or |tli.nii' Mitclu II. itorrlHon. llotlt (iliuni- nut SAM: <;AH HTUVK.• iiulfe .',(17 7ih Ave. llUlf Inn-I IL' 'nU HAI.K IN' JKK'K KAM.H. KI-'.V• n-r.M'in )uiHf*i'. l'"l«-clrlt? lights, jms i-ity wutiT. i,'iii|d clHti-rti. (4nnd I'-iliti. uu.iij hut tt and lii-ii hmtsi', ^4 acf nf land.''tuts nf fruit, ivim-nt walk.'i nnd 11 in. fit tloor in burn, wt-ll lix-ati'd, !•:. f. TavJi.r. llii-Ml HAU: ii I hl.f.'e-lot v\ h.Mt.L TIOAHK. n ini|>.i|i/H' a n.I ((iir'H* \\'.-i>law II I'arm. i HK'iir, 1 'l; s \i.c r.ii; si l' • holi-.e mi,) | ( ,I. eorne SUth A\e i; | i. eoii.lilion. I';,,! in| tic T 'I'IMi: i i.M.Y. l-'om id si. mid •I...-.I 1'oiiiih f4|. I in. 11;,* •'•N ACTu.UA- i'<>it SAM: ft., i .. ^hi- [it — -.Mrrnhrr Open -Wtnwt and Qiilnlevati litTTtrd «tf Tl ii.d'>. c>i|i-n«o. Ill-, Nov. S, HTgrr—tow Close IV May July Corn I n-e. I xiiti. I s'7 K.d-"* ,S\I-, 1 '.Ml l.i't l-i i :.p, !>i', I S.,'\ i.r.i'j .STU J.HT's, l.^S-'i, i.:.u''. H.L'.VI urvs A wi;u. i,(iCATi':n r. loolll (inline. l-'tll Hare. H|ielldld Well. j:»toil rlntei'ii, lai'iie lot, fruit. Hiiiull . harn, lv I'. Taylor. Hork Kallx. ^1 KVI'KCT A CAKI,OA1» t )l* ..M'l'I.KS hetween the 15th tliiil I'HIh. Walfh .[ni niv aiT,"' Wilt 1 HliTiTeTTTniersim: III*'! HAHOAtN'.M |.\ Sf.lf illTl.V' u«. ,| |i|;ini>.«, iM.-liidiiu: two fine |ilay- er |ii:in»s,> piario^' nni«t iif» tnovcd <|iii«')<ty to ma|<i. mum fur our .li'ilid.iy Mt.'.ck. \Vriti- lii.'lil'n I "la no Kx-'h.iiii.-.s Milled^,. vllli', 111, Th.. Trl• 'ifv I'tniio Ilmi-ii'. I'ido. Mill<ih,'«'Vlllrt •'Uid .Mm rl'-oii. |!i!i-ini« '< 'i i s ,\ i . K motor idial ^Taririe i'lT \ ( • i 1 1 • hi; A i. : < > K 2 ! twin_evljjid<T ] _- fi If. |», i'. I'M II "jVlJ Nllii:). NI:\V ' Nt; is AI.I, < < O.MIM.KTK • "A greut deal defends oa wliotlioi he's in U or under It." (Sta.lT lly Ilamlltou, •w. .York, N. \' v No,v. s. Ivan o|~ »iin, Hhortxtoji for the DodKerM, wuj* it u.ix after the fourth luunc of the World's tiCI'leH wlien. the I'lool;- l)n am) HiiHlon rlolm \vere watting jo K<> M Oiii'h other Top the Ilflh 11 "If we had been nlven the . kl we hn\y had only in H thin Hummer," he «niil, "we woidi four tiitnu'H from thi-w> !<Jr«lH "J. <-wrH C Can the daily newspaper prove its worth as a national advertising message bearer by the cold figures ot"past perforAaiiees"? Look about and see; or, better yet, ask the manufacturer of the standard food products wtyh which you are most familiar. , . A Real Hardship. "I certainly will bo »:lud when the wnr In Hnrope Is over," suld A«iiho- dolin Twohhlu. . • "Of course, yotrwill, my ilenr. And no will overybody elsic. It's a cruel tragedy." .•-••. "Oh, I wasn't thlttklng nbout that It's so tiiui-Ji fun to jso to tho pier uttd see om^'s frlendH ntT lor Kurone. J luivi'tt't bct>u ublu to do thnt for ugoa," Bearing JUp Well. "You are never 'stultified,'"Oh, yes, I uin," uuswewl the IttSJ ' "You'll have « hnrd time convincing mo of that," v ^ "Well, you^ never hear mo complain' Ing hceuuso I llvo more thuu twc tullea from tho nearest golf lluk»." .Inly Onti 1 >ee. May Pork Muy I »ee. •Jan. Lard May I H»c. Jan. Rtbt Jan. n.ur, CHICAGO STOCK MARKET. Clitt.'M!;o. Ill. .Nov. S. nd'wc ai'i' In |>OH|>|OII to lutndl"' (ill kiiitN <>( hlt!e.'« .'ind fnr. \\MII |«iy rl»»> Htiifket i*riei'. ' AI.HO.. want alt kiittlw of jntiii, l.'-n'l five »>w!»y your <iltll< f"l iii.tliin. jCull I). Manlli'ld on l,..."iiKt • "Ktrcpt,-T>trr.lii«K. hefore- yon K«>||.-- V«tn U«'t full value for your good-t. l!" ItlioneH. iiii-lSr- NuTt.'i: «jj|.' JJISSOU'-TUIN—TIUH IK 10 KIV«» nntii;e that ;;lvj,rlty «<• 'Kord, lior.»slw'i'rn. Inive illHwoivwi -|>nrtn« i r- »*)ii|i. The /iivfuintM will he Ii-ft wltlv 'John M. Hnokh-y for c'olh-t'tlon. Kirhy Foil SA1.K 1'tij.ANU CHINA IIOOS, " ttct. Julin l-'lnek, HI, |ihoin>. lilt*-] 10* i'At*rJ:Y'.s Y>\tt\i, Fntirth Ht«. 'corner Ixicust HOH 95-12' Hood . Mixed 1 Cuttle. Cuttle eloh.t ,,c Both Departed. •Nolo tlu» faot^hat ilie only brand of oliowiu^ giun having coin- plcU* imtional disirihiitioii is a no\VHj>»j)t»r a<lvortiK.od hraiul, ami it wan built up through, newspapers, Boo how the iiaiaos of tobaccp jirodnclH aro niado known. J ' i ' ' i> - Obsorvu 'that tho two talking nuichinoM that load 't ho world are nownpaper uUvC'rlisod.,"- : > ' -\And in th<» iihnuMUato prcsont wo KOO groat" national hilhorto woohh'd to othoT rnodiiinis turning' to (hoy find t hoy neodthom. . "you don't of tea see nn old-fashioned w h 1111 c r nowruluj'H.". "No. The type Is dyliiK • out. . Ahto thediiutmitlvebad ina?) who ut»d to pull out M howle knife mid jhreateu to whittle his Uowa to Us top I'l'lee. ' CHICAGO GRAIN MARKET. .Chd'HSo, III., Nov. S. •n-i.«v.| —No. 2 red, JI.K4 l-*«rl.S4 .-.-; N;.. .:« red. -$t.75'i|-t.Sl n-tt; No. •« red' Sl.i'ii'ii l,7(i; No. a.h:inl vint'-r. I).;c: No 3 hard wintt'r. tl.Hti l-ldt ),.S'.» "Mr. Dubwalte In BO RWdous to gc to Mexico ima fl«ht U*t Mrs, Pub' bocauso , Take the local stores that fti'e doing the besf and biggest business and a glance at the columni of The JJaily Oassette for $ week will show that they are the stores that are using the most advertising in this Stores can get along without advertising, of course, But the stores that make the big money, the stores that ,have the big trade are the advertising stores in every town. . ' * ' '" . „ '-'''"" Some big advertising stores ftnally go under, but nine times out of ten it was their advertising : that kept them going years after they were really down and out, -.. • V "I bod no Utaa* he.wfljp.Bo warlike,' There's only one thing Uutl him from going." Js thai?" "lie saya tlio social inferiority of a private is more than ho c,aultl / Wise and Otherwise " Wise t« be \rho bpa the ftge ready for tho bird, Xew Corn-.Vii. S jelloic, $j,n:'; No II yellow. !l3«lilf» I'i. NO. 4 >i'lh»V\, Ml<ii Hi: No. r, y«'llow, }>'• :i"t'idl; No. 15 y.1- low, S!{Sis.*i: No. 3 white, !C<it!i;i; No. 4 white. sKtfiaii I-U: No r, white, stirt soi-:!; No. r. white. :u l•;•,'•»sir.; No. :f mixed, '.it 1-^iii ITi. No. I mi.xed, *»9*J }!0; Nn, '• mixed, Hl'.filKS; Sampl" grade "old Corn -No. ~ yellow, $l.o:i'*ii ».»."•. No, 2 while, 1103; Nn. ,'t white. |l.l'-: No. 2 mixed, |l,«3: No .'1 (nixed, I!.<»:), No. 4 mixed. »H; No. r., us; Hum. pie Krade, Kii; No, I jellow, $1.00, No 3 yellow. *! »3'<t 1.0); No. ii .\ellow, t^. ontM -No. a mixed, r.'-' I-1; No. i while. ri41-i; No. U White, ,'..t'n ,'«l '4-4. No. 4 -w)iit?, 63I"14iMi Hid, Til'itf,: 1-t; HatnplwgnMJe, B3 1-". Hurley.- Cujih, !s(Kl : l.»ti. Itye -'No. 3. |I.«3; No. 4. JI.3S. STERLING in MARKETS AUCTIONEER^ _ !•' ,"*. ur.Ml.KY. l,i\"H STOCK AN1 real eflitale aiH'tloneer, Have wolo more tuih'H Hum any unetioneer U HterlinK and Jfock Fall* winee lie«in• tiinii,- bn*!,>. My lonj; INt of MUI|H. !)r-d p.'itt'iMiH nt'e H»iffiel«'nt. reference tio tiity\\liere. dates early, lleli 'phone. Ki'hidence IUUU \V<>x Hi,. Sterling, A. 1.. Cut-:, Al'CTl|!>NKKH, HOCK i'lllU. • Have had ex|>el'lenre in ul Kinds of hale*. Hold Males any whet i and everywhere. (Juaniniee Ab^oluti satisfaction. Can refer you to a loni li.-t of-HatiMlIeil cilHlomeix. Kee ill' f»ir duteH. Hoth phoneH. .1. C, CKOM AND SON, AI'CTION ii>r». Coleta of Miiledneville. \V makUt a Mpt-riiilty of auction «;i\v> Condui't many wileM every year am raft r*»fer-yo« to innny naiinflwi i.inifi'H. We Kourante*' ah-,*»li)t«' I xf net Ion. Writo or plium 1 ti> dates. Uulr-k -I'l-yiln 7)HI l-'il'Ht A -Vi er car. Call Hell 7;i,ijj. , Hurl; 1'iilln. 109-110 .SAI.I; -itt'Kt'H Hi;i) unr »!mv- ( KalJhH«, liH, Morrison, |IK HK : - I'lCW CHOIt.'K C1IKSTKR M. j/r/iry J.;. old*. j{i JUS-tl'l* . Wl .l!.t J oek Kallx. i-'on SAI.J-:— jii-;Avy HI-IUNO WACU on, in flrKt-H.'iH* eondltlon, Wotihl malv>- a Kood milk \vafcuii for farmer Arihnr I,, .Mnlnix, Orl«wol«i Avetims « ''Hi Sterlintr.. KlK-110* FOR SALE—FARMliANW . jrt^^X^* *^^."S,«->; "•« W I-V "-^V .•-',^-V— '^ -•* J™» J"hrf»«,J^k^|l, *\^ 8.MAM, MlH.SUt'HI FAHM, $10 fAHII and $5 monthly; no Intercut or taxes*; highly productive land: cluxe to 3 M% mnrluitM. Wi-jto fur photof,'iapliM and full liifo'-niation. .Muniti-r A -1 12 N*. V. Life lllds., Kammti City, Mo.» r±_ . 10C-J30* WH,L TiiAUK ,MV la^.ACUK ~LKK county farm for a farm of 2«o o.rrt<M or ZW acres*. .Miifit he a Kood farm" mid may put (Ufferetice In cash. Writo X. Y. '/.," care OaxeMe. 87-112* ni'KiH(il-J U. FItUIN, UVK HT«'H'h auctloni'er, Dixon, 111. Have Hold pun hi'inl stock in «everal Ktuh-ii the pnw centum. SatUfU'd oiiMtonitTu my >«•«; • it fi'i'ence. All t'allH prumplly attend cd. I'hoiH 1 or write for date.s. l-:i)\VAHl)-H. u i'liudwick, ill. Sah'M made anywhen (•'ill in and Muck Hale.s niy Hpcci.ilt) Ksperlenro httM bwii my teuchei Spt'Hk tuith lOnKliwh unit (iitrman lioih phont'tt. Call," write <ir wire a my AUCTION SALE, c . PUBLIC SALE. , SATORDAY. OCT. 11, 1916, at 2 p. m , . Iti nroadway, ster.hnt;. J have Hold tiij^f^nldemy attcl...will_HC|| my |>»rH»n«l ,_ uroiM-rly ut iMihlie sale, imjih ment«—' W«Kon. hUKKy. MU'iej, mil row. Acme , pulvi-rissi-r. eorii i.hellec, I'lmiiiH, t,,fk# miovejH and other artii-le.H. Corn fod- i,!',H» ^I'r' 1 "' 1 ",' , M ' |ia I'"'«loe»f. enned nult. HoiiM'hold fitiodH -Wood Move hai'd foal MM- hniiier, bed wteml«, one •ahy hed with heddJntr, klloiivn cup. honi-dn. riieklnK^.-haJix dltiliiK ehalrx lenehen, conch, w«.slit.tand«. ofrie«« ehuir iMiokij, cnrpetM. dihlicM. jilotilr*'8,"~"A""i^ c«ie. \Anetloneer; Levv|« fteilM, Clerk^ ABRAM L BRUBAKER. ' 4 r ,..._ 1 109.JU'* (Moses Dillon C >fe\V No. .1 yellow corn Ke\V No. 4 5 ellow corn White oata .......... ¥ No. 3 mixed oui» Wheat, No.' 3 Kye " .. Old oge commands respect—wcept In Jesla auU poultry, ... If yon can get a horso at —drive the bargain worst man Is sometimes capable Of When a fnol is ungry ho o|H>un hlfl mouth tutu tUwea iila ntcera Calve*. HJU-.H' UHIII.H MVE STOCK. 'liert Ul'oa, * t'oe.H . ....... a........ I LOCAL RETAIL MARKET. tHterllnts l><-)'«'. Hloiu.) OAiry— Retail. y Imtier .-<-...> ,, r-. ••,•..•• -.. «'ivamery ItuMer- Whol»»ue. The rich uro ivl»le hut not lihenil ; tho !po«r ure l|bt«rui but uot ably, Wom luid u I). M. FAHHNKV, Al'CTlUNKKli Uixon, 111. \V'ltl> yearH of espertenci in the auction hu.sines* will Kuarn:i li't>' wHtlHfaction.' For reference he- l»in«j«lt> for wh"in I have Ijeld «ulc> ni\nu Home plume, resitlcnct', Ifi^ C,. »•' O.ICVKNNY, A»'«'TU»NKKH I'litjitij-thtuwn-, ill. Will cry Halex an) w liere. I'onditct lilt) to llu ualex year ly » IjefereiiiVrt- Hank of I'rophetn town. CitiKi'iis Inuik,' l-'arnuT'H Nu \ bunk. Furnn-r's phone, hot I letfldence and oft'jre. li. h. UAUKINUTDX, Kij;ht yejira sue.' i-<fiii'tion guatantiHtl. oifiee with M K Wilder. iJoth iihone.H. Ht«>r!in».; III. ' • __ U \Y AllUOTT. AlTTlONKI-Jlt, I'Of I III Stuck uiul farm .N.tlof. a-spcvlalt) All rail* piomptiy ntu-mlnl. AUil» \ yuK dates early, I'limu' 'J.'.i'Y M» tu.ti. LEGAL NOTICE f w%-%^v^*-^w%- w^xv*s**s^««» SUARDIAN'8 8, •State of IIUixiiM, 1 } SB. t onnty or \Vhltenldo, J My virtue of a <le«-rotftl order of tho otmty Comt of n.-iiii Coiinlj, MKeml at , U ,'.. A " KUH , 1 l( ' l ' t " " f "'"d < % 'o>irt. A. 1», l-'lt., on the appncatidn of Ftank W. \Mieeler, tinardl^ii of i'an! W, Murray . uld Vli'Kll O, At»l-tty.mlnoi'B. to «e|| ihii [ollowinK de».enl^,l rej.l *-»lHte, heloni;- m« to huld minium. Hiiuaie In the «'oiin- WH'- Ul " ti '- s " il '' >Sl ' ll(< «'' HlliioiH, t,,. An umltvirttd iwoMhlrdH of In Hlock Nun-, In liuV » of ,H>HN X. UKNTHV, Al'i' Aitittoy, 111, Farm and live muck a i(»ecialty. Fanner's teh-i|h<int' hav0 nev^r hceu way ut tluid '& riiiMi"t iion to the head o£ tku KV«m f.'.', 1 a Utort tUut: taul ttu'O UHO tlu- ai'i'ewUri* » 'vblW thu !»crr\V ill Appreciate Your Blessings. ••Tluaik tiod evi'i'y uiovnuiK when you gel ui> that you have Mtntethint: lo do tftut tiny xvhit'ii ntu.<>t he iloiu- whether )..'ti like It or uo(, IMtm forced to \\urk, mul forml to do jour ht-sl, «I11 la •>-uu tetni'^ruiu'e, .<self»voutroL uv, strength of will. ronlC'Ji*, U«id a l.utuiivU \lnucs vvhidi the lUlvj UfVv'f iUUW. ' ' . Mlhjecl to theivln of Ne|!j ( . F. AluiT»y. ' I shall, on the HUiei'iifh ( }ay of No, Hifii't. h, city of Sterling', in naid cuuns* * > « - "" 'i-iT'ofT-./hf *"*'" "* ^"""WH: Cuah cm ,, ," „ , f'rank U'. Wheeler, <.i.udKin fnt- ]',,„) \v, Murtny nnd MiSii o. Aim i ay, Afinoi«. --- -""' F'. Nov. l. g. —< , »* CLASSES CORRECTtY FITTED W. K, UUNMO m Eye «nd Health ,' Sp«ci»li»t ' i Hrt. 9-12--2.5 unit u^tc'upufhia tioat- STERLING, It E. Third 8t, It Is U j"'iut of K'"'! t v to ucc wljhnuoa uud at nut with B. T. MOKEBOU8J5 Store . FITTING OP 4U.A8SES

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