Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 20, 1968 · Page 9
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 9

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 20, 1968
Page 9
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Group Works to Embarrass Johnson By HARRY KELLY AssoalatedPf ess Writer MINNEAPOLIS, Minn, (AP) «* Rebellious Democrats back* ing sen, Eutfene J, McCarthy for president are working to deal President Johnson an em* barrasslng political defeat on Viee President Hubert H, Hurm phrey's home ground two weeks from today, Administration loy« ailsts frankly admit they're worriedi "The doves can conceivably take Minneapolis, 1 ' said Richard Moe, state finance director of the Democratic Farmer Labor party, "It will be fairly close either way," The vice president, said a pro'Humphrey leader, Is ''defi- nltely concerned, for he considers Minneapolis to be home base," Humphrey began hlspo* lltlcal career as mayor of this city. McCarthy calls neighbor- Ing St. Paul home, The confrontation will come March 5 at party precinct caucuses—one week before McCarthy and the Johnson-Humphrey forces clash In the Now Hampshire preferential primary, In Minnesota, the precinct caucuses are the grass-roots starting point for selection of national convention delegates. From the precincts, delegates are sent to ward conventions, which choose delegates to the district and state conventions, which in turn name the national delegates. Because precinct caucuses are open to anyone who voted Democratic In the last election, or promises to do so In the next, party officials fear the meetings will be packed with voters attracted by McCarthy's opposition to the Vietnam war. Many of these are likely to be college-age voters and that further complicates the problem. One party official pointed out that Humphrey had been unable to devote much attention to the party since he became vice president. "There are a lot of youngpeo- ple who have come Into the party who don't even know Hubert Humphrey," he said. National Committee woman Gerl Joseph predicted In an Interview that McCarthy will get no more than 5 of the state's 62 delegates. John "We can get 32 votes for Gene McCarthy for president" — in other words, a majority of the delegation. Other observers think McCarthy couia wind up with as many as 8 to 10. Despite the stakes, both sides appear to be trying to campaign on what was described as a "gentlemanly level." They want to avoid a rending clash like the battle two years ago over pick- Ing the party's gubernatorial nominee. That intraparty feud is blamed for the Republicans capturing the state house in I960. But Mrs. Joseph said the McCarthy-Hum phrey contest can't help but get rougher. "A fight like, this always gets ate professor of the"University The 'tiFL'sruling/body, the or Minnesota and vice chairman s | ate Cet >trai Committee, has of the Minnesota Concerned ? lven a stron B endorsement to Democrats, has predicted that J °hnson ™* Humphrey, but a . • separate Johnson-Humphrey NO STARLING MENACE! It Is No Longer Necessary For You To Buy Or Build A Wood Martin House & Help Create A Greater Starling Menace. The Purple Martins Are Arriving. To Attract The "Scouts" In stall Your GP House Now I Now you can buy a fine aluminum martin house at a cost lower than a comparable wood house. Guaranteed Products' aluminum houses stay bright and clean, the way martins like them. Starlings like dark, dingy nesting sites, will not move Into your GP aluminum house. 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We feel ia November he will support the Johnson-Humphrey ticket. We want to conduct ourselves so this will happen." . As evidence of some of the tension, however, Rep. Donald Fraser, Democratic congressman from Minneapolis, said he had turned down an invitation from Sen. Walter F. Mondale, D-Minn., to serve on the state Johnson-Humphrey committee. Fraser said he wasn't endors- ,ssj]nf^Mc ! §ar.ttty, and he still sup^ portedrthe administration because of its domestic policies, but added: "I felt as long as I've been such an outspoken critic of the administration's position on Vietnam war policies, it wouldn't appear proper to serve in a leadership role in Minnesota." Head Matron Will Care for Prison Baby LITTLE ROCK (AP>-Prison Supt. Thomas 0. Murton said Monday that the head matron of the Women's Reformatory at Cummins Prison Farm and her husband would be temporary foster parents 'of the infant son of a woman convict. Murton said that the head matron, Mrs. Beatrice Crawford, had agreed to care for the child until the state Welfare Department approves a foster home or similar arrangements are made. The child was born about two months ago and allowed to stay with its mother temporarily, Murton said it had never been planned for the infant to remain at the prison. WASHINGTON'^ There's $50 In Gift Certificates To Be Given Away At Rephans Thurs. See If Your Name Is Shop Rephans Beautiful Array Of Piece Goods THERE'S MORE THAN YOU CAN SHAKE A SEWING MACHINE AT .'. . That's Rephans Celebrating George's Birthday! ««••«••» jttl, Print* tyOfffit iftvytrs Would fftsfrfcf Flow of Ntvts MAtlUUANA ts smoked by about 65 per cent of person* Mel stationed at Udorn Air Base, Thailand, according to an air policeman's estimate, Above, after care* fully emptying the tobacco from an American Altered cigarette, the paper is re* filled with marijuana. Fifty cents worth of the illegal drug will ftll nearly 20 such cigarettes. U.S. a I r m a n, left, smokes marijuana through a water-filled Asian pipe. His eyes have been blacked out to conceal his identity. Oklahoman Claims Rights Violated FORT SMITH, Ark. (AP) _ Ralph Dial, 40, of Oklahoma City, who has been charged with obtaining $30,000 by false pretense, filed a civil rights suit in federal District Court Monday after being bound over to Circuit Court. Dial said in his suit that his civil rights had been violated during his arrest and detention Dec. 6. '; Municipal Judge Lawson ,Clqn- inger ruled earlier in the day that the .Municipal Court did have jurisdiction in Dialte case. Dial says he was kidnaped in Oklahoma Dec. 6 and forced to come to Arkansas 'to face the false pretense charge. Dial asked in his suit filed Monday that a writ of habeas corpus be issued and that the false pretense charges against him be quashed. He named Cloninger, Prosecutor Wayland Parker and Sebastian County Sheriff Fred B. Hayes as re- spondants in the suit. Hayes has been ordered to appear before the federal court March 6 to answer Dial's allegations. Parker had charged Dial with unlawfully obtaining $30,000 from Sam Sexton Jr., and J. A. Hannah,Doth of Fort Smith, and Dr. Roy Mason of Oklahoma City. Cloninger conducted a hearing Jan. 23 on Dial's motion concerning Municipal Court jurisdiction and a preliminary hearing on the evidence relating to the false pretense charge. Sexton testified at the hearing that he, Hannah, Mason and Joe McCutchen of Fort Smith gave Dial money in November 1965, In connection with a contract with Dial for mining and exporting tantalite ore in Brazil, Dial misrepresented the mining venture according to Sexton. Spo Couple Is Robbed of $4,000 HOT SPRINGS, Ark, (APW A prominent Hot Springs couple was trussed up and robbed of more than $4,000 and a valuable diamond ring Monday night by two gunmen who just "wajked'* into their home in a fashionable neighborhood, Police Chief John Ermey said the robbery victims were Har. ry Leopouios and, his wife GJin« n'a, Leopouios is manager an.d part owner of a Hot Springs motel. The gunmen, who were not masked, took $4,000 in $100 bills and several rings, inciu4ing two wedding banks and a si^arat diamond, Ermey said the couple was bpund/ with electrical cord cut from jamps by the two men who droye into the driveway and walked through the back door of the home into a den. Ope of the men "accidental ly'« fired a shot into a wall near Where the coupje was bpund the chief said, " * By BAfWY Associated Pf ess Wfllef CHICAGO (AP) » the lean Bar Association has en* dorsed recommendations that judges, lawyers art! pdtteefnen restr !cl the flow of Information about Criminal cases, But news officials, turned down In their plea for a year's delay for study, predicted new battles tn the courts and state legislatures, Said one, Ji Edward Murray of the Amerlfian Society of Newspaper Editors, ''The press will have no recourse but to fight back," The recommendations, put forward by a press»trlal advisory committee headed by Jus* tlce Paul C, Reardon of Massachusetts' Supreme Judicial Court, were adopted by a voice vote Monday by the ABA's policy-setting House of Delegates. Minutes before, the delegates turned down by a 176*68 vote an appeal by three top news executives that action be put off while studies are made of the effects on jurors of newspaper, radio and television crime. "there ts tto food reason Jbf detty," R<Mfdon said duf ing the two'houf debate, And J, Edward Lumfiafd of the W,g» eifaiit Court fn New ¥of* ear ssw the mm media would only return Ifi a y«ar with talfc of fieW sliH- te§. "What are the sttmys going to show?" fte asked, "Are tfte| going to tell us that human fid* tare has dhafifed?" once the guidelines are Incorporated into the ABA's ethics eode, lawyers coald run the risk of severe discipline—even disbarment - tdt making public during a trial opinions and in* formation that were not part of the record. Police departments, mean* while, were advised to adopt 'regulations choking off from time of arrest Information about prior criminal records, confessions or admissions of guilt and the result of such tests as finger printing and He detection, And judges were instructed hot to make "any statements" that might Interfere with a "fair trial*" Judges also were advised to use their contempt power against anyone, Including reporters and editors, who "wilfully" try to affect a verdict by disseminating statements about the defendant or the issues. The stated objective of these -wptfttfl, IBi code probably till tsi ttid? for adaption fey UK ffease of B*l«» mt £1 * f f 4 B tt y JQ DUf said the btf assoeutioft I66ks to Niee departments, emifts, loeit btr ffoflps- pj nftAflO, Afk, of , * »i»w kjfc«veu UUIC^HTC ui iiicae accounts of llmlt ations Is to shield defend- to implement the new lines* . Morris, l Columbus, Ohio, lawyer, appeared optimistic, but Murray, managing editor of the Arizona ftepubllc, said 1ft ft statement! "Fortunately, net* ther the ABA or the House of Delegates makes the law," He declared: "Publishers and editors must be prepared to spend whatever is necessary in the way of reporters' time and litigation costs to guarantee that police chiefs do not manage the news to suit themselves, that prosecutors do not censor what the public has a right to now,,. and that judges don't try to suppress legitimate news*,," D, Tennant Bryan, one of the three news executives who urged delay, commented! "It seems to me that the House of Delegates attempted to amend the Constitution and 1 doubt they have the authority," Fighting alongside the publisher of the Richmond (Va«) Times Dispatch and News Leader, were Theodore F. Koop,. a CBS vice president, and Michael J. Oeden, stld Monday that the weald preyed with 'p'iiiss to boy 60 voting tna« Masbft made the statement shortly after Chancery Judge Jfomes Kbwair ruled thai the commission had not violated either the freedom of information act or the county purchasing act by deciding to buy the machines, The commission reached the decision last June and a taxpayers suit was filed the following month, Rowan issued a tempo* rary Injunction prohibiting the commission from signing the contract for the machines until the suit was settled, Rowan said no one had asked to be notified of the commis* slon's meeting and that the only two companies that could submit bids were notified so there was no violation of either act* , The commission decided last June to purchase the machines from the Shoup Voting Machine Co. at a cost of $120,363, Alabama will have 26 lellcfmen back for its 1968 football Icam. .WAYS FIRST QUALITY^ ™^ ^^ W W • ^ • ^^ W W • W ,t IRTH MEN'S BAN LON Knit Shirts *3 22 MEN'S PIMA COTTON Dress Shirts »3 22 MEN'S SAND COLOR Penn Prest Jeans $£22 MEN'S LONG SLEEVE Sport Shirts 9922 BOY'S 13 3 /4 OZ. 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