Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on November 8, 1916 · Page 5
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 5

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 8, 1916
Page 5
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Page 5 article text (OCR)

^....^s-:.,,-^•«»•»»..!.« 'T-*-jg^TJSggE > "f^Bl['"SB. * • J = tSBiit '' «•---<•'j .;, , -j, • .. •te™ * *• -> * jBpj? Jp!^ '' =T 2 * j s ? rf. i • M:th'7-- Mr- NJa l : n:t * Children* Coughs Are Dangerous take chances with „.» little ones that are so neat and dear to you. Safeguard them at tk« flt4t appearance of a coufth by §ivin^ them nature's own remedy thot's pleasant to take and prompt to cure. Give them the Benefit of a trlptotneEucalyp- tu* Forests of Cali- fomla or Australia. tet them enjoy the beneficial effects of th* other v«&*t«i»l« extract* whlch_m»k« T«mt'« fencalyptol Comp, N«ttire • foremost "fir*t aid" for cotifth*, cold*, i»*«l. throat bronchial and lun£ troubles. Grown-ups as well as Children should be onV tl.« REHT TPADE NAME of throat affection* Th«ra ia no better itwur- ance for every tnombet of the family than a bot. tie of Trent'* Eucalypto! Comp. In the m*diciti* ch« L We would advut you to a»h your Oruggiit for it now* .Th***Jrttggi»l* **U ** and r«comm*na *t. STERLING PHARMACY HENDRIOKS DRUG CO. FRED EBERLY « HALLETT & HALLETT ERIE NEWS j Ituiii *oon mi,I 'will l>rliiK tlu'lr iluiiKli-|i m-r. MrH Mnlx'l Hawaii! ninl family, j chltilrpn, and .1. M, Ovorholscr iv«-r<> tfiifNUr-Hutitlny tit thn Mrw, Aimi MiMMi-fl .l;ih"ltf ITuiuIwlplii and Nn- talli> ,An«li>rHtiii wont to Hy«-anior« v l-'rl- • (lay lo niit'nil an' Kpworth Iwitctu* «ih w«-f« oldlK***»f»'t"" l 'P"ni' Th..y trip t'» i M.ry •finni—tirr—Hrh- . who IK vlnlllitK t Just Received f • I' * i; LARGE ASSORTMENT of Imported -> * ,• i 7- i; Tcakwood In Ihis nssoHiiH'iit you will Hnel- iii-aul iful Hand Carved Trays Nut Bowls, sets of seven Book Racks Serving Trays Bon Bon Boxes Puff Boxes Hair Receivers Match Holders Ash Travs •' Octagonal Cigar Jars Smoking Sets* And many other nifty- pieces Any ono of tlieso would make an ologunt I'iresent. " ' like to show them any way. Gaits Book Store iscinling a box of* tin* whllv at <"!n-rt>kcr', Kan, i "John and Rundidiih U»-«N<- a»»l Minx jOoldli» lU-fiK*. of ICrlc, nnd MIMH lie '.Etti' llri'i-d. of Itiitk -Iiiliind, left hy {iiVito fyr Chiiano Tiiurmiay niorhlnit 'mi a Hlxht m'liiK 'til' ««nd I" \lKlt i.frliMtdx lln> rfinalndtT of the week.. ] Mr. and Mm, Kniory T»Hi(n|m'iii nnd 'e>i)ldrell. nf l-Vnton. Were HlleMlH Wed - InpNday of ,Mrn. Tholnpfoirn "piirontir !.\lr. and MIH .lidin Hawk Mr, and •Ml*. 'rii"illl|wi'H attended the ineetlnK iuf the ICiiHtein Hlur Wedtienday nluht, S ,\TT». C.Zfiil 1 i!< 1 "T*iIWytT~» r ntl' rttt tnr rt - hr>r MiHter. Mix Millie MarKallth. from Mt. ;«'iimdl unit MI-H, AllNliro, of l>-i«t Mi>: line Th«ir*day. Clyde I'.'.iriij' and M|MHI-H i?allli' Mr* John ny«»rn inul Mm Mordfti nnd. with *-flatlvt»H In Albany. -Hrtmrt—Ht*f«t»r«l.—Mr« - <J«»rH» Aunitin. Mrs. Hnhnctt nnd Mr*. -John tJi-tty <nllt'il on ,Mrn. Mart Krankf«ith>r Haturday afternoon, • Th«» .I.'H fluh will riH'i-l \SVdtifs ilay aft«'riiirtin with 'Mr». K. llohnett.' H«»v. and Mr*, Thompson an htt'i' <5lad>-H. |>r. nnd Mrs. IU»h and Mr, and Mr*, "ttai-oln (Sarwlok Tlnii-Mday at tin- l.ouln Htt'ln .„ . homr Jn \Vhll f l'lK«'on. Mr. and Mr*. John tJi'tty anil daugh tt-r* Miirylrt'llr- and K<lytlu' and 1. \ K.s'i'hcr wrrv KUCHtH, Htinday, of Mr and Mrx, Wni. Howe, In MorrlHon. Mr. and Mr«. .latm-w t'rawfurd an< jalid t'ariic Wood wi-ri 1 tri->'ity Thursday, i Mr Jiiul MPH. Harry l-'tilU-r. who ihayo occftr»l«>d Ih«. old Kulli-r limim- |north-«<aMt .of town, liavi' inovi-d lo H|iriHK Hill,- whiTi- Mrs. Kull«'i'M |»'f>- ! jflr. amV ilh«. fiforKO fJoodin. who i iffi-ntly c*tturWtl from ttt.hoiiK. an!now in.Ttij)}'litB'-th* iMtrl «»f MIK, John i.iliiffniun'H, hqilWJ whloH \<'aH vacati'il Ihy tln« Hi'riry Hart< Camlly. COLETAJEWS Mrvnntf Mri».' Will PnmkfatlH'r and ohlldri-n of <'lyd«« upvnt Kutunluy rilnht and SumUy- with hi»r wlsti-r. Mr. and Mr« Ham Cain. Mr. arid. Mr«. tJ«n). Jlaiinn of Mll- i h»d«ovlll«',. Mr. ttiul Mr*. John Hnavo- j |y. Mr. and Mrs. Jaim>« DvurholiHsr «mf 'Mr. aiiTI Mrs, Kin'f . and chlldn-n upont Sunday, wltli tht-lr |.an'nt«. Mr. and Mr», Clark Vin- xon; —MT. a lid MrKr^nrrr-i'rngh rntPrtuinrtl on Hiinilay, Mr. and MI-H. Win, H«HiVt»r of HtcrlhiK, Mr. and Mrn. hcwlx 1'ctiKh and Mr. and M I'M. Win Patch I »ii rlil-: Mi-Cray, who Is altendltiK fam- und FOR THROAT AND LUNGS HTl'HOUKN COf(ilI8 AND COIJ>H Eckman's «OI4) UV AM. I.KAIJINO S&S MARKET CO,S&S ^Special^or Wednesday,— Nov. 9 (At Store only) llaiuhui 4 ^ Stt»ak, -' UIH. for ;....;........,.25c Frt-sli Pigs' Feet, !b...5c llpuit' uiado LivenviifKt, •!• Ihs. for ......25c Gifts for the November Bride Si Iyer-Cut Glass C h i na Th« brUlw's gil'ls begin her iimrriml lifo with -lier. Thoy'iv n.sHot'iatt'tl \viili ji'vory iUtmHurw J| brings. Is it any woiuU<r Hint ovtu-y pii'ce, is livasurtMl uioro with'ry j)«¥s»iijtf .war, ' '.riicMiiuro rtMjsoa t'or «^{M>si'iig., gifts twit t«n- «lurc aiu) \van;aut the uHWtitui UuUi ; s btwtowiMl ii|M»i) tlit-iu, (ivasuius. Ihat may b" baiultMl down (it future ^oiit'rHtiwmr - -------- '-= Hia-li K* ^ s - i * ' ls '<»»'• J^HHKU ro to- «t»li ami we M-- iMijtiy nlnnying y»ni some jLiil'l-s thiU will live tiiroiiK'li tlif' yea' rs. (lil'ts ill whit-b ytm will laki' a |ir'nJt' us wi'11-a.s tin* 'bridt*. . Tim prims \\iij jn'uvt* a pleasing surp'Vise, ... , ;"* W, TT, Jennings Jeweler : Optician at RvaiiMion, vlMltmi ovi-r Nun day 'at hist jt'raiuliMin'iitu 1 honif, Mr anil MrM, UavUI tiyi'rholMnr. Mr. and Mrk Chan. Wink enlfrtnln ••el oiiHniiilay, I Jr. Itohni'tt and Hy, Ht-v. and Jacob Oarwlch and family., Mr. aiid'Mi'K. Clinton MtutnliiK «P«'»t Miinday with hlH brotlu'r, .< K A. Man nliiK. of MlllcdKi-vHIe. Mr, and .Mr«. Harry Urmvn ylBlt^U oycr Suiidny with her folks In _Ster- llriK Mr,/find Mr". Herman I'outfh ana mm Wpont Hundar In Htorllnit with hl» imn-ntu, Mr. nnd Sir*. Will "" _.' Mr, nnd'MrH. Frnnl< Stubler. of Hter- llnif, wen» over Sunday Kiifittfl of theli won, 'KarnpHt and wlfr Mr. and Mr». l». H, Archibald nnd children and Mr; and MTM. Ohiut. Hid- dhm itpiuit Hnriday at'th»« James Sid dli-M Inunc. MfRM OriM'« Colconl Hpont lam week with r«-lutlv*'ii in Ht^rllnit. •» Mr. and Mn». HlliiM l-'raiiKfulher chlldrt-n. Mr. and MrM, John UOROII and dautthtcr Vivian. Mr, and Mr» HUK» Hnm-n MIH! dHUKhter Ktht'lyji, Mr, tin<l Mr». Mart Frunkfather and Mr. uiul MTU. Ci««orK»» lJtur«nce mo tor«d to Mt, Carroll and vialted the "Hundtty. Mr. and Mm. Claronci* Howe nnd of ClydB rnlUnl at tho Sam Ui|>i' hotiu*. Humfay. • Mr, and .Mrs. H«-rJ>«-rt. I'euyh and i-hlldron «|M»nl Sunday with her par- pntB.Mr. and Mm. J. C. Crom. Tin' pioKiam KIVCII at tho hlhora! I*. H. chMi'i-'h. wan lino uiul p|iJo>;«Ml by WHITESIDE COUNTY AS USUAL ROLLED UP A BIG REPUBLICAN from puga 1.) * ~""FOR COUNTY CLiRK. Hurling I .,,, ., " 218 261 a , i .,.. r, ;..,., C, . . ... 236 Colomil 1 ...".....,....... IM 'olonm I' 2V7 All'mny '..). :.... .,-...• !•» Ilrt-ti 43 51 Stl _.:_.77 ria IK. C- 70 . |.>nt«u . ....... ..,.*,, ..... H4 l-'uUon I .... ..... ,- ---- .-HI Fulton a , .... . ,, ....... , --^«i UunlNU'luIn ,-... .... ..... ,- ,175 l««>IU»Kt'« ,.....,.,.- X— v ..163 ..... ,../.......' H8'. hii dan ........... ,,,,",. ,J69 .Vtt, i'h'UHtmt N ---- .,,.,..273 Ml, I'U'UJiWill, B .......... .38* K ---- ,,..,., i»8 y ......,..-,.. 9S i'nlon Tel ids S9 97 32 45 103 '•« 28 US 13< 15 41 62 101 . 48 32 2021 CLAUD WPRQiBID Qixon 8t»nojr»pK«r Q*t| In * - Chicago Pftoplt. it' fMliV>vvlii« fifin Uu> t'h ij.. wlU ' !.«• "f iiitfi4'«t % Triv nine* it . Ma* liumiw t'f t*»« uut.rl .vv«t»- «u>r.v jf SOCIAL AFFAIRS J GRACE CHURCH BAZAAR Which Was Held Past Two Days Proved To Be Very Successful, flic- litil- witl Thf nnnujiiy-wwwir Rivm l>y >t!tft«'il Tin-vdny «in< r noon !a*t m* r t<">d,iy. Th<* attcndum -t> Titfs- tiny n.ft*rri<>»n ami <\<-jiinK was scry laitr** Rftd many fancy nrtlrlM« <|iS1*»**»<t of Til* Indil-K WfVf'd nvfi hundred i*'<>nl*' to « tine cli tile Bttinwr lust ntfcht. IHIHUR t!i» fvnnlnx tll(;>',.'rfi flft-iion rf'tnrnn f»n<r WI.T«- kept with th«« many liititilrl*** Irom tlif < rowel jirc.-M-nt The t-hiirch hfif> tw'i'N hPAtitllutly «!«'«•• MIHI«'<| with thf many prr-tty IHK»UIH, nti*»rr> tin- dinVri-nt artlcW, such an fant•>• work, homr; -made fniidl«*». etc., w*W i-i 11 di*!>Uis, The commit tcp* who \vorr» In char|t<» of th* dlff* i M»nt b<Kilhi< and who have-riHfit'd to makrt tbp ba- xnnr a, «»iic<-i»«is aw as follow*: JuiiaiK'iw TVu Hi><>lh— Mrs. Wllllnm U|>l>, Mr.*. Uf<ir8<" ti. (Jrand >n. Mm Arthur Uhccli-r rtnil Mrs. A. «'. fooling. Jannnpw TPIV-,'Hi'fith •-Mm, William .Mrs". KliKiilicth Kiivvivr, Mrs. John 8ta- HV, Mr*."\Vtn. Strndmnii. Ktinry Work Mrs Harry Hill. Mrs. ' iiiuliatip, Florlal H.Niih- Mrs. Taylor. Mr«. tirponouiili. Mr». (*a«R. Kloral Hooth - Mr*. Taylor, , Mrs. Mr* Churlt'H Clark. KH|»|MT Cotwtiiit«»t" -- Mrs. KranK \Vahl. Mro It'tlx-tt Illll. Mr*. JPHW M<» • Ciiiuly Itimth- -Mrn, J. H. 1'tmnor* ami Mrs, MET tatt Eytnino And Vot*d On ' *' Application!. Thn Two of th«« lU>yal win* h«»l«l l«*t night In the Woodman hall. Two application* -v\**r«' uctpd on and doli'Kiiti-K from tho Hohirol • if I nil I ruction at Kochi'llr «BVP njili'ii- did riMNirtK, AfliT HIM nu'PtlnK thi inrmbcm wi-nt t«> A r< Htaurnnt-for r<>- frpuhnn-nts, THE \|. R. C. SOCIAL . iv«n Tuttday Afternoon W»t t.«ro«ly AlUnded, "•" TJie Boi'iiil gliTn .Tiiemlay nftcrnooit hy t\\f Wownn'B Hfll«>f i*orj*» « hom«> of Mm, ,t>. It. .ruuniuletl wna attendsidl • The Afternoon worn Bervwl. Sft*. Ilarnmlcll wa« an* Hided In ««ntt>rUunliuf hy Mrs, Stodd* ii rd Riul Mrn, John t' W.C.T..U.TOMEETTHURS. Afternoon With Mrs., Alice Daily On Eleventh Street. The r^KKlar ||heminjf of. the W; f. T. U. wlU b« hlJ'I'T'Hirsduy afternoon at th»v hom«» of ^Irn. A)U'e Dally. 302 Went KU-vrnth miH'et. - The meetlnK will open at 3;fpl o'clock and" the topkt for dlKcumilon will be The 1'urltan flab- bath vs. The Modern Habbalh. ' '••'*"-: :— ... PARTY THURSDAY EVENING. Auditorium iMirty will be Klyen on Thurmlay evening, 81. Mary'« ^udltnr- lum.* - ' -^ • LAST DAYJOF SERVICE Nov«mb«f Ttrm of City Court Will Convvna Monday," Nov. 20. Friday of thin w<<«4< "will bp the UuJt 4ay of «MTvk*.f0r those wishing cunt* •o IM» trh>d In the November term of tht» Sterllnij c|ty court. Tha tero> iiurtn Monday, N«v. 20. nnd wHl run- Unite until all of thp can*« 'on the locket ai* dl«|Km«l of. There 1« al- vndy a fair sl**U~Uocket In Hl«ht and t In expsotfrt th«»n« will b« iwveral nor.f nultn to be filed with tin- olfrk »f iha city court, ISarl HC»B, beforf Friday night of this week. " December Wat up 4'/i CenU at. $1.80*4 _____ _________ .^PA4j|jkU_ ______ ~— __ (Hy Unltod JPrewi) Chicago, III.-, Nov. 8.— -Wheat took tt >lK Jump toduy. December wa« up •'Mi centH pv«r the opening to $i.8S>%. \tay WUH, uit. 3% whl|« July,waa up 3 it » FALUqiLED BABY , Chieaoo Man Killed Him»*lf and Hit v Paby When He Fell Dead. (By United III., Nov. 8,—Kmll M, shot and killed himself und In fall__ _ . three year*. Tomek <iuur- •eU»u with his wife. B Chocolates Pink An ultra assortment ol delicious fruit and nut creams. The daintiness of the package will appeal to you, it's contents wiU this line of chocolates the superior of m o.».t grades. Our special price Pink Packagre" ia 50c per pound * I * * 4 4 * t 4 4* * 4 * * * */ *(•• ¥ 4» 4» ^ 4t * * 4* * * * JU # *" + * * HK * * * * '* 4* 1*-^ * 4» * * 4* 4* 4» 4* 4* 4* 4* * 4» 4* * THE MURPHY DRY GGDDS STC 'MERCHANDISE OF MERIT* Thanksgiving Sales BEGINNING TOMORROW J * Mr Newest Coats and Suits Specially Priced ' For This Week's Selling i; i|l -.1 * *ij I * Printzess Goat, ' Model 822 This coat is of the new American bolivia cloth lined with black satin; has large collar which may be effectively worn «§* high or low. !fhe full flaring skirt swings from the semi-tight bodice at the waist line. The kimono sleeves are finished by a shaped cuff. TheSjurmont comes in rich shades of deep navy and brown. Specially priced at $25. •I* * * ^ Printzess Suit, Model 521 Of broadcloth with "large opossum fur trimmed collar which folds snugly to the neck when closed; lined throughout with fine yarn-dyed satins The three (Quarter coat has a flaring ikirt, ^-narrow belt, from the sides, fastens across the front. The new model skirt is gathered at the waist and front in straight graceful lines; Specially priced at $25. Printzess Suit/ Model 513 This smartly tailored suit is built on the lines of a Russian blouse, of all wool poplin, half lined with yarn-dyed satin; the collar (may be worn high or low) and cuffs are trimmed with velvet in corresponding shade. .* The circular flare skirt has belt and button at the front, and belt effect and eight buttons at the back, Specially priced $18,75. t Every Garment In The Stock Is I Under the Regular Low Selling Price | | So tt'Caa Be Seen Easily What Our "Specially f Priced Statement Means. ThanksgivinaUnens 9 GoodQiialities Rightly Priced onJToday's Valuations A., • •} £ Here are some of the good old "* you used to get 72 in. Double SatiD Damask, yard .; $2.25 Dinner *i»e Napkins, do«,$7,5Q 70 in. Satin Damasks, yd $1,65 Desirable Kapkins, do«..$4.75 60 inch all Linen Damasks, yard 7.7,,$U5 68 in, all Linen Damasks, the yard ......... ...'.....$1.00 Napkins to match at —$2.50 m \ *4 AM *l*t*O ti ft I /%T W\ fit ftllrt 'PlWft tilf* 1 1 111 gf f 1 l jEjrjLY \J jtj VjtH CfW| i/vVg f fc/v Hemstitched Damask Towels, at $1,00 and $1.25 Colored Bordered Bath Towel Sets, yellow, blue pr pink — two towels, one wash cloth, set $1 ; 85 .Brown .and White Scarfing 4*. Wnens, White j and Colored time Linens low, Tubing, Kmbroidery Lin- ~g^f^^f^f^^

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