Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on November 8, 1916 · Page 4
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 4

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 8, 1916
Page 4
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m »"""•" »"'•••»• 1.1 » • ' *•— --- —— — ~ Shoe Sale Come! Don't delay! You will surely be disappointed if you wait many more days. Twenty cents off on the dollar on all shoes. W« submit thii »d wfth — w* p o s ili V new th* offering* tK* bt»*f in thi« vicinity. OUR-PRICED M t«6 LGWESt ^••P^ -f^^ -^^^F- _._.._.. ,-.-. -— ' -' ' ' Jfc <Jg^^^^ DEPT. STOREO Hert «r» **vi«§ ehsrte** that wHI / i n t ft r f « t #very wrtfs awake pert-en, Cowe! Yeu wilt bt ,*3ti«fied. Comforts Out they most go, Turn the entire stoek into money. Three do»m doable bed sixe comforts, regular $2.00 value, $160. EZRA MATHEWS, Receiver FRED H. Gen. Manner Creditors have ordered The merchandise must linsrer no longer! character run through the store. Right It must be sold! Bargains of pronounced now you can share Tn wonderful values. 1 Every woman who buys one of these corsets will be greatly pleased* There's the same comfort in a Q. D. Justrite when you are seated as when standing. Every detail is it's designing and construction has been carefully attended to. ^e Jwningisstrong enough to properly support your figure. The models we offer are either back or front lace. Prepare yourself for the moat wonderful .comet-valuft ever-placed before you. -Regular $5.00 models$2.89. v 'Tennis flannel VWe \ we're forced to accept ~—this batik order of flannels?-^ now w$ are forced again, to get them out of the way. 15c value ':,... .,. 100 *J«.Ci ''-'•-ni'Ti'i' tf-t 1 -! ' Cotton Sale Most desirable grade — 20- eases all at Bankrupt prices.. Small batt, 99/» 25c value ...«**V Large batt, 69c value ., Small batt, »12V;>c value Small batt, r 20c value , 59c 10c 18c Table Damask Turkey red in splendid pattern. Regular 50o grade reduced to 39c COc ^grade, yard ..........49c School Dresses A large showing of extra grade gingham dresses—the very style a that girls delight in wearing. $1.25 value ...98c $1.00 value . .,790 $1.49 value . .$1.39 Huck Towels Si?e 18x36 inches with neat red border,] Betfulai' .1 Oc value. Limit six to customer. Huck Towels 6c Linen Crash* Imported pure 1 ineii crash, full 18 Inches'w id e. (Regular 22^c value, yard, 15c .(} e neroiiH in size. A bout tmi <loz. specially priced. Sale.'price,' 3c Pillow Cases u Full bleached and full"£i%e.< Regular 25c cases, Bankrupt, each, 17c Still deeper down have gone'into the coat prices —- we've made it possible for one to select a serviceable coat — made it possible for one to save considerable on their investment S e - lect the coat that fits — and you can pay the. - price you quote. Warm Furs Bankrupt Sale We are in a position to offer the highest quality skins at prices that cannot be duplicated in .this vicinity—or anywhere in the city of Chicago. They are fashionable furs, everyone in perfect condition. Like all good opportunities this one will soon pass by so we advise early selection. A large collection to select from. Regular $12.50 furs at ^$9.38 Beplar $9.50 furs at . ~~7~;: .;.......T .$730 Regular $5.50 furs at $3.00 Hall Carpet 27 iii. woarintr grade velvet. [Regular price $1. Bankrupt, 5Qc. Stair, Carpet All wool, 24 indies w ido. A regular COe carpet. Bank- nipt, the yd., 35c Window *T)ark green, fi foot Jong and 30 in. wide-, good g r a d e water color. 35c shades, 30c Linoleum »Yard 60c Four yn rd s wide in neat cheerful pat- t e rn ,s. 7'5'c value, sq.-'yd,, 60c Rayo Lamps Positively the bos t oil lamp on- earth. We'yea bout' a half dozen to close out—and this low price will surely .move', them in a hurry. Regular $2.50 value $1.75. Polish at 19c Tohey furniture polish—for tli*» best results on high grade surfaces. 'J.K- bottle at .... bottle at ....;... •. ,.. .39c Sale on Wringers flardwood frames and beat grjade rubber rollers. The regular $2.75 tit'i AQ 'wringers-"'...;... • f *'"^ 1 **r The regular $3.25, wringers The regular $4.25 ^wringers ... Cotton mops, :*-80c value ..... V f Baskets 89c 'Splint clothes baskets, double bottom and strong handle grips. $1.15 value Umbrellas One lot of men'* beat, yrode umbrelhw, vatuea to IS.OO, Uankrupt price, cholpe ..... , W- Shirts Kxtra welt made, the colore |a«t, Uejrular (1 »hlrt»—piok your, *I«^~ , price .... ..... .799' ' Men's Shirts Offering: new patterns in splendid materials Good 750 value, Bankrupt Hftle price Mo WorkJhirUi Extra well made — the NlzpH full. Remarkable viiluca at this Bankrupt price ........ ......48o Hen's Mitts or glovea for bunking Kxtra. well made with two thumbH. salt* price, docen 90« Men's Mitts For Jiu»'ning; single thumbs, the dox, pr. .60c Double j»alm & thumb, gale price dox. pr...09e Men'a all leather mltt«, extra warm Mningr, The bent $1.35«mitt», Hank' rupt tuilv price ......76o H Mitts39c '• Men'a kid mltt«, extra warm. Ciosing out the entire- lot. 50u vuhi^,-- the pair 39o Fall. Caps For. men and men; newest coioi-n; The regular fi cap.. ,79c The regular 50c cqp.39« \ COLLARS A.rrow brand collar*, the. beat In the .world—«n*er}nir all the new ntyl««.; -every-, thins: sjiotlcsu. f «|" 15t value v JlJLv SUIT CASES, trunks and «tr»¥«Unfl b«8» now offered at' wntational prio««. Buy-now and obtain the gr«at««t .value on •trth. A positive clow- OMt. Tr«tf*t«r« ahould not ntgleot atUndinsj thi« sal* at the e»rli«»t time po§- tiblo. MEN;S HOSE S H k lisle hosiery, three pair in, .neat box. Regular $1.00 value .. O«6il. gnulo Iwither In tan. Wa<k or grey. The very b«*ht 60o value ,39c »5c. bells 19c Suspenders For Krowlnff, sturdy *'">'*• <n • 25c vuluo ,..,.19c 20c value 16o ]&c value 12c Suspenders Men desiring comfortable should choose now. : 50c value«.«..S9c ! Men's Qartora A well known brand at a greatly rc'Juc^d KI!« H rU-»•. K, v t> r y pa I f 86t* vaI,MM...19o Neckties Four-In-hand Ui»a in nnw «mttrt colors. ' . &Qt* tU*ii .**.*...*.*• 29c RpKiilar 29c ties....19o Blouses Mothera « h o u 1 d see ttit'so nostt well made blouses. They uro f?<- tra vultii's ut ..... , .23o Underwear Men's winter «htrtHnnd«lrttwetii. Boy H couplo 8ult,s at tola, Hale price . . .880 . Hats $1.59 Men's soft hats--* good. collection of regular $2.50 to $8.00 ham, your choice .|1,W Mulders Popular" colors In ly woven woolpn ma*. tcrlala—special value, 60c tuies ut ........89» 3&c ones at .........17o T Dress ' And now we make »n- pther deep cut on alt prioes, f -. r|g,50 yaluo $1.08 ^$2,00 value, $1.69 $1.45 value $1.19 Growing Boys' Knick. erbocker Knee Pants i at banVi'up-t prices.' A * good range of »i»es» ttM-imnts- ,79c ? pants 39c i/ Dinner Sels-Salc " • ^ * 100 piece $15.50 set on sale .\., w .$11.88 100 piece $13.00 set on sale .$9.25 100 piece $22,00 set"6n sale $1108' 11,0 piece $50.00 set on sale $35.00 Roasters on Sale i Turquoise blue graiiitewarci in thrt»e yiws," 1 closing them out at cut Bankrupt prices.* Regular $2.5ff roaster £/ at '.«...»«i..... — . —$1.59 Kegular $A75, roaster at .... x. ..''.. ,', ';.:.. ^. $1.79 Regular #1.00 roaster at \ .flJE Gold Medal Floor, sack 2.59 COBN FLAKES Crisp innl 'fivsh. The it'^uiur .size package sptH-ially j> r i f t» cl this Bankrupt saU«, 7c A. W. House coffee;40e grade.35c Oolden Sun tJoffW 35c grade at ............ .,.- 30o W. House tea,, H ft. ......22c B. F. tea, 39c grade, Ibt.,. B. F. tea, 49c grade,!»... Lenox Soap, 10 bars ......35o t Lenox 1 soap, 100 bars... -13,00 Am. Family soap, 10 oars. .42c Etfk's 'take' white iJoap, 10 bars at ...........^.42e Aiamrwlifieloap, 10 bars .t2c While House Coffee, 2 Ibs. Bluing or ammonia 80 Kitchen klenzer, can ,.. } . .4c Oold dust, package ,. .22c Naptha powder^ pkg. , -,. -S&e •Oil sardiaes, the can ..,.. .4c Blue berries, the can , r ...l5c I*ink salmon, l2Hc can—..Bo Ann and Hammer baking soda at -7c Oalumet baking powder, the •can, ......... ,- ...-J?c t tbastie37pkg.'..-...»... -Oc COEN Delirious to t«ste, satisfying and substantial. A hiviikfiiHt . c i* r e a 1 , .^>

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