Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on November 8, 1916 · Page 3
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 3

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 8, 1916
Page 3
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? '-M •»• r* ji-r w^rr nn-te Sn is fhw rha'B ITS a.' dfif*ff*Ftsti Tlie Czar and His-GWef Of Staf E*e#pt Sunday. NEED-CO. tine-* !« wcmul frurn * strictly n drr>! EiMert »f«d Pubf**fctf*. Offic*. Ill W*»t Thiftf £tr*«t. a* Pott«W«c«< Starling, lilirtott. S«s«wf Claw Matter, JOBOAN NEWS By M*ii, put*!d* ef Sterling »nd Keck *Ht,Af»ywhtrt.iB th« United. &t*tt* Cf Cartttcf*. REVIVAL MEETINGS. iv->' rr-< ••.•,»:•> Mil! '"> v in it I'-n- ilrv. be H* v W. ** wionth* f« stfvanrr . . , , ...... , ? itiillHtn <'hrl*!ian fn ffff nr«» tJthtr with the JORDAN BRIEFS. U't]|iiw«*«n hool, SI* Jeontha IH month* Ii trfhranre IM week. M#*M* to the currier with nlJ« staff . i tit miillrm mr-n to U will «»«> AH «-»-nd » hnif fon»- Invention* they »» much prly<' lnughtfr. Anna, re- to '?IP t-.i|,-fnK of an nf a '•ncm i)i*> thtmdw lal <>r|ranlKatk»n t«Vri<tt recentl AND FORTH. ifi*"' tt<lf> *r-fmed to in- elfcUon of Cimr'fi K a# prudent • C »he I'nited HUH**.. Thii tjMtrnJnK the tide turned fey noon ;h* tndte.Mhinii pointed (o | •),.*• night th* linn ofrwr-alth Is no bfttof thin H m thv wi«i<!lA air***. AH of '>« l.iine.l txilHltal frty-tlom — n at- the of \VlliK>n ns nf forth. twM-k «n«t forth, fh«> tld«> 1ms mitglng; all cUty. 'At this IW* cl'-pArtm^nt i-in«»*s thp in Still in «lmitot. Tt»p *Mfrrn j hav« ilriftfd ralhrr utrotiKly for \Vii- ton *ntl the UppuldlcanK nnint e» f t • t " < v- I »ral of th<>«!<» western jRlnton to win. hi Ihftn the wlurn* i that It may tak«» tl)p ri|jl«-|n| eotint to Wl to whom HIP Wttt> of Gawttp' ban Ktfltfnl time and nn4 want* to repeat now with- oul knowing which man will tie pren- of th* .fnttcd States, that both ar*> of ft high minded type for no citlien need be ashamed to his votr. Contrary to the charges arm neither man IH a coward poltroon, Itnlh men Hill ly (J^> what they 'wll^ve fur the of the country. \V> !ci4a, we differ an to method. \\i> «m to the manner In wjilch thing* Id b4 done, ni» well aa to the it to bt« Iclnn. the mtt»r of bo] tn mw<t of the state?" but 'hat m-c*»*sarily mean freedom in.m w:iiif or carp. 'All of us join sn j>rr>«l«i'tl«irt and dS5>trlbutlon, hough th*> jifr><!'iottdh Is *iij*t?rla- r^ th« distribution I* faulty, All ».f «l»IHi In n<>f paM in ft Spirit fni-fi ,inij • f uKii iiii>n. »»m mf-r«> In th«» tl»:!it of •i«M'>! ntfdittitton t!i!it dor-s not fact's; and It l« only oy f.wlii nnd siirnvumtiriK tlu-m that our wor»t The! -wlilrh Inrlud*' R* j lfish?if«s run! nrc JT*| |»ro|wrly li*l<! in rr- -arti nrarlv 4»vi-ry- n, • irotitil? Is with strf»lnt. In JT*| |»ro| n Tiirt, w«* h- lull on^v thi» who rtMtkVf that th«« and thai under -Air. Hughi-n would to* Jitter ablp to guide thn Htitp of utixte through the i^riloun tlmra that nr« to com«> nft«-r the war n'n well all ihf> tlniK tho Knr<i|x ) nn war contln- than wnuid thi» l)cm(M'ratlc i«nrty un4*r the limd^rxhlp <if Mr. Wlltu>n. Hut If Mr. WiJxon I* if if winner and« nation afaao be thing hut to ciirb thp rough i-dpi-H of huninn n.'ituri*. WHAT*WIN8 BATTLES. Tho «uUng of Wflllnt^on. tlutt (h« Hrtlilo uf WaUuUto WJLH utui on tho foottmll flfl<)j» !>f Kton nnd Harrow, wii« iT"nir(' fni» advrrtlM'rncnt for thoso two Institution*, but otherwjw WSIH a pprnlHoiifl s(ntfm«»nt. In the tlrst pl«c<», it trur% n* o«ly a incwr i»lar« m<»rtal*«. !-!n«h nf <-ftvalr,V, *TR nnd Kmi-l nnd «H the ail ftrr> c-tintr'dled from i <>f ordinary if thi« nnd Jlj'«ili|i'Miter% cr th<« If >t»ti have th<> « It. the t1ulli"i>t plftre in nil hn««-m. \"ii pl<nty Of wi k to you i« copied, till" is no jd.ife for f»r li\r>.iin center for io ii job and h nif n, t»o K^i*r\bodv here keeps tit it' and if ' n! tinvo none von are In for ft rotten Htw. Ordinarily 2t»,<MMl people llv«« tit re Now. with the military, the pop nl/iiion In n bout double till*. Ktlll the narrow, roughly ruhbicd Mtreet." are weldoni rrowiled because tttowt of the 4".fl(l() people (ire litln> illsldp. Ill the dingy shop - window x one hnndfull of HrltluJwrn whrf fought (it Kton and Harrow; \Vaterb«ii ever jjnd ferondly, the number of Ki>Kb>h- men In the battle wan Telia than a tlilrd of the whole number opposing XVp Khoultl (u>y that modern nr«> won In th«« rrwarch Jalwiratory; In UIB cUftnlcai t.ilxirfttory: by the in CM cit h*ndn fur four yearn tnorn Tlit n*, ** like all .Will h loyal and patriotic to the will of the rt In tb* pr**M«-nt ivf th«« tmUntalntni; tho of hl» creat country. Stut.-n In and i>r«8i«>rlty " believe that thtft sentiment will i by the-pat- of iUI parlU-a wJUo recug- th* rlgbt of the people to rule umT Y* Jthi« tnethou'ii of government applied In accord with the will of the majority. by th» »oclolog]<-Al «»jc* iwrt: by tin' Itoimlng expert; by lndi»»' trial equity: by the full dinner pAll and well nourlnhinl bod I en nnd tl«* r««milt • nut h<-nlth Und »tr»«ngth and,ment«l «»f- In Individuals; by practical higher i-duration; by IntflllgeiU rnl at*tlon; by tnnntllty. ptirity nnd religion, by a free |ir«'SH; ,by a that»tn ti|ion a united, and healthy nation nnd nuper- all ihnse things Amerl- touth WAxheo, Amerlrnn Dewing m«ehitie», American tyepwrltern. American blcyrtM and ndvertlwmpntu €^r Amerlriui linrvcxttlng' tniH'hlw*. A IOIIK. one-«tor\ t houce nf hewn IHKH, unpailited tind weathered t" Ji somber gray, h;u-k a little way from the main Mtreet, i« .by tradition, the e nf :i tin n( Inn between Katherine the ft rent, of l!u«*li«, anil Krnpehir . of I'l-iiHula. In' ITi'fi. Now II in divided into two parts nnd a fjimilj liven In «-»ch. A red iir Irk "operrt boujie" in tlie middle of the town, the hou*o-of tht Toi-aTKovvrhor wlierern r"-/^tr Xlcholn* IT now find* quartern with hi» 12-year- old heir, Alexlfi Nlkolalevlche; a rnther handsnm* 1 f'aihollc church, several equally httndMoine <ice«-k Orthodox elum'heH; the street market; the view from tho terra**" bntik of the Visit in Ivan»ft* City wlfh hN daughter, Mr«. Kate jfe-hetlet. »'• al-» attended a «; A. R, fnranipttK-tit nhlfli t»^ eri- jo>'-d very mu<-h. H«- is w<-il nJons in y*sir«». but hale and heftrtv nnd the^i- fl. A. R, fe unUmS-enrh year, M» -«. J«>i*?e "Martin and MB7el. of IWxon. «-'p*nt Thursday and I-l-idav at the" .f. A. fJllbf-rt homi*, Mr nnd Mr-. Arthur Ixmgtjheeker, of Miirrlson, vi-lt«ii Satitrifciy ftjna pun- d.iv at tht- M. K (titbert home. 0n Huti- d,t\ they wer.« .1!^ dinner KU»>«tJ« «t the .1. ,M Matin' !n line' in Ifison. Mi;^! Ksidie Kroehkr. of Ijixon, b««i (>e« n visiting frit-ndH in Jordan a few ii:i%-- the past week.. „ . Mr«. Uvl ICH»ie^?r.'i| tted levrrnl dSjft «t th*'ral J)ftw»-|ler me. fJeo. Hrown and family «pent Friday insUse up the principle nnd thi 1 Job. And to"\vin. are done lM"fon« th* outfireak of a War - g*>ruTation« before — not after the call to arniK lutn Hounded. Gann n, menial and physUml. are alt-right, hut they are merely a scratch of paint on the l;ody l>oliti>-. You <-un beat Uu» worUI pi qy- of i lie A long, very narrow street, two rows of whtlwiuduHl »ti,»ne buiJd- 4 roof* are .alntoxt low enough to be touched by ttle extended hand, look* Invitlnu. Here are*tntpge kept by very hairy rnen. Their irrlnrtpnlly articles for the pei wan tx — Otrtrcoal RtuvvR. ropes, coarse e(Jtfon goods, rdmveltf, hoeM, fur and near-fur cap*, heavy tiool.t nhd"~ the like. A* HMO I.M>k» wltli Jnterext Into The painters ftni«»bed -the Job of pointing All tUe bufldlttjjs on Ihe John i;»-tB farm which give* it u very n**at appearance. The bnrti iK-iiig otiilt on the Enoch H»-eilp fnrnt in Well under way. The shingle* nearly all bfhiK laid. <!r4irt{e Hrown complit»f| bis jj'iraKfl and machine houi*e la«t week. Mr. .and Mrs. Frank Hcholl nml children nwde an over Kunduy visit ivitli friends* in.Frefpoit. The tv?ist Jordnn Mi»»lonnry society will meet with Mm. Charles fiatst Thursday,. Nov. 1. An alt day meeiinc, Itev. M. Wech-der, mf Hbee, Ind., vix- _ _ - •Snndiiy nnd Monday. Ml»» Ada iJecker KIlMtbeth Beach, of DIxoX I'luUwl Kat- unhiy ami Sunday at the C,'harlc« 1'arkn 1 it ml niece. home. Tin meeting* at Kant Jordan will tilf-Wrdnemluy Int. A good Imerent l» being aliown. C COLETA NEWS J ft burlike wh^re "kviitw," » HMH- «l«n drink made from fennented blaf'k bread but ln>li-nU-ulii:l|r, onA -nlfnoKt K^tK rjm over by n little" car made by tfie man ' Who tiiadi* tin* lVnre Party famoui*. In it were HuHxlun officers. launch nt iiu< .,offiot«rn* me** la the w»al break In tlte duy here. Only it Ing a game, but that isn'-t wiylnn you <-un beat the world at the world same. thi» J ^ KEEPING WARM. IN BED. The obJ^fiinhlomx! editor wwutu nev- ta anything;jplawjn hi* edltof- poflifci. flnaficliil'matter*, how iettt.lriim going to other party was similar "heavy" topics. ; It ;wa» no wonder, then, that n large I>*r&-nUge of bin renderji quit reading hUptulT. They wjvptcd matter-of-fact th«^loK« — Htuff, they, talk about around the tu- , in tbe and in Uio factorUit: we do not ttenltate for a tmfjnuto ln % "d»gradltur" «»ur august fd- Jtarlal colu,mn« with a consideration uf how la lyM&» wnito in a. cold l»-d, inaa- muoh an WA .know full wHI— without a p«r*oiuil )nve|}tfgutlon--that some bedii T cold ih«««w* chilly nights. g«t tho per«peotivft: Many go to sleep In cold r(«>m« and ,wlndow« opt;n_all nlKlu— aa evrybody ghoiild do 19 be heaJthy. §*jO warm up quickly jund^r aufcli.con- 4l^na, He upon tlio "l»iick. with th« b«^clotha« tucked up about the nt'fk . draw up and extend one othw, and keep thin up, /ee! up a^'iionr Uie trunk extending It a» the tlino this ha» y»iu muvt? ftiat be tn a glow, and t lie WUJ j^ i^^oy warm, and yyu go 19 ^Ui»p In « jiffy, ill? blood n* Ifift" Jra,w;n »way from th? ; to Uv«> niUbcleH and *ikin. In tht? of ffrBblo J>cr8«n«, they can do a CAUGHT ON THE FLY want* regtikyipn at tho foftd aupply. *ju»t like Gerinany," st tiffs .now cost morn in (Canada than l.n lierlin. And for that matter, thin lit true of tbe United State*, with .th*. exception of certain tablft luxuries, «uch as Rood jMirterhousft irtcak. When the average person rpfern to the thiiiK that niado Milwaukee tarnouH h* do«»»n't, a«i a rule, have In mind the wldo UHe of Its si-lvoo! buildlnK^. • Hut tie ejUKht to. IwH-auHO that In pIltUlIK .Milwaukee tn a claw with Uary. Ideal optlmifit Is tbc pro -elec- u tion forecaster. lH»t—4tt*»—»««»$-—ficnt-ral Alexleff to that. At 1;30 Kharp he 'enter* son the run, piisfv* rapiUly down a tanp of officer* MtnndinK at Mulute, nt-utn himxelf at hix table and the waiter* HALLOWE'EN PARTY,. The .1. . n. club- gave a Hallowe'en l»n"rt,v to their frimtliejt ,nt the Krnenl t'nicm-d home, TburHday evening. The home wan **i-ry prettily decorated. A« tho KueNiM Irrived they were met at the door by a Kboiit. a witch, a pumpkin kind a »pook and were escorted to tbe one of the r»x»m« t»y an features and ti.. wan thv trip through JUIIK! HurU-Hx. captain. One many Mights nnd furix»arin» *•,'»' <n>i. to nerv.e. . In 35 intitule** he runh e« tmt «Kaln. He wantew not n minute. Still one hax tlrne to lake a look around chewliiK as he iookH. Down the hall R way in Captain McOall. the nrit- ii<h attache, the dapperest one of all, There In the French lieutenant, .we'ar- Inu a tdack monocle; and n French captain who ban be«n twico wounded, ac- cordlnK to liiMiuna worn on bin uleeve. Theji tlioiv are tlu/ ll!'l«iuB attached. and Uhe Italian, the Scrbion. JapaneKe and 1'ortuRene. They ar<i all very HWe.ll in their -varioux uniforms ami for a few minutes one jjets the ''feelinK" that he in really at Army Headquarter* and that there really in u Krfvit world TIRES OF COMMISSION Buenos Aires Does $bt Like Being Ruled Like the City Of .Washington. By fharlea P. Hlewart. (United Pr*»H» "Staff Correspondent,) war jfjilnjf on, that there is* a mighty uroiH'ah coulition'r HuilUenly an onlerly hatuU you your cap and cane and yog timl yourwpif in the ntn.'1-t axain. Tir«d from morning ramhloM you hunt HometbiiiK more rentful to do and muldenly, u» you a klo»k. you m»y umoiiK an array of riewHpapcr* and periodlcnla .printed in and al»o KettltiK *,-our fortune ttild, "* A luncheon wax nerved. An enjoyable ev«nitm wan upctit by all. There being 48 prcxent, CELEBRATES BIRTHDAY,. I>r. and Mr«, ittdmei^ entertained 3." eveuiu,, <> f '\mtor of Un;ii" daujfhter, ,M1»H Kvrl>i. i tvelfth birthday. The cvcnuu; wiw »<i.,-nt by playing K»me*i and music. An elaborate hiiicheim wan uerveil. Miasi Kvelyn re- d>ived many lovely slft». TSISIACKAfiHY of ater anti §top lting Meat For a While If TfYowr Bladder TrftuWes v " 'ben you w«4« up with b, dull mlaery In the kjdjuay rt .giuH8 srally ineaua that you have been top much m*wt, t*ay«i a w*ai. vn authority. Meat fyrmu wic ac- hio i overwork^! ,th^ kidiu-ya in «&rt M» JUttur it litp Jthe blood ittU .-__ _ A propo«itlon is before the Argentine .UuenoM Alrcw to form of government, Hitherto the city ua« had a commission Kovcnimwit like Wutthluiiton. The'peoi»l«i are tired, however, of having their affair* regulated for them by Tbwy i>oint out that thin lias resulted in pillne up one irf iM .largest munlclpul dfebtw. rmudderhiK the- community'ii nlxe. In the world. It l« aii«> remarked that the attempt to wonotniw. by the. unauthor- iic«d withhuldlutf of p«rcentat;e« of lhi> city einploytttt waK«««. d« reMiilting in u w Merits of Mtrlke* by thu »*cftv- grave digger* and otlu-r of oily Tbe Hitutttlon more Irritating from a numerical Mtandpoint than one- in Wa»bliiKton, where a national population of about 100.000,000 dictate" arbitrarily u> a city of About WO.UOO, iu Argentina, a' total population yawr ipiwt wlli; it«»f, them. ' remov- , »tck headache,. di«- yuur wtomaeb »uura, tongue , and when the weather Is bad rheumatiy M» i» {Cloudy.- full ojf jMMJliaitsut, chuu- i often get «or«, water *calda and during tbe consult a gtiod. reliable phy- al oiivw or get. frmu your pbar- ^bout four ounce^of Jad Ki»lt»; tfbii^pooolui In (i £ I lisa °f water •« ^reak/atit lor a few d^j a m|u«y0 will then act flue. $§ iMalUi l<f .m^iit) from tin* iipftf aud iviitoii juice, cum bia. aud'hajti beett u»cd for I tu cltau mid wtitpulati.' $m?ys, »!»«» to iH'iUr«.llz" wcul«» |Ue «riiu« MO U mi longer . .. "iftlt* i» u life saver f»r n-uuUr It ix inc^pi-i^iw ,cai>iit>t of. approximately 7,«0f otM> make* fur w capUal with a JH»|«U Tin* u«w plan. If aqopt«d, will abolish the «xi»tinK comtnifiui'oir In 'favor 4if a utuniciiial council, lu b« eiuctfvl by the citi«en«. A^ ttiilaue leatura jof tbe p thtxt it ct>u(»r« the municipal . a pa)ier«backed volumn, with thin title. In Knglifh upon It. "The. adventures of Sherlock Holme* " It wa« a heresy, but 8herlw!k entertained till dinner time. After that came a ylnit to one of the jammed movie theatres and then bed. " ' TIBBOTT'S BOOT WHICH BEAT TUIFTS HjS JEST , Hy Ii. C. Hamilton, • (United 1'renu Stun* Correspondent.) New York. Nov. 8.— Dave Tibbott, who drop-|iicked a victory over the Tuft* jjoal in the recent meeting between Princeton «iul Tuft», turned in the be»t kick of bin nuim-whut brililutit kicking career "that afternoon, TlblHitt hati befit a member of the Princeton team a« a mibmltute back- Held jnan wince last tiea*mn and bus bee»-ii»etl -wlth-Ri-eat regularity «« a drop kicker when critical pt'riodx showed up. Iti the Tufts^-ame he had made several Ineffectual at tempts to put over « field goal, but had failed from dis- lunccK which appeared cuniparatlvaly «a*y, with 1 jUNt two mlnuteu Ipft ^-. for« time would be called Tibbott a^nin wan called on, and delivered with a perfect drive; from Ihe forty-Mix yard llu« .Ht'iidlnK the bail at ' least' 'thru*- Mr. and Mn», Clinton, ManniiiR returned home Friday evenlriK from a ijf we«-k«' viMit with rchitlvcM at Htorm ^i ke, Iowa. Mr. and Mr«. \V. 1'owcrs and two KniiidcblldrtMi, of HterliiiK, were KUruls P<irt of the week of Mr. and Mrs. Italph t»verJu»lMer. Misses ("race and Mary Auman, Nellie Hurli-Hs. Marybolle Getty and Kthft Here is an overcoat that any yoting man would be proud to wear. It in every line. You*H » •'. . • from, lU-erj* and Willie (Jetty wpt'iit Sunday at the M. NiiHbaum borne. Mr. and Mrx. Harvey JUirkey ttpeut Satunluy ut Clinton, la. Mix* Lettie Carwick IH vi»itinK with her sister. Mr«. Llzrle Ovfrho)ner in The IJberaJ rtuin'h olmerved llally Day Sunday, Oct. 2'Jth. Althougb tho day wow rainy, there was th« goodly number of log out. HAHNAMAN NEWS Walter Cooney and «untttr« matorcd Saturday and" JronsncU'tl "" "" ~ » " . like the many handsome are showing ; * $15 $17.50 $19 $21 $23 $30 • % . i Bradley-Boynton Ch. Co. Money Cheerfully Refunded We Ouarantee the Colors r TAMPICO NEWS J ft>rsiK«eiy mare than IS old Who hav»> lived in JHueiUM* ^A^^'«'^^ more than two year« If they art* married, to Argentine women, are pumit* of Argentine cliildrea or puy tuxos tu a Hut'Cilted utniiuiit. The plan 0ven mukyis tliew «'ll«ible to councillui«hit»» the age of 2fi, • following tbe rlvctiuti law, the idea IK »f to iiutk« the exercUe of the i* 4'<m*ideraW*"-<sritlci«tM. »f thl* ctau»f, dieirtijard of tbe iiaUunul ti.mpula.trj v.,.i;n« law, whicb provides, a penalty of tt'in pt*m>n or~S" tej - m o ui»u« uigiblea who to c»»t their lia|ii.t«, uuviiih proved i;t-ii.'n»l tliat the jails would not have Iwid ,tlu- ojf rndfiti ' if they had been " ' DATES FOR 1'iir HI., tty\i .«•; t 'id. ii«vt< r »i -I.T- -tr yvar bave bi-i-if an-. oiluwat 'Indiana (toil*, May JUIH- I', oiuulia. July 4. luly i^, !"»«« 4>ui.t, Julv "s. i'itt rs; Fr<»vi«f»tU'P.~7 i 'P!>T, lk. St-pt "M. Sp'-Jdw.iS 1 * »,- 1 1 H' i i"U in I'lal »ly Ii tila . feet ahuvv the vtu*n bar. It wna the lunfcOHt goal he ever made, The kick was just two yurdu more of a boot than ouv of bin regUtered a* year ugo lit the contest with* Dartmouth. lM»i year fibbott Mhowed up misbty Well ua u kicker. Uwidett lurnijiB in iiu« Th» lluhnaman teachcru who attended the iiiKtitutii at Dlxon returned horn* Saturday. .Mi»« Helen Drew" was an over Sunday visitor ut tho home of Her parent* at Tumjtk'o. John Dawiton and Cecil Kcefo, who >re tourinjj the western states for 'the past few weckti^luive returned home. Mb<x Kthcl DIH-IIIO was a week-end visitor at the luimo of her parent* in iiabuaman thin week, Kathryn lyeefe was » wilier In •Mitw -Ircae Uoiteh^e, teucher uf tlus the Insti- Champion Hctioo!, tute at Ulxou. Wl|l Olson made a trip to this weejc tu buy *to<jk. on li«in molur«a to Saturday, Advance, wcnwji au«u^«l.Ut# inittituw at pljion »t the Iftte Jacob Frank went up to Hock Pulls to attend the funeral. Th*» Mr. and M/n. Tracy daughter Hlta, of Hock %Vylle and and Mix BOYS FROM VENEZUELA Aro Being Educated in the Schools o tho United State*. (Hv 1'nited I'n-NfO \\'n«;hinc1o!i. «»>•!, »t>. t me Kluilclb Doherty^ and two NOIIH, of Ster- , inil | ^^,-n i,,,y« fi,,in Vi-neKiiela Hunday KUP*t* at thf Albert !i,;iv.. x,-ho|arMiip« in American ~ bundrw nov llool AJIen MathlB - . family * their hoUMhold goodo to l.yndmi tin- latter part 61 last week and will malie their horn*'.there. Allen butt a !><•- «ltIon in the elevator tliei f. , Mr, and Mr». J'rentnn hove of Princeton '\ ,.,,,,,,1,-y >,\i tin lr MUiileM. IT. S J.MiiilHter tn Wn«»s>.ucla i'reston Mi 1 lied today. iuodwiu bmuKht about the nil c tichol.irshipK - and in of fli« \:n;itti'H la till Uootlwiu of- th (•art this coiintr: •--—--• Hunday uiul jmveMiuatlm; the HUCCCKM of the plan upent ^h«> day wltt jwIatlvvM. ' j Ul . |,,. IU . V1 . H t! tt ai «o far toward im , Mr. and MnkN. RltenlHoii and ram>< t>mv t,, K n,,. iui.ti-i*l;iMdin£ between ily ure now Wloy1itg'*B furitiice which ,,|,,. i',,jii.ii st.iu-s.und V«-ne?.utdn. wa» recwnUy .inafaHM.'lt wa« a blrth-j "Heretoroiv. manv of the Bonn o da*- gift of th^luttei-^ nuHhcr, M^. < W ,,..,|,| IV L : ,I in .\iiuric,inf« havtv, re th» home. thlniis warm in their iiiulu-r t-dticution in Qer man anil I'Vcnrl) Hclmoltt and few have i nine tn tltiw country. This "Is one d; iontributiiiM IIIHHOH for Mr». Albert l«\»rri« had a birthday: SunUay and several of her frlt-ndM r.-i,,,,. ,„., ^ „,.„ membcrad her nicely in the way Of ,-,„„, m . r ,.j ; ,| u-LuLuis which po«tcanUi and behutiful flowera. coiintfle« hav.« lunl with Houth Mr. and Aim. tt. K, Allen ami Mr. i,. ;l lu , ht , ,, aii t. lu-cwiuiii of litU cou- ""'?..J* 1 . 1 , 1 *;...-^^'.™?*'x?...,""'i.i' j 1 . 1 .^.'?!'" 1 '""- ' I' 'Her a year ago to work „., ..«x» »««, ,...„ ... , ...,« •„„! ,, jjciniiiU'ship c>Mtein, with tfte !u»- here motored to tlie day ,to Bi-e the Mannlield. t'onn., rivef Hun- rather of Un- pji«»iblv from the continued wet weatlt- Try Saw For Ct«*n»ing Sy»t«im of Inf- ' Mild, Quick, Pl«a»«»t. way. in (hi' world to rUl tlu> «yj*iein of lUUi and irrliuiiujf po l(t\u(ufltwi. l.liut rheumatism >ii»tl ollu-r Ti y T«.«\. 'i'lf,V hUUt« llHliKH IltilVill luu i, v. Hiiits ii i> tiut iivi-r, un<i t'UMit>> oui (in* lunly .diutuagt*. Ini- 'dull, ill tlu* health. you ft-t'l uiul pn>wntsi . fui) of itul )uviltb> *'.uiy t«»r HwfrliH. bfew Wf8» jiume her »i iiooi ut Ajaboy wiu! attended the institute at Ui«^4ii HU» Xmjf, Corn husking: «w ' prog«ffi|* &bMly, »oTO» of the farmer* are through fiu»k» IUK already. Mitw Waters and Miiw I'otta att«njl- ed the iiwUtute wt Hixon .ViUJ WW* . Casper Ke4i«sen, uf ,Mi«tf»l8Ota, i>u.t turwutrl of thia place, came he^ Ihe other day. to visit friends and may stay here t$» luihi own for uwliik-. . Henry Lawff drove to.Tumplco Thur*- trunattcted Henry C'urran mui and' yi? UerT to l*t<«?r tlrove 1 tt> '« "» Tlu- b»«av> rain put a Ktup t«> the ;ui \Muk It-udiug tutu aitnipico froirt* tbe ceu-t. " • *!r. and Mru. Harry family 'ylnlted relativcH town Sunday afternoon. and in i'rophetH- Mr. arul Mr«. R M, l-'ox HIU! family ftrtfl Mrjl, M$»» visited relative*) and frit-inlH lit Tumpico and ON TH£ HOMg FOtKS. u*y r»ii»a J'n-iSH.) .* v.iiV tiepot In Ktiiiij: l'i ii.Ui' .1 new uti St. l*u..l tu it'i,).^!'!' (be «ilu> ciindi ti> tin- .v-i.U - {;(f nuttftiu.! Well-, »tit it i.f Kiniplrifd''" askfil n <•! t Mujiiuwas, .\ ,'It U*p unit KiiiB'T. U'-Ki.v t.»r M.»tK -or *»'« -ul.uh m <.| «MujiiuKvas. .\ • -«l au«' M^ • •»•« »•••*«« *""' ll *" '"~ tk-af»i»*. i-aiu-r f.if l^uli tU-i Uiih - l »,»»»'^i», h.-u-t j».rt« r bi-ie licau iu.lbin« fK" tu lli«- vvurtit X-tv^ luicK fcll.-t in.». Tiy 't'jis. ^',» '''T-V.-u nVui" i»,'i,.|n'-i" tiu-u- i'!i< a<i"y C.ompoumr ttlmli c«-s!,< nni\ ^.. •»;•"'_ THIS COLD CURE 'Tape's Cold Compound" cuds , a cold or grippe in a few hours, old will tireak and «H miwery end after la Mitt; a dtj*** 1 •*! "I'^-ifi-'H < f tiUi Cot»>l»ou«i«i" vv»-ry two bourn "until Ibrei ftit»v» wr«* t«k«-n. it promptly opeiw clogpcd-ui^ itti.-<- .ni pat-fdnt-N. IH ihc ku-a.i of til*' American consubj in /**Ai'ier correspoudfiiei* with 40J \nicrli an InsiauiiuiiM of lif^lier Icarn- iiiff, w<« reccivwJ fclioiarMhip nfTers . Woprt H4»t,v ii».>chaiK»" or - isiuu-!-.- t? >-ick bettdiU-ite. thiuat, .-n » d-iip 1 f<-v*«r- fr-uii lit) and th* Vt-iM'zueiaii govtirn- mcitt bus accepted 107 !*» far. The recipient* of the hchol:ir«hlp.s -are rlio^-fit hy-lli" tutliM-tfl 1 of public 111 M ruction. Tho HIW of Uenerut Oomess. plV>>iii>'ii(-«.|i'ct uf \'elie%llelu, 'now ill lii.s Mecond >car ut a Wu»t 'I'oint pre- purutury ticbool at Morrlstowu. N. 'J., in the holder of ouo ut them." "Amttnsf otheift. one iw iu the agricultural cAtlt>K>- «'f li>v,n l'nivt»r»ity. one >.tinl.v in;: »-i'-t ti-ical ciuUnet-ring at V\'a«tit|tiutoii fiiHcr.siiy. Ht. l.ojii*. a»~ «tib<-r t.»Kiiu: tin- >*.iuii % course ui; uec,ii" "iiiNtitufc. J'ijt?>hurirh, 1'a,, aiul MIJ,> ;tt Hi. .I'lhn's >UUt.iry Academy. Alill.l(:iilis. Md fivi. of tiu» wluilur- >hip wOiii'T.- aiii\rtt iu tills cuuut.ry in Septcmlii r "In iiil-liii"H in tile hi'liulurHhip of- il t»ll. St4l*M>l8 UlY i" JUIIUH men in"iu SouiiT Aiuci ii ,i v.u Ii year lit r«xn- ll'Clviut ,tll<) iUil!)>-l! l.i) UllllH, Thitt I.S !,rt' tin- |UU1>!<><' i>l ti'Ui'tlillK lllOll) MiicHcait i'li-siits** 1 and lu.'iniit'.n uu iliK "".\iuiiir.r l-hi- in-tiiutioiiii wbii Ii are • iKUIj; Un~ \\'i!t> i. I In- CnllcKi' of Uuiil- ,•«*>>>! Adiiiiut-<ii »!si>u ul l!i».-»ti*n I'uiviT' >sity 'will-h lii- H i* |M I .'i number of •vouHl '.Vuti I l> »>• -'ikliiils \vilh iixptirl- iic nud '»t) ••! ' ri'" lu u.i. s Temple ' nivi-iMl\. i't.t' >i< >)iltt',i. I'.i , it! cti'lii;.: he .-..uiji il.iii.* \hiii 11 .fdhiihOn. If >,I.ICtit Cl |..sJ>!wtll l.<MO)JU"it\ V ! - ; .-I- . i l_J'J_;_j!lJ- 1 » IW -,.r,th the He4hlehem Hteel Co.. has four HUeh apprenticeHhipN. fc'lve portlnK HrniH In New York have "It lit to>e htiped that the Maine plan w'ill !>*• developed for young 1 men from the other Mouth Amerlcjiii republics, Kvery man no educated and trained is to K<» back to hlH native I* ml for l*a RUN TP FIRE, NOt TO CHURCH. . flly .United I*re»i*,>*. JU, Nov. »,-- a'rohjiiitiif.n North Dakota. }« on record toduy an he- iitK naugltty Xorth Oatcnta. U doesn't-- necm to .lie vvorryitiK iMkoianfi either JiulK<* J. A. Coffey, Jame«town. ut tin* «tat»* f»rfi*byterran sj*rf6?!, <»p< 1 nly"aK- »erted tl|at if tbe church lH>H and tir«« b«4l nuiK ,at tbe Hunio~tlmc', NOtth l»a- kutaiiH WouM KO to tho ' lire.* MitVI" aluiws n^«» not <u|uij>|M>d With IjellH In Dakola. either, _ LADIES! SECRET Tfl RKEN GRAY HAIR Bring back color, gloss and , GraiiOina's recipe of Sage and •**•»•* "^ffj^« » %^»<** -«w " •• •',, SuIpRur, '" Common K^ti?off ( 9ft*« 4>rew^<l •envy tea, with uulj^iUir and alcohol, ulded. will turn gmy, streaked jwwt buir beautifully .dark and luxuri- tut. Mixing,' the ^U^n Tt^t uiui \it easier way 4s 4* Bei |ju« r« prt'parutioit improved by tlu'-.a^dl- u/ utlini 1 ingredients, i u»iim; about, I'liiw a li^r^^ but i lii, at drtt^i ntuurfi*,. iiiown UH "VVyi'tli'ai Hiu;t< and Hul|4uir iiini.l," iliu.H 'avoiding a lot ,o( uu** • " , ' J..' While gray, faded hair i« not Hlnfui, va uil- ilc«lrc to retain our youlbfui your hair with Wjvth'* ml Sujphur Coiniiuund, ut> uuc pan fll. biH'UlWe it d^ui?- 1 * lit *u nutur.'jtily, »o Vt'illy. YuU jUMl li;»UIJH'll U. KJKIJJ^tl r *<oCt Imialt with it tutd draw' U»». your hair, taking one at a time: t>y uioruin^ ail nirs bave tiihiipp^ir*<d. After Ppitcatiott or-twii inu»" hair fuutlfuily d.,nk'. Kl">*4y » j K- ~!.-TmrtriiT"f.'«fT,r -ft l-i>f u»t inl«-ndf.i tMt

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