Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on January 31, 1898 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, January 31, 1898
Page 8
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DAJLYPHAEOS MONDAY, JAN. 31. 1898. OITYNRWS. Whole codfish 4c lb.—Traut. Frank Braver, late of the Eeporter has located at Chicago. Born to Mr. and Mrs. King, of Eleventh street, a son. Sugar cc.red breakfast bacon 6c lb; salt bacon 5c lb.—Traut. John Holland, the plumber, has re- tuined from a visit at Marion. T. H. Simpson was down from Chicago Saturday visltlog his family. The young son of Mr. aod Mrs. Henry CalJl, of Miami street, is quite sick. See the new line of black petticoats at less than cost of material.—Trade H. Anderson their home re- at Palace. Mr. and Mrs. W. turned today to Marlon. Bessie Moone, daughter of Panhandle Conductor' Ed Moone, Is serl- onsly ill. Wesley Bussard, the letter carrier, is again en duty. He was sic* for »wo week!). Jackets at 50 and 66s per cent discount at our February clearance sale. —Trade Palace. Harry Baugbffiiin has purchased and taken possession of the W. S.H. Carter meiat market on Market street. Revival services are still In progress Wheatland street M. E each evening at at the church, 7:30. Jardineres— $2 ones »1.25. 8 and 9 lech glazed jardineres, 60c; 69c ones, 39o' tomorrow at the Trade Palace. - F H; SanJerson and wife, Miss Oolla Smith and A.. 0. Donald drove over from Peru 'yesterday and took dinner at the New Murdock. All members of Dlanna Temple No. 30 are requested to be present at this evening's importance. Flanegtn session. Business of M. of B. and E. Bebee, a local, HEARTILY ENDORSES The Idea of Naming Schools for Prominent American Hen and Women. Will Inculcate a Feeling *f Veneration ana Patriotism la the Minds <if War School Children. Editors Pbaros:— In Saturday's issue you speak of the agitation in some parts of the country in favor of chaog'ing the names of wsird. schools from numbers and streets to names of American patriots. I tun heartily In favor of it. It is especially desirable lid Logansport, as I shall endeavor- to show. When the large school building at Thirteenth and Broadway was completed in 1875, it was decided to call it the central school building, as it ontained the high school whose mem- >ers came from all parts of the city. l?he erection of the new bigb school building makes it no longer the central building. So far as nomoer ,f pupils or location is concerned it s no more entitled to that name tban the Westside building. Visitors nqulring for the central school are requently directed to the high chool. Then in regard to the Wesitside. The eight room building on Bates treet was known as the W«8tside chool, as the buildings on the North side and Southeide are known as the Northside and Southsldenchools. The Westside has grown rapidly, and we now have school in four separate buildings in that district, The folly of naming one of them the Westside school is now apparent. In time ither buildings may be built on the Nortfcjside and Southsidc, and the same incongruity will occur there. A school ought to have a name that ,tands for something. Children will ,,ake more pride in their school. Co name a school after the street it s situated on, puts it on the level of shop. We have the Sixteenth street school and one square away the Fif and James Mack, a tramp, were given ten days in the county jail this morning for Indulging in a plain drunk. The engagement of a prominent newspaper man. of the city and tne daughter of a prominent farmer is known to a few friends of the couple. C. O. Fenton, proprietor of the Times, has returned from his Florida vacation. Bis family will remain south until about the 15th of April. Mrs. T. H. Simpson has packed her household goods and will remove with her family to Chicago, where Mr. Simpson holds a position as conductor with the Pullman company. On next Sunday overling, at 'the Broud way Presbyterian cburch,Pastor BleclerwoU will preach to men only, on the subject of "The Modern Absalom." At the same hour, in the room below, another address will be delivered by a lady to the women. Ed Anderson, of east Broadway, •was given a pleasant surprise Safcur- ,day evening by bis relatives and friends. The Bflalr was occasioned by bis sixtieth, birthday anniversary. A splendid supper was served. Mr. and Mrs.W. H. Anderson, of Marlon, were among the guests. Miss Gertrude Holland, of Pleasant Htll, was very pleasantly surprised Saturday afternoon by a number of her young friends calling on her on the event of her 14th birthday. The afternoon was spent In juvanlle amusements, after which an elaborate luncheon was served. Postmaster Hanawalt has been no. titled that all letter carriers must re : new their official bonds with some surety company by the first of April, By this It appears that the govern- meat is giving tne surety companies 4 monopoly on the bond business nearly a>l of the local carriers have personal bonds. The town of Kewanna Is all torn up over the disappearance, Wednes day, of a Miss Cummlngs, daughter of the Unlversallst minister of that place. The girl had given birth to a child, and successfully resisted ever] effort employed by her father to ob tain from her the name of her be trayor. She took her babe with her Al Merrl&t, the Eastend plumber was stopped one night about two weeks ago at the corner of Market and Fourteenth street, not by robbers, but by two men who were evidently waylaying some fellow to give hlua a thumping. Finding that they had made a mistake the men excused themselves, and permitted Mr. Merritt to move on. Messrs. Hoyt & McKee have fairly outdone themselves In selecting the company to be seen here tomorrow nigh^in Hoyt's "A Stranger <n New York"," the greatest New^Yorfc success of tbe present year. Otis Har-i l*n, Win. Detere and Anna Boyd are some of the members of the exceptional oast. Every stick of scenery is carried by the company. The musical numbers are all new and the lines are all witty. There Is a boat of pretty girls, and the production Is given under the personal dl" faction of tbe firm, which stands at ttos Head of comedy producers. teenth street butcher ieachers and pupils at street school would much prefer the name of the Grant school or the fackson school. For my part, j I jhould like to see the scbools rechrle- tened. I suggest that the school board give tbe question consideration and tbat the people of the city interested in it urge the change. A. H. DOUGLASS. A Surprise Wedding. John P. Wehster, the Market street jeweler, left today for Mt. Yemen, Ohio, where, on tomorrow 1 , he will be united in marriage to Mfss May McFarland, a prominent and highly respected lady of that city. Tee couple will arrive here Monday and go to housekeeping in Mr. Webster's apartments over his store. This announcement will no doubt surprise Mr. Webster's many friends. Walden Has Sold Got. The stock of the Waldea boot 'tind shoe store was sold today to Sidney Kauffman,of the Otto shoe and clothing-company. Mr. Walden Is ua- declded whether he will re-engage lin business here or elsewhere. shop. The the Eighth CHICAGO MlEKKTS Recehed Dally bj IV. W. Milner, at 6. A. R. Building. Chicago, Jan. 31, 1868 Wheat—For May opened at 95J @96c; high, 96}c; low, 94|c; closed at 94£c. Wheat—July opened, 85i@85|e; closed, 85jc. Corn—For May, opened, 29&@29}c; high, 29J@29£c; low, 28ijc; closed at 28Jc. Oats—For May, opened, 24@23Jc; high, 24Jc; low, 23}@23-Jo: closed at 23 Jo. a. Pork—May opened, S10.00; high, $10 00; low, $9.87; closed at 19.90. Hogs—Receipts of hogs 40,000. Eti- raated receipts for tomorrow 30,000. DID NOT WANT HIM. A Member of the Republican Central Committee Says Dr. Powell Was Baled Oat. A member of tine Republican ceo- ral committee said to a Pharos re- jorter that Dr. Powell was diliber- itely defeated for chairman of the new committee. 'We had it all arranged, before he committee met, to defeat Powell." heaaid. "The young men of tbe jar-ty want new blood," he Mutinied. "We had thirty-nine votes >ledged for Moss. He was put in lominatlon wbeu nominations were ailed for, and before the otber, fel- ows knew what we were doing,, a motion was made that the nomina- lou of candidates beclosed. A good many voted 'No' on this motion, but we carried it and then moved tbat doss be elected by acclamation. This motion we carried, too." "Were there any other candidate!!," we Inquired. ,. "Yes Dan Tomlinson wanted It ind Ben Campbell was willin 1 , but ihey were^no more satisfactory to ibe young men on the committee ,han Dr. .Powell. WeUl show chose ild stagers a trick." '" It appears from secrets now teak- ng out that the Republicans wure not at all-pleased wltb Powell's mun- agementof the last campaign. He was intrusted with a pile of. money, ,bey claim, and tbe only place that fwas used with any effect was a-non*? the Italians at Kenneth, and Powell got but little of the credit for J;he dirty work tbat was doneiacorfaling these poor ignorant people. Besides t is now alleged tbat a good part of jhe money promised these poor people was kept by those who agreed tCK pay them. They were tricked, ana as most of their votes were illegal -they could not kicK. Tbe Pharos learns also from good authority that Powell offered the-gold Democrats a part of the corruption tund and that they scornfully refused it. Since Powell Is out there are all kinds of stories of mismanagement in circulation, and an effort is now being made to defeat him for postmaster on these grounds. SCRAPS OF NEWS. heavy, 13.80® 7.0; light, Mixed, $3.70@3.92; I3.SO; rough, »3 _ _ $3.65@I3.85. Market steady on hogs and cittle. Curb, 94j@95c;',.< puts, 93|-|-Jc; calls, 96H@96; Officers'Heeled. At the Regular meeting of Logansport Association No. 4, National Association of Stationary Engineers, held yesterday, tbe following officers were elected for the.ensning.year: President—F. A. Updegrafl. Vice President—T. J. Godfrey. Treasurer—A. J. Baltsell. Conductor—John Mowrey. Secretary-C. C. Custer. Tiustees—F. A. Updegraff, Mowrey and Charles Barren. John Tolunteers of America. This evening a special gospel serv ice will be conducted at the Volun teers' mission, 313 Third street New and original songs and choruses will be sung. A lady evangelist wil address the meeting. The public are cordially invited to attend . .Ad mission free to all meetings. Official facsimile ul Medal Awarded DR PRiCE'S CREAM BAKING POWDER JACKETS '-B CAPES 12 OFF 12 OFF i $ From Former Prices. Profits no Longer a Consideration. Our Tremendous Stock forces us to make this Great Reduction. lUHiT THIC CAIC MEilUCf It means that you can buy a -v WHAI 1H15 3&Lt IHbANa! Cloak here at just tf Off of?i former Prices. Either Jacket or Cape. Don't let this chance slip by. Our loss, your gain. Come in and see. ' ! THE GOLDEN RULE. PLUG STATICS flas the Original Name of the Tewn of Onward. Old settlers say that the original name at the town of Onward, la Tipton township, was "Plug station;" thatic was burdened with that cognomen by a preacher named Surface, a brother of D. M. Surface, of this city. It was when tbe first train Jon the Panhandle road passed through there that Rev. Surface, who resided in the: neighborhood, got aboard for the purpose of ascertaining just how far he could'ride for 25 cents. The train was made up of flat cars,and the engineer made good time,. It rained bard and Mr. Surface battled with elements', his only protection being a big plug ha,t.-;. He was put off-.at Marion, and as-the distance back ,tp. his home was.top far to walk, he decided to get on the next train and ride back. When it arrived he dia- covensd that it was a freight train, just like the one he had just left, and still it rained.["he conductor did not notify the engineer to atop,: so Mr. Surface was >rought Into Logansport. The next ,rain that went east took him hack lome. He wanted the railroad com- jany to name the line after him, but iis request was not granted. However, he was determined to name something, so he called the little village Plug Station. Of late years the people have sidetracked tne name and called the place Oa ward. Relating to tbe Railroads and Their Employees. ' The Wabash still has ninety carloads of new rails to unload and_^ the men are being kept at'It until finished. The work of laying the rails is not expected to reach here for about a month. East-bound * freight shipments from Chicago Jor the week ending Januaryf 27th ^amounted to 69,786 tons, agalnss 8^,369 tons last week, nnd 69,539 a year ago. Of this the Panhandle secured 9,174 tons. The Wabash has received advices that the Carnegie works have jusl started 2,500 tons of eighty-pound isteel rails on their way westward for the Wabasb company. This wll make 3,500 tons delivered to the eastern division of the Wabash this seison, or about 10,000 for the entire system. Mail service on tbe Wabash is beyond all former conditions and it baa lately been necessary to order an extra crew on day and night time, as the mail is too heavy for the smaf number of clerks. The men have re ported for duty and soon it is expect ed that tbe trains going through Logansport will be carrying a double crew of mail clerks. The railway yards in Chicago pre sent a novel scene nowadays. On either side and between tbe tracks are great mounds of snow, •gtving.-the yards the appearance of a number of ditches, at the bottom of which are railway tracks. The recent storm was the greatest In the way of snowfall witnessed by Chicago in the past quarter of a century. The Weather. Fair and colder tonight: Tuesday fair. The Logansport Oonsfiructlon com~ pany furnished the structural steel WORLD'S FAIR, CHICAGO, 1893 for the »ew Mordock hotel ' Spilled Milk. Jacob Mlnneman, tbe milk dealer, .eft his team standing in front of tbe residence of a customer near tne Wabash depot, this morning. Something frightened the horses and they ran away. The wagon was upset but not damaged to any great extent, but Jacob had to drive home after another supply of milk. Measles and mumps have greaitly disturbed the Kewanna schools, even the teachers being disabled. They Were Surprised. Last Saturday was the fifteenth anniversary uf the weddiag of Mr. and Mrs. Will Thompson, a'very decrying couple who reside on North treet, a few doors east of Seventeenth. A large number of their riends arranged to surprise them, and at a little past eight o'clock last Saturday evening a party of ab;ut fifty persons carrying presents and weil -Slied baskets of provisions emerged from the residence of Richard Barcws and took up their line of marea fo the lomeofMr. and Mrs. Thompson. Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Justice had gone on before to hold tae family at home until the surprisers could comei. Mr. Thompson had gone away and did not know that his domicile had been invaded until his return home later in the evening. Tbe evening was very pleasantly passed in social intercourse, and at a ImLtna.Gtila.te Is the mark of the gentlemi We keep vour linen as it shotM be. We do the work quickly iimi as -well as modem - machinery, pure s6ap and good workmen «au do it A postal brings our w&g»» Both 'phones 110, Marshall's laundry, 608 Broadway. Don't Wait But come now betore sizes are broken in Shoes and get your Choice of any Shoe in our Stor FOR &1 TA CASH $3.50 This iBclndes Leather Lined Box Caif, Enamel, Patent Leather, Vici Kid, and Wlrter Tans. AJ1 tke Latest Style Toes and Best makes in the country. Stevenson & Klinsick. 403 Broadway. Can Suit You in Style and Prices. late hour a bounteous supper was partaken of by tbe surprisers. Tbe wortdy couple were presented with number of useful and beautiful oreaents. Perfect au Organization. At a, meeting of tbe representatives of tbe claimants to the Ball estate,held at Indianapolis Saturday, J. E. Button, of tbis city, was elected historian of tbe organization. An executive committee was appointed". with instructions to make a thorough investigation of affair*, and If the estate is aa represented, then tbe many heirs will attempt a collection and division. Bread Scattered. One of tbe teams of Frank Oroh, Twelfth street baker, ran away o«;. Toledo street obis morning. Tk* wagon w&ei badly damaged and the contents, consisting of bread, cakti etc., scattered about. TAXES FOR 1897. VTOT1CE Is hereby given that the Tax Duplicate for the State and County Taxes 1'or 1W «n IN now in my hands, and that I am now ready to receive the taxes thereon cttaupxS. The following- table shows the rate of taxation on each one hundred dollar* worthjl property, and also on each poll in the several townships and corporations to Cam county, ]M.»' for the year K»7. ; RAXKOKS'CBMMb TOWNSHIPS. Boone Koyal Centre. Harrison Bethlehem Jefferson. ! Noble I Clay Adams Miami Logansport Eel. ! Clinton Washington... Tipton WaltOn —irri Deer CreeK Jackson., • In addition to the above, there is cDanred to each person owning keeping or 1 within the county, on! male dog. f 1-00, one female dog. & 00;.and <^b addmonafdOfr. & The taxes as above stated, can be paid at the office of the County Treasure^ to «£ <Sf or Lofnmsport, until the pj rs t Monday in May, 1898, Witioutpe ' 1 * ttr - EXTRACT FROM THE STATUTES OF INDIANA, That each person or tax payer charg-ed with tapes on a tax duplicate In the hand* at a county treasurer may pay the full amount of such taxes on or before the flret.Monday Jn Mar ormayat hisoption, pay one-half thereof on or before tbe said first Monday In May, andtherSalnto?one?balf onTor before the first Monday to November, in the manner pi»scribed w. All road tax^s to be added to the first installment- the first Monday in M.y. the taiee for ^^^ Md chaTgee on delinquent tueji*- sulttoK from any omission of the person paying to state definitely on what property, in whew name and in what township or corporation it was assessed. - P^nVowin? detoqSent tax^ should pay them at once. The late lawtejrfwjcl > •.character that there is no option leit the T;easurer but to enforce the collection** delinquw* «».,-.. "Tbe £££S& of 7ro~peSy~ in the first day of April shall be conridewd.*! tbe. on that day.—SBC. 103. EBThe Treasurer is compelled by law to charge the penalty on;ttJfe« allowed to ma _*{•• llnqulnt. Tajrpa^kwparticularly notified tbat»!l tbe road tax is doe and-.p«y«bJe .wl* S^flm toftSlment Koad receipts will not be received In payment of second Installment «* taxes. Colmey orders will not be cashed to any one owin# delinquent taxes, ana aiiperMMM* warned against purchasing such orders. PARTICULAB ATTENTION. Tax payers should examine their receipt* and change before le«vta<f the Treasure!'* «#• fir* anriR«> UiHTthpv are correct. Those TOO have landi or otber property ID more tlMBMf ^SbipfmSt «*tbat tiieyharea receipt ooverlnyaU, H your receipts <to not m«*« Dereonalpropertjr-orallof yosrre&lestMe the tai JB not paid. ^t-iriies coring^Dltch Tai must be prepared topay the same, ai it will to delinquent, i penalty and interest and is collectable as otiier laxe*. ,, Jan. 1.18*8. ISAAC N. CASH, TKBA*UKBB CUM Couvxr, I*». \

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