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A22 Saturday Marc A22 Saturday March 20 1999 to- FROM PACE DUE The Sacramento Bee dr flaufficleril Case turnet over authorities in Tut lurrine turi ''t in Carole Carrington left Carole Sund's mother and Jull Suncrs grandmother is comforted Friday by Fhr us Johnson of Modesto out- side the Ho liday Inns John2 son a COM-' mend center wears a T-shirt with photo graphs of the Sunds and vine Pelosso Bee photograph Chris Crewel! Bee photographKim Johnson A crying student reflects after news spread Friday at Eureka High School that two bodies were found in the torched rental care 1111TRAGI RN1ICTRIMISA2eEARANC Sierra Villager elLong Barn 1 TUOLUMNE las COUNTY 1 El The women's car is Yr- 01 found ThursdayTwo Sonora bodies are discovered in the trunk Friday 49 -t i Sacramento-5r- I ---20 miles 49 5 108 AC 1 99 Yosemite '-1 i14' National pOeSto Park El Portal VII 120 20 miles MARIPOSA COUNTY 5 miles El Portal 140 Continued from Speaking at al bnefmg under veiled the sunligh Ranger Station it tional Forest Mai discuss the possi the remains Bt doubt that the vie the missing travel "Obviously we third victim but 1 anyone yet" said Family member ed and dazed by en Carole and Fra heads of a promir estate family ren to with Silvina Jose and Raquel I ba Argentina TI known one anoth decades and Silv the end of an ext the Sunds when 4 "I can't imagir 1 A person would do this" Francis Car etly In the aftermat news the Carrin sos tried to cord "We have shared tears" said Carob The Pelossos most of the day I strong family" i "But no f4 enough to cope like this" In Eureka et Carrington Co SE husband Jens 1 three adopted through 14 had sion after hearing I At the family ygere set on a cha a child's notebool Scrawled on the i tors please open a Please leave thanks No mel written by Frida) 4 i 4F One of the ch had earlier vnitt her mother that shared with repo "Each day tha part of me has gr poem reads in I never to return pm gone too" The families' Friday at the 1-14 desto which bee in the case aflA wallet turned ur near the hotel the trio's disapp( In a makeshil thr" at the hote for weeks have posted fliers ar reporters from and beyond br they learned oft "It was shoe break" said Car wore a T-shirt ir faces of the th words Help Us Ones "But we'l gether There is still out there find her" Another volut said he has cot Pelossos and Ca ly since he star Continued from Speaking at an briefmg under veiled the sunlight Ranger Station in tional Forest discuss the possible the remains But doubt that the the missing travelers "Obviously we third victim but anyone yet" said Family members and dazed by Carole and beads of a prominent estate family with Silvina Jose and Raquel Argentina The known one another decades and Silvina the end of an the Sunds when 4 "I can't imagine person would do this Francis In the aftermath news the Carringtons sos tried to comfort We have shared tears" said Carole The Pelossos most of the day strong family" "But no enough to cope like this" In Eureka Carrington Co husband Jens three adopted through 14 had after hearing I At the family yiere set on a chair a child's notebook icrawled on the tors please open' leave thanks No written by Friday I 1 One of the bad earlier written her mother that with "Each day that part of me has poem reads in never to return pm gone too" The families' Friday at the which in the case after wallet turned up near the hotel the trio's In a makeshift at the hotel for weeks have posted fliers and reporters from and beyond they learned of "It was shock said wore a T-shirt faces of the words Help Us Ones "But we've There is still out there find her" Another volunteer said he has come Pelossos and since he started oc rV o- 41b one who knew where to put that vehicle" he said speaking deliberately and appearing shaken The Carringtons have offered a $50000 reward for tips leading to the arrest and conviction of a suspect Anyone with tips or information about the case should phone 1-800435-7883 Federal state and local agencies will continue assisting the FBI Maddock said but lead responsibility for the case will be turned over to the Tuolumne County Sheriff's Department and District Attorney's Office for investigation as a double homicide Sheriff Dick Rogers said searchers would map out a grid around the car which was found by a person whose identity authorities have not released in a sloping wooded area about 100 yards off Highway 108 between Sierra Village and Long Barn He asked reporters and the public to stay out Juli Sund and seen Feb15 in Yosemite National Faik Eland Sund NA and Si Ivina Pe losso are last seen at the Cedar Lodge In El Portal on Feb15 roe VaUcY yose Yoserniten Village IP Feb 16: Fail to show up for afternoon-appointment at University of the Pacific in Stockton That evening miss rendezyouawith rest of family at San Francisco airport 11 Feb 17: Reported missing in the evening by Jens Sund Carole's husband Sund says he called law enforcement from Phoenix nearly 24 hours after missing their airport rendezvous IP Feb 18: Search begins for car and women Jens Sund arrives at Cedar Lodge to join search OP' Feb19: Sund says he searched along mountain roads in the Stanislaus National Forest coming within 20 miles of the spot where the car is later found Carole Sund's wallet and credit cards are found in Modesto lb March 10: Jens Sund's comment that his "worst possible fears have come true following the arrest of an El Portal manort an unrelated charge spurs speculation on a possible break in the case 0 March 18: The women's missing rental car is found burned and abandoned about 100 yards from Highway 108 six miles" from Twain Harte March 19: The FBI reports finding two bodies in the trunk of the car as yet unidentified A third victim has not been- found The discovery of the car WEIS tie talk of the breakfast table' at Donuts-N-Stuff in Sierra Village Most awoke Friday to helicopters circling overhead and police lape flares and a caravan of mediUatellite trucks lining the scenict1Tlane highway that runs through their normally quiet commun'ity Diners debated whether the car was torched and abandoned jay a local familiar with the sloping tree-covered terrain or by an putsider who wanted to dump the evidence far from where the trio 'of women may have been slain But all agreed that serious crime in the area is rare "Most of us moved up here to get away from this kind of thing" said one retiree from Francisco Bay area who declined to give his name Bee staff writers Peter Hecht and Pamela Martineau contributed'O this report 6- I Coast town itte mart 1Iation on ing renta ted about MileS714 nding two yet ot i ett BeEtraphic I a ii SI a t4 page Al outdoor news high clouds that at the Mi-Wuk Stanislaus Na Maddock refused to identities of he left little victims were two of have hope for a we haven't found Maddock seemed shocked events Francis Carrington Eureka real remained in Modesto Pelosso's parents Pe losso of Cordoba families have for nearly two was nearing extended visit with the trio vanished what kind of something like Carrington said quietly of the horrible and Pe los one another a lot of hugs and Carrington were in seclusion "They are a very Carole Carrington family is strong with something employees of the said Carole Sund's and the couple's children ages 10 gone into seclusion of the bodies home flowers by the door by A message was front: "To our visii Inside it read any messages messages had been evening children Gina 13 a poem about family members reporters in Modesto you are gone a gone with you" the part "If you are it will seem like pain was palpable Holiday Inn in Modesto became a focal point Carole Sund's on a busy street several days after disappearance "command center" volunteers who answered phones accommodated across the country broke down when the bodies tears heartbreak" Candida Lowrie who imprinted with the threesome and the Find Our Loved got to stick together one beautiful lady waiting for us to Bob Tinkey to think of the Carringtons as family coming to the ENCCZE Statue of limitations The Academy Awards will be presented Sunday night with 'Saving Private Ryan" and 'Shakespeare in Love" considered the leading contenders for best picture Bee movie critic Joe Baltake puts pencd to ballot box and picks the major winners IN TOMORROVVIS t-: I i)) trz ofrp I to 4 a I 14 10 Statue The Acader be presente with "Boob and 'Shah( considered contenders Bee movie puts penc1 picks the 711 co the leading contenders for best picture Bee movie critic Joe Baltake puts penc1 to ballot box and picks the major winners considered Modesto Bee photograph Silvina Pelosso The trio were last El Portal Investigators seek evidence Friday amid the burned remains of the rental car of Carole Sund Si 11 ti iin 1 ii tt 4 a 1 i ri4 1 I i I 'a tI -1 1 't 'v 4 1E 1 i 1 11 $tglOpr0 Ava Id esto cc-nS1 Mo ei ci 3 108 i 61 0: 02t I VI Carole ca Sund's I wallet found Feb19 Bri 1 DEIUUSII! le Ap Orangeb rg Ave smore ail 1 '9' (SI CI 01 col 9 eedham St Chronology' of events Feb 12: Carole Sund Juli Sund and Silvina Pe losso fly from Eureka to San Francisco Rent car and drive to Stockton for the night 'A Feb13: Attend event for Jull's cheering squad in Stockton Drive to Merced and spend night is- Feb 14: Drive to El Portal check into Cedar Lodge 10 Feb 15: Visit Yosemite National Park return to El Portal for dinner at the lodge restaurant Seen leaving about 6:30 pm Source: Associated Press Bee news services said Friday that they had seen the three women in the area alive and well on Feb 16 Authorities did not comment on the reports Duane Reynolds of Sierra Village acknowledged that the slaying of the victims was "spooky" but downplayed speculation that the crime was committed by a local resident who knew the area "The car wasn't dumped that far off the road" Reynolds said "Anybody driving through here with even the slightest knowledre of the area could have pt tha' car in a place where it woul 'aft 1 a found until the snow melted" Only police officials were allowed near the car 'hich was found near a dirt track bout 100 yards off the highway But residents said the area was often used as an illegal dump They said an open fire would not be suspicious because many in the sparsely populated area burn their trash SETTING rington Co Sund worked their workday "At this is alive" Carole to And for School on "I don't these things Herrera more what that of the area and to obey roadblocks which restricted passage on a half-mile stretch of the highway to local residents and skiers headed to or from Dodge Ridge Ski Area Friday's horrific discovery sent chills through residents of Sierra Village and Long Barn twin hamlets of about 200 people each that straddle the 5000-foot elevation on Highway 108 The rustic communities are home to many retirees from the Central Valley and the San Francisco Bay Area as well as residents who staff a handful of gas stations restaurants and hotels that serve skiers in winter and hunters and anglers in summer "It really makes you worry about the welfare of your own family" said Carol Reel of Long Barn "My son was just up in that area near Lyon's Lake fishing recently It's really scary" A couple of local business people center weeks ago "I get two or three hours of sleep at night at most" he said "I can't sleep I just keep thinking about those ladies" Tears flowed as well in Argentina where the case has garnered intense media coverage Friends and family gathered Friday at the Pelosso family home in Cordoba "We had a service this afternoon at the church" said Querellano Silvina's cousin "There were many many people there There was a sense of hope But it's been difficult of course For us it's been very difficult "We have faith We have a lot of faith We just want to know" Maddock surmised that those responsible for the kidnapping or carjacking and murders of the women are no strangers to the area and he asked for further public help in finding them "This is going to be someone very familiar with the area some played You've sucked them up in your vacuum cleaner Now you can visit those colorful plastic blocks at Legoland California's newest theme park Bee Travel Editor Janet Fullwood takes a look Eureka: Sorrow ripples through North ltittIC THIVEL Lt4 '4411 1-111 Continued hl TRAVEL Continued Laegomantaz Legomanial I I I 7 rou ve ntavea wun tnem You've with them I a You've stenned on them You've stepped on them A-4 the family business where Carole said employees chose to finish after hearing the news point we hope maybe the third one said Downs "I just keep waiting fpr pop up at the top of the steps" the teenagers at Eureka High the cusp of adulthood the disappearance and violence wrought confusion'' really remember when I was little happening very much" said Jpfisica a junior "They seem to be llappening and more now and I don't know means" 1 1 1 go from page Al In 1997 junior Karen Mitchell disappeared from a city street the week of Thanksgiving Despite an intensive search by the FBI no sign of the young woman has been discovered "In the last 16 months this is kids two and three" Embertson said of the trauma of helping his campus of 1850 students deal with classmates' grief "The students are angry because (Mitchell's disappearance) didn't get that kind of media coverage" said school counselor Cherie Zygaczenko "They're wondering why" Zygaczenko and counselors from other schools were brought in to be with students throughout the day Sorrow rippled throughout this North Coast town of 27000 on Friday Citizens stood in front of television sets at the Bayview Mall scouring the evening news for one more tidbit of information in the mystery that has gripped the city since mid-February "It's just the three of us when we travel too" Eureka resident Cheryl Lynch said pointing to her two daughters ages 17 and 15 "It's scary and we don't go out of Humboldt County" At Ichabob's Billiards bartender Lynne Miller said most everyone around town has been talking about the discovery "I don't think it's really surprised them at this point" she said "They expected bodies to be found" "It's been the topic for months" said pool player Keith Waldron "But I don't know if many answers will ever come of it" Life went on Friday as the line of cars snaked up to the front gate of the Catherine Zane Junior High School for the regular basketball game Kids chased each other on roller blades and parents sat quietly watching over their offspring "Actually at this point now we're able to come to some sort of closure" said Steve Wilson who coached Juli Sund in soccer when she was in seventh grade "She was filled with life and I remember her that way rather than as a victim of crime? Deborah Downs the controller at the Car IT $4b Accuracy is a fundamental of journal: ism It is The Bee's policy in this standing feature to promptly acknowledge errors' Mistakes should be called to the atten- tion of the editors involved by calling (916)321-1001 -4 P1 1 I I i 1 4" fie.

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