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Metropolitan Pasadena Star-News from Pasadena, California • Page 12

Metropolitan Pasadena Star-News from Pasadena, California • Page 12

Pasadena, California
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Pulpit end Pew Rites Planned One Week More For Society of Artists Show By ELEANOR MIXTURX JAMES These mild paragraphs are going to seem pretty much milk toast, minus as they are the exciting acidity of more able reviewers adept at the devastating mordant But anyway they are earnest, enthusiastic remind- Study Circle Meeting Set The association of Universalist Women of Throop Memorial lived since 1936. Services will Church, Study Circle, will meet 'be held at the Ray Woods Mortu- for Mrs. Tebow Funeral services will be held tomorrow at 2 p.m., for Mrs. Olive Oneal Tebow, former Pasadenan who passed away March 19 at Long Beach where she had Fraternal Notes 1 307,000 Books Lent I to Jail Inmates J6SSI6 bDear More than 307,000 books were Night Due Jessie Spear Night" will be, held at the meeting of the East Pasadena American Legion Aux iliary, tomorrow, at the Legion Clubhouse, 179 North Vinedo Avenue. Members of the unit wiP honor Mrs.

Spear, president of the Eighteenth District American Legion Auxiliary, when she1 or similar weighty tomes are loaned to county jail inmates and residents of 21 other count! institutions last year, it was revealed today by Miss Violet Tapper, library supervisor in county institutions. Music, poetry, politics and body building rank high among literary interests of jail inmates, she disclosed. The sun seldom sets on a day in which Bacons Essays." Thomsons Outline ot Science," Aristotles Politics," PASADENA STAR-NEWS Monday, March 21. 1949 Clinic Auxiliary Head Active One of the hard working volunteers of the Huntington i Memorial Clinic Auxiliary over the years has been Mrs. U.

A. Hammett, who after serving twice as program chairman for the organizations annual benefit has filled the post of public relations chairman this year. Publicizing tomorrow nights sold-out benefit attraction. The First Piano Quartet at the Civic Auditorium has occupied much of her time. Proceeds go toward support of the weekly Tumor Clinic at Huntington Memorial Hospital, where Mrs.

Hammett has served in a voluntary capacity. Last summer while in the East, Mrs. Hammett represented Huntington Memorial Clinic Auxiliary at the national hospital convention. She also is a member of the Tumor Clinic Standing committee. requested, shp said.

The supervisor, a veteran of 23 years with the County Public Library, said that readership of the books far exceeds the withdrawals. When a book is makes her official visit to the unit. Mrs. Jean Remick, unit presi dent, wi" preside at the mee: ing. Mrs.

Gladys McCreary, Com munity Service chairman for the ary, 166 North Marengo Avenue, Pasadena, conducted by Rev. Donald T. Hansen, pastor of Bethany Lutheran Church. Mrs. Tebow was born July 29, 1861, at Roane County, West Virginia.

She was the widow of Henry F. Tebow, a pioneer carpenter in Pasadena. She, with her husband and three children came to Pasadena in September, 1902. She is survived by a daughter, Vera Weigand of Long Beach; a son, Walter Tebow ot Pasadena; five grandchildren, Virginia Anderson and Frances Vail of Pasadena, Arthur Albeck of Coronado, Earl Brooks of Alameda and Stanley Brooks of Long Beach; also eight great grandchildren. in Throop Hall Thursday, at 3 oclock.

The study of Universal-ism in Action will be continued. Tea will be served at 4:30 oclock. Hostesses for the tea are Mmes. Katharine N. Ruebel, Ada F.

Stillwell and Miss Frances Sage. CHRISTIAN SCIENCE Truly in vain is salvation hoped for from the hills, and from the multitude of mountains: truly in the Ixrd our God is the salvation of Israel. This declaration from Jeremiah was the Golden Text of the Sunday Lesson-Sermon on Matter in all branches of The Mother Church, The First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston. Mary Baker Eddy wrote in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures; Our Master treated error through Mind. He never enjoined obedience to the laws of nature, if by these are meant laws of matter, nor did he ens As good foils for the local scene midwest floods, the Nice market place, Mardi Gras in France.

The Three Ws The late William Ritschel, N.A. Carmel landscape painter always said that whatever a canvas is or is not its got to show evidence of what he called. Wim, wigoi and witality." This goes jus: about 100 per cent for the cur rent show of the Pasadena Society of Artists which closes the 27th So hurry! CHAT INTERRUPTED TACOMA, Wash. U.R) Harold Schaffer, 36, was walking across the street talking to a companion, w'hen he slipped on something. The companion turned towards Schaffer to make a remark but Schaffer had disap peared.

He 'was treated at a hospital for back injuries suffered when he fell dovrn a man hole. unit, will present a special pro-' charged to a man in a cell and gram for the evening honoring community service. Children of the East Pasadena Youth Center wall present a skit The children are under the di members to be present to con rection of Mrs. Lila Sheffey.dra fer the First Degree on a class matic director for the Depart-'of candidates. There will be re Second Lieutenants Needed by Army freshments served.

Noble Grand Robert Graham will preside. Sewing Club M. and M. Sewing Club of Re bekah Lodge No. 121 will meet Wednesday rd the I.O.O.F.

Hall, 175 North Los Robles Avenue. ment of Recreation. Following the meeting, refreshments will be served with Mrs. McCreary and Mrs. Carrie Cowdray as hostesses.

Ataban Shrine Artaban Shrine No. 5 will hold Procurement of second lieutenants for active duty is to be continued, M. Sgt. Clarence J. Berreth, Army and Air Force recruiting chief in Pasadena, announced today.

Sergeant Berreth informed spiritual law instead of material. ALUMNI TO MEET Pasadena Religious Science Alumni will meet tomorrow at use drugs. There is a law of God' 8 p.m. at the church, 277 North applicable to healing, and it is a El Molino. a stated meeting tomorrow at Luncheon will be served at 12:30 Masonic Temple, 200 South Eu- pm.

Those attending are re clid Avvenue. Emilie Savage, worthy high priestess, and J. Everett Culp, watchman of shepherds, presiding. Shrine birthday party will be held. Chairmen will be Netie Palmer.

Nellie Kastberg and Ruby Dur-rua. Lamanda F. and A. M. Lamanda Park Lodge No.

G27. F. and A. will hold a special meeting tonight at 25 South quested to bring their own table service. O.

E. S. East Pasadena Social Club No. 473, O. E.

will meet tomorrow. President Marjorie Elle-barger presiding. Sewing will start at 10 a.m. Lunch will be served at 12:30 p.m. Jessie Granger is luncheon chairman.

Neighbors of Woodcraft Thimble Club of Live Oak Metal Engineers to Attend Meeting Several prominent metal gineers of this area are taking active parts in plans for the Western Metal Congress and Ex-; local citizens of the opportuni- position, April 11-15 in Shrine ties available to two-year col-Convention Hall, Los Angeles, liege men, who have discon- Dr WiUiam Nash Jr H68'tinued Coolidge Avenue, Pasadena, is program chairman for sessions a' liable for good paying posi-of the American Society for tions. Metals, and Hugo W. Hiemke, Applicants must have at least 1608 Camden Parkway, South one years active service in any Pasadena, is serving in the same i capacity for the American the armed forces between De" lng Society. cember, 1941, and be J. Albert Chalk, 1135 between 19 and 32 years of age Caesar Avenue, Pasadena, is vice-! and pass standard enlistment chairman of the information and tests to qualify for a direct corn-registration committee, and as an Army second lieu-Frederic S.

Boericke, 302 Fair- tenant view Avenue, South Pasadena, Sergeant Berreth may be con-is a member of the same compacted at the Army and Air mittee. Wendell S. Chapman, 614 Force Recruiting Station, 129 Milan Avenue, South Pasadena, North Marengo Avenue, Pasa- Sierra Madre Boulevard, at 7:30 circle No. 65 will meet tomor oclock for the purpose of conferring the Second Degree ol Masonry. Paul Barton will be in charge.

Refreshments will be served. Crown City I.O.O.F. Crown City Lodge of Odd Fel- row at 10:30 a.m. the home of Mary Paul, 325 West Har vard. Members will bring their own lunch and table service The Circle will hold an open card party in the Labor Tern pie, 42 East Walnut Street, lows No.

395 will meet tonight Thursday. Bridge, 500 and at 7:45 oclock at 175 North Los pinochle will be played. Mar by calling Sycamore raul will be hostess during so dal hour. Robles Avenue. Degree Captain William Witbracht urges all ls serving on Hiemkes committee.

dena, or 2-3762. Deny IFimEa HI BE 4m Eilan, the patch ifiylG this spring ers to be sure and see the show of the Pasadena Society of Artists at Pasadena Art Institute before it closes March 27. Five galleries and never a dull moment An unmistakable bigness which you cant escape. A high-keyed whole slashed dramatically with bold green, bold blue, bold red, and dashing whites. In the happy vein chiefly, the major key, except for occasional heroic canvasses with the deliberate pull of powerful, tragic intent.

Gives a Lift Local artists have let their hair down with delightful abandon, an air of not caring who says what Such a show takes any visitor out of his shell, away from pet neuroses," gives him a lift at every turn. You get the pitch immediately, on entering through the lovely flowering oriental garden, from the canvasses at the far end of two vistas channeling the long galleries its California, the Pacific Coast. To your left the sun-high glitter of snow peaks above dark deep lake blue. Directly ahead, the ocean surge and lift of the Pacific swells pooling on rock ledge. The show West Coast all the way.

With many a hint of our California heritage Indian relics, drums, parched corn; churches of old Mexico, serapis, sombreros, corrals, ten-gallon hats, lariats reminders of the rodeo, old whaling coves. There is something for everyone of every age. Take your choice. From me macabre to the nursery. From dusty old barnyards with wheel barrows and roosters to the sophistication and crystal glitter of cocktail trays.

From adobe hill billy land, shanty town to the elegance of kid gloves and chic veils. From sharp authentic realism to dream phantasmagoria in wispy prismatics, to the boldly sculpturesque via pigment, to the stylized Florentine snapped up in bizarre Alice-in-Wonderland tempo. Junk heap riff raff the beauty of it, cable cars, prize fights, oil fields, loitering cabooses, forest with many a storm unleashed, the billowing verdure of furrowed hill or the tawny parched rise of fields baked blond, sardine trawlers with clinging gulls. Thats it from sea level to high above timberline. Lots of Animals Besides there are lots of animals on hand.

The artists have done well by the beasts, wild ores jungle lions, elephants, tigers, not to forget the beguiling owlet and tame ones of the fireside. Cats, all soft and solid and relaxed kitty naps. Horses strong black horses, in action, terrified by rainy blowdowns or playfully at ease by a stone barn. Many a peep under the flap of a circus tent trapeze artists, bare back riders, clowns. Speaking of wild animals and the zoo.

An art show and the zoo have much in common. Every canvas like every separate animal cage should offer you free gratis the impact of another world with all its exciting implications. Both are panaceas of a kind. Both stir you up and soothe you down-stimulant and sedative. From the animal world you come eventually on all the ages of man.

Infants cuddled in mothers arms; pigtails in the nursery; teenagers with wistful questioning eyes or broad grins; girlhood adolescence, troubled bewildered into sulky defiance waiting, waiting; college kids with tan flesh beach, frolicking: in ranch jeans and cowboy boots, untried young manhood rarin to go: mature quiet eyed women at peace with themselves; mature manhood that has looked with a seamans saddened eyes on drowning fellow sailors, and the foundering of fine ships; ex-service manhood visibly eaten away with the lingering canker of war; middle age with folded hands content with past years of loyal living service; homey pipe smokers in backyard suspenders; keen eyed scientists at beloved cluttered desks; hobo clowns with horny hands; old age a white-haired patriarch Biblically forgiving and supporting the humble, sinning son. Urbane Sleekness Many times a direct and engaging play for the senses the tactile approach. The furry depths of velvet, the urbane sleekness of silks and satins, the crisp creases of Roman scarves; the vibrating glow deep in high glazed porcelain Persian jars, jades, Chinese bowls, ivories and the rough rustic curve of Mexican pottery; the leather stiffness of magnolia leaf; the brittleness of thinnest glass white glass, red glass, green glass, rose glass and sturdier Mexican blue glass 1 The hard fruity skin of rosy I red crabapples, the snowed-down coral lushness of persimmons; the aroma of night blooming Ce-reus, exotic camellias and every day callas And in almost every cavas, air you can breathe snowstorm, rainstorm, beach blows, fog, earth odors, fishy smells wafted from wharves. As for air there is much sky painting with the stage set far above earth surface-high in the heav "HOT COOKED" FOOD MENU From Our Delicatessen Dept. TUESDAY March 22, 1949 Meats Stuffed Pork Chop! Creamed New Potatoes Beef and Noodles Southern Fried Chicken Porcupines Enchiladas Salad Waldorf Salad Dessert Bice Custard WEDNESDAY March 23, 1949 Meats Barbecue Spare Ribs Baked Potatoes Chicken Pot Pie Italian Marzetti Com Bread Fillet of Sole Salad Lettuce and Tomato Dessert Grapenut Custard THURSDAY March 24, 1949 Meats Sirloin Tips Scalloped Potatoes Enchiladas Chicken and Dumplm Barbecue Short Ribs You will find only the familiar, better nationally advertised brands at Hines.

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