Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on July 15, 1944 · Page 5
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 5

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 15, 1944
Page 5
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SATURDAY, JULY 15, 1944 -— NAUGATUCK' tfAILY NEWS 'first" Woman Drives 10-Whecled Army Truck Over Alaska Highway Page Elve* Leads A 13' Life art I a, ton /111 OSfJ >e<l •Iv- ny lin or. iid »n in. lin c" L'Jl •;r», Alaskan Dopari — A bi>r, .10-wheelo 'I'riiiv truck. Us tnllK-ate berultn, ;,';/,. a load or truck tires, t-olloi •v slop ut t'hu Army Engineers Motor Pi'ol More after tv 5U-hou trip ° vt>1 ' l ' hc ' Alliakfl - Highway tun j-oO-lnilri'd woman dressed li jthult! overalls cllrivbed from bo It was Kusty Dow making- an- ether new mark In Alaska's trans- I porlfltl"" lil.-'ory. I The first woman truck driver li tlu , t,>n-ito:y. the first woman ovci i'lif new Richardson. Highway, the- first womun lo tlrlvo through -(ho newly-drilled Whlttlor Tunnel, Mrs Kiis.«ell "Kusty" Dow now has bc- oonie the ili'j-t woman to drive over tn ,: Aln-iUa H IK" way. Call* HlKlimiy 'llt'iiutlfiil' Mrs. Dow started her trip from Puii-banks, wheeling a five-ton lo;ul of cement to Dawson Crock, y. c., but she added 300 iniles to the return trip to deliver a load of recapped tires hero from White- hor.'c. Vukon Territory. In addition to a new record. ,<hi' brought back a teller that most report* about- the Alaska Highway had done the route Injustice, and expressed that. iliope that the route would, bo kept up jirter (lie war as "a mc-iumer.t to Aniericnn ingenuity." "It's a beautiful highway." she said, "ft should be pre.served be- causc it's a picture, of what American people- can do when they have tc>. Not unly that, but it won't require any mor-> maintenance than liny ot'her road in the -noith. It'.s got a jiood roadbed." CiuiM-d istir Alonif Route Busty, blue-eyed ami handsome. Admitted her trip caused quite a ,-rir tt.'oiiif tho overland route which extonds from Fairbanks .to Ecl- "I pulled into one roadside rest station and one truck driver said to Ills helper. 'Let'.i tfe-t rollin.' Bill. T-h.-y'vo i,-ot women driving- this road We bolter look for an- othu i-job'," she related. "I-oU- of other people thought I wns ti tt);it driver, covt-rinjr t'he run to see if women could harKllo tho job. Others ii«k>-d mo if [ was a Wac or a Murine." World War A Year Ago July 15, 1943 (By United 1'rcxn) In spite of stiffening Axis i-e- slsUincu, Allies muko blK Ruins In Sicily; Americans capture another Important airdrome unU scvfcrul importan heights or On the Russian front, tho Red Army seizes the initiative around Orel, driving- ahead as much n.s-2S mill's at onu point; Russians report breaks.through effected north and east of the city. Allies occupy Mubo, last import- nut enomy defense on the road to Siilanuiun, major Japanese base on Vow Guinea. "The trip wo* no harder th:in <\ny other wlt.h a 'six by six'—they •steer quite hard," said Mrs, Dow, vho drove trucks In Texas and tollfornia .before she came to Vlnaku 10 years apro. Wife of Ski Champion , Dow, whose name was Ola colt .before she married Russell Dow, t'ho Dartmouth ski chum- Ion four year* ago, was one of Maska's pioneer truckers. She rougrh!. a two-Ion Chevrolet to Uiv'kn. .when atorios about the fatanuska Valley development lured her north In ]£>34, and since then' has done frcc-liincc truc!;- ln« t-hroug-hout t'he Anch.orn.frc area . Const Guurd Knslpii JI; D. lloniio, Vortluml, Ore., I* the skipper of hout No, 13, carrying a crow ol 18 Cou.xt Guardsmen, which sailed for' tho invasion of Normandy In »•• convoy of Is LST'n. Tho ciislgii was horn on Friday the 18th. U: S. :Coast GimrU photo. (Internutloiml) Texan Names Son For GI Who Saved His Life Brenham, Tex. (UP)—Karly in the war, a Japanese bullet felled Alaska's champion female truck i PFC. Oscar Morris Lewis of Som- drlver Isn't worried about the postwar years ervillc, Tex, Pvt, William and tourist camps?" she "Tho road ruui great ' possibilities both as a motor freight and scenic route," Wales THUS been jroverned as part of England since 1D3C. IATSST TUNES by IIIIKA you," Undoubtedly, the b>-Kt idea, man in Hollywood !••; Walt Disney, creci tor of Mickey Mouse, "Fantasia, und full length cartoon story ffiti turo.n. Following clostly upon th success of "FanUt ; .i':i," a work in leaded to iiitorprut in act lorn i cutur .'several of .the more pop ulur classical works, Disney L-i no on a like vat-sFon oC.pop- ulur music whli-h :he will cal "Kwirij," -S'trct-t." -Although ulmosi .siici-ci-.y -i-tu-roun.ds tho making ol the.' picture, it is known that so-mc of the- finest ja'/.x musicians in the country have recorded for t.he film Dinah H-hore. radio and Victor recording arti-st, will handle vocal chords-. CANNED CORN It scpms- it hat .the boys overseas still liki 1 ; thtflr corn. Spike Jones und his fnmoiiH Ctly Slickers, -who fn.lht.-red "Dor Fuelirer'.f Face" on liluobird records, are now well into their first dOKbn "Command Per- t'ormanry" radio sihows for the boys overseas. "Command .Pcr- formiinci!" Is a show built strictly upon- request j from overseas. Since thu show Is sent to the boys over there on records fcfun'ned mualc; aa recorded lunes are called in the radio trade), we could probably c:ill the Spike Jones sessions "Canned Corn." HIT I'AKADK -Vcw York Unlvenwity will bring of H...ju.i't outside Clevc-Umd. Be- InK on the road so inueh, thouffh, Sum my has found It difficult to L'tilllvaic Ihe aereaK" because of tho holp shortage. Dccldlnj,' that someone sv:ho lived there could do a belter job, Kaye yokl his farm. It's th.-j fiivt time sve evur he-ard of a man helping -Ihi' food pr-o- lirnm by ffoing ouL of the . fiirm- i'n« business! promised the grateful Lewis. .Months went by. Lewis was'par- alyzed by the effects of .the wound, but gradually recovered and returned to Texa.s to wed his sweetheart. .Recently, the Lewises became -parents cf a son. The hixppy father did not; forffet his' Arizona soldier :"riund: If Pvt.. Oliver, "somewhnTo In the Pacific," should happen to read, this, he :>iny learn for the flrst time that ho has a .namesake: Morris Oliver Lewis, born June 14. 22,01V) MEXICANS TO U, S. Mexico City (U Pj—The government has announced approximate 22,000 Mexican, fa'i-nr workers (bmcei-os) would bo sent to the U. S. during July, TOUGH GAME Bandleader Hal Mclntyre, youthful Victor recording maestro, tcll.s this story a bout -a 13-year-old hopeful who wanted -to try out foe- trie Yankjeu. ball club. The boy approached McCarthy just before -the day's pamc and, Kinoe t'ho season hadn't been {roin-g- loo well for the Yanks, McCarthy was ruot In too g-ood a mood. "Come jack in five years," he growled whnn the boy requested a .tryout. Tho next day the boy appeared ain "I thought 1 told you to come back In five years," McCarthy in- tud. "I saw l.-li3 iramt* ycste lay," the boy -roLorlcd, "and, mi. or, believe me, I aged five year during' tho game!" le Hit Parade to its college ruurns this summer l-ni a special cniir™ In Industrial mu«lc which IIIIH bui-n scheduled by the DfparL- "»'n{ of Mutric Education there. Lecturers la the- course will be three members of the RCA Industrial Miitic Service. The history und development of the field, beneficial results of Industrial music I" win- plant*, aiwl discusslonis of proirniniing will be Included In Ihe I-OUI-.HI-. A recent WPB survey dis- clo.iL'd thai, planned program* of recorded music, played to workers ; " tl'.t-lr jobs over internal broud- «isiii w systems, were playing an lwiKntar..t t-oli. in war production. CROI'S . Kaye, Swing and Sway mac-Mro of Victor record fame,, is Hiding l.he food program in an unusual way. . ,-by .•Ailing his fiu-m. Jf"i'n and raised In Cleveland, Ohio, sammy always loved the fai-m country Niirroundlrjg the city and promised that he would buy a liii-m thiM-e. Reoenlly ^lie bought) i.tat longed-for farm 100 acres I NOTES AND CHORDS The first copy of Victor'..') ne Fats Waller Favorites" album was presented or. Blue network las. week to James P, John/or. 1 , who in slruclfd the late pianist when h was a child.. .Lena Home has been requested to sing -her vcrsior. "Good For Nothin' Joe," rccentlj reloas-ed on a Bluebird record, on a "Com-mund Performance" radio .s-how for l.hc boys overseas.. .Shep Fields, who .Is now being featured at the famous Copacabana night ory on Broadway, has written lowing Lunc which he has titled t-h "Copa-BooKle." Fields' orchestra is Ihe first 'name' band ever to appear at the spot. The Only Exclusive Record Store In Naugatuck LOVINE Electric Company 8 Church St. Lincoln. © XIore 01 W. SLAIN ST. Phone* 3-5030 3-1 Oil •FINKST 8ET/KCTION OF RECORDS IX WATKltBURY BY Columbia - Victor - Okeh Elite - Bluebird AT NEW LOW PRICES Cash Paid For Old Records New Kcconis K.xchiinged For Old in Color is tn importan} at harmony in . music ... Murphy Paints in 100 Colors or More permit perfect color harmony in an uv finite variety of combinations. Slop in •nd 1st Ui tell you about the Murp!:y Color Harmony Plan. CANS, Inc. MAPLE STREET TEL,'3507 YOUR .EYKCLASSKS SHOP C • Tomlinson Ncary Building Conn. STORK CLOSED ALT, DAY EACH MONDAY DUUI1NU JULY AND AUGUST DON'T FORGET THE. CTH WAR LOAN DRIVE! ! HIGHLAND GROCERY 92 HIGHLAND AVE. TEl. 4880 ROCCO RADO, Prop. CLEARANCE SALE Coats, Suits und IJrcsses Greatly Kc-diiced . Before Your IU.>:iv« On Your Viicatloii Bring- Your Sport Clothns llt'i-c To Be Dry Cleaned D.LIEBERMAN 2« CHURCH STREET Store Owner \ Fined $25 In Boro Court In 'borougtli .court • : Fridn.y with-Judge Thomas Neury presid Ing, Leo SadjnlsowsJtl, 5-1, packag store operator, oC -11 City. J3il street, Union City, was fined' $2f on a chartre or vlolatine the state liquor law. Ten dollars of, the fine was remitted Sudjukowski was arrested^'Friday, July 7, upon complaint of Simeon Nichols, and S. -Broils-state ilquor commissioners, who claimed Sadjakowskl had sold "beeri.'thixt was drunk on the premises, of' his establishment Sadjakowski pleaded not",'guilty, 'testifying In court that •hc.-'soid. aix boll.lcs of other beer, and that the liquor alleKedly diunk in the ]jack ? ajjii store was 'not sold. Officer Gcort'c Koyut. 'madci-.tho" arrest. i A $5 bond was called 'as WilHam- Kahn, 21 Calhoun -street, Torrington, failed to appear. % i He was arrested ; -Thui-idn,y"''by: Officer Wilfred Evoh for '.passing- through a red 'light•on'''Maple r . < fa-nd' Main streets. • ';• • ' •'"•''•*' Adopts Skunk Fortress Crew Of Ten Feared Dead In New Hampshire 'Flash' Process Aids Reclaimed Rubber ' Akron O. (UP)—A new .-vhd speedy 1 so-called "flash devulcani- <rtttion" process which improves- the Quality of reclaimed rubber used in vital passenger and truck tires arid hundreds of other war products has been developed by"the Firestone Tire and Kubber Co. . Xoul.s. A. Oiler, former llaw- i, III., 'ccluciitor and now u : scl>6ol instructor of uvl. vhitloii cadets at the K;>K!I- PIIKS, Tex., Arhi.v.-"Alr Fluid, Is shown with hln iidpjitod vompanlon n pet skunk. The: animal i.s as innocent' of odor HM In T,t. Oder hiin- •• •'•}-•' self. • (-Interiiiitlonul) • The process', which exposes scrap rubber to steam at very- hifc'h pressures, preserve inherent qualities and .produces a .reclaimed rubber with hifrh tensile, strength and resistance^ to abrasion. Manchester. N. H,; July 15—(UP) 'l'hc JU-man crew of a E-17 Portress arc feared dead toi. a hidden ravine of northern New Hampshire. • • ' ' ' 'Sea-rchinf,' par.tiii? bcgnn ing'their -way. through- the deinnc woods ilo the scone of the crackup. The wreckage was 'sighted by plane.s after it had been missing tliree days. But officials have almost up hope for survivovs. One said Uio wreokajfe looked pretty bad and it is doubtful whether any of Uie fuel's are alive, Almosl. impassable arc cxpecled. to tuimpor rescue operations severely. The site of the eraivh is .some 50 miles from. South Port- 1 ind, M.ii-ne, whcvo anollicr-plane 'hit :i,nd fired <a -war %vorkci's' ti-oil- er camp Tuesday—killing 17 persons. The Army- bomber left Kearney Army Air ficld • Ln. Nebraska Monday night nimd was dua • at Dow Field, M-iuine, Tuesday ufierjioon. No New Engenders were listed/in the crow. Airline Plans System In Texas And Okla. (U P)—Passenger, J-'«iiias, i ex. v w JL i~ — •!' n.->rM^ii^^i, mall and express service via air will be available to more than J.000,000 people in 317 cities and owrvs in Texas .and Oklahoma. If the Civil Aeronautics Board ap- pi-ovcs an. application . of the Southwest Airways Co. ' . • • The aij'wuys company, in its application to CAA, sets forth a plan lor establishment of feeder lines in the two stales to Include a 30- route system/ which would make air service available to millions who before have not had direct uirllnc- connections. Eleven of the 33 routes would originate in l.hc Dalia-i-Fort Worth tlctcenter; seven from Houston, I six from Oklahoma. City, five from I San Antonio, two each from llo and Tulsa, and one from Cor- I lus Christ!. Additionally, five shorter lines would facilltalo inter- outc- travel by connecting the nain The proposed plan, which Vice ^resident-James Ray of Forcsville ays would cost "several million dollars," will be -hoard by the Civil Aeronautics Board in Washington- n late November.. Forestvflle says specially-deigned twin - engined feeder air- rafl would be used on the rMf ystcm, each carrying- from 10 to 2 passengers and 800 lo 3,000 'ounds of mail a.nd express. He slimiil.cs passenger fares would .vcragc five cents an air mile 7 . Announcement! ! ! Our Fruit and Vegetable Season Will-Begin Friday, ;July 21 r ' Wayside Farm Market Naiigiiluck-WuUirhtiry BUY WAR IIONDS AND STAMPS Great Oak Farm OXFORD .KOAD MILK — EGOS ? Delivery To" AH Partly Of ' "* Wednesday, July- 5, Sumnier Sclxnil. .Still time to enroll. O'F COM M KR C OPA Odd Lot Release Men-'s, SHOES No Ration Stamps Required.: '-.-r NOR WASH Shoe Store NEARY BUILDING NAUGATUCK OPEN YOUR DOOR AND HEART! W HO is THE Victory Volunteer? He (or she) is someone in your'community—probably a good neighbor—who is taking time from his work tojjut over die 5th War Loan Drive. ^ One 1 of these'volunteers may call at your farm most important mission of the.hour! America has asked you before to do something -more to smash Hitler and Tojo. But how, in this 5th War Loan Drive,: you're asked to go all-out with every dollar you can scrape up-—for. war expenditures are greater now than at any time since Pearl Harbor. Double your-War Bond investments. Invest—$200— ',$300-$400-more if you can.' Yes, it's that important. This war is mounting in fury every minute—as our fighting men plunge into the biggest and : bloodiest battles of history. The men % who fought and bled and died for you didn't hesitated Only, by answering "yes" to the Victory Volunteer—only by investing to the Jimit—can you come at all close to matching the spirit of our fighting men. For their sake—and for die sake of your own future— open your door and your heart.' 5TH WAR LOAN DRIVE-JUNE 12TH-JULY 8TH The 5ih \Var Loan is the greatest "war call" ever sent to the American people. You will want, to do your pare. Buy all you can—the biggest bond you can afford. And then, when you think you've reached your limit—buy some morel Every dollar'counts^ NOW.' And Her* are 5 EXTRA Reasons for Buying MORE Bonds in the Sthl /. Wat Bonds arc the best, the safest investment in die world! 2. War Bonds return you $4' for every $3 in '10 years. 3. Wac Bonds will assure the funds to replace worn out fhrra equipment, machinery, and buildings. " 4-. War Bonds will help win the Peace by increasing purchasing power after the War. 5. War Bonds mean education for your children, security for you, funds for rc;ircment. - BUY MORE THAN BEFORE This Advertisentent is a Contribution Toward America's All-Out

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