Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on November 7, 1916 · Page 6
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 6

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 7, 1916
Page 6
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The One Pnre Soap La Primera Castile T,n 'i M .1 ' l!,-!|i» til! l-d.-ii f. 1 <• nnir 1 1 fir- P, T. J. WYLIE HOT RA(B:( . LYNDON NEWS J —55* iFTOQFATarr 1-» m$E FRESH m r-.;,1 ; Lively Campaigns For U. S.j j Se.latof Reported In Sev{ era! Of the States. i J30TH SiDES ARE ANXIOUS i jHrcfcidcncy Without <i Majority j . in the.Sej.tate Only n Par• i tia! Victory, IS CONSTIPATI LOOK AT TONGt OR 8IUOI CALIFORNIA SYRUP OF FIGS." « V.-~ Vt:! ROCK A FALLS; iii.iNoi;i.' TUESDAY, NOV. 7, me, \v M; IN HONOR OF BRIDE-TO-BE SUNDAY SCHOOLS MEETS A 8how*r Wa« Given Mis* Hal! Last Evening At The Pfulb Haw*. <i?.v Evening .it M. E. Church- Cord Program I Trnnt !«; .-mil K lit"' "'• ' 'txitt in Jlall, wh»>»«« nruiif-' i" |,<>rm:iH will t.i),- i I'Sdib ( n,.•! . f Mi>, 1 i ink \\ bl|.- in r! •• in ;i<- ft! - 'f i ,• f d- -vil! i* .tt •» j,,?].-i ; inir< h. T!if ttir«\ Ttie ft ft I if V ,« S'l He fill eif(« v.f tc si en 'In- )>n Tb-re Wei« fi'" 'tt 1 <• MM lf» frum »h»- (uic 'i's< -• ! t< n>»- fKlti-re 'if ! an I '!'••- <! U.J 'I d ivmnty Sunday • '. M. will ii talk 'in 'Hnv, »i- !"<wtj-n • ii'ii* »\ I'r-.f M ' U I !)K. ,«. h<xd in What iMitafn i Vroat I^ine i.f S'e'llnir, willtlv* 1 T h i.nd l'!;iv Life" V-d the T« Atre." All L_ nnd The rvenlnr Wr' 1 * E !" n ' '" mti •n-_ji"t_J Knmfii. tine nf !ii< v feat' i< •« ' ! t*"" '' v ' b nlnff bi'InK n nt»'k w«'dd>nr Itj-ribt Miller b"inK thi> bilde iiiil I"? JW.* 1'fUlb the pio,»m. jmd •Ml-1 .Mt«Ml-«u nie,| the cer>-m<mv bride <:irricil :« bi-ni h i'f \ii:c,»- m a bridal tmH>|<i>' II «nn i'»>ry fimnv i""' ! ' ( '! ' •' 1f> tnnlse the e^-enlnu » ni'-n v «iitf. I'ni illff the c\i'!>iii!X .ui • l.ib •• >!'• iiin-ii'i-!) """BUS.NESTMEET.NG MISSWAUDEWEBB , „_—.,- Made Her First Trip to Her Rock Of The Christian Emleavr Held Latt p rt || 6 Home Monday. Evening At Mr». «"- : "-- 1 - i '! * ,1 .. in << • til l O i> t Kfielat i«>nunltlee ••! the'iu- -rnr-rrf-Htt^-» J ttf4*W»tw-J-Jii-ii-^ hiJti a biji- ine»i» meeliha Ins*' e< i iii'"./-il 'l.v ln<me (,f Ml'H. II. K. HhtfTel ri,tll-4 u.'ie made to give -i fr«e v (it -|-il r-t t'-e |M« ojten'to the | ublle nith n<> nf nny kind, Ju-»t a pn< •• t" "JTOTKl time, - • ATTEND ^CONVENTION. . * » !_.. t I I .Ml..* \Vi u-ll fr ! . nd« uf MlR« .V " t" know «h« htin >r»'v:nir""ntrTfty- -nrnt—winr T ill • ••« n niii . ! « t ,- i <in-fi ,>i I 1 , r wheel i hair to ll«n U Thi'« v,,i>- h»r liti«l trip H> Ht»«'k Knlls ^•!:(. f -he ni'-i with that terrible jM-cl- d<-M'. Aw;<i«it IT nt »}:ili,-at whbh time i.f her compiinioni" »n their "Viiy ' ' i-.-i i |,.|'B'—ptrTttr—tract—^turti- Ijl!- II -.'(-, She and her folk* are now'llv- In Su-tllmr The y«>un? lady ..-- — . . . tk I'll * ., ii.l III .--IT-IIII,*, •... ,.,-.... * ».,-,.. ....-Many Arnold. Ivn,I l-.ll.i^.-t u- }H< ^ ..^...^inirly well nnd IIUM been |». Mnrie Ijtr»tr»for«l and ( ' liinl • \ 11 . 11 " h.MdJnn-afv-r the .-iffairs of the home i.on attended the fnutity « luNiuin i-.n- , in , (ht . <!l(| ,, pfliri , j,,. r u m i,« were am* tU-oAor convention «l 1-uni»n jsumw>. , ( . |t! ..,,,j she hn» prepared two meals - COUNTY CONVENTION 9k MODERATE IN YOUR DIET AND RfeDUCe VOUR WC4G>tT. TAKE 0!L OF KOREIN. PARCEL POST SOCIAL. SELECTED DELEGATES ru-.l net! <^ if f.mff that Club WiJI 8* J»»pr«»*nJed at Start* LYNDON LADIES' CLUB. ' l.xi'.liU' fl:;;f- •<».!>' •'» Hi- honv <-f .jrrvitit iin-1 « mm h Tj'n in the ojwrt nir ; .in-! f--? from ntiy dri/cri^t n b-iit of oil ftftr-r onf> hf-f?.r<> rftirlrii; at nltsht. \\v-irfh vuur^Hf everv. few dfivsj anil up lite ir»iunifni until you to ?-r>- ruiprjsjjiT i:U'' am! rani'-d «vtit A ir«-(!y ido* '<-f Ihe huMtesv. T!t<> hrieht d with to that the nit.ry tif ih" niM^imn mu-i K'h.tvtfH*. Mrs, Mr", i>» Ha Thomp-win. !'»!«»» «ul>niit '<••< n nf m.ik» a rhnn 1 ;* 1 in fhf* t« '.'< \itiftii ni i Si nip of Th !j^ in*! a!v. <i r,?).! which were laid on th^ t a ft* ! \..;i have ft ** ml Ihe *i:!H ht-on. The nft* nn»,(i **vol«d t" fancy work ami all wh«i d«-lh-ht as .'i tt-iti'>-:it.'!'' i<-«lt H. ' fr< t>usitx-<i«t f.f f fif th. -. HOUSEHOLD SCIENCE. Th«- |,vn,k,!i f! Ihf Illtlfr OfW "Hu-<-" wns tf» ;j| rnH caf! t-'ii-li rm sit- n r furriisli'"<t .'i f:<vt»it»' i'fc-j|ic fi>r (>V»T<ii>« mill ,«(rvitm t !(•«•, ,\iis«« Ktlilh u «ih«>i t At Sulphur Spring*. «;as»»», fdxi» Mr. .i*»»r nn>\ tfe ar f t ,f rirxl for i(f!( Farm Exhibit*, phiir Sjnins*. n* :»r where ihi-\ !<i < i h" ' * iv.' • »•' tr*-«' «! i-...-:.! :!.- 'vf,,|, '. Ui.-M-.-tl <t.'VH< .1 !• ! ?ji> i s V"!ut i'H'iit v ' t«>d;i v, .It t :tf j.r-;;-ru- :•[ i.i.^-f 'M<> ! '« >-< I lull ll.-i-i a rn:!J<>r> '.-!••»! it"'-: ni'-fnl" r-*' (., i ',.,,[!• •:(•;• miMi- f"f IT, f n > Hi M-t-• in Hhf-t • It/I I !i«-' iH "* ••rJt" pmvi r iviliHi Shis "«r«"*»f» «! d- in.dy in th>' w<i| Id" Will «-v!" ; eji!-e-.<-nt»'d in -tilt- Hi, re \>i») •. f.'.r IWM (••* r-:««-h. N*i> m.»M<-r which H. r in the White iit»us< . oej.itlc or ll<-pt|hlican- all pl:*iisTi>i is hiiii'H will depend <>!! Ihi m«k«-.ltp of the S( H;'t*-. The r.-oMiiri.-t! liuhl tiiisuiiOiy has centered In the Plate* w litre Jh«' f tin ltr)<«t in inn«t doubt i-i'fnmnii«tr:»llh-« as N«-w York, ulilo. Indiana. Ililnois, f nlifornla. and \V:i*h)tiK!o!t, Maine In St-ptetnix-r «-ho«e two \l> jitildirattH" in of th»II(M> now i fpre^eniinn the I 'ow In Ifidi.uisi th<- (!|,-ht Itafi I" the pi KMM. ! n scarcely b-s« viK«>r«iu« than Nit th-' >,t<«lin WurVh run! incnmb* i >f , Ifjtrrv K, N'-w, for Jhe Imm term, and .tame* K Watson. --It'-pubi! • •an. !< u|<|Mi«i-d («• VlHima.H T:u;'_;.UI. ilv cnnibefit ti'iid !»• mii.i'riit, Mhlt> l\:t*,a hut liKht on «<'ii:iti>! i.'illl np«-akluK, bi'twr«-n S'-iiatiT At lee I'mn i-ri-ne, IVmoenit. sintl Mvi'Hi T. HerHck |tepuhl!enn. In X<*w V<>rk formei lieiinnmiir national clmtrm-iti. Willlan , tf ;i }<;»(* r whirh lutrt ti»-«'H n-«ij;iicil to Mr>", < '. K \Vin«rf n lio w.i*; un^ii- ii, li»< |>r« •*«--nt. • Tttf <lt>m>iti*jr:i!i>r»P^ ,Mr^. Ha rah Milhkan .'iml -Mrs. I^rla Ati«tin, Mali. U>-\ I v-«-t!». .:*ril, V, i'i.|t! - .\!j!iir«l JJi,!-?, 1st. 'it.itiitx ri.Hn. -nil, -<'att {Mhiritl. thftt)*»'!v»-H faiilt!*-s-« iHsht"« !>*•- .«>nr<*<l in f-w f<ni<li4 lh:tt was ssivcn a llf-.>« hni! (!f > ;nnl tt|i|i^tls « tin vulu<> n v< it was in K. imd the d!«tlnrttnn ftinr <M-|IIK the miiy !tf|iuh!lritn retain* i fnmi N«-vv Ymk xiate Idnho. ii«i dnei« m»t >"'it"«'r does _ STSRninri, " t VjfnrnTlii, in the a j-i. __ < tem'ttla Of .•il.iiie :duce *lie him licen home mid !> proud of the Achievement. In the mm»e tit a feu- numtliN It "In thought D«uoht»r» Will Meet Thur.- -l>e will be ahJc to u«e arUiictal limb*. «j*y At Lyle Colder Home. A county convention "f the KlnKfl ( i»tn will br- held Tluifda*. Nov., flu* home of Mii. l.yH> <!o!'er POSTPONE/IEETING ^'VM^'n'T " f *""'• " >f " Parent.Toachtr.' A.iocl.tion M«tin 0 tn Mnnttnorene>. i _ . " The meeting will be held nil day am! to b* Postponed. . nt n«>'>» t\ dliiiK't- will be >u«r\ cd by the j T ; ,. j-'trent-Tctu-liern' AH.I —^tSolden Jtuto fin-Je ,if Kliuf* rK > 1 "^ 1 'j Im ,'ilixiri.-t neh<Md» ««>uth of the rlyer i . „• .^...u.t.n.t ' will be postponed 'from Nov. 10 unit proi,nTim bafl been preimre , I ' unt of ,,,„ ,.,„„„j II be ful^of UiU-n-s.. All , <X(Uni)) . ll!nn! , for t)li>( m , inth | H , if(fi «l\-«-n at thin time. ROCK FALLS BRIEFS • A whlcsh will are ur«ed to como. SMALL PlfiiTESTERDAY l^' f A .Fir* DUcav¥r«d In Stable Of .The &•'. Johnston Lbr. Co^— No Oamag*. A small Ore wa*» dlHcovered yester- t' day afternoon about '.*:3ii o'doih In the F?"'~'Rt»M* bflonslna to the .tohnnton K.'.-bwcempony. The fire department wax called and quickly extinisulHhed the .* He*, If thin lire had duined headway f'fJ*'«S>n»Wt«Kibk- il'tmar.e would have been fJjaiUMiJ, but 0« It was nu damage wa» done. ___.._^_ TRIAL SETFORTHUBSDAY Jo* Sttrk, Roumanian, Wat Removed From Hoipital. Joo Sterk. j»n«' of the noumiin!.in« *' ,wh« wan InJuriMl.ln the knife battle a Mrs I.uciit* l*ttrkn and Mra. 1..J cJulder, returned borne ycrteiday from Kiii-hejder, .Minn. Mr, Jt'tid Mrs. B. V. Taylor returned lutme Monday after nn i»wr Sunday In K III. Teh Williams njM-nt Monday in T>lx- on with his brother, who has 1>eeh Very 111 hut iK in>«' improving;. Mr?, Henry Hinwn, of Minn,, i* here \!»!iun<? idd. frlendH. IV. a:td . ". Oowey returned •Monday t«> tiieir homw In Js'ewklrlt Ohln . nUtf a here with relative* Mrs*. «' I*. I'Yye went to Amboy tlite tor a Mr. and .Mr; !»«« I'roe returned t" I heir home hi UiilerhurK Monday nfter Bedford, dayi ngo. wa« removed from the. (1 Rn( , rt u ^ u flt ,j^. ™^plt«l yesterday. John Houleaii and ] iMr< Wjll ,» unl ,,f ^p, w "Jo« Romliuut. who were cutuu'Cteil witn HJH<|U f M,, n ,i av here <us bimincj ttoW'lMittle. will be brought up from A(rp A. At (Volcy went to Morrl»«n Thursday nnd the trial wliij,,,... m ,,» n |, m , r,, r n vlhit. Aurora h««lrt Tluir*day |:o'clock In Judge Clifton's at 10 i KiiiHhtoan \v«>n» to Amy .CITY COUNCIL MEETING bov Mr JeftrU.4 and Mr. Dunne from J.OH Angvies. fullf,. y<««terdny at this Held t.Mt Evonlna «n Tr««*ur»r'« Report City Hall homw of Mr. and .Mrs. Simon Stofier, cnront.' by. autu for .a' visit in N«>w *•**•». Sheldon and.ehll- iT n fc. i i,i<t neoiiliiif' Mr, si'iil AI»»< ueo. tsneiuon niiin-iui- r ' l >: * > ",V IK ' ll »,r i LJ f'Jlve^i«1.-n «,*• ,.nto,lamwl Sunday at -ttoo ^te^HiB city hnll. All numihers except, » w*r« prenent. ItillM were follow-i "to the Htnutint »f fl,a«5.»2, *!«10 off i Mi. and MII«, fharles r.-u in . . ., Ann. Rate fancy, of <'h!cngo, id here , IJ.3!! r.. HI. Sl. , -The IMH-I.I fund, «-H«h «'» ' tu Harmon th«n ad- D.D.D. Cured Hte Eczema II t>. on .Vl !"id Mr*. J. M. Urnhuin and -Mr. and Ah*, ll-'ii Mniluuril motntH'd to Alo. line fii-ndnv and \itiit»d at the home of iir. and All*. <"lar«-nep Oraham. x .\lirf, Arthur Uruy. who has been vi»- it.'ttt; (-vlafivcM heie returned tu her iu>riic in 1-iSalle yesterday, Mr. and Mri». l-Yank W-onncll and «'l'»t'enfe, nre i tn Ui.von at UH' ti. aif ti not ill- • . Edltoi! Koho,' Prophettt; »» »< tart#r'» itcnrwWew «»a wtuldl not cu» the bum*' her mutht-r, Mte. Mrtirtilh. Mr. nnd Mm. t*. II. Atkins and family. of Auiora. H|H*nt .Monday with Mr, ami Air«. Hlmon Ui.. H.\!m.\! OPEN <Uy t'nitfil Xt-v.- Yi»*'k. Nov. 7." The llrwt exhibit l» Amrtitui by Uw Uoyitl Kin-Jet y 'of Water t*olor« nf l<ondou opened here t«t)ayat the Americtiu <:.illeu>.>,s, M'ahliinh'tnu S^uuare HgNOR»CK'9 ORUG STORE , .!l..i '..L A^il.' OtlgiilllJUiiSaS DADDIES GONE, CHILDREN ERR. tllv tl't, Kt nll,. ..Hender* w, re bated Into |u ... t . wlll ,« h.-re In a i,lnKle .\, : ,ii> ail h.«d b, s t their father** ii. ttu W.M. l«-uk of pai-ennl Ktudan.v uw . | u .«a ,-hii-f {uctor in the dt «t <h.' < hii.ttftt. Burns Clean That Coal VDULump lu'-rhKA,!? fiurni Telephone its" your order Lumbei Johnson New lliimptdtlrr North f'ar«ilina, Oklahoma, orepui fiouth t'imdina or HViuth l»iik«da, . «f the ct>nteMi» which prelim- Inrtry wtatt'itH-nl!" fn.ifn «me-?*ide «>r thi Mther imlli'.'ite may he elas.*, nr In whirl there H pnrtli-idar Ihterest llu'ludi-: • .c'sillfornla, -Hiram W',' Jnhnxon, former K"Vi'i rior. and four years n It'K runniUK mute on" the pro- tlcket. nuw a .full iletli.:>«! U<> , Is a<p|HtMiii^ (ic-orKc S. P;it- nocra't. ..r r:«<ir;t^ P- Me- Homer H. t'ummimsx. former n;ition:t) cttmmlttci-man, •!*< nmerat. win. nnd former "whip" <>( the ami hand man to ,Im- Cannon In .the old day* of the Hi(? Four in th of Keprewentsitlve*;, injf fur lly in hi« rnee rtKal.n«t "T<i Taj«ii;»rt, whom lleinit>Mean« brand' ax -Oemorrath' (m^s* of the lloM«irr «tnte. IJarry H. (Nt»w, who .{»« 'ohalrtnnn of thf ^OfHtnUtee cm urrankeinenlM of the IU18 j{e|nihlii'.'in ci'mv'enthin \va« * credited with havihK' a ««>«<! deal lo do with th nri nf the Hepnltiifan Toller, In tl«htbi(,' It out with John W. Kir n, now Majority header tn She at,.*. • ' : , Maryland, .David J. representative, father of the parcel post law ami advwale of W'VernnteiH owit- of telephone nnd teleKniphs, a rat, N aliened annjnst J, Krwln Fnrnce, well known buHlneMimnn> Ma»«achuHett>«, Tile liny state haw vv*|lne««til « twecu two violently dlmdmibir . , .,.,, antx fur the IOKSI^—Henry c*«i»nt. He» i>an, an hiKtorlan, jiruve, digiiifled. n nd bearded '«nd John K, Fltzjjerahl—• otherwl«o "Honey Flte>' Fitstgerakl llr«t came into the public eyo through hi* ability to sinj; "JSweel Adeline'* u* a vrttw jrettpr, that time lielns during campaign «H a Democratic mayoralty candidate in lUmion. He made a record In the mayor'n chair nnd al- thoiiKh he doeMi'l nlii.< on the slump nnw. HemocratH claim be will in .the voto today. " *, Frank H. KelloKts. ftir- Talft',< "lrti.-<t b'tixter" and t-he mint who trailed the Standard Oil TriiHt to UK lair, l« the Hcpublii*an xen- ntorial against I). W. I^awler. Itoth are from Mt. Piud. lour}, Walter S. Dickey, of Knn- MJH f'ity, halt, made powerful llnht fn -—'- the NMU of Senator ' Jameu A. New ,I*'rj»ey, ,Iu«i pli S, ' Ifaritun, M»r- Un««. Demorrat. ami incumbent In one of thn hottest cuntpai^n'M the prt'tii- dent'w home Kiate ha»» ever known* North I'nkotii. I*. H. Trraanivr John Hurke, Dentoerat, hupt*M tit oitxt I'tirter J. Mft*umtM'r, Incumbent, from hi* .count • d with ctruim-d 1'tni'iiix'S. uninn-s mid plmeU,tnr-!«; ijs a divert. -WittT" {-fin*. milk and su^ar; forming u rich pnd- d!m;, jj-'iiniched with whlpp*-d cream. Holh vlntidw w«-re ««-rvi>d with \Viif<-r-« iisd r-n{T»"«-. The Xnvtnln-r meeting >vi(l be hch! at the home <if Mra. O, C AlorrlK. • | ROBBED THE REFRIGERATOR. -£*t4tJrty-mttHrtttK-wln-n Mr*. Ij tin wi-nt ti. !it-r n-frigi'rai«.r in jsi-t nnvit ' that (ti>tnr«>h«> (lie nl«ht. nn n . Ini.'k which nl-.c h.-ul fur lifvakf.iMt. «tl'ii iiail h»>lpi-i! hirrtH««lf TI\P rt-frit;«*rat)>r fMirrh ami ih» iiU>iyU >hi'i^^in tin- 3TUTF. TTir saint* tcr«'il the roir kiii;h»-jt at tlio \V, H, Hullatut honn* nnil .«Hol*» «.im»» rur'n. iioih w«<r>> IMI-UI thefts. h«-«uis»» nf ih»- to th» Mitfplni; huusehohlx. SUNSHINE "CLUB. t'riijny nislit Uu* Ui «](<>* of fh«» Sun- rhlh K»Vf n tlrmcitij; paVty In they hail a mimtie'r «if l.v Kar I'aitl Jnd; K!iit«-r l:aHar<1. ."ml; Arthur T«nch. Is-t; Int. »-n. ii h. WHhtnJ 3ftl, !'«-J^ AMliiir I'.allnril, let; Anna Va«<-ti»-< hf. ;'n«l; H«-ir>n iHn-ikln. 3ril. Tti(ni|i.» ••••Harold \Vins;«-t, Ut umly Ituth IVtirh, Hiit\«-M S1, rtrir~7fT>T Y«-!Io\v . (!r«'i'ti A IVar« t ii<ly, i*nd; ___ lA'trk t Johnny . ho Martin, l»«t; Warrf-n r f Jn»'r*it«'y. ;;nl, Cooking. rowull, l^ti Milllkan, Mar(rar<-t i*nnv»«H. l»t; «'ora Hamilton, 2nd; Carrie Stuart, :srd. .1'like—Marlon Allen. l.«u: lie!- Millilun., t'n.l: Stella Sett ten, 3rd, rcrn itrt f<«V .«rvcrnt the l.« n..f?t .,f thH health. Mrs-.j«CnUf.,rnu"" Pvni .«..,,*.-,., ' - J ". i.l I i B >> ?*!Hl*'I IIM^ tVlt h 1 A* t . *. [ , J . rbem»wti«m Mnd i« .It time* very latne'* ! fi>:i<!>-. I and \-cry «.ft»-n tmahk* u> KM fii«mt, i ^ r !' 1 ' '' rn|lj '" v -' ••f Fit,-";" then M the "California H PROPHETSTOWN BRIEFSi part«». fii«.». \» h«'i fists bppn In 1'roph- ,.'J.^ Isr I^.'d tf> wi-x'f'Iril A.-^r ; -I H t'pfiui nnd wlf-. ;i!«,> Chat* ;Mll|.;tM find *vjfV v r-r.- VI-HUM tn Oi j \VHt. It. List ut-.-!.. ft'.lte; by iiuto. 11 .1 A. K.tpr» r^nd wife, Sw>'d«-r>i« ;in,{ wife drove A. I, ! to Itix k I i":tl!«, .Sunday. *, \t^rt> ihey were Jnitu-d j NELSON NEWS Uy Mr. ,'u>,d U. F. Dacertt nnd j fstmilv and the rurtv wens ti» the Ei-<-nt i ,-^' r rin '' ^' |u - >:r... n-rtr AM «'iirroj|. rcmaHiine tlvir-"' ""' wi-eK < nd wiiii the lady's in*; the- day. TN»y reiMirt a Kreat ''"'" '" 13«"'l>elle. tvianv p*N'ipl0 jit the ynnmds. .\lr.H. l^iiira and «=«n Mr, and Mrs. 1lt»rlM>rt l^incnster. of;H|MM\i thf P-I«I u-4-««K >if plm-p, will nht>nly start fur iUltixi, { and It. \\'. I'iidllpM i«w., where they will sp^nd W»e winter I Afe.«<!-ime-; ttt! nTtnTWiTTitii Rli(?.r.l fjuv \vereHlH .of Mr. ami iXt Harry, Vera (he ladies uf tlie club. LYNDON BRIEFS. Mrs. James MclKinuld and baby, of Moll HP. are Kucntx al the home of i :•; K. Kltch. , Mr, and Mrs. John W!*/»», of -catnt* ft»F—an—t with .•>'.)!). . Mrs.\C. F, Xt|- A. K, Parrnenter, of MorrUoii, t« vis- . at th«- home of. hlr* d,-uijjht»rr t J>. K. . Allen n ml Mr*. ' wtT« Mr. ut>d 'Mrn. Ii. T. ( l-'riday. Mr and Mr*. O. H. Di«by and d»uj:b- ter, -Htdch, ~ *" * S»tur<lay. I'ruplirtMtiiwn Mr. and Mrs. P. H. knlnkcra spent Saturday tit the homo of C. K. at O. II. Parmn, of De» Moines. Iowa, ind a N. Weaver, of Cwlar Falht, la.. •were unlay. , Faltw. , call«r« In t.hlti plact« Sat- Mn«. Ma. Wilson,, of J lia* come to MH«lst in for Mo., in. •r. .Mr*. WllUwm Sheplmrd. lw»r . r««runi*'d t« home Mr, and Mr». \1L K. Donahey were •»lii>PPltu; In fclerlinn Satur.lay. Mrn. j, |». I'ittmnn. of l-iirfleld. III., who has lr— -......- . . .. _• nnd JI.^H.- l*hur«day, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Austin."of r,yn- lun township, Who aro vlsltuin friends n New York «ire expwttHl home this wk. '. . ' H. K Hoover i« hnvinir n number of mprovenu ntx made at hix farm, annum m , "*' liur a - lur Bo und miKlern IM K .K H. Kniskern ha« Juiit finished R H»K on Mrs. Amanda Allen'* •ilnrithtiutn, 2nd; Helen Milliknn. 3rd-. . .Sewing. Plain Apron, over llfi-KIMe Ha yen, T*rr-Marl,ui Allen, 2nd; Idn AVagen- IMrdn Apr«»n. under l'| Mary t'ham- Alma llt-.«l Htitf l«t; Anna .i. 3rd. ItiittottH and Button Kenecht. 2nd. Tat tint;, IS 1st: ICIIen Mh'WM. 2nd. -Fern Richmond, t'rucltetlns — ilabel ICIchelbarger. l»tl, v aSjc! Kii.-belb.'irKer, -^nd: I'lirrle- iur»rt. 3rd. , ..". f Flowers. AslerM.— Afary .Meuenta. 1st. Addinie— l*llirrlnj.'.ist; .MnnneRn. 2nd; nclsool, . — Walter Hoover, Writing. ' lUnckhtnith — Kern Ulchmond. Jut; r'sirrie Stuart, 2nd; Kuth I'ark- hurst. 3rd. • October — Vera Jlarsbman. tut: Mtl- dr«-il MaxtlelA. 2nd; Vera ulson, 3rd. Tlie ilay for- holding the cuntest. wan ;*4>rfi»ct— ideal and an Indian, «umm«'r • lay, |IM». when ihe»i-h<«d cttntpUH f»H« HKV and wayside never looked Jhore beautiful. -The ,«> hind rooms Were y deconvted for tlu» ,. ... .. - ... "*" nn> \ rarkw. <!. ti. Stewart and M. «'. 1he vlcnuty. «itner« will t;o lalw to ,ii H ,, Karl.. i,i..i M..I...I «i,i,,.i ,..this p«iint while other* will KO to t'ull- rnfci. r»r t»ie winter , S Henry IMh.wav nl I'ldem," K 1'. SWat* a«M wife were cnesl« In S *,„ ... ,. ,,,,,,. the home ,,f Mr. and Mrs, F. f, Uud- Alr!i - U ' V1 ''''"Hi" entert: Mr*.- liuiiley's frlendB, hi»wevt»r. ] was in the close proximity of j >f r . .,,„] \| rs , i:tnll .Tan«*en ITOO pl«co.| on the election of HiiKhen j t»in»«l a 1 * dinner Sunday. Mr. and Slfc Monday, the money comlnvr from Chl- nnd fmind r»'ady takers who have faith t«...J>pH.cvff. ..that the next prwtl- »Ient «»lei-t«Hl will I** HuKhe«. James ItJa*-k and wife were visitor* ih l*rinc«'ti'n. ill.. Sunday, making the trip by auto, returning home in the eveninc. ""f»o'ttu» <if the MMplrtyeit of the lawn mower cumftniiy ar* taklntr « forced layoff this we»«fe on account of n h»«'k uf certain Kinds of material which haw ordertnl f«>r tnort? than nix months, * Mr. and Mrs John ITourh and - fam* lly, W'llter JatiKHen and rhfldren nftd M nnd Mrs .b»hn Jnn»J«en, Jr., and H| Mn«, Fred llellrnc In Iwlnp Vte by her limthrr, Mrs. Seott. of Air., nnd Mr*. Jerome Cut *tf frieudu railed «t the Jotl Scliryver home' Hundny. '~' J .fiihn «!alt«. ,who has foreman ln-r»' for !<ome time, has rno hi;! family lu-re from MorrlWm <» i-upy the Krvttntfc MiV. \, M, J'eterJtun wnn Youni; w»'n» visitor* In Sh»»fneld. by her ntotht r, ilrs. Hall, III. Sun«lay, by auto, returniiiK homt" in the evening. !„ M. Ctsdrman nnd family were gtiests tn I*r»sptu 4 l!«town Sunday uf relatives and other*. • Mrs. Mary Oarrtoon recently r<>- turnod from a. lhr»><> weeks' vlj»it out In Iowa, whr-r* whe met r«>lallv«»H and r, and. Mr>4. Armln !5«nBer, of , xpeni Sunday In the Chr per family. mdfin. Nov. ?. - - A t^ritinh'f IHK in liatti Africa wrote hlsj e.niH that- Hvtn?; wan not so luul, cau»c he had just traded she pi red ami a half of a face M friend*. She retort* a pleasant May. '™ t «*"«' '"' «/ ul ",,:". a lar « Mr. and Mrs, N. It,. Urown were t*_tlwf. nallvw. for 2t hen. * passensers to Chh'jiRo ^tundhy mo itiK. Wtiere they will consult R KIM-- t-ialLat In regard to the wuidltlon of <_ ^ Mrs. Jtrown, wb«» is not iif the bct»t]^»' af health. j Mr. and Mrw. Will Thorbus. whot hac»» IMM-M In tnwn f«ir.ihe pas«t tenJJJ- days sine* the t&trkii c»f Alr«. I'hirltt'h. i,, mother t»f Mrs, Tborlms, returned to! their huine-in Chicago Monday tujtrn- [ ] Prepare Thix fora Cough-It's Fine arm and >th*>r tin tin> H. U. Murcy farm ' an- THE LYNDON CARNIVAL •angdon School Taught By M Maiy Carrol \Ton the Silk Rag Prize. I't'iu^ylvania, ceitalu on ejection «f Philander C. Knox, former wenator from tli" Key» Kluiic rtiatc; fortner «ecivtaiy of state und former uttorney Kem-ral, H«> in opported hy Kllln i^, tirvN. "Dumping." "Dumping" I* « word of origin di'Nlgiuitlng ft commercial proe- tlee which cnoslHts of estuhlUhltig fur oact ttutl thi» sumo of two aotlun high prtce lop iln* luwue market, ami lower pHcea, , vl*,, vurl»tde to drcuiu8tunc<« and in muiiy i-Hses lower thou tho coat of imMUu'tiuii.' for foreign I'aul jturftt In La Nature, I'arla, Not Much on Looks. IMnw (i«Mtkljii£ wt It xei'V i.;o"nl Uio^lnt; plet-w of lueut." WuH»»r~"\Vdl, ' sti-uls," Cure that cold —Do it Joday.- CASCAr(A QUININE il u f»iil». w.Uli K«s| r%-1.« U - ^Ju _ JU Au* lhMi.Slaes.SL <»n Thm-sday. Nov. 2nd. the J,yndon corn carnnal was held at the J^yndon and" everything wan well nrransed. At ii(..;n th«> teacher. s and pupilK of the Lyndon *oh«Hi| serveil lunch, consisting of sandwiches, coff»re,- doughnuts and Pl«. • Alter the athletics the foliowlnf? program was given: Song — Hamilton Orove jwlic-ot. H«»<'. — Amelia Janssen. White school. Pallor IViu— Anna WaM'»echt. Itich- mond MC!UM>I. * Uttle Orphan Annlc-^Walter Hoover, LaiiKdon school. ' tiuttunintt Bister's Waist -^- L'Uff»ird Martin, I^ fichnol. Jnm«;M Whit comb Uiley p«>em« in l«inu»mim~ -Kiversido 'ttchool. Sons. "Nr»venih*-r" — cjrccn ucluml. ... i*rinti»mim» "My l-Viith lrfH»Ua l*p The*-"— Mend school. Presentation of «ilk llaff by Supt. H. -rfc-i*rlrr-liT-the Frhiud that ha«f~«Tvnrthi r moot tK*intj«. the rtaK Wing .tuwrded to the the township <liMrletH represt-iited: the . -Ml««! UltZRerahl. HJehmond, «Mi8» .llirkey, teacher. White, ijwi. Hound, teacher. MI»M Mury t'nrrol. teacher. . Hend— Mrs, Arthur Ols^ofi. teacher. HiimiH.ui tlrove, Mi«s Oface Hamilton. Teacher, .Lyndon school, principal, Mia* June .Miller; In termed la to, Mitia Jennie Ijw- cuwter; 1'rimary. M|»M Kittle .Morris. Ht-nry llamilum acted as secretary of athlrttra. H. II. Price, f'o. -gupt . ' acted us starter, while the judges of •tt^hleticK ttert> WinJet, iialiurd tit t'hanibcjlain', »,i Bu }' 1 '- "ws'J. Jrirls 4^ a»ul over Blanche Uimty, Jst: M>ta Mi e 5U* Vd. l>«wli. Vlrls S to 12 l-Tuaik*. !«t; Afildrt'd Franks, ijul la Kettb-h-. 3rd. .'»» Yd. l>«»h. girls S and. under—t'ady, l*t: <>!u<!ncr t 3ml: Otteu. 3rd, ?i« Yd. litisli, hoy» l;' uud over — l-'unde «»vcr Alien. d Hue*.', Kirlc, »• and under Gherkin, . IM, rady au4 3rd. TJ»ie« »KsKi' -aim-tin uml ,i>.ii--<;iier. I'nd; UIVWH. nnd Haru>, 3rd. Three -.irvtifji Uace, boys i und under — Heiat itnd tiuvi-xney, 1st; ilouver am! Wiiiis, ; s iui: 'j>«ch and Iia>vu. 3rd. Fe«iuH Scromble — Tench. 1st; UIHU, »nd; KwiiiK *wul Hetties. 3rd, .">(» Yd iKtsh. boy* it in 12 — ('»rt«r t»«: KN Allen, JuU; 15. Allen, 3rd.' ' £>t* Vd l>ash, boys under ;> — Teach It-i: HeiM, ,'nd; liuyen. 3nh eoniddered the Lyndon com carnival of laic wa« *uict"e»*ful and one that wan pleasant in every way. Miss Milter, the princliuil of the Lyndon school, and -her assistants, Mifiscst M«nriK und l^incntiter, de»«er\*e much credit aiuf prnls«> for their efforts totVard the curnival «o miccetui« fid, und the teachers of the various districts dextre to thank the.m for th«4r many courtesies during the |>a«t t PROPHETSTOWN NEWS ADDING TO BUILDINGS Harvey C, Hull i* Having an Up-to- Oat* Hog House Built. Hwrvey. f. Hull, who operates q farm Mouth uf town and who tu unf of the best farmers' In the rouuty. 'and vttiwtally in the towiiHhlp, 1st ad'liiiu to hltt biiildines on the {arm and j* buiidhiK :!i a very subsstaiuial way, •lit* i* putting up u IU'IK: titnutt* for his br»«»d b..V\x vvlilrli j« Ur be a Vt-iy n;uU-i!i Mirufturv tif the kind. The liuUiM? IK -*i\3l> fi-el OK. the cixiumi and w *.o niratiK«*>t that the lu>xx are >ta- tilrd on'*'Hher side of the .pen', In dHlijed inlo' individual « ninji.)! tsnrl «is!> feet, thus (;ivini; curh IwfK plei rtHsm and the arraui nii-ul It, Juhn Lanpherv who Is on a. visit to| his si,«ter. Mr«. Kdwin HeynoUtH. re-1* 1 t'civitl wo-fd fr»»m hi» s«in« wlio liver Uoew th* IVorfc In '.AUaniir. l that they bar . , ™ that «,*orn tn the acre, and that they had offer of ninetv »•*»«£» per buidiet for the new bold luul conqaera dU. throat and chert ,«oU church and painting the'name are in! Am' drugBist can l»r»>nrt>M« and will lw completed in njoy, ^ UKfv » «f I'inex ,yott , : , , ,, and wif.% t»f t M Pour thin into » plat bottle and bottle with plain wer»> arrivals in town J-Y.iday idBhtj aynl » Hhake thorouchly and andwill rtmurn sef eral dayKKuenta f for use. t The tofill CO»t i her honu* *lth a dduchter, liv- - H*n truly astoni*Mnif how qtti in that city. . act«, ^nctrathiK tlirouj-h eve m«*r. r imw*atfe of tint throat and Iwnff*— Himppule, in,, J>;»turdMy f«rm« to on bi.i»lue»t»« and miiieM tin- plikfim, ««oUie« «... the hitlained or Huollen tlirtmt brant-a. mtti ~" hut _ _..__. ____ Mr*. VVillcuii i*4«rb x > wn« a p-tihi _ «er to tiniml Island. Neb., smirduy! cough will disapp-ar morning; uh.-re »he wtll »peiul M-vrrul Parley. wiih her .lauKbter. Mix. Oamde better fur . , \vlu>o]iiii^ coujrh or bronchial , J'in.-x in a MiiccUkl ami hiuitly tratcd compound of tfcmiino ] M«MS Anna Kvant und Mt>.s Ulii, i t rated compouuU or ucnuiiK ten* wen- m >iyt<am»n- l«*t wt ek ,,* i pm« extract, .IcIcK^ to a » Kpwurth U.^ue „«,. J J;«* * ^t^tt^L^ deb vent ion, Mr>; J. M. Iligdon In spt ndinj; the! .._ over bealffig' effect on Urn w«?»»lc tit rvlaliv«c« wwd friend!*. tiud t;«lva. 111., withj Avoid disappointment by askiha , drujujint for '^Mi ouiioe* of I'inejr , full directions .and dont accept tw,T?TF7.ui,i« «f i>.u u i« ,,.. ..r .^J* • thiuwVlw. A jjunrantw) of shaolu! and \he SlStS *i£*tJ£ *^- ^A^^^^ iHK twice as much for ir.m and rn*:». f^ |^ wlvne. tml . who deals in Junk, s of Ihrt'! the feedmw f.Hi In- doll*- With Alien, uudi UichjBumiL 2r,JL ..... -. ^ High Jiuttp, l»o>»t 1^ jtn>» AiUu, Ixt: <i. J.ctihait, .'ml; • jCuiimiiK iiish Jump. .IMIVS t.ver • Hid u'u.u r U'-- Kd .Ulvii, J.-i. ti -nd: \V ' niji^iUit- \\i-rl, and im The 'huiidisit: Is constriu'ted pruu-i- pj»\ly of iHjni-iv<«- and tilt-. The fouu- Don't Forget— that when constipation, brtiousBess or indtgc*tioo 19 neglecte4 it may cause * JMness, Act uj>o« the first —k«wp your digestive PIUS -t*r«»«r*irhr<rf-*o*-M»(i»rroe -ir^Hr WwMr • Svkl ,,«:>wfe«™. jbi»wi*l()t.,3S4. National Stop the Little Leaks * ar»* Hourly always Miiull, vvt* jmy lilllo aUt'iHiou it) ilu'iu. fbt-y IwH-omo % lavj4f and we aiv . j au*J iiijuivtl hy our gi't j««slu>i>' Wtvlily Havii cart 1 of fli«vs' lt»ul<.s for llU'Itt- will In- u.j to "\»m. Club will lake ii. A Tt i w Fiiti t!ain tlu« inft j

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