Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on November 7, 1916 · Page 5
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 5

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 7, 1916
Page 5
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FAMILY REUNION Held Recently at the 1 Null In Chambersburg. Pennsylvania. t ' .... _. 5. A. Hrlfkrr nrrl'-fi iicnif- S-it'vt-'l.iy tht frfim f'hambPr*bt:rf'. ''"» • wjipr^ a family rfitti"^. f-'"'- K OF THE NATIONAL WOMAN'S PARTY URGES CLUB WOMEN TO VOTE fr-->m tl>p Nov. 1st: of H «tim»nf>r . >i,ir'!i-ti I'uh- tvm n iiipri! Mr . inlet *M<>1l.n'«1 thf>ir mint. M!«<5 t.pb- find if- Hit I -.'«•«• from f'cnn- rtnfl "th-r «'nf« ; * wr" 'n nt- *r#*lnl rt<nlti ( p« to .,»»•«•• r-n rn mn.iv "f ">p kl»»*hil> t'PP"_ "' r ; fitted to ftw-mblp In 'till' f-apn.'ity '>f ft; whfistr inftlturiP" W(M '" nt: "When ihf n«'in hf'>ir "hnd nrrlvpd b'l the *up<«y« wprp hivltMl to thg^pr . ms fpa«t "f R"«'l think" hurt »"•»•<> ,-Vided by Mr?. Mull nr».» »>'"• ;u.nt, ho wont truly nr*v adept* in th'- '•>"" art whrn' li <-<«inf« to f«irn!.«h nt? hln* mtbstnfitiiil (m<l atH«'; imtlBfy »b«» wonis "f »>«• "nipr f 111 '" , "After nil tho«p prpftent !uu) i-p« r al«*ii ftmfteiveft nt TtHT- fniKii! hrmrd mi taurnnwnt *•*»«. had to »hf pntlor. W, I^. Hrl<-kfr, ft«filstp«) i>v «>th- mm ir I HP ^2SJ-s^ j t^ =a %¥?F<^HT > !^r* s ;"" ^ - -'-' isoAy.jiW.f.isii : Mrs. J. A, H. Hopkint, of New Jef8*y, a m*mbsr of th* Nation*! Woman'i f>aHy »nd the Congr**- tional Ufiien, who wa» th« »o*»k«r Suturday lifter- noon at the Woman'* Cfub celebration of Suff»-aB* Day. Mr*. Hopkini urged the women to ttudy polit- ttirt fconomy and to learn >efitieal methodt ao th«y. may Vot« underttandingly. "At the clcuw of tfi* 1 MnKlnK, tm , . imlly'ftnil of Iho N«w 1-VnnUHti l^itji- lit parish. r*nd a tf«rt of «m*< "f «»j** nmldP'1 '" tuayor. After thl.» wax ronrltuJed th*« otitln* n 'i* roiwln-.l to th^ .lawn ;>";' for oamcrn r»>miJtn. ni«%*nil <llf- |»T»nt pictures IM-IHK tnK«-ii l>> (Jarnt-t tthman. "Many Irulwd w«*r*» Hi" mnlnsiPtx-..* by tlu« VI»U<»rf who -. won I What th*y aptly tnrmml fhi'lr 'old pruiitid.' Truly tht> wji.dc wan B mo*t IntprMtlnK nml jn> one and »ii<-li nn will not mum lie . *»Th6 nninoH 'nnd J>II«'«»H or the happy pnrlk-Jpantfi ar«» aw f»l- V: Mr. and Mm. W. I.. Hrli-ker, of toy«iitown, H«»nufriM>t «»uniy: l>. A. ' , «f Htfrllrm, Hi.; <>nu>K«* I'~~ . • wd, Md. <ln this <-.,niti>cil..n wt- IWllih to notf Uif*t th*> l«tlor Mr. I'.rlckpr notoml from Cumt»«.rJnn.l : nnd brought j father and rmtthpr, Mr. and Mrf. \v. Brickrr. fruin thflr >H»HI'> In hl.i A Good Bottle often prevents a long spell oC sickness and saves a feig 4pct$r bill ^ "Buckskin" Bottles are guaranteed for two years, See them in our j window, the Sterling Pharmacy Co. 306 FIr«t Av«nu«r Sterling, Illinois Thp rrunfnr'mpctinsr of thp f ........ "•imafl's rliib was hpld Hftturda.v 'tpuio'-n-'In thp nsKpmbl.v rftom of th^-HlKh sfbtH*!. Thp prowrjim, whl«'h was in chniKP of Mr*. Hurry KerKU- .ton. vvfi« known n» suffrage clay, and was a public inpMhiK. all worriPti bp- Itijj Invitfd. • Thp proftrnm opened by'slnginfr Thp Star SimiiKh-tj K.tnner, Uobcrt UCR.OP leading Mr. Upufic then witm two rn, hf-atitlfully. Mr*. Kfhr, presldVnt of HIP Hub. In intriKTticlriK thp speaker of thp aft«T- noon. npokp of thp t«>w rplntlnn N>£ vvotnpn . to the Kovprnment, nnd P>X- prpdspd th" lujpp that all would !>«•• littflll^cnt volprn, as HIP rlghi! of Rtiffraifp was :i step higher in our tluti, and that w»« would also f"oitiPthlnn of a moral forcp t<« upon all j|iipstitin« of govcrn- itu-nt, ". Mr«, ,t. A. H. llopk'lns, of Morristown, N. .1.. was then prpppntpd and itninedlstply fapllvated hPr aiidlpnoe. Khp IH u speaker uf rare culture and uttalnrii'MitH. anil i-i'mMiifO a ttiuKii'-lIc fon'p and KHH-IOUS, charmliiK person- ailty, which at oncp cunvlncpH and de- I'rllon, n»d hroiiRht to tho women• of Htrrl!n« and ttif cnfnino- «-hl*i<'d v,-i>ni«>n »f ttic wt'Bt, n mrHxai?p from th«» ufipnfranr-hlapd worn»»n of th»» <•, to <"xc-rc|f>p the prlvlleRps they now enjoyed and to work for th» v frw- dittti of all Arn* 4 rl«'nn womanliood. Kh»» dpwrlbed DIP work of the National Woman'* Party, which is work- intr wd»*ly for jniffniKP for women nnd l.i nojl > ainimlKnlriB for any c-andltttitt*. KfH' «l»o told of the work of the OoriKTf i *<doiial t'nioi* which was or- Ranlitect to uPcure the passage of a federal "nniimdniPtit, thlnklnK that a liftlcr nnd quicker- method of securlnB universal cuffras* than by ntnt^ r« ! f- Mrs. Hopkins IB a mi»rnbpr of the National Woman's Party and tbel'oii' Hhi« < : xplalned tfip mHhod of spcur- Ins ti fvd*nil anit'iulitiPttt and urged the women li> study pidltlcrtl Pconorny Mini to It-urn political intjthoilN »o that they tiiuy yoto-tinderstandlngly. • and they will' fin(l*1t a Rrpat education. Thp next meeting will be Nov. 18 and will he a lectnrp by Mm, Hliikle, on "A (JllrnpM* of Kgypt and the Nil*?," .Mr». 11 Inkle-has traveled . extensively in HKVPI and will brlntf to UH her •own Impression* and experiences and | not nujrely hlntoriral ilata. This will 1 b<- a good day to bring gupxte. I'rewi Correspondent. \ car to tjip place of reitnion). Mr«. Sadie tla'ker. o('Winchester,' Vu.; Mr. j'nd Mm. W. <». Wise, of Orrstowii; Miv und-ilrs. C. H. 1-fhmun and sonn, ti-.irnpt, Carl und hprt-nz, Mr, and Mrs. .liu'ub Hooycr and children Huth, Her- tiia and Kdward, Mlsw Anna Lflnniin. Mr«. Hula HnrkinH. the latter the-matron- of thp t'hambembunr Old Folks' llorhp; the KPV. L»r. and Mr». J'ottH und thplr daughter Kosanna, of Krawk* AT THE FORSTEfi HOME The Engagement Of Miss„Mercer and Mr. Forster Wa8 Announced. <)I\P of "the prettiPHt of th<! social af- fai/H «t iho autumn occurred last evening ut the B. A. Forster home on Fourth avenue, when the MisspH Ther,p«a Fofster. Lucille Kyan and Kathryn H«rmeK entfrtained twenty BUt«»tM, memb«r» of the A. O. D, club and tlu-lr gentleman friends. Cards were enjoy* ed "during the evening, high honors bo- ing awardt-d to MlaM Nora McCormlok nnd Anson" DleU-rJp, A straw vote wan taken during the evening, Wilson bring The gupHl« wero then Invited to the dlniiiK room. Where a threp-cour«p dinner wa>» »prv«Hl. The table waw urti«- tlcully dwcorn'ted. having a large blup buHkttt of white chrysanthemums for a centf rpl«H.-e. Tiny ribbons of- blue und white* extended to each place. CandleH in ivury huldcr's with bluw bird shades ca«l a soft glow over the table. Pluee cantK wi-rt« hand- painted In blut-blrd deMiKii and favors wer« hinull bluo- birdH. •The surprise of the'evening came iwh*'ti the Kueutti wt-re anked to drink la toast to J^ISM Rlnlw Mercer and Francl« B. Forster, two of tho giu'sts. ThM ilson Hughes Whkh ever one is elected today by the people, you will find the cost of shoes increasing. Every retail shoe dealer now or " ' ppt raise the selling price of his ^member these facts; We doubled our ler &r this Fall We are now quoting ,ees which are rreyelation compared to esent cost We cannot afford to spec- i,tet Our stock must be sold to enable us M. ineet ourobtigationa. §0 RBPUCf IONS ON ALL OUR TWO- p * TONED BOOTS * Our line of ladies' shoes range in price $m fl,SO to $6.00 with latest styles in but* $ nnd lace to select fron^ _ pur men's line includfs two famous lines of men's shoes: / Nettleton shoes for men at $7,00, now' selling at $8,00 in all large cities^ Emerson shoes for men, lionest all through, Jt $3,50 to $540, CfiSMren's school shoes* none better at orice. Steep-8H to 11, $1*7$j HVi to 2,""""' to 6, $2.50. : . . d it »ecret IODK sunpwted arid the announcement of the engagement of thin popular couple will .call forth howls of good winheH. The wedding will take place Thuwday."" NoVr'SOtfi "at""the Sacred Heart church. The party did not break up until She wee Mnull bourn of the mornlnir, -when the MiientH departed for their home* voting the hoHti'nne« royal entertainers. RECITAL WELL ATTENDED Wat Given Friday Night In Studio Of _ J, W. Johntton. Th« recitaL given by the pupils of the Rock Ktvffr Hohool of Mimic Friday i-vunlng. Nov. 3rd, In the atudlo of J. U'. Johnnton woa attended by a large crowd. The following program was rendered:' , . . , "Jus.t Jiecauue It's You," Brb — 1'layed by Virginia Weaver, «u p. g by IJorothy Ankney. •Tho Violet." Hannah Smith— Dorothy Ankpny, Reading, "Little Ah 8ld"~Mary Irene Bell. ... -j . "Slumbering Faries," Erb — Sophy Perry.- . •.-..•.''• Heading. "The W'iuhPii" — Dorothy Davis. . «. (a) Danclnir Lesson. Hall; (h) By Moonlight, Fearln: (.c) Hrpwnle« March. Hall — Summer Logan. Reading, "If I Was a Man"— Sterling Holmes, • Woodbine Pfhatsclni — I^oren Scheler. "lion't You Mind the Sorrow**," C'owleK — M(B« Gcnlvleve Pott. Dept, of expression dlpictlng in word pantomime the following: Welcome, mirth, pouting, flight, gosalp, unger, ouch, .goodbye, given by Jane Oalt. Mary I rent! llejl. Dorothy Davis, Eve-. lyn Ivong Ekilth Orampp and Sterling Holmes, directed by Ml*» Elda Hermunn, "Pollah Dance," Schnrwenku — : Mls» Margery HarriH. "Agitutu." vonVVllm— Master Clttlre "Valwo ter t!rebncr : — Mr. Wul : PRAIRIEVILLE CIRCLE Will Hold An All Day Mating W*d.__ no»dsy. ___^ _ ^ The Prnl'rlevllio Social Circle will hohi an all dtiy meeting Wednesday at tho home of Mrs. Oscar Miller. A|! members are urged to be present, A xcromhle dinnnf will be served at noon The Friendship Lodge A. F. & A. M, Of Dixon Celebrated Last Night, More than '^'•."•t Mfivofi«i fr<inn Ihtofi •irn! I..-P cii' w<-r«" I'rf-jipnt to t *•!<•(•>.'it» thp Hf-\ f-nt>--'U'!h unnlvptMry t.f Pn»r«!«hi|' }*><1K<-. A *•'. * A. ,M , at {'(-<•• i nt nt OK.' PV'rn w,i.« (}r:md heftd "f tin- M,ijt(.>ni'.' lodRp in tfi«? Htato .if llt)n<tl«< iri addition t>> many (•rorntnt-ru Mnsnns fn'tn surrounding town*, ftm h u<* Amboy, Ptf-rllti|r. f'm-k Falls. Prnnklm Drove, fumpton, l.ff. I'entfT. i "rcgon and Fr«-{>rtrt, i'Yf!k>\vinK i HP w»rk :it thp lotlKO thf Msiprtn* nt thf* hour uf l'):S< to Hosbrook hall whf-re the th«« KhMi-rn J-Uair had prepared itn p)a- Jwtratp bnn'jupt fur thp cornpany. Thp brother."* rrtarrliMl from tho lodge hull to '.\M' bnn<iuM room two by two, tfid mijdp a fliip .upj'Prtrnncp as they te- 1'iiiri'd to ihp Rprpnd.' At Banquet Table. When rill wi>rp In their plarr-s, thp Miring 'irrhpstrn in the mimic-ltuta' bal- i-nnv stitH'k '.tji ihe Strains . nt "Mv ('(imitry 'Tls of Thpp," in which thp n«^ sprnblnpp jninrd. As thp mtmlo d)pd atv«y, Mrothpr Alhprt H. Whttcobe pro- noiiiuViX Rrticp, aftpr which the rotn- psiny ^yitf-d tht*rtwtvf>« nrxl procepdp»1 to pnjoy n most Humptnnun banquet uf Enjoyed Twists. Aft«r thp ti8M>.mn)*>fl brethrpn hart s:iti.ifl«'<1 On- wnnttt of thp Inner man find th*' 1-jiKtprn Star Indies who wi>r«> nc-tlng J»« waiters pro tern, had fulled to. ifrniinde thf-tn t«> partake of a sin- K!P otlu-l 1 bitp, clears wprp pus«pd nnd thp C-umpnny unt bark to pnjoy short tnlk* by...Mark f. Kpller, H. W. D. I). (»rand'MwMer, artlng nw toftsl mtistpr. M»«on(c Brotherhood. HP !ir.«t ralicd upon Grand Master Wheeler, of Chipago, who discoursed upon thp Mnxotili' brotherhood, tfllitiK of HH iiltn* nnd itcitimpllfthmpiitx. Hiitory Of Lodqe. Kdivnrd H. Hrewjiter, of Dlxon. told of thp history of l-VicnduJtlp I Aid go from thp tImp of 'Its p«tablli«hmpnt, »PV- puty-livp .vpiirM.ago, down through the vpur« to ihp prpwnt dntp. I-VPP ma- Honry was told of by Hnither H, K.p«n« Ijyun Or.-ttul I'haplaln, and short talks by wthprH of thp pouipnny followed. They HJ»»kP eloquently upon thp pr.lni'lplps of Mnnonry nnd Itn intlit- ence upon thplr dally llvtft and for thp bpttprm'-nt «»f the world. • SPANISH WARVETERANS Of Dixon Enjoyed A Bnnqust List Evening. • = The Mulligan given by thp Dixon local of thP-HpanlHh War Vetprans last wan a splendid HUccese in Vv- way und onoe more the Dixon vi«t- llved up to r«put«tlons ai»-r«yo4 entertainers. Thero were about 50 present Including 1& from HtciliiiK. A buslncstt meeting was held before the banquet and after tho buslnenH had been dispensed with, the rp«t of the evening was dc- V.Qled to a 80od_.tlnu». Reminisenses. Carl Waxner. acting an toustriitt»tv?.~ called upon each member pr»ncnt and pttch responded with a. toant, a stor>' or some lnte.ros.ttng experience he went through curing tho war MeminuP cencps wero In order and many ait old battle was fought over and In every ca*w the enemy wan always sent flying before the story was flnlithed. Moose Band , Played. The merhbers of the Mooao band, as an honor to Uio boys and also to their new bUHlnjess manager, ^r, Wagner, came and random! som'e splendid mu- slc while tho Holdiers were banqueting. Their tnuslc was greatly appreciated by the banqueters and th* musicians were kept busy responding to encores. Dish Of HithoK- The Mjilligan. which was the dish t>f hgnor,,was probably what brought back tho sttrrtng seems of the campaign so vividly. It woa prepared by Meiwrs. nratton and Booth, two army cooks and was, therefore, the some np the good old army Mulligan, only perhaps a little bit better. - Boys Of '61 Present " A t-nrdlal Invitation had been given to the members of ; th» Q, A. R., and many M tho Boys of '«! .gathered around the table w|t,h' their younger comrades of '98. fti# United States Regular Army was*'represented by Lieut. J, 8. Howard, who, yesterday opened a •recruiting station In Dixon. Box Of Hsvanst. A long and interesting letter from fotnradsv Harry CrabV** 1 . n *»w of lips Angelas. Calif., was read and the box of exwllpnt Havana qlgars which he sent were paused around and the boys mnok<id to his health, while ther« was i gonrral cxpretiaion of regret that he was not with, them In body, as he was In spirit. The army did. not "break camp" until, a. JaAe_bPur, _and_ Alien JltJaat-the trn»» came for taps tho soldier* parted with the avowed Intention* of holding mother such meeting in the not-to- Shoe Eepaiiijig Done You Buy Trouble When you purchase glws- es o» a "jeweler's" or an "eyeglass salesperson'* 1 ' say-so. We have'always realized the importance of haying the eyes examined *y an OPTQMjSf BIST of experience, 'and when you come to us f.or glasses you are absolutely safe, Whether your glasses cost $2.00, $3.00 or $5,00, we stand back of every l»air and 0UABANTBI5 you complete eyeglass satisfaction. Dr. Colliding ~"- Optician 111. IT ulu'i'iullU-r's t»tor«. Bell Phone 101-W. MARHIED25 YEARS Mr. And Mrs. Seidel W«r« Given Bur- pristt In Honor Of Tht Event. Mr, und Mrs, 1-Yanlt Held**!, of Pm» •>r«on. were given a pleasant surprise Sunday evening when forty of tlielr frlendf called unexpectedly r to remind them of their twenty-liftli w«ddln.g an- ntverwiry. After Mr. and Mr*, getdel recovered from thei shock they made their guestti welcome and the evonlng spent was a ineawnt ono. During the evening the guests presented them with some beautiful silver forks and knlyi-H. At the. close of tht* evening u buffet lunch was uerved. 7. ,A Number Of Friends At A Fine Sunday Dinner. ' . Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Shepurd, o( I-yiHlo". entertained at dinner Bunday tho following guests: Mr, and Mrj*. ^u- tlu*r Hidge and niece, Miss Marlon, 'of Dlxun, Mrs. Haymond J'urkaplle and Daughter, lrt*n«, of Sterling, Mfi. and Mm. Win. Howard and childron, Peao and Viola, and Misses l^la aiul Ada Hell, of Propln-tBtown, and Mian Cfcthet Uldge, of Uaek Falls. FAMIlfRJUNION W»t Held ^yndsy At The 'Hom* Of ' Mr. And Mrs. Lsuff. A family reunion was held Sunday at the Henry ItUUFf home, ut-ur Btoiu- Station. Tho day wa« spent fliformul- ly and », sumptuous dinner w»s enjoy- e>d at noon. Those • present were Af r. and Mrs. John H. Marschang and fam- n ml Mr«t HttlWtt 1f»f»wrt. M*r. apft M}*. Waft ffnn«Hi "i'f><J Mi«.« A'th It'ifwH, "f thin city. nn<3~ "X1(H« t.^'Hrndp Mfu nR, of Jordan. MISSIONARY SOCIETY Of The Fourth St. Church Wifl Afternoon, . !•"•:• lift h Kt. <-!nirrli -.\i!l tttf-t \^''!r».- f!:iy aticrnnrii! in thi- h"!iii' i>!' .Mt!= H. f'.-ilmfr, !L' ( 'i' Kir«* nvfrniif. All lail- j.«« ,-,{ th'- • hnr< h -ire itu it^cl Ni Pitirrt'T will l>r> ns«jp?i x O sn fDti ft?iii:inp by Mrs U»hcrt ti"««c. Mrs, \V H. \Vnl- U'k. Mrs. lifttry !>«•«> t* ar>d Mrs Kmma ' BASKET^SOCIAL Given By The Center School Wat Largely Ati*nded, Thp basket jun-tal plvfn hy itnzpt '"hristophnr anrl hi-r pujoM at thp Outer ff-fuml l-Vidny night was dcri'tl «fi» ypfy good iirnl tii'> tun sold yrpH. A tifat *nini uf motif y made JIK r. result \vhlch i>lay RI i and hook*. MISSIONARY SOCIETY 4 Of Trinity Church Will Hold Meeting Wednwday. Thf Wornnn'd Ml«*lonnry Hoclcty of tho Trinity i hurf'h will hold thi»ir n-R- n!nr mpftlnR Wi-dnesdny nftrrn<xin nt 2:30 o'clock at thp par»onajr,f. l»nl f^jst Third «trp*-t. Husinpsfi nf Importune* 1 will h^ t'rntisnftMl um'l «iv« i ry Is Uo women rculixe that they already vutt 1 in the most effective way on ini- ...,iy utnt- u \voiiuui.lm>« an urtl- rk> it !»• a vuu% backfU by Miimvy, for Ikui l l _rtiy' i u *i Hinct-ri* unjkrtiyal of Us inctlt*.' ' _~* ~ So woiiit'n haw bvfn voting on tin* US' hf'alth. When they lius beeij_ owntfhrlpU'fUj: for I*y- B, I'lukhHtn'tt'-Vvtifetablit Ci'irnpoumd, h tluy hi^vr ImU^ht uiul ut>(<4 witli MISSIONARY SOCIETY Will B* Entertained This Evening By Miss Arnold. Thw Ytniiitf I^ullps' Mlsnionary Hoc- lety «»f Ht. Join's Lutheran church this ex-enlng by Miss Vivian Arnold nt thp. A. K. ThummH home. All mem hern aro urged to be present, a* n pleasant time lm« been |>lnnned. MISS JOHNSON, HOSTESS To the Members of the M. M, Club Last Evening, Mint) Florence Johnson entertolned thn mem tiers of the M. M.-club-last evening at her home, 904 locust street. Thp time wan spent In crocheting and tnuslc. after which dainty rpfreshropntB wero CLASS INJHE CORNER Will Meet W«dnt«d»y Night With M!*e Laura Qraehling. ~ •• . _. JlheLClosa Jn-th*-ti Lutheran church will niKht at ihi« home of Mix* Ornohlin^. AH member* arc asked to be prvnent. After th« bu»inp»« mc-t't- ing u soclul time will IIP enjoyed, THE EASTERN STARS Held a Picnic SUOMP and Meotirxi Last Night. About seventy- nv»> membe™ of thp Starling chapter, O. K. B., attended the picnic supper and' meeting held Tast night in tho Masonic hall. After thp picnic supper thp meeting... was held and the past officers put on thp work., initiating several candidates. •T**B*VI> • i »»v*i»».»ii^ ______ wv ¥ *-•« <** _ *._ ?:._*y > .:n.**r_*.j!'"* "Mlia Dtmaldaon, of Maywood, W:us an out of town jfuest. , After the meet- .Ing- a uociul time wan enjoyed. i)iniii : IIIIBI • . ~tf MISS MASS HOSTESS. Miiw llanimh Matm, <»r J > nUrlcvtllo, entertained at a Nix o'clock dinner Bunday evening the following' guents, Mi«»«« Klorvnco Jiuff matter. .Velma, Nnwman and Dora Andreas and Glenn ' Mr. and Mm. Lewis 80 s entertained at dinner Friday evening $he following BuentH: Mlns Helen Stabler, of Polo, and Mr. and Mm. Matt Linn and family- . /'; . ..... • . _ ' RALLY AT PROPHETSTOWN Pour Hundred P««pl« Heard The Rt- publican 8p»»k»r«, Probably the moat «,lntere«tlng and «ne of the most effective; rallies that ban been held In ProphetHtown waw held Friday night when the AUditpr- Jum wa» packed to the doors with people InWreaied to hear the lout word In politic* that wottld be apokeu' from the platform by Republican H pea Ken. for thia campuign. No. lens than four .Hundred were prewent and It W«B u yery responsive audience. at that. The speakers included Ml»s Anna JPeck, noted tor her mountain cIlmblnK and'"fbr )»er experience in travel and with people, &1ls* Peck »poke on sev- uml Hubjectu nnd among them WUB that of woman uuffraye, explaining to the ludlett of the audience ettpecially the positions held by the two candidates forJthe presidency.,- _She ulBo told at the mistakes of the admint^trtUloiiH. In concluding her speech «he appealed to thu ladies UH well a at the gentlemen to «•*•**»«« *f f •»— «•»»*»•*•»•*•»' « Jd *» JJ • • WTW VWTTW* - -- wholo Republican ticket, and thu»ttuf*» guard the nation. Mr, Feak. view pnutldent of-th« John Oe«ro Co., was then introduced by Hev. Alfred Nelson and spoke' ut con» *ld«rabU. length on thn question of the tariff and gave some of tho great companies' experience In buying and null- ing under a protective tariff and that of partial free trade or a tariff f*»r r«ventt«ronly. and In his argument made It very clear that, the manufacturing industries of this country, under present eondUjons of high wages could not competu with foreign mode goods. Whll» Mr, Peak i* not a platform orator, noc dees he pretend to be, ht> is full of {her fact* that interest the people and was ablti to give them out so they had much **ff«et. on his audience. He also spoke on tho qualifications of the two candidates and watt much more linprt-wed with this man'nomin- ated by the Republicans than he was the OUB who was nominated by the Democratic party. The wpuakthg was preceded by a par- »J*j and firework* and H nerved to wake up the populace ami the visitors and put them In -gtH»d humor to hear what wan to be said. . Th* Expenditure* and Receipts the $ame For th* P*»t Month. The report of UMJ Mt. C'aiwid. Hume «nd Orphanage north-west of Sterllns twelve rotten, for the past month, shown that tht< receipts (or the mouth wore Identical with the expend Hun*, but th» Home- haa un lndvbi«dne«s of about two hundred d<'!hira- The'or- phuns are enjoyUm i;uod he.ulth uad uii of tla'in aid cnuugh attend the nearby public "school, and sonic of them ar« making excellent grades. Ono-of the girls "bus 'been teaching school for several years and ip one of the best intr is th« report for the month: Receipts. C*»sh carried forward $JIS.SO County allowance , 40.0« Anna M- 15«hU?mu«, Kaiunus l.5u Mr. Webenstt. o.dctu. Ill l.OU -- - - - - .„„_ „ Si3.^'i Uorcowetl t'loin bhiUhn«-ttuu|, , ,. r 7,53 ___ X Nemo Self-Reducing Corsets Each Nemo Corset is designed for some particular type of figure, and is good for that type only, A Nemo that delights Mrs. Brown might displease Mrs. Jones, even though both ladies roay be classed as "stout." Be sure to select the right Nemo. There's a type of the short stout figure, with heavy s s i back and abdomen, that is best corseted in -Nemo Self- f Reducing No. 402. This model has the improved partly-elastic Nemo Relief Bands, which gather up, support and reduce a large abdomen most comfortably. Elastic gores in the back insure comfort and, with the semidetached Self-Reducing Straps, exert a sort of auto-massage that discourages excess fat No. 402 is made of a stout coutil, in sizes 22 to 36. A most satisfactory, stylish and economical corset for the wonian of the type described -$4.00. . . '" : No. 403 is designed for a similar type, but of medium height- $4.00. Nemo models for all figures$3. SO up. 8 5 £ § i ; I ^ItiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiiiiiiitiiiiiiiiinuiiiiiiiiiiiimiiiiiiuiiiiniitiiiiiitiiiiiiiMiiiifiiHiiiiiiiiiiiiuuuiirl THE MURPHY, DRY GOODS 5TORE For" the children ........... ..... 12.40 Urocerlen ........ . .............. 2C.30 HhoM ......................... 3.25 Hchool «upr>lle« ., ..... ; ........ 7.00 Meat ....... ..... ......... ..... 3,00 i )ats . . ......... , .............. '.'.UM Dry goodw .... ....... .......... 1 Freight ........ VV ............. ... Aluminum ware ............ .... 3 Pontage ....... . ....... . .. .......... . ...... 1 .00 i72 .95 -T»S .00 Total .. .................. •. ..IH0.1S I'npaid bills amounting to ubuut $200. - . vicinity" who are Improving their ptop- 4-riy are l-'rank Heger, who In <»re«t- inff a lar^t' furni Jiouse, t»arn, corn crlhs and /fit her bulldljiKM on bin farm west of town. Albert Slaymakt-r lian bought th* »»arn wl>ii4iW'a« owned by Mlsa Kath- ertne IVrklns'iand JIUH moved It to hlii land a NhuH distance wi>«t of th^ vll- lage. The barn wan moved Thursday with a titM'tlon engine. Friday the mime engine wan lined to move tht» old kitchen which Mr. Hlaymaker tic** tuclieiL from his house In town, to th« land whit-re It will he »neil for a farm t-nklicBcu- was Fund. Carried forward f 62,75 Pleasant Hill S. H., Pleanant Hill, Ohio Anna_AlyerM. MerajriburK, Pa in lliH JVnme. Abilene, KatiH.:. J. W. Hook, Hiimona, Kan».,.. Bethany H. H., Thomas, ukla... 43.90 10.00 5.00 10.00 38.84 -Total ...,..$170.49 Other Donation?!. A baskc't of clothing. Mr. Morrison. 111.; ten gallons of vinegar. John Qiirwlck. Colete. III.: tt box or clothing, Mr. Kennedy. Morrison, Hid one overcoat, Mr, Tllton, Coleta,.lll.;jl Held, Ohio. , H. W. Hake,- Treas. c from the nwln part of the house to Klvu place for the two utory addition which Mr. Blaymaker hyilt on noon after purchaalnjr th« prolierty of M 1ns- en Su»le and Kath«rlne Pierce, FUNERAL SERVICE. The funeral nervlcea or ailaa Isabel Webmcr were held at the M. Ei*chu>vh Wednesd'ay afternoon conducted by iho pastor. Rev. J, W. Qeorg*. aBBlmed by Rev, A. D. Moor«, a former' pa»t < »r. but now located at Hampshire, Mr. ?Ta!bot, a half brother from Harmon. came -to attend the service*, EASTERN^STARS MEETING. HOPKINS NEWS :J LADIES'AID SOCIETY Of tht Gtrmsn Luthsran Church Htld • M**t:n0 Thursday Tho Ladles' Aid of the.Uermun Lutheran church were entertained at the home of Mrs. Henry Johnson Thursday afternoon. A largo number of ladle* were present and they succeeded In finishing a quIU. Light refreshments were served by the bomteHs, and a pleasant time was had by the ladles present. The next meeting of the aid will be held at the home of Rev. and Mrs, Arthur Ootlng on Thursday afternoon, Dec. 7. THE R. 0. THIMBLE CLUB. A large number of ladies were in attendance at the R. G. Thimble club meeting Thursday afternoon.' At the usual hour dainty refreshments were served and a pleasant afternoon report* ed. GIVING VOCAL LESSONS. IMS Helen C'ussens started Thursday giving vocal music lessons In the Mc- L-;irath school. Mhe-wlll devote one lour each week to the lessons and Mil the pupils gel thu benefit of the instructions. HOPKINS BRIEFS. Mr. and Mm. Ernest Stern nnd fain- ly timtwred to Clinton Saturday and attended tho corn carnival. fclJf f^*V : V« ^.»f»J- ••-'^••f f* *'t*-fr*Ti ~T*'*t , , , , __,„ Mr. and Mrs. Harry- Hoaglund, of Mulvcrn, will move to Morrison In the near future to make, their home. He I;IH acceptetl a position In the refrigerator factory there. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Balster returned !>om« from Chiougo Sunday inorninti:, Mrs. K. W. Gross, of Chicago, spent ast week at the home of her sister. Mr, and Mrs. Walter Palrymple. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Dettmun drove D (Sterling Thursday where they spent .he day with friends. Thp schools of Hopkins township held their corn carnival ut the Oalt school house lust Friday, Misses Amy Uunahue and Verona urd and Clyde Crump and Clarence jterti attended a Hallowe'en social at he home of Miss Klsie Frost in Union tiro vis Tuesday evening, . The ladles of the Domestic* Science club of Morrison entertained the,Lyndon gciencB club at a one o'clock luncheon at the home of Mrs, Judge Kum»«-y last Friday uft*rnoon. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Stern and fum- ly entertained- at their home Sunday afternoon, Mr,- and Mrs. Alfred Onktm and faintly, of Lyndon, and Mr. and Mrs. Carl Hurtnum anil family, Mr. and Mrs. James Crump and fam- ly entertained at their home Huntlity, Alra. Otto Mummeu una Mrs. Henry Mammen. • The Eastern Star lodge met at Masonic hall Wednesday evening with a good attendance of the member*. ' The ladles came about 6 v m.; brlng- Ing baskets of lunch for a picnic «*»«. per, which wns ner\'ed at 8:30 to tn»;;-.- husbands and friends, and a social " time wu* enjoyed. The r«ir«UWi.V session was held later In the «v*nln« and four candidates Initiated. A SURPRISE PARTY. ^ Mrs. Nancy Seger was Riven a pleas- " "{ ant surprise by, the Pythian 81ster% :^ who went to her home In a body wa&*-f$ spent the afternoon with h«r.< Th»>v;* ladles took baskets of eats MM tarfp, *.)j a delicious luncheon was enjoyed. Th*;^ occasion wait a very pleasant one for ^ Mrs. Beger, as she in in ill health an* .-'« confined at,home the moat of the time. J ERIE BRIEFS. -' : Mr. adn Mrs. Clarence Peck ham and y. Misses Carrie and Callle Wood mo» «- tored to Lyndon Wednesday and at* ••.• tended the corn carnival held there, - i Mr, und Mrs, AJIen Pratt returned ,,.; Tuesday from an auto trip to Chicago, • where they visited their son and wife, ' •Mr. and Mn». Thurston Pratt. ______ > S&SMARKETCO.S&S Special for Wednesday, . Nov. 8 , .-. - w _^ Best Notive Shoulder Beef Fork Stouk, It). Pork ChopH, tb. .106 . 18o ERIE NEWS J FARf WELL PARTY , W«» Qiv*n Tu««d«y Evthing »\ th* ' f Skagg Horn*. The members of the liuptlsi Chrla- tian F,ud«avur society, about forty in lumber, were very pleasantly enter- ,iiiivini at the home o£. Mr. unU Mrs. rixoctus — Skaggs. — lHio»cta>' — evening MU«iv; ant) gumt'M'wt'rw features of t>«- teriuinntent tuwt-H|r oyster supper was s«jrvt;d by tin? huetC'ss. Mr. HkuB«s 4iul faintly will leave early, in the fur Mt, Plvasan.1, la., where have ,purchusvd land umt the one 1'or For Il«i>sti>iiw | 4 *.«o 8«v*r»l Fsrmer* in This Vicinity Are Bu»y Thi» Week. ' in HERE WE ARE A new shipment of Manila Stubs . ~ , - - 1> JUST RECEIVED This in tlio Philippine cigar which has created ,Mich eouHueui among Binokeiu Have you tried tl^eni If Kveryone who ; ua» is enthusiastic about thcwj. ... (let your trial bunt'li now while the stock is comptote. »2 for -5 10 for 25 cents Hendrieks Drug Co. v TKe . i '3

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