Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on January 31, 1898 · Page 7
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 7

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, January 31, 1898
Page 7
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No H Indians ;pK>lisaxp dally 7:10am 11-M a m No S3 " M&il4Sxp_ll:3S am (daJ'v exoupt Sunday) No »Indpl's Sxp «x amu— 3 as p m «:lfl T> m No » PaMeniier except ban Ho 151 Boohe«ter local arrive :4Spm except Sunday, i(OBTH BOtT2n>. -Oflasam Wo IB ACOOBI «j»ept Saa. . . »:«5 a ta •Dow ><* nn MB* IK Par i on Sunday. ttokttiMM and timeiallnl'Ormatton call i aient, L. I. * W. by American Press Association.] WASHINGTON, Jan. 30.—Dr. Talmage berfc shows the style of Christian character required for the times in which we live and pleads for more heroics. The text is Esther iv, 14, "Who know- Oth whether thou art come to the kingdom for such a tir.oe as this?" Esther the beautiful was tbe wife cf Ahasueras the abominable. The time had come for her to present a petition ito her infamous husband in behalf of the Jewish nation, to which she had once belonged. She was afraid to undertake the work lest she should lose her own life, but her cousin, Mordecai, •who had brought her up, encouraged her with the suggestion that probably she had been raised up of God for that peculiar mission, "Whoknowetb whether thou art corue to the kingdom for such a time as this?" Esther had her God appointed work. Yon and 1 have oars. It is my business to tell you what style of men and women yon ought to bo. in order that yon i meet the demand of the age in which God has cast-your lot, Sethis discourse will not deal with the technicalities, bnt only with the practicabilities. When two armies have rushed into battle, the officers of either army do not want a philosophical discussion about tbe chemical properties of human blood or the nature of gunpowder; they want Borne one to man the batteries und take out the guns. And now, when all the forces ot light and darkness, of heaven and hell, have plunged into the fight, it is no time to give ourselves to the definitions and formulas and technicalities and conventionalities of religion. What we want is practical, earnest, concentrated, enthusiastic and triumphant help. AKtrrcsalve Christianity. In the first place, in order to meet the special demand of this age you need to be an unmistakable, aggressive Christian. Of half and half Christians we do not want any more. The church of Jesns Christ will be Better without them. They are the chier~obstacle to the church's advancement. I aru speaking of another kind of Christian. All the appliances for your becoming an earnest Christian are at your hand, and there is a straight path for yon into the broad daylight of God's forgiveness. You may this moment bo the bondmen of the world, and the uaxr, moment' 'on may be princes of the Lord God^_ ; qhty. You remember what excitemeik% ; " *re was in this country years ago wheii< e Prince of Wales came here—how the people rushed out by hundreds of thousands to see him. Why? Because they expected that some day he would sit •npcn the throne of England. Bnt what was all that honor compared with the honor to which God calls yon to be i-ous and daughters of the Lord Almighty, yea, to be queens and kings tmto God? "They shall reign with him forever and forever.'' Bnt you ueed^feta aggressive Christians, and not Tike those persons who spend their lives in hugging their Christian graces and wondering why they do not mak« progress. How ranch robustness of health would a man have if he hid himself in a dark closet? A great deal of the piety cf today is too exclusive. It hides itself. It needs more fresh air, more outdoor exercise. There are many Christians who are giving their entire life to self examination. They are feeling their pnlses to see what i§ the condition of their spiritual health. How long would a man have robust physical health if he kept all the day feeling his pulse instead of going out into active, earnest everyday worfc? "Won't Stand Anatyti*. I-vai once amid .the •wonderful-, bo* •witching" cactus growths of North Carolina. I never was more bewildered with the beauty of flowers,' and yet when I would take up one of these cactuses and pull the leaves apart the beauty was all gone. Yon could hardly tell that it had ever been a flower. And there are a great many Christian people in this day just pulling apart their Christian experiences to see what there is in them, and there is nothing left in them. This style of self examination is a damage instead of an advantage to their Christian character. I remember when I was a boy I used to have a small piece in tbe garden that I called my own, and I planted corn there, and every few days I would pull it up to see how fast it was growing. Now, there are a great many Christian people in this day w.boseself examination merely amounts to the pulling up of that which they only yesterday or the day before planted. Oh, my friends, if you want to have a stalwart Christian character, plant it right out of doors in tbe great field of Christian usefulness, and though storms may come upon it, and, though the hot snn of trial may try to consume it, it will thrive until it becomes a great tree in which the fowls of heaven may have their habitation. I have no patience with these flowerpot Christians. They keep themselves under shelter, and all their Christian experience in a small, exclusive circle, when they ought to plant it in tbe great garden of the Lord, BO that the whole atmosphere could be uromatic with their Christian usefulness. What we want in the church of God is more strength of piety. The century plant is wonderfully suggestive and wonderfully beautiful, but I never look at it without thinking of its parsimony. It lets whole generations go by before it puts forth one blossom, so I have really more admiration when I see the dewy tears in the blue eyes of the violets, for they come every spring. My Christian friends, time is going by so rapidly that we cannot afford to be idlfc. A recent statistician says that human life now has an average of only 33 years. From these 82 years yon must subtract all the time yon take for sleep and tbe taking of food'and recreation, That will leave you about 16 years, From these 16 you,must subtract all the time that you are necessarily engaged in the earning of a livelihood. That will leave yon about eight years. From these eight years yon must take all the days and weeks and months—all the length of time that is passed in sickness—leaving you about one year in which to work for G-od. Oh, my soul, wake cp How clarest thou sleep in harvest time, and with so few hours in which to reap? So that I state it as a simple fact thai all the time that tbe vast majority of you will have for the exclusive service of God will be less than one year. Shirking Responsibility. "But," says some man, "I liberally support the gospel, and the church is open, and the gospel is preached, all the spiritual advantages are spread before men, and if they want to be saved let them come and be saved, I have discharged all my responsibility." Ah, is that my Master's spirit? Is there not an old book somewhere that commands us to go out into the highways and the hedges and compel the people to come in? What would become of yon and me if Christ had not come down off the bills of heaven, and if he had not come through the door of the Bethlehem car avansary, and if be bad not with tbe crushed band of tbe crucifixion knocked al! the iron gate of the sepnlcher of our spiritual death, crying, "Lazarus, come forth?" Ob, my Christian friend, this, is no time for inertia when all the force ol: darkness seem to be in full blast— when steam printing presses are pub lishing infidel tracts, when expres trains are carrying messengers of sin when fast clippers are laden with opium and strong drink, when the night air o our cities is polluted with 'the laughte that breaks up from the 10,000 saloon ot dissipation and abandonment, when the fires of the second death already ar kindled in the cheeks of some who only _ little while ago were incorrupt. Oh, never since the curse fell upon the earth has there been a time when it was such unwise, such a cruel, such an awful tiling for the church to sleep. The great audiences are not gathered in Christian churches; the great audiences are gath- in temples of sin—tears of unutterably woe their baptism, the blood of crushed hearts the awful wine of their sacrament, blasphemies their litany, and the proans of the losit world the organ dirge of their worship. Avoid Kecklestt Icono>clasni. Again, if you want to be qualified to meet the duties which this age demands of you you must on the onei hand avoid reckless iconoclasm and on the other hand not stick too much to things because they are old. Tbe air is full of new plans, new projects, new theories cf government, new theologies, and I am amazed to see how so many Christians want only novelty in order to recommend a thing to tbeir confidence, find so they vacillate and swing to and fro, and they are useless and they are unhappy. New plans—secular, ethical, philosophical, religious, cisatlantic, transatlantic—long enoBgh to make a line reaching from the German universities to Great Salt Lake city. Ah, my brother, do not take hold of a thing merely because it is new! Try it by tbe realities of the judgment day. But, on ithe other hand, do not adhere to any- ithing merely because it is old. There is mot a single enterprise of the church or 'the world bnt has some time been scoffed at. There was a time when men 'derided even Bible societies, and when ;a few young men met in Massachusetts .and organized the first missionary society ever organized in this country there went laughter and ridicule all around the Christian church. They said the undertaking was preposterous, and so also the work of Jesns Christ was assailed. People cried! out: "Whoever heard of such theories iof ethics and government? Who ever iioticed snch a style of preaching as Jesna has?" Ezekiel had talked of mysterious wings and Hera came a. majmfroni Caper- naum and Gennesarec, and he cirew~bis illustrations from tbe lakes, from the sand, from fhe mountain, from the ilies, from tbe cornstalks. How the Pharisees scoffed! How Herod derided! And this Jesus they plucked by tbe jeard, and they spat in his face, and hey called him "this fellow." All the ;reat enterprises in and out of the church have at times been scoffed at, and there have been a great multitude who have thought that the chariot of God's truth would fall to pieces if it once got out of the old rut And so there are those who have no patience with anything like improvement in church architecture or with anything like good, hearty, earnest church singing, and they deride any form of reli- O ions discussion which guas down walk- Ing among everyday men rather than that wh'ich makes an excursion on rhetorical stilts. Ob, that the church of God would wake up to an adaptability of work. We must admit the simple fact that the churches of Jesus Christ in this day do not reach the great masses. • There are 50,000 people in Edinburgh who neiver hear the gospel. There are 1,000,000 people in London who never hear the gospel. The great majority of the inhabitants of this capital come not nn- der the immediate ministrations of Christ's truth, and the church of God in this day, instead of being a place full of living epistles, known aud read of all men, is more like a dead letter post- office. Work Is Needed. "But," say the people, "the world is going to be converted. Yon must be pa dent. The kingdoms of this world are to become tbe kingdoms of Christ." Never, unless the church of Jesus Christ puts on more speed and energy, Instead of the church converting the worl* the world is converting the church. Here is a great fortress. How it be taken? An army comes and gits around about it, cuts off She supplies and says, "Now we will just wait until from exhaustion and starvation they -will have to give np." Weeks and months, perhaps a year, pass along, and finally the fortress surrenders through that starvation and exhaustion. But, my friends, the fortresses of sin are never to be taken in that way. If they are taken for God, it will ba by storm. You will have to bring np the great siege guns of the gospel to tbe very wall and wheel the flying artillery into line, and when the armed infantry of heaven shall confront the battlements you will have to give the quick com ;Band: "Forward! Charge!" Ah, my friends, there is work for you to do and for me to do in order to this grand accomplishment. I have a pulpit. I preach in it. Your pulpit is the bank. Your pulpit is the store. Your pulpit.is the editorial chair. Your pulpit is the anvil. Your pulpit is the house scaffold ing. Your pulpit is the mechanics' shop. I may stand in my place anc through cowardice or through seli seeking may keep back the word 1 ought to utter, while you, with sleeve rolled up and brow besweated with toil, may utter tbe word that will jar the foundations of heaven with the shoot of a great victory. Oh, that we might all feel that the Lord Almighty is putting upon us the hands of ordination ! I tell you, every one, go forth and preach this gospel. You have as much right to preach as I have or any man living. Hedley Vicars was a wicked man in the English army. The grace of God came to him. He became an earnest and eminent Christian. They scoffed at him and said, "Yon are a hypocrite; you are as bad as ever you were." Still he kept his faith in Christ, and after awhile, finding that they could not turn him aside by calling him a hypocrite, they said to him, "Oh, you are nothing but a Methodist!" This did not disturb him. He went no performing hisChris- tir.n duty until he had formed all his titcps into a Bible class, and the whole uucarnpruent was shaken with the pres- tuce of God. So Havelock went into tbe heathen temple in India while the English army was there and put a candle into the hand of each of the heathen gods that stood around in tbe heathen temple, and by the light of those cau- dles held up by the idols General Havelock preached righteousness, temperance and judgment to come. And who will gay on earth or in heaven that Havelock had not the right to preach? The Power of Earnestness. In the minister's house where I pre pared for college there worked a man by the name of Peter Croy. He could neither read nor write, but he was a man of God. Often theologians would stop in the house—grave theologians— and at family prayer Peter Croy would be called upon to lead, and all those wise men sat around, wonder struck at his religions efficiency. When he prayed, GOLD DUST WASHING POWDER lAffn swckai-v of the world's best cleanser in 1 .A -.iic^c;. >U'i irreiitorfci'nomy ID 4-pound paL-lca.'i. 1 . All jrro&Ts. _U.ii!e only by TIT::-. X. K. PAIKBASK COMPAJfT, :ra--o PI. Ijniis Xi-w York, Boston, Philadelphia. the throne, and when omniscience ha* lost its ej-esight aud omnipotence falls back impotent and Jehovah is driven from his throne, then the church of Jesus Christ can afford to be despondent, but never until then. Despots may plan and armies- may march and the congresses of the nations may seem to think they are adjusting all the affairs of the world, but the mighty men of the earth are only the dnst of the chariot -wheels of God's providence. And I think before the sun of the next ceutnry shall set the last tyranny -will fall, and with a splendor of demonstration that shall be the astonishment of the universe God will set forth the brightness and pomp and glory and perpetuity of his eternal government. Out of the starry flags and the emblazoned insignia of this world God •will make a path for his own triumph, and returning from universal conquest be will sit down, the grandest, the strongest, highest throne of earth his footstool. To Encourscc Christian Worker*. I prepare this sermon because I want to encourage all Christian workers in every possible department. Hosts of the living God, march on. march on 1 His spirit will bless you. His shield will defend you. His sword 'will strike for yon. March on, march on! The despotisms will fail, and paganism will burn its idols, and Mohammedanism will give up its false prophet, and the great walls of superstition will come down in thunder and wreck at the long loud blast of the gospel trumpet. March on, march on! The besiegement will soon be ended. Only a few more steps on the long way; only a few more sturdy blows; only a few more battlecries, then God.will put the laurels upon your brow, and from the living fountains of heaven will bathe off the sweat and the heat and the dust of the conflict, March on, march on I For you the time for •work will soon be passed, and amid the •ctflashings o f the judgment throne and he trumpeting " resurrection angels nd the upheaving^,: a world of graves nd the hosannaand the groaning of the aved and the lost we shall be rewarded or onr faithfulness or punished for onr tupidity. Blessed be the Lord God of srael from everlasting to everlasting, nd let the whole earth be filled with iis glory. Amen and atu£n. A Colored KconomtRt. "John," said a Georgia farmer to on« o? his field hands, "you ought to b« laying up something now. I pay you 50 cents a day." "Yes, sui-" "Well, how muck, do yo* i»ve out ot itr ' • "Forty-five cents, stih." "Is that all?" "Good God, Marse Tom! I mi U live on d« baJance!"—Atlanta tutlon. Through Pullman Tourist Sleeper For Points in Kansas, California, Arizona and New Mexico will leave Indianapolis via the Vandalia Line t ach Wednesday until further notice, For rates reservations and full information, apply to nearest ticket agent of tlie Vandalia. Line, or send lo Mr. E. A. Ford, G. P. A., ft. Louie. Mo. be reached up and seemed to take hold of the very throne of the Almighty, and he talked with God until tie very heav ens were bowed down into the sitting room. Oh, if I were dying I would ratiier have plain Peter Croy kneel by my bedside and commend my immortal spirit to God than the greatest arch- bisJbop arrayed in costly canonicals. Go greach this gospel. You say you are nor licensed. In the name of the Lord Almighty, J license you. Go preach chis gospel, preach it in the Sabbath schools in the prayer meetings, in the high ways, in the hedges. Woe be onto you if yon preach it not! ii remark again that in order to be qualified to meet your duty in this par ticnlar age you want unbounded faith in the triumph of the truth and th overthrow of -wickedness. How dare the Christian church ever get discouraged Have we not the Lord Almighty on our side? How long did it take God tt slay the hosts of Sennacherib or. burn Sodom or shake down Jericho? How ICMJ; -will it take God, -when ha one arises in his strength, to overthrow al the forces of iniquity? Between this time and that there may be long season of darkness zind the chariot wheels at God's gospel may seem to drag heavily fcnt here is tto.9. promise ap-d yonder Lira • REGULATOR \V1LL CURE . .. ALL COHPLAINTS AND DISEASES OP THR Liver, Kidney AND Urinary Organs Biliousness, Jaundice, Haadacne,: [ Constipation, Pains in the Side orj Back, Sour Stomach, Dyspepsia, Liver Complaint, Catarrh of the B'adder, Irritation or Inflammation of the Bladder, Female "Weakness, Gravel, Diabotes, Dropey, Brick Dust Deposits, in fact all diseases arising from Liver or Kidney dl*> order*. Pricc/$1.00 jftunrt Medieiiie Go. NEW YORK, H. Y. MILEAGE BOOKS. Modified Features of The New Interchangeable Mileage Ticket. Mr. E.A. Ford, General Pa§te»ger Ageni of the Pennsylvania and VandaMa Or eii, f«od» out the following- Informatiom ref?aidU*g the modified features of the Centriil Pajsewef Association's interchangeable lone thousand mile ticket: The most important aodiflcatloms ai* in the rale as to Bientoir the mileage'strip and Issuing the exchange ticket. Dr<«r the aew m'«, the owner of an interchangeable alteage ticket may, at his convenience aad leisure, sign his name upon the back of tho widest part of the mileage strip close to the lent pie- ceding detatchmeot, tout it must Ho signed with an indelible pencil t r with ink. or It wli not be honored), andrcan leare his 1l«k«t thus signed with the Agent upon] ais arrival >t a station, or eend it to him'by a messenger *r by the hotel porter, or in somejotber'way. and upon hla return to tbe station find nls exchange ticket ready £nd his baggage checked ; provided he has made: such an adranoe ar- range»ent. Therefore there ne<sd be mo more delay at the station or on ihe train in tbe u«e of the new than there was in using the eld form of mileage t'cket, whfcbalattar form wa« good only over the a> stfm of roads, 'while the "Interchangeable" is good over forty. l he old form of exchange ticket is valid for continuous passage only on a certain train and date, while i he new or modified form v#l be pood on any train, (except th 3 -Limited"), on either the date of issue or the day following 1 . This new form has been simplified to render it easy of issue and to'bitter accommodate travelers, and tbe hindrances which accompanied the old form will therefore be. In t early future, entirely obllberatod. Interline tickets from points on one Hallway to points on another, via through car lines and via junctions where connections are close and there are no transfers, are being prepared ag fast as possible. These tickets will be issued In exchange for coupons from the IntercoangB- able mileage ticket,and bag-gage will be checked through, a convenience which oould not be enjoyed Dy the use of the old form of mile»g« ticket- The modifications above alluded k> have been approved by the Mileage Ticket Bureau of the Ceniral Passenger Association, and wl« be in effect on'or before Decemberl »t, or 1uet as soon as the new forms of ercbange and Jn- terllne tickets can be printed and distributed among the thousands of agencies of tbe forty different railway companies over whose Una* the tickets are honored, and some Agenu of the Pennsylvania Lines hare been aktadr supplied with them. It is believed that tnete amendment* to a plan which in ready tuooet* ful and popular, will place the new Interchangeable mileage tick»t beyend the reacfc of reasonable crltioi»M. ITTLE IVER PILLS SICK HEADACHE Positively cured Iiy Little Pills. , Tbty also relieve Distress ftom lodigeslkai and Too Hearty Eating. feet remedy for Dizziness, P^ fad Taste in the Month, Coated Tonga* Pain in the Side, TORPID LIVER. ~ J.

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