Lincoln Journal Star from Lincoln, Nebraska on January 26, 1949 · Page 11
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Lincoln Journal Star from Lincoln, Nebraska · Page 11

Lincoln, Nebraska
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 26, 1949
Page 11
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School Laws A1asha - Based Scientist Finds w a i .s in nriiiri 300 at Banquet Of Fair Groups Kentucky Sauls Bird Seed Here Weather Here No Real Problem "on ii I Dead Plight of the wild birds of this i and Mrs, Hungry Bird, Line In. community has received nUen - ! v - k rural mma ti..i Li.. - i i tion from as far as the state . f j rrdl route - ust rmed Kentucky. A sac k of bird srd, 1 lhe locaI post 8"d was im - two pounds, addressed to Mr! ? mediately assigned by Assists t - . - .; rosimaMer U H. Watson to a,r..ijfc ft uiL iL. ...... . . altitude. luwicr j, mi in mru tseimont at.d Icy Nebraska presented no problems to Arctic scientist. Dr. Laurence Irving, who arrived in Lincoln Tuesday noon. Dr. Irving is the scientific director of the Arctic research laboratories which ore operated under contract to the office of naval research. Dr. Irving Is visiting Dr. Carl J. Henkelmann of 1535 L, who also recently returned from Alaska where he was an associate of Dr. Irving. Dr. Henkelmann did extensive research on dental A report of a board of officers on the Jan. 15 crash near here was releaser! Tuesday by the Pope field air force base public information office. beyond, where Charles J. Umber - ger, is carrier. The gd cheer came from Brownie scout tnop No. 1 1, Somerset. Ky. Ihe combined conventions of the state fair board and the Association of Fair Managers held their annual banquet at the Cornhusker Tuesday night. More than 300 persons attended the dinner. Ed Baumann of West Point, president of the managers association, introduced George Round, University of Nebraska public relations chief. Mr. Round in turn presented those at the speakers table: Dean W. V. l.ambrt of th aurtcul - tur collfitr Karl f . of Fremont, speaker of the Ifjtuislure, Kt Hermit, nerretarv of the ute fair hoard, anil Mrs. Schuita. Harry UoukJ, acting extension director, ... :..,. Krt Janike, mate 411 rhib leader. Dave Oitiurn, preMdenl of th state fair hoard, ('harlea Warner, lieutenant Rovernor H - '. Mi'tNellan of Arlington. cre tary of th fair manager association. r it I i O'NEUJU Nob. m. The bodies ot a farm couple were found in their farm between O'Neill and Chambers Tuesday. They were Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Kiltz, both about 60. Harvey Jones, a neighbor who had been checking on the eon phi from time to time during the bad weather, found Mr. Kiitz's body in the barn and that of his wife between the barn and tho house. Officials had not yet reached the farm to investigate and there was no indication of what part the storm played in the death of either. Iloth Mr. and Mrs. Kilt, had been known to be in delicate health. Thing Iloxrar'H Cradi ChiimmI ly Flork of Hirrirt FOKT JiitACG, N. C. .1, An air force investigating board has found that the crash of a C - 82 "Flying Boxcar" that took four h DELICIOUS - . bakery uooas conditions among natives of the territory. . . THE LABORATORIES are ! situated at Point Barrow, Alas - 1 ka, the center from which operations in the exploration for pe - , troleum are made in the naval ; petroleum reservation. Adequate! facilities in housing, transports - ; tion, supplies and shops are ! available here to make it the HItie Iterry q I C rushed Pineapple NEW Y. M. C. A. HEAD. C. Ned Cadwallader has been elected president of the Lincoln Y. M. C. A. for 1949. 60 PIE 40' COFFEE CAKE COFF3IA.VS ItAKFJIY ,M So - 1 Shop till 6 P. M. 2 - 50f logical base for scientific re Fair Employment Bill Supported i lives was caused by a flo( k of ""'is which the phme hit at low ONLY 3 DAYS LEFT ouiiicaiion Strikes Snag Many Exceptions Being Requested The f legislature's education committee Tuesday began hearings on its 182 - page codification of school laws, and discovered what its members had feared: That the bill was not perfect, and that many exceptions would be asked. One by one witnesses appeared to praise the purpose of the legislation, and to seek certain amendments, BEATRICE and Nebraska City objected to a section which would reduce their school boards from nine to six members. Barton Cline, Beatrice superintendent of schools, said the two communities are used to the larger group. F. B. Decker, deputy state superintendent of public instruction, warned that if the committee "goes along with all requests for exceptions, we will end up where we were to begin with, and no good will come of this bill." FRANK 1IEIMKCII. Omaha, attorney for the Nebraska State Teachers Association, urged the legislature to elminate all special legislation governing Omaha schools, and permit the state's largest city to come under the same school law as applied to other parts of the state, Com - cittee members warned him that the action he proposed would be controversial. The committee held the bill for further conferences with Omaha school men and the state superintendent's office. Also held was a bill reducing from 60 to 55 the percentage of votes needed to issue school district bonds, and to permit issuance of such bonds to retire registered warrants. THREE BILLS pertaining to the blind met varied treatment at the hands of the public health committee. L.B. 33, was sent to DR. IRVING Dr.. Henkel - mann's Arctic curios are familiar. In his left hand Dr Irving holds a bone metric weight, in his right a fire board. L. B. 117, the fair employment practices bill introduced in the legislature by Sen. John Adams of Omaha, meets the discrimination problem of Nebraska, according to Theodore Sorensen, chairman of the Lincoln Social Action council committee backing the bill. Sorensen, speaking at a meeting of the Lincoln Social Service club at the Y. W. C. A. Tuesday, said statistics from his council and the Urban League showed considerable employment discrimination in the state. Oddment Days k m .ennvi.uMivi ance ceiling to blind persons from $50 to $70 a month. Kt tp THE BANKING committee sent three insurance bills to general file and held a fourth, L. B. 28, for possible correlation with L. B. 144. Both pertain to the taxing of premiums of companies selling workmen's compensation insurance. The three bills reported out are L.B. 29, 30, and 31. These three have the backing of the insurance business and state insurance department. The revenue committee held both of its bills, L.B. 101 and 144. for further consideration. The first increases from 2k percent to 10 percent the amount of motor vehicle registration fees that county treasurers must remit to the state general fund and provides such money shall be appropriated for operation of the state safety patrol, L.B. 144 provides that money collected by the state from the $2 head tax, estate taxes and premium tax on workmen's compensation insurance shall be placed in the state general fund. The money from the first two sources is credited to the state assistance fund and from the third to the workmen's compensation court. . , s C. of C. Hoard, search. As scientific director Dr. Irv - ing's job is to make available to other Scientists technical advice, aid and co - ordination. The operations are made up of groups of scientists from various universities who have come there to study. ACCORDING TO Dr. Irving extensive research has been made of biological, geological and botanical conditions in the area. The ground in the Arctic zone is frozen to a depth of 900 feet. It never thaws except for a foot of surface area and this only about two months during the year. The sea is frozen 11 months of the year. The area is rich in oil and coal. Despite the cold the area is inhabited by some warm blooded animals such as caribou, wolves, foxes, weasels and mice. OF THE SCIENTIFIC research in the area, Dr. Irving remarked "Consideration of defenses in the Arctic are vitally important. The information gained from these investigations is of great interest to science and practical affairs in general. The conditions of atmosphere in the Arctic bear INVENTORY COMING! SHELVES MUST BE CLEARED EVERY DEPARTMENT PARTICIPATES! kimo for aiding the scientists in their work. "The natives are extremely efficient in mechanical ability. Their ability as boatmen, mechanics, carpenters and as guides has contributed much to the success of the laboratories," he said. Dr. Irving's plans for his stay in Lincoln are indefinite. His trip to the states vas primarily to confer with associates in Washington and at various universities. He is a full professor at Swarthmore college, Swarth - more, Pa. 2,5 to S Meyer Ke - Eleelel New Masonic Temple Head Max Meyer was re - elected president of the New Masonic Temple association Tuesday afternoon at the Masonic temple, 1635 L. Other officers re - elected are: OrriU SUsmussen. Vic. president. Curtt. 8. Mahaffery, aecretary - tre&a urer. J's. W. Todd, director. Ornil Rasmus.sen, director. Charles. V. May, director. Pauline Hryclita 'Get Acquainted' Hoto Pauline Bryehta was hostess Tuesday at the chamber of commerce women's division "get acquainted" table. Seventeen members were present. A different member is hostess at each of the semi - weekly luncheons, held on Tuesday and Thursday. Faye Pratt, general chairman of the luncheon committee announced that hostess for Thursday is Amber White. The luncheons are WOMEN'S WEAR WINTER HATS, Valuos from 2.98 to 7.98, now 88c to I 88 BETTER DRESSES. Rayon and wools. Value from 7.95 to 19.98 " ZZZZ" 2.00 to 10 00 SPORT COATS. Coverts and suede cloth, Values from 19.95 to 39.95 13 00 9i nrt FUR TRIM COATS. Values from 49.95 to 99.S0 " 25 00 fin nn REG. 129.50 AFRICAN KIDSKIN. grey or black inqnri REG. 179.50 MARMOT, now REG. 339.00 NO. BACK MUSKRAT REG. 269.00 SO. BACK MUSKRAT " ilm REG. 299.00 NO. FLANK MUSKRAT liflnn REG. 259.00 SO. FLANK MUSKRAT f 11' REG. 139.00 INDIAN LAMB PAWS iiaSi REG. 149.00 PERSIAN PAW "ZZZZJ I'lim . Tax on 411 Fur I'tice SIRI KT I LOOK RELIEF AT LAST For Your COUGH Creomuhion relieves p romp tl) became it goes right to the seat of the trouble to help looen and expel germ laxlen phlegm and aid nature to soothe and heal raw, tender, inflamed bronchial mucous membranes. Tell your druggist to sell you a bottle of CrcomuNion with the understanding you must like the way it quickly allays the cough or you are to have vour monev back. CREOMULSION rorCoughs.ChestColds.Bronchiris airectiy upon radio transmission, ! and weather conditions in the temperate zone." By scientific investigation men . like Dr. Irving hope to remove : the apprehension and fear that ! most people have of the Arctic 1 or any unknown. DR1IR1NG praised the Es - open to all membersof the 1 women's division and their j guests. ! general file. It provides that blind persons carrying a white cane or using a guide dog shall be given special consideration by motor vehicle operators. L. B. 34, was killed. It provided that any blind person 18 years or older would be entitled to state assistance regardless of the financial condition of any relative. The committee held the third bill, L.B. 35. It removed the maximum grant that may be Stockholders Meet Seventeen past president? tf the chamber of commerce attended its annual stockholders rnd board of directors meeting Tuesday afternoon. Five others who live in and around Lincoln were unable to attend. John Lawlor, 1949 president, was also in attendance. Former presidents who attended, and the year they served: William A. Relleck, 1909. Frank H. Woods. 1917 Burton A. George, 1918. August Klrhe, 1&23. Vtrne Hedge, 1926. '!. Frank D. KaKer. 1929. Stanley Maly. 19,13. Arthur A. Dnbson. 1935. T ti. Htrain, 1W8. CHILDREN'S AND INFANTS WEAR inn xrrrM cttttc? tri . t nr . . paid a blind person. The committee decided to see what happens to L.B. 5, now on general file, which increases the assist - Max Factor's NEW NO other rub acts faster in CHEST GOLDS to ralMvs) courtw arhine muu - lMi Archie Kurr, Iana Ccle, 19.(8. Ri.lert 1. LatKch, IfttO. Je W. Kent - rest, 1tU. Ham C. W'auKh. 193. Walter W. Wiute. 1!M4. William M. 8toner, 145. Wheaton Battey, 1918. Past presidents living in the area who were unable to attend were: Ernest I,, Smith. 1947. John AK - e, 1931. It. K. Campbell. 1928. Sam It. MrKelvie, 1W27. Charles B. Towle, 191. Oetirfie J. Woodn, 191. uu iiwu juiio, vuiues up io 14.90. aizcs iu to lb . . 5 nn 100 WOOL COATS. Values up to 18.95, Sizes 10 to 16 . " io"nn 100 WOOL SNOW SUITS. Values from 10.95 to 12.95. Sizes 7 to 14 ""' 'i 2 1 t 9 71 100 WOOL JACKETS. Values to 4.98. Sizes 7 to 14 o 00 TEEN AGE DRESSES. Entire stock. Values up to 9.95 5 00 ODDS AND ENDS TABLE, Values to 6.95. Pajamas. sweaters7ikirts7jumpe blouses and hats, now qqr rt o qq BOY'S OVERALL PANTS. Sizes 6 to 16. now. 14 a BOY'S BIB OVERALLS, Blue striped denim. Sizes 12 to 16 " 140 SXSf ISS.CS!np,el 'T' VaIueS fr0m 7,95 to 16'95 now 5 - 0 8 88 KNIT SLEEPERS. Cotton, pink or blue. Sizes 1 to 4 nq STKFET I LOOK WOMEN'S ACCESSORIES One group of assorted earrings, bracelets and necklaces. Reg. 1.00 Plus Tax 50c One group of assorted earrings, bracelets and necklaces. Reg. 1.95. J Z,Z3lus Tax 1.00 One group of assorted earrings, bracelets and necklaces. Values to 4.98 Plus Tax 1 95 ODDS AND ENDS TABLE. Values to 1.95. Gloves, belts, handbags ill CHILDREN'S HANKIES. 3 in a box. Reg. 59c, now . " IcZ RAYON KNIT BRIEFS. Small, medium .. 9 Z" Tnl WOMEN'S CREAM COTTON UNION SUITS, Sizes 40 to 44 77c COMPLETE LINE OF TUCKSTITCH UNDERWEAR. Values from ! 49c to 95c7now 37c to 71c REG. 1.59 PROPORTIONED NYLON HOSE. All first quality 99 ADVERTISEMENT ADVERTISEMENT makes Beauty NEWS NEW ..smoother, creamier, cream - type make - up NEW. ..convenient swivel stick application FmSKK PEOPLE STOMACH AILMENTS, WEAK KIDNEYS, RHEUMATIC PAINSt ARTHRITIS, NEURITIS and such complalnta as Headache. Nervousness. Acids Toxins. Bloat j I is I (Mi I hi CANDY SPECIALS ..... 15c lb. Assortment of hard and soft 'candies. Reg, 39c a lb. .easily retouched without reiuoing make - up ing. Lack ot Vitality, EnerKy. Poor Appetite, Underweight. Dizzy Spells. Druglcss Health ! Read What They Say! KtuAKiiLth oi now long yon nave been a sufferer, and how many MEN'S FURNISHINGS PILGRIM UNION SUITS, 25 wool, Reg. 3.98 . medicines you have tried before, you can now hope for relief if you try GEO - MINERAL, the wonderful .2.88 mineral aid. r eel and enjoy the re 5U7. wool, Keg. 4.98 NEW ...never becomes greasy or shiny NEW. ..non - drying formula NEW. ..for you for new beauty suits one week after you start taking: it. GEO - MINERAL comes from the earth Nature's laboratory. 100 wool, Reg. 6.98 3.77 a.tZ 6.83 Contains NO alcohol, NO preserva TOPCOATS, Tweeds, coverts in tans, blues, greys or brown . STREET FLOOR tives, NO oil. NO harmful drugs, NO dope is NOT habit forming. Contains ONLY Nature's minerals, the oldest, most reliable remedy for rneumatism, arthritis, kidney and stomach ailments highly recommended by the medical profession. MEN'S JACKETS COMPLETE LINE OF, Horsohide.. medea. whipcord, corduroy and other.. Value, irom 6.95 to 29.95. BASEMENT $5.21 $22.46 FOR THOUSANDS of years ever 1 v.: :' LT . DOMESTICS SHEETS. Size 81 x 99 .1.66 ..1.77 SHEET BLANKET. White. Size 70 x 90 .1.00 COTTAGE SETS. Assorted materials and colors. Reg. 2.98. now SEC OND FLOOR V1W.'......4,WWjpMkvMll "We wish to state that after selling Ceo - Mlneral for eight months, this product has broken all sales records in the medicine line in our drug store" reports Jack Wright, owner of Economy Drug Co., Anderson, S. C. "Lsers report almost miraculous results helping sufferers with rheumatism, arthritis, weak kidneys, and various stomach ailments. We believe that tht - re exist very few items on the druggists' shelf with the merit of this natural mineral medicine. Of thousands of bottles sold on guarantee basis, there have been very few refunds." AUTOMOTIVE SUPPLIES PLASTIC SEAT COVERS. Reg. 29.95, Only 4 sets, for Buick. 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We have all heard of the wondrous springs of Lourdes, France, and famous Thronion in ancient Greece where, according to legend, Hercules, the god of eternal strength and youth, drank its waters and bathed to be forever young. GEO - MINERAL contains minerals you get at the world's best springs. Watch your elimination from your bowels a day or two after using it. The waste, black as the color of your shoes, will start to break away, and you will SEE it! Also examine your urine. You may WALLPAPER SALE! Clearance of all odd lot. and discontinued number.. .04 to 25c per .ingle roll. Basement see impurities poisonous waste coming out of your kidneys, reliev A few light strokes of Pan - Scik... smoothed with your . fingertips... creates magic new complexion loveliness. Your skin looks flawless... feels gloriously natural, ing you. And then realize the priceless value of GEO - MINERAL. 100 Guaranteed! WE URGE everyone to try GEO - MINERAL. 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