The Evening Review from East Liverpool, Ohio on May 23, 1906 · Page 12
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The Evening Review from East Liverpool, Ohio · Page 12

East Liverpool, Ohio
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 23, 1906
Page 12
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SPORTING GOOD WORK OF NEW PITCHER ft M| Chief Gardoer Made Good on His lifltial Apj^araoce Here. HE WAS GIVEN AN OVATION OppoHunititt for Uoofui and Ntcded Effort Pointed Out in A bit Ptptr* and Inttreotlng Addre»«#t at the Union Meeting Vetterday. Wraa alnr,leil. tiruring Kllheffer and Aodprhf-rg. Cavanaugb did Jikewlae, ViTga going lo aorotid and fnaliy a»eal- ing third. Mjrera th*>n hit ¡»afpljr. Verta retint ♦•red and rarananjth »Iro after a fine «|»riîil Irmn ftrrl A df»»d>l*‘ l»\ Hunt!« K< nf M. trofilnt to the lifiieii and Cot» «fiiít tiardnt’f ioeafed H 111 «* on* from ( i> . who «n< * e«*'i!fd him, and Hntri'« Kaniy liiei went oui fnnit t** ('arnon With til«' ita ? Iti ' in tlt»‘ dxth i’av ana tig.) taii|«d one »<* firaf, Mending Kiiheffer HMOKM the fUlll. A::ain in the Moventh. ('avanailgh tri(>1ed. morltíí? Verga, who had walk ed. At the fonelioiUm of Ihn flr*t half of the eighth, the irowd and player« tailoring iifid«*r the lfnnr»**i«'on that It wMM the ninth, AImI out of the park iind the game wan over. The arore: VtDN^y ay . may 23, 190«. HAST IJVKHI'O«)!* KnnlH, r , Anderlwrg. tn ....... Kllheffer, a ......... Wall. II) .... ____ Verga. 1 ....... ... Cavatiaiigh. I .Myerr 2 ....................... Iturrm, e ......................... fîardnet, p ............. H. !» 1 Hlf Chief (¡at dner I iqm eat tied th* right to the title of Ka d l.iveipiMil’M Mathewaon.” liln Initial perftiiinaii»♦ yeiterday agaiiiMt Ihe Marlelfa learn waa a hig Min een« and If fi«' di«|ilnyM thia form and then- 1« no tea-ion why the ahoiild not many td tin* teaiio« of the I». <i M. leaKiie will lower llieii eolura to hi in ere the idiflM go Miiilh again. The hlg fellow ha» IremendoiiK a peed, ia eolleeled and knowa all the tricks of the pltcher'a art. lie was given a iil< e ovation by the hlg erowd 'when he took hia plaee in the box an«l to »how hla apprerialloii he atriiek onl the flrat two men who faced him. The third man tip died easily on an a»«!»! from Mycr* to Wall. The vlKitor« could do nothing with him until Ihe aixih inning when he let up some and gave Hoa« and Hpeehf a ticket to flr»l and they »cored on Cook's triple. Cook went home a nio ment later on another three-hagger hv Pope, who followed him. With the exceplliHi of « aetrre made In the ae< tuid when a wild pitch by tiardiier enabled Caraon. wbc; bail pie vioualy singled, to come bonii*. Tlila was the only lime that ihe enemy made anything off I i I h delivery Once or twice men goi on the bases. Init the “big one" only «bowed hi« teeth a little more and got down to bn«l tieas by ■etiling the fellow at the ha! Next to the Carlisle mai.'s plft bltig. the feat tire of the game was the terii flc bitting of Ka«t Liverpool Kvery Imt seemed to he poNKessed of a bin hie and a constant tai> tap was In the air while the lotals were holding forth lit the plait ICvis yhody hit hut "father,” who yt^stenlay happened to he KnnU. lie, however, reached tlrsi twice on iialls and scort<1 one yf the runs, but was caught at the home itlali the other time. 8o terrific did the Irorntiiiidment le come in the fourth that (»o«s, who wn on the rnhher for the visitors, walked out and was supplanted by Cook, who stopped the assault on their poslllon for the time being. Two runs wt*ri made off him tiiiriiig the time that in officiated. The men with the new suits mad« five runs In their first lime at bat Kti nil walked. Anderberg bunted ami went to seeond on a pas«»>«l ball by first and Knnls ambled to the third station. Kllheffer fanner. Wall fouled out. hut Verga singled over second and sent Knnls and Anderberg home Cavanaugh was then glvtm lrans|»or tation and Myers followed with a irt pie that scored both Verga and Cav anaugh and he came tindor the win on Brown’s single, (lardner slopped the batting hee by flyiug to « enter In the second Wall kiuKkcd a horn« run over the hlg sign in right field bringing In Kllh«‘ff«‘r, who had leaclicd the has«'« on four had ones. The 1<K-als went out in order in the third, htil in the fourth th*«y jumped on C«»ss »ml ran In six run«. Knnls dotlged Into one of Coss* slants and went to first. Anderberg hit a slow one to Coss. who threw to s«>cond t«* catch Knnls. hut the latter dropped it and Ennis w«»nt to third. Andy stole seeond. Kllheffer wnt a hot one to Bartwcdl, who threw Knnls out at th* plate. Meanwhile Ande» lierg wen I to third and Kilhefler purloined the sec- imd sack. Wall hit to Harhwell. Imt Totals .. .... MARIETTA Cope I Wbk« rhoff«-r, r . tdcters m .. .. . I*8«Hon. r I» ...... Hnrbw«dl, 2 ......... Ho««, c ......... Kaslln, s ........ H|M*«'ht, 2 .............. C«»««, p ......... Cook, p ................. I.'i H. b b b I b . <t I , 1 0 I 14 24 10 Í H I» A. E Î (t 4 5 21 H 4 T« It als ...... Kn«t LIveriMxd.. ..•> 2 0 b 1 h 1 4—I.'i Marietta ......b 1 b 0 tt 0 .1 0— 4 'fwobHMe hits Ituriis. Thrm-base hits- My* rs. Cook, Pope, Cavamingh. Home run— Wall. Stolen bases Carson, Anderlierg Kllheffer, Pop*‘. V**rgaf Ross, Spec, Hit by pitcher Barbwell, Knnla. lía««*« fin bals Off Gardner 3. Coss and C*M»K 7. empire Webb. Official Schedule Pennsylvania—Ohio—Maryland League Showing Where Each Team in the League is to Play on Each Day of the Season. Thmrtday, JL'ffg 24 r. May 2.» I rWay. Saturday, May 2<t Monday, if (If 2S . ... Tuwlny, May 2b .. • Wtdnrtdav. Map 30 TletrMjay, Slay 31 .. t rt*}ay, Jao# I ,.... Saturday. June 2 ... Monda» Jam* 4 . Tu»aday. Jan* .*» . V> (wlnaixlay, Jeii« rhurwlay, Jun« 7 h rlämf i un*« H , . tSatiirday. June p Mnmdap, Jane 11 . l’tCMta}', 2un# 12 . HVdneislay June 13 '1 iitiriblay, June H . t rtday, June Ci Mal uni«#, June Iti . Manda». June IS . 3ii«»day, June IS* .,, Wedne*d»y, June 2** 'I huradaj. June 21 .. I- rtday. Jiir.e 22 .,.. SatunNy, June 23 Mando», Jane 2.*> ... T<ie«t|«y. June 2« V ednea*l«y. June 2T 1 huradsy. .lime 2S . I' rldsy, June 21* Saturday. June 30 .. Manda», July 2 .... 3 iteMlay. July 3 . . . . •Wrdnftduy. July 4 Ttoiraday, July 5 ... Friday. July « .... Hatur«i«y, July 7 ... Monday, July I* ... 'lueielay. July 10 ... Wednewlay, July II Thnraday, July 12 . I- riib*y, July 13 ... Haturdat, July 14 .. tyff he In NOTES 0F THE GAME. Il will be Mariella again twlay. Thls WHs Kllb«*ff«*r’s fi rat appear ance li**fore a I* k «I * row*i and show««*! I liat he i-oiild play some, bis < II«*«, al b'Hst, entering thè mairi m**til»l «tal*' ha« no *ll«cernable effet «Ili hi« pluying Kb ni« Iliade ii fine catch in Ibc slxlh wlii ‘11 h*« «c**o|M»*l in Wlckerhoffer long H.v cbwe fo th«> righi fi«dd fen**e. DEFEATED THE ELKS Eaat Ant- Base Ball East Liverpool VS. Marietta TUESDAY Aad WEDNESDAY AT 4:16 P. M. West End Park End Team Won from the lered Playera By a Scora of 4 to 2. The Kaid Knd and the Klk teams caim* bigethcr al Coliimhian |>ark yes t*-rday and Ih*’ former won hy a acore *»f 4 to 2. McNIr *d, of the Klks, bat ted Itke a fleiid, makiiig three two bit«** bits. Msr«h and Welsh both iijíule tifpl*‘S. tlie «*-*»re; KAMT KND. R.II. P.A. K. Marsh, r ............. ...... It 1 1 0 It Millei, 2 .. ..... ........... (* (1 r. 1 0 HrUlge. 3 ............. ...... 1 1 1 4 2 Ht*«)nie, in ......... ........... t* 11 0 (1 Welch, e ............. ........... 1 1 62 1 Wolf*», n.............. ........... 11 lit 2 It Rhii»*, I ................. ........... 1 0 3 0 ft Ow**ii, s ........... 0 t> 0 4 1 |’r**«i*«ilf, p......... tlII 3 2 .—. .—. —. Total« ............. ............ 4 62716 4 ELKH. R.H.P. A. E. Glh«*)»), 3 ....................... 1 (1 1I It M< Nh-ol. 2 .. ... ........... 0 .3 4 1 ft Ib niudl, 2 ........... ......... 1» It 1 0 0 Carlwiight, H ... ......... (»0 «9 t 1 R* m ‘, in ................. ..........0 0 4I ft ('hanih«*rs, 1 .. ............. (1(» (I ft ft Klghy, p .............. .......... . (I It 0 3 ft With**row. Ih ... ........... 11 6 0 2 Davis, e ........ ......... (1 It 7 1 It —. ,—, . T*>fals............. .. .. 2 4 24 8 3 Eii«t hhul ___ .. (I () 0 0 1 0 3 0 • ,.«4 Elk« ....................... (» 0 0 tl 0 1 1 (» ft-2 Tw«>-hase hit« MeNicol . 1 , Milher- ow. Three bane hits—Welch. Marsh. ‘Struck out Hy Prpsc*>ft 8, by Rigby li Ha«e Olt balla- Off Prescott 2, off RIgby 1. Hll by pitcher Bennett. Sl**b‘n bases-—Bridge 2, Bennett New Players Arriving. Zellars, East LlverpiHd’a new sec omi baseman, arrived last night on the midnight train and will in all probability make his Initial apimaraiice in t«Mlay’s game wth Marietta. Cotter, the new' outfielder, is expe**ted to ar rive today. Pal Duff, who played with the New York Ameri*ans last year, has wired for terms from the local manag**menl and will probably he seen ht>re »oon. BASEBALL RESULT». diui* US)»««.. ... N«*w York Puiaburg... PUH« ....... Club W, I. r.« IS a* .414 ríí!«* Ikmii« 14 tu 4?4 !î ;t IM4 W p..* » lï Ö.'* « It 18 I« Kl U Sîl ani*«kl»ii il J4 mi Tuesday — Pittsburg I, Boston 0; New York I, Chicago 2; Cincinnati t! HixKiklyu 4; Philadelphia 7, 8t 1 «mia 0 Ameivcan League Standing. * Uib w I, e,-)i *«i,m ' "'w' t, '¥ **'»1« ...... Ki U .«».'e,' »5U 5«»l Otr» «laiiit. If I» »14 Uhif«r*i .... 14 )4 .44) .N«w Vara., là M .6.a, W«*hin*wa 13 I« 4*» ti 13 ,VM Bunion .. «sa I Dotroo Tueaday—Detndi «. Boaton S; New York k. Chi* ago 2: Cleveland 8. Philadelphia 6 ; St Louie 6. Washlngtoa 4 . Anything you want can be obtained by using the Review want colunan Monday, Jyly If, ............................. 1ui««**lay. Jut» 17 .................... WiHlnraday, July IS ............ 'I t»ur*i«l«y. .tiily 11* .................... FiWaf, July 2«*............ ¡; Katiirilay. July 21 ..................................................... Monday, July 2.3 ... 3 ueaday, July 24 , . U>f|n*>wla). July 25 Ttmradav, Jiilj 26 .. Friday. July 27 Haturda), July 2S Monday, July .30 .......... Turwlay. July 31 .... VVf«nnea<iay, August 1 I'hitraday. August 2 . Fridny, Augna* 3 .... Katurday, Auguat 4 .. Monday, Anyunt <1 .. I’licsday, August 7 .. W urtn* liday, Auguat H 3 hnrnday, Aug* at I» ,. Friday. August to Hntiirday, Augeat 11 . Manday, Auyuit 13 . . 3Heailsy. August ! I WiHtneaday. August 15 3 hitraUay, Auguat H» . Friday, .August 17 . . Kstiirday, August IH Monday, Augu$t 20 .. Ttisaday, Auguat 21 ... W Htneaday, August 22 Thursday. August 23 , Friday. August 24 .... Haturday, August 25 . Monday, Auffnet 27 Tuesilay, Auguat 2M Wwlneaday, August 20 'I huratSay, Auguat 30 . Friday, Auruat 31 .... Matiirday, Heptriuber 1 •Monday, neptrmbrr 3 .. I'ueaday. Hepfsmbsr 4 ... \V**dnead.iy. September & 'I h II rada y . September 6 .. Friday, Heut*«mber 7 Saturday, Kept ember 8 Monday, fieptemher 10 '1‘uesday. Kepi ember 11 We*lne«idHy. Heptember 12 Tburaday, September 13 Friday. September 14 Katiird.xy. September 15 E. Liverpool^ WashingtonWayntsburg Uniontown Braddock Butltr Cumberland Steuben ville . At ltutl*«rAt ItraddmkAt f win berland AtHome AtHome At Home At Home Atî'nlont*»wn , AAt Hraddofk At I’.imberland At HomeAt Home At Home At Hume Atrnlont*»wn . 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I.lverpuol At Hume At Home 1 ^At Warne! Inifg At HomeA'; Hraibhiok At Home (AtHteulienvllleAt K. LIvei'iHiol AI Huuie Home At RrsddtM'k AtHome AtF. Llver|MM>l AtHome i lAf XVaynerbnrg AtSt*'ulienvllle At Home AtIl otti*! At BraddmkAtI Ionie AtF. i.lvei'iM til At Home At XXavneatiurK ’ '•At Mteul«*iiv!lle.Xt Munie . At liont«« At HoiiieAt HomeAt ¡«fruben ville At F. LIveriHMil .Xt XX’aMblngtouAt XX'ayn#««! urg At Hume At lliune At HoiiteAt Home At Stentienvllle AtK. Llv*«r|i»w»l At VX'aahlngton Cnmtiemiul AtXVayneal urg At Howe At Htettlh-ntilie At Honte At XVaebliiglon At Home Atrnlontoen , AtAt HomeAl Home ‘At 1 St*‘*itH»urllleAttioiiie 1 i-Xt XVaablugluHHome At rnlontown At Cnmb**rl«nd AtHome At Home •Two games will be played on May iiO, July 4 and September «‘I. AZELDA A'/.i‘l(ltt, May 23.—Mrs. John Jeffery, of bJast Palestine, is visiting her brothers, J. A. and R, C. Wilson. R. H. Tullís and family visited thtdr son, L A. Tullis, and family near Lis- lum Sunday. Stanley J. Cope, of North Benton, the guest of relative« here. Miss Edna Davis is the guest of her brothers, Frank and Charles Davis. Mr. and Mrs. Seth Rauch and children and Oliver Cope and daughter, Miss Laura, of b^st l.iverpool, were guests at the home of James Cope Sunday Mr. and Mrs. Err Williams and daughter Orare, of Rogers, visited Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Williams Sunday. Miss Lena Finney has successfully iimpleled an eight-months’ term of school near Us bon and is now at home. Mrs. Mary Campbell and children visited relatives at Sixteen over Sunday. Mr, and Mrs. R. C. W’llson visited iheir daughter. Mrs. Will George, of Rogers, Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. J. Dyke, of Negley, vis Red Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. L Cojw* visited W. A. *yder and wife, of Signal Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. W'ill George and chll dren visite*! Alex Wilson and wife recently. Mr and Mrs. Steve HU'kman visited Mr. and Mrs. James McCoy Sunday. A. C. Finney has purchased a new gasoline engine and outfit and Is spraying his apple orchard. Mrs. Minnie ('rawford and children, of Park, visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. William Crawford. Sunday. The marriage of Frank Davis, of Axeida, and Miss Etta Calvin, of Neg- L'y, look place at the home of the bride's parents. Mr. and Mrs. James alvin. Rev. Mr. Boyle performed the erem*»ny. There were t»it gtiests prevent. The couple teeeived many beautiful presents, namely; One doren slier knives and forks, Mr. and Mrs. John Davis; one hand carved leather rocker, Mr. and Mrs. Ira Calvin; satin damask table linen, Mr. and Mrs. R1 ley; sterling silver «ismns. Miss Myra Calvin: one counterpane, Mr. and Mrs. Isaac May; rug, Dr. O. W'. May; pic ture, Miss Ila Eakin; china cake plate, Miss Mary Wilson; fruit dish. Misses Flora and Edna Calvin; quilt, Mrs. James May; blble and china dish, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Hays; coffee mill, James May; set of china dishes, Mr. and Mrs. €. A. Richardson; counterpane, Mr. and Mrs. Ira Veiack; china cups and saucers, Mrs, Stephen Calvin; water set, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Dickey; china berry set. Miss IJxxIe Calvin and Mrs. Cook; towels. Mr. and Mrs. I. A. Cope; table linen, Mr, and Mrs. C. A. Richardson; sterling sliver sugar spoon and butter knife, Mr. and Mrs. Marsdeii; silver spoon, Mrs. James Calvin; counterpane, Mr. and Mrs. Wherry; china dish, Mrs. Eakin; rug, Mr. and Mrs. I .«evi May. A Mountain of Gold could not bring as much happiness to Mrs. Caroline, Wl«., as did one 26c box u}*'Yw’{^en*8 Arnica Salve when It completely cJTvl«?,run­ ning sore on her leg, which bad w. tured her 23 long yeara Greatest an ttseptic healer of piles, wounds and sores. 25c at W. Reed's, D. J. Holloway’s. Chas. T. Larkins’ and C. Q. Anderson’s drug stores. to be insufficient In such an action. The question came up in the case of the state against Charles Melota, who wa« convicted of molesting telephone wires. The ease was carried up and the decision reversed the lower court, holding that the demurrer to the Indictment should have been sustained. Regardless of whether Melota Is guilty he now stands in a fair way toward being a free man by virtue of the blunder of pioneer iegislators, Tlie old statute protecting telegraph companies was enacted back In the 4U’s. It is decisions of this sort that make honest people disgusted at the high court», which seem to exist solely for the purpose of def*>aUDg the ends of justice by means of contemptible leeduilcalltles. This is why the real friends of reform In railroad rates objected to court disturbance of t'qultablo rates where once fixed by the Inter-State commerce commission McCracken. T. C. Parr, Cleveland Shaf fer, D. E. Smith, Charles Smith, A. D. Shanley, K. 1... Tayl**r, E. C. Tliomi»- son, George Wurtzell, Harry Wurtzell, John Whalen (2). Foreign list—Raffaelo Gulseppl, Tolchia Tomraaso, Francesco dl Giovanni, Guiseppi Funxl. WEST POINT UNCLAIMED LETTERS NO uw TO com IT Thsft of Eleven Miiea of Telephone Wire Is Likely to Go Unpunished. According to a new' interpretation of i!;.K law, the In*lei>endent Telephone c*»mpany prosecute those who stole about 11 mile» between t5teul)envllle, Toronto and berland, as the Ohio criminal law furnishes u*i protection to telephone companies against wilfully molesting or destroying of their property. The circuit court at Cleveland held that the statute attempting to make such provision applies exclusively to "magnetic telegraph companies." A later section intending to cure the old law was held Missives Which Await the Owners at the Postoffice in East Liverpool. List ^ •L?Ders remaining unelalme*l in the Bast LI. ?w>i postoffic© for the week ending May ìà . l.*adies' lit—Dora Benvick. Miss K!!a Booth. Mrs. Nettle Barrett, Nellie Brannan. Mrs. Gertrude Baker. Miss Ida Ellis, Miss Etta Fisher, Mrs. W. F, Gray, Mrs. R. Gibbs, Mrs. Nellie Higgins (21. Miss Edna Newton. Mra. May M^DevItt, Mrs. Myrtle Smith, Miss Ada Sergeant. Mrs. Mary Slaughter, Miss Iva Simpson. Miss Molile Silket, Miss Iva Torrence. Miss Nannie V’insin, Almira Whltthpgton. Gentlemen’s list — Eli Brookes. W. H. Brown. James Betx. Hiram Votive- PUjgj. H. Badgely, Geo. H. Brown, Timothy Ììra», William Buchanan. J. W. Culp. D. A. Devon, George Dar*us lj4H>nard Ellis, Thomas Elliott. John Eddy, Clifton Fought. Albert Gray, George Oorrell, Charles Hemphill, James Heiiieline,* George Irwin, Alex Jones, Wm. F. Kline, John Ktimpei, Henry Luster, Albert Myers. I. Molatt. Peter Milts, Gilbert H. Merrill, Nelson Prosiicctg for a wheat crop in thib sei'tion are extremely flattering. Timber men representing the Youngstown & Ohio River railway line are interviewing the farmers who have timber for sale. Farmers are busy this fine weather. Corn working is in order, also sheep shearing. Wool growing Is quite profitable business at present. Bayers will be circulating among the farmers in the near future. Prices should com pare with last yeaL 36 to 38 cents. a SITE OF NEW MINE Sought By Big Vein Coal Company Officials Who Visited Salineville. Salineville, May 23.—<Spec|al.)—F. M. Osliorne. president of the Big Vein Coal company, with a party of officials of the company, spent yesterday in this village, looking over the situation for liwatlng a new mine. It is costing the Big Vein C«ial company ovei* $1,000 per month to let its mine here stand idle, and it is thought that in a short time work wili be commenced on the new opening. The party was accompanied by Engineer Reese, of Pittsburg, who has prepared maps and **ther data. Mr. Osborne statofi that the strike atiair would right itself in iim«». The Ohio ^ Pennsylvania Coal company has not yet started to erect Its ne wtlpple. Since 1776 the Liberty Bell has signified Freedom. Since 1857 when the first bottle, was distilled, the words^ Coodold have signified freedom from every impurity. A better whiskey ^can’t be made. You will enjoy it’s 4 fine distinctive fla- John B. Wells, born in Steubenville, an*l for some yegrs a de-^orator at the Steubeuvill© pottery, died at West Palm Beach, Fla., agp<l 63. , vor. « nMtlêd in Bond a T Cii6fceaàdir?«r irò#- MlCU«t

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