Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 19, 1968 · Page 10
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 10

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 19, 1968
Page 10
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FLAWLESS STYLE of America's Peggy Fleming has made tier a winner at the Winter Olympics in Grenoble, France. Peggy, who hails from Colorado Springs, is seen here in a spinning flip during a figure skating practice session at the game site. THE WELL CHILD® Normal Life Possible In Cystic Fibrosis Cases By WAYNE G. BRANDSTADT, M.D. Teachers in Florida Plan Strike A mother writes asking a number of -questions about cystic fibrosls (CF), one of the inborn errors of metabolism. Formerly this was a highly fatal disease, but now pamphlets on this subject: a child with cystic fibrosis can "As Others " "" " enjoy a normal life if old boy with the facts of life. A—The American Medical paralyze Association, 535 N. Dearborn schools, St., Chicago, 111. 60610, has prepared a series of excellent TALLAHASSEE, Fla, (AP)Thousands of Florida teachers are set to stage a statewide walkout today—a move that could the state's public a normal lire u appropriate treatment is given early In the course of the disease. CF is characterized by abnormally sticky mucus secretions that obstruct the air passages in the lungs and a failure of production of essential enzymes by the pancreas. Also the victim's sweat is abnormally salty. The cause is a defect in one of the genes. The victim inherits this recessive gene from both of his parents although neither of them show any evidence of the disease. Thus, he will not pass it on to his children directly but may pass it to his grandchildren. About 7,000 children in this country are born with this disease every year. Fortunately, many have it in a mild form. The treatment, though effective, is not simple. It requires a team effort in a medical center equipped to care for children with CF until control is established. The child sleeps in a highly humidified tent and antibiotics are given to prevent pneumonia. Postural drainage and inhalation therapy help to prevent blockage of the air passages. In addition to a low-fat, high-protein diet with vitamin supplements, including vitamin E, pancreatic enzymes are given. Special measures must be taken in hot weather to prevent excessive loss of salt through sweating. Recently, a germ that is harmless to the body but which feeds on the sticky mucus has been discovered and is being developed to aid in the treatment of CF. For up-to-the-minute information on this subject, you may write to the National Cystic Fibrosis Research Foundation, 521 Fifth Ave., New York, N.Y. 10017. Q—Please recommend a booklet to acquaint a 13-year- See Us," I( Ap„ Adulthood," "Finding Yourself" and "A Story About You." Many schools and churches are now offering worth-while classes in sex education. (Newspaper Enterprise Atsn.) SECOND WAVE (from pagirone) although there was still enemy sniper fire In the northeast and northwest sections. He said U.S. paratroopers drove the guerrillas beyond the northwest edge of town but one band still held the provincial hospital. South Vietnamese troops on the northeast side of Phan Thlet reported they drove the Communist troops out in that section and said they killed 102 Viet Cong Sunday, suffering seven dead and 57 wounded themselves. But the Communists launched a counterattack this morning, laying down heavy mortar and small arms fire on the railway station, the jail and the city headquarters. U.S. fighter-bombers, helicopter gunshlps and the destroyer Frank E. Evans joined the battle, and the destroyer's five- inch guns blazed away for two hours from the South China Sea. An air spotter said he intercepted a Communist radio transmission reporting that "the big mortars from the sea caused many casualties." The U.S. Command said the Communists shelled Saigon from 10 positions to the north and northwest. Allied planes made repeated strikes at the positions but failed to silence the enemy gunners. The Air Force said U.S. casualties at the entire Tanh Son Nhut complex since the shelling began at 1 a.m. Sunday were six killed and 131 wounded, of whom 67 were hospitalized. The base includes the headquarters of Gen. William C, Westmoreland. Moore Bros. Serving You Since 1896 PR 7-4431 — Wt Delivtr Grade A Small urade A 5 ma II mjf ^ A A White Eggs J 0o ,.l yy Slab Sliced Bacon 2 89 Buttermilk Biscuits 12 1 JB. JBr Cans J^ 00 Fr§§h Steak 2 »9 Bread Teachers are meeting in 21 locations throughout the state for "information and instructions" in their bid for higher pay and more money for education. Hundreds of thousands of the state's 1.5 million school children begin unscheduled vacations from nearly 2,000 public schools. School officials in 16 of the state's 67 counties said their schools would operate but that they did not know for how long. Some school systems planned to try operating with teachers who have not resigned, substitutes and supervisorypersonnel. Others, like the big Dade (Miami) County system, told parents to keep their children at home. Gov. Claude Kirk interrupted a speaking tour of the West to beg teachers not to "desert your children" but it apparently had no effect and Kirk flew back to California. Circuit Court Judge Ben C. Willis barred,the Florida Education Association (FEA) from "trying to persuade teachers to violate their educational contracts," but he admitted there was no way to keep teachers from resigning. Phil Constans, executive secretary of the FEA, said 35,000 resignations had been turned in from among the state's 60,000 teachers. He said they had been held since last fall but now had oeen "activated." The resignations were sent to school boards after the Florida legislature adjourned without making what the FEA regarded as satisfactory provisions for the schools during a special session that lasted three weeks. The FEA objected to provisions for property tax relief in the legislature's education package which Constans said would reduce money for schools. The FEA contends the $254.5 million education package contains only $98 million for education, while legislators insist the bill passed last week provides $180 million for education. Neither side in the dispute could foresee an end to the battle and full resumption of classes, "The teachers know exactly what they are doing and are going to stick with it come what may," Constans said, "If it is a long struggle, we are ready to make it a long struggle," State House Minority Leader Donald Reed, R«Boca Raton, vowed unending resistance to an FEA demand to be recognized as the bargaining agent for all Florida teachers, Reed said money was only a side issue and accused the FEA leadership of masterminding a "power play" 1 in state politics, Although some legislators said the only answer to the shut* down is for lawmakers to come back to Tallahassee and ham* mer out another education bill. Reed, a close advisor to thegovt ernor, said a second special ses« sion would not be callecj, "At (his point, {here's no rea, son for it,' 1 he said, "and I'm not interested in going up there until the legislature is ready to enact laws to keep this frojn happening again,'* Gerald Mager, gubernatorial legal aide, said if teachers did not show up and their absence ''seems to he part ofapneral scheme or design to strike," he would urge the state to go back to court to try to enforce Judge uif*«t* _» ^ order, Vicuna wool and silky. Pacifists ft*H Prisoners of Oseoda, Mich,: Capl, Jon ft Buck of Laredo, fe*As, ttrj Nivf.lt; ft*) tfevid Matheny of fiik8fs« WASHINGTON (AP) - Two pacifists involved in North Vl§l* flam's ralease of three Amefl« can flyers claim ''inept &d Coldblooded" handling of the situation by this country has en* danger ed release of other pris* oners of war» . , The three alrmenMooklflj fit and cheerful after emotional reunions with their families- were in military hospitals Sunday for physical checkups, They are Air Force Lf, Col, They indicated inert taaW be a Joint press cofifereftee, yet unscheduled, on their four to ft¥6*month ordeals tfi North Vietnam prisons after their planes were shot down last fall, " the pacifists* Prof* Howard Zinn of Boston University a/id the Rev, Daniel Kerrigan, a Jesuit priest at Cornell University - claimed the three were relue* tant to fly home on military air* craft for fear of Jeopardizing release of other prisoners, The pacifists said the men had Men told by North Viet- twmise authorities to return home on ft nonmlHUfy plane of It eouid Htetfl the end of release of U.S, prisoners of war, , 2!8ft and rather Serriisus, ar» rMfig In Net %rfe OH a com- ffiet&iai flight from Paris, said U,S, authorities persuaded the airmen to return on military aircraft anyway, Berrtlaft said "the spirit of the mission to bring the men back home has been betrayed by U,S, intervention," But a Defense Department spokesman said the airmen had their choice, and they chose mil* itary transportation because it was faster and they could get medical examinations en route, ItMttt In In War Proust Bfi«LW (Af>) - West 6 Mfty*s,fflili{afti New Left tiu ffttted a weekend of defflonslM* (ions against U,S, involvement ifl Vietnam with adoption of a pfoffam to help ihe Communist waf effort there by Ufidermifltof Artier lean forces in Europe^ An estimated 10,000 youths waving Viet Cong flags aad red banners wound uo a thJfee*mil<* protest Mf<s& Soaday w«h a rally in front of the West Berlin Opefa House, , NfiW 19,1911 tte deftmfislfftfof s efidotsiBd preffim etififtt for (fefifoflstfaifofi* at tf A bases, tedfea'sft* tfatef ptirt fof His Viet eoflg l»d i pfdfjapada «ampaip to fls* solve the Horth Atlantic f feift Ofgafiiiatloa by 1969, They al<& piedfed themselves to efteoufage America seryise* men at European bases to com* mil sabotage and to desert. West Germany's Socialist Students Union launched the mo?e* menf, which attracted youth groups from throughout western Europe and the United states, West Berlin Mayor Klaus Schuete was overruled ftp « city court in his attempt to ban the outdoor demonstration. WIN your •hare of Choose from the excfting early week bargains to helj^you stretch your food budget. YouMI want to be sure to share In the money-saving values listed here ... and in the many many more at Safe- Soft Drinks rc Cragmont, Assorted, Regular or Low Calorie. Join the Growing List of Lucky $100 Winner- Mrs. Charles Harrell Hope, Ark. 10,000 Gold Bond Stamps Winner Mrs. Alma Drew Tin Save at These Low, Low Prices Detergent UP TO SAVE 20<=! Hwardj Coffee 2 .u>. J«U Well 12 (in Biscuits M ~. wri ' w '...... 12 Dog Food Ss?* $1 $1 Cheer, With lOc Off Label or 3-Lb. 1-Oz. White Magic ... 39c "~ More Additional Food Purchases. '«* Limit One ... Bold Detergent r *~ Bonus Detergent Pric* I-Lb. 1-Om. S-U>. . Pkft. 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