Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on March 10, 1964 · Page 6
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 6

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 10, 1964
Page 6
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Putting these oils back where they belong can help nails remain .stronger and smoother while [protecting them against undue chipping and breaking (when they groxv long enough to chip [and break). At least three times a week, give your cuticles the full treatment with Oily Cuticle Re mover. There is something inspiring about seeing a cuticle fade from view and noting how smoothly groomed the base of your nails appear — and it's frequently enough to spur you on to greater effort at thD tips'. How long before you have enough nail showing to file? Allow yourself two weeks. If you haven't been bitmg at them dur ing this time, you're well on your way toward breaking the habit. And your reward? Fingertips you're proud to dispay (they say hand-kissing is ia vogue on these shores this season) and justifi' cation for buying an entire ward robe of nail polish shades. Phyllis Adair's COLLEGE COSMETOLOGY 70 Orange St., Redlonds PHONE 793-2275 BOYD $175.00 Tilt quollty required with the economy deiired TT8 E. Statt Phone 793-4806 Rugby Look The rugby shirt. . . stolen from the backs of professional players, this shirt was origin ally available as a high - priced import. With its popularity sweeping the country, it is now available in adaptations priced to fit any budget. The rugby in fluence is being felt in the styling of sleepwear and swimwear too. Facial lines disappear after (his model uses a new protein lotion. An astringent action makes skin more taut and takes care of crow's feet, furrows in brow and Jjouth and cilia Unes for two to eight hours. To get wmHe-ctasing effect the user must not frown or laugh for 10 to ID nun- utes whfle lotion is working. Editor Takes Look At Woman Shopper By HELEN HENNESSY Newspaper Enterprise Women's Editor From what I've seen when I do my weekend shoppmg, the standard supermarket ensemble is pants, sloppy flats, a tired jacket and a kerchief big enough to go over hair rollers. And it puzzles me. Why this peculiar assortment of garments? Last week a woman sporting her version of the "uniform," had a firm grip on a shopping cart with one hand and on a toddler with the other. A cigarette was clamped in one side of her mouth. This vision of dainty femininity was loudly berating a man who hadn't held the door open for her. Men, as a rule, aren't rude to women —especially to attractive women. But we can't hope to be treated gallantly if wc dress to look like so many unmade beds and act as though wc could easily hold our own in a wrestling match. Shopping is a tiring chore. No one e.xpects us to don satin and lace to go forth for Sunday's chicken. But there's a world of difference between casual, comfortable attire and sloppy dress. Unfortunately some of us have overlooked this obvious fact. A woman who wants respect and admiration from the men she encounters must first develop some respect for herself. Certainly no one needs a cigarette so badly that she must puff away even when both bands are occupied. There's no valid excuse for leaving the house with a head full of hardware, tied up in a scarf. A simple skirt and sweater are more comfortable than tight pants and a lot more attractive. And broken-down flats should be replaced by good-looking walking shoes before they ruin your feet. Any woman can get decently dressed in 15 minutes. So lack of time can't be the reason for this awful get-up that has become the shopper's uniform. It may be a man's world, but we don't have to dress like Rosie the Riveter to hold our place in. it. 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