Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on November 7, 1916 · Page 4
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 4

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 7, 1916
Page 4
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DAILY GAZETTE DAILY BTANDARD U«ily Except nSt'W.' QRANDONITSO N 8, Kdftvrs and ! at Pwrteffie*, 8t*Hfno, IHineit M 8*c»nd Ci«*« Mutter. [jflMMS OF suiscmpTioST , Outiid* of Surfing *nd Rack Anywhere in th* United. ~- er C«n«d<. ...,,,.. 12. (50 1 In ,ln •fiftjonth*. J .25 rnonth., -2f or Reek F»l»«, -™ 15.00 'in advance!!.";; 2.60 ^IBieBithalnadvanc*,, J.26 • 3»y»bl8 to the carrier .10 tHt WAN WHO QUITS. who Quit* has & brain And Ml the next; but ho lacks the n»k,k* him, stout, &r he tackles, and fight It & rush, ftml ft nolcmn aoon be nhowlng tho others 0 •omethlng new striken bin roving task Is left for the b>;e "ami to each man what becomes of find In hlmwlf the grit nnd "bring auccess; he can get the W. brine* to the~tnsk a ItMU tfl btaten till h« given In; luck can't aland for a cheerful who faun nwlit ft better P quitter'* whining "What's >-'II» wan who let* hid chancea nil p. he's too loxy to keep bin „ who atlck* goeii.ahead with Tlfaout, the man who quit* joins tho and out." • WE TOI.O YOU SO. •Idea are still claiming every- tO alght, *o if H goon thfilr way can say, "We told yon fact ia both sides are scared t* Nobody Knows Jtmt how the vot-i to tin* »ip. Thar* ta4n Quantities. First, •Working men. How many of going to vote to help pay the ir the small per cent of rail- who ar* to be beneflued' by >n law. Second, the vote i^'wntivtAM flitaf la BMn*ti«<* tor. Third, the German vote. # t *h»r vote waa almost aolldly ^Vilaon. Later there haa been ""' noe of change, Tha Jloose- my the chance la due to ft speeches, attacking un- 'oa-»v Othera-aay th* dua to th» desires,oT for »lo\v tariff law In f the war. Fourth, the * Are they swinging today ly to the Republican fold get a large proportion i? The Indications are «jre with t,he Republicans, take the final count tonight fr*l*» the four really uncertain " p«i»: th* electionTtoday,; BotK claiming everything but i la certain concerning these i In the electorate. Which 1na will oome up smiling and told • you ao," with great as*, But they will not be able to Liw until the!vote* are count„anybody con tell as much as tNAOK IN ONE CITY. t have to go to Mexico to ity 'of brigandage. For in- ifc»»o^iuit-year^i«Sl no- r«r» kept- buiy arresting 15,> for felonloB, and 108,426 for or*. TJjto is merely one ar- every twenty persona living grl«t of "legal » oaurtil tipp »nd a goodly aec muTOWpal and criminal tOonViOted 4,798 persons of felon "".41,141 peraons of misdemean- " felonit* were n con- and «« convictions for really were 77 premed- •,4tor the year, and 168 ;,>$uuui»ughter end of the When Weakness Develops &*•? -^ OS TETTERS Stomach Bllters to Aivertiifl , O., ia pretty miu'h , town. It only 1ms » of 1,016. Its trade i hot very largo, for it »U on all ujdes by bjg Deluding Cincinnati and ", Ctompared to most of ,„„„ cities in Washington, : not much of a place, uur- Broth0n»' store, luvutt*d in fb«rf. In 1916 did « business ,l|f,?«.»7. When Mr. a. A. ir«r. the manager, wus m- f over to .Cleveland by the < , And be told. His story all b« summea up in one tn the Pols'* 1 * 1 Tf r fT^«. This rc<-on1 rm-erjt ("hir«|?f> nnilo nc»rtna} condition*-. Oiere l# no , di.4 tUTbns iX"»!ifi^il or ixwiai rpfplt ift th rttv, T.ikf^ cvf-ry f>th«r bt(? American • i;y, f'hifnpo t!» nrrn"t;fiTrt* v '1 ff> "fhn p;irf of thins:" Xr,JM«1v g^t* *'*» tlf-t 1 ft isn't t*i*» AtTK-rifrtn i#ny ?o jr-"' w <-i:«-.J (i-,'f-r «-in h mrtitr-rs, Tior nu^mj' ti. 'iriil nn !!>;.U'r!vini* rrtu«p. 'in! 1 •,v>,c!i wi.mi- tvfnlthy man is killo.l r> t'i-,hij''il i* ti Pi«'irnOic fjti'hurpt of in fa tf>d. . ... nnd BUILT FOR SPEED. •ig Am(?rlf!» is bnllt-for Pp* 1 -. 'in rfcffiMnK th« Spffrt limit sins of bnrlrd nations ftrfHy^d in th scant rntmpnt of our rapid ®(fc." I wft« B, R.Violett. world.traveler, nu thor and l>*ctwrpT, sprakfnjr. AVortf* tike th^*^ should hfarkpn our sfpps tJoubtlwis th«*r<> •w^r* men of thf Vlo lett typir» who hpl<! aloft the finger o warnlnK In nnoipnt Babylon; but thpj W<re howled down. Wholesale rrlti clsm *-ns ho more popular then than no*. For Instant: Mr. Vlolett snld tha Jh Oi? United States 6«o,10f< yrtvjni lafl* annually sr<> down-the Primrose Path. an<J, that annually BOO.OfWO young women worship at thP brothW-phrlnf; that million* In thP country "make monfy" at the prlcp of chcap<»npil tehnr- actcr nnd Yihikfii mnrrlag<s vow* "America ncarcrly t'nk«?B th« world ^ai (nrlously,.except for buslnPSfl reasons,' he added^ ,"p»rr-m.urder machine makers and knights of the nltro-glyc«?rlni> f»mart set ar« weure In the ark «l American prosperity on a nt>a. of blood. A roprimnnil llkn thin will do us good once In a while. CAUGHT ON THE FLY Tho rolumbus, Ohio, Journal slipped thl» one the other day: "We. feel Ilk abandoning our campaign for rentor- ation of pantalettes and €»entwlngr all our energies .upon a. desperate effort to Influence the Rlrls to keep on what little they still wear." They want to prevent British actors from being drafted for war servlc* on the wore that they shotdd bp saved for art. Most of them, however, have already fled to America to compete with native talent In making the movies move. Tho bachelor who can glimpse, the cost of high female boots and fashionable conts and tfien tnslnt that "two can live as cheaply as one' la ft cer- tnlii menta.T~iJefecUvi*. Churchman again have been whether to leave the word "obey" from the .marriage, wrvlce, lx>ave it there In' peace. Rvcry man should obey his wlf«v How to ch'cumvpnt the high co»t of living: Increased Industry and more thrift. Hut thin, \v«'ll admit, in i»asy to nay. ' , ThS hay crop IK 8aid to be tip-top, wntrh In good, news for tho«o who like a hay diet the tlrst thing'in the morn^ Denning a proper foreign policy Is o of the most important domestic difficulties of tbift campaign. About tho easiest way to be a pro- _>h«it we know of In to predict higher prtceti for foodstuff*. Owing to the Bklll of -modern -i en - Iflneers in dPMljrning corsets, fat women are retting scarce, Don't tell your troubles to UH; it may cause UH to get started with ours, and \Vliy? AVhy? Why? THOMPSON CONFIDENT Predicts Illinois Will Line Up Up For Hughes and Whole Republican. Ticket. (Special to The Qaeette) Chicago, 111., Nov. 7. — Wm. Hale Thompson, republican national com- mitteemon for JtUinola.._ta:thertollowinjr statement issued today, predict* that lllnols will east Us electoral vote for {ughea and Fairbanks and that the whole republican state ticket will be •Ici'ted: "1 conttdently believe that the wenty-nine electoral votca of Illinois, will be given tb Hughes and Fairbanks, by a large plurality, and that our" entire~Btate~~Hdket" wlll~ be—trium- ilmntly elected. Thla means, of course, hat we shall Increase the number of republican representative* from 1111- tois in the lower house of congress, and 'control, with, largely Increased majorities, both branches of the legis- ature at Springfield. I also flrmly bo- leve that the whole Cook county republican ticket will win a decisive vie- ory. i "Th» foregoing statement ia based on report! which I have received from officials of the party in every county if Illinois. Without a single excepr »loh; they report that the nober second thought of the voterajia at work, and tbftt the drift to C&f republican jarty ia unmUtu.kable, »na noticeable (verywhere. "The two things, with whU?h our democratic friends had hoped to fool he people, 'petice and prosperity', have become their heaviest liabilities. With i record of more Americans murdered h Mexico, under this administration, in lost their livt-'S In the war with ,»«in, no sensible American believes .hut we are not really at war with hat country. Ou the other hand, every well informed American knows hat our present prosperity begun with he war in Europe, depends on ,the war n Bus-ope, and will end when the war , Kurope uu«». , „ "Disgust with Ue manner in which our state uffuira are begin adminis- crotl i» another;potent faptor in .the uprising against the democratic party n Illinois.' ,\Vhen the present incum- wnt of the office of governor was u aiuiidaie lu 1912, hu promised Uiupco- B.S receipts, however, a^ow tjiat h»> .us''been tbo most (,>*tmvuxant guv- rnor Illinois lias tsver had. SUNDA?WASJVEU PAID ivanaeiift PrwanUd With 140,102^8 For Detroit Campaign. Detroit. Mlcifc, Nov. ?,—W i tjj A Ml! rir. rJT»tT"S[Vrv4» "against the saloon .Willy iunday wound up his Michigan cam- juifcu yesterday. Travelinsr by spvciul rum the cvuuyt'llsi ttpuke un L«.ui»ing. irund Ituplds uiul Jackson in favor of ho dry amendment," (Sunday's Detroit campaign iuucluy when his admirer* i ."fri_u will tUauk u 'l*iu< fight week's MaM4Mi «l(/A*MC^ff » ,ti*».. .«»« nil you tell. tiii» tt(H»»Lt O»i- kW3^**rteVi2*- irf«^zz ™ «hni1---rtrtrt JJ I FURTHER ADVANCES Against the German Crown Prince Are Now Planned By French Armies. in . Knsr., X^v. «»r»lun roftif'Ts i« bends arifl — • Their front : ; north fhrtfps* h> victorl^w nt nnd fi«m loitp vfHnjfi*«, fhp Frfrioh ari» n?l w- fur f»rih"r fldvancpft against the troop of th«" (J^rrnan frown prior?. Advance rtorth of the ^omm<* l!kf ha%"« tw'fn made powtlJMe bj nsr ofw»ralions apafrrtf Beni^hnp A'wiez and .iitachfju.- 'fire iHtpcrtation of nufh & movement iff strong and I p»K*if^<»!«ftil will fitrpnjrth*n thc« Ft»ncl front from Caililnfl to I'^ronne. Th« UrJtiflh vlftory on the Anrn» madeth Oerman positions at Omrjdcourt- nni I'.vs «1ringTprOu» to hold rnuch lonfrer. ^•treating Hungariann Leave a Plea in Their C«m*t«ry, .- By John H. Heartey (United l'r«"s* Staff Correnpo^dcnt) '•-Rome, Nov. 7.—Saddened by their JOSBPB, rctreatlnR Hunsrarians placer on a c.rois* in oni> of th*lr abandonm 1 g:raveyard« a me»*aRe which after the war may grow into a legend which will help bind Aunlro-Ilungary Jto Italy in p<»ace. A-"' The Improvined cpmelery l» on -.* Lower Carao. Kach of Its 2,000 graves IB marked with a umall wooden cross and buckler. On the crown nearest the Rate under the caption "K. K. H 1 48 Frledhef" i« the plea. It reads; "Italians! If In your heroic advance you come on these part?, show n'ot profanity, but .r»»peet to thin little city of the dead. Keep It safe, we pray you. For after thin calamity, when we will again be friends, we shall at I! have team In our eyes to water the soil, which covern the bones of out brothem." FLAGLER WIDOW TO WED Rich Woman Refuse* To Confirm R« ported Ehgagsmcnt. Now York, N. Y., Nov. ?.—Mr*: Hen ry M. Fln«l«»r refused at hnr home at the flam to either confirm or <ieny a published report thai H!»W waa engaged to marry Robert Worth Hlngham of I*oulMvlll(», Ky., nnd their wedding would take place on Nov. 15. Mrs. (•'lager greeted Inquiries pleasarttly when Information regarding the report was »nnight, I will not verify it today," she said •When I R«t ready to moke auch an TuiiiouncBmpnt"rtt~"~frt«jphoii» yutfc 1 *- 1 Frlenda of Mrs. Flager in the hotel sold that Mrn. Klagpr had confided to thorn th» fact of hw engagement to Mr, Blnghain. a month ago. Mrs. Flag- ter'haa bt-en a widow fpr throe years. MRS. To¥THUMl"iFNOW 75 "Don't Argue With Your Husband* Is Her Advice. MlUdleboro, Mtt«it, Nov. 7.—Countess . -OKi-l, who was Mrs. Tom Thumb, 3« inches of contented womanhood,, celebrated her seventy-fifth birthday and panned out Borne good advice on the m - - - i iit •Don't argue with him. I«t him have hlM own way—but win him to your way whm he doesn't kwow U," in .the receipt! of the lltllest lady in the land. , The countess' first husband. Tom Thumb, died a number of years ago. RUSSIA SEEKS 1JANT LOAN Seeks To Borrow About 11^00^)00,000 For Ten Years, London, Nov. 7.—A Hussion Imperial uskase authorizes the issue of a short term loan of about 11,000,000,000. says a neuter dispatch from Petrograa. The loan will be ut.the rate of 61-8 per .cent, repayable In ten-years, NEGRO ADMITS OLD CRIME Arrested He Voluntarily Ttlli Of Murder Of Attorney. Camdeh. N. J.. Nov. 7.—A Negro, who says hl» *ame Is Wood P. Urown, arrPI-ted here charged with stealing an automobile, voluntarily told the pa- lice, they say, that he hatl shot ana killed William L. Rice, a wealthy lawyer of Cleveland, six years ago. Brown, according to the police, said he held up Rice at Euclid,,Heights for the purpose of robbery, and then shot him. Dashed Down AllegheniM Taking a Toll of Seven Lives. Altoonu, I'tt.. Nov. 7.—Sevan trainmen dead, four slightly injured and 47 :ars and five engines demolished. i« ;tie toll taken when an engineer lost :ontrol of an engine pulling 60 cars on :he Pennsylvania railroad near the top ,f_4ha- Alleghenle* -imd-the -runaway ,riUn dashed into four empty' engines on switches near Hplidaysburg. The esc«pe of a number of trainmen was (miraculous. TOWNlVAsllsfROYED Second Fire in Year Burned 62 Buildings at Wirt, QMs, Wiit, Okla.. Nov. 7.—Sixty-two build* ngs on Main street are In ruins as the jrtmuit of-the second blHostrous tire within A year. The flre started from a disconnected gas pipe in a. restaurant and wiped the town off the map in four tours. Owners of the buildings could ;ct no insurance because of the build- ngs' conditions and many will make no attempt ta .rebuild. The loss was IISO.- 000, , ATTACKEDJ|RMAN-SHJP BritUh Submarine Attaekfd Otrman Dreadnaught Yesterday, JUondon, Eng., "Nov. 7. — A German dreadnautfht was torpedoed yesterday off thu Panish coast by an ^English fiubinarine, the admiralty ttunovinctd oday. .Tlw damage done is not known, It s stated. It ta known, however, that Qitrman warship was hit. , THREE M'M>»«ai»oll«, Minn., Nov. 7. — Three u«mm» were killed and H fourth in- urt«t, urobuhly fittafly, when an autor nubile driven, by K.*O. Kelson-of »t. 'uul plunged down un embanl«u*nt whllo rouuUing a stmrp curve on the Wvst Uiver drive litre shortly duyiiglU. (tty United Press-) Puuvillf, 111-, No\v 7. -Although re- uiatiig within twenty milt* uf ' r-i -- H'»ttr, visUi'd ihw i i ay for tho rtrst imo ycdtfftluy. tio i-uruo then only of tho fact Uuu tiia sun -in* a.w, \Villiaui \Vn>t,un, was andel' »r»v«»t H>I« and sent to jull in Uffuult yf bond, clwrge of -assault. TABULATING STRAYS 80N8. " NvV. 7.---TI> .. _t!trr'F5Ti~K"WTTtrttter ^ (ill Itullutis, nuitve-liorn M'' "t who live in A«nerU'tt *u»d H' U -I'd ilk —no ^matter how you would like your underwear made— •' 3 \ , . No matter if you would like high neck, low neck or extra low neck—no matter if you like short sleeves, no '--••"•. - - *, sleeves, or long sleeves—no matter whether you like combination garments or separate ones—no matter if I you prefer wool, part wool or cotton, ?You are quite sure to find exactly Js» , ' • ^*v, - • * U what you want in the ^orcsto^iffs sold rsiwvisf»it'fii ' m _Fine Weave ' n4&v*A ld>lllw%19 KNIT UNDEKWEAR. 1IV7117 Underwear for Ladies and Children Union Suits SOc, 65c, 75c, $1, $1.50 $2 and up to $5 Separate garments, 25c, 50c, 75c, $1, $1.50 (M*in floorj r sers Italian Silk Underwear The workmanship on Kayser garments reaches the acme of perfectionHNtrother silk underwear fib so satisfactorily, looks BO tasty or wears so well. , ' "" ~ ! * * Read these prices-Then come andfsee the garments. 'VESTS $2, $2.50, ?3.75 KNICKERBOGKBRS UNION SU1 $3 ' ' . ' $1 to $3.75 Wync^Dcavcr Dry Goods Company The Store of Quality and Service MARGARET SURPRISED She Found Mocha and Java Orowing An the Same Tree Down In Brazils (Written for the United Frees.) > By Margaret Mason. Sure Mocha and Java, welt mixed, and ground fine Is coffee I always have ordered for mine, My mother before me, my grandmother Have always insisted on this blended brew, But now I must shatter traditions, I see, Por-Mocha'and Java I've picked from one tree, Solo Paula. Brajell. Nov. 7.—This certainly is going to be. an awful blow ;o the domestic coffee connoisseurs. The epicures who smack their lipa and extol the eluaive flavor of the Java as U subtly Intermingles with the Mocha. indeed^t furnished me coffee grounds 'or surprise when 1 found the .Mochu and the Java not only growing on the same family tree but even on the same branch of the family. " "pest way to settle the coffee question i& to take a night's train trip from lilo to @«o Paulo- The state of iao Paulo is the greatest coffee grow- ng country in the world. 4t'a capital. city of Sao Paula is justly dubbed the 'CfclcaiSQ of South America," A two hours run by train brings us to the title town of Campinas*) right out in .he midst of the open rolling coffee country. The "King" of Campinas hiro*elf took us by ftuto out through the coffee plantations' He is a. Kin* by his own dubbing. This successful North Amer- can from Lawrence. Kansas, chose to make light of my appellation lust a* ie chose to make light of Campinas. You si-t> he cantroles the electric light »n,d the. trftction line in Camp..„„ ,j» well a* IB thirteen other small Brazilian towns. Surcdy a neat little ;rowu uf tncad«t*cent bulbs is not amis? , his brow^ . I've heard of people painting the own ml but they would be helpless o incarnadine further the country of Sao Paulo. Ail.'the soil is of a mar- '(•IOUH -redness shading'to vivid crim- on« utid rose. With its billowing ltd »ltls it is «t»rlUngty rpmintacent of San Di<?£G *'ouuty, ralifonila. ISlww- u llibernian tendency these hills. wti -ha^•w-the- green of ~tiie coffee trc?ti he red soil. As far as the eye' «u scv th» coffvfl plantat.lous etreiv'li] avvuy into the di*!%uc<'.. Borne plantu,-1 funs> tH)B*| pf Q* er a million tr«sis. Ty uptak of coftee trw* in very mis- t-udtiig, in ivajlty t)iey we like life so much as l>Ui lilac bilshi' CJH that thi* U««4Ves"arrt"»ir>{ilJ»,'r. bi-rry ttsvlf looks iik« a i and the coffee beano proper form the heart of the berry like a cherry pit split Into halves. - . And bore is where the difference between the Mocha and Java comei* In. Not being & prize student of botany I don't know the technical terms but something happens to the stamen of aomn coffee blossoms HO that they make ...... .-_. which- are called Java while the perfect Moclm beans are largo and oval In contour. So it's, just the subtle difference In their shapes you taste when they are all ground up together. - In coffe« picking time evert" the littlest tots help tp the harvest. Everybody works, even fistbfrr. The picking consists in stripping all tho berries off __.__._ get In somewhat on the general strip, after tho harvest, the poor old' coffee tree looks a bit denuded. Th* berries are striped off and allowed to fail on the ground where they lire raked up and carried, away in baskets. The next step is to spread them out on an open cement court to dry in tho sun. When the berries are all shriveled and dried to the consistency of husks they are put through successive machines that husk them and separate the Mocha beans from the Java, They nna'liy land in • sacks ready to be shipped down to Santos and exported. As you sip your Turkish, French or, U, 8. A., coffee you may be uhiiQSt sure it has a Braziullun 'past. For it is only by the different degrees and processes of roasting in the different countries to which it is sent that the good bid native iJraaluliiiii bean boconu'n disguised as a terrible Turk or in true Parisian manner, starts a HHSOIV with chicoree and becomes "cafe."1 have UU«fd to make this coffee clear for you, us* show you Just where your coffee'* bean. • I hope it all has pec- colstfd. _ ^^ LIST OF PREMIUMS Offered for Exhibits At Farmers' Institute Wle Held In "Uvlow are given tl«? r*«vi»ed Hsta of premiums .offered for exhibits to be iiimly v\ 1h« annual au-t'iliiKu uf. the VYhlleftidtt, t'ouniy Kurnierv' Institute and \Vliiti-suU' X'ounty Houstt-hokl Bci- ence club to b* hvl<l in Sterling', !•>*• oviubvr 13, 14. 15. Aiu-r thw lists wviv pttblisbt'd w wcrtt; t»|- two- tt8,tf.-4t- WftS- diSicovvrcti (tun KOint* UUIIKM hud been left out and' the commit levs Uwkii-d iiiiit tiottif ol iu-r iliunj:t'M «huuJit be made bt-sidtjs tin* atltlillona. Tho priiUMi iiffervtl herewith aresuUl to be liberal uuil It, is thuuglu tlu>r« Will tJt) Ot 4!fs..ll lO_tl"Df i-Xs vilvut «•'*.-..• --•---- .. . J, j'n ,. u tj> ' Institute Premium*. . • •> $j; wv.'jiil, $3; Special premium of 110 for the best ten ears of yellow dent corn, by C. Poasmore, Evergreen Farm, J'rophets- town. " Wheat, best peck — First, $1 F**B"W£ ond, 75c. Oats, best peck—First, fl;. second Barley, best peck — First, fl: second, 75c, • - - Rye,--best~ peck— : 75c. Clover B<wl. second, 75c, Timothy seed, best peck—First, f 1; second, 75c. Potatoes, best 20 late—First, fl; second, 75c. Potatoes, best 20 early — First, $1; peck — First, II; 'Apples, largest and best exhibit, G of each variety— Pim, $2,50; uecortd, U. Farm prodocte, largest and bent exhibit—First, 15;. Becond, |3; third, $a. Onions, best peok — Firtt, 75c; eec- ond.. 60c, HeetB, l«>8t peek — First, 76cf second, 50c. Turnips, best pock— First, 75c; second, 60c. Carrots, best peck— First, 75c; second, 50c. Paranlps, best peck — First, 75e; second, BOc. • • Cabbage, best head— First, 76c; second, 60c. Squash, best one— First;; 78c; second, 60c. Pic pumpkin, best one— First, 7&c; second, &0r.i , pumpkin, 60c. Larjcest ear of corn, 60c. Lonjft'Ht ear 5 of t-orn, BOc. • Heet ear of' corn. BOc. Highest score in corn judging class made by boy urulor eighteen years of age—First, $3; second, $2; third, |1. lU>st model of farm gate, 18 inches long, made by boy wider sixteen years of.ase—Flrst, $3; s«cumV!2; third, |1. model of vxtfnwiim ladder, not than three 'f*et, by buy uml^r uixteen years of ac«^— First, 13; see j ond, $2; third. 11. HauMhold Science Premiumi, " Far CadiM. Best loaf yeuat bread —First, J3; second. 12, UUrd, $1. i'Mif srahuiu br«'a4~™Firet, $2; , 11: third,' BOc, Best cake tnadw with one egK~^Fir*ti fl; M-«ond. 75c. • Hest vvhitu layer cake "with, cocoanut icing— First; It: second, 75c. Best eunshhic 1 touf i-ukv 1 — First, $1; tfj's utul. Tf>c. Uest chocolate layer i-ake wSUj iciiiK — First. II; second 7&i*. Uoa«n JrifU t.ukes — . First, |t; Best emnll jar of butter— First, |8; second, II: third. TBc. Fsncy Work for Ladi**. Best crocheted yoke — First, |i; s«c- pnd, 76c. Best pair pillow casen, with crocheted trimming — First, fl; second. 75c. Best lunch cloth, with crocheted trimming — First, fl;~ secondM ~-Be*t ien pieces of crochet second, 75o. Best ten pieces of tatting — First, fl; second, 75c. Best ten pieces of .fancy work, kind—First, II; second, 76C 1 . For Girl* Undtr Slxtwn .Yftir* of Best loaf of whit* breod^ |». -• Best white layer cake, nut Icing, |1. Best guest towel, 11. Best band made corset cover, fl. Best hand made hat, premium- offered by B Curling Household Science club, fl. Best dressed doll, by girl under 13 of age, f 1. BIG INCREASE FOR PLANT. Pcoria, III., Nov. 1.— The Holt Mfff, Co.. which makes the. caterpillar engines for the British "land, dreadnoughts," la planning an expenditure of $250,000 for enlargement of its ntaut here. . •' . Booaute of lt« flavor and Durum wheat, Krumblo* ilvot ploaiuro and ttrength to rowing children and Invalid!. si Beat dcieen sugar cmtkies —First, 1 76c; aeconJ, 6Uc. West tipxen nu»Uu»»i'* cookies-*- First, F(r»t, lii-st can strawlu-rry- • j»rt'svrvcs-— T»c*rT3nt •fS5|n.M?riT~Fi» 5 si<rr(;S' "•"rTtstj , . (lij>j>l,ay uf. i i'M- j<.nk nit-thud i-'tr&t. $t., 70i% lu-st i^n ut 1 cbow i li".w -Fiiijt, J!." f. ,>ud; IStt. For Best Service and Equipment Call Funeral Directors Calls B»li No. Intsrftstt 9

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