Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on August 7, 1896 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, August 7, 1896
Page 6
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Mt^^ Bent so the tree will grow. The early lessons of childhood leave a .lasting impression. .As the home is the'true sphere of woman, she cannot begin too young to acquire the art of taking care of it. One of the most helpful lessons she ; can learn is that • / • ' SANTA is not only the most efficient means of keeping things clean, but tlie most economical as'well. Whether used for washing clothes or cleaning house it proves its worth beyond question. , It's never too late for a woman to learn the Santa Claus lesson. Sold everywhere. Made only by THE N. K. FAIRBANK COMPANY, CHICAGO. LEAllEfiS. '^t^ This is the very best Smoking Tobacco made. Blackwell's Genuine BULL DURHAM You will find one coupon Inaldo each 2 ounce bag and two coupons Imide e*cb 4 ounce bag, Buy u bag, rwl tbe coupon uad cue bow to cot your ab*ro of $3M,OQO la presents. . "DIRT DEFIES THE KING." THEN SAPOLIO IS GREATER THAN ROYALTY ITSEL 1'nrdoned by the Treildent. Washington, Aug. C. — The president JTliarsday granted a pardon to John ifcyons, scnteneed in Arizona to tarns , and a half years' impri80ni4ient for rob- btap a post office. The president also pardoned, on account of declining . Kealtb, John Day Bryant, convicted iu '' ,i*estern .. \rkansaH of larceny, and has ytt one irionth to serve of a .three years' Sentence. In this case the pardon is ". grouted solely ou account of the declin: -iiigr health of the convict. CHARLES H. MATCHETT. LI Visits tlio Portsmouth Dock, '•' 'London, iVnp-. G.— Li Hung Cluing', ihe ri«iting Chinuse statesman, who wasre- . e*ive<l by the queen at Osborne house, IiTe of AVig-ht, \Vcdnesdaj-, made an fospection ot the Portsmouth clock y.ircl 'Thursday morning and rcturn'cd *o london in the afternoon. Futnl Fiill of » Sc»(toUI. Fiqnn, 0., Aug-. 0, — The scaffold on a ..school buJiding- erected nt Covington, six miles u'est ,b£ .here, pave way , Wcdnesdiiy niorning-'while several men were at work upon it. 'Emanuel 'Pox, 'of Marysville, fell CO feet, breaking his reck, and wns dond .when picked up. .'Haaier i(i)ddox. of Marysville, sustained • friictiire of tlie skull nnd cannot BDver. . : •octallat-Labor Candidate for the t'recl- • donoy of tho United States. Charles 31. Mntchetl, the socialist- labor candidate for the presidency of the United States, is n carpenter, who lives in Brooklyn. He -works for union wages with hammer,'saw nnd level, just like any other carpenter, nnd is one of the most unassuming men in the big town of which he-is a citizen. He is not new in the political fiekl. He wns once a candidate for the mayoralty of Brooklyn, nnd four yenrs ago he asked the people to vote for him ns vice president on the labor ticket. Later he was nominated by the socialists for governor of -N r ew York. Mr. Matehettis nn eloquent speaker, but he will not appeal- on the stump for bis part} 1 in this campaign, lie snys that he has no money to spend in this way. He. must earn his own living and will continue his daily work at the bench and trust to the patriotism of the people for their votes. The social- LADIES Know the 5 47 Certain JS<«|| Remedy for /^ ^^- diseases of the Liver, Kidneys and Urinary Organs is Dr.J.H, MCLEAN'S LIVER AND KIDNEY BALM It Cures Female Troubles AIDfuggliti, Prloi, $1,00 Per Bottle TH« DO. J. H. McLUN MIOICINC Co. »T. LOUIS, MO. 5raSCMflC;Wt^SQOWSJB""S?, . Thirty Years Experience . • g 1 have tlie be«E ' fl Bra/n and Nerve Tonic s omeartlvAir all weukenctl conditions regard' £1 ;• k-rtrof.Cfttn*. Medicine sent for One Dollar » ' 'ATllofrtiion. M.D.. Bltlle Croik!Mich.,' \i Wisconsin Republicans Nominate Soofield for Governor. Pingree Unanimously Chosen Candidate for Governor by Michigan Republican—The Platform*. 'Milwaukee, Aug. 0,—The delegates .and visitors to the republican state convention were on hand early Thursday morning 1 nnd .ihe -greiit exposition hall was pretty well crowded when Chairman Griffin nt 10:35 o'clock called the convention to order. No time wns lost in .preliminaries and the seSonding speeches for candidates was taken up where it wns left off when the convention adjourned,\YecliH'sduy night. The first seconding 1 speech was made by Theodore ZiHmer,-of -the Fourth district, for Tjnl'ollcttc, and he was followed liy Judge Heed, of Appleton, with n glowing eulogy on Baensch. Henry Snnford, of Calumet county, r.lso seconded the nomination ot Bai'iiseh and Sro'field wns seconded h,y C. B. Boiirclninn. oC Oshkosh. - - • ^TJiu^rston_ jj£ijltea u Speech. "<\. Chairman Cirillin then left (he plat Why doesn't know that hortid nightmare when the feet refuse to move, and you dragr .yourself along; by main force, witb sonic sort of terror chasing after you 7 It is something the same way with the mare of "biliousness." It forni, stepped the spectators nnd brought Senator Thurslon, of Ji brnskn, lo the clmi-r by ills i-.'.ile. Jte- spoiKlir.fr to incrss:int, calls for :i fijieeoh, the senator s.polu> briefly ;inrl very .judiciously 'avoided referc-c.? to tlie 'contest, cm linnd. . Follow-in™ this address. VT. L. Han- seu, of Jtondovi. seconded I he noniinn- tion of Bradford. Ex-Lieut, Gov. Fificld. of Ashland, made a rins'In;* speech 1'cv Seofioltl. Congressman Minor, nf Sturgeon- Kny, seconder! the noTiiination of^Scofielcl. On the call of the \inth district, George P. Jio&smiin, of Ashland, came forward and socoudec! tiie nomination of Lal'ollette. A grraf. demonstration by the LiiFoIU'tlp peoplr followed this speech, which lusted fully ten minutes and the Srpflcld. .men took a. tiirn at applause, \vhich was, however, not so prolonged as that for L:iFollet-tir. Jucl^-e Clnson, of- Oconro, also seconded Scoficld.' and K. 0. Mills closed the seconding speeches, for LnFollette. The Bllllotn. The roll cnll of counties was. then ordered for the first ballot/ First hallot: LaFolk-tte, Ml'/.: ScofloM, SW/i: Baenseh, S3; Elliott, 1SV4; Brndforfl, 31: Estnhrook. C. Socoritl bo.llot: LaPnllcltc, 25S: Soofield, MS4: Bnnnsch, M'/i; Elliott. 31: Bradford, 20: Esiabrook. C. Third ballot: LnFollettc. !.">0; Scofield, 2W,i: Buensch, OOV4: Elliott, II; Bracllord, ?2;. Estnbrook, 3. Necessary to choice. 341. Scofield 1.4 Nominated. • Fourth ballot: Scotleld, Ma^-LaFollette, 2."iO': B(n.'n«.-li, 94 !4: ; El11ou. H: Bradford, 8; Kstixbrook, 3, Fifth ballot:. Scotldd, 323K-: LjiFollotte, 238; Baer.sch, JOSVJ; Elliott, 5; Bradford, 2; JSstiibrook, 3. No choice. • "' • Scofleld nominated on sixth bnllot. Motion made to rtnominate old ticket by. acclamation. • " •'.- '. •; Tho Platform,.' ''•:•''•'; v" 1 '-^" The platform presented to the convention was as follows: "The republicans oC Wisconsin, .la convention assembled, announce their cordial and hearty endorsement of the platform of principles, adopted by, the late national .republican convention of St. • JLouIa. anfl, pledge a loyal, united and vigorous support of. the principles and policies therein announced and denned. We believe that in the restoration to power In national affairs of the party that stands for a. sound and (table currency, honest money with which to, pay the wages of labor, buy .the products of. the farm and factory, and carry. on tho business of this great country, and for a falr'and equitable protective tariff, that will protect all the people and every section of the country, give employment to American labor, preserve to American producers the tlrst chance In our great homo market, and at the same time give us enough revenue to pay the necessary expensed of carrying on the government, lies the only hope of a, return to our former prosperity. "Wo recognize In William McKtnley and Garrett .A. Hobart, our nominees for president anil vice president, the highest character and lUnoss— candidates in whose wisdom, integrity and patriotism all the people can safely put their trust and confidence: ' ' • " ' • seems to paralyze your energies,, weigh you down like ' lead ; and drnu you back with an unshakcable clutch. You can't get away from the misery that pursues you. You feel dull and languid and low-spirited ; your appetite is .poor, your stomach is out of ofder, your sleep is disturbed, you arc irritable and- "cranky." There.'s no real lively enjoyment of life. What you need is Dr. Piercc's Golden Medical Discovery to tone up your liver and help it in working the imparities out of your blood. The live! has a lawe shnre of this purifyinir work to do and sometimes it grets over-loaded so the impurities back up on to the other orcans of the body : the kidneys or skin or lungs, and take root, then it's a harder matter ti clear them out. Wherever they settle they are all blood diseases just thc'sarue.'and the "Discovery," will cure any blood disease that'wan ever named, scrofula, eczema; catarrh, ulcers, swellings, severe coughs and even consumption. But the: cure is-a harder job when the trouble has gone as far as that. The right way is to go.at these impurities before they take root, while they arc still floating in the blood and ovcr-load- Ine the liver. Drive them out early. You can do it surely every time, with the "Golden Medical Discovery.'_' ... ^_ . ,.__ Dr. Piorce's Common Sense Medical Adviser is the greatest family doctor book ever ujur.ft published. It explains human physiology and the laws of lire and health in plain '[ort'J yet scientific l.'iiiR-unjre. It has,had a tremendous sale; '680,000 coiiies at Ji.'so each bound in cloth. The present free edition is the same in all respects except that it is .Doitnd in strong raanilla paper covers. A copy will be absolutely given away to anyone who sends 21 one-cent stamps to pay cost of mailins? o«/l' t» World's Dispensary Medical Association, No. 663 Main Street, Buffalo, N. Y. was ordered for the nomination for governor. First ballot: pinfrree, 333; Bliss, »',; O'Donnell, S3; Wheeler, 17; Altlcei:. «; Conant. 22. Second ballot: PlnKroe, 3CS; Bliss. 213; O'Donnell, 78: Altken, 49; Wheeler, 34; Conant, 17, Necessary to choice, 417. • The third ballot was taken amid much excitement. There were many chanpes, and when the ballot was finally announced Plngrpc lacked only 12 votes of a nomination. Tlie official ballot was; Plnsrci!. 403: Bliss, SOS; O'Donnell, S3; Altken, 37; Wheeler, 14: Conant, 6. Plnfrrec will probably bo nominated on the fourth ballot. Filigree Nominated on Fourth littlloc. . The results of the fourth ballot were: Filigree. 449; Bliss, 200; O'Donnell, 70; AitkeSij 'i7;' Conant, 2. I'ingrec-'s Domination was then made unanimous. A great demonstration followed the tm- 'nouiicementuf. the nomination of Mayor Pingree, which was led by. his adherents. After the convention had calmed CHARLES H. MATCHETT. istic. candidate does not believe that tho silver nnd gold question.'.free trade of tariff, have any bearing oni'thc prosperl- 1 ty of the country or the reserve. , The kernel of the present trouble, he says,' lies in the labor system, which is infamously unjust, nnd which must bo thoroup-hly reformed before mankind will be happy. Mr. Matehett has a popil war record., .He served in the union navy during the war.and is n member of. the Grand 'Army of the' Republic. >fa,tthe\v ^fag-uireihis running mate, Is nn nldcrmnn of Pnterson, N. J., a well-, inown labor organizer nnd the proprle- :or of a socinlistic paper. . Insurance In Enfland. Out of 100 lives insured in England- vo are women. "We express our unqualified disapproval of the utterances of the late Chicago convention upon matters of national policy. We denounce them as dangerous In their character—tending'to the destruction of all business security and prosperity and subversive of tho fundamental principles ot good government. "We commend most heartily the able, economical and business-like conduct of public affairs by our present state administration. "The republican party believes In perfect liberty of conscience, non-sectarianism In public affairs—entire separation of church and state, In free common schools and the utmost Independence of Individual thought, upetfch and action within tlie law. "We favor tho restriction ot undesirable Immigration, as opposed to tho Interests of our laboring people, and approve the enactment of measures to prevent fraudulent naturalisation. ., . "Wo'cordially Invite tho voters of Wisconsin, without regard-to past political-affiliation, to the support of the principles herein nnnounced." ; F1NGKEE NOMINATED. Will Bo the Republican Candidate for . .Governor In Michigan. Grand Knpids, Mich., Aug. C. —Notwithstanding the continued heat and humidity, .Lockerby hall wns ngb'in packed with delegates and' spectators when Chairman Gidding.'i rapped the republican convention to order at 9;30 o'clock Thursday morning lor ltai.ec- ohd day's session. ' , , The St. Cralr delegation question was first taken up and the convention by a viva voce vote sustained its'action--; .of Wednesday night in f oat ing each contest ing delegation,giving each dclegAte half a.vote. .. •'. .'• • '. . •''..' (lienton Ilanchett, of Sag-inaw, a'Blj'M adherent, appealed Irym the ruling:of the choir on the qucsilon, but the convention, by. an overwhelming vote, laid the appeal,on the table. This emphasized Mayor Pingree's victory of Wednesday night, and hie adherents received i he. result of th? vote with much down a motion to adjourn until four o'clock was put nnd declared carried and the convention adjourned. The Resolutions. Following- are tlie resolutions adopt- 'ed by the convention: -' "We declare.our continued allegiance to the republican party, which.now as heretofore stands for the upholding of law and order, tho encouragement-and-protection of. tho commerce of our country, Its industries, its labor, 'Us farms and Its firesides, the development• of its resources.* the -maintenance of Its credit, and the defense of Its honor union); Hit; nations of tho world. "We accept and Indorse the platform of tho national republican convention of 1S96, at St.- Louis, and we call upon all loyal clt- iEens of the republic to unite In its support. "Wo denounce' the ao-callcd democratic national platform recently adopted at Chicago for its Insults to our courts and our judges, for Its pandering to disorder and mob violence, .for its sympathy with an- nrchlsm,-for its proposal to repudiate public and private debts, and for Its Intention to substitute silver monometallism In place of the wise and liberal policy and practice of the republican party, which has been and is the use of gold, silver and paper as tho currency of tho nation....... "We congratulate tho party upon the eminently wlso and satisfactory selection of standard bearci-s In the present national campaign. We zealously emphasize our fealty to' that .distinguished American statesmen, William McKlnlcy, who best embodies those patriotic and progressive expressions of economic .purposes, protection, reciprocity .and honest money, and our equally unreserved confidence In the ability and fitness of tho candidate for vlc^ president, Garrett A. Hobart.. "With this statement of our political creed, and recalling to your remembrance the able, faithful and economical manner In which the republican party has, through Its executives In tho past, administered, tho domestic affairs of this state, we frankly Invite Inspection of Its record, challenging criticism of Its control of public business. We Indorse tho administration of our honored executive, Gov. John T. Rich, whoso fearless and vigorous fidelity Is heartily commended.. We favor the strictest economy. In all state departments, ."Wo pledge our earnest .cooperation In carrying out the will of this convention as Shall bo expressed In its choice of candidates for tho'Various state offices, and sub•mit our cause to tho voters, confident of victory in November." .HELPING A BASHFUl LOVER. When &a«*« Alotber Took • Hand th« AITnlrWm Settled Right OO. It was a two-roomed log cabin, and of ter supper Mrs. Cootjs nnd 1 sa.t down in the front room nnd left her daughter Sue, a girl about 18 years old, to clear away and tidy up. She had just finished when a young man slipped into the kitcSicn. Eis headgear was a 'coonskln cap, tlie bottoms of his trousers were tucked into his boot legs, and lie; wns as awkward and ungainly as n. cow on ice. * "Howdy, Joe," saluted the girl; as her entered. "How—howdy?" he replied, as he sat down on the edge of a chair, and fum- hlcd with -his cap. "That's her beau," whispered Mrs, Coots to me, over her knitting, "Joe's pert 'nuff, but powerful shy. Bin coting Sue fur ni#h a y'ar now, buthain'tdone nxed her to marry him." The girl took a seat on the far side o£ the room, and for ten minutes not a word was spoken between them. Then she filially queried: .. "How's b'ars, Joe?" "Hain't seen a b'ar in three months," he replied, ';._-:• '^f."<-^"rt : "'"-" '-> • ••,'-. ___Thcrc was another painful interval, and then Sue asked: 't'Goons is plenty." he replied, as he avoided her glance. "That's the way it goes," whispered the mother. "They jist sot and sot and pot, and talk'bout b'ars nnd 'coons and Rich, and I do dcclor' I'm gittin' oil npsot!" Five minutes later, just as the. young man seemed on the point of leaving. Sue kindly inquired: "Killed qny 'possums lately, Joe?" "?Cary ftuc," he replied as he stared at his boots. "I can't abide that no mo'," muttered the mother, as Khe laid aside he-r work nnd arose. • "What are. you going to do?" I asked. "Git 'cm bog-ether or skccr him off.' 1 She walked out into the kitchen rmd stood before the young .man, and storn- ly tlcma.nclpd: ".Toe Sliillinan, did yo dun cum over yc-re to borrow nn ax?" "N-—no,'mum," be stuttered. "Did yo' come tt> cote Sue?" "Y—yes, mum." . ' "Sue. do yo' wanl to be coted?" "Keckon. I do," answered Su£. "Then yo' rJl jist listen to me. Joe, yo' git. over on t'other .side. Sue, you snuggle up to him. I'se gwinc to blow out tlie candle and leave yo' in the dusk, nnd me'n tlie stranger gwine to sot on the lur side of t'other room and. talk loud. I'se got mighty tired of this fussin* 'round, and yo f all has either got lo fix or unfix things this very night." ' An hour later, when Joe went home, Sue called her mother out and held n, whispered conversation with her, and when Mrs. Coots returned to me she smiled grimly and explained: "They all are gwine to be married next week."—Truth. LTDIA E. PIJfKHAX'S VEGETABLE COMPOUND t- • _ Benefits Three Generations. • .: CaricuL *o OUR I-ADV BEAU™*.} "I have used. Lydia £. Pinkham't Vegetable Compound in my family ten years with tbc.-bcst of results. "Before taking it I had falling of the womb; such bearing-down pains, backache, and kidney trouble. I had had eight children, and was approaching the change of life. >•—-.... " I took tie Lydia E. Piukham's Vegetable Compound and Liver Pills; was cured of all my troubles, and passed through the change all right, and now am fifty-four years old and well. J[y daughter had catarrh of the bladder, and it cured her. I send you my picture with iny grandson, whose mother was cured by your remedies. I will recommend your Compound lo every body." — ilBS. L. KELLY, Patchogue, L.I. •*nimr«n named to Uoath. Austin, Tex., Aug. 6.—Wednesday .afternoon, ten miles from the city a negro man named John Hughes and his wife went from home, leaving two little girls to take care of tlie house. Tlicj- attempted to start a fire with coal' oil. The can exploded. The house wns destroyed and both .children, burned to death. ' ... Rcuplted by Kentucky Oovcruor. , Louisville, Ky... Ang-.. 6.—Gov. Brad- Icy has respited Anthony Alcorn for 30 clays. Alcoru is the negro youth who w«a lo liaye been hanged at Sanford Thursday for the murder of his father. THE MARKETS. Grain, Provisions, Etc. ; ' 'OhlcjiKO, AUR. «. FI^OUR—Quiet-and unchanged. Price* ranged as follows: Winter—Patents. $3.40 (§13.60; straights, $2.50*3.20: clears. K '50® 2.00: seconds, 51.90iiJ2.00: low grades, $1.76~J • 2.00. Sprjnfe—Patents, $3.3Eg3.7;; straights, JiMfiiS.M; bakers', ?2.105?2.25; low grades, fl.00@1.75; Red Dog, »1.20®1.«; Eye, |2:00@ 2.20. . ' ' . K --•-'. WHI3AT—Weaker and lower. September, 60->iffMVi'c;' December, C9%@W.%c, : CORN—Wealt. No. 2, S4M24-&C; No. 1 Yellow, 2Hi@24'»c; September, :4%<g>25c; December, So^SJSS-Sic; .May, 27-)i!5-2SHc. OATS—Fair-trading; -and .lower. No.. 2 cash, 1794ffil8V4c; September, POZZONF5 COMPLEXION POWDER hiiR oflec tboBtarmnr-i for forty years ucd Is wo Ideal oomplciion powder—.betu fyfrosL'.njj, ck'nnly, Jualtliful n^d liarmlcai. A (IttllcaU;. invisible protection to the : vrviwxnMPOZZOXraamar- nt SrcvUrii COLD 1'L'FF 11O.V la. ftvta free of cbor**. ' . AT DRUGGISTS *ND FANCY STORES. The COAST LINE to MACKINAC TAKE THE , May, 20*4@20%c. ' Samples easier. No. S.'IS ' i Laid Up. Berlin, Aug. 6! —Emperor .William, who is at. Wilhclmshoe, is suffering from ari nttaek of catarrh of tlie throht. His indisposition is such that he Una been compelled to abandon his proposed trip to Wesel, TCulirortrind Essen. The empress will.continue her journey to those places!and will be accompanied by 1'rince Henry of Prussia, who will net as the deputy of his brother, the emperor. . Rational liunk rail*. .Washington, Aug. C. — The comptroller of the currency is informed of the failure of the American national •bank of-New Orleans, Ln. It had u • capital of $164,000, and according to the last reports to the comptroller owed dc- 'positors $3oO,OOo! <ind had boriowed ; No. 8 White, 19«;iSf22c;' No. 2, Htfc: No. ,2 White, 21-W22^C. RYE— Was dull arid quiet at former pi-Ices. No. 2 cosh, SO^ September. delivery, 31c. [BARLEY-^Old Barley .moderate sale and steady, but new at the same time rules dull. .Thin, 21@23c: fair but off to\or.,:a& 26c. .Good color, fair to^good weight, 2C& £Sc; choice to fancy, 30[^Ic. ' •' :MESS PORK-Market .moderately : -at* tlvo and prices Irregular at J6.50ffiO.60 for cash; f6,45®«,8B for September; .J6.20«?6.40 for October, and fl.mwiflM'tor January. ' MACKINAC DETROIT PETOSKEY CHICAGO . 2 New Steel Passenger Steamers . The Qnmttui Perfection' vet attained In Bert Conitructlon-~Uuiirtoa» EqalpoKflt, Artlitle ParnliBlnc,.Dwor*tJoa •«! Elildcat Senrlc*, innuing tfie trighnt degree of '• . ��- COriFORT, SPEED AND SAFETY. f OUR Tfnpt MB WEEK Btrwtert . < Toledo,Detroit^Mackinac PeTOSKCV,. : 'THE SOO," MAftQUETTE, ' . AND DULUTH. tOW RATES to PletunMiiw MuklMC M< Return. Including rtotto ud Bcrtht. - Cleveland, »i8: Iron Tola**, fisrfnm (Mratt, ; *" ''.'.' "EVER/'EVENINO"'."' " ' ... " v ' Between Detroit and Cleveland Connecting at Cleveland with Barltest Tralu for all point! E«»t, South and Southwell and «t . Detroit for ell points North and Northwest.' JundsrTriit Innt, July, Augnt *nd SoUmkw tUf. EVERY- D»V BETWEEN Cleveland, Put-in-Bay /Toledo Send for niuitntted Famphlet.. Addrea A. A. 8CHANTZ. «. r. «.'. OITROIT. ttlOH. Tfte Detralt and Cie?«anfl Stem MY. So. Manhood Restored. moderato and prices steady at S~.40ffi3.VG for cash; JS.37V433.50 for September; '$3.<2!4@3.65 f or October; J3.70® 8.85 -for January. ' • ' • ' '' . BUTTER—The..market Is ruling quiet. SEB VITA*, (he Woudvittll Koinu) Homed?.u »ol4 wiui* written itinrMm- t*e to euro ail Nerv- ICb M v,,,, ro ,3 I'Hanll'ood, N«r»- itM, Atrophy,, applause. • Delegates Hum took the lloor to trc- ond the nomination of the different candidates^' •"• .'. . ,. . ' '.-...'. Result of the ll»llotme. fThe seconding speeches occupied nearly an hour, and at 10:45 a:roll rail • - '' Flentf There, • " •'•'•' • •' A' hypochoudrloc, who was'staying with Father Bjealy, at Braynin the hope of obtaining'relief from chronic dyspepsia, ..was one day waUdng along the. beach with hi* host. "I have derived •relief from drinking a tumbler of «olt water fresh from the tide"," said the invalid, solemnly; "do you think Imight tike a second?" , "Well," said Father: Henly, with equal ocriousneM, "I don't .Ihlnk a second would be missed."—San Francisco Argonaut. with quotations at lOiffHVic for creameries and ?®i!2c for dairies. ,••'•• LIVE POULTKT— Fair demand. .Turkeys, S@10c; Chickens, SviffiSc: Ducks. SVj g!9c per pound; Gecuc; per dozen, JS.OOa-e.OO. WHISKY— Steady'. on the basis of 1 1.23 for hlghwlnes.. - '' - ' New York, AUJJ. 6. , FLOUR— Quiet, unchanged. WHEAT— No. 2 red declined %c; moderately active, steady. September, 6 15-16c; November,- C54c; December, 66 15-ICc. . . , • ' '. . CORN— No. 2 quiet anil lower; . September, s6li®3094c; October, .OATS— No. 2 quiet and steady; state, 27 ®25c;. western. 23«f32c; September, 22Kc. ;BEEF— Quiet. Extra mnsa, $6.0007.00. PORK— New niesi, M.75CS.OO; old mess. . .. . 'I^ARD— Qulot and firm; steam-rendered, ' ' ' iBCTTKR—Steady, quiet. Western dairy, ftjfjlc; do. creamery, UiyS'lte; Elgin*, lie. CHEESE—Quiet-and. flrm; .part skims, 2 i?5c. . i •.,....'.. EGGS—Quiet and steady. Western, • IV3 ' .'• ' Llr« Sl.ock. ' • • . Chicago, AUK. 6. ICAT.TLE— Market strong. Fair to best bcevos, J3.23i34.65; siockers and ' feeders, U.eoiffS.TO; mixed cows and bulls. Jl.40^.00; Texas,. J2.40@3.00:.,. .'.......'.•.• .. .. .- •HO'GSr-MarketO@10c higher: Light. $3.31 (J3 76:' rough 'packing, ».90®3.05; mixed and butchers 1 , 13.2061.80; heavy packing nni, shipping, S3.10CS.KI; pigs. ».SOiS3.70. ttn Ornerntlre OrffJie, -vjim-i by vrttvyramt, joDitf ul inoiict^tlon*, or *....-) txoonntvo u^o of wiw^- co. opium, or eilmulnnu. yliirli nltliinncly loud to ttllrralty,Con.iunpUon<vi>d lu*ail<r. P« W 1 ,'"; 01 ^ Ttnicnt to-ill to carry tn tlio vc«t pftcVi-t. Pn«H » pict.ge, or« forts. Viih ovcrj- « ord.-r '"fl"' • written jninriu>t<« to ei-re o* •^ ru "° }*» Bioney. ffcncbymalieonny «ftm*cnrnl*.r tra m plain cnvnloBo. Ad<JT«« K«VA.'. rIIICIIICAILCO, KwUOBnfnb. S.*., IMIMrton 6u. i.-|llUMKILb 3. F. K -illng. LOCANSPORT. 1NO A GOOD INVESTMENT. ."* TlPETlKE CERTIFICATES. ' . ' [BtinedlndcDominstlOfisof . •'' '.' $J>0., 6100., $250.>: $500., fl,000. Tbe Interest is guaranteed for 5 years. They net tho purchaser Spcrct. per annum. , The Interest is from earnings. Tho COB pens arc payable icmi-annnslly. They arc slmilui to Collatentl Trust Bonds. The principal Is rapidly enhancing; lu VAlq*. They are s sBfe investment.. .Vor parllculftrs address: '-"• ' • • ' OSBOBM: PIPE-I.IXB STHTEBI, Uanbattau Building, Chlcnjo, HU.x CHICAGO MUSICAL COLLEGE Central MailciHall, Chloigo. Or. F:ZI*|«tM, Pru. Sttt-Teor be«l»s •«»t.T, T«B«. ' Acknovilrdatd-Vw eollc Uooreollcd facUtUei for a thot-ouith oquno ID MUSIC and DRAMATIC ART. Coaplru UuUf M»UUtot MtOn»'*-mlit*-mi*H trt*. . Applications for tto(r*e anitipHUa!nkolanblpi wllfbc twelve* to AiuntsilptB, , . ^ ;. • BrcilHsn Balm cures colds, old conrh*, croup, bronchitir and pleurisjr. Buunc. '•'. • '' '' "

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