The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska on June 16, 1942 · Page 8
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The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska · Page 8

Lincoln, Nebraska
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Tuesday, June 16, 1942
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THE LINCOLN STAR TUESDAY, TUNE 16. 1942 Ci ShertnOfi WHETHER it was unadulterated gall or an oversiza chunk of piffle on the part of this column, the fact remains that several months ago the charge was made here that Dallas, Texas, was a large smear of yellow on the e... map of Ameri - JJCUias Dtlll can gportdom. That Smear . The brjck: , .. bat which I Of Yellow tossed at the northern metro polis of the abode of the long - horns had ample justification as its background, inasmuch as it was cited here that Dallas, a city of the near 300,000 class, once actually turned out less than a thousand strong to a major football game the Cornhuskers of Nebraska vs. the Mustangs of Southern Methodist, the latter a Dallas institution. The response to that indictment came promptly, for an alleged Dallasite rushed to the phone to assure me that I was an excellent example of what it is to be a aoandso, the alias for which acarcely Is printable. The A. D. guy presumably imagined he had slapped me right down In my proper place, bat the heck of it hi that I still have nothing to retract and nothing to reconsider, IN BRIEF, I am sticking tight to my original claim that of all the large American cities, Dallas is by far the yellowest in affairs of sport. Now comes substantiation, in which latter instance I am referring to the recent declination of the northern Texas city to serve as host to a. the national vjrOtnam bteps tV u; f??!. In To Stage and field - ,. m champion Big Meet ships. The national meet was voted months ago to Dallas, which gave formal notice of acceptance. Then came Pearl Harbor and, pronto, Dallas began to shiver and, as is customary, display its streak of yellow. In other words, it backed away from its agreement with the A.A.U. Heads of the latter organization had the needed answer. They claimed the meet on behalf of New York City, converting the classic into a war relief benefit. Which means that Dapper Dan Ferris and his associates expect to clean up a 75 - thousand dollar pot for the common cause. And, by way of a super bill, the New Yorkers are assured of the presence of all the national collegiate champions who were crowned In Lincoln last week - end, plus such satellites as Warmer - dam. Steers and a full score and more of top - notchera In amateur circles. Wherefore, if the Dallas of today is only half as sour on Itself as It la yellow, its plight, Indeed, is most pathetic CALL it tragic or what you will, the collapse of Leslie Mac - Mitchell as a arade - A miler. which most assuredly was in evi dence last Saturday evening in Lincoln, scene of the national collegiate finals, must have come as V t)jj. shock to his Last S Pride followers in the SudriAnlxr eastern states. r m Mac Mitchell varoes nop had been run - ning all but rough - shod over all opponents both indoor and out, during 1 sensational career on eastern courses and New Yorkers had come to the point of accepting him as the one unbeatable miler of this or any other era in track athletics. In fact, the east's worship of the name MacMitchell attained the ridiculous when commentators of the Atlantic sector hailed him as the one runner capable of de livering the four - minute mile. After which the east, with characteristic provincialism, voted FIGHTS 4 Lest Night AT NEW ORLEANS Aldo Sooldl. 137 New York, knock out Paul Alt man, 144, Houston, Tex., in first round. AT HOT aPRINaa. ArkJack Bvrd 149, BlytbeTllle, Ark., and Bobby Britton, ioo, Miami, ru.. drew m is round. AT CHICAOO Jimmy RwrN, 144 M, vieveiaaa, stopped uene utter, 143 cm einnatl, in fourth round. AT SIOUX CITY. Ia, rette Rich! mire, 130. Sioux City, declstoned Srni reters, u, Duluth, Minn., 18 rounds. 7 i r I 1 . rx vit MI in4lU Steady smokers l vfcfcfo A test, JtETfoff J For Mildness, Smoothness. flTnii Thcyre.the best ! Reiser, Gordon Top Hit Parade But Fleming and Williams Come Along Fast To Register Gains. NEW YORK, June 16 (AP) The big noise of the past week's hitting fireworks came from the loud bats of pr" Les Fleming. Cleveland's kid first - baseman, and Ted Wil - M liams. the Red Sox swatter. While the leadership of the leagues fe rn a i n e d the W same, with the Gordon head 4 man in the pete reiser. American and Brooklyn s Prfi Reiser the No 1 boy in the National, Fleming and Waliams took a particular ikina to all Ditchers during me seven - day span to advance 13 and 14 points, respectively, - na climb into a tie for fourth place n the junior circuit witn .sso averages each. Fleming Gets Hot. Flemlna collected a dozen hits n 28 trios to the olate to boost himself from seventh place the week before. Williams, who has been far off his ,400 pace of a vear a bo so far this season, clouted nine safeties in 19 chances to skyrocket from eighth spot m he standings last week The lead ers in each league: NATIONAL LEAGL'E. 1 O AB R H Pet 44 17t St M .963 49 IN M .330 39 124 If 41 .325 4 1S4 17 43 .321 30 113 IS 3 .310 LEAGUE. O AB Ft H Pet 61 197 21 74 .384 45 193 34 73 .31 i 33 113 11 39 .315 M 319 33 74 .338 64 193 Si 44 .31 M 337 34 71 .339 Doerr, Boston. S pence, Washington. War Makes Inroads On Nebraska Coaches The war, making daily Inroads upon the numbers of Nebraska athletic coaches, has taken two more tutors. Rollie Riggins, head coach at Fair bury junior college, has en - isted in the army air corps. His ootball teams won five of eight games last year and his track team finished second in the state junior college meet. Fred Sukup, . Randolph coach, has been called into active duty n the army and has reported at Camp Edwards, Mass. His football and track teams won the Cedar county championships. He is a University of Nebraska graduate and hails from Verdigre. MORAN MORRIS, fornix Oklahoma Golden Gloves boxer who left Southeastern (Okla.) State college to join the Canadian R.A.F. as soon as he qualified for his pilot's license, has been listed as missing in action in the mass raid on Cologne. him the "Athlete of the Year award for 1941, this despite the existence of that super athlete, Cornelius Warmer dam, Califor nla's phenomenal pole vaulter. THE first Inkling that Mac - Mitchell had lost his speed and cunning on cinder tracks was in evidence on the Saturday prior to the national collegiates, on which date, while performing in a meet in New York City, he was neatly whipped by an obscure miler from Dartmouth. The time, 4:14 plus, wasn't mediocre, but certainly it was ... , no better than MacMltCnell falr . a Booked lo Then and . . . there, Gotham - Try Again ites began to ask: What's gone wrong with MacMitchell? In the light of re cent events, the interrogation must go unanswered, for the pride of New York U. was a dismal third to Bob Ginn of Nebraska and Leroy Weed of Southern California in the collegiate mile at thetsebraska U. oval. , As a matter of fact, he wasn't once in position to make himself a factor in the Lincoln competi tion and, at the finish, was 40 yards, possibly more, back of Ginn and Weed. Can MacMitchell hope to do better against the same pair in the A.A.U. championships, coming up next Saturday at New York? The answer won't be long delayed, but my guess ta that Ginn and Weed, barring an unforeseen mishap to either of that pair, wil be fighting it out with Gil Dodds another Nebraskan, down the home stretch, and MacMitchel will be trailing by a substantia! parcel of yards. Stick a pin in this prediction! Capital City Experts Tackle Chicago Course Tricky Traps and Greens Make Things Tough In Hale America. CHICAGO, June 16 (AP) Golfs elite section blew into town today, ready to take Ridgemoor golf course apart to see what makes it tough. With Byron Nelson, Ben Hogan. Henry Picard, Lawson Little, Craig Wood and the rest of the clan on the scene, the field of 107 pros and amateurs was almost complete for Thursday's tee - off in a 72 - hoIe medal play trip leading to the Hale America championship Sunday. After one peek at Ridgemoor's traps, tricky greens and woods, the boys wished they had come aooner. When they started talking with players who arrived yesterday to begin practice, they knew they should have come sooner for it's going to be hard to get acquainted with this course before the real test begins. Campaign of Silence. Johnny Dawson, the businessman golfer mentioned with Nelson, Wood, Hogan and Little as a first - five - finisher, posted a 70 and 72 over the par 30 - 38 - 72 route yesterday. He was the only fel - ow to give out his score in public. The others tipped their caddies not to tell. Ralph Guhldahl. still searching for his last game, Jug McSpaden and Sergeant Jim Turnesa. the P. G. A. runner - up who was a corporal then, were hush - hushing about 75s and 76s. Optimistic observers with noth - ng to do but guess about weather conditions believe the winning card will range from 275 to 277. more than 10 swats under par. The score amounts to as much wishful thinking as the weather. HUNT AND GINN HEAD EAST FOR A.AM. MEET Bobby Ginn, winner of the N. C. A. A. mile run last weekend, and Harold Hunt, Corn - husker vaulter, left Lincoln Tuesday morning for New New York City, where Saturday they will compete in the national A. A. U. track and field championships. The pair are the onlyHusk - ers represented at the meet. E. Weir, Nebraska track mentor, passed up the meet and is staying at home. Ball Players Tossed Loaded Bomb of TNT BALTIMORE, June 18 (AP) A negro fielder in an im promptu baseball game couldn't find the ball when it landed in some bushes, but he found some thing else, and tossed it to another player, It landed on its blunt end as the other player side - stepped. The players took the object to the police station. It was a two - and - a - half pound bomb, stamped by the U. S. army ordnance as containing T.N.T. Police began an investigation to determine how the solitary bomb had come to be lying there ' by some railroad tracks, and told the two gulping ball players the bomb was very much lethal "and it was plain lucky it landed on its tail instead of its nose. Cub Pitcher Persists Hanging It On Dodgers BY SID FEDER. XJEW YORK, June 16 (AP) The moral of this piece is: Never throw a bean ball at Claude Passeau. One of those slants, tossed by Hugh Casey two years ago, got Claude so steamed up he's been taking it out on the Dodgers ever eince and getting a lot of laughs out of it GETS BACK AT DODGERS. P " Claude was so peeved that afternoon of July 19, 1940, at Wrigley Field that he started to take on the whole Brooklyn ball club, bare - knuckles. He was punched around somewhat by Joe Gallagher, then a Dodger but now a soldier. These antics shocked National League Prexy Ford Frick so that he pinnea a $75 fine on the Chicago Cubs' ace elbower. . Eve since then, the man from Millsaps that's no reflection, it's Just Claude's college has been taking that "six bits' out a la Shylock, in the course of two years, He's knocked off Brooklyn L seven times and lost only two games. , EXTRA HOT RIGHT NOW. Right now, he's pretty warm for June or any other month. He hasn't been beaten since Mav 5. So last evening, Manager Jimmy Wilson asked him to so out there against the Brooklyns in a twilight game the first big league game ever to start in daylight and end under the arcs. VThem Bums, Passeau WAR ON WASTE! A JOIN UP! - 1 am. SUMS LAST tOMCflr m 1 " 1 Jastatna., umk f Uc - estey' r Mmmwisn HOU.OW GROUND d r ISs Ed Mr. Mor&entkau On Spot in Case of Champion Joe .. Mr. "Satchelfoot" Johnson Writes From Harlem To Assert That Brown Bomber Has Fair Deal Coming His Way. BY WALTER KIERNAV. WEW YORK, June 16 (INS) Mr. 'Satchelfoot" Johnson, a wraithy and wrathy resident of Harlem, wrote as follows to Secretary of the Treasury Henry Morgenthau, Jr., today and to - wit: "Dear Mr. Supreme Treasurer: "What you going to do about Mistah Joe Louis? "Does you contemplate biting the hand that pulled $154, - 072.03 into the Army and Navy Relief Funds? Is you got plans to incarcerate the man who poured $83,246.94 into the same? "Cause if you is I is mad and, brother, I ain't alone! "I'm reading in the papers that Mistah Joe has got to fetch up $117,000 for income tax 'or else,' and I write you to inquire about that 'or else' part TOSS HIM IN THE CUNK? "What you going to do with Mistah Joe? You going to throw him in the clink? You going to take the fellow who said 'We are fighting on God's aide' and put him in the jailhouse if he don't produce that hundred and seventeen thousand dollars? "Mr. Supreme Treasurer I don't believe it "And I don't believe it for several reasons, mostly of which is the reason that if beer barons and politicians has gotten them little 'compromise settlements or gotten their taxes written off the book, Mr. Joe has got that break coming. JOE AIN'T NO BEER BARON. "This boy ain't no beer baron, Mr. Supreme Treasurer, and he ain't no greasy politician with votes under his money belt. He'i Just a big, clean, black boy a gentleman with dynamite in his fists and he's done more for his race than any black man since Booker T. Washington. "You want to know something, Mr. Supreme Treasurer? You wouldn't offend nobody if you wrote Mr. Joe's tax off the books. "On the other hand, getting tough with Mistah Joe is going to make a lot of people angry right through to the backbone and, besides, it won't get you nothing. CLAIMS SOLDIER'S RIGHTS. "A soldier's got until six months after he gets out of the army to pay his tax. Then if he ain't got it well there's nothing you can do about it is there Mr. Supreme Treasurer? No sir not a single thing. So long as he has filed his return and he says he ain't got any money and he hasn't you can't do nothing. "It would be smart business to wipe out that tax, Mr. Supreme Treasurer awful smart business. "Yours on God's aide, "J. 'SATCHELFOOT JOHNSON O Horsemen On Strike; Eastern Track Closes BOSTON, June 16 (INS) Suffolk Downs was closed today because of a strike of nearly 100 horsemen who seek larger minimum purses and improved living conditions in the barns. It was the first such strike in the history of New England horse racing and the first in the country since February 1941, when similar action closed the Santa Anita track in California for one day. Spokesmen for the strikers, informed President Charles F. Adams of the Eastern Racing association, operators of the track, they wanted a minimum purse of $1,200 at the track. They also asked for distribution over a day's card of extra money accruing from races which fail to fill and better living conditions for grooms and swipes. They said the increased cost of feed and upkeep made the rise necessary. Adams announced he could not fulfill the demands and said the average purse at Suffolk had been increased yearly since the opening of the track. In addition, he said, operating expenses have increased 20 per cent shrugged, "why thay're my cousins." What he did to the league lead - era mde the relationship seem even closer than that. He served up a five - hitter and he didnt let a Dodger get past second. In fact, only two got as far as that PALS HELP WITH HITS And, with the help of some fait country clouting by Lou Novi - koff, Bill Nicholson and James (Double - X) Foxx, he waltzed home with a 6 - 0 decision It was his eighth straight vic tory and made him the first big league twirler to hit the 10 game - winner bull'seye thise year. The triumph moved th e Cubs back into fifth place, and dropped the Pittsburgh Pirates into sixth because the Bucs lost the only other game on the big league schedule yesterday. This was a 6 - 2 setback pinned on them by the New York Giants. - 4COWTH STMD AMERICAN LEAGUE. W X. ct W L Pet Nev York 41 13 .759 St. LouU St 33 .467 Boston 33 33 J82j Phlladel. 35 37 .403 Cleveland 31 3S .134 Chicago 33 33 .400 Detroit 31 30 0 Wash gton 33 34 .373 NATIONAL LEAGUE, W L Pet! W L Pet Brooklyn 18 16 .704! Chicago 33 31 .403 St. Louis 33 30 .414 Pittsburgh 37 30 .474 " uiu 4 dl ,OlB OMVOB Wt 9 .JO York 30 3 .ftn,PhiladeTi It 41 .381 AMERICAN ASSOCIATION W L Pctj w X, Pet Kas. City S4 30 .430! Indi'apolis 34 31 .475 Milwa'kee 33 31 .411: Columbus 34 34 .453 Min'spolis 34 37 .597 St. Paul 34 34 .414 Muwvuui SS 30 4U, Toledo 84 31 Ji Era to Crown New Golf King 1 joe louis Junior Legion ..BASEBALL.. American Legion junior base ball got under way Monday, Golds and Lincoln Hotel winning initial games on the Lincoln high dia mond. Golds overcame a five - run dis advantage to whip Whites, 6 to 5, and Lincoln Hotel scored seven runs in a big fifth inning to beat Ben Simons, 12 to 4. Box scores: White. Gelds. ABHOA' AB H O A K. Bolus. 3b 4 0 3 Hansen. 4 0 3 1 K'ght. 3b - ss 110 0 Dean, 3b Itll Debus, o Sit SiOarner, lb I II I aeob. ss - 3b 31 1! Turner, lb S 1140 Schneider, n 3 0 3 Si Lubke. as 3 13 1 Reitter. If lit 8 Shirey, if 1000 Peterson, ef 3 0 Reed, of 4 0 0 0 Garner, rf 1 0 0 0 Tomasek. if S 0 0 J. Bolus, lb 4 0 S 11 Kling, p 4 113 Totals SSI 31 Sl Totals 30 4 94 T Non out when winning run scored. Whit ............ .0 1 1 1 9 o Oolds 1 llllllM Runs Debus 3. Jacob, Reitter S. Dean 3, Turner, Reed, Totnasek. Error K. Bo lus a. Knight 9. Debus, sebneider, i. Bolus S. Dean I. Garner, Kling. Two - base hit Garner. Home run Reitter. Stolen base Debus, Reitter 3. Peterson, Lubke 3 Double play Dean to Turner. Triple play Turner to Kllnf to Hansen. Sacrifice Schneider Left on base Whit Foundry Oolds t. Base on balls Off Schneider off Kling. s. atruck outBy Schneider 13. by Kling 3. Llneeln Hotel. Ben Simons. AB HO A 0 I roans. 3b 3 V 0 Phelps, ef 3 1 3 8'nford, p 3 1 0 Howard. S S 4! Shirey, rf 1 0 0 Bryan, rf OOf Heck, If 0 0 0! Paulstich, ABHOA 3. Bauer. 3b 3 3 0 0 Ernst, lb Hays, p King, sa Rader, 3 0 1 Hertsing, ef 4 B Bauer, rf 0 0 Wiese, 8b 4 If 1 1 1 a Cecil, If 1 Meham. If 1 0 0 0 Smith, 3b 0 OlShrader, ss 1 0 0 Capek. lb I Totals 37 0 14 31 Totals is a is i Lincoln Hotel (0111 013 Ben Simons ...0 0 1 1 3 04 Runs Irnxt 3. Hays 3, King 3, Rader, B. Bauer, Wiese, Meham, Banford, How - ard t. Smith. Error J. Bauer. Rader. Wiese, Oans, Banford. Howard, Heck, Paul stich. Two - base bit Ernst. Stolen base - King 3. Hertsing, Howard. Double play - Howard to Capek. Left on base Lincoln Hotel I, Ben Simons I. Base on balls Off Hays 0, off Banford 10, off Shrader Struck out By Hays 1, by Banford f, by Shrader 4. Hit by pitcher By Shrader Rader . Hits and runs Off Banford. and 11 In 4 1 - 3, off Shrader, 0 and 1 in 1 3 - 3. Losing pitcher Bsnford. Time, 1:10. Rain Balks Tuesday Games. Tuesday morning's games in the National league were rained out Wednesday morning, Powers play Lawlors and Lincoln Hotel meets Golds in the American league. First National league games will be played Thursday morning, with Cornhusker meeting Traction and Mowbray - Lyon playing Consumers. Games start at 9 o'clock on the Lincoln high diamond. E. G. Priefort who is handling the Junior League baseball program, asks any boys interested to turn out this week. The American league is composed of lads younger than 15, while the National league permits lads 15 to 17 years of age to play. Big League Scoreboard. MONDAY RESULTS. American League. Ho fames scheduled. National League. Hew York. 4; Pittsburgh, 3. Chicago, 0t Brooklyn, 0. No other games scheduled. ' TUESDAY GAMES, Natlenal Leagwe. St. Louis at New York Lanier vs. Hub - bell. ' Cincinnati at Boston Vandermeer vs. Tobin. Pittsburgh at Philadelphia Hamlin . Melton or Podgajny. American League. New York at Detroit t J t Donald and Borowy vs. Benton and Newhoueer. Boston at St. Louis (night) Judd . Hoilingsworth' Washington At Cleveland (night) New - som vs. Dean. Philadelphia at Chicago night) Harris vs. Orove. , , Edge to Coast In Mix With Big Ten Tracksters From Pacific Region Accepted As Sure Winners. TpVANSTON, 111., June 16 (INS) Track and field stars of the Pacific Coast and the Western conference were ready to engage in their sixth meeting at Dyche stadium at twilight to day, with the athletes from the far west regarded as heavy favorites again to carry off team honors. Aside from the usual list of track and field events, which always attract a large crowd, Cornelius Warmerdam, world's record - holder of the pole vault and Dwight Eddleman of Cen - tralia, 111., high school, national prep champion, will make ex hibition appearances. Eddleman has high - jumped 6 feet 6 inches. Warmerdam will take off on a specially built 150 - foot runway in another attempt to vault 16 feet The Piedmont Calif., school teacher already has cleared the bar at 15 feet, 7 Inches, but his best performance Sunday at the New York sports show was 14 feet inches. Big Ten More Hopeful. " The Big Ten athletes never have been able to defeat the Pacific Coast in their five previous meets, but on the basis of win ning five N. C. A. A. titles at Lincoln, Neb., in the national collegiate championships last Saturday, Western conference stars are believed to be in the best position in several years seriously to challenge the far west's rep resentatives. , Big Ten stars who took the championships at Lincoln and who carry the hopes of the middle west in today's competi tion are Bob Wright Ohio State, in the high and low hurdles; Bob Fitch, Minnesota, discus; Dal Dupre, Ohio State, broad jump, and Jack Defield, Minnesota, pole vault No Javelin Toss. N. C. A. A. title - holders from the west coast slated for appearance tonight are Harold Davis, California, in the 100 and 220 - yard dashes; Cliff Bourland, Southern California, in the 440 - yard run, and John Biles. Cali fornia, in the lavelin toss. The javelin throw was abandoned this year by the Big Ten and will not oe counted in tonight's score, but Biles will give a demonstration in nis specialty. Three races are exnerterf to draw considerable attention. These include Davis and Ralph Hammond Of Ohio State in th 220 Campbell Kane of Indiana and uene bwanzey of Washington fcTate in the 880. and Lerov Weed of Southern California and Kane in the mile. , 'Hank9 Comes Up With Tummy Paint. MIAMI, Fla., June 16 (INS) ogi. nana: ureenberg of the army was hospitalized today at the Miami naval air station for observation on the possibility he is suffering from appendicitis. The former star f i r a t baseman and o u t f i elder of the Detroit Tigers was taken to the hospital after he had complained of severe abdominal pains. Medical offi 4MMC OKCNKOa cers at the station hospital declined to diagnose his case, pending further observation, but said no operation was indicated for the present Stanford Star Heads For Naval Academy SAN FRANCISCO, June 16 (INS) Ensign Frankie Albert all - American football star from Stanford university, has entrained at San Francisco for Annapolis, Md., where he will erter the United States naval academy. Twelfth naval district headquarters in San Francisco said Albert will take special training in physicial education under the navy's V - 5 fitness program. Pacific Coast League. No Monday games scheduled. NATIONAL LEAGUE. Batting Reiser. Brooklyn, .903. Runs Ott, New York, 49. Run batted In Mis, New York, 48. Hits MUe, New York. 06. Doubles Hack, Chicago, IS, Triple Slaughter, at. Louts, . Home runs Camillt, Brooklyn, and F. Mccormick, Cincinnati, I. Stolen basts Reiser, Brooklyn: Miller and Fernandes, Boston, and Murtauga, Philadelphia. 4. Pitching French, Brooklyn, won 4, lost 0. AMERICAN LEAGUE. Batting Oordon, New York, J86. Runs WlllUms, Boston. 14. Runs batted in Williams, Boston, 49. Hits 8pence, Washington, 79. Doubles Dimaggio, Boston; Doerr. Boston; McQutnn, St. Louis, and Kolloway, Chicago, 17. Triples Bpence, Washing ton, and Heath, Cleveland, 7, Home runr Williams, Boston, 14. Stolen base Kuhei, Chicago, and Cast, Washington, 11. Pitching Borowy, New York, won 4. lost 0. i5m5Irs Linksmen to Clash On Country Club Course THE annual city tournsment the local classic for some 200 golfera every year; f r the hotshot who gets in the championship or first flight or the duffer who lands in the sixth flight gets under way this Sunday at the Lincoln Country club course. Ja t T IE Y Y LEAGlERS ... A4A STANDINGS. W L Pet I W t M Fords 1 1 .474 Motor Inn 3 I .400 Roberts I ,714 Air Corps 1 4 . .)K Jacobs S S .400. Boyd 1 0 .141 Fords continued their surge of ate and widened their Triple - A Softball lead Monday night by bumping off second - place Roberts, 12 to 8. Each club got eight hits, but Fords had them bunched in the right Quantities at the right time. They got half their runs in a big fifth inning. Big news in the lower leagues was Williams' no - rimer aeau 10 Rockets. Rockets did get a run, but Williams Flyers mates won anyway, 6 - 1. In the girls' Triple - A loop, Hutchins - Hyatt pulled a rousing upset 13 - 2, over Black birds. Monday night scores: Beoert. Perds. ABHOA! ABHOA Baker, at Hegel, 3 Heilman, sf 9 110 11 Miller, rf 9 110 a Petersen, ss 4 1 0 4 01 A. Bauer, 9b 0 9 0 Oerlaen. 114 1 werfi. II Bchro'd'r, 9b Bchwlndt, rf Behuldt's, lb 0! A. Bpadt, B S 1 0 1 Maptes, ef P. Wertt, 9b Gardner, sf Bogard, p 0 Piambeck, mbeck, lb 4 1 0 1 1' Lutt. ef 4 118 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 5 t i S 9i McOuire, If 9b Vosta. If J.Herge'r, Total 90 4 14 ?! Totals 94 0 31 tt 10019930 Roberta ......... Fords ......... . ...... 9 Mill l 19 Bchwlndt t, Bchuldies, Runs Baker 9. Bogard 9. Miller. Peterson, A. Bauer 3, Ocrlach, Piambeck, A. Bpadt 9. Mcouir 9, J. Hergenrader 9. Error Bchroeder, Oardner, Peterson, A. Bauer 3, McOuire. J. Herti - nrader 9. Ewo - bas mtwert. Baker, Miller. Peterson. Three - base hit Bchuldies. Homo run. Bchwindt, Oerlsch. Double play A. Bauer to 4. Hergenraaer to Piambeck to Jf. Hergenrader, J. Hergen - rader to piambeck. aacrifico Hegei, Mil ler. Left on baa Roberta . roras . Bans on, balls Off Bogard 14. off A. Spsdt 3. struck out By Bogard 9, by Bpadt I. Time, I Mi. CITY LEAGUE A A. Water ft Light ....! 0 0 9 0 9 914 10 4 Air Corps .........0 999 1000 7 0 Smith and Marrow; Smith and Mason. Oolds 1 Mill 119 11 T Baft way 01900104 4 4 Martin and Managan; uwoarc ana na - dow. CITY LEAGUE A. Ro?ket .0 0 0 1 0 0 11 I T Fivers 19 1190 X I I I Whit and Martin; vvunams ana wasex. Eagles Lodge I 139191113 0 8t. Msrvs 0 0 0 1 4 1 410 14 Villenuba and Cleo; Chasteen and Ben singer. .. ' ' . BUILDINO LEAGUE. Cornhusker .1090 1 0 04 10 S Ben Simons 0 10010 ft 4 I 4 Kock and Porter; Ketter and won. M.C.C. LEAGUE. Rosewell 1 9 9 1 0 1 494 90 t Air Corp 499101 111 14 19 Miller and jfortn; spina ana nowers. Awren Up 4 1 3 9 4 1 1 - 90 90 19 Harvey Brothers . 4 1 9 4 9 1 011 1? 0 CamnbcU and Richard; Wilson and Wandler. GIRLS AAA LEAGUE. Blackbirds I 1 10 M 1 - I I I Hutchlns Hyatt ...1 0 3 4 0 1 x 19 10 4 Thorp and Stephen; Mama and Tur ner. , TUESDAY'S SCHEDULE. 1:45 p. m. Optimist No. 1, vs. Lincoln Steel, AA; Lincoln Market vs. St. Mary's. A; Journal vs. Cushman s Building league; First Lutheran vs. St. Paul, cnuren. 1:00 p m. Motor Inn vs. Air Corps AAA; Ideal Grocery vs. Oolds, AA; Stat Hospital vs. First National. Building league; Neons va. Cheapper Drug, Oirls AAA. . BIG LEAGUE BOX SCORES National Leaaue. AT BROOKLYN. Chicago Stringer 9b b h ft 9 af Rrooklyn ab h 1 31 Reese ss 4 19 Merullo as Cav'retta ef Russell 3b Nicholson rf Fosx lb Novikoff If McC lough Passeau p I 9 41 RlKgs 3b 0! Reiser ef 1 1 1 1 1 4 0 1 0 I 0 I 01 Medwick If 01 Walker rf OiCamilll lb 01 Owen 9! Herman 9b 0 11 0 0 1 Head p Allen p Galen French p 9 0 0 1 110 0 000 Total IS 19 97 10 Total 10 I 97 I Galen batted for Allen In eighth. Chicago .... 019 000 9101 Brooklyn 000 000 0001 Run: Btringer, Merullo, Russell, Nicholson, Foxx 9. Error: None. Two base hit: Cavmrreta. Novikoff, Stringer, McCui - tough. Three base bit: Foxx. Stolen base: Stringer. Sacrifice: McCullough. Double slay: McCuitougb. to Merullo. Left on base: Chicago 13; Brooklyn 4. Base on balls: Off Passeau 1, Head 9. Allen 4. Struck out: By Passeau I, Head 9, Allen I. Hits: Off Head ft Uk 9 9 - 3, Allen I la 5 l - l, French 1 In 1. Losing pitcher: Head. Tim 2:07. Attendance 15,168. AT PITTSBURGH, ab h o at PiHsb'gh ab h a N. York Werber 3b Marshall cf Ott rf Miss lb Barna If Banning Juries ss Wltek 2b Bchum'r p 111 SlAnder'n ss ft 0 0 9 119 0! Barrett rf 9 0 10 4 1 9 01 Fletcher lb 9 1 10 1 I 9 13 1 Elliott 3b 4 9 19 19 10! Phelps e 4 0 7 1 4 1 I 01 Martin 3b 10 11 4 0 0 91V. Rob'ys If 4 14 0 4 9 19! DIMaggio cf 9 0 9 1 4 1 3 91 Rickard ef 9 10 0 Butcher p 9 0 19 Stewart 110 0 Heints'm'S 0 0 0 0 WasdeU 1111 Total 40 19 97 111 Total 94 7 97 11 Stewart batted for Butcher in eighth; Wasdell batted for HelntseUnan In ninth. New York 001 100 0131 Pittsburgh ........000 000 0209 Runs: Ott, Mis 9, Bama 9, Wltek, Fletcher, Stewart. Error: Martin, Anderson. Two base hit: Barna. Btewart, Fletcher, Three bas hit: Barna, Elliott, Danntng. Home run: Ott, Bama. Left on base: New York 10, Pittsburgh S. Bas on balls : Off Schumacher 3, Butcher 3. Struck out: By Schamaeher 9, Butcher 9, Helntselman 1. Hits: Oft Butcher I in I, Helntselman 4 in 1. Losing pitcher; Butcher, Tim l:oi'. Attendance 1,901. No Monday games scheduled la American toagu. REMEMBER DAD! FATHER'S DAY Sunday, June 21st YOUR Dad will appreciate a practical Gift from AYERS Ac HAYS. Maybe he needs new STRAW MAT. SHIRTS. couple of TIM or several pairs of new SOCKS. Sea our fin election. ( icHuerscCHaus IITIICT IV IMS l m mm m NSr. J J 1233 Line la 4444 9 CROWN TO NEW CHAMP. Additional impetus Additional impetus is given to the 1942 tourney, for a new city champion is to be crowned. H. R. "Monk" Wilson, champ for the fifth time in '41, is now living in Kansas City. With World War It seriously affecting the ranks of the mashia swingers, the city golfers aren't falling to recognize the fact and honor thwse in absence. Erv Rucklos, in behalf of tht City Golf Association, has announced that $50 from the city tournament will be turned over to the U. S. O. The tournament gets something of a kick - off Wednesday night at a staa dinner staged by the host club. Practice rounds for lor those entered are scheduled Thursday and Friday. SUNDAY QUALIFYING. Sunday and Monday will sea the participants shooting their 18 - hole qualifying rounds. Match play in the lower flights is due to start Tuesday, with play in the championship and first flights opening Wednesday. Tha championship will be decided on Sunday, June 28, in a final round of 36 holes. Next Monday night is the night of the annual banquet at the Country club, to which all con testants are invited. At that the Calcutta pool . will be time auc - tioned. Clay Court Tennisers Bucking Bad Weather ST. LOUIS, June 16 (INS) An attempt was to be made today to stage the first round matches of the national clay courts tennia tournament which were postponed yesterday because of the weather. An international tinge was provided by the entry of Francisco Segura, champion of Ecuador, and Armando and Rolando Vega, champions of Mexico. . , Many of the "big name players are missing from the national tournament this year, Including champion, who is engaged in war work on the Pacific coast. J ustice For Sauer As New Hampshire Coach OMAHA, June 16 (AP Charles "Chick" Justice, former University of Nebraska guard and Omaha Central high school coach, has been named temporary head football coach at the University of New Hampshire. He will fill in for George Sauer, former University of Nebraska football great who has been given a leave of absence and commissioned a lieutenant in the navy.' .. 4nawBaBaajwattes - " American Association. Milwaukee, 1 - 4: Indianapolis, l - f. 8t. Paul, 4; Columbus, 9. Minneapolis, 9; Toledo, 9. Only game scheduled. 'WHERE'S CARPENTER CASEY?" HE'S'FIXIN' FORTS AT 'FRISCO - TOOK A Million of American an on th move. Business men, n gh tin r. men, farmer, house wive sre traveling from when they srt to where they're needed most. Linking mail towns with the West' farm and big cities. Super Coach service make our highways work for Victory. Pisa trips la adVance aelo! delay by getting rickets and travel laiorasatlon early. UNION BUS DEPOT 320 So. 13th. 3 - 7071 union pacific STAGES j

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