Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on November 7, 1916 · Page 2
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 2

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 7, 1916
Page 2
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II two. , IliMPIB.TUESDAY, IJOV. 7, via the famous ail steel DIXIE FLYER via Nashville, Chattanooga and Atlanta Lv, CWc*fC 10:25 p. m. Af. J*ekjcnviU« 7 25 a. m. (2n<May) You travel through rugged mountains, celebrated battlefields, past quairjt colonial homes, .cotton- fields and bustling southern litres', if you enjoy scenery ihere is only one route — it's the V*« GK JUto 1« A Cattera Illinois Railroad) To Florida Superb Observation Cars, Drawing'room and Corn' sleepers, first class coaches and dining car. DIXIE LIMITED in service January 8th. 1917. Lv. Chicago 11:30 a. m. Ar, Jacksonville 7:30 p, m. (next day). Late /««* If tffttl. Wr«t bleu — M ai ttll yea aboat F<et j, r. GOVAH G(n«rml Ajt»t 10B W, A<l«mt St. », III. .i-jessis^Si"-" • -'^^'•' IMPROVE BUILDINGS -&•.- F. ilAtver Hs» Recently AdHed S d'tf New farm Bui'einqs. ft r If,.,,-..- r t- i- ,H «.;-.•.,!•!•!! K r.-] :-- Ht- AT op STOPS STOMACH MfSERY AND INDIGESTION "PAPE'S DIAPEPSIN" MAKES SICK.! SOUR, GASSY STOMACHS > i FEEL FINE THE UTHUL BEAUTY OF NEW FURNITURE iiv \\! i r.-> !,<- w;t!l '\i*»!t r-!)•-''•« ?•>} : <• !'••• \ i. \ -.Vf> u r f Ic*-'. ( If i'.".tt. ,• .<• Don't Endanger ft With Artificial .Aids NONESUCH. INrfiMEAT .111 \,/lj 1 Jl ljr\i f.irr . \:i-ii'-!;'-<I Mir>'.. H ::-.',: v;tr- DECORATE OFFICE Hoiel Office , Of Whites!*}*; Hotel Is Redecorated. T!;e i.*i< <• <if the \Vhltf' ititt: >i:i,-< }>«•*•:> fi»ii'--bed if) vbite atid the ',<...*,..'«... "',V;»t!« lit brov. n. iSie >.\i>r»dw«irk finv'ng ', ' ', '' t.,-,»n ;its" M'l'.tintf <1 in tiroun. A ru-w j '' f>t ' / "niy j,t;i(.-- K hi->-.' .l.w.r *'ill It... iristnH.-d at | b.'«<»y • V"< !b»> soiMb r-rtirstiV 1 tn tb*-- otTtrf. The } tvili ? <v t pli ••" will j-r«'-!w.tit :ii! nttr.'H'Uve nit-j but xvh;it re/it since v.'h<'n completed • IT* '-('010 f.-' •.!%• l.'ifl ; Li-it.- H ,-...,!, ).-;t v.-i-.rk : ' i n t.', . u; ),} 1(>rn l !ltr ,j,, : :•,?, i *<"'iir, v;i«K.y Kt'irri'if !i 7 ! Mr.". 'lH*p» j'fi'" 1 . J«'t <-M< fr«,'i!mcnt. ArV''hcT ffanv 1 *' i - >!•'' H--- 1 nf yn-call'-tl f>o!!-.'n ? \v''>r. h a hii;h plfi- 5 ; f -. ir the. fine f-rtn^ 1'Ut which in tirnc dry, check fin-'! crruk t.'ic J;:u* ?uf- tnc- Mr. i-'i/'-ir ami [ORRISON DAILY GAZETTE • MOKBI80N, ILLINOIS, TUESDAY, NOV. 7, 1916. ^A$EVEREJNJURY t. Atiriihatn'N Victim Of..Aecid«nt While Working Or) Car. B, Ij.'lVhmMm wan the victim of and Ptttnf»JLjLf!gJit! ANNUAL BANQUET Will Be Held By Men's Bible Cl*ss Cf Presbyterian Church Nov.' 17th. The ,Men'« lllhle of tho PITH- wot-Kln.K on his cur Rftfngc xvlu-n thf trnnn- foil frmn the bench tiiwn which ptl H. fnlllnK on hl« right too wa» alnu»st s»PV<TO(l thf foot and Uw remnlnder <»' «^ro -iw»¥W«fly—ii»i«»rwjl—A —t»hy«. »V»M wan nummoned immt-dinU'ly. but i will not bo known for n few duyx- or not tho ono too can ho HOLD RECEPTION ,V, P. U. Will Hold Reoeption For .R«v. Dunk W«dne*day Evening. i H, Y, P. U. of the Haptlft church _._ the di(te for their nnntml f<»nowjrtil|» lmn<(it(.'t. which will bn held In the church imrlori?. Dr. John It. Itendnll. o f Mus<','itlnr, la., will be the prltic'iple ni'enker- «>f the evening, Thero wilt he short ndilrewtcH by inemherM of the rlosM nn«t there- -will- nl»4>'lwi-iin'iiiKk'al feature. . Those in ehargo are trying to iirociire the V, M. <'. A, Male 'Quartette of HttirllriK for that'ewnlng, but ii IB not known, yet whether or not they will be able to b« lihre, Ttifro wll 1 nl»«o be numbers by «ev«?n»l local mull- rlltstiuld a rcrpf>tlt>n-nt the chut dnontlay evenlnR In lionor of " the evangelist and gtmpel F -r- ^..» will como here from Iton,- III., oj» that dny to hold a .'Of evatigeilntlo meetlnRfl nt tho tu "Th« reception W.IJ1 be belt} In to «nak« hlrn acqunlnted with the tm of the eliurvli at one*. BO they » totwr fttrtfc to help htm tn tho THE CLUB -To Mtfmb Election Returns, The Morrison Club ha* Issue* eurdn to the members announfing the club rmmia will- be open this evening where election returns will be received. Sjidy frlendu of the memberH will be received ia the ball mum rtud dining room. Hewill b» Kerveti In the club room from ten o'clock on. .AT HOLLAND CHURCH Rev, Duiker, Of Chicago. Pi\\* Pulpit On Sunday. l:ev. W. l>iiiker. of .tlrnnd Hapi-ls. Ml<h,. filled the- pulpit fit lh*f HiUrll l'«'f«.ftned I'hutvii "M H'jniiiy. f-'i-Yvii-eH •R-rrt' hrtfl MotwnK*. nf rrrnrioTi ntid TTV-- nlnir, the cvenlncr service beliisT !n Kt>c- H<it. n«'v, H< imstra, of Ch»'':\tti', \vlll fill ili»* |>"l(>lt next Sunday. A MOLiNEJOUPLE Came To Tht* City And Were Married », Saturday Afternoon. Thomni* JL Hurlrrfon, of Mollne, iin<1 «M <lrn<-«- IMwllngw. of Mollne. -came to (Ms city 'iBntiirduy afternoon. procured ti marriage license, anil woe married by tU-v, \V. !>, I'miieium at tf)*> I'reMliyterUin mwmnfiK" Thev were accompanied by friends fmni 'Hni'.n iiiul !flt linni^ilintcly nfti^r tin 1 <•< rcrnnny f«r t!»r-lr hom> 1 In Molinc, ATTEND?UNERAL Out-Of-Town Frlendi Attend- Funeral Of Mr«, Mitehelt. AthrmR ilitmi- ironi mil «f town \v!u» attsmlort tlie funrrttl «t>rvirt>>i nt Mr«. on Kuntluy were Mm. N ar-h you t (in nvthlnj; ft ;-:ift-h- ((isirk. MI ', ,,r\\ v ,, \; , ( Jifi',,rf!l( v C llOT-Vt Mfonw h i« iHi'inlt i-i'd ;p>- r«-il--f hi fiv« i,'i:»i-.-< yntl ni"st i-! tbflt it •d« ! vh:ir n-m»'dlet« K'lvc you n !i«-f somr-- j Ihr-y .ire «d»>w, but ttnf «ur».; I>i,'if)f'!i«!u" ip <;ui.: k. po«ilivf :i-' sU'rn.l'.'h-.Jn n ln-iAltby DunsHn, .Mr«. nnil .Mr«. Will Kartpl and C. »'. Knrtcl, nil (»r Hook Hi IK I>r. <H>n«» Wlllncy. of ArffnM, Intl.. Mr. ami Mrs. K. M. \Vnnt, of Hloux <'lt.V, la,, and F, U*. Htratton a»i<l (lauBliliT, of Portage-, 1NJURJFANKLE Ankle In Foot Ball Game. During Iho foot ball -guma with on Hntttnlnv afternoon, <Jporgc< KltUl tirid Mm misfortune In n f«U to injure hl» rlKht nnklc. Th« llKiinnsnln worn torn ami It In nM'fHwnry for him U> ,_.___ totiilftfon PO th» misf-ry xrri.Tt Ivick. You f^p) (lifi>iv-n( n« Joi!ii r»s ' - l'np«»'/f ' -jixln" i-nini-.-i in contact with thr- fh — illstrfMH jii«t vnnifllifes— your stomach K'.'tn .«Wf<-t. ri.» •;)<«, . s> I,,, hf.j^f-h- IriK. no ««riirtittlo>ts .>f iuicfiKcst^ food. your hrml rlcii!'?- p.ri!! y-ni fcr-[ nun. Co now, m.nkc the !)'«{. liivcMttnfjit >i 11 ever min.lo. hy Kcitinu a lar«o Jlft.r- rci'.t cute of l'n!»-'«« fliajii |i.'iii from iiity .stfirf. Vou roulixc! in five- mtn- it^is t<» MiilTf'r from pMln «r any stofnurh CIRCUIT COURT ORDERS Stiu'nu'>tr VH. Stlnemi-yr. H>.'t>ort of 'nmmisslonotx /lied nnil upproveil. !)«•n-e nf ftale, Kiuulull Vf. Koy«>r, ll«>j>ott of r-mn- lKStli'iiera fllfd nnd n|»(trovt-d. Decree f Hrtt.e. vt«, I'Jwinj?. InjuiicUun made perprttijil JIN per Htlpuntion on tile. Mohtnd VH,. "Taylor. Suit dlxmlMw. t'o«t« pnid. > ,' ' lYtcrKott vs. Swarlr.. Kxccptlon* t«> atiMWer utistnlned, DcfendantM ruled to make further answer by Nov. '4th, Martin "vs. <«oble, !{erelver« report Hied and approved. John v«. Oliver. Manter'H report of .fvidfiioe and finding!* "b'«l an< ' «l»P''"v- ed, Ui-cree quk'tlng title incompluln- VH, C?oc. (?ause referred to She Manter-ln-fhancery to take and we«r- a «i«t- on- the Injuretl mfmhff,- l>ut it }»,h«|»«'it It will ht-«l In a «hort tlmo. . . . THE Y,T7f. CLUB Entertained Monday Evening At Horn* Of Miu Anna Donichy. The , .inembpr's of tlm Y. Y, Y. clnb ' his evlilencc anil .Martin VK. Mlnenil Sprlne Park Association. Ma«ter'M report of evidence and DndlngH filed and approved. l)e. wt>ro on Mon'duy »l tbo homo of Mli>gi Annn 1>onk'Hy UH—\\Vhl--fllftUi wth-t-t. TUT bourn' were pleawwtly Biwrit witb needlework and dainty STRAW VOTE TAKEN. A straw vote for prerfWent WUN tak- Martin VK. (Johle. Final report of receiver. flled and approved and receiver dlHChurKcd, J Cleveland VH. Hock River' Traction I'n. l)een;e uuieting title incomplaln- nnt. . , ........ Warner vw. Warner." Exception* to answer heard' and t.uken under advixe- tnent, -'•••.-:; • Mutate uf Jolmj Claimn 'nlluwed: -1 * 201.90; K. & W, (irt'tuiah, fji c ? rciuhi rirc f-'itairi'<! !>y of T"l'ry r.i!is1j~ni-,i«ie fr>-:n !;H- eo.T''t formul.i nf Thft Tf'>ry Furtutur? 1 (,<'tn- fnny ((.'"hicaco and New York), ami tt«erl hy them for cleaning nnd ptcfrv- itltf finishes f 'f varnisli nsuf rnnmvl. 1 lie fact fliat a big furniture houie tt c c« Tctbcy Pottsli on its fni'«t ['iccrs i.< certainly full assurance of it« srtfety anil efficiency \vh«-n tisro! cm the furniture and woodwork 5n jour home, . Tohcy Pi'li'h r«'*t'.>rc* thi? life atifl hcatity of fmc'fnrnittirc atTfl w;nTiIwurfc hy ckantne the surface and f>v keening the natural fini'it in all its onfc'''iul newness. Mow tli4in this. 4t_t£iii:a'j tla«;ticity of ^the fniiJi, preventing unsightly cr.'it'lciijg nnil checking.' Leaves no tfrwy fdui—no veneer, AN'ondcrfulty easy to use. No hard'rubbing. You sec th^ fine 'result* instantly. .' And it won't collect tlu*t. Try it on a chair or a piano. Sec the his: difference. Use H on ymtr atitomolnlc—see how it maintains the hrand-new l()ok. Sold at the hctler stores everywhere. Bf4t!cs 2Sc and 50c; qnart jugs. $1. Si.^t; ,,-!,.;,, '. I"--!.. .U!. ! '. -' nt ML- .Ml M,.r-,»;.yy fi'.T .1 t •••]*••••,( nt tbe honii- • •:' '•••>• >:is-!> i-. Mr*. O'l.riff ('Irnofi'iiii. ftf rtri't Mr* r*. H. Kirk. t,r Fulton. Virnf- t.'i'f-n -. i-ttint; fur tbf- . ^I'-.ifil /<•«• •• r, Aii«, Xf*'!!<" Stuf.lf tun. Th"V f-v- !<•-'{ f" }(!\\-f tom-ifrow for f''l!'"'. A!;it«:.!i;r). « h<-t f- - 1 !t<> V \\lll ftpend- tit' 1 •.vinlrr. • ' I.* if . AyKstrl.'U).), of Fultr.n. wft« fi tJtrcrfiT^st;" s%H(.r- in thfs tity Jtond;!y. ,MK *<••!« r->iu*t Kr.-inu-r ntnl Mary J' pfrf-nt Fmiiiity n( Itn- hom«- of of Wid Itoviil V. livei*. .inl tun! rif-lcetinii of Mitrlli! N'ltn IttTKf-n, deceased. liond Ilki-d ;it t,"i,tlO». filed and appn»ved. I'etitlotl for f«>ave to scttb' elnlm aftultiHt ('. \- N. W. H. H. Co. f»r IHH.S of life nnd iloniiiu" to automobile tiled, considered -and allowed .'in-d «•••- Ib'm'-nt for the »niii ftf $2,t>ni>, ullowvd. I 'ft It Inn for allowance of *o!leltor'« tr>t<p at $"<> filed. «'onKtiIfieil noil iillnwd." of Kyrlln Tminir. <I<'^i'ii«'-iI. allowed, ti. II. K'TitftHd, JI.-I1, --Mutate of Tobirt,« KaufTmuit, <!i-'-i UK«'d. Final report filed. JlearlnK-sct f»>r Nov.. 17th, Mil 6, , KMnte <»f .lntu«'S A. Melubnn. d«<cen«- nl. Will admitti-d to probate tiled and recorded. K*tut« of Harvey Hepfirt uf appro Iner value of real estate tiled and approved. to Hell real fKtate at prlVilte wale, IlliiJ, counidered and allowed upon bond hi>- French, dec an to dlvinlou flnd. H« provided In will I'etltlon for order approval of sumo by the «rt»'urt. MORRISON?BRiEFS J. A. McNftfllen and family, of f'Htv. of it, I), MeMiillen In this eity Hunduy. Mr, nnd Mrs. R TrnuUvHn und their daughter. Mte« Alene. mnl Mist* Helen Hiirldnn motored. t« Tamplco Sunday when) they ftpent the duy with frlendH, It«>iitrlee (Juy. of Deluven, 111., Mt8« Viola Urw-ii. Ml«H Alice lUiwIand relurneil to her homo In Albany Sunday after visit'lnit for tho pant fc\v day» with Mlaa Harklon JT. ftourk, defeu»ied. 'A, For«ter & SDIIH, JliUhlun Co., $1.26, |50; W. F. Klock, lll^y; K. W. Wahl, en among tho. pupils of the High J3.0«. *?•<»• (tcliool* on Monday. The rt'KUlt was a» K^tate.of JacoB»» Heruli, deeeaHPd. followii: MUKht'B, 112; "\VH8on, SST ami Certificate of pub)}«htn»j notice to cred Hanlev- 2. ,.. ' '" ttprit filed-and approved. 13,70; J. L. Knuvi'li Mr. an"di MTU. ('. H. Itoyer and con, Ijawrence, sjtent Sunday at the home of Mr. Koyer's mother, Mrs. Atum Hoyer, in Steillng:. S. l.a?.lo" returned MoniTay eyenlni; from a short buKlnerm visit In t'hloiiijo. .Mi\ nnd Mrn. f'hnrb-H McCall and won, Cliarles, motored to Krlo Hunday v they vlMlted at the borne of Mr. jjlHtcr, Mrs. Hiram Hawk. An- evenlnir 1'i.r !!t-r kclrr, I'.-iiif., ivh^rn v tbf-y will i-i '.'-nd. the winter :it the. luime of Thfilr diiuubtcr nnd Fist or. Mrs. Adams.- \VH'i/itn I'lnecr !*•('{ Mondny mornlnir Tor Two Itlv«'f«. Win , havinK b«-en catlefl there by « t'«lcKi-;nn nnnouiK-Inn the d«.-i»h of his f.'ithrr. ''nrl I'lnx'T. ( '-\t\ Nyt-ersr *i"'nt the week end with friend.** In «'llnfon. ,\tr« t'hni-len H»>rm«n visiii-d friend* in 'St'THna Mou4a>'. Mr. Mini Mr.". Tiownrd Simpson, (if N" f \viott, vNitfd Monday »t liif bf>mi- M;irv Mnrlin, Ml.**!- Mfirtrnrff Tlrnvn, nf ' fjrj ltn|il(!<», Mich., arrived ftunday e for ;v vi.iii Mt thf i*. ,1. Hltev'bome. IS 100 YEARSjOLD TODAY Mrs. Mary A. Lovejoy Was Friend of Barbara Frietche. (Hv T'nllorl Pr<-R») ,: —Xflnarh, K, J,, Nov. 7.—Mrs. Mnry A. I/ivejoy, who rh?w«(, RmoUos and «tlll rftnlns nil of her fiirultlo* f«x«-*'tit tif hearing, rplfhrntfd hor ono him- (treilth birthday tovlny. Mr». f,ov»>joy hn« thn dlstlncllon of iiciu^ the fir«t woman In the* t : ntted Btntf« to apply for n tension «n<lf»r HIP new A«hhrook Inw nenslonhur ivldows of mil»ll«rs who fought In thn, Mt'xtrfin nnd Civil war, ., 1 Horn In Knvlerirktown, Md,. who wa« In her younyt-r ditj-B •*«) Intlrnutn ffit-nd trf~-itnTbsrn;TlM! I ti?tiKr^TioHo ~tn nw~Tnn cotiji* do/Ti tJituiiKh hlKtory nnil whoso name was mu<l<> IrrfmortHl hy Whlttlrr. Hht» l(« the widow of Knmuel N. Love- Joy, with whom shn I'lvrnw to Newark 57 yojirs ago on horwlmok. and IM tht 1 tiiothi-ir of _ ton HMh|re.ii,_.liiit._iuur"..,ot Wironi mTci 'TlvTiMfT Hiie 1» a ffrJTti<l- mothef, tireat - irrnmlinothor and n, f?n>at»Kront irnuiclinnth«>r. Khf> has rh«'w«»d niid «mokrd iill her lift-. Hhc luiH ntfVtT worn H|)wtn(,'le«. ONLY ONE AVAILABLE CANDIDATE FOR HAND OF THE CROWN PRINCE .David Wolf left Mondav for KantuiH Vrlnce. Hy Untph Turner (Written for The United Preiw) . Toklo, Jnimu, Nov. 7, — i'rown Prince Hlrohlto, fifteen yenrH-old, wan today, his father,'.*, birthday, officially proclaimed. Hie engftKement to Mini A«aku lehijo JH Boon to l»e announced. 1'or the Ornt time In the history of McJapan there in but one available can- dldate for the hand of tho tfrown t A^ Pacbft. Jl \Jr F**W*«» ^ i2«t»lBe Makes Mince Pie twice as good as bulk mince meat, and Costs half the price. Try it "Like Mather LW to Afofec" MERRELL-SOULE co. f s; fo«;H'-"n. Ill r ! t il. 'I'iic nt.ii t la: if wi>«hl be !n l'"nuli:'h, \vlll t.f-'iinn' the l>rl<l(> of the 1-imi'i'i-fir-tD-bi' by \irtiM» <lf ft fjuC-llliltr Rf't (if i |K "<ii'-t III f «. She irt without o)ijn t «iti"u fur Hie \i\r\t-f d'.«il"> (In- tradl'lon PM nits th-« .Mf'tciiiou of the l f l;ti|i'-rof-to 'n- frotn any of five hlutorlcnl fiitnfllrH. <!(•- f the ntifU'tu. boiifo of the moml." < m of rjt fir rllll "" (fiv n'x>-nti,l .In foi'inor ilcfad thf flvo fumillcfl a n j;cnt« t" th«- Ktnj Unown ji>< the "-TO f The ,"KI> ne.fcHe" nrn the families of Konoy«', TakntHitUnfO, Ku|o, NIJo and t* hljo. Tho flti'iimptniirnft whi< h fjlve Mis* As'ako tlii» t-tf-ar path fur th<' Imprrinl. I'iilact' iiri'I Tiic pr>>»t«nt head of tho !<onoy« family,, I'rltie'ti Kumlnaro bus nn daughter; in' the TakntHtiknsti family tht-ri' In no dattfrhter of nu'* to innk« her nvnltable; from the Kujo family rftme tho jirenetit Knuiretwi Badako, blood W'lntloiishlp «llntlnnt*'<« lu>r fum* Vlnl vi>< li», the present ,liend, I'rlnoo lllrompto having exhauxteil thf troaw- nry tr'ylnk to attain political jvi»\y«r. LOSS OllmPS COMPILED - Since War Began 1,820 Merchant Shipt Have Been Sunk. -•New York, Nov. 7. — one thoun,ind elKlit huinlred rind twenty, merchant idiipB. with nn appryeate itroH. 1 * tountiK* of approximately a.^X/iK-l, have been «unk by belligerent natlonn during twenty-Ht<ven montlm of war endlnjr Nov. I, ncVordlnjf to tlKnrvH eomplle«i- from- etible dl.-4pa.t<'h«'s nn<l mull ad- _ylee<t pUbllHbed beye liy tb>» Ttmrn'il tif "Commerc total A tattle Hhowlnif tile louses Hi lure the war I I'Mlin.iJcM tho.He of the entente nlliea /tt about 75 per runt mid iJwse of neu« tra'la atHenriy IS per. efcnt, with Teu- K less -limn 7 per vt-nt. Blnewi of Vlrtgft, .•otnimny «nd RCHX! siTi/^L^Z SK»«Ltkv£!3L."».»^ "f vlHuo^-WHUon. .Every ^grocery store; has its customers who order POSTUM regularly instead of coffee. ^"^ *>• \ ..."/! » They are fornier coffee drinkers who, for ' J.. " %(r ** t * "t 'i- ""*^ * T *""? f ' . ' * * * *-:"•" s sa changed their table drink. --"-' - if ,.••'' If you §usp0ct -thfit coffee contributes to your ask the grocer for the names m '.f$Vfffti- I"9?WW users fa your neighborhood; riii in touch with |Ji0m and Or, secure a tin it on the family coffee* "~ TANT POSTUJVI and try for ten days instead of «MP «HP>^%^«IP ^IK^, %*F ^b^p.. iBp^k^i^ lfcpp%dK^B^iMp <W>^P^<WP, _• - ...^ _, -ij

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