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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 1

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 7, 1916
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ADVBRTIBIKO fr«m »f» *nd P«N wh»r« they eirght them ^o b*. SiXTY-THIRO YEAR—NO. 109. AND DAILY STERLING, ILLINOIS, TUESDAY, NOV. 7, 1916. take* tttlnfli from th«y ftr^j «rrd putt th*lf» where they ought to Nu PRICE TWO CENTS^ MTING EARLY Working Men Were Waiting When the Polls Opened This Morning. WOMEN VOTING STRONGLY Weather Is Fine And There Is Promise Of a Very Large Vote. Long before seyrn o'clock this ttmtn- tn», the hour «Sij^\>r »hn tuning of twit-twill In mi h of Vi» «is ytittng pre• r eincu» of fuelling tnwiship. there were • loflg Mtrlnga of men Awaiting to rant tb»ir ballots. Most of t'lern weif shop then or lailroad pmploV«">, waiting to tote no a» to get back to their resp™- tlvi» places of work. The women took * thl» Into connldeTHtlon nnd did'not be- Ifln- to appear till about eight o'clock. Jt In, conceded by many men that the Wtomen were better p»>i»t««l on how they , W»nt«d to vet* than those of the stern- : John Ahrenn came out from the biblical inatltute in Chicago to cast his ballot Frank Morgnildge, chief fir* of- thu «tat« of Illinois, was FELL FROM LADDER Anton Thumme! F«!l From Monday Afternoon, Larfdw promptly on hand enrly in the t hilt Bttrllnif hum" At the- biy .tiro ,«K>ap« of the Central wduxil Hit d»y th«r« walvwl a big no*. At ih» Wf»d- jratt utore, th» *<?cond precinct voting: pl«.c«, another n«»w w,is tloatlng. « iUy">i« <>f Iliis vicinity. r«-ll y utivrmttin which resulted In uig his left Iff? nt thfl km-* 1 joint. Thp nccitlf>nt occurred whlto hf wfts out tn W* farm, and w«« pnjntinsr thf (!i{m!o on thP milk hr»i«r>. While fomln^r down th« ladder in jtamf nmn- nfr it Rli|>p*'d nnrt Mr. Thurnmol foil in fho ground, landiriR on his hhi'f. Tft<« ;u'H<!fM!t .ofcurrwl at three o'clock «n<l hf "sis tinnhio to RPt help. until Mr. JJtiff, who HVCR on his fnrm earn* 1 in from work. Mr." Muff brought him- hrime" And n dortor iv.i* culled, who tcok cfirc Mf the injured mprnhcr. , Atr. Thummel is nn old soldier an<t a nn»mlM>r of ttip local fS. A. IL ANOfHlnlilCTION Two Weeks From Today Will Occur Balloting On the Fro- posed Park District. Two weeks from today another tlon will be held, the election at which it is the voters! will vote to create the proponed new Sterling Pnrk Dlntrlf!. 'Dip dutp of the park elec-, Artillery firing, 'he Kti lion is Tuesday, Nov. 2!*t. mentionlntr enpet liilly he At th*> mrnctlme the park district. Is FRESH ACTIVITY Fighting Is Reported On Practically All Fronts, Some Places Severe. BRITISH FftONT SHELLED Roumanians Have Failed To Retrieve Their Defeat In Predeal Region. London, KIIR., Nov. 7,— Continued activity mi |.rat tlcnlly nil fronts with Pfv»»r*»' fluhtlmr nt m>ffif> point*, the rntfiitf ftlliod ttyhiic-s lmv<» developed it Htt-niij; offfiLSiM' which nj>p*"nrpd to b«> a gratifying curt <>«s In Home In- BETOBNS TONIGHT. ARE ALL AT SEA )?; and linvc amiriard to irivn fleet ion Tt'tJirns to flieir in c> in h f> r s a nd invitod a rriost worthy cn- . which will bo f»n- .joynblo <o nil "svlio par- Klin/e the pnrtlnlly mi<'c<».«sfiil miin cDimier aMaekw. whlr-h for n time rhei-ked tho IVt'iii h nnd British storm- Ing lines that lind swept Into the rter- man trench*',« nlnng the Komrue.. thnre has been no claim from Berlin to refute the British nnd 1'Yench claim that the ground captured hnd been consolidated, Although operations in the west died down hite yesterday there 'was heavy report Oihcr voting pr^olnctn placed them t»|, later Ih the morning. W. W. David, thp 8nRo of Itellevlew. UJi vote at 9 o'fhx-k, and hurried from tho»n wlnhlnf? him Owl *peed, and left to take the next train Which wilt bear him to Florida. About every voting prwlnt-t hftd Its "Sf officer oil the law to assist tn Wttd disturbances which might aria**. and fttniat tn various ways, --' It-1« conceded that the voting place ~ life flrat precinct, Wtlgpr'a grocery, the handiest and beat arranged of Utt »lx. ( Borne of thorn are very un- r t pu£ It la tha best tbnt can be undeV the circumatancea. fThwre wer* only four booths, in moat _.'« the precinct* In the paat. Thia ^BUhiber has been increased .to seven ^7'taTWHrtrplacOT, Tha addition-weema -to I ,;!>• sufficient to core for the extra wo- -* '-'*- 'voter* 'today, -for In only a few were there rushes of men and park "corri'miwilnnera who, after they nre nlpctfd, will conduct the bttslnpn* of thf now park district. The voters of tin 1 . projKmed dlHtrlct, which tnki»« in ull of Stt-rllnK townnhlp, will elect whom they plonne for park <'«mml«* «t|nin'iH, hut an a would mukf fis to who comnilsnlum'iH, the director? of the A*puclatlon of Oom mercc hnvo Melccted a ticket of five men thc-y r<>K«rd «H natlafactory and ' In looking over material the Aaiioc- lation^ tif t'omnterce directors tri«d to »nlect men not only of Intelligence and ability, but those whom they thought would tnk« an Intercut Jn their n«»w line of work If elrctod. "'"Another Idea was to try to get alt clansen of people rrm- in the mentioning espe'Hully heavy L". 1 tn lL M!""'"' 1 front. "TFie" Oerniuns solldated the regained ground region of Hutte de VVnrlencourt, where counter atliu-ks drove the British from hard won treni-hen. In I'rurre Vaiittt Woods the French troops hiHt night continued combing tite (icrinariff who - were riot t'Xp<*u>d or. raptured'during the recent rushes. The ItouintuiiniiM apparently have fulled to rHrieve their defeat In the I'redeul region where the Austro-Qer- ma'nn cnptun'd l,noniu but •F * T It la generally conceded there will be little ecratchlnir or splitting of the It today, for watching voter* tn every one of the six voting places, one ijouid see th»y did not stay in their long enough to do very much of that kind of work. U would appear * it tht voter entered the bjpoth. made «ro«i-ai.-th»-head-. of-some -tlek«t T aided U up and walked out. cracon stePJaa. ,v •Women tally checkers are to be ind In every precinct: In moat of >r«clncta" there ore two of them! M the. llrat time In the hiatorv...a(l that thia has occurred. They ,jnjf (ab""t»r 'the voters, cspec- jr>-thoae of their own sex. ,'In p to each of the voting places l morning found much early voting, »Ut there waa a lull ! long about ten ('clock. U la feared that if all the wlah. to cant their ballots today > Will have to be considerable more one hundred an hour nt each of them since the noon hour, to get them Ml In. The following ahowu the vote 'ot the early morning In each precinct. - " "~ " ' ' 141 men The candldaieM- thus recommended ore: U A. Hlttorf of the National .Mfg. Co., nnd l>r. \V. H. P«rry, ____.... , tnpHt> gentlemen also being member« of »ht» parka committee of. the ANMOciatlon of Conimcrce; J. T. \VII- ono of the largest land owner* In the/ •i>ropoae'd -hew district, to repr»- nont the farrnerM uus well B» tho ABSOC- itition of t.'ominerce of which ho Is a director; It. K. Wynn, prc*ldcnt ^nf the Hlnck Silk Stove Polliih Works, alno tlnK the manufacturers, he luid "C'-Tftdldomlile ox j.>er|«nce with i«trk affttim ot IX>« Moinen;' and X_l-L.._fiimdburg. muHter -mechanic- at .... precinct, 10:00 o'clook- .*nd 66 women. ' > Second 'precinct, 8:50 o'clock —120 men and 51 women. Thiwl precinct, 10; 30 o'elock-472 ... .en and 87 women. ;,.Fttu«h precinct, 9:00 o'clock— 138 en Mid 41 women. Fifth precinct, 9;00 o'clock~-i37 men and 41 women. Sixth precinct, 8:30 o'clock—156; 11 of them awom In. , Jhrl5 o'clock thia afternoon the of the city by precinct* WUB UH m«n; 169 women- id precinct, 2G2 men; 160 women. Third precinct, 135 men; 225 women. Fourth precinct. 302 men; 165 women. Fifth nrtsclnct, 29fl men; 170 women, ~" " "~ 186 women. to preaa, it aa though there'would-not'be .two-thirds of the reglatered vot- the International HarveateFpo. works, j-»«pnj«pnilng one of the mort Important clnt.»i-H of all. tho working p«»plo. - BallotH will bt« prepared with theac names on, but any, voter e&n crosj* out any naitiea he dentreii and put on other on nubaUtutes. they HpfH'iir to . have inaintalni'd tho tiunitloiiH won In the iJobrudja region where thi»>^ drove thw enemy out of throw \'lll«Ki v «. ' THE GERMAN LOSSES. (Uy t'nitwl l're«n,) Tlio '-Gazottfi has therc- foro provided to take cnro of all (li« folk*? who Imvo no Hppfinl plnoo |o get re- ThrnS tonight. Tho r (»f u r n s will bo thrown on n sere<m across tho street from The On- wile ofTioc on Beyer's Inn by n Htereoptipon. Tho public IH (!ortlmlly; in-" vite'tl. If it is nol rainy tonight B. A. Forsfor & Bons will tijnt'«> tt ^ttt—of—ehatTs- iii front of thuir Htore nnd Tin* Ga/cttc office for the nst» of the latlies and elder- ' ly people, who ore cordially invited to -dome to The (laxette olVieu for the rein run. Party Sponsors Though Put On a Confident Air For Public Consumption. FINE WEATHER PREVAILS Nearly Half a Hundred Negroes Arrested As Ex-Convicts In St. Louis. BULLETIN. (By United Pr**|.) "v, Tof>4k», Kari*^ Ndv. ?.—fh« firtl • v*il«bl* election return* in Kan- sut c»m« from 25 out of 38 pre- cinctt in Top«k». Tht incemplet* vote giv* Hughe* 1489 «nd Wilwrt 974. Th* doubl* «l*etien board •yttem u»«d mad* it pettibl* for tht return* to bo given out early. Nine precincts in K»n»«§ City completed up to 10 o'clock gave Hughee 378 votes and Wilton 329; ARE ALL AT 8EA. Hy P«rry Arnold. IN U.S. TO COUNT VOTE f My f nited ITf-s'ft) •fMt»!»ft''ld. Mai««i., Nov. 7.--• Vew Ash- f<ii>1. Oi<' pjmiHf'fst tfwn in Mas«*a- f huRftf". l•! mil**!* north of T'lttsficid in Berkshire c-cMinty. wa« the ftrst town in th*- t'riitf'd Staffs to announce its '.-loy'ed -it 10 tiVlwk. out of 2S ff'ulsferf-d voters 23 went tn tho jif)ll«c ittnl made known ihf'ir choice for--'president firt fallows: Hughes Ifi. Wilslm 7. In 19I2 New Ashfurd's vote for president <v«t>: Roosevelt B, T»ft 7, U'ilfiun 4. . es oh the Koumaninn front exoeeded a division and a half nccording to a frfim Utichure«t. A divlnUm rpnj«l»«tH_. of about 2lM>00 offlctTH and iiien c7f vTr'iuliTly "" ALLIED SHIPPING LOSSES. (Hy United Uorlln. -O«r-., By to Say vi lie. I. Nov. 7,—The ulnkliiK of a xmnU crul(*i»r off the Irlnh coa«t ha« tho enemy loH«eH to a, .total of fi01,7!»0 tan* the wnr office nnnounc- od. ROUNMANIANS ADVANCE. "Hirehttrout;—ttnnmanlu, Nuv. T.- KoumanlaiiH In Uobrudja are advancing all nlonjf tilt- whole lino tho war off leu CANDIDATE HUGHES VOTED EARLY AND IT [I' £; l Sixth precinct, 298 men: 6*J At' th* time of coin* OMAN VOTERS Mrs. B. X. Holdridge Was First __ WfimaiB ISLfwln Oities To Vote For President. ' !,f { Mrt, Myrtle Holdrldgft, (Mm. B. E, rHoJdFair»rnBii"th«r honor of-behig-the HlVI woro»n >n 4W«rllnK und Hock Falls "'to c«it a voto 'for president of the United Statea Mra. Holdrldge. voted at Juiit 7 o'clock In. the fourth, pra- • cmct. the one under the city hall. Mrs- Wary Ziuber, of th» flfth precinct, ca«t her vote two mlnutwa after 7 o'clock. t« therefore a cioae MffS. LUCY WOOD Died in Long B«aoh, CaU La»t Friday —Burial in SUrlino. "' The body of the lute Mra. Lucy A. Wood reached Sterljng thin morn lux Shortly .after 8 o'clock, and at 10:30 o'clock It was"- taken""'from the Woods' undertaking parlor to Riverside cemetery where short aervlcea were conducted by Hev. \Vin. Merton Jones, pus- tor of 'the Congregational church of Sterling. • Mra. Wood and her husband, James Wood, livt-d In Sterling, over a quarter of a century ngo, and were well known Sterling people. Twenty-five wean* ago they went to California where they Ilv- )«?d up to the time of Ma dt&th which 'WUH in 1!»02. He waa brought to Sterling and buried'here. Mra. Wood- then went .to Union, Iowa, and lived with 'her daughter, AIra, K. A. Gregory, and family. I>ut<'r Bh*> went to lx»ng Bench, Cal., where whu lived until «he dlod. Slie wa* tft^cn very ill about two weeka ago and cited laut 'Friday, Nov. '3, aged 86 yeara. The cause of -her 'death w«« heart trouble and old ag«. 1 She leave her daughter, Mrs, Gregory, of Iowa, a brother, A. N. Baker, of ]0l- dora. Iowa, and a grand daughter, Mra. <Q, E. I^awrence. of Union. Iowa[" 8ev- it-rai of th« relativva came to the. burial from Iowa. Of ACCIDENTAL DEATH Particular* Have Be*n R*c»)v»d Death Of A. Miller. Mr. and Mru. Theodore Trouth have received the Dawtion, Minn., paper containing tho detail* of the accidental death of Albert Miller. The account in H« follow*: . • l4»«t Snturday afternoon, Albert Miller waa accidentally shot while h« and hln brother, AV'altor, were hunting rab- bita along tite, LAC <jul Parlo river. Al-» b'prt was walking along the river bank' while his brother, Walter, who wa» on tho «lrte hill saw H rnhblt and aho.t. The charge struck Albert. Walter mulled to his »tdo but . wan umiblt* to underotand hl8 brother's la»t utter- (By Unitwi New York,.N;; V,. Nov. 7.—Republican Candidate Hughes voted ballot IS af 7:08 thia morning In the Victoria laundry booth uti Highlit avenue, Hij'orouae «?ariy and left the Antor hotel accompanied by Carl D. Shepherd bin publicity agent and two detectives about ti:60 a, m. Th*» governor walked three block and wet only a few stragglera tju* thick of newspupermen and who were on hand. He the door 'of the This looks like A diry^" Hmillng broadly he nodded to the pplicemen and election officials. Thwi he fnt««rod the little booth not large enoiight to change your mind in and votfd tliti Htruigin Hepublican ticket. ^ (Htnff '*«irr»'Spoii(U'nt «f New York, N. i'.. Nov. 7.--The flood of l«illot« which will nwe»>p citlipr Wll- aoii-.ur-.JLtuKJiea.JiitO-.ill?-_presidency on March 4th began rising enrly today. While publicly the sponsors of both th«« RepubllcatiH and Uemwrnts dc- t-lnr«'d thflr entire eontldeiio' iti tlu> vote, privately they were «t sen, In no previous /flection b«s there been such ii-liu'k of Informntluii -an to way the straws would blow. The "Hilont" Viit«» ha* bMn rnorr* ; "f*ilr«nt" than «v«»r before. Hince tht< otmpatK'n opened on about August 10th there ho H been half a doznn different trend* In public st-nll- mpnl, overlapping- at times. Today both aldwi claim the benefit of such u turn. TO USE 175 TONS OF..BALLOTS, (By tJnltwl lYe^s.) 111.. Nov. 7.—Voters b'oro HEADQUARTERS (By l*n!tr-tl Press.) New V»rk. X. V., Nov. 7.—nepubli- rnn Xatirmal -«'ha-ifinan VV'ilrox got his first--TTtttrns frntn thr* rlertfnii tndny from tho t'ultfd Vrr?s Whr-ti he wns shou'ti !t» 'lifpHteh from Xew Ashford, showing: that fInghen had r<?- Ifi votes to Wllson'd 7. He broadly nnd then rend tho dispatch aloud. "That's (Inp. fine. This liltlt* town i>« Inillt ativc of thr- result In thn vntlre .-ountry. I tim grntllled with the starr we have rnnde." Deinwrnttc national hr>ndr|unr4er» ftlso rfeelvr-d its tirst r-lectloh news from the United Presa In th«^ shat« of the snme re|n)rt ns given to the Kepuh- lleAn headquarters. "Thal'a great," snkl TrwiHiirer Morgnnthnu. "It's a rnlghty smnll town but I ser» Wilson three votes. He hnd four votes nrrl trmFsTr-grrtir of "f> per cent. Tho Republicans gained only thri»»» voU'* m-nr tin* J.I thiit T«ft nnd |{«MISP- velt received. It looks good." h*.« read It to the other olhelnis. VOTING JS HEAVY Illinois Is Expected To Poll 2,000.000 Votes Today For President, BOTH SIDES ARE CONFIDENT Silent Vote Is So Great It Is Hard For the Managers To Tell Result. <Hy o, III.. Nov. 7— A wholesale vnti> liucfttigntlon mnv b? started to* Then w111 lino 175 tons of hollolH today. WIth a friend at polling place with: When he i»ut «f the booth the photographer* ahut flaKhllght after tliwhllBht. The little room wan no filled with xmoko that the crowd went out- aide, When the amok*! cleared away was «tlll found to be amlllng u reglHtrationoig, 11 'J, Chicago will poll the largest vote of any city in the United Btates. DRV WORKERS ACTIVE. —(By-United-£r«aa.)- Chicago, III., Nov. 7.—Determined to get every vote that IH coming to them the J'rohlbHitmlhiH Hlalldii.'tl l&oo work- era at -tht? polla today to" watch for crooked work, ' —_~ ' ' LOSER'WILL RIDE A STEER. "<Uy Uniti'd Pr«»8a.) Chicago, IH., Nov. 7, 1 "-A wild uti-t-r from tlu> atock yitrdn will b«» the mount of John W.' Hmllh. dembcrnt, or Chtir- i-t-piililifiin, for u milt?.ride FLEE CHIHUAHUA Only Four Americans Now Remain In Capital Of Northern Mexico. ATROCITIES ARE BEe0B!EH moi'rmv UK the result of the <•( illegal voting In thp polling cVitifeftKlonft In which prominent politl* claim nre named are said to be in th» hand" of federal inspectors and tlM grand jury may be called. Hlntoti II. Clnbaugh, federal ln*p«C*> tor here, has given nil available lnfor» m. it Ion to the city and county author}'* tleK. H It Harris. assistant U. 8, district attorney, went to the 23th precinct of, the 23rd wiird. Mayor Thompson'* pw* I'inc't. before the pollft opened at *IX o'clock itnd found a number of ballotn in the boxes. Th« election com m la- Kloni»nt said that n few workmen broadly. "• "WILSON CASTS BALLOT. By Itobert J. Bender, (Staff Correspondent of United Preaa.) Princeton, N. J.. Nov. 7.— H required 10 men and .. three automobile*, four . hourH and. D4 of gaaoline to ances. Albert mediately. away almoat im WILL BE REIMBURSED Horn* Coming Committee Wilt Not LOM Paraonal Fund*. . Members of ,th» committeo that conducted the recent Sterling "Home Coin 1 - ing f " who .i lew days ago dug up pur- aonal f V.nda to pay a note at a local l»u MU f of money they borpJ w»d to fnak >' up M. ''Honirt Coming" duflcit, ar« to be reimbursed for the money they thus advanced. .The Association, of Com- took aotU'n . Albert Low Miller, «on of Mr. and Mr». . William • D. Miller,, of .Lac qui Parle, wan born March 17, 1901, at Montmorency, im Ho was fifteen yeara «t-von inonthH and eleven dnyti old iho day of hl« death. Bealdea hlH purtmtfi be Is survived by two atHters. Mrs. lit»y Sharp, of Dawson, and Ml**ti Mamie Miller, of Watuon, and three brothera. William. of WatHon, and Henry and Walter, who live at home. s The funeral waa held at the- Miller home Tuesday afternoon, H«v. L. II. Hchock. of tho KUat l»reabyterl«n church of Dawwon ofllclHtert, The re- malna were laid to rept In the Dawson cemetery. Six of hln boy frienda acted a» .pafTbettrerw, sympathy of the entire commun- row, and eupwlally to th« brother who waa with him. ; feet ul a tnewtlng Held Monday, and the comntltteemen will be - repaid out of tho ttfst money available, , The following 1» the liwt of the first .women fn the two cltie* to vote In the varlouu vottnf place*: •'• Flr»t precinct, Mra. ICntlu-r Smith, at ab<mt f;}6 o'clock. • , Bocond, Mra. IfiliKubiUh Nfhrhood, ;iO o'clock. Third, Mr«. Hut tit* Ebttr«ol«. at 7:00 O'clock. . Ifyu/th, Mrf. Myrtle Holdridge, «t 7 fth, Mary Zuber, at 7:03 o'clock, " Kwnnwdy, at 7; 16 . Wwy K. o'clock. Reek FJr*t precinct i o'clock. Second prei-lnct 1 sift a'clock. ' Thlrt} precinct, Mm. feUow, at f:i5 o'clock. Kmtt, at 7,: 30 Muud« Karl «t ONLV ONE AMERICAN ABOARD. (By UJiited l»rca«.) London, Biijt.. ' Nov, 7.— There waa only ojie Amerk'uu «b<«urd t\w Steamer lianao auuk by a Ui>rmun uiuU'rst'u noon en October 2Sth. Captain VVntn- It «epoi't«d to have bt-t-n tiu» Auui • • ij* »Hld that biw «liip was reg- Mt«r«d.Jn th« Philippine Wands and flew 'the U. B. nag »ud was hvld-up off ihe PorlHgufcae aborv und souttli-d after the cr#w s wa» jakew I'ff. Cupt, . VValn litlid left no doubt u» u. the Of BOATS IN FOR WINTER. All of thelBunohea utied by'the over- Ht<t;rH of tlu' JU'nnepin canal feeder, ^iave biwn brought to the government ator« ho uxe along the canal near the government office east of HterliiiK. and there they will remain until next aprlng. During the winter th.ey will b« oyur hauled and. .repainted and put Into ahupn for U«L- again next aprlng. Thert- «re nine of. them and they have all tunu'd in «ithei' by th« overs«*r« laeivea or by, tlioir iiatrolnjan. ThV following 'have turnetl in th.»lr houtt*: Carl tliiiison, of Bh«ffNd; William Murphy, of Manikin; William HHCOII, of Tampico; Chttrlpu Truck, of llu- rcttu; t?bi»sttr, Iiii»iiexoh. of John Murgtiii: of ghufflelil; King of'Atkinson'; Bud, ' JHuiiiui, : of \yuiiutn Murey, of Colijiia. WILL ASIC REHEARING State Supt, BJftir Will Try To — - Kav0 Sohool-Tangll Set > — tied Definitely. (By UnlUHJi l»re»8.) 111., Nov. fr— Among the deliver bin voto for hfmaelf today. The prowldtwu with the bodyguard of secret' service men and newapaper re- portem made the trip .from Shadow Lawn, but it wax only a o'clock when the pr*>Hl(!<>nt voted. His ballot waa number 60. iThe booth where the preal- dent voted wtw in a flr» engine houae. The preaidenfa arrival waa quickly learnpd and the n'whit-ntH noon gathered In a bl« crowd,, Th« n rat man Wilaon saw at the voting place wan H. H, Rone, a • Republican election commlnalon*>r. lie a hook handa ull around und introduced Mra. Wilaon who waa outaide in tho auto. The prea(d«ntial party im- ini'dlutoly returned to Shadow JUmri aftt'r the prt>aidt«iu voletl, Preaitlent Wilaon aroatt at 6 o'clock, had ort-Hkfttst before 7 o'clock before to caat u atralght Democratic up JlalHtfad MtrtH't, when the pretd- di-ntlul votwa arc'"counted. FINE WEATHiflTREPORTED. (By United Prtwkl" New York. N. Y., Nov. 7.—Clear autumn weather utthered In election day in practically every Mectloit of- thi> country, according to reuortM-'received here today. In N'ew York the weather wa» a typical November day with enough cold in the air to give zci«t. Chicago reported weatifer that wan almoMt warm with a clear aky. San Francisco reported • "clear an "a bell' Himppy nnd a temperature of about 65. "i ' ' NEGROES ARRE8TEO. (By-United -Preaa.') St. IX>U!H, Mo., Nov. 7.--The"arre'tit of 48 negroeM in the variotm wurdu marked the flr«t two hours of voting In 8t, l»ulM. They w«r»» npcortit'd aa ex-con- ViCtB, Gen. Trevina Denies That He Intends To Exacuate the Capital; (By United Prosit.) El Paw., Tex.. Nov. -7. — Only, four Americana remain, in Chihuahua city today. From every part of the state Americans and other (foreigner* arc muiking to th« bo.rder following: reports of atfocllieH by Vililata bunjiiU. The allowed to voto because they could not wait until the polls opened. Bv«ry voto <-nst In tl»> precinct may b« thrown out. nt her irregularities were found fn thc-thlrd. isth, and 23nl warda whertt a turg<? mitnber of negroes and foreign-* er? art* registered. Monay paaaed ac* cording to SOIIIH of the iwrmjua arreat* *>d. At 11 MM) o'clock this morning Chicago id polled r.l6.(tot) votea, nearly two-' thirds of the registration. The heavy early vote lead, to prediction* at noon by the coinmlasionera that 90 per cent of tho registered vote would be cast/ AN EARLIER REPORT. (By United Preaa.) vote, COL, ROOSEVELT VOJE8, ,(By United Prone.) B«y; -vooc Rooaevdlt, accompanied by hia aon, Archie. voted at 11:45 thia morning in tht» i-iiKlnt' houae polling place of the fifth election precinct. The baliot'tie tnurk- «sd w«» number 260 ond v hia won bail No, ' ... - -- ; - hw trljifrom mon* Hill by onto. 'I'hw ilrut man h» nit't was d<>moeratlp Ifadfr knd pout- ' IIKIHUT, ThomiiH O'Keef* Colonel ' ivud It. He told tlie if 'Tm afraid I haven't very carefully but 1 II mmmff to volt' for »ome one," knotty ' tttnnl«ii.tlie Fiftieth «iyierjil Aa aembly will bo nuked to HtnUihUm out IH the queation of how the hlsh achool tuition of pujillK, rtttddhm In HC|IO| dla trlcta without high achool. ahull be The high Hcluiul tuition law, by. tiie Forty-Ninth Clcia-rul A and recently declared invalid by the illlnoia supri'iiin court ordarwl the payment of the tuition of aueh puplla from the 'country'* *duu« of Uiiv aiate 'dia- trlbutive fund before thw aame wu« prorated bt»tw«i'ii the different higli chool dlBtrinJs In tM«' county." The old law,- known u* tli«> Maglll act, 'which wa» In effwl before 'the law pupil EX - RAY PIQTURi John MvKeH, of Harmon, -wlio liu* In tU» Htprling liojtpiful aince Ttmi'aday. niglit is get ting uloug-^ ' limb to frottt rwvive an iivvragv of 4. latters, 10,u«0 mwin-y orders enlist Nov. 7, •- Advices from 1 tlta.t" on m-CMintt of the ,tjnt of iii-tili'irt anil huntciw, i til ImvB tffvtttly iiu u'tuit-d-. ap* C in UlstiieAM wtu-iv ;(i«>y' lisid . ^ ly. Nt'^'t Tiiuraduy. ne will be', .atrung enough ' to be brought • down /towt'i to un Kx- Ray picture made of- hjb o ti'tl whether tljeru WIT- any loaxt- . ami st'*3 If thw fnu'iure Iw riglitiy it*duc«l. It will Jio i'fim*mlH'f«Ht ho-wut* th,e -victim nf the tur/ili]« ovtr at the thriUi c.ornt>r<>d park o"n by u cur .driven by Kouark. " 60Mi UONO WAY?TO VOTE. •Captain Frank VVuiU nijjht friJUi , imiuiiig ilj.*?- «*u.l.l.i;e dimanct- .to cunt hi*> . j-»ri>!»kli'tit Uidtt-d ^ ilati'N nil his |>;triy 'tick» : t.' Cuptuiu VVuhl say.-, tlu* trip waM'mudc -bti. p'uf- J\Vaht' iu *>tt.«t OH oxct-Heni , l.J_e inU'iulij " fur tht.- and by the wipreiha ''court. 01' the houu>« Mcltool dlHtrift of tin* Ki-eklil(f liitih m'liuul iltivuntugi',1 to pay thw tuition. The iuw w«» bi'ld invalid for t s wo Plr«l, tH«cuu«t' m'liool dia* no blgli . «,chool pupitw «otitribxitc .to -the kiwj* of pupils . In other 'dlatrlcta*. 'and second, because it ijnpused u dUproporthwtttw burden districit* nuiMiialiiiiiK high Achooltt ' iLt iht-.s' iiiiihi puy u i>ortiun uf ihe tuition. .of chllilrfu frimr di»- t'rK'ta' -not inAintuiiiifUt huii for jt «d such u prt>»t'»iU»d to l ht< inti-mls to the' Jiwcmber twin t'»tuit. Not living Branl- tl*t« mattvr -will bt* tl.tHli <U'iu«i'wi Aa- it wsis announc'- ofl'k'n tor for »ome one, His qhauifeur, bucked' the -auto Into the lir«» twgUiu house »nd Uoosevelt Cttutlonea IJlrn. imyinK that hit did not want to tipeiul thw 4ay In jail. C A PT U Rif A BJRI DOIH E A 0, (Hy UnHwi J'rewi*,) Berlin, Our,, Nov. ?,— A Niiiari BRYAN SPLITS TJCKET. (By Untied 1'rtmn.) -".Lincoln. Neb.. Nov, 7.—William J«n- jliitCH Bryan arose early today and motored to hit* precinct at Normal to cant hit* ballot but on tho strength of hid Hpeechea It^can bt» xald he did not vote tho tieruight party ticket. Bexidea untjng to nee -Wilaon re-elected Bryan la dealroua of seeing--prohiblUon~ffitrry In Nebraaka, and defeat of the wet ele- mtint of thw Denit>cratlc party which buried" him ' during thw laat, primary. H*» declared he" would vot« for ho wt'ta —(and U. S. Senator Hitchcock and Keith Neville. Democratic candidate) for governor are among the leader* of the w*t*)—-and that h« intended to vote for the dryest of the dryii regardleaa •of party affiliation. * tlie received by the United J'ren» at. noon uliowwl abftt the vothiK today IB heavier than IIUH ever before been recorded and at that time totaled nearly half of the total number Of voteH rettlBtered. —Ideal weather prevailed in almost every xtute. In the pivotal statea of New York,, IlllnoiH, Indiana wmd Ohio before noon the, run ut the pplla show ed thai the silent ' entire portion of Clilhuahua stale weal and Mouth of the capital is dominated and overrun by Villa's follower*. Mining companies here aro spending m«a- today to their few remaining em to tiee Mexico immediately. Anxiety over th» wifely of ten Amw- ican« bvlleved <o have been in Parral vvna leavened by additional report*) from rcfugeeH that It wo* believed they had started for the border In the Big Bend idtitrict of Texan. Will Not EvaouaU City. Refugee* from Chihuahua city denied there -are any new Indication* that Qen. Trevlno i» ready to evacuate the capital with hln column of Cur- ranzn eoldierH. He wired the Carran- zlstn authoritlcH at Juarez tliat he hud no Intention of leaving the city and that there 1* no truth In the report that the "artillery has been -removed trom Santa Hosu hall back of Chihua- •nuo. Some "believe the. rumors of evacuation wan Kpread by mining oHlciala anxious for Intervention for the effect the report* -would have on, the presidential election in the United States. .Alarmud by reportH of the Impending evacuation of the Chihuahua, capital by Gen. Trevlno the foreign consuls of that city \vaited on him in a body to ascertain the IHCIH. The de facto com" Cook coounty will today caat approxl mately 900.000 voten for th« -varioun preiddentlal «<mdidatCM. The ragiR tion.s In Chicago alone IN 808,119 whom 303,698 aro women. Cicer anston and other nuburbs of Chicago,. wjirbrlng'the total regiHtration to nwir the million mark. For the first time in their hlitory, Chicago women will vote for a proof* dent. Uf-nerally npcaking compaigners oay the women votes wSIl follow the man. In cu*e of married women or alngia wl«* live «t home, BetiideH these, however, thei-o are pfrhupn 75.000 wage earnitur women Unfiwn on "unattached." Wb«m tbnm> volea will no-4»~one-of-th« tlon myaterleti. The UHual chargeit of fraud have b«*n made and .will continue all today. For the mom part, they amount to notta* Inc. Many Ignorant neeroe« and elgnera who have no right Co vote" been registered by advice and **, mander them lie "had no in- on tiu< Ic-ft.baitk of tlt» Hlockhod was stormed and -taken and -a number of iH'lHoneiti .captured by Prinue Leopold. The 'Uuniui'nH- Buffered no lo««e», , (H*mian urUli?ry »«« «Kuln been forced ^ to su'ii Hlu-liiiM the war office an- tiouno.'d, Klre of French batterie* *out)» W Uhelmv played on the villages be» lUiui Hit' (Jiiiitiui llru-s and were un- *Wvrcd "by .tlui ({erinaiw. A« -a reprliul wa» again re- niemberii." full election w Vulley Club, Oy»ter i«-town,» ap**aking good and loud. SOME GUARDS VOTING. (By United Preaa) . 151 Pa«o, Tex., Nov, 7.-"-Thouaanda of national. KiumlmmMi ar« cast ing their bullota today while other thouBauds are losing their suffrage b«c«uae their Ntutoa fullod to pAlw luwa covering: the contingency. }n thia dlatrjut 10,000 truardM from I'tfiinaylvanla. Squth Curi>l'nu. and itlututat'huaetta lined up before the tunts of- their- *>uminmtdintr officer* to vote, .The guard* from .Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky. Georgia, North Carolina nnd New Mexicu In thta dlatrk't loan ihulr votea Of doing duty on the border, lentlon ot ahandlntf the city and on the contrary was preparing wrfight™ Despite this amiurance every foreigner who can reach the railway la coning tu.Juarez, From many sourc«a U. 8. ollk-lalH hero hu'vi 1 obtulneil reporta that Vllla'w forcea now number more than 4,000 men, apllt into many bands in the w«it and aouth of Chihuahua stale' omclal adiniHsion of the «vacuattlan of Parmll by Q«n. Herrera'a Carranxla- comrnamijwtt* contalned_Jn a bulleV ".TaSuFiJ ut CtitTiuahua cityln wliicTi It wu« atated Herrura WUM "conaeni tratlng hla troopa" near Kgculon to other g«nt«ra)M, • • -.•-,' ance of petty politician* but in, caaex their namw have been from th« poll hooka after i ^,_ ,.„ tion. Fe.w fraudulent vote* wtU l»f S caat. C"' " , v » r -**' Both Democrat! and Republicans M*claiming the city and *taU>. Aa A JBMlt- ter of fact, the ailont vote wa» ft^ ao great aa thia year and tho state national manager* are hi .tho air. Tho city and county election! intari eat, centera In the fight for State Ati torney tif Cook County. Three candit dutew uro in tho field and all < victory. All ore conceded to chance, aa intenae factional ' involvwl. William A, Cunn_ _ iat, la being openly supported by Chicago Tribune, Republican. H»a a very strong run fo.ur yeara ago. 5Rui Democratic nominee in Maclay ------ preaont etate'a Attorney. The .^, llcan candidate, la Harry R. Miller, ,„ported by the entire city hall machine, but wilt b« generally knifed by *nt|l rhompaon Republicans. The flght between Lowden, Republic can and Dunne, Democrat for tho Qov- ernorHhip -ho« beon overahadowad- -*y ihe presidential flght, but it la ty acrap. In counting tho presidential and gubernatorial vote will reault TrURTY.FLVE OF THE 48 STATES WILL Rock River Valley Mlniiteml A H 'n. Conventi Monday. , J'luiJ** have bf»>ti foiii|>U«KHl for u mfetlng of tbo Rock Hiv«r Valley &ll« i»titriul Aasofiatioii of which. Sterling la a part to lit: Ill-Id in tlit* M*-ihodlsi church' in pllon on Alunday of- west week. Tho event will bring togutlutr a Iui'g0 number -of the mlnliiterit of this ' GOVERNOR TOMORROW -v- ---------- (.By— Uhtt«d— Pr««».)— -•-• Washing, p. C., Nov; 7.~-Thirty-llve of Amerivtt'a rorty-ulghl uttttea will <»lect governors -today, In twenty of tho thirty- iU'e the incumbi-nt govern- ortt are Pemocrata. : "•'.. Hotteat In point of iiU«re»t are the conteattt in Colorado, llliuoia, Indiana, Maattachuiiettu, New Jeraey, New York. Ohio and .Wisconsin. In nearly alt of thewi atatett, local und national Istiut's uro uirnoHt iiit>xtricuhly inUvd. In C*olomd[«J. the Prolilbltion advocate and present governor, G»sorg«j A. Carl- won, U llglHInjf It out with Judge J. C. Becaugo of Carlson's chani? of Prohibition, he haa been conceded- n>o*.t of the wumt-n's vote it) the ntuU'. • ."•'.. ' In }iid4attu. Cungressman ' Adair, • tt at, has inutlii u vigoroua cain- ttgalii»l J. P. Qoodrich. , . In MttSfacbusetta. former Kepretnen- lalivw eianut»l \V. MuCall, tile i»ri'»i'nt Goyernor, .is opposed by |<Vederl«k \y. In a. than usually hot ' from thtt atate law 'Which provide* the "llttl« b»llot" In which voting for varioua bond ia be .counted before the presidential voto, The election commiaitionerti hava hat.the vleotton mU8 t on fi gurus compiled from Mil prealdentiul electlona, JJughea and I tow* , should have uaV«7 today's elBctlon ove.r, WU»on and by a majority' eatlma^d at anywher* from 36.000 to 76,000. But tfuTt «f«y ifa* ««^i»it Judf^ delvln. the ballot boxea crammed with tho judgment* of approximately 2,000,000 voU'ia will be able to telL Qrdiimr ly Hllnola U 800,000 RapubH, c«*n. Botlr Hughea~ana l^iwden cam- munagera admitted today majority waa uncertain, but women awing theuwuil publluun mujorlty victory, wilaon Cppk county by an ttgera by 76,000. Punne manager* «ueh « mttjority qould never* be over- •«»m«j aownatate which waa expected to '-' ! In &»! duy.... • Tho I'lipremc t-oiirt'K fi.iliiix "« tflti sn't lieved tiutt . tioh f<>r .a the w'tU Uvuy will bt* it-ta in , township yiiit. tbti» i«, -for t'ach tlu« i\«m- way of «.' u *'ht>.iT unif to for his fact wry. Comiwiiy in tin'; tfbnck.ujguln la'KhSji t'j"'pa>' ibv tuuioii uf Us pupitt* 13 . lukmti ordt'Vjj attvittiliui,lUKh »fhuo|, u ^{<|ii*<>l dia-. • , • IfKrt nut witltin Jus 1 OEAOMAMVOTiOIN, SIOU|( CITY TODAY (By UuiU'd'• I'-ivita.). Hluiis City. la,,. Kuv. 7.--rOue 'dead awn's vott* was couritvd-to-• duv. Uefoix* st.v»)uiis for Vw- uUliion. H. l."uk.. Clan;tu't» I't'ter- Htiii.. u fjiLU-gmau. .'.. dvjMMtit.jttd. hi a. TmtTTi t in nu r "i % < > u 11 ("y uiuiTttir's \>l-~ lii'is tindt'i* tlu- uhtti'itt v«.it«r'ct law. Kiirout*' in- wu« kak«d- Though «if-;rd wheiF. the "polls ^tijwnid' "ins" biillut wa«» c-tiuiitfd btvau«« 'hi* li'id • iwmpltfd viiih 4'vt-ry iiii'U of tl.Ht luw. ut' .the and on tufa The q.|H>lking i- o'clock, ut which »»bb(?u,» VVooda will «olvt»l tCtbical i*robU*m»" and a .nuist it In- vvttl bt» held ut time tlw lti<v, tm '"I'll- Follow! ng th*/,,pi'i»wiU«Uon of thi» aubjec-t by Mr. \y«»wd«t, u di*v'US!»itin 'will, follow in 'witicli" inoiiy rff.tbo fli'i-gy itrt'scut will "'•in tlw» 'afternoon" the KJ»V, (.\ (Jniiu svill sj'«»k VlllUW -Ml' Ulf u '!T-hv» IVri.nuneiit . In New J»>r««»y, Prt>«hit>»£ \Vilson'« HiaU'. Walter K. Kd««, U«puoi)can, >\V. Otto Wlltpenu, formerly naval ottioep, of tho po»'t at Jersey •City, arts ttghting to succ'wcd ihi> -present. Democratic governor, James K Fielder. '• In NMW Yi>rk Governor A'lmrloa S. Whitmun. Hvimblit-an, formerly "dU-. tric't attorney at -New Yifrk,' ia opposed by., a ft>ruu*r Wunuu'J St'atnn.v, now UK u iHsmocrut. T, K. h»H endorat-.d Whltinun. f . . In OIIKJ, rS-aixk B. AVilUa! (lie 'Kopub- imtutubcnt, 'Iraa o|i|H)s*id to him ' , th« tivw by Ttu» visiting unit lo<.'4il in all this-wilt be'u.'itelpful oc.cuvlon iii ^ ^w given" »u oppi,>rtunity- to . views* and to iiun^le.. together. At tii*> jHJun"h.o.ur it Jw itluniKui, pro- titli'd Uitt Jvt»Uh»>r fundltit'H* twin -fa? uiuu be detyaUHl r tUe r Ju»t Urue for ifwinvwr reprcwnta-' M c«,»x. xiM' tight In thi« •f stuti> lia» Lewi full uf itfiwuu- .«iuJ all Hurt?, of |.jal c^rgi'H. who triumphi'd. wvvr.thc J*a in thw lii*i gub'ernuioriut Hurt WiiUania, n LK'luocrut, , AT Y, ,\i. A. will to Ittko an auto iki« tu -.'Oraud iv-tunis u>nlKbt aiu.l iho unU vnj«»y a baiiyu^i. Uiaily ijuv'JtvU, -fctH-ciaMy iitv is DeniocratH depended upon two thiuw muln.Iy t» «wW the JuU fw Wilaon «nd I>unne, Th» «r»t wan the i'ryirre««lv« vote and the wwond " women vote. Democrats claimed thirds If not three-fouHha of lh* eii for Wilaon. Th* claim* were'da* «M by the Republicana. Tlu 1 HcpubHouiiB 'alao denied tha Pcmocrutlc claim that n large part o! th* I'rogreaalvt-a would c««t th«lr bat* lotK_fur Wilson us the candidate moro iireaentiiitf their ldo«l« than .. M|'V r »»Hy have'had a large share in the lilimUa d«sclalon, Head* of labor uiganlisutions of the atstu ooenly de- clurwd for Wllnon uud wunne Qa th» * otiit'r hand the lieiwblicftns insJsted th« T*Mfc und file of fabor weV not In* tluwu-wl by the plending/ of the oi* •n heads ' cuat in following lit ill 11104 g.000,000 votea were In' llllnol* for the Ul IWH In HID 4 . .105,000 ...7T.OOO

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