Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on November 6, 1916 · Page 8
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 8

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, November 6, 1916
Page 8
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J»AG1 IfQHf. STERLING DAILY GAZETTE M0NDAY, NOV. 6, 1916. AMUSIMENT8. MOUSE OF FfAtUfcES GRAND TODAY Douglas Fairbanks The Hallbreed i Also comedy Mark Swain IN Madcap Ambrose VAUDETTE TONIGHT—FOX SPECIAL I See beatitifnl Virginia Pearson n TUESDAY 4F George Bchunk IN "PASQUALE Alto Selig-Tribune News LYRIC't . ... ROCK FALLS TONIOHT A utronir laughing To Ko Comedy, "LPRE BUT QHE" — Alio Universal Weekly FANCY IDAHO POTATOES. Idaho llnt for 20 ywim. If yni want 'th*t Will cook, nnd kr-oi» well, jure them at O*nle*.'» • DAILY WEATHER REPORT. Th« Chicago weather bureau for«- '*»»t today iv «« follow*: Fair tonight and .Twwday; cooler Tuesday. LITTLE LOCALS Rut*, *toveii and ranges, at Wooda.* T,*E, Foy. of Tnmpleo. «*i>cnt Saturday here on buntneH*. Want«d—Men to work In factory. In• • „„ w offlca National Mfg. Cnr J?r. Eik«y «penl th« week end In Chicago with hid Ron. • Ftor'rent—7 room all modern house »t UOt Sixth avenu«v Call Tho Roy 0, Wood* Store,* -- Urs, J. I* Darnell. Mr. and Mrs, C, .R. Johnson. F. W. Allen, of Tamplcb, «p*nt_Sjt|urday here 'on hunlnww. *" lit us nave thi*s ItepnblU»n» In the Ijwrlalaturv from thla district,—Brewer Oa»»nter and Carter.* Progreaslveti of !>«KaUi County " by making him their County Stand by Ernest Carter, Republican.". „.. , __. the Jaimneee bazaar w»U 'tlwf op*S" tn the mprnlnff and continue 'and evening:. Patrons will find attractions at very low. fi?< •«- TIM*. Wilbur and 8. M. C'amilnger, of l!UI*dK«ville. iipent Saturday here on A Tortured Heart/' Also comedy, Shows 7 and 8:43. Uswil {prices. ; Tomorrow, special, j Kolx?rt Kdeson and I Miss filcnnor Woodruff in "Bif Jim Oarrtty" 6XTRA! tr*v»| §»ri»t, Matin**, 2 and 3:45; night, 7 and 8:45, Ututl price*. W*dn**d*y, v»ud*vi|lt «nd "Th« Qirp «f Evil." DANCING SCHOOL IN MYSTIC WORKER HALL , Every Monday Evtnlng From 8 U 10 P. M. Vnr private lpj*«oh* call H. H. KELLEV, Ball phetHi 490R Your curtains and won't tag if hung on Flat Rod* *— WO We rctinntee them net to efc ttrnuh or rwt Qaaruitee the Bon Eour covering not to caHp. crack er ped, Vtff •trebf «<J danbtt. Stxndua rittt md cxten- tjoni to »ay «ae. Medhnn priced. We carry the t**tcf otfetr Iianre 'I»t Tnmpk-o Tiipurtfty, Nov. "-* Ml.i.i Fanny B<*«ver« rptunwl home Saturday nfter a wrek's ivlnit in Chl- j-ftKO and Rockfonl. Don't lose your .vote tomorrow by scratohlnu. Vote the straight Kepub* Ik-nn tlckpt.* Carload of early Ohio potato**. 11,85 t^r tnifthH. W. J. Mock.* Vole for FYmnk '), Ixiwdeh ami all nnd county tnndliJatr* tornor ............ PHc« range from 10c to 7t>c Rugs! Rugs! Rugs Do you have to buy Rugs this season? If so. you are interested Japaneso . noveltlen. domcBtkT and fancy artt«:le«, at bataar.* The little sevpn-yenr-old daughter of Mr. and Mr*. Hoy Glnther underwent a nopr ration for appendlcltln Batunlay hfternoon at the hospital. Kreah home-made rand lex at the twiienti bacaar.* ^ Vote for Brneat Carler for the Login- lature. You can «ofely give him thrW votes without endangering: tho other <andldates.* Chicago on -. Don't forget' DeH'4 -dancing nchool from,'7:30 to 9:(M>. Social dnnce from '00 to 12:00. Woodman hall.' J. Eagan wan a nunlnemi caller in Many Independent- thinker* favor Ernest Carter of I>eKnlh county. He In clean, capable, and j>opular.* Hoyal Neighbor dance Nov. 17th. Woodman hall. ISverybody Invited.* Ss note player piano "at a bargain." Vp-To-I>a,tp Mtinlc HOUHC.* William R*evo«t KUMtatned a nprnlned /wrlnt and arm while tinl'tadirtil a bale if wire at one of the.factorleH. '••.** 15c'taxi Btrvloe, closed car. Call Nlir* Confectionery 'Store.* Kcmember tfuxnur, Grace, Church' fiirlsh HOUHC.* Vote • for Huithen. Kalrbanke and Prosperity tomorrow.* Mrs C. tfprlnklo wn» a vlnltor and Hatirrdayr * Blectlbn returns, K. of ;"C, rooma. Member* only, llefreshmenta. Come,* Ifyvtio Worker Drill'Team practice, •- In Mytitlc Worker hall, Tuesday eve , nipf, Nov. 7th. Adrnhwlott 25c.* ' •' fn 1914 Ernest Carter was Chairman \pf. DeKlUb County I»rogr«»»lve Corn- He la now candidate for the ure. Vote for him.* Mildred DeBree, of I to an operation for appen mjg the hosptal Batur^lay morri, I , Jfnty 4) appears In the Pro- •ripiitve column,^—that of Krnest Car; 'Ufa Qlve him your vote.* Women, vote4he ntnUght Republican "i«8et^t»mdrrow and reduce the '- 4 - 1 - cojit of .Uvlng.* 'tg-i Buy Overcoats Now moo $7.50; $10,00 $15.00 $18.00 $20.00 $25.1 Fancy Idaho potatoes just u rived at erde*,' Come now.* ',...... Mrs. John Bryson, who recently submitted to a HprliniH operation in improving rapidly. Just received big"line of Victrohui ai Up-To-Date Music House.* Women! You can vote for president tomorrow Vote the straight Republican ticket for Hughes, Prosperity. Peace and American self respect.* Elmiendorf moving pictures, Academy of Music, 8 o'clock, tonight.*. Mrs. Joe Monottl is confined to her home on thc_ai. v cuunt of sickness. Don't lose your vote tomorrow by scratching. Vote the straight Republican ticket.* * Mystic Worker Drill Team practice. In Mystic Worker hall, Tuesday evening. Nov. 7th. Admlaslon 26e> Stout Women Find *La Caraitte* Corsets so Very Comfortable Because of the 0. ••• r«t. Ba<ck and Front /^Shield rv in l^a Oamllle may r*»ally with . wltnuut a ih<»ught of di»t-»m- fort, The Ventllo feature, *x«'lu*lv« l<a «'ant»nik«. n-Uwves un- rrssure upwn ttw »>pliie, pro. u fr<M> t-lrculttt l*»u of iiir, the l*c«r frtnn' sccniut,- Hit) tlosh «nd alltiwB a greater range of adjustment. It Is us impor^nt tu woman of uge and aitmiler tl«urt'tt m» that U'lid tu htoutiu*»ji. Mud«l &4 CL.L-, UluNU-uU'rtv id tho I'verlt'ss Corset fur Stuuf Women -•the l>oat UttiiiK and most wtyl- ish foraet ev.i>r tl«'«lgn?<i for th« titout fl£U'i'- Itiui long rublti-r gort'* «A't«r - hlpa bllshtly hikht*r' liu*,r m-w nipj^il in ffifwt «t wuu»t. »iinitnt>d. H ur Wyne Detitver Use Quaker Craft Lace & Puritan Washable Fabrics for— window draping Quaker Onft'Lnce (made especially for window draping) off jtn*a y seoroH of original arttl exclusive designs, wh one n perfect -amf-^minring exarn-- plo ~1) f thy 1 nee makers' art. .Quaker Craft Lace, from 20c to $1 Quaker Craft Lace Curtains . .$1 to $9 Puritan Washable Fabrics made in fullest variety of colors and designs, lending themselves to any decora-^ tive scheme, and are wonderfully inexpensive. ; Prices range from 15cto60c ' • * •» tarn trst Glance will tell your friends what an immaculate hnii«cl;cpper you r.rc if yoi c!i> your clenniast llic 1'iswll u-ny, An«! (hh is— krcpymu rooms tidy every day 1»y x*ccpinjj v,-ith a Biftscll'a Carpet Sweeper; bu( Rive l!icin their thofoujth weekly (-leaning with n Vacuum We have made our rug section a big, first-class department in C5 'Am'ilcan woman'i jBlJUhy for lb<> (ml 10 j»rsr«. DrscrirtlOn U anncremwry. Riitrtl'i Vfimww S***'! 1 !"^ i* *^ rat-y r«ifi niiie. li»nJ protMfllrd m«(:!ii« » ()'«» H«i« mnrf *uclion r^xv^f ihaii mo»t rlrftt c €(«•««>(•«. »« prnvwl ln"« ntimlvr "I |r«f« F.»»T In opttttf. to c»rr? from ro«Ri : . ittt>m: to empty soil «f tf clean. C»II ami !<•! u« <lemoa»tfif?. with ,rr «ny obl<B«iif»n on jn%it jntt, tl<* !•«•-<. f , rlcininj rlfU'icnry »«>! f-f»^n\ iV iTirilT Ihsl Toil VCCUTQ Vfilh fxr r-t"»»- Jcvii c Ilial lntn lli« fiitac Carpet Sweepers priced from $2.50 to $4.50 Vacuum Sweepers priced at $7.50 and $9,00 stylish^ and exclusive designs and /colorings, and where quality is strictly maintained. We feature W. J. Whittall's, Wilton and Brussels Carpet Co.'s, Alexander Smith's and Shuttle Worth Carpet Co.'s rugs in high class Tapestries, Velvets, Axminsters, Body Brussels and Wiltons. These splendid domestic rugs have an individuality and charm .that rival the best imported creations. We carry all sizes from small mats to the largest room sizes. -We cjfibte prices on the 9x12 size only, other sizes priced accordingly. .;,. 9x12 Tapestry Brussels Rugs, priced ajt.. . $20.00 and $22,00 9x12 Body Brussels Rugs, priced from. . .$31.00 to $40.00 9x12 Velvet Brussels Rugs, priced from..-;.. $21.00 to $41.00 9x12 Wiltons Brussels Rugs, priced from ... $40.00 to $75.00 If You Want to Be Sure and Get the Best in Feather Pillows Ask For Ventihealth Bed Pillows Those pillows' nro made from nJl new material; no second •band font hern, second, hand ticking, .uhpddy cotton,- floss, or other Hub.stitutea luive been used. The feathers have, been properly cured, thoroughly sterilized, absolutely deodorized and purified by the most approved processes. Prices range,from $1.50 to $5.00 per pr. Congeoleum Rug Border iH :bimnttfnHy grained in imitation of oak. Used as borders for nigsj it cannot he told from real oak. Priced from 35q to 60c ARMSTRONG LINOLEUMS Distinctive designs»fspecially suited to the needs of tin* home. are shown in a remarkable variety of patterns and colors, ••arei'ully'TfdtH'.t- ed and amiratoly priutoU. Priced from 50c to $1.65 Square Yard lemombiM- baaaar. Orac» Church j Vote for Hu«he» tomorrow and Parish Hou»e.» ; Wllwm from blundering into war.* ' A. II. Cooling trantittct<Hl luinlneas in ; -^' r - »nd Mrs. Qeorgo WiillamH, of Chicago Saturday. Kdrie, Pa., spent Saturday In HterliiiK ! Vote f«r Frank a Ix>wti*n *«d ail I aw \ Dt *o«L V!*Hln« JTIeml. . state 'and county candidates tomor- Women, put a «rosis in the clr«'|p. tow.* • ^ot* 1 the nepubltean ticket utruight.* Mr*. Ina Dornbuah returned to her home in i'laulllitii. iuwtt, afrr a -visit hero wftfi relativett. Women, put a OTOHH in the circle. Vote the lU'publicatt tl«k*'l «tr»lght* Itmbflle JLondo .recently Hubmlttt'd to «n operation at the ho«i»iml waa removed to her homo in Morriuon Sunday. •- •-• . ••• • A cross In the circle, llrst column, carries a vote for all Hepublican candidates.* How you can get rid Resinol Rcsinol Ointment, with Rc»i«v:>l Soap, usually $toi«s itchiog $'tufai*tfy. It *juickly and easily heals the most •"di«treg*ing cases o( cc*eina, r4»hor timibr tornn-atinir skin »r snip eruption, not due t<> st-ri(«is intern*I .^Wrf" t>.v ati Ml*a MabtA Wiln* spent tho we«k end in Dixon with Mi«« Neva Morris. Mrs, Vernon Twld. Kathurine Ankeny. Mr*. J. K. uraiwalt, Mrs. Puter- baugli spent Saturday here with friends. A crow* In th«> circle, llrst column, carries a vote for all Republican cau- Allmitn, the tw»tor, olllciatcd. Mrs. Jtiiy Hurra and l^ceter Burrs were tlit< attcmliuitM. Tlie bride was frfttlly Kowiii'd In |ilum colored 8|IH. > Mr. ami Mrs. WnilaniH, after visiting Sat unlay with Hterlrig and I>ixon frlendH, lett that ovenlng for Kdmon, Pa., where ilicy will rnak«-ihelr homr, Mrs. Wll- IIHJUH J« thn daughter ojf Afru, tJant of \yp«t Hfcfond . iitrcet. Vote for Hughes. Fuirbaiik* HIV! r»w>pifrity t«Mnorrow,* ' " Mrs. (ItarKfi Wuodburn. of Sioux City, towa. ha» returned ta h«r home ixftt-r spondiiiK a week ut thu hunu' of Mr. Mud Mrs. C. W-'Wuudbum In Sterling. Mrs. J. M. Hicfeford spent th* wct-k tf'in Fultou at th« humt> of her daughter. Mrs.* T>jC 'lietulricka. Mr, Kickford and rtnuglUer, CUarlottp, w«-nt lat«»r and returned Sunday evening, -Fred iless, of Bt>rwyn, spent Hurulay h»-n> with hU *sU& father, Kli Hew. mNNERJUISTS Mr.'and Mr». Rtynetdt Btller Ent»r- _ tain«d « Few Fritndi. Mr. and Mr». n^yuoidii Ufller tn- iiiiu-d ut dinner SuiuUiy evening' tulliiwmjf Kut'.sts: The Misjst'H EEAL ESTATE LOANS J Varia y«rt- . aisd fharies 'Jtansrhottsr; ilt-nry JOHN A. WAEti Attorney at Law MONEY TO LOAN , On Real Bstate Security MORTOAQE8 FOR SALE 411 Lawrence Bld0* aterllng, III, H. T. FEEGUSON {' INVESTMENT BOND! Net 4 to « pw «wt ~ - Kxe-mpt from Income Tax LOANS IN8URANCI 310 L*wr*no« Bld|. OUHIno, III, jriliOODTHAT MUSTEROLE FEELS! It Gets to That Sore Spot' :*-• Like Magic A-a-lil That's delicious relief f«>r those t,ore intti»clc!>, tlmsc stiff joints. that lame hack. Mu>tcr»»!e is a clean, white ointment, made vyith the «>il at iiiusttanl and ctlu'r luiinc .siinpk-s, Jl does the work of the old-j fashioned mustard plaster, minus the j piaster aii'l minus the hlitttrr! I ' YOU biinply rub Mufttcrnlc <>U life spot wJi'trt- tlte pain ivr-rub it oil briskly-'aii'! u-u.'tllv the pain is gone, Ko niu^s no I.otdcr. Ju-.t fDinfuH' ing, scoUii!",.: n-J »>f---fir^t a gt'iUic glow, tht'M a <Jt-l,f;litful ikfiib*' of'ccot- noss. And lu-^t nf 5»H, iif> blii>tt'r;> like iltt 1 fil'I-fa^li;' n«"<l tnu-<tard pla.-ter u.>?i| to nuke. Cbt MiiMTMjr for wn? thrnnt, !>r<»n- rhifii., t<-tt.-ihti,v rrcMip. stiff . neck, asthma, i\rnr i!(.:<a, 1'ftdachi-, rongeii- ti'in, pleuri>v, iliruntatitrin. lumhago, j |V>ins .mil achr-i of tlir b;u k <>r juiut< '•prains, sfir' 1 !;in-.clt's, l>r«|!,«»'.«, •cliil-I 'iLiiiiji, f.r."'-l f. ft ati'l cuM i--of 'llu 1 T Gifts for the November Bride Silver-Cut Gl^ss CMna The bdde's gifts bi>giu her • her. - They .'re Utwociaied with every .pleasure it brings. Is it HOV wonder tbjtl every /pi«?,oci is .t reinsured ulore with every paHsiiig y»t»rv 'J'hV rnoit? reaHon for cluxfein^ "gifts that on- dure and warrant the affect ion that in bestowed upon them, treasures that may be handed down .to future generations. 8u<?h gifts, it its our pleasure to sell and we'd enjoy showing you some .gifts, that' wiM livo through the years, it if tn- in whii-h yau .will take a pride ass well as the bridt*. Tlie prices will prove a pleading i (Jl (•".!' fc5; and JtKr, j. pii«'(inii>i»i4). of The . n ve»mn*m ofterui* a t> * o lu t.« •iif«ty.. Iptcrt'st anj without JOHN M. STAGER „ JjAtmoH, I'SL ^W, ^T,^ lenn i ngs r ele : r"' ""'" ''V : "" '." "•' """' ; -- : " : Opli Jeweler i Mi*» N.ilie at tl)i> «•!' S . t", READ THE OAZiTTi WANTS The HALLMARK Store m

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