Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on November 6, 1916 · Page 7
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 7

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, November 6, 1916
Page 7
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ILUNOIS. MONOftt NOV. 6, 19If.; PAOE SEV1H. Dr. t R. Perkins Expert Oral. Surgeon twertty-fivfi years thr Ic^.:)'-- fr» en th« Pa in Ic fnf*et*d teeth •orgery fv other Ulcerated Tooth is Fatal Banker &f Hancock, Wis.. Die«>of Blood Poisoning Resulting frtS.m lnfpcl«H Mclar, HiUti-iM h. Ui«, April !> S| t - j-iitl.l Dialli* A. Wall;-!, :i-< d Ji^i uiu- nf'flu' In-,--! I iimva ii'iiiK- «-'r«< ill i-flitfMt \\'i«<-in flltsll) H! Ill" -Misdl whirl! tli-\«-!'»i'« i- Infected teeth. Gums, Mouth and Throat, demand immediate attention. Neglect of these condition* deitt-oy health by infecting the" entire body and make op«rntion and final healing more difficult — Badly infected .gums tako a great deal longer to and ari^mor* sore after extrac- JUon. ^ulcflratecl ictth, blind or open, cannot be.extracted when •xtrcmcly active" and tore. E>. perts on these conditions are 'your best protection. Why run the ri*k? • HOTEL GALT Date* Nov. 15 Hours 9 a. m. until 4 p. m, 1,AI>V ATTl-'.N HAN'T. ' THAT BAD BACK , STERLING BOARD OF TRADE DIXON 6, MORRISON 0 IHotly Con't-xU'd G^rnc W.-j; Player! At Morison On Saturday Afternoon. I 'ills Jitiil 1 !i' ! '-'i f CHICAGO STOCK MARKET. ' 'hi. atro. 111 Xi", fi inl.U'l • h:<rt>-s ^ .-.u .1..:.!. ( -. l 't- ;t l-.i-lnoy r>'t»n''ly Ki()n«-y I "ills - OM» n;itn«« i that KoM"f-Mill.'iirn :.!-.,! )."•- iuii-!> !'n> ?>l\..ii lint' I'MI E';iit:«. I")! !!>>• !>!'!> k\ !:iil» Mi , (%. . 1'ioj'f.. I'-ulTiilo. N. V. pt<a'l> at Hal ai iity';i Ohio, 14; Wi«con.«>iii. Dr. Gouldihg Optician 1st Avc. and 3rd St., Sterling, III. i >. tr i »|»..| miiU'r'fs Store BELL PHONE 101 W f li<>mt/f«ik tin! tlii-\ V;i lit SK «.•*'•• t)i'' s;»tnf> f .mi!, loot bull iUHl i,*ii "xliil>lt|i»nH. !<*W :m<l < h<>«<> t«i Kaffir.) !•>• JUxt hillf «r,.!r.( «!'.!> 1!:" '••••r- "> !« I H.XOM |-i-i'"-f, i i| Ihf'll.K ill lllf f < i half :i»i(l (nl\ .nn <•<!' t in- !>all (!,.«ii ftoi'l on ;i M-r'ii'M ..f ruti.«, anil _»i-t>t«--l th< tA>.r< h-'liiw n "f I h*- IM ft rind "i'!'t! " ! 111' 1 I' I! 1 \ ! > •' • !«y ;i lilii • At At . Ann At l»ir-- MU'lilitan, Hit (•-!!. 7.'' '--••- i^ka, 3; Anii-w. h.i* ,i«u .Mlrh. l-'ri-shriH-n, "7; n Af.-it!., tl. Tin- fluid' *|!i;iit'-r wi- 5 a fn'f-.«a\v li.'nk nit'l fi-nh willi 1'iNoh ili-ilitr Oi<-• , , , _. , v , , 1»'«.| H.Tl;. Tli*- ••Alll>!lr !.'!< IV wi,..'^ At l-''i<-"l", N''». N " lllf 5.m T'-II yard liri*". j • A« i'l"Vrlim«l--\VrHtrrn Star Playing.^ ioin-rlln, ;!. • <';>,it;iln Austin of i In- M«II i.-'i(! 1 \t ,\,,|t It'jim }>li»yi-(l tin- ,*t,ir >;;ittn< !i«r hl« ' i;,.),,,. )t . Ii':im. V'Hilielilt itt i|li ; ittir pha'-d a ^ j () ( . "~ JTT!W i-Jir/ ffir jf -I fc 3>->>fi- ~^i ».e oxera I'M, .Minn.— Oirlolon, • SO, .jni;« - (..rinni'll, 2J; Krak.-. nff, -t'Tif n-,- Mt,H«f f,?t-,f«-r ftitntM'-ri ,;-,,,,,-,(,!, r!ll . : \ t ,; n |p,, iv t;;;,. ; nf: r1 fi»o, !;f,t>- At <i:il aiii! Hnvv j"(ia;'-ij«.(j flit- Istll aii'l • ar- ! j, uni?t .,„,( t,- t .>vf|i'.i the h.i.ll I-T 4 >i\- ; h.n <l. I'l. rli-.l H I', hiii.! the u«ial pilots tor tlit-j,,,, Hardiurr' atut \Vhttt ot»o«-- piay.-.f • ,\ , N,,rin'fil, HI.~-Jtf!itHry> )t!"t tout -hijou n 'of- ih«- Battle.. It- wn« r t |,,,| r ujmai sidlar triitnt •-» at! ••UK) t \orttitil. i«. a \.'ty ,iti-ji. ions hl-j.:it)Hin« tult I >uhm I <.,,,(,),, \\'hiic Sh.'ivv ' wa«i the t-nrMintl to Iiiif. (t. A_..?tiW' n\in»t«'« l;it«l" tht> v!n ;!"!• .'-tit.i.-'li" 1 '! • throiich th'/ S-U-rliiii Hi!" d«l lin-il 'if«! .voiifjUf and ,«!(.'. <.*»- J Oixon Line-Up. 41 ft:li> 'lU'Knl L..,'U, .MdlliK-, 7: KOrllwr, [ '|-j lf . u, ( ,.|||, f,,j. IIIMIII u;i« Sh,i\v. l< H », (-,, |,,,t•|lrM : 'H)JM-tcr .-nili'il tin- ,.,,,i, |'|. tninUii.. l.-rt t.u'l;l. ; S<:h..-j \,\i r -. iMttii.i si nji-i1T|iitatrt,,;.':.V f>itr»W«ti-r«»H|7_,-.|,| r Hff'wilirT.-) 1 : lH\itn, i i tsli'i; (i'n t! - ! ni-H. •'. . .. ,.,,.„,,„. ,,, ,>,.,,. ]„..,.,„ s'nr At l».'i-atui--MiUi»sin. C.7; UlinrStffr. £A3T. . Son -rritlciHun," Jl'; IHick, STERLING DID WELL loin " i At XV.".t r<«iiH -Aniiy, 30: Ntiln- .«,i %lmt «-i"nl«-*f il HO i;ir /ti« j','u.'ii"i'V hink: M.'n l!i")i>ni«-w. ftitl »..o-k: i ' ° ! " ' , '' , . «•!.• fhrii'i-rni'd. IJoih«, i«,,,,i,.. nu j,i . tll |_ i,.,, u, and u.ool *., - vt ' '«'»'" ''j-' M.irs.inl. M; Vlr- anil isetther '!Kl«t* - ti'ly (tin t"in linniif. llir«'«* •u.itlci')'. I lfc j .Mniirn* -liaj"* left half hio k of Eleven a Strong Battle n . » «*i Saturday Afternoon. ultly -»n«<> i;..i. -hun:. rh«.y\Uvf«-uti-.i rnui<.i» i,y the ".nut- ,-tofo tluu lli!-\ won from ^ , liii'iiUH: IJIffcii't- 1'nil-it<», rinMfian lii-ad lin< ,«nuiii. A'Ut'il "f KluiX ; At Xc\v Ilnyi'ii Vale. 7; (."ulcul*-. !!. Mor-> 'A! Ithaia <'iiiu«ll, I.'., CHICAGO GRAIN MARKET. ' "ill! .IJf.t. Ill . N'll.. 'v \\'f,iea! ----- Xo, ^ .r*/!. fl 7!i I-)'./ No. ;Tif<l, *l 7.11-1; X.< t r«-.|. * 1 .»•:> n 1 '.;, No. _' hard winter. $1 M '>> 1. V, :!- 1 ; No. •'! Imnl Mli-ttr, $1 7 '.» ;{-*'•< ! vj i-->; No. 1 hn'rd winter, II r.ti'.i If,", - Xevv t'oin -N*'. - vellou, $1 'in ] -,".i l.t'.ll-l: Xo. ,'! ytllo'u. <U 1-^-n !>:, ]-_', No. 4 yellow. **';'•(!'!; No. • - r d ;i;t; X'o "• \clloW. i; No. 4-uhlti<. >>. ; 'n :':;; No. iss; NO. t, \shttr. V;{',>vi; ; '*>:«".; No. 4 (tilled. ^ 4 .'.f ',>.]. No sri^istt. No. ti iul.\(<d, s,!; Hinipie «tuilr. JH'./St. iili) Con- No. -' M||O«-, I! n;!',i i H4; No. ;j vilow. u ."_"ri i .n.'j., NO t; \riiow. !«7; No. 2 white, JMC'. No 3 uliit.-, J| . "I: N .white, ;i7; No ~ tnt\ei|. A for >o«..- , v . > if-- •• • r.v^ ; f / I "...; j ./. • *^« . / - - • .. - AjT.^Cf w*^f r«* , Ml* M ^AKu -» ** nwr*-j-**fc * t* %•> ^* »r^i « f- J>S&. » j » *»^»*^A**A ! V t If the vote tomorrow v-erc to be cast lor most popular roofhijr, instead of for the election of m-.iioi ul ojficials,there would be an X overwheit7i'",?>: plurality in favor of This is indicated by tl;:. r u:t du«i "The General" makes J ; « of all the asphalt roi) r nfing made in America. The balance is "stuttered" amung 39 other manufacturers. .Each year CRRTAIN-TEED rolls up a.strikingly in- ^ creasing numherol ativt>catcs,because tin's type of roof is coming l° oc recognized as the eflicient covering for all kinds of buildings, with cither flat or pitched roofs. Roofing . f n^; No. 3 inixe.l, Jl.On, No. 1 mi%<»l. I"!. Nii. 'f» inl\<"l. :(.'•; FatHS'le Klaile. |ili. ''•jits No '.' mixer!-. M'ti:.! t-^; No. 2 v. hit*-, r.;u»i,"»i i-4.: S'o. 3 white, r.i ;!-(•/» re i-J: No < white. M.l-4 si :»2 l-l, Std.; r,i i-iiffis'i-a. Harh-y ...... t'awh, >*)*»- 1. :'S. FOOTBALL RESULTS WEST, Al \VI!liariis!-.« n. .1.. Tin re 1^ Ho i'«ani<» »<-li< .luleil for lu-vl i At l - hu.i,-o «'hii AniitluT" ilfcfi'iil \\sir <;ini)ti'(! tt(i * S:itiu <l,i\ hut nti*N"uV. 1 'i inir IMIVH «<">' At |s|<tintijiiK('<ti, Itid. k^uiiiHt I lit* Slfilhttt IH«h {^«'h»».i| fi«.t - tn Ititi-kfrint wU««n»tthpy will try to to- 7. Indiana, •< hall ti-ain Sdluiil.iy v, lu'ti it nn-t tin- tii>-\l> p-i'- 1 . nii--f«'r!ii(i'-H. At .Mimx ii'"lt" llfh.' Cii '. — -T •- -- - Iti: Punlil At •w. - - WilllamH, Mtl.-s:*, — |),u linuiltli, !!; Muni'- 0. At l'hl|;ii|e||ihi;t )•• tin. 1!»; Lnfnyette. CLASSIFIED RATES ONB CENT HELP WANTED—MALE is clean and sanitary, cottslcss to buy, less to by, Jc<« to maintain and less per year of life. It is cuaraniecd for 5, 10 or IS years, according Co ply (1, 2 or 3)'. It actually lasts longer. The secret of this lone life lies in the quality of the roofint?~fcltranti-th«- asphalt saturation. Roofings do not wear out — their life depends upon the length of time they retain the saturation. CERTAIN-TEED is made of the best quality of roofing felt; and is thoroughly saturated whh the General's own blend of soft asphalts.whichkeept ^he inner WANTHI) -< < OHX IMCKKItS ANU C.'iriietltcix. Miles C'. Whatrtehl. Moth |ihot»e.«, . li»7-ln'.l I-' A &* : v? for Economy Write for "Mak\. , -^ ing Deliveries Ddiver Profit." — HoW to Cut- Delivery Costs • and .Bwild Good wai,! WANTH1> — NKiHT JUSHWASJU'.K at th*- Jefferwin Cfifi>. 1<i"-Ui* TO MK'X—OUH KY8TK.M OFTKA'.'H- iriK IwrlM'i-jnK cnnhleH you to Icsirn a !»ro!1tahli>.iirofi»H«ion "iih'kly. Write Moler I'tilleKi', Fifth anil Monroe PlilritKO. '" :; "' 104.129* I » \VANTKD~-LKAHN HAUHICK THAI>K • Itjjp pnyltiR tratlr>, K««y to It'nrn hv utir NyslMii, \Vrlle for « - .'i!nl"«. ">)i IClh St.. .Mollne. Ill, Tri-t'ity li.irhf-r the ordinary roofing. CERTAIN-TEED is made in rolls; also in slate-surfaced shingle*. There is a type of CERTAIN-TEED for every kind of building, with flat or pitched roofs, from the largest sky-scraper to the smallest residence or, out-building. * CERTAIN-TEED' u sold by responsible dealers all over the world, at reasonable prices. Investigate it before you decide on any type of roof. Y General Roofing Manufacturing Company World'* La*g**l Manafactanr of Roofing* and Bailttinf Paptn WANTHD MOV. HIXTHKN Oil OVJ-Jn, ami KuturdJiys m 111 Fofit'M N«w _„ ^ St. Lout* B0*t«f> tbwfb Oatroit JUo Fruci»co Lc» Aoaultf* Milwaokaa m Orteaw* . MU«»«|t«H« 5*a<ti' K«n»««.Cll ^niioiMi Ott» Motoio< M*M.*CA k Dululb Copyrighted 1316. Ueaerai BooCui: "Manalocturtni; fv>. WANTKD— CJOOU TKAMSTKH. O.VK who can haul, liuy ' und ileliver. W, K Flock, ins if Save $1400 Model H $1500 Model H WANTKD- OFFK'F. (iiuiAT Kinih.'ill Mtiflc Storf, 13 Wt-«t Third Ht, Muni play iilano. .1. K. 'Moon-, FOR REJJT >*-^4t 1 Ton Capacity, $995 Chassis— -.j. $1OO Down—Balance Monthly i >, i * - • ^ This unprecedente'd offer is made t© mov6 these trucjks AT ONGE as we must have room for immense shipments of raw materials arrivkig dajly at our factory. Our Necessity Is Your Opportunity * * F< i nru-: .XT— H i\- mm MH < '» i s K vvilh inmlt-rn lni|ircivrrn«MilH. Or will' well «n »'ji»,v tjT.niM. K. .Vn"J^>y Cult. • " : 107-lOS* K<>« TIKNT- MODKKX «IIO! r SK. AT 810 \V<»Mi Thlnl St, Itu.ulrr- Wm, T. Oalt & Co. KI7-110 l-'Ofl IlKNT^flOOMS FOR TxIClIT hiiuwkmepiiiK In inoilt-rn houm-. Thrw blnrkM from town. CM t-vftilnKx aft- «ir 5:30, 8 W«'»t Sixth St. 107-113* WE HANDLE.AND RECOMMEND Certain-teed Roofing and other Certain-teed Products They Last Longest and are Guaranteed by a Responsible Concern Rex Paper Co., 1061st Ave., Sterling, III. FAItM FOR ItKNT AT f.t'5 KHcn A vi'. 'Auto pwfi'rrfil. H*7-Kiy BAIIN FOIt .... hnrwfH of Smith. tv Tall Fiir*l ^Vl 107-108 FOH KKNT Oil HALl-J-KOfll MO11- r— Kttvy— ^<*rtns,- -Mr- -<~ lioth phiuioH, 107.109 YOU CAN BUY CERTAIN-TEED FROM Johnston Lumber Co. ROCKlirALLS FOft HKN'T— MOriKlltf- HOt'HlC. H1X rorirnn nnd.halh, lioi and colil w.*it«>r. Ain'ly 'to J. K. J'lilUlps, 103tf FOK HKNT--OKKIOK ^irKTlioitK '" Block. W41 phono 776-1, to secure a truck of PRQVEN merit at a saving of $405, on terms vqhicb make it possible lor you to poj. us as the truck pays $ou, : In all sor^s of business—under .-.all sorts of conditionS"-"LITTLE GIANT 1 ' Trucks have wonderful ..records for service — smoothness We Fearlessly Back '•<*•.' of operation — reliability-r--and low .upkeep. Unstinted capital and labor have been expended to make them 100% right The leading mechanical, engineering arid manu- facturinK ability of'America has been concentrated to perfect them. As a result' • / -> -, i * Trucks With the Guarantee D KOOM FOH UKXT— rorjvcnlcite«>«. 1)<>H iihotu ' FOU HKNT—MODEKN Third Ht. Inquire A. 86t f and Resources of This $ 1 2,OOO,OOO Company Thousands of America's leading business problems add to your profits^and to/ your houses use and endorse "JLITTLE plANT" peace of mind. Trucks. They always have delivered- always Th ' ft disniav at our Mirhi will^Uver^more.^^!.^.^ J^S^%Zn° C_^ffl^ A "LITTJ-15 GIANT" on.your Job will ore- 9 p. m. As the number-is limited, we advise ate good will, through improved service econ- that you wire or phone at our,ex?pense reserva- omuje time and labor— annihilate your delivery tion order subject to approval on delivery. ' . . *' ( ' Write NOWifor'the comnlete-stor>'of "Little Giant''economy ''Making Deliveries Deliver Profits"-- a little book of BIG value to every business man. .__ »!|-u hoiiMi! at HU8 Htxlli Avt'. Call Th« Koy (1. Wi»oiln Kloie. loytf FOH hBN'T — aroiwEUN SJRVKN". rooni ht«une. 801 Third Ave. HOP Hobry BreldMw, 'earner <th aiu} l*>- euat St. »»>tl FOH KENT— s-nooju iionsi; AT cu \V. FlfUi St. Bi-il 3!»§W «T Intrrtitat*. 323: loh-iuy HAI.J: - MISCELLANEOUS YKMI-: Hvnr.v, :• trinuiii'il. newly ^ v . ^ j,aint«..l niM-clHss roiultti..!,. ,J'ri";. I^DUCS; -<»ri{ CATALOOim liX- 1_1._/. : ... u>{ c —,-^, 1U J' 10 |' } pt.iln.-i' tmw we trnt-h ti»trdr<H«((tnK.- -"~k* l-iil~uil'l7- b'.Hity t-tihui.' w i;hitujHidy ••"'•• Ll " mi i," r»AL»r«- i™- r .u-^ Hook V-Vi'llt' ' **' '' liUVu* ' '. ^± Full. SSAUH-HKAVV „», in n^i-cluHH r. «i-»k.» u KOMI ml k w Arthur I.. Mulnix, t " WAC • ai. W.mM j r,.r faitm-i UJ AVI-IUH- j S ANI* HOAHU- . jvau> f , ,, y tvmr ally lo- HAHN .Ave, 4 HKNT AT. f,0y HKC to i>rt«iv.m»tt. (i<>nt|t«ii)i>u SUsKS, 6»i' FOR SAWS— FARMf LANDS . unU $5 inunthly; »u» iut*T*'»t or Illgllly |UO*lllc.tiVl' Ititld; cluno t" 3 !*. . \VrHt! fur lr»ri i r CHICAGO PNEUMATIC TOOL CO. itt}S Mii-IUgan Avenue . fii.ll iii.f(-nn«li»>it. MuiiKvr A.IT^* X. V ' I.lff. JihJB.7< -'.KHIIMUW *'it.V, Mi» win. T futility in: MV HH«-.\CKK 1.1:1 u for a f .u HI of _;i)0 ";H !•*•> •'iii<l uuiv |iut tlifHifiiL'i' ui i-_u»h; Wriu FOR SALE - OH SALK—Koru Fri.i, I'l'I.uul rhliia liui;>. .1. J! S -S, H"Xi-r, I'niirli-vHIi'. PUBLIC SALE PUBLIC SALE. . v I will M L li at i»ulillt- wil«> on tine* of thi ll«>ni>."M. l>ftw«-il«T faun». »,<a i utili'.-- iiMilIt of Stcilini; and V* milt north *'f I'l-niOKC oti'tlte FriH'imit mail iln> fi>llo\\iiiK inu.u'i I v, on WE ONES DAY, NOVEMBER, 8TH. Jli-.iti of I'atth- I'miJ- >i>w* OIH- with calf l>\' lit-r K.ll-olti >!»•«', ,_7 StlH-l^. ( i'ANTKiJ - AJ.h KINDKpF -t-iUL<'!' \vurU in itui'k Falln or W t',il|T5i'H j-flHsiitf,3l_ti-», 1'". It. Oubaon. i'ANTCD -• Si:i'«»M)-UAXU AUTO- limbo'"*, will _iiiy tli^ «M~i» »• ll .ill Kiiol* iif «"-t iini-t', jMJit ti>r nil tdmlH (if fur ui.vl .hi.I. - .Mlki-, UN- *•)& Tfillor. Jluth |<l,i.|ll .-- v afllt .1! u In. i »<i/i' *-afc ISnlli H) 'ji!l itnll Uni>, . I ,4 \iil\f~*. 1-ln'iiiM n'\\«-ll iijiit Jl"! «i«'Ul I'til! 13 llf'.ui nf 11 >it i 1 ..!.-*!-! ^1'dlt « tUoHlHs itlil Yll,'. 1 -, 1 lu>,4*^ t\\' ill \\'<>l\ III' <l I'olltul Ol'li I y:n m M n lutd i \ 1 I'liMli S\«-i V A likll't: S Ji'ilVV ,' l.,lli\>- '"II u Avn:i» i-1\ i: I'IUWT-CI,'AS,S t'Aiu* !•« i-t. i- .it . in-", rail u 11, JJuiiMiy. li.'ll f.l MI i hlS. ins-log* \v.\\ n:ii VACANT I-.«»T.S. JOU-N M !>'. w. .- 108-111* U\\NTI.U I.OAIJ t;u»»l>, NKU' TIM- tf,li\ \i,\\. .iiijtu.i' .l,ini,Hcn _v iioc- l-fi! H ' 10it-10>l o? in n 1 Ail « '<•! UUi R « ' i II )•!!!<(< 1 I » i«ij 11 ii' In r «»i I in.J i "It- • i *i'<iv\t iHlU. Mi! I • "'j I "I • I' >'. l > 1' f'l -V 1 ' ,.t- ']',' • lik. tl i '-,)lltl I, <''"»•'{•• >l ' •ii. ' . ..: ( !'it . -!, ' ' !• . ! I i\ !• t • .'• •• ' ,^.:v> ! i >M T< . f. !!.i t.'-1'"- . t.,. \\l,» -.^ j.:h'il> .1 -i- it tl ilm !n(,; tli'o .vh S IU - ** ,.I.Ilf ,!i,llll Hi JIIIl llllll! <('.r,-! . t J- .1 .'illl«l!.t " AK T i- fcif >!••.• .1 i .,i s 1 it 'i i, n» i ixl' ' . . Ut U.M -Mi t*. A T.-UH- 'fl I'.mtHv I I.V.I ><t. !»'T- h" > n i:\i_ •'.1 S. i'"ufl As" Mil!*,i \\' J!ill. < > 4) in i 'i j- r< M, ti i > • . Ml., VI . 'Mil' >'•-, . I , • O\, , !' 1 , Itll"! ll' ." il.M)(' !.,!',. ' I., . I • (, • l\ • 11 i I f! i. . • t i; . '. .•„ A Eye and Health FITTED Hrs. 0-12— 2-6 i. , , i 1 ha jk i cut- in* iH« STfeHLING, ILL. 9 E Third St.

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