Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 19, 1968 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 19, 1968
Page 4
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ttMbT,.rMn«y 19, INI Olppics Ends on Angry Note By MOKRl^lCoSfiHBEKG Assoftiftted Pffcss Writer XJRENOBLE, Ffilhce (Af>) - f fie Winter Olympics, beset by injury tfid *ar m weather, ead* ed in controversy and anger, and possibly set the stage for fttofe of the safne at the Summer Olympics next October, iff (I«t| im .frMtf fit (Hfitt BASKETBALL frem Page Four 51 Television Schedule WMtORJ*l**fl 1 1 60 fOMf SHOW '* 6128 6130 2ft. sign on (Han, thru fhur.j Citadel 11, FiifiMft 61 State 99, Alabama Midwest Kansas 71, Nebraska 60 Southeast Missouri 14, Southwest Missouri 73 Notre Datne 64, Bradley 6 i hm. Stale 13, Missouri 10, ov* Wto tOltAt. Kl. I» 6:30 ?!00 8:00 Nbfthwestern 69, Michigan State.61 ' .. . , Kansas Stole 1g r Oklahoma 48 »V« "A C*th«rlfl» of t«|l«i n toek Hud«6ft, 6«l i finy the ice and snow all but over. Jayton tO,pePaUl58 sn'adowed the athletes and such ?t. kmis I3,Drake73 n^-rfermaftees as Jean^Claude Indiana 98, Michigan 92 KS S of the men's Al. Cindnnati 75, Tuisa 58 «W skiing, Eugenio Monti's Minnesota 83, Ohio State 79 t&) victories in the bobsleds Oklahoma state 10, Colorado and a pair of gold medals for 68 ... •T6lfll Gustalsson In the women's South Dakota 89, Mornlngside 10:00(Colot) 10!30(COl8f) UiOOM nnm rue* THt BIG VALLXY 10 O'CLOCK jorr SINE Off 10:00 IGttS I0i30 12s 00 Monday, February 19 thfi Mohkec* N&C (G) R<swan and MAftln Laugh*In SBC the Danny Thomas Show K8C (C) 1 Spy NBC (C) N**»8 and Wcdther (C) tonnle Gibbons Sports Show the tonight Show NBC (C) St*n Off fit » 8(30 §106 §i 35 10l3d 11 i 3d 13166* C c Tuesday, February 20 11 in Terry McDermott, Tim Wood^ 61ane Holutti, Jenny Fish and Mary Meyers, nor its disap- jSilntment In the injury-prone tfJS* skiers and the hockey team. In all, the United States finished with one gold medal, five silver and one bronze— a total of seven, one more than in TUESDAY. 6:45 AH FEMUlMtt 10 TEST PATTERN "The Games officially closed Sunday night in traditional cere- rtbnles at the Grenoble ice rink arid the extinguishing of the Olympic flame, which burned for 12 days and nights for 37 countries. It will be relit in Mex« ido City and more countries will be represented, as usual for the Summer Games. But a number who normally would compete now look doubtful. A bloc of predominately Negro African nations have pulled out, protesting an International Olympic Committee decision to allow South Africa with its apartheid policy of segregation to", participate with an Integrated team. .-.There also Is some fear of a Russian pullout after the Soviet Union denounced the IOC decision. U/'Without Russia the Olympics Games would still be the Olympic Games," said Frank Braun, president of the South African Olympic Association. "In any case, I cannot see Russia withdrawing—not with all those medals at staJce." j-He; added that there is "not a draw-ingi^aWan act of self sacrifice should Russia withdraw. , 0( And while that turmoil bubbled, Austria and Karl Schranz still raged over Kllly's victory Jin the special slalom by default Saturday, Killy, the Games' top performer with victories in the ^downhill, giant slalom and spe- 'cial slalom, accomplished the jare triple that only Ton! Sailer of Austria had done before in 1956. But the speeding Frenchman needed- two disqualifications— Schranz and Hakkon Mjoen of Norway— to win, and send thousands of Frenchmen celebrating and an equal number of Austrian* screaming "foul." Southwest Houston 106, Air Force 82 Hardin Simmons 108, Oklahoma City 89 Trinity, Tex., 94, Abilene Christian 73 Texas Christian 73, Texas Tech 55 Texas A&M 67, Baylor 63 Pan American 98, Texas- Arlington 82 Texas 94, Rice 83 Far West UCLA 88, Oregon State 71 Utah 71, New Mexico 64 Southern California 66, Oregon 59 Utah State 96, Colorado State University 75 Weber State 74, Idaho 53 Brlgham Young 101, Wyoming 77 Idaho State 68, Gonzaga 65 Arizona State U. 78, Arizona 61 Washington 91, Stanford 80 7iOO(Color) SO»'S BIG-TOP SHOW '8:30 DIALING POX DOLLARS THEATRE "So Proudly We Hill" Cttudette Colbert, 10:30(Color) HOW'S YOU* MOTHEI-IH-LAW 11:00 fcgVITCHED 6.'45 6 .'55 7:00 7t25 7i30 8 $00 8:25 8:30 9iOO 9:25 9:30 10:00 10:30 H'.OO 11:30 11:55 12:00 i!:30 3t3fl 3»06 3l25 (C) RFD with Bob Bulce (C) Morning Devotions (C) the today Show KKC (C) Arkansas Kcws and Weather The Toddy Show NBC (C) The Todny Show NBC (C) Arkansas News and Woather (C) *'2o The Today Show NBC (C) Snap Judgement NBC (C) Nancy Dickerson with the Hows Concentration XBC (C) Personality NBC (C) The Hollywood Squares N*BC Jeopardy NBC (C) Eye Guess NBC (C) Edwin Newman with the News 5 tOO S«36 7»60 81 oo IfllOO U: 30(Color) TREASURE ISLE 12:OOH THE rucmvE liOO(Color) NEWLWED CAME l:30(Color) THE BABY GAM l:SS(Color) THE CMILDRW'S DOCTOR 2:00(Color) GENERAL HOSPITAL 2: 30(Color) DARK SHADOWS 00 :30 00 30 00 30 00 30 00 30 00 00 3:00(Color) DAT IN C GAME 3:30 DIALING FOR DOLLARS THEATRE "Curse of Dreeula" Frances Lederer 10:00 10:15 10:30 Little Rock Today (C) Let's Mjike a Deal NBC (C) Days of Our Lives NBC (C) the Doctors NBC (C) Another World NBC (C) You Don't Say NBC (C) the Mike Douglas Show (C) • I Love Lucy ^qual Rights" F Troop "How to be F- Troop without Really TryinR (C) Hurt t ley Brinklcy Report NBC News and Weather Report (C) I. Drenm of Jcannte NBC (C) The Jerry Lewis Show NBC (C) Tuesday Night at the Movies 'Sunday in New York" with Jane Fonda and Cliff Robertson News and Weather (C) Lonnic Gibbons Sports Sliow The Tonight Show NBC (C) lOt IS 10 « 3ft 12 1 00 ttSOAf SRO* * C fOBA* fit S««SVfi!>dftf*<S too*? SHOI* * e SIIA? 4t«»!fiN? • C mm * c * C PtRSONALlfY - C HOttYWOOO SQUARES * C J80PAft&t * 6 1*1 sofas - e IV'MWfLttrt - C PM tfit'8 MAXK A BfeAt eAfft or oira.tivw fHt eoeroRs * c ANOTHER WORLO * C YOU OOW'f SAV - C 'fH*. MATCH SAM1 - C MftC NEWS - d LAFPALOf CLUJJ - C VAMttD 08AO OR ALtVB MARSHAL DILLON - (UK HONtLBY-BRlNRLEY - C NBWSCOPE - DAVg MCCLKLLANO VHRK StlERMAN - C AL OO'ROOK ON SPORTS - C 1 DREAM Of JEANMIE - C JERRY LEWIS SHOW - C TUESDAY MIGHT AT THE MOVIES "PRESCRIPTION MURDER" - C PETER FALK, OENE BARRY, NINA rOCH NBWSCOPB - DAVE MCCLELLAMO VERN STIRRMAN - C AL flOROON ON SPROTS - C THE TGNKWT SHOW - C EVENING DEVOTIONAL fO| fJO . Wl I 100 f AiK* with £«etl ft 3Ut« ftlfl (C J tm (C) frfttgtftfd CB5 CB3 (0 11 1 oo 111 8 111 12100 It 00 2125 2<30 Pffi flandld fh« Andy Of Hijb«fft CM Tn« Dick vtn Dy» tx3*« of Lif« em (01 Ofifl Hld-Oty *•*• S«*roh fop f««ffov 188 (<5> tn« Ouidlnf tight 081 (C Ky« on Amtiniu (0) Aa th« Vcacld fn«it CM9 c t Mtt (C) Ii30-2»oop«« riliibtiry fetkioff A«»rdt CSS (0} CM Affe«fndon ffi«i td«t of »lghfe CBt (G) 3.or»t Stom 083 (C) (C) - ' Bunwtt A r«t«f Patry K**en "Olifc tiring Flih* MoHsi*'< N*ry WhoW»«Th*tO«n** CBS Bftnlng ft«w»i CBS (C) AfiXU Ksws- Oeofga Mo«f« MOO 5*00 5l30 6100 6il5 6t20 6J25 6OO 7»30 8 «30 KATV 10125 iOtlO Sporti Ut« N«w« Roundup (C) national 0*ogr«phlc Sp«e «th« A*suon" CBS (C) Th« R«d Sk*lton Hour CBS Tuesday Might MOYi* (C) "Sl«g« at- Red .River*Richard Boon* , Joanna Dru H«wi - Oaorg* Moor* (C) (6) «l (d) (cj 3port« Byi-Jlji Landars (C) Chann«l 11 Aoadany Thwatr« " " Washington State 87, California 66 shouting with French newsmen. East Germany also left with a hitter taste after three of its girl lugers, running 1-2-4 In the singles, were disqualified for heating the runners on their sleds against Olympic rules. There also was a minor battle between the Ski Federation and IOC over the use of manufacturers' trademarks on skis, and a protest by skiers against the use of classification runs to determine, starting^ positions -in the slalom. 5:00(Color) ABC MEWS 12:00 5:30(Color) 5:30RE?0*T 6:00 RIFLEMAN 6:30(Color) GARRISON'S GOKILLAS Sign Off irM , «u 1^1 7:30(Color) IT TAKES A WIET IIHII If • h£3 • MONDAY L FEBRUARY 19 ^ ^ — - f 8:30(Color) N. Y. P. D. 6:30 9:00(Color) THE INVADERS ' °° lO-.OO(Color) 10 O'CUKK REPORT 9 [ 00 lOtOO 10:30(Color) JOEY BISHOP lOjlS 12:OOM SINE OFF 12»00 PM THE MONKEES - C ^^ W ROWAN t MARTIN'S ^-^ LAUGH- IN - C THE DANNY THOMAS HOUR - C I SPY - C ; NEWSCOPE - DAVE MCCLELLAND .'.,. AL, GORDON ON SPORTS - C il THE'"TONlGHT SHOW - C EVENING DEVOTIONAL ' • • ^ .:-;?.v.v..tMi).;.' ! :x :r;n: j,:i;;'i the* nnnrfmttnf nf Sh/»ri T.!nrl«:r»v Sh*»'s thet finncoa of .Jimmv 8t30 9iOO lOiOO 10il5 I0s20 10:30 7t30 8i30 9(30 10:00 10i25 10(30 11(00 11(30 12(00 1(00 1(30 l:5a 2(00 2(30 3:00 3s30 5(00 5«.30 6(00 6(15 6:20 6(30 (C) MOHOAY. FEBRUAKY 1.9 KATV Monday Nl*ht Movie "OPERATION PETTICOAT" (C) Cary Grant, Tony Curt In, Din* M*rrill Jo»n O'Brien Ptyton Plnc« - ABC (C) This Bl«t ValUy - ABC (C) ArkArtAA* Neva and W««ch«r World M«w»- ; '(C) 8ud Campbell Sports (C) Jo«y BUhop Show - ABC (C) TUESDAY . FEBRUARY 20 Bono's Bt? Top Comic* (C) The Fugitive - ABC Don tin Reed - ABC Teraptntlon - ABC tC) ABC New» - ABC (C) How's Your Mother- ln-l*w - ABC Bewitched - ABC Treanur* III* - ABC (C) The Noon Show - Live (C) Newly wed Game - ABC (C) The Bsby Game - ABC (C) Childr«n'ii Doctor - ABC (C) Gan«r*l HonpUiil - ABC (C) Dark Shadows - ABC (C) Dating Cam* - ABC (C) Bozo'i Big Top Com leu - Llv* (C) Bob Young Even Ion New» - ABC (C) Truth or Conaequonce* (C) Arkan«A» Hew» and Weather (C) World Newg (C) Bud Campbell Sport* (C) Cai:ri»on CortlU* p ABC (C) ,. , 12t20 12t25 p«bbi* Reynold*, Una M«rk«3 Ut« Navf Roundup Sign Off K MONDAY FEBRUAHY 19 AfcMXlATICM Ski Feats Behind Him, France's Killy Relaxes GRENOBLE, France —(NEA)—The morning of the day Jean-Claude Killy won his first Olympic gold medal, he re, , .. ported early from the Olympic Village at Bachat Bouloud to "It was an unjust decision," the downhill site at Chambrousse, said Schranz, who was disqualified with Mjoen for missing gates in the second heat after their times beat Killy's clocking. Schranz claimed an unidentified onlooker hindered him on ^ ._ _ Over 76ers Not having anything to do, Jean-Claude wandered over to Rockets in Upset Win the foggy course, causing him to miss the gate, but the International Skiing Federation threw out his protest, saying he missed the gate before the onlooker impeded him, A press conference called by the Austrian team to present its case Sunday ended in angry Fove// Turns in the Real Acrobatics By HAL BOCK Associated Press Sports Writer Helmeted Stan Mikita and bare-headed Ken Wharram each scored the three.goal hat trick but it was no trick compared to the acrobatics Doug FaveU went through, Mikita and Wharram, two. thirds of Chicago's dynamic Scooter tine, riddled Detroit's Roger Crozfer as the Black Hawks hammered the Bed. Wings 7ft Sunday, FaveU kicked out 42 shots and went a round, or so with rough Beg Fleming as Philadelphia bowed to New Ygrk 3,1, {n SujvJay's on}y other National Hockey League game, Boston outlasted Los Angeles 6t 5| OR S^turdjy, flew York edged Toronto 3fg, Montreal nipped Pittsburgh 4*3, Oakland dropped Boston 3,1, Chicago titteredDe* troit 74 and st, Louis tied Minnesota 2.2, MiWta, Wharrara and ito* mg.te Doug Mohns all dpoaed helmets %fter the tragic dte^th of Bill Masterton e^r? By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS With a ch^cfj to S2 f . a National Basketball Association Record, the San Diego Rockets blew it— they won. And the West Coast expansion team did it the hard way. They knocked off the defending world champion Philadelphia 76ers 111-106 Sunday night, stopping a 17-game losing skid which had tied the NBA record for most losses in a season, San Diego hadn't won since Jan. 17, when the Rockets nipped Chicago, 110-104. Friday night's 124-108 loss to the 76ers had tied the record held by San Francisco in 1964.65. In other games Sunday, Cincinnati beat Boston 107-100, Detroit broke a five-game losing string with a 123404 victory iy this year. Since then, Whar- over San Francisco and Chicago ram has discarded his, The Scooters terrorized the defeated St. Louis 113*107. Don Kojis, with 25 points, and the final two minutes to give the Art "Hambone" William*, with Bruins their victory over Los Angeles, The Rangers fired 45 shots at Detroit goalie with Mikita tacking two assists on to his three goals and running his season's total to a league leading 70 points, Bobby Hull, with his 40th ets 1W(J goaj and two assists, has 69 points, Meanwhile, the Rangers kept the pressure on the second place FaveU and Fleming landed a couple of punches on the goalie ta a first period scrap, it devel* ope<j from a high sticking 4uel around the Philadelphia net and wound up with each player drawing major and minor pen* alties, Don Marshall, Bob Nevin anl Orland Kurtenbaeh scored the Ranger goajs ia an iStshot sec* ond period/-as many shots as the Flyers took at New York's Ed Giacomia aij night, Phil Esposito had a goal and three assists for Boston but it took a goal by Gleo Sather in Hawks to the NHL's East race. New York is just two points bi,ck of Chicago aad unbeaten in the test eight games, 10 points and 10 assists, sparked the Rockets, who led all the way, The 76ers got to within 97.94 with 7;44 to play, But Kojis hit a basket and Williams set up Jim Barnett for two easy baskets and the Rock* finally won, Wilt Cham- had 34 points for the 76ers and Billy Cunningham added 30, In Saturday's NBA actioa Cincinnati nipped Baltimore U7415, New York clobbered Seattle, 134411, Boston tripped St. Louis U3»99 and in twoover- times, Philadelphia defeated Los Angeles 135434. Houston dropped Dallas 11093, New Orleans ripped Oakland 1324 U and Pittsburgh got by Denver 102-93 in Sunday's American Basketball Associa. tion contests, Detroit, playing without league-leading scorer Dave Bin^ snapped its string as four Pistons fired in 20 or more points, Bing missed the game with what doctors described as an upper respiratory infection* Heuga of the American skUng team. Jimmy and Jean-Claude are old traveling buddies. Short brewed up a cup of tea for the boys. Jean-Claude, the greatest skier in the world, stirred his with one lump of sugar and said quietly, "This one I know 1 am going to win." And then he went out and beat French teammate Guy Perillat by eight-hundredths of a second. And afterward, Jean- Claude sat nonchalantly, tilted back in a chair, with his legs encased in those skin-tight racer togs that look like striped leotards, the toes of his unbuckled boots in the air, and said, "This is not the happiest moment of my life. I was more thrilled at Portlllo (two years ago) when I won my first world championship." He looked as though he meant it. There was no emotion on his strong face, just <.j t , m > en ,- ou » an occasional flash of light smile. He looked like a guy who could foe sitting in a chair waiting for a haircut, which Jean-Claude happens to need. In describing his run down the descente, which is how the French say downhill, Ton! Sailer, the Killy of another era when he won three skiing gold medals in the '56 Olympics, said, "He was quiet and composed." "Killy's a marvel," said Bob Beattie simply. {Seattle's the coach of the American skiers, who have been struggling to get some place in international competition. "So he won by 8/lQQths of a second, and you have to be lucky. But I could tell he was something special the first time I saw him. It was 1961 at Val d'lsere, and he was an 18-year-old. He won a downhill race by two seconds," In skiing parlance, that's like lapping the field at Indianapolis. "Jean-Claude used to be first between falls," continued Ileattie. "He was like a Yo-yo. up and down, very wild on skis. At Innsbruck (in the '64 Gamesi he fell just skating out of the starting gate. In the slalom he went through the wrong gate. Those are the kinds of mistakes a 21-year-old makes. "But now he's a controlled skier. I{e became a man in Portillo. He has unbelievable courage and great nerves. "But I believe he'll quit after this season. Skiing is a sport that destroys its heroes. At Val d'lsere, he couldn't examine the slalom run because of the crowds. At Kitzbuehel, they were barbering him from the side of the hill" i Killy had just been slapped with a paterniu suit by an Austrian girl ) And when Killy was asked immediately after collecting his gold medal, if he had really decided not to race any more, he said. "Yes. absolutement "But I'll go on racing.' said his compatriot, Guy Perillat. "in other ways." Since in French, the won.! lor racing. • courir." also can be translated as "running around." that brought a laugh. So the man asked Killy. "Uill you go on racing (or running around) in other ways, too Jean-Claude smiled bright!;, and said. Naturally. And 1 won't have to worry about the brand markings on the skis." That reference to the ol•-. tuple rhubarb over commercial infiltration by ski manuiuUurers caused the French press representative to interrupt Now. gentlemen, that should be off the record." "Let it go." said Killy • Je m'en ton " Which means, looseh "i don't yive a damn " And pretty well sums up ius wh'.'K- reaction to the furor over Jean-Claude Killv Fie.v.h national hero ' &30 9:00 10(00 10:15 10:20 10:30 K.V.P.D. T AB The Invaders - ABC (C) ArVnn*«» New* and Weather (C) World Newe (C) Bud Campbell Sport* (C) Joey Bishop Show - ABC (C) LITTLE ROCK MONDAY. FEB. 19 Perry Maaon "Lime Canary" MoHale'a Navy "36-2U-73" CBS Evening Nova CBS (C) ARKLA Newe-Oeorgo Moor* (C) Safeway Heather-Bill Mitchell(C) Sporta Camera-Jin Landera (C) Late Newa Roundup (C) Ounawoke CBS (C) The Lucy Show CBS (C) The Andy Orifflth Show CBS (C) Family Affair CBS (C) Carol Burnett Show CBS (C) Kewa - Oeorge Moor* (C) AFfcL Weather-Bill Mitchell (C) Sporta Bye-Jim Lander* (C) Channel 11 Academy Theatre "Deaperate Search"-Howard Keel, Keenan Wynn, Jane Oreer Late Newa Roundup I2ilb Sign Off S«oo S«30 6100 6il5 6120 6i25 6i30 7130 8iOO 8130 9iOO lOlOO lOilO 6i30 Cunamoka 7130 The Lucy Show ; 8i00 Andy Griffith •" j 8t30 The Monday Night MovU "Magnificent Ob*eaaIon," > Jan* Wytnan, lock Hud a on lOtlS Newa/Dodaon ; Weather/Bolton ; The. Carol Burnett Show : lltAS Sea Hunt 12s15 Weath«r/V«ap«ra TUESDAY FEBRUARY 20 6i25 Economic* (Mon-Thur) 6i25 Aeroaa Th« Fence (Fri) ; 6i55 Your Paator 7t05 CBS Newa/Bent I I 7i30 Bob & Hla Buddies SiOO Captain Kangaroo 9i00 Candid Camera 9t30 B«v*rly HLUbilU«a lOiOO Andy Of Maybarry 10t30 Dick Van Dyke ,IUQO s -Lov<| Of L.i£« Ili25 CBS N«wi/B«ntl' ' "' ' r ~ '' " 11i30 Search For Tomorrow lit45 Guiding Light 12i00 N«wa/0wan 12i30 Aa The World Turn* liOO Love la A Many Spiendored Thing it30 Houae Party ii30 * 2/20 Only - Plllabury Bak«-0ff 2»00 To T«ll Th« Truth 2t25 CBS Newa/Edwarda 2i30 Edge Of Night 3(00 Secret Storm 3t30 Gilllgan'a Ia land 4i00 Rawhide 5tOO McHaU'a Navy 5i30 CBS N*wa/Cronklt* 6i00 Newa/Owen 6t25 Weather/BoIt on 6i30 National Geographic Special "The Amazon" 7i30 Red Skelton 8i30 Good Morning World 9tOO Channel 12 Report* 9i30 CBS New* Special lOtOO N«we/Erwln I0i25 Weather/Griffin 10i30 He & She 11i00 The Lieutenant 12i00 Weather/Veapera TONIGHT Ss30 WPO«T fn Color RIFLEMAN 6:00 The SI* TMrty MovU GATHERING OF EAGLES" STARHWG ROCK HUDSON ROO TAYLOR IN COLOR PI Y TON PLACI In Color |i3Q DK. HOSSl BREAKS THE NEWS TO RITA •IGVALUY IN COLOR •JARfiOD BARKLKY JOINS FORCES WITH SHE HI FK 10 O'CLOCK RIPORT NEWS, WEATHER AND SPORTS IN COLOR WIN A CASH JACKPOT MM FORTUNE GIVES AWAY MONEY WEEKDAYS UUHING THE DIALING FOH DOLLAHS THEATRE. B 30 AM AND J JO PM HE MAKtS ANOTHt H CALL BE TWEEN b JO AND b OO HM HIUS ItUVIilUn) fHNtt JOfY RliHOP LN COLOR 10*30 SPECIAL GUEST POLLY BERGEN COMEDIAN invil) FROST AND A DISCUSSION 01- ACADEMY AWARDS.

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